Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 4

Let Us Become the True Sons God Wants

Former Church Headquarters
Seoul, Korea
April 20, 1958

In this hour today, I will speak briefly to you on the title "Let Us Become the True Sons God Wants." When you try to seek the true, you must have such a mind that can find it. If you want to find the truth over which Heaven and earth can rejoice, you must set the true reciprocal foundation, based upon which your bodies can become true on their own initiative.

When we think about this, we find that although the ways of existence for the true God, the true truth, and true human beings are different, they are moving in the same direction from an internal standpoint. In other words, God and truth exist eternally, while heading in the same direction.

The Agony of People of Faith

As we look over the land in which we live today, everyone is lamenting over the fact that this world has not become a true one. Moreover, as we reflect on ourselves, we mourn over the fact that we have not become true selves. As we walk the path of faith, we want to find the true God, yet we lament over the fact that we have failed to find Him. You probably know well that this is the agony of people of faith.

When will the ideology emerge that we want to discover, the ideology that can reveal to us what kind of being God is, what the truth is, and what must be done to become true human beings? When you realize you are caught inside a labyrinth today without clear understanding, what should you wish for? Before you contemplate something and assert it centering on yourselves, you must first examine whether it represents your true selves. You must first examine whether you yourselves are in a true position. Furthermore, you must examine whether you stand as true persons before God, who created all things of the universe.

When we consider this, we find that although we want to live in a true world today, we cannot enter such a world. Although we want to become true persons, we cannot do so. Although we pursue the true God, we cannot find Him. You must sense that this is the sorrow of human beings today and their greatest misfortune. If you cannot sense this important fact, then there is no way you can forge a relationship with the true person, the truth and the true God. Everyone knows well that the world today is fallen. They know very clearly that it is a vulgar and sinful world. Therefore, human beings have been struggling desperately until this moment to find the world of goodness and the one true person who can bring eternal harmony, the one hero in whom they can believe eternally. They want to divide and obliterate this sinful world. You must never forget that the nearer the approach of the last days, the nearer is the time when we must abandon this sinful world and embark upon the search for a new one.

When we examine ourselves in this situation, we learn that on one side, evil is trying to dominate us, and on the other, good is trying to rule over us. However, while we may feel today that we have failed to escape the dominion of evil, as our conscience becomes more clear, we will keenly sense that goodness is trying to guide us from the other side.

Therefore, everyone who is trying to transcend the dominion of evil and embark upon the search for the world where the ideology of goodness rules will pass through this course of anguish. When we look at the verses in the Bible, we can see that all human beings today are the descendants of the fallen Adam and have inherited the lineage of sin. This is the way it was 2,000 years ago, 4,000 years ago, and 6,000 years ago. Since the creation of the world, since the fall of Adam and Eve, all human beings on earth have been living in a Satan- dominated environment. You have to understand that not only you as individuals, but your families, your society, your nation and the world are all in these circumstances.

The Land and History Are Stained with the Blood of Goodness

Considering the question of to what extent the dominating powers of evil have reached, you have to realize that if the God of creation exists, the powers of evil have reached to just below the knees of that God. If there is a heavenly throne, Satan is trying to manifest his powers even behind that heavenly throne. Since the time in which the disaster of sin took place, God and human beings have been suffering from the agony evil causes. If there is some providential will of God toward human beings, in what direction is it moving? You have to understand that it is heading toward the one day when God can cast judgment upon evil, the one day when people themselves can judge evil.

Why are billions of people today suffering under the dominion of sin? The cause lies in the fact that Adam failed to inherit the eternal ideology of God inside the realm of God's love and pass it down to all of his descendants as his great feat. You must never forget that, because of this, the world has become the opposite of the will of God. Until today, humanity has been living out a history of death.

The day the history of death began, this earth became a land of suffering, not a land of peace. From the day death expanded, everywhere on the earth, wherever human beings went, they experienced the historical course of conflict, never peace. You have to understand that on the individual level, there were individual conflicts; on the family level, there were family conflicts. These conflicts enlarged in scope to become conflicts on the level of the people and the world. There was no place in this world, during all of history, where there was no conflict.

Who were the people who were driven out, torn apart, and made sacrifices in this historical course of conflicts? They were not the people who pursued evil on earth; they were those who followed the truth.

