Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 4

What Is God Going to Do with Exiled Humanity?

Matthew 10:16-42
Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea
March 30, 1958

The subject upon which I wish to speak is "What Is God Going to Do with Exiled Humanity?" I will speak briefly upon this topic.

The Actual Situation of Humankind

Among those of you who have gathered here today, there is probably not even one person who can boast that he or she is happy and joyful. Each of you will admit that although your mind and body seem to be your own, you cannot really claim them as your own. In other words, your minds do not stand in the position of being eternal, and your bodies have failed to become the eternal dwelling places for your minds.

If there is someone who can say that he has lived confidently, centering on his mind, that person will be extolled as a successful person in life. However, there has been no one in history who could assert this, reassure others of it, or have the conviction that they did everything according to their heart's desire.

You know very well that your minds should make a relationship with something, but have failed to do so. Moreover, you probably feel that you not only do not possess the environment that enables you to believe in and understand your own minds and bodies, but also your family, your society, the world, and heaven and earth are not really yours.

When you consider this, you cannot deny that all people who have ever lived on the earth are exiled and harassed. In the past our ancestors were exiled from the bosom of God's love because they committed sin in the Garden of Eden, where they were trying to build the garden of love. You must feel that the situation of being exiled from the bosom of God's love has not been altered, though 6,000 years of history have passed. People are still being exiled and harassed even now.

Therefore, people have been establishing order among themselves through the laws of human principles. Because this was not enough, they have sought religion and advocated living according to the laws of Heaven.

If we were to ask whether there is someone in the world who has completed perfect righteousness, indivisible and immutable for eternity, who has formed a relationship with justice of which he can be proud before heaven and earth, it is no exaggeration to say there is no such person. Moreover, when we ask whether, after finding a religion, people have attained the self that will not deviate from the eternal way, you cannot confidently answer in the affirmative. You are not in a position of integrity in which you can become eternally united with the heavenly principles, indivisible from them.

Justice, propriety and the heavenly principles have left the human world. What you believe in your minds and seek with your bodies can neither replace them nor represent humanity.

You will then ask yourself, "For whom do I exist? For whom am I living? Who will ultimately possess me? Why am I struggling to find the one love, one life and one ideology?

The more seriously you consider these questions, the more you will discover your own situation. When you discover all this from a serious perspective, there is no way you can avoid the pain that seeps into your minds. If you want to understand all problems of the spirit, all the ultimate problems of life, the relationship between life and the heavenly principles and realize the value of your life, then you must make the firm determination that you will fight without fearing death for the sake of this revolutionary task. If you make this kind of determination and put it into action, then the providence of Heaven will start a new chapter.

What Will Happen in the World of the Future?

What will happen in the world of the future? In other words, what will happen at the end of time, which is nearing? We can see from the words of truth that in the last days there will be no justice in the world. It will be a time when there is no sense of propriety. The heavenly principles will be ignored. You have to understand that, although this is true, Heaven will still drive people toward the heavenly principles.

Who can receive all that in the last days and stand, holding firmly to the heavenly principles? Who are the people who can hold onto the way of Heaven and stand firm? Who are the people who can hold onto justice and stand firm on behalf of human principles? You must ask yourself these questions. If you sense that you have no such confidence, you must frankly unveil before the heavenly principles that you are a sinner.

When you realize that you are a sinner who has committed unforgivable sin before the heavenly principles, when you realize that you cannot be forgiven before the way or the human principles, what must you do? If you do not admit that you stand in this kind of position, there is no way that you can climb over the hill of judgment. This is not all. In the future, your life might be chased out of the earth. There will come a time when the doctrines and assertions that you have had until now will be tested.

Because humankind betrayed the heavenly principles through the fall, in the end of the human era, individuals as well as the world are moving toward the position of betrayal of the heavenly principles. If people betray God, then God has no choice but to abandon them. You have to understand that you will pass through this historical course.

When Adam was exiled from God's presence, he was not the only person exiled. Because he was exiled, humanity has been harassed for 6,000 years. Therefore, there must come a time when the humanity of the world is restored. To restore all of humanity, people will be chased away from justice and propriety. You must overcome. You have to realize that when this takes place, you have to establish true justice, true propriety and true heavenly principles on the earth.

These will be driven out by individuals, by the family, the nation and the world. All order on the earth will come into a state of confusion. It will not end there. There will come a time all this is chased out of the world, away from the heavenly principles, and out of the whole universe.

