Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 4

Jesus Who Came with the Destiny of Restoration

Acts 3:13-24
Former Headquarters Church
Seoul, Korea
August 3, 1958

There may be many people who come to church on Sundays as a matter of course, through habit or as an established custom, thinking that because this is Sunday, they should come to the Father's temple and attend a service. You must understand that this place in which you are sitting should not be taken so lightly. This gathering materialized through some unknown background connection of which you are not aware. From the viewpoint of your individual being, as the center, your position and connection relate with the front and the rear and the left and the right. It is also a connection related to above and below. You must deeply remember this.

The Background of Jesus' Coming and the Result of the Chosen People's Disbelief

The fact of the emergence of the one person Jesus within history was not a chance accident. It was the result of the predetermined will of the heavenly principles. That is, Jesus came to materialize the connections of history, the current age of that time, and the future. If there had been a person who understood this fact, Jesus would not have died on the cross.

Though Jesus was merely one individual, if the connection Jesus carried had been extended to the whole and extended further from there, the historical connections of human beings would have been drawn together, even the connections of that age and the future would have been drawn together. No one knew of this at the time. Besides that, no one knew that Jesus was the figure who came with the central mission to mobilize the billions of faithful believers in Heaven and on earth and even Heavenly Father, based on the connections Jesus had with them.

In their ignorance, the chosen people were not aware of this. They thought highly of themselves, believing that they stood in the midst of God's will and promise. However, because they rejected Jesus, they deviated from the will. Although they came forth having built a historical religious order, they ended up being placed in a situation where that religious order could not belong to Heaven. In addition, the Israelites had the national hope that the promised blessing of the last days would be materialized centering on them, and they boasted about the privilege of being the chosen people. Yet because they did not recognize Jesus, who was the subject of the macrocosmic ideology, they ended in a position of being soundly ruined. The people did not know in time that Jesus countered the great tragedy that was unfolding in human history with sorrow-filled tears and the blood of sacrifice.

The words Jesus cried out were the words of truth, overflowing from his earnest heart. The thirty-year life course Jesus walked was not spent to fulfill his own individual desires. He did not hope for his own benefit. The chosen people should have known this, but they did not. Only Jesus, who tried to accomplish the will of Heaven forgetting himself, knew it. Now this sorrow has become the root of our grief today. We must know this. Further, from the position of a man of faith, you must realize that the steps Jesus took were steps "I" have to take. The garden of ideology for which Jesus longed is the garden of ideology that "I" must accomplish.

Jesus yearned and hoped for the one ideology of the bride and bridegroom who could live in the realm of God's blessing. Besides that, Jesus wished to embrace the crowd of 144,000 people centered on the banquet of the lamb that could consummate God's blessing. With these people, he wished to return songs and the glory of bliss before the presence of the Father. This was Jesus' earnest desire. However, because of the chosen people's disbelief, Jesus could not materialize such an original hope and instead was crucified on Calvary. The prayer Jesus offered, shedding blood and sweat in the garden of Gethsemane, was a prayer that represented God's earnest and intensely sorrowful heart. That earnest prayer was not meant for the sake of solving his own problem. It was for the good of the ignorant, slumbering people of that nation. It was for the beloved three disciples.

Jesus bore the responsibility to lead the ignorant people, embracing God's hope. What would the heart of Jesus Christ have been like when he had to pray to Heaven asking for the hands of forgiveness to be extended again, in spite of the heavenly ways being violated? What was his heart like, trying to stop the chosen people from becoming a people of betrayal who deserved judgment? When Jesus pleaded earnestly, "Please do not lay their sinfulness to their charge," he was facing the enemy in a crowd of people while walking the course of the tribulation on the cross. What kind of relationship did he wish to form with humankind, with the course of the providence or with the heart of heavenly nature?

We today should be able to go back into history and delve into the heart of Jesus. To that heart, we should bow our heads. By walking the steps the Lord took, following the traces the Lord left behind, and rendering devoted service to the altar for which the Lord died, we should become the people who can embrace God's grievous resentment in His place. Further, we should reflect upon ourselves to see if we can seize Jesus' heart, which represented the whole of humankind and the historical ties holding onto heavenly compassion. That is, we should ask ourselves whether we can become true friends of Jesus who can represent Jesus' historical relationship, the relationship of the age, and the relationship of the future.

