Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 4


The minute I held this book, the thought, "It's so precious" took precedence over any feeling of regret because of its late publication. What would be the reason?

A lack of prudence to that extent? No. It is because the content of the word is so precious that we feel relieved in yet another aspect to say "Now we live."

That's right. This word truly is the torch of life that can remove the darkness. What's more, it is the true bread for all of us that can make us forget our fatigue in all circumstances and that can appease our hunger and let us restore our physical strength.

The life course of Teacher Sun Myung Moon shows too many great accomplishments to even count and yet it is, on the other hand, marked with a thorny path which is ghastly.

However, there is no doubt that the Teacher is our religious leader who is living with this generation and is the guide for all humanity. That is merely due to an illusion that any generation is unable to rightly recognize a great man.

The Teacher was born in 1920 in Chung-ju, Pyong-ahn bukdo Province, Korea, received heaven's calling when young and, after passing through the endless spiritual exercise and the numerous paths of suffering while growing up, is working today for the sake of humanity in the aspects of religion and culture and in the field of public welfare. He is an elder who is making strenuous efforts after taking on the work of saving humanity as his own responsibility and duty.

The Teacher delivered so many precious words. All those words are like gold and gemstones.

In the past, people would read the words or they heard them on audio- tapes. But these publications are limited in their effect; they quench the thirst from time to time. It is because they were either mere fragments or selected pieces of translation.

Accordingly, to publish a completed work has been the plan from the beginning. This aim has been a burden on the minds of the people in charge.

However, now that we have made a beginning of that publishing today, though it has been long delayed owing to its being such a voluminous work and that our system is inadequate, is a great delight matter despite some belated regret. I sincerely wish that readers fully appreciate this volume and the people who rendered utmost care to make it a precious treasure for eternity. I feel again ashamed before the Teacher for this volume being published so late.

Finally, I'd like to show my deepest appreciation for the efforts of the transcribers who listened to the old audiotapes, that are almost inaudible, and connected the words to make sense.

Jae-Suk Lee
President, H.S.A.-U.W.C. of Korea
June 21, 1984  

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