Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 4

The Heart of Jesus Who Must Restore All Tasks

Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea
March 23, 1958


Father, we have come to know that the historical course of fate lies before us, requiring us to fulfill the will of God no matter what. Therefore, please extend Your powerful hands.

Please let only the will of God fill our bodies and minds. If there is someone who is in charge of some heavenly mission on the earth, please let him not apply mere humanistic thought to understanding the will of Heaven. Please allow us to become sons and daughters who act only according to the flow of our minds. Please let us not become those who move their bodies first. Beloved Father, we earnestly wish and pray that You will allow this to be an hour when we can feel the glorious heart of the Father through our minds and bodies.

We have learned that when the laws of the heavenly way and the Father's ideology of resurrection come into a relationship with us, we can experience the heart of the Father, who has been guiding the providence throughout the course of history. Please allow us to possess the heart of love that can link us with the heart of the Father. Please allow us to understand the Father's heart of restoration.

Based upon that, please allow us to understand the heart of the Father, who is concerned about the earth. Beloved Father, we hope that since we are inadequate, You will grasp hold of us and awaken us in order to raise us as Your people.

Although we are as pitiful as beggars, we are trying to feel the Father's hands of infinite love and sing His praise. Therefore, Father, please direct us and work through us.

Today, we want to offer this hour to the will of the entire dispensation. Father, please get rid of our inadequacies. We sincerely hope for this. Having done that, please allow only the heart of the Father to settle in our minds. Please allow us to experience, through our bodies, all the historical hearts of the Father, so that we can shed tears of sorrow before You and be guided to attend You with utmost sincerity.

We immature ones who have been living inside the bosom of Satan will cut off all connections with Satan's environment. Therefore, Father, please look upon us with compassion in this hour. Moreover, please embrace this hour to express the power of love and resurrection. Father, please manifest the concealed words to the sons and daughters who have gathered in this hour. Beloved Father, we ardently wish that, by casting aside all conditions of doubt, You will allow the grace of life to be expressed according to Your desire.

Beseeching You not to let the heart of the speaker and the heart of the listener be divided, and beseeching You to personally perform the works to make this an hour of grace, we offer all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

Today, in this hour, I will speak briefly upon the topic of "The Heart of Jesus Who Must Restore All Tasks." As you have learned through the Principle, the 6,000 years of the providence of God was the history of restoration. You are also well aware that the purpose of the dispensational history of restoration is to find the people and the world of creation that were lost.

Moreover, you know well that this one purpose is for the sake of saving people. The reason the universe has value is that it has the potential to accomplish this one purpose.

The reason fallen people want the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven is because they are created that way by nature. When we look at ourselves, we can see that fortune and misfortune crisscross in our lives. Even in the infinite and eternal world, the Kingdom of Heaven of joy and the hell of misfortune all coexist because of the fall of humankind.

The Anguish of God Toward People and Jesus

You know that the coexistence of the desired Kingdom of Heaven and undesirable hell is inevitable during the restoration of fallen people. God has created all things, and among them He molded and created humans in the image of His hyung sang. Accordingly, as God is eternal, people can enjoy eternity. When God feels joy, people can also can feel joy. People were made to rejoice when God rejoices and mourn when God mourns. Yet among you today, there are many who are not even sure whether God exists. There are many who do not even think about when God is happy or sad.

Moreover, those who have lamented and toiled for Heaven and offered themselves as sacrifices have been enduring pains of indignation and injustice, even as they sacrificed themselves. People living on earth today cannot even imagine these things.

Who understands the heart of God, who could not abandon people even as He endured through the long history? It was not just once or twice that people betrayed Heaven. Humankind betrayed Heaven many millions of times throughout the long period of 6,000 years. Therefore, we, the descendants of these ancestors, are so shameful before Heaven we cannot even raise our heads; yet those who feel this are few indeed.

The agony of God since the fall of man has been how to allow people to experience His actual existence and His historical heart. Therefore, God chose Noah and Moses and raised them. Furthermore, God finally raised one person, Jesus, after passing through 4,000 years of a historical course. Jesus was the one person who could reveal the internal and external situation and heart of the Father, who had been clinging to the will of the providence of restoration and had been exerting Himself.