Awakening to One's Own Worth

There is nothing one can do all by himself in this world. You can never shed light upon what kind of being you are if you put aside your relationships. The same principle applies to God's providential restoration. If there is one, two will appear. If there is a gathering of one, it will by nature connect with front and rear, left and right, and top and bottom. By doing so, when that one being comes to be equipped with one subjectivity that can pass through the characteristics of history, the current age and the future, a new history can be developed from there. You must understand that as fallen humankind was falling further away, more and more, going further down, God has been unfolding the providential dispensation of pulling them up and up, transcending time and space.

When asked by others how long you have believed in Jesus, you easily answer that you have believed for "ten years," "twenty years," or "such and such number of years." Yet looking carefully at the history of the relationship, you must realize that you are standing in a position where you must add to it the 6,000 years of history. You must be able to locate the position of your faith.

Because humans cannot escape from the history of relationship, you today must become the people who can confidently say that you have the center of faith that is absolutely necessary in the realm of relationships for the age. Going further, the descendants of many thousands of generations should be able to model themselves on the foundation of faith you start building now. The matter for concern is how you can move forth with the foundation for such future relationships from your present realm of faith.

Therefore, you who stand in such a position today must have faith with which you can appear proudly before God in substitution for the 6,000- year history and say, "My Father, who has labored for 6,000 years." The Father has endured with patience, unconcerned about having to go through a course of toil to embrace the 2.4 billion people of humanity in His bosom today. You must be able to call this Father "My Father." Going further, you must stand before Heaven with a faith and a determination that can touch the hearts of posterity's billions of generations through the appeal of your faith. Only then can you call God, who operates His providence according to eternal law, "Father." Therefore, now the matter of concern is whether I have become a person who can reveal myself, or be revealed by another, before God as having consolidated the present and the past, after taking in the future.

Only after 4,000 years of history had elapsed could Jesus come for the first time to this earth to pioneer the realistic course of such a mission. Accordingly, you today must not have an ideological faith. You must not have a faith that cannot free itself of ideology based on knowledge that became known through history. Since you are stuck in history and your way is blocked, you must realize that the time has come to review the course of history and re-evaluate it. Many churches that passed through the path of faith until today, many religions which boasted about their ideologies, have their paths blocked upon arriving in the last days. This proves that they are in a situation where they cannot form a historical relationship, a relationship of the current period or a futuristic relationship of hope.

Truths and the Mission Toward the Central Figure

What kind of man of faith are we looking for today? We are looking for a man of faith who can form relations representing the historical, periodical and futuristic relations. Yet today we are guided by our five senses. Would there be any truths that could encourage the world of the mind through those five senses?

Such truths may seem to have nothing to do with our living environment today, but that is not so. They are truths which tally with our lives one hundred percent. They are the truths we will need when we forget the ideology we have cherished with hope and are in a condition of clouded consciousness. That is, they are the truths which will guide us when we come to be placed in a situation where we are blocked by the wall of darkness and cannot think seriously upon the center of our mind.

For that reason, you today must penetrate into the future and, by every means, find the truths that connect to the past. Accordingly, today you must remember that you have a worldwide mission to find such truths and plant them in this land which stands in defiance of any of our toilsome efforts, sacrifices and tribulations.

The word of that one person, who has come and formed such relationships, is really the good news of good news. When you come to think of this, you must pursue the truths Jesus asserted. By doing so, you must equip yourselves with the historical relationship of blessed faith.

Have you become one with a historical relationship that is flowing out of Jesus' shimjung? If you have not, you must realize that you are sinners who have violated the relationship with Jesus, who inherited the historical course and has come forth connecting with us until today. You must become people who can bow their heads unconditionally. You must also understand that you have violated the thirty or more years of the life of Jesus, who transmitted the words of the gospel in substitution for the periodical relationship and walked the practical course to fulfill the periodical responsibility.

