Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 3

 Table of Contents


Preface to the English Translation

1. When Will We Stand Before God?

2. Let Us Become the True Sons and Daughters of the True Father

3. Let Us Join in the Pursuit of the Homeland

4. The Path, its Purpose and its Value

5. Let Us Become the Brides Who Reclaim What Was Lost to Jesus

6. Let Us Establish the Glorious Original Homeland

7. Let Us Restore God's Kingdom and His Righteousness

8. Let Us Become a True Member of Jesus' Family

9. Let Us Not Become a Betrayer of God's Will

10. Let Us Become the Ones Who Can Understand God's Sorrow

11. The Providential Life of Jesus and its Victorious Purpose

12. Let Us Understand the True Path and Discern the Side Path

13. God's Power Is Revealed Where One Heart and One Will Have Been Realized

14. Let Us Celebrate Christmas on Behalf of Heaven

15. The Meaning of the Trinity

16. Heaven Is Calling Us

17. Where Is the Refuge in Which Heaven Can Dwell?

18. Let Us Climb over the Hill of Historical Misfortune

19. Let's Be the Person Who Has the Heart of Jesus Christ

20. Let Us Be the People Who Attend God

21. Let Us Be Israel, the Chosen People of God

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