Jesus was someone governed only by God. He consulted with God alone. He was the one who understood the internal love and heart of God most clearly. What situation does the fall of humankind refer to? The fall was not understanding the situation of God. The fall was not understanding the heart of God. Therefore, God has been searching for the one individual who can be connected to His situation. He has been exerting Himself to search for the individual who can connect to His heart.

God finally found and lifted Jesus, the one person who could fathom His situation and share His heart. However, it was not to end there. It was God's ardent desire that He could make His situation and heart known to humanity through Jesus. The Israelites had this very mission, to fulfill this intense desire of God, but when they turned against Jesus, a historical tragedy took place. You have to understand that historical success and failure, prosperity and decline, crossed paths here.

Accordingly, today we must walk the path connected to the situation and heart of God. We must possess the heart and love of God. Inside the glory of God, people can rejoice when God rejoices and be glad when God is glad.

You know that the one who came to the earth on behalf of all people as the true person, the one of the heavenly lineage who had the original nature of creation, was none other than Jesus. Because Jesus came to facilitate a relationship between God and man, he represented the situation and heart of God.

Therefore, if the people of that time had become one with Jesus, not only would they have been able to know the heart and situation of God, they would have also been able to become friends of Jesus. They failed to do that. You have to understand that, although this has traveled down through history, it has not been accomplished even now.

The Chosen People Did Not Understand the Heart of Jesus

What was the heart of God, who grieved still more over the death of Jesus? God did not send Jesus, after 4,000 years of hard work, to let him die. He sent him to save humanity. Jesus was not sent for spiritual restoration alone. On the contrary, God sent Jesus to usher in the day when all people on the earth could understand the situation and heart of God through him and live in joy with Jesus. However, because of the faithlessness of man, Jesus had to bear the cross, and God had to suffer the tragedy of seeing His will frustrated. Because of this, God sunk into even greater sorrow.

Although countless people are living on the earth today, their situations and hearts are all different. For every thousand or 10,000 people, their living environments are all different. However, we are not to head toward thousands of different destinations. We must head toward one place, Heaven, according to the laws Heaven has set down. Jesus gave up his own situation and heart to represent the heavenly situation and heart and build the nation of God. He came before humankind with one ideology, one situation and one heart. However, they related with him based on their myriad situations. These people all met their doom and fell away from him. God sent Jesus after 4,000 years of exertion. When he had to die on the cross, God sent the Holy Spirit. In this way, the Holy Trinity has become one and has been toiling for the sake of claiming back those who have become united with the will of Heaven.

From this perspective, it is clear that, although Jesus Christ who came 2,000 years ago was only one individual, he was the hero of Heaven who could represent the past, the present and the future. The people then did not know this. Although Jesus was just one individual, he was the fruit of the 4,000-year history. He was the living sacrifice who could resurrect the whole world. He was the medium of blessing which would be passed down to thousands of generations. Nonetheless, who on earth understood this? Although God sent Jesus before humankind to introduce the heart of Heaven, there was no one who understood. Although they were the people who should have understood the situation of Jesus and God, it was just the opposite. They said, "Jesus, please accept my situation. God, please understand my situation." We must understand that this was an act that caused lamentation and blocked the course of Heaven's dispensation.

If the people then were linked to the situation and heart of Jesus which represented God's and had the heart of Jesus become the heart of the Israelites, then Jesus would not have died. Moreover, Jesus would not have needed to pray, "My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt." (Matthew 26:39)

Yet who understood that the anguish of 4,000 years was inside the heart of Jesus? There was no one who, even for a moment, recognized the heart of Jesus who came to alleviate the aching heart of all people. You have to understand this.

Today you believe in Jesus, yet you brazenly pray, "Oh! Lord, we welcome you. You have called us friends." However, you must not merely pray like this. You must pray, understanding the heart and situation of Jesus, who actually represented the entire history of the providence of restoration. You must be able to hear from Jesus, "Your mind is my mind, your body is my body, and your situation is my situation."