This is the reason that, even as we seek the course of faith and justice, we cannot possess them for eternity, as it is written in the Bible. Even if we go seeking the way of propriety and the heavenly principles, we cannot stand as an eternal being before Heaven. Accordingly, people face the situation of being compelled to find someone they can trust and be trusted by. You must have someone who can believe in you and whom you can believe in, but you have to understand that in the end that person will be in the position to strike you instead. Therefore, after passing through the historical course, we have arrived at an era when you cannot believe even your beloved parents, children, brothers and sisters, friends, society, church, nation or the world.

Although in the concluding period of the world people must attain a universal ideology, not an individual one, God does not allow them to attain this but drives them from the individual level to the societal, national and world levels. How are people going to face the situation in which they cannot believe on the individual level, the family level, the societal level, and the national level? This is a great problem about which humanity must now be concerned. This is the position we are in today.

The Reason for Transitions in the Era and the Providence of Exile

Why is God conducting this kind of providence? It is because the faith, propriety and human principles you believe in cannot stand before Heaven eternally. This is the reason you must pass through a course of outright revolution. When we examine the Egyptian civilization of the past, it was struck down after its mission was completed. Opposition forces came forth and struck them. After that, when Greek civilization emerged, something new emerged to strike at that.

Rome emerged. Through being struck when it entered Rome, Christianity inherited the Roman Empire. This is the way Christian feudal society came into being. However, after that, because Christian feudal society could not maintain its own eternal power, it was struck down.

Thus, it passed through a course to revolutionize it, and it confronted scientific civilization based on humanistic thought. Those holding the signal light of the revolution of new faith in England were chased to North America of the present day. Those who exiled them thought their own future was bright, but people do not realize that those who are chased out inherit all the blessings of those who chase them out.

Now, if they fail to fulfill their responsibility, there will come a time when God will strike America or other nations within the democratic sphere. When their mission cannot represent the world mission, then that will not be enough. Therefore, when Heaven cracks the whip again and drives them out, something new must emerge.

However, if something new does not emerge from within, there will emerge some form from without to manifest God's will. Communism is the one that came forward with this mission. However, the same rule applies to communism. If it fulfills its mission, then it will certainly divide into two or three. Until the day that the one ideology of the unification of the universe is actualized, Heaven will drive this out relentlessly. However, the human beings who have passed through this kind of historical course of being exiled are aware of it only by looking at the result. You have to understand that there is considerable lamentation then.

You will find that this is true when you look back at the historical course of God's providence centering on Christianity. When God was trying to raise one person, Abraham, God drove him out on the individual level from his family. He told him to abandon all that he had and go to Ur of the Chaldeans. To raise someone before Heaven and to establish something new on the foundation, Heaven puts them through the fate of being exiled.

Although Abraham was in an environment of exile, he did not hold any grudges. No matter what kind of persecution and difficulties came to him, he possessed a heart stronger than that of the persecution and difficulty. He established unchanging laws of justice on behalf of Heaven. Not only that, he founded the laws of propriety that represented Heaven. Because he knew the God who could represent the heavenly principles, he abandoned everything and left for Ur of the Chaldeans.

On the foundation of Abraham, God could begin the second providence. The individual standard that could establish the ideology in a new form was set. Yet, what happened on that foundation? Because Jacob had the will to inherit the mission of restoration on the family level from Abraham through Isaac, God exiled Jacob to the land of Haran, where Laban lived.

How did Jacob, who was chased out and rejected by his relatives, overcome the difficulty? It was because, not forgetting the blessing received from Heaven, he had unwavering faith toward Heaven. No matter how the world might change, he vowed he would not change. Jacob demonstrated the faith that, even if Heaven did not believe in him, he would make his family believe in him. By fulfilling the unfinished task of the blessing given to him, he would lay the foundation upon which Heaven could conduct the providence. Therefore, because Jacob had the desire to inherit the will of the heavenly principles that God had tried to establish through Abraham's family, he could form a family of faith and return in 21 years.

The Course of Faith of the Central Figures and the Problem Humanity Faces

Next, Moses had the mission to expand this family-level foundation to the scale of the people. He was then exiled from the people. God made Moses pass through the fate of being exiled. However, even if Heaven and the people drove him out, Moses' heart of fidelity, earnestness and hope, which represented Heaven, did not change. He was able to lead his life as a shepherd for forty years in the Midian wilderness with an unchanging heart toward Heaven. You have to understand that only after that was the standard set to pull the people out of Egypt.