You know this very well through the Principle. When we consider the historical course this earth we are living in has taken, we must experience indignation and enmity toward the evil that fills this earth, which is perpetrated through our bodies. When you step on the land, have you ever thought that the land is not stained by the blood of evil, it is stained by the blood of the good? Such occasions of thought are rare indeed.

You probably know very well that the sacrifices who should have been offered during the historical course of conflict centered on Heaven should, of course, have been the people who belonged to the side of evil. On the contrary, however, those who were sacrificed first were the downtrodden ones who were searching for goodness.

What happened to humankind as the result of the crime of the one person, Adam? Humankind could not prevent the flood judgment of Heaven that was cast down at the time of Noah some 1600 years later. Although God caused the flood judgment, because the root of sin was not cut off completely in the family of Noah, the sorrow of God could not be fully eradicated.

Consequently, after the judgment of Noah, God called upon Abraham and Jacob. He made them walk a course of pitiable sacrifice on the earth. Moses also passed through the course of a sacrificial life. Jesus, too, walked the course of a sacrificial life.

Therefore, those people who were trying to build the world of goodness based upon an admirable idea, be they individuals, families, a society or a nation, all had to walk the course of sacrifice first. Now the time has come when the conflict of Adam's family, centering on Abel and Cain, must emerge on the world scale today. Therefore, in the conflict which is now unfolding between good and evil on the world level, the sacrificial offerings for the sake of goodness will be those who are seeking goodness.

You should meditate deep in your heart upon the fact that those who built the altar of tears for the sake of humankind, those who wanted to live according to the heart of Heaven, forgetting everything of this world, fought on even when they were mistreated. If you have never done so, there is no way you can become connected to the will of the goodness of God as He clung to the providential will.

The One Person God Sought

Evil has dominated the world until now with powers that have manifested themselves externally. However, just as there is a mind in a human being, so too there is a mind for the history of the world.

Although the direction of history might seem to be heading toward evil, this is not true. In the same way that human beings restrain their bodies centering on their minds and determine the direction that they will head in with resolution, history does not progress by itself either. You must understand that it has passed through a process in which God, who exists in the background, intervenes and dominates over certain times and periods.

If we were to examine this focusing on one era, when the will of Heaven and the will of the earth joined, and the will of Heaven manifested itself on earth, a hero appeared who represented Heaven and earth. Furthermore, when the time is ripe in history to connect with the providential will of God, the hero produces a revolution of the era. This expands to the stage of revolution on the world level. Thus, history develops into the stage of universal revolution.

When we reflect upon fallen human history, we can understand that evil has dominated the earth. As recorded in the Book of Genesis, God created all things of the universe in six days, yet these created things have not found one day of peaceful rest. Therefore, this day of peaceful rest has remained as a hope before all human beings until now. Because people could not possess this one day of rest, the day of God, the whole substantial world of creation has been traveling through a historical course of conflict, until now, in search of it.

Human beings destroyed the ideology of the creation of six days. Therefore, this history, in which human beings were trampled upon and have yearned for God's substantial feats of goodness, is the providential history of God. Although the number six has been lost to Satan, there remains a condition for God to intervene somewhere. Even if one era is decadent and everything is corrupt, through the passage of different eras, this corruption is struck down, and a revolution arises that points the way to the new providential history. What has been the fate of those who have upheld this providential will and pursued goodness? You have to understand that invariably they became sacrifices.

After God created Adam and Eve, He blessed them to become the lords of all things of creation and rule in place of God. Although this concept of heavenly blessing has been given to the human world today, there is no one who has yet realized this idea in a substantial way. Therefore, the course of history until now has been seeking the dominant and subjective ideology that can rule this universe. Heaven has been working through this kind of history in each period, from ancient times through the Middle Ages, until the present era.

When Heaven gives the responsibility of this providential will over to the people and puts them forward, He raises a central figure. He raises a particular central figure so that he can dominate the whole period in which he lives and link it to the realm of Heaven's ideology. What has God been searching for through the periods and centuries, through the process of history? God has been searching for the one person who can represent the era, the whole world, and the century. Furthermore, God is seeking the one heavenly person who can make assertions on behalf of Heaven and earth.

If the whole of humanity today is living in the last days, what kind of time is it? When we view it as the historical providence of God, now is the time when human ideology is moving forward, toward the future world and the cosmic providential realm on behalf of the era, the providence of the world and the universe.