If there had been someone who fathomed the heart of Jesus like this at that time, then even if Jesus were opposed by the Israelites and the religious sect and ignored by his followers and apostles, Jesus would have been able to fulfill everything through that one person who comprehended. However, because there was no such person, Jesus could not comfort God's situation and heart on behalf of the earth.

The Different Anguishes of Jesus

Jesus could not speak all that he wanted. However, he did not live only for his own purpose. While he was doing various difficult things, such as the work of a carpenter for thirty-odd years, he silently traveled the course of sacrifice for the sake of the will. From the moment he began the three-year course of his public life until the moment he died on the cross at Golgotha, there was no moment when Jesus lived for his own sake. He did not forget, even for a moment, that he had the historical mission to introduce the situation and heart of God to the earth. Jesus wanted to unveil this heart to the people of that time.

When he was beholding all things, Jesus felt them saying to him, "Please remove the bitter grief caused by the human fall." Because all things also left the bosom of God when humans did and remained inside the realm of agony, they were desperately longing for the one person, Jesus. He could feel all things crying out to him in appeal, "Oh! Lord, please liberate us."

Not only that, Jesus understood that for 4,000 years, countless spirits in the spirit world had been moaning and waiting for the appearance of the Messiah who could liberate them. He also knew that he was the only one who could fulfill their wishes. Furthermore, when Jesus looked at the humanity of that time, living in the hell-like earthly world, the many lives who were imprisoned and struggling fiercely inside the iron chambers of death, impatiently awaiting their liberation from the miserable environment, his heart burned in an indescribable way.

We must understand that the Jesus whom we now believe in shed tears for the sake of all people of the earth and the spirits who are moaning inside the hell of the spirit world. He shed tears while fathoming the historical situation and heart of God.

When Jesus was looking at a person, he did not consider that person as just an individual. Jesus looked at the person as someone who represented history and the ideology of the whole universe. You must learn to sense that the greater Jesus' hopes for humankind, the greater his desperation became.

Jesus lamented while listening to the struggling voices of the opposition, but he was not sad for himself. Jesus knew that this scene could remind him of the opposition that Satan had put up against God for 4,000 years. In this way, Jesus could feel the sorrow of God through that scene. When he had to listen to the shouting voices of the people, Jesus felt the sorrow of God. Thus, Jesus came to comprehend the unspeakably miserable situation and heart of God. When Jesus came to understand that God, who had exerted Himself for 4,000 years, was in the position to feel joy and be comforted through him, he felt incredibly sad.

Although it is easy to believe in the Jesus that the disciples bore witness to, it was difficult to believe in him when one was facing him directly. It is easy to trust in Jesus who was judged most highly in the ensuing generations, but it was difficult to believe in Jesus who was hanging on the cross and being charged as the traitor of Israel.

Where was the sorrow of God bound as He watched over Jesus? You have to understand that it was bound in that scene, when he was driven out and nailed to the cross.

The people then only wanted to listen to the words of Jesus and did not want to establish the words. There was not even one person who tried to put the will into practice, from the depth of his heart, in his actual daily life. When you consider this, you must sense that Heaven is in the same position of sorrow now as it was then. Now when you suffer persecution in the name of Jesus, you will learn about the tormented heart of the Father.

The Filial Piety of Jesus Toward God

When Jesus saw that the three disciples failed to stay up with him through the night as he was praying alone in the garden of Gethsemane, why was he unable to chastise them? It was because he realized the heart of God, who could not chastise or judge, though there had been many people who had opposed Him in the 4,000 years. Similarly, you must experience the heart of Jesus that his disciples could not experience.

When Jesus was being whipped and bearing the cross on his shoulder, he could have held grudges against Heaven. Because he knew that God had been overcoming crises more difficult than his in the 4,000 years of restoration, Jesus could not become resentful. He did not even have room in his mind to think about anything but God.

When he was being nailed to the cross, when the nails pierced his hands and feet, when the crown of thorns was forced on his head and a spear was thrust through his side and extinguished his life, Jesus did not hold any grudge against the faithless people. On the contrary, with an intensely urgent heart, he bowed his head toward Heaven and felt deeply apologetic. This is the reason Jesus could become the Messiah for all humanity.