Since the standard of a people had been set, the time had to come when the standard of the world had to be set. The person who came with this mission was Jesus Christ. When Jesus appeared before the people, he faced the fate of being chased out when he stood in a position contrary to the thought and faith of the people. The people then drove him out. Not only did the people drive him out, humanity also drove him out. You know very well that this is the reason Christianity has progressed to the position where it can influence the whole world today, having passed through the fateful course of being driven out.

What will happen to Christianity, which is moving the world today? Since the ideal world of Heaven will certainly come in the last days, when that time comes, God will surely drive Christianity out.

Where will He drive them out to? Since He drove them out to the world stage centering on Jesus, now the time is coming when He will drive them out to the world of heaven and earth, centering on the entire world stage. In other words, there will come a time when one cannot stand firm only with a horizontal world ideology. No matter how much one boasts of the scientific civilization of today, it cannot cause the happiness of humankind. No matter how logical a system that a philosophy might have, it cannot solve all of humanity's problems concerning life and ideology.

Consequently, after all fields are studied, scientific research will show that what is contrary to their expectations will strike them. Further, they will see that science has failed to save humanity. Although they are hoping to secure the peace of humanity by researching the enormity of atomic power, in the end, there will come a time when the world must throw up its hands in defeat.

Therefore, even if some scholar today dedicates his life to a field of study he loves, the question is whether that study can guarantee solutions to the problems of eternal life and eternal ideology, representing the heavenly principles. Now is the time when the very field one has been studying will drive one out. If it is philosophy, then philosophy will chase humanity out; if it is science, then science will chase humanity out; if it is religion, then religion will drive humanity out. When we consider this, we must realize that human beings today are in a precarious position of holding onto their faith in the midst of a desperate struggle.

Thus, scholars today are fighting over academic theories. The religious world is also fighting. Politicians are fighting among themselves, and families are fighting centering on families. Because people cannot formulate the foundation for Heaven that enables them to have faith, they cannot move forward, and they cannot turn back. The powers of darkness are blocking their path. Similarly, all of humanity will be driven into the position where they are completely hopeless, where they can do neither this nor that.

This seems to be a decline, but it is not. The time has come when humanity today must understand that it has been the will of God to step over the ideology of the horizontal world and connect humanity with the infinite spirit world. Because God is carrying on this kind of providence, in the last days, the last era, the whole world has sunk into the realm of fear. No matter how advanced a nation of the world may be, it is also shackled in the realm of fear where they cannot believe in themselves.

Nothing in this realm, not even religion, can put us in a position of blessing. Therefore, wherever we turn, we find an environment in which we are frustrated, we cannot believe, justice is shattered, propriety and law have disappeared, and the ideology of the heavenly principles cannot be secured.

Jesus proclaimed after he came to this earth 2,000 years ago, "In the end, your parents are your enemies, your children are your enemies, the beloved members of your family are your enemies." Why is this so? It is because only when people cut themselves off from all the things that they have believed in and hoped for can they build a relationship with the new providence of Heaven.

The Meaning and the Will of God Who Said, "Love Me More than Anyone Else"

To allow people to avoid the time when they must cut off their relationship with everything, God has given the news of blessing. This is none other than the words of the New Testament, the Gospels that Jesus proclaimed. However, contained in those words was the amazing statement, "Love me more than anyone else." Those words were intolerable at the time, but Jesus said them because he understood that people who walk the path of the heavenly principles must abandon all at once.

Jesus also knew that they must abandon all again 2,000 years later and he understood that those who abandoned all 2,000 years ago would obtain heavenly value and could bring on its effect again for the second time 2,000 years hence. Thus, Jesus made a proclamation that seemed contradictory to reality.

Do you have some friends today that no one can separate from you, friends with whom you can exchange a show of loyalty which represents history? Do you have such spouses, parents and children? Although people are supposed to believe in and rely upon each other for eternity, this is not so. Instead, the foundation upon which they can eternally believe in and rely upon each other is crumbling.

What would be our problem here? Is the providence of God to destroy all human justice, propriety and the laws of the heavenly principles? Although it might seem that way, the good heart of God who cares for humans, lies dormant in the background. Because Jesus understood this, he predicted it and stated, "Love me more than anyone else." He also made the paradoxical statement, "Those who seek to gain their lives will lose them; those who seek to lose their lives will gain them."