The person who cannot comprehend the words of the gospel Jesus introduced through this kind of relationship is a man very deeply in debt. Jesus Christ is connected with God, and the truths of Christianity are connected through Jesus Christ. We today must realize that we are indebted to those truths. You have to realize again that, until Jesus stepped forth before Heaven, God had to make toilsome efforts for 4,000 years. Those truths are covered with God's shimjung and blots of the blood of numerous ancestors within history.

If you now anxiously long to find the relationship of ideology and have the mind that wishes to obtain your own position according to that relationship, have you ever felt the weight of the great debt you owe on the front and in the rear, to the right and to the left, and on the shoulders of both sides? Although the laws of relationship and the laws of the heavenly principles urge us into the field, we are staying at a level of individual relationship centered on one person: ourselves. If you live tied up only with such a relationship and are not able to free yourselves from that relationship, heavenly compassion will compel judgment. The blood of the many sages who died for their belief in the course of history will make an appeal.

You must understand the heart of Jesus, who could call Heaven "Father" even within such a sphere. Jesus' mind and God's mind could make a connection. The whole heart of the Father who had toiled during history could be consoled by Jesus. What was more, one person, Jesus, could substitute for God's comprehensive hope for the future. Jesus was such a unique, awe-inspiring being that he cannot be compared with any one. Yet no one at that time knew this.

Consequently, although it was God's will for men to alleviate the historical sorrow, they were ignorant about it and marched forward in a way which would bring glory and happiness. On the contrary, it became sadness and an altar of the cross. With what can you then alleviate the shimjung of the Father who was watching this? This is the greatest matter of concern. That is why spiritual restoration history ever since Jesus is being turned upside down during our spiritual restoration. You must know this.

We Are to Be Responsible for Jesus' Sorrow and His Hope

In the field where men have to fulfill the macrocosmic mission of relationship, the spirit must be united, let alone the relationship between top and bottom. Just as one cell of my body is moved by the unified shimjung, it should be possible for my mind to connect to the historical course.

What kind of relationship do you have with Jesus, who cried out bearing the historical responsibility; with Jesus, who thought only of God's will; with Jesus, who died on the cross? This is the important matter of concern. You should be able to say, "Father! Though I am feeble, please allow me to be responsible for even one part of Jesus' burden." You must have a tragic shimjung that can cry with Jesus, feeling the fretful heart with which he cried, unable to discuss his own grieved heart with anyone. With such a mind, you must take charge of even one part of Jesus' difficult situation.

In your life of faith today, to not fall into ruin, there should be at least three people who pray all night in the church, clinging to Jesus. Such a church, such a religious order will not perish. Although the gospel Jesus transmitted has been propagated on this earth and many religious orders have formed, when we look at how Christianity has strayed from the will of Jesus, we should reflect on ourselves today and become the people who can follow in the footsteps of Jesus as he struggled hard during the three years of his public life.

Having connected with God's shimjung and the historical shimjung, Jesus had a commanding mien and was full of confidence when he appeared before the people. Yet when he was not facing the people, he would quietly shed tears. When he saw people straying from the righteous way and from the ties of God's heart, believing mere formalities and ceremonial functions, in his heart he felt like lifting a whip and striking them.

Now we should restore Jesus' mind that can connect with our heart and the ties of our life. We should also search for a group of such people with Jesus' mind. Since we do not have such a mind, we should consider to whom we have to hand over this task as an unfinished work.

Since we are placed in such a position as this, we must bear all the historical mistakes perpetrated in the past. Going further, it is not enough to know the grief of the days past. Going beyond that, you must know even the shimjung that cherishes a hope for the future and be able to say, "Since I will be responsible for all this, please take a rest." Since no part of your life has been aglow with this kind of passion, you must repent.

Toward what kind of age is this world today moving? The present time is the age where we fight centering on materials, but in the future, there will come an age of struggle centering on thought. That is, stepping beyond the age of materialism that can affect the body of a human being, the age of an "ism" based on thought, representing the mind, will emerge.