What did Jesus feel on the cross? Jesus could experience the tormented and sorrowful heart and situation of God over 4,000 years. In that moment, the heart of God and the heart of Jesus became one. Moreover, this oneness of mind and heart with God was fused forever. This is where Jesus stepped over the providential undertaking and the spirits in the spirit world in the formation stage dispensation could produce the resurrection of the growth stage dispensation. This was not simply a revolution on the level of the people; it was a revolution on the level of the universe. In addition, the people on the earth, who had hitherto believed in the Old Testament and had tried to hold fast to rituals and actions, could make a great transformation to conduct based on faith and belief.

Because the mind of God and the mind of Jesus could become one incarnation in the actual world of substance, God could forge a direct relationship with Jesus. Because Jesus could possess the same heart and enter the same situation as God on behalf of the earth, the works of God could have been performed directly centering on human beings. You have to recognize once more the Jesus that came as a substantial human being with this kind of cosmic mission.

Now you must pray with the same heart with which Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. Although people today deserve to be sacrificed more harshly than Jesus was at Golgotha, if they have done some work for God they pray, "Oh, God, please accept our labors!" If they suffer even the slightest sorrow, they pray, "God, please take charge of my situation and comfort me." When we see this, we can understand that the heart of God and the heart of human beings are so different in orientation.

There are many people of faith who are in this kind of situation. The same situation existed at the time of Jesus. The disciples, who followed Jesus, thought that Jesus would be satisfied with just them. They thought their wishes were all for which Jesus wished. Israel foolishly thought that the will of God could be realized only through their people. However, this is not how Jesus thought. Jesus' ideology of restoration was such that after fulfilling the will, he wanted to transcend the people and go beyond the world to reach the eternal world. The twelve disciples who appeared before Jesus wrongly thought that the will of God could be realized only through them. You have to understand that this was the cause of historical misfortune and sorrow.

The Faithlessness and Ignorance of the Disciples

Jesus knew that he had the mission to transcend himself and restore the family, society, nation, world, and even the infinite spirit world. Therefore, Jesus sought individuals in order to find a people. He sought a people for the sake of finding the world. Jesus has made effort for the 2,000 years since his death to find the world and transform the whole of heaven and earth into a place God governs. Accordingly, there was no way that he could reveal the deep content of the heart and will of God to the people who came before him and were supposed to fulfill this cosmic plan. You have to understand that Jesus was in this kind of miserable situation. This is why Jesus said, "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. (John 16:12)

Jesus tried to fully accomplish the duties that loyalty toward Heaven called for because he was burning with a sense of cosmic mission. He wanted to represent the providence of God, which had to restore all things of the whole world. Yet the people were ignorant of this.

How about you today? Are there those among you who assert, "I have believed in Jesus for several decades. I am a minister. I am an elder. God will certainly recognize me"? If there are such people, you must bow your heads before God and shed tears. Who would have ever thought that the Israelites who had boasted of their status as the chosen people for 4,000 years would perish? Who would have ever thought that even the disciples, who had shared all joys and hardships with Jesus during the three years of his public life, would betray him? No one knew.

How did this history of contradiction come into being? It was because the concepts and hopes of Jesus were different from the concepts and hopes of the disciples. This is why the disciples betrayed Jesus.

Have you ever shed tears feeling the tormented heart of those who heard the struggling voices of all things at the time of Jesus and prayed, "Please liberate them"? Have you ever heard the shouting voices of the many millions of the spirits who are mourning in the spirit world? Jesus heard them. Jesus shed tears because he knew about the whip of judgment that in the last days would pour down fire and brimstone. Have you ever felt the situation of Jesus, who could not speak in his own defense, even as he was being dragged here and there under miserable circumstances?

In the last days of this period, when we must guide the fate of Christianity to a new direction, it is right for us to possess nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, the only problem the only thing that matters, is that even if your body is torn and trampled upon, you must be able to represent the situation and heart of God. If there is no one among you who can die to represent the heart of God, the whole universe will shed tears. If you have forged the inseparable relationship of tears that represents the heart of God and experienced that heart of tears, you will not hesitate to face even death. When Jesus came to the earth on behalf of this sorrowful heart and fell down, the whole of heaven and earth became darkened. This shows that heaven and earth could understand the heart of Jesus. However, human beings did not. Consequently, Jesus could not deflect the way of the cross.