If there is something then that Heaven demands of those of us who are living under the shadow of evil rule today, what would it be? You probably ask yourselves this. The questions are whether you who live in the last days can qualify as the representatives of the historical course or era, whether you can emerge as the one true person who represents this world. Furthermore, you must ask yourselves whether you can become qualified as a redeemed person before Heaven and earth, who can unite the spiritual world and the physical world. If there is a person of this calibre, God will surely seek him or her out.

We call our current period today the last days. The day of judgment, according to the Christian ideal, the last days, has come to our doorstep. What is the last days? You have to understand that the day of judgment is the day when the one person who shoulders all missions in the end of the world and cries out toward Heaven, unites the individuals, the humanity of the world, and even Heaven and earth.

The Great Indignation and Sorrow of God

When we pioneer the ideology that can bring joy to everyone in the sinful world in which we live, God performs His works. What must we, who were created by God, do to remain inside the heart of God? It is possible only when we unite our minds and bodies, can assert ourselves before God and emerge as the ones who have perfected the blessing given to Adam. In other words, we must be in harmony with God as a second Adam figure. If you cannot accomplish this, you cannot forge a relationship of heart with God.

In the last days, God is looking for the one person who possesses the laws of God, who has not been invaded by fall, and has no connection with the sinful history. What does this world ultimately desire? What do human beings long for? It is to become the true children of God. In other words, our wish is to become the true people who possess the love of Heaven. What we must do to become true human beings is the question upon which we must reflect.

There must have been a purpose for which human beings were born and a purpose for which they must live, a purpose they must fulfill. However, human beings do not know what they must do and for what they must live. Therefore, if there is a God, He will surely feel great indignation. God has never rested at any one period or moment and has been longing and searching for the one person who can represent Heaven and earth. Because people are ignorant of this, they have become negligent, though they should sense how great their sins are.

When we look at human beings, who are still relating shamelessly with Heaven, we must realize that because not one person has appeared who can become the seed on behalf of God, the providential history of God has been prolonged, even as God longed to bring the judgment all at once.

Sacrificing many people in the historical course, God has been using this as the condition to search for the one true person. Yet people have related with Heaven with shameless hearts. God could not love the people He created. Accordingly, as He was working through the providence of restoration, He tried to accomplish the will that He envisioned without fail. Because what should have multiplied from goodness multiplied from evil, God has been working to narrow this through the opposite course to make the one base of goodness and connect it to the point of fruition. What is the sorrow of God? God's sorrow is not having the one true person who can represent and possess the ideology of creation with which God created all things of the universe, and also can appear before God with the governing authority of that ideology. Those who offer prayers on a divine level will hear the voice saying that the wish of God in the last days is to raise the lost hero of goodness.

In the course of history until now, there has not been perfect goodness. Although there were those who acted according to what they called goodness in a life of meditation or faith, they did not have any relationship with absolute goodness. Although the course of history until now might appear one of conflict between evils, there has been a different internal, invisible conflict going on. The life of meditation or faith today is not a way of life that can introduce people to the goodness that can guarantee eternal victory. It is the way of life of indemnity in which good is sacrificed in the face of evil.

Jesus Did Not Assert Himself or Boast of Himself

Jesus could assert his internal ideology through his path of suffering throughout the thirty-odd years of his life on earth. Yet in the dimension of daily life, he could not fully rectify goodness. Confronting evil in the satanic world, he introduced the notion of goodness through the sacrifice of indemnity. Nonetheless, because no true man has emerged, Jesus has been praying in Paradise until this moment for the sake of fighting evil. Please do not boast that you have accomplished something. Although the good that you have performed can serve as a condition to indemnify evil, it cannot become the eternal foundation for the goodness of the world. No matter what kind of authority you wield or what kind of position you occupy in the world, you will not be able to boast.

Although Jesus came as the imperial prince of Heaven, the master of the entire universe, the king of all kings, he did not brag about himself. Nor can you boast about yourselves until the time when the battle against evil has ended. You have to understand that the reason Jesus did not brag about himself, and the reason he persevered was for the sake of one day completely establishing the laws of Heaven.