In a human being, there is the body and the mind. Above the mind, there is the soul; above the soul, there is God. Therefore, only when the human being unites completely into one with God will he or she become perfect. Each person is one mere, small, independent entity. However, he or she represents the whole of history and all relationships of the future. Therefore, he or she possesses macrocosmic value. Why has human history been flowing down until now? What did our many ancestors and the prophets and sages come forth wishing for? Because they were fallen human beings, they have been seeking the center, after having connected from afar. That is, we have been coming forth from the age of the clan to that of the tribe, through the age of the race to the age of the state and the international age, through the age of a worldwide federation. Heaven has been searching for the one person who can be a representative, linking God's heart on top of the foundation of having combined the historical relations, the current period relations, and the futuristic relations. You must remember this.

Therefore, the time of World War I was a time of struggle centered on materials. In other words, all people in this world tried to obtain materials. There was a time when the world cried out for materials.

Life Centered on the Mind

Will this be true of every age? No, it will not. In looking for the relationships of his or her life, an individual has to go forth with attendance of his or her mind in front. This is the iron rule of the heavenly principles. He who does not obey the command of the mind will be struck by Heaven. Heaven has told human beings in the course of history that they must live in accordance with their consciences. They must belong to the good side, centered on their minds. They should not get caught up in some materialistic condition of evil.

Is the human conscience then able to accept the heart of the heavenly principles one hundred percent as it is? No, it is not. Rather, it is blocked by many fences. Before the Cape of Good Hope for which you wish, that is, before the boundary gate of Heaven, there lies the gate of turns and twists. Spoken in Christian terms, this is the checkpoint of the judgment. The trend of thought today sees a period of fear, uneasiness and confusion. In other words, it is the age when you cannot take hold of the center.

Today you should not keep many material things. Why? When creating man, God breathed the soul into the body. A person is made of soul and flesh, and the soul is the center. When this world moves in a unified way centered upon materialistic power, what kind of period of struggle is going to come about? A period of ideological strife will come about. In reality, such a phenomenon has been conspicuously presenting itself since after World War II. The age of ideology centered on the mind will then appear.

What kind of thought should that ideology be? It should be thought that penetrates material things and the mind and centers on the soul. To go forth seeking the age of ideology centered on the soul is the restoration course. Humankind is still stopped in the state of having lost this and is moored in a state of having lost the harmony between the soul, the conscience and the body. Such has happened symbolically in this world. That is, the world today is the battleground between the major powers of the democratic and the communist worlds. This fight is also a showdown between God and Satan. It is a fight in which individuals struggle against one another, centering on religion.

Therefore, if in the future a tribe tries to move the world, it will not be able to control the world with its own ways and means only. Today's domain of thought is two in the present state of things. However, in principle, it should be four instead of two. For that reason, just as the nations in the Third World, today, are holding hands with the left-wing camp, with religious formalities that are on the satanic side, something has to emerge in the democratic camp which can hold hands with the people of the world, having equipped itself with a new religion. I personally foresee that in the future a worldwide religious movement centering on Christianity will come about.

In other words, because Christianity falls within the purview of the realm of the conscience within the democratic camp, a push from the opposite side will be expected. Just as there are two minds in us and they fight against each other, I see that there will be a conflict between two worlds. What humankind wishes for is one starting point, a starting point in which two unite into one. That starting point is the beginning of relations, the synthesis of relations, and the result of relations.

For that reason, you must set up an inward standard that can link the subjective ties and live making it the center of life. By having realized such a stage of life on the earth, finding the common value that connects to the whole of humankind's shimjung, all problems will be resolved. The world will then usher in the time of judgment. Accordingly, the young men and women who are put in the process of such an urgent history as today must set their resolution in good working order and proceed afresh toward Heaven.

When we look back at the modern history of the world, ever since the political revolution in France, after the Renaissance and World War I, material civilization has developed to the highest degree. What caused the Industrial Revolution? It was because man began to understand the power of steam and gasoline. The Industrial Revolution was realized on the foothold of steam and petroleum.

Since then, as it came into the first half of the twentieth century, it transformed into the electrical civilization. Although water and petroleum are substances, now the age of electrical civilization uses power that is invisible. What came after the stage where substance was acted upon to cause light to be emitted? The age of the energy civilization came, that is, the atomic age. This is the last age. Similarly, human history has passed through three stages of similar revolutions.