Therefore, before you pray for your sons and daughters today, you must first pray for the sake of the historical ancestors who exerted themselves. You must have the heart that wishes for the humanity of the earth to lead a prosperous life before you lead a prosperous life. Before you dance, you must first turn your eyes toward all people who are inside the realm of sorrow and become concerned for them. Moreover, you must possess the heart that can represent the situation of Jesus, who could not express joy when he was happy. Today, in the last chapter of the history of humankind, there must appear one such person on the earth to avert the sorrow of God and Jesus and the agony of the universe.

The Hope of Jesus

Now, even if you are driven out and mistreated, you must say, "Okay. Our Lord and bridegroom silently passed away on the cross after he declared, "It is finished." (John 19:30) From now on, there will no longer be any need for signboards and denominations. There will come a true ideal world where it does not matter if people are different.

The hope of Jesus represented the ideology of the whole cosmos. The mission of Jesus was the mission to restore all things of the universe. You now understand what the apostles did not understand. Only if you comfort the heart of Jesus as the first Israel failed to do, can this people emerge as the second Israel. Although Jesus was looking for an individual whom he could eternally believe in, he could not find such an individual on earth. Therefore, God sent the Holy Spirit to the earth. Centering on the Holy Spirit, God has been searching for those He can trust through Christianity. Therefore, the time of attaining salvation only through the name of Jesus has passed.

Ideology can connect all people, but a substantial body can only be linked to one person. Therefore, there are many people of faith who say that they believe in the ideology, but there will not be many who claim they are embodiments of that ideology. What I am saying is that there is no person of faith who can say, "God's mind is my mind, my mind is His. His sorrow is my sorrow." Have you ever felt Heaven's heart of grief that has been bound until today, the heart so sorrowful it feels as if your bones are melting? You must realize that no matter where Jesus went, he spent thirty-odd years on the earth with such an intense mind that he was constantly on the verge of losing consciousness and fainting.

Therefore, it is your fate today to pass through the gates of judgment centering on the one day. Who is going to guarantee this path? Jesus does not guarantee it. God cannot guarantee it. Neither Jesus nor God could guarantee the path of Israel in the past. Just as the chosen people met their doom, Jesus cannot guarantee the path that the Christians are walking in the last days, even God cannot guarantee it. You have to understand this clearly.

Who then will obtain the guarantee? Only when you can become connected to the situation and heart of God and can feel the lonely heart of Jesus as he tried to embrace the whole of humanity, can you finally obtain guarantees from God and Jesus.

Those who believe in Jesus today think that salvation takes place and the entire Kingdom of Heaven that they demand is built at the level of their faith, but this thinking is definitely wrong. When one goes to the spirit world, one will find that this is not the case. When those who boasted that they were the best went to the spirit world, they found themselves in a miserable situation. What is the cause of this? Although you might think you are walking the correct path while heading toward the last destination of eternal life, if you are off by two strands of a hair's width at the starting point, in the end you will have deviated many millions of miles.

What then can connect this? It is not our logic, knowledge or assertions. It is the heart that can love God. You must be able to say that the heart of God is your heart, that your heart is the heart of God. There must be some force of the heart that pulls You closer. Only then will the last center of the heart of God become linked to the center of our hearts. This is the alpha and omega of which God spoke, centering on love.

Today is the day we must fulfill the wishes of Jesus by offering our lives. Jesus was ostracized because no individual emerged who could alleviate his grief. Similarly, because such a family did not emerge, he was ostracized in the family. Because such a society and nation did not emerge, he was ostracized in the society and the nation.

However, you have to understand that even as he was being ostracized and driven out in this manner, Jesus transcended the individual, the family, the church and the nation and has been trying to fulfill the will of Heaven on the worldwide stage. Therefore, from the beginning of its ministry until now, Christianity was not welcomed by any nation or people. This is because the path Jesus walked was the path of ostracism.