If this is not the truth, why does humanity have to believe it? If it is the truth, then there will come a time when those words will fully manifest their value. You have to understand that because today is such a time, the words written in the Bible will be realized as they are written.

Thus, today parents betray children, children betray parents, spouses betray each other, brothers and sisters betray each other, and friends betray one another. These are the kinds of individuals, families, societies, nations and world that have come into being.

Was it God's will to create this kind of world? No, it was not. God wants to create a world in which parents can believe in their children and children can believe in their parents. He is trying to build the world in which spouses, brothers and sisters, and children can all believe in each other. Not only that, it is God's hope to secure the foundation upon which people can find a comfortable place and, forgetting everything, rest there because they can eternally believe in their friends, society, nation and world. However, today the world is very far away from this hope.

Why is God putting the world in a position to be judged? It is because God has realized deep in His heart that no matter what He does, people cannot be trusted, the world cannot be trusted, and the doctrines of the world cannot be trusted. It is the will of God to awaken humankind that they must not center themselves upon anything on earth.

Accordingly, those on the earth who have trusted people a lot will be gravely wounded. Those people on the earth who have cherished many hopes in their hearts will be greatly disappointed. This is the actual situation human beings face today.

The Providence of God and the Activities of Jesus to Solve this Problem

God is not conducting this kind of providence to destroy everything. People today are trying to mold this world to their own desires and are stubbornly insisting on their own doctrines and systems. Yet if they are just allowed to do what they will, the human spirit cannot resurrect. As a result, they will be cut off, one by one, on the worldwide scale. Today we witness that we are put in a position in which we cannot have faith on any level, from the world level to the individual level. If people can correct their hearts in this kind of horizontal position and can look toward the eternal God or if they receive stimulation from some condition of faithlessness, God is teaching them the one path through which He can come seeking them with the same intensity as that stimulation.

When we look at the corruption in our society, how are we going to cleanse it? God has been working arduously throughout the historical course to raise one true person who can solve these problems. When we examine Christianity from this perspective, Jesus was the one who was chased out by individuals and humanity and driven away by Heaven.

Why was he in the position of being harassed most harshly in this world when he was the only begotten son of God the one who was to share life and joy with people eternally? Moreover, why did God neglect him? Why did Jesus appeal to Heaven, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46) It was because people betrayed the heavenly principles. Jesus had the mission to restore the betrayal of Adam through indemnity. Therefore, Jesus was forsaken by Heaven on the individual level. However, though Jesus was abandoned, he had a grateful heart. He prayed, "nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt." (Matthew 26:39) Because Jesus wanted to become one with God and digest death and whatever hardships confronted him, no enemy could dominate him. You have to understand that because Jesus remained unchanged even in the position of death, when Heaven and humankind turned their backs on him, the door to resurrection was opened.

As Jesus was ostracized on the individual level, the disciples who were called were also ostracized. Because the disciples were ostracized, Christianity was persecuted by the Roman Empire on the national level. However, although the Roman Empire drove them out, in the end it had to submit before them. Moreover, when the Papacy became corrupt during the Middle Ages and Luther initiated the Reformation, he was exiled. Yet the Reformation philosophy of Luther spread to the world in a more widespread manner than that of the Papacy.

Accordingly, even in this world today, which is centered on democracy, there will be the invasion of communism. At the same time, there will come a time when Heaven will take the offensive position against it. It is then necessary that we reflect again on the course of history to understand what must emerge, and be exiled by the world and the church. Although people have been exploited in history until now, in the last days today, the outer form has expanded out to the level of the world. Yet internally the time is approaching when God can hold onto the world. You have to understand that while externally the shape of the world of the unified ideology is forming, on the other hand, the spirit world is approaching ever nearer to this earth.

Even if you consider this, centering on yourself, clearly you must receive opposition comparable to the 2,000-year providential history of Christianity. Externally, all conditions of this society will stand in opposition against you.

What kind of person can rise above all this? It must be someone who is determined to live and die for the sake of the heavenly principles. Only with this kind of determination can one overcome all conditions and rise above them. This is the reason it is written in the Bible, "Whoever seeks to gain his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve it." (Luke 17:33)

Therefore, even if Heaven were to turn away from you, you must be determined to cling to the Father and attend Him until the end. You have to realize that only then can you enter the realm of the blessing of resurrection that Jesus Christ left behind.