What this Age Demands

If there exists a nation and a people that can create some stimulative momentum that can have a big influence on the economic systems that have appeared in history until now, that nation and people will control the world. England today has borne such a mission. However, England was not aware of it.

As the material civilization of today developed, who would have known the fact that a movement of one person would come along which could carry out the mission of a small flame to break through each age, which could mobilize the world? No one knew that. Today, in the last stage of material civilization, atomic power has come and radiates one flame. The important question now is who is going to inherit that flame.

After the stage of substance, what stage are we going to? We go into the stage of thought. The providence is to search for and go into the mind. Therefore, centered on the trend of thought after the Renaissance, with the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as a turning point, we have experienced an age of drastic change until now. The two great doctrines of left and right have materialized, as of now, after many crossings of thought.

In this age, which is the last days, what would be required of these two doctrines? That is, just as atomic power emerged in the place where the material civilization was being praised and threw out a flame, a new doctrine that can be the flame for this age must emerge in the arena where democracy and communism are both boasting about their respective superiority. If there are young men and women with serious minds that wish to seek a new doctrine which can be such a flame, they will be unable to sleep until they do.

Since the fight is on one way or another, we are put in a situation where a judgment has to be passed. When a great doctrine came out, it ruled over substance. When the mind reached its perfection, it ruled over the body. In the same manner, the time has come for the ideological doctrine to be resolved and sweep away the worldwide economic power. For that reason, although America continuously prospered economically until World War II, because now is the time to find a doctrine of thought, she has been struck in a material sense. Upon thinking about it, we can feel grateful for this. When you discard something, do it in style. That means to discard determinedly, like a state that knows how to discard things, without mentioning aid and so forth. This is the issue we must bring up in the future age.

What is the matter of concern in democracy? Where will the strength to spew out the flame of thought come from? Suppose that strength is welling up in our minds. From where will the flame that can explode shoot up? These are the matters of concern. These kinds of matters cannot be solved by your mind. Only the soul can solve these things. Accordingly, if there is a person who starts a revolution that can create a spiritual flame, he or she will be more precious than any ascetic who labored for the sake of the will of Heaven in the past, more precious than today's doctrines, assertions or any worldwide ideology.

Therefore, I mean to suggest that by throwing out the flame of an economic system centered on the soul, we can take in the world's economy. What is more, by throwing the flame of spiritual thought and doctrine, I suggest that we can move the world. The world appears to have been divided into two different paths. While communism is self- destructing by having centered on the search for material things rather than discarding what is to be discarded, democracy, to be grateful, must proceed to look for God. Similarly, you must understand that the two worlds are standing at widely divergent crossroads.

Because humans are in the course of restoration, the body is to succumb to the mind, the mind is to succumb to the soul, and the soul is to succumb to God. Because this is the law of absolute relations that the heavenly principles have set up, no one can exist while going against this law.

Do you have the courage to subjugate your conscience which pleads with you? You do not succumb to the mind now, but you will succumb on the day of your death. Humans are born this way.

Korean People Are the Ones Who Must Start up the Flame of the Mind

You should now reflect upon yourselves to see if you have become the people who can sweep aside material things. Because until today it has been the age of doctrines, everything was okay since you lived according to your conscience. Today, the people leading a religious life are failing. There are also people who think and live saying, "Regardless of any religion, as long as you live according to your conscience, it is okay. Heaven and such are useless." The principled course of a human being is not that way. After going through doctrine and thought, when the mind strikes the body with the right power of mind, where will the power of the mind appear? The day when the dominion of the mind falls, you can never demonstrate again the power of the mind with any worldwide doctrine.

Most men of faith today are stubborn. Because their mind has the ideological condition that it will succumb only to the soul, they do not listen to anyone. Do I then have the authority to grab hold of such a person and have dominion over him? No, I do not.