What We must Understand, Experience and Restore

You might think you can go to Heaven if you hold the Bible at your side and sit comfortably singing hymns and praying, but this is far from the truth. The reason you can receive the grace of Heaven, even in such a position, is because of the effort God has made in seeking you, even as He was ostracized, trampled upon, and has had to circle repeatedly. You can receive the grace of Heaven because of the merit of the many ancestors of faith who have suffered much persecution to raise us. Therefore, the Christians today who are living in the last days, must realize that they have the mission to restore the world, even if they have to sacrifice themselves. You have to sense this.

Even if you are not aware of all the minute details of the course of history, the one thing you should have is the heart of Jesus, who came restore all things of the universe. You have to have the determination to cling to the world and fight, after understanding the heart of Jesus.

The reason God endured even when all things He had created in the six days were being violated by enemies is because God had the heart to embrace the enemies. By enduring for a long, long time, He has walked through the 6,000 years of history. Until God completed the period of the six days of creation, He endured and embraced.

Humans, created on the sixth day, fell. God has been exerting Himself in tears of sorrow for 6,000 years until the day He could find one person and love him. In other words, God has been enduring until today, wishing for the one hour when the person who can receive His love emerges and removes the historical bitterness.

However, the one person who can receive the heart and will of God and can cope with them has not emerged on the earth. Therefore, although 2,000 years have already passed since Jesus left, Jesus is still fighting in Heaven on behalf of the 6,000-year history. The day the person who can represent the heart of Jesus appears on the earth and forges a relationship with God on behalf of humanity is the so-called day of the Second Advent.

In the future, when all things are shackled to grief and cannot escape the realm of judgment, you will hear the shouting voices of humanity. You will hear the voices of supplication, "Oh, please save me. Please remove from us the grief of restoration." In addition to all things, the 2.4 billion people on the earth will hear these screaming voices.

Furthermore, you should be able to hear the prayers that the many billions of spirits of the spirit world are offering: "Oh, brothers and sisters on the earth, please unshackle us from our historical bitterness." In this way, you have to come to understand the situation of God, who has been exerting Himself in search of His children for 6,000 years.

What must you restore now? You must restore all things that are inside the realm of lamentation. You must restore all of humanity and restore even the spirits in hell. What then must you restore? You must restore the sorrowful heart of God with a glad heart.

Who has torn apart the tormented heart of God, afflicted with wounds for 6,000 years? The critical issue is who can heal the torn heart of the Father and become the sons and daughter who can become objects of the love of Heaven. This should be none other than you. Humanity has wounded and trampled upon the heart of God for 6,000 years. Therefore, you have to understand that even in this moment, Jesus is appealing for humanity to alleviate the grief of the heart of Heaven. The good people on the side of Heaven have lived with an unspeakably sorrowful heart, reaching out toward all things and the tormented, torn heart of God. They clung to the will of Heaven while enduring hunger. This is the way Jesus led his life 2,000 years ago.

Become Brave Soldiers of Heaven Who March Forward with the Determination to Die

When Jacob ran away from Esau and was on the way to the house of his Uncle Laban to lay the foundation for Israel, there was a time when he slept in the wilderness with a stone for his pillow. When he was living as a shepherd in the house of Laban, what kind of mind-set did he have? Jacob tried to have the same heart of love with which God loved his relatives. He tried to inherit the heart of God who had loved and worried about his relatives for 2,000 years. He tried his best to soothe Heaven's heart of grief, bound up in sorrow. As you can see, it was a period of hardship, the purpose of which was to allow Jacob to inherit the tormented heart of Heaven.

Please do not despair because you are suffering through a course of hardship. Because the Israelites opposed Jesus, the foundation of blessing laid over the 4,000 years has been handed over to the people of succeeding generations who believed in Jesus. Opposition will fade after a while, and the blessing of the opposition forces will be transferred to you. Even when Jesus came to this earth, the false tried to harm the true, but in the process the former was shattered and eventually disappeared. There is no example in the course of history when victory was won by striking what is true.

Therefore, you must now carry on your life of faith with confidence in your minds and bodies and with conviction in your actions. If you do that, then God will comfort you when you are in pain. Moreover, you will be able to feel the true love of God.