The Hope of God and the Path the Korean People Have Traveled

We who are living on the earth now must rectify justice through the human principles and clarify the heavenly way through faith and religion. You stand in the position where you must establish the heavenly principles that can fulfill the eternal hope. You must realize that not only do you need to be connected to propriety and the way of the human principles; you also need the one hero to whom you can entrust your life and in whom you can rest your heart in peace the hero who can represent the heavenly principles.

To establish the human principles, you need the original way and to establish the original way, you need the heavenly principles. Centering on what, will the heavenly principles emerge? They will appear centering on absolute love. What will the original way center itself on when it appears? It will appear with the authority of life.

When we ask what justice will emerge centered on, it will emerge centering on eternal faith.

Do you have the desire to face the heavenly principles? If you do, then you have to have a friend whom you can trust with the utmost sincerity in place of God. Furthermore, you have to have brothers and sisters, parents and spouses in whom you can believe in place of God. This was God's hope. However, God drove people from the individual situation and put them in a situation where they cannot believe. Cutting off all hopes of the human world, He induced them to believe in Heaven. In this way, God hoped that the people with faith could come together: brothers among brothers and friends among friends to forge bonds that would allow them to believe in each other in place of God. This is the last hope of Heaven.

Furthermore, Jesus tried to realize the one family through Christianity today by establishing the way of the human principles, centering on the love that represents the heavenly principles. To put it another way, Jesus tried to raise one family, one friend, and one parent centering on him.

Therefore, because you today are following the way and the heavenly principles, you are to abandon everything of the world. Before you rejoice, centering on the family, you must first feel the ideology of the family centering on the ideology of Heaven. Rather than loving your own children, you must love the children of those who live for the sake of Heaven more. Furthermore, this must also be true among friends, and in the church, the nation and the world. Relationships must be forged under this kind of ideology.

When we view the Korean nation today from this perspective, this is the way of Heaven's providence and the course of history. We can see that although during the Shin-La dynasty and the Ko-Ryo era, Buddhism had the dominant influence, the people chased this Buddhism out. In addition, during the Yi dynasty, Confucianism took control of the society, but the people again drove Confucianism out. When we examine this course of history, the question arises, "If this people chase Christianity out, then where will they go?" The time has come when we must become concerned about the people. The last days have dawned upon us now. The time has come when the people must obtain the world fortune and universal aid in order for the Christianity of the whole world to pass through this era of the new ideology. Therefore, there will come a time when the people will be struck.

Therefore, if it is the providence of God that this people must emerge as a pitiful people before the humanity of the world, then it will be harassed more severely than any other people of the world. Until now, the Korean people have passed through the course of history in which they were trampled upon several times in a century centering on the sovereignty of the nation. This nation has passed through an unbelievably miserable course. This people have not been able to live as they would in peace, and they are now being swept up in the two great trends of thought and are being pushed here and there.

Although it is a small peninsula, when we look at it from the religious perspective, Korea was dominated by Buddhism, Confucianism and now by Christianity. Three great religions have dominated it. However, you have to be aware of the fact that, currently, the two great systems of thought have caused confusion, and the people are in a state of chaos.

The heavenly principles do not intend to destroy the people. Because this is the way history has flowed, in the last days, there must emerge, among these people, the phenomena in which faith and trust are shattered among the people. This is the time when Jesus comes again. Therefore, I am praying to the Father that there will emerge a group from among this people who can be persecuted on behalf of Christianity in line with the way Heaven has been controlling history.

To Become a Victorious Abel

If the doctrine of the world cannot swallow these people, who are being trifled with before the world fortune, then this people will swallow the world. What must it swallow then? It must swallow the doctrines of the earth. If this people can thereby have the magnanimity to digest the heavenly principles that represent Heaven, then they will dominate the world.

Therefore, you who are living in this society now, please do not despair! Do you have the desperate heart which can call out toward Heaven brokenly, "My Heavenly Father!" as you look upon the unbelievable situation of the society? If you do, then you will live.

Although Christianity was mercilessly massacred in Rome, in the end, it swallowed Rome. Although people thought that the proud Roman Empire would swallow Christianity without any hesitation, because Christianity possessed a more powerful three-dimensional force than the empire, it conquered Rome. Whatever it is, if it cannot completely devour and digest its opposition forces, it will be engulfed by a force more powerful than it.