Where will the flame that can revolutionize that mind come from? Do you have the guts with which you can protest, raising your mental horizon and going over the race, the world, the religion and ecclesiastical authority? The person, who knows how to bow his or her head upon listening to one word that makes the mind cry rather than the ten million sermons that reach your ears, is the truthful man of faith. People today believe that salvation belongs to Heaven, but it does not. Only when you can show it through your mind can you come to create the history of a true salvation. Just as the doctrines today are then unable to locate a place to settle, our mind also wanders about, unable to locate a place to settle. It should not be so. If there is a person who sleeps comfortably bearing this kind of mind, he or she will then wind up the very last.

Today is the age of awakening, when you are to save your own lives and the lives of your ancestors. Upon thinking about this, the one self "I" is not a being who is to freely move around and live in this manner. Within the cosmic sphere of relations, you should feel substantially that this whole world of existence is yearning to establish "my" value of existence. Not only should you feel with your mind and with your head, you should proceed to where you can feel it emotionally.

Going further, even if someone gives you a mountain of gold and treasures, you should be able to valiantly give them up if they are not the things your mind wants, saying, "They are too pitiful, Father! However, we are aware of the fact that You have the responsibility to give material things to people of conscience and the will to have dominion over the body of a person who has a true mind. We know as well that the true soul itself has to be under the Father's dominion." The question is whether you can also step nimbly over great material suffering. Accordingly, since the value of my body is bigger than the cosmos, when my mind subjugates the body, my mind surpasses the cosmic value.

All the religious problems today originate from here. Looking at Buddhism, it too is a religion that focuses its efforts on attaining the mind. "He who brings his mind to light is the master of all laws." This is the summary of Buddhist doctrine in its totality.

The material things that are being connected today are the things that used to build a wall of historical sins. Accordingly, you should not bow your heads before those material things. You must know that Heaven demands a group of people who can mercilessly cut them off whenever their mind does not want them.

Although these Korean people are pitiable, when viewed in the light of principles like these, we come to have one hope. We are a people who are lacking in material things. If there is a chance for us to live here, we should now unite our minds. For that reason, Heaven wishes for a group of people to emerge who embrace their minds and struggle complaining of the hunger of their minds. The time is coming when, binding with this mind that starved and strived, the spiritual flame must break out. That is why this nation, this people, is experiencing poverty economically and inwardly.

What then must we be concerned about? It is whether we can find God and cause the spiritual flame. All problems will be brought to an end there. The first Christian believers could laugh in the face of death where blood was splashed and flesh was being torn in the age of confusion in the past. They caused the worldwide revolution by having thrown out a new flame. You today also must cause a new history by throwing such a spiritual last flame.

As the last, you are left with the mission to push away all, including the doctrine you have believed in and the contents of your faith, and be able to cause a revolution of the mind. That is, you have to bring about a new flame. If there is a last cry here, that will be, "Please grant us the eternal flame that Heaven can throw in this dry garden of the mind and body." The day when that flame saves this nation is the day when the whole world will soon bow its head to the man who caused that flame.

If such spheres of relations appear, a contradictory phenomenon that humanity has not seen throughout the ages of history will take place. At that time, an unknown mysterious event will happen. Our mind cannot solve that. The solution has to be that which can cause some new impulse that can make us say no, even if somebody takes our life. That has to be a three-dimensional action, rather than a horizontal action.

The Laws of Restoration

How then has God come through this kind of historical course internally? Before Jesus came, God went through the age of indemnity through material things. In order for man, who lost his body to sin, to step forth before the Father, first he has to go through the age of bringing material things before the Father. That is, he has to go through the age of sacrificial offering.

Jesus was born as the fruit of the age of sacrificial offering. Consequently, since the spiritual flame centered on Jesus has been accomplished, history has been unfolding as a form of an ethereal doctrine centered on Jesus ever since. It once appeared in many forms, but today it is being gathered again into two parts. Furthermore, centered on Christianity, the world now will see a unification movement taking place.

For that reason, the providence to offer something new that makes us feel the heavenly emotion we could not imagine and enables our conscience and body to form harmony is left to Christianity today. At first, a rise and fall of small-scale movement will happen repeatedly. Later, it will gradually happen in a bigger way. Consequently, you must know that the time when you have to unite the rearward sort of cardinal point and the futuristic cardinal point in the center is the completion age for the restoration of ideology, the completion age for the restoration of history, and the conclusion age for the providence of restoration. For an individual, it is time to connect the external world view and the internal providence to him or herself. Because humanity went off base in a world of principled relations, he will surely have to liquidate that.