No matter how great the powers of Satan might be, they cannot engulf or digest God. If they try to digest God, the moment they fail to do so, the situation will be completely reversed. If no one puts into practice the ideology and conviction centered on God and swallows the forces of Satan, if such stagnation occurs, then this world will be turned over to Satan. This is how Jesus prevailed. Because there remained on earth enough conditions to prevent Satan from swallowing Jesus, Jesus was resurrected. Now sons and daughters must appear who can absorb even the ideology of the cosmos. After understanding the heart of Jesus who must restore all tasks, we must not yield even one strand of the root of a tree on earth to Satan.

Our bodies and lives belong to the Father. All the material things we have belong to the Father. This nation, this world, and heaven and earth belong to the Father. Only if you become the brave people of Heaven who can reclaim what the Father lost due to the fall can Jesus Christ then act as king on earth for a thousand years.

Now you, the members of the Unification Church, must make the determination that no other people of faith can make. You must be prepared to die as you march forward. If you have come to realize all the historical providential will while marching toward Heaven, then it is not enough to merely make the conditions of doing something in an easy environment. You must set the condition of having done it in an impossible environment. Today we must do what others cannot do, so that the people of future generations will not fail to fulfill the will of Heaven because of some condition we left.

In the same way that the uplifted staff of Moses struck the Red Sea, Jesus longed for the appearance of a people who could feel something deep about his life and become his staff. The reason he endured the hardships and ordeals that caused blood and tears to pour down his face was because he was concerned about the will of Heaven. It was for your sake, and to set conditions of which he could be proud for many generations. When he looked down upon the people who opposed him, his heart was so tormented that it felt as if it was being torn to pieces.

Therefore, now we must take charge of all that Jesus has been concerned about on the world level for 2,000 years. By doing so, we must decrease those concerns gradually and completely fulfill the will of Jesus, who tried to govern the world. Further, we must usher in the one day when Jesus can think about himself, when God can finally think about Himself. More than living for the sake of humankind, we must possess the day when we can lead our lives with God and Jesus. Human beings today are ignorant of such a historical hope.

Ladies and gentlemen, you who have sought after the path that others despise and deny, you who have stepped over high barriers and opposition, it is all right for you to not own anything now. The question is whether God recognizes you or not.

You have the responsibility to bring peace to Jesus and God. You must make it possible for God to rest peacefully and call Him, "Father!" By confronting and obstructing Satan, who is accusing man, you must become qualified to make others get rid of the original sin and say, "Father, please take a rest now!"

When you then say, "Lord! We welcome you. Father, we welcome You," He will finally come. The conditions of testing must be overcome before God can come and rejoice with humankind. The environment of fear is unacceptable. The purpose of creation was to be intoxicated in an environment where you can rejoice based on the ideology of creation; it is humankind living in that garden with God. Accordingly, you must invite God to that place and attend Him. You must become someone who can represent the entire providence of God. All people must become like this. You must keep in mind that only then can the whole cosmos move toward complete fulfillment, centering on that kind of person.


Father, we thought that Jesus came to the earth to seek each of us, but that was not the whole story. We thought that he came for our families, but that also was not the whole story. We thought that he came only for the chosen Israel, but that also was not the full picture. He did not come only for a certain sect.

We have come to the realization that Jesus came on behalf of the hope of the entire world of creation and at the same time for all values. Therefore, Father, what kind of mind do we possess today before Jesus, who has the mission to restore the whole world? Please lead us not to become people who cling to our families and die. Please do not allow us to become people who cling to our people, our nation and our world and die.

Please guide us so that if we live, we do so on behalf of Heaven and earth. If we die, we die on behalf of Heaven and earth. In other words, allow us to carry on our lives beyond the issues of life and death. Beloved Father, this is our ardent hope.

Father, we earnestly wish that You allow the will of the restoration of all creation to be fulfilled so that there will be no screaming voices of lament. If some remain, then please get rid of them through us, so that we can become true sons and daughters, who can reassure Jesus and the Father and forge eternal relationships with the Father by connecting to that heart.

By doing so, please help us alleviate all historical grief and feel the comfort of fulfillment. Allow us to move forward together. Ardently wishing that You allow us to become true sons and daughters of filial piety who can forget all of our own affairs and offer praises to Heaven, we pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

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