Ladies and gentlemen of today, you have spoken through your own mouths that you have a great mission to fulfill on behalf of the people. You are assured that you will cope with that kind of mission. If this is indeed true, then though you stand in the position of being opposed by the world, you must stand in the position where at least Heaven cannot forsake you. You then will never perish.

No matter which country it entered, Christianity passed through a course of shedding blood for the sake of that country, with this kind of conviction. Accordingly, today we must also possess the same conviction and create the environment in which we can trust each other and live and die together. Therefore, today is the time when we must seek a gathering that has this conviction: that unless God changes, they will never change. Where is this kind of gathering? Where is this kind of church? This is what we must search for.

This kind of church does not exist. Therefore, God has been straining Himself to establish this kind of church on the earth, to find and raise an individual who can form this kind of gathering. However, because this is Satan's world where the authority of Heaven cannot reach, God has conducted the providence of taking away from individuals. This is none other than the history of Cain and Abel that you have learned in the Principle. Although evil is supposed to strike the good first, in the end, the good suppresses evil and wins the victory. In other words, good has always been hit in the process.

What kind of man was Jesus? He was hit by individuals. He was also struck by the disciples, by the church, by the nation and by the world. However, he did not submit before any of these. He did not submit before an individual, a church, a people, a nation or the world. Thus, you have to understand that, even after passing through the historical and internal circumstances, because he had an unchanging heart of loyalty toward Heaven, Jesus could produce the miracle of resurrection.

We can survive by becoming a people who will not divide, even in many millions of years on behalf of humanity, centering on truth. Therefore, even if we are living in an environment where we do not have trust in each other, we must become people who can offer our lives centering on justice and can cling to the church that represents the heavenly principles and fulfills all obligations of loyalty. You are to manifest this kind of will today.

Standing in the Position of Being Driven Out and Inheriting Blessing

If there is a place where such a will is manifested today and can represent the heavenly principles, you will hope for that place with the utmost sincerity. Furthermore, if the will, centered on the way of the heavenly principles, is to be manifested, then you must be determined to offer your lives for the sake of that will. Accordingly, now you must become the same as Jesus, who forgot all kinds of love in this world and led his life intoxicated with the love of Heaven. He stood as the embodiment of the love of Heaven and the bridegroom of all humanity.

You wish that such a will would be manifested to the Korean people. However, if this will manifests itself before this people, you will be driven out on the individual level, and later on the world level. However, I believe that the period of suffering will not be long.

Therefore, now you must understand that the reason you are in the position of being chased out is not to bring you to ruin, but to let you inherit the blessing. Furthermore, you are put in this kind of sorrowful position so that you can inherit the blessing on the world level connected to the family, the society, the church, the nation, and the blessing of the heavenly principles kept inside the cosmos. Accordingly, if you have the desire to step above the laws of the heavenly principles and stand before the will of God in the last days, you must have the determination to overcome life and death.

Why did Jesus wish blessings upon his enemies? If the heavenly side wishes for the blessing of the enemy Satan, then Satan must hand something over to the heavenly side. Although Satan betrayed the heavenly way and tried to replace God by asserting his own authority, though he should have attended God, because Satan is fundamentally demolished when people display the magnanimous heart that even loves their enemies, Jesus wished blessings upon his enemies. In other words, though Jesus was betrayed on the individual level, the societal level, the national level and the world level, he did not condemn them. On the contrary, he had a loving heart toward them. This is the reason Jesus cried out that we should love our enemies.

Why did he speak those words? He spoke those words because he wants to take back, even the enemies who are inside the realm of Satan. Because Jesus could raise his hand on behalf of Heaven and wish blessings upon his enemies, even as they struck him, even they could become the place of rest where Heaven could dwell.

Because this is what the spirit of Jesus was like, Christians who believe in Jesus today have to be able to endure indignation on a one- on-one basis. One cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. If one cannot endure the cross and persecution of the family, then one will go to a Kingdom of Heaven smaller than a family. Accordingly, you have to clearly understand that only when you can overcome the persecution of a society, a nation and the world can you enter a higher realm of the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus, Jesus died on the cross to introduce this to the humanity of the time and to the faithful people of future generations.