Although Jesus lived in a world where evil predominated, he knew that the world of ideology centered on goodness would emerge in the future. Therefore, knowing that the world of goodness could be found deep inside the evil world amid those who had been abandoned, Jesus said, "... and the poor have good news preached to them." (Matthew 11:5) Because a poor person upholds his conscience, he can sense the mourning of Heaven more easily than others. Accordingly, you have to understand that the reason Christianity has passed through the course of history in which they were abandoned and built an altar of blood was for the sake of the one day in the last days.

Because there was never a time when God or Jesus has ever fully commanded a religious group, those who take pride in their own ideas or assertions or who cling to their church and boast of it as if it were their own possession will surely be shattered. Neither God nor Jesus has ever completely ruled Christianity, which was established through the crucifixion. Therefore, God has made His way through a path of excruciating suffering and ordeals and has been toiling in hopes of the one day when He can completely rule all human beings. Therefore, those who assert themselves during this process will certainly be destroyed. The heavenly principles indicate the basic orderly principles and rules. If God created all things of Heaven and earth, then only after God rules all things of Heaven and earth can human beings govern them. Human beings cannot disregard this kind of order and rule them first.

If it is our inevitable fate to be met with destruction, then, after finding the destination through the course of conflict, what must we do? We must create the second ideology of goodness. This task is necessary today. People today must understand this. However, because they are unaware of this, they have been leading their life of faith subconsciously yearning for it. The day that this will is realized will be the day of resurrection of faith or the day of the second coming on the world level.

God has been claiming back what was lost, not because He did not have the ability to govern humanity. God has been battling on while being bombarded with the false accusations of Satan, not because He lacked power and capability. He did it for the sake of establishing the basic principles and rules. God let Satan go in front of Him and has been rectifying what Satan accomplished. Satan cannot make accusations against the correcting of that which he dominated first. Therefore, the most wise person is the one who can raise Satan and use him. If there is such a person today, he will become the ultimate victor. Although Jesus came as the leader who was supposed to rule the world, he stood at the very bottom and tried to let all the other people go before him. Although he might have seemed like a straggler, in reality he possessed infinite wisdom. He has been correcting what Satan carried out first. God let Satan stand in the front and fight on the very first front-line, and He has been bringing a conclusion to the battle from the rear. This is the strategy of God. Though Satan can possess the one-sided ability to be the spearhead, he cannot possess both sides.

Therefore, if at that time there had been even one person who could attend the resurrected Jesus and guide the path, unlike the disciples, including Mary Magdalene, who was rejected by Jesus, a person who did not die but who resurrected for the purpose of establishing the foundation to govern the world, then we would not be holding onto the Bible today, which is full of mysteries. We would not be groping in a world of faith full of unknowns.

The True Person Who Pays Indemnity for the Historical Debts and Alleviates the Grief of Heaven

Although the toilsome efforts you have made until now have been to attain your own salvation, they are not what God can rejoice over. There has not been even one person among the historical figures of the satanic world who has toiled in such as way that God could rejoice over it.

What kind of person can indemnify all the historical debts, alleviate the grief of God and comfort Him? They are probably the spearheads of the new history who can say that in all their actions they have worked only for the sake of the will of goodness inside the realm of Heaven.

The nation that has many such people will be able to possess the ideology of God's almighty power and dominate the world.

Although Jesus walked the path of the cross for the sake of saving humanity, he has never realized the will of salvation, comforted God and rejoiced with Him. We in the last days must accomplish this while we possess our physical bodies.

What does Jesus yearn for from the faithful believers of the last days? He wants us to become the people who can go seeking the internal heavenly standard and comfort God, who has been comforting us for 6,000 years. He wants us to become the people who can work for Jesus, who has been toiling for the sake of humanity for 2,000 years. You have to understand that only when you become such people can you finally stand confidently before Heaven as the worthy ones who have paid indemnity for all the debts owed to Heaven.

Jesus could not speak all he wanted when he came to the earth. This is why he said, "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now." (John 16:12)

Therefore, in this period of historical transition, God wishes for the emergence of true people who can pay indemnity for the great debt of the whole and who can give the blessing to the humanity of the world from a position of joy and glory. God wishes for those who can bring the blessing to this people, bring the blessing to this church, and bring the blessing to individuals. Further, they must bless the countless spirits in the spirit world.

Accordingly, you must realize now that you, such an extremely small person, have this great karma. You must become the people who can step forward as a unified sacrifice before Heaven and earth. Only then can you finally become the people who have set the condition of having paid indemnity for all the historical debts. You must keep this in mind. 

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