Sermons of Rev. Moon, Volume 1

 Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Let Us Become the Elite Troop of God

Chapter 2 Jesus Christ, the Pride of God

Chapter 3 Jesus Is Searching for Us in This Way

Chapter 4 Jesus Christ Who Went and Came and Who Will Come and Go for the Sake of Heaven and Earth

Chapter 5 Like Jesus, Let Us Return the Glory of the Resurrection to God

Chapter 6 Let Us Fulfill the Will of God's Love That Seeks to Bring Unification

Chapter 7 Let Us Become People Who Pay Back Our Debts

Chapter 8 Let Us Claim Back the World of God's Dominion and Offer It to Him

Chapter 9 The Responsibility of Those Who Have Become the Root

Chapter 10 The Pledge That Must Be Fulfilled

Chapter 11 Why did Jesus Become the Little Lamb Who Bore All the Sins of This World?

Chapter 12 Let Us Take Part in the Glory That God Recognizes

Chapter 13 Let Us Bring Out the Value of Restoration

Chapter 14 Let Us Claim Back the Eternal Ideal of God

Chapter 15 Jesus Is the Hero of the Universal Revolution

Chapter 16 Behold the Little Lamb of God Who Is Bearing the Sins of the World

Chapter 17 The Providence of God and the Nature of the Adventure That Transcends Reality

Chapter 18 Those Who Will Possess the Kingdom of Heaven of Hope

Chapter 19 Let Us Become the One Who Attends the Lord Who Has Come for the Sake of all Humankind

Chapter 20 The People Chosen for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven

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