Which state is your mind stuck in today? Today, because we are the founders of a new universe, it is not enough to only deal with the old. We must have something new. We must become one in heart with this kind of conviction. In our life, we have to have the conviction that what we speak is not for ourselves; what we eat and drink is not for ourselves. It is for the sake of the 2.4 billion people of humanity.

If there are many people who have this kind of will, they can turn this world upside down. Because God has transcended the world and is conducting the providence with this kind of universal ideology of unification, if there is a people who have this kind of ideology, then God will raise them as the foremost people of the world.

The Base upon Which We Can Build a Relationship with Heaven

You must not expect that you will forever possess the materials or honor you possess now. You have to understand that philosophy, politics, economics and all these things will cause great change. If what Jesus talked about 2,000 years ago is not the consensus, then nothing today can be maintained as part of the new age.

Therefore, if you cannot represent the universal ideology and the entire providential will of God as a citizen of Heaven, you will not be able to stand as the bride of Jesus who is to come. Accordingly, today you must not stand in the position of satisfying your own individual desires and live only for the sake of this people. You must become someone who can shed tears for the sake of the people, the nation, the world, and beyond that, the cosmos. God has been conducting the providence until today to raise this kind of person.

Therefore, God has been guiding the providence to sacrifice the individual to claim back the family, sacrificing the family to claim back the people, sacrificing the people to claim back the world. Therefore, everything until today must become fertilizer. If you cannot become the spearhead for the construction of the new history, you must at least become the fertilizer that can provide some strength for the fulfillment of that will.

Moreover, for you to become this kind of fertilizer, you must have some element that enables you to be absorbed by life. In addition, you have to be infinitely absorbed into it. Only then, can you help revive life. Those who cannot endure the injustice and indignation that they suffer will face a miserable situation. We have to realize that, although God is calling upon individuals and families, He is doing that after having made all the preparations for us to carry on our lives. He calls us from the point where the foundation for the ideology of the unity between heaven and earth has already been laid.

Therefore, countless lives have been shedding the blood of sacrifice and have been persevering to fulfill this will. Do you have the conviction that you can reach that place of hope after inheriting this will and build a relationship with God? Do you have that kind of perspective on faith?

The believers today will be driven from behind through the ideology of Heaven. Those who do not move in the direction in which they are driven are traitors before the providence of the heavenly principles. Such people deserve to be ostracized by the world, and they cannot exist on this earth. They will be taken away to the other world. Therefore, they will be lifted in the party in the air that Christianity is talking about.

Today, when an individual is driven away from a world point of view, the way for the society to tolerate him will open. When he is driven away from the nation, then there will open a way that the world can tolerate him. This is the way the world has progressed. What will happen now if one is driven away from the world of the future? Heaven's cooperation must take place.

In the last days, on the world level, where are we going to head? What must we prepare, those of us who must head toward the new ideology of escape through a great leap? Even if we are chased out of the world, where can we realize the one base where we can forge a relationship with Heaven and the spirit world? Because such a will is crossing our path, there will be one day of judgment in Christianity. There will come a new era of hope.

Since this is the way of the historical, fateful course, in the course that you are now traveling, you must be able to endure any kind of persecution on the individual, family, people and world levels. No matter how great that persecution might be, you must overcome it. However, there is no one who can drive you out on the world level. A human being can only live seventy to eighty years. Therefore, as long as people of faith hold onto Heaven, there is no one on the earth who can drive you out for eternity, even on the world level. Because Jesus knew this, in the life of conflict that lasted for 2,000 years, he did not yield but exerted himself.

Please do not abandon your faith. Do not turn away, even if you suffer distress and injustice. One who does that does not understand the will of Heaven. Such a person, from the viewpoint of the history of the world, will be driven out by humanity or the evil world. They will not have a place to settle. Therefore, those who have resolved to walk the heavenly path must be determined to be expelled from this land. Only then can you win the last victory centered on God. You have to understand that in addition to the enemies on the earth, there are also enemies in the invisible spirit world.

The problem is how you are going to take care of this situation. You have a momentous task that you must make a breakthrough in by yourself. The world in which you will confront this kind of problem will surely come. Now the period of the offensive of the spirit world is approaching. Today, on the earth, many strange phenomena that we cannot understand are taking place in great numbers. Therefore, you must obtain your spiritual power here. Those of you who fail to do so will be pushed aside. Those who are pushed aside will automatically face judgment. You have to keep in mind that this is the period of the great judgment.  

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