A human being has a soul, a mind and a body. In the surroundings, there are living circumstances, all creation and the land. Incidentally, the land was formed first. All creation came about next, and humankind lives by eating that creation. For that reason, the body grows, the mind grows, and the soul is raised. After that, man is to meet God. This is the law conforming to the Principle. Regardless of whether people started revolutions, there has yet to be one who has not deviated from this law. We have set up a condition of being related in a straight line, without aberration.

Therefore, now you must find the world. Do you have such a desire? All of you may have such a desire. To try to make this land mine, to try to make the whole of all creation mine, that is not greed. That is a principle. That is because if we become true sons and daughters of God, what God has is mine. For instance, if your father is a rich owner of wealth, that wealth will automatically become yours.

In addition, having analyzed the whole world of existence, we can see that man is behind material things, and God is behind man. Accordingly, only when we reach such a standard can we find the worldwide ideology and the worldwide material things. Meanwhile, we must first find a worldwide person. For that reason, Jesus developed a movement to find a worldwide person. After finding the worldwide relationship, he then tried to establish macrocosmic relations. In other words, the heavenly providence is going higher step by step. Accordingly, you must understand that humanity cannot escape from this restorational fate.

The Flame of a New Mind and I

In a time when the doctrine, the providence and history have unfolded in this way, what do you have to do? Since communism is materialism, it will surely break down some day. As the democratic camp has to seek and climb to Heaven, centered on whom will it climb? This is the field of our mission to resolve. Accordingly, you must be able to demonstrate the true love and the value of the ideal of the doctrine and thought which have existed up to this point.

After overcoming material things and going over the soul, we must proceed as far as the front of God. Viewed from the worldwide angle, now is the time of entering into the spiritual age of going beyond the mind. Therefore, many insane people will come out in the streets these days. Such a phenomenon occurs when the spiritual world attacks and reaches the people whose conscience is keen and try to live according to their conscience. Above the conscience, an evil spirit rules. Just as the body is in Satan's dominion, if my conscience steps over one stage, above it the evil spirit rules. Therefore, the last spiritual problem is to defeat the evil spirit that controls my body and to manifest a good spirit in its place.

For that reason, many mentally deranged people will come out among conscientious people. Many kinds of phobias will occur. For that matter, a world-level phobia is being broken up. The matter of concern at this point is whether I have the burning passion with which I can fight against that phobia centered on my conscience. The person who has settled down with such a center cannot be controlled by a revolution in the world, unless it is a heavenly revolution that can put Heaven and earth in motion.

Accordingly, the determination that such people have is an eternal determination. Not even an atomic bomb or a satellite can make an orbit that makes heavenly law change. For that reason, centered on an immutable conscience, having set up one principle, you should be able to connect with the ideology of the principles of the rule of Heaven. By having that value stay within the mind and body substantially, you should then form relations on a straight line with Heaven. By doing so, if you can put everything of that value into practice one hundred percent in the living arena, you are the very person who has found it, the person who possesses everything. We are entrusted with the mission to go forth with this purpose.

What then is the problem here? Even if there is some doctrine that shouts to the world, unless it relates with me, it has nothing to do with me. Even the flame of some mental revolution that unfolds throughout the world, unless it connects with me, it has nothing to do with me. For that reason, you must form such relations. When you recognize your own value as cosmic and as hundreds of thousands of times more valuable than anything in this world, you will then become able to dissolve all grievous resentment on this earth. Furthermore, only when you can embrace all humankind and set all of their mental standards right can you can call God "Father."

That is why Jesus said, "For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? (Matthew 16:26) Although it has reached the age of the cosmos today, nothing can reach the world of the mind. You must understand that man is to make this the ideology of the land and live rejoicing.

Now, when you emerge after having gone through the providence of such mental relations, even God, let alone Satan, cannot do anything to you. No matter what is said in evil, regardless if it is a piece of stone or a piece of iron, you can digest it. No doctrine or thought can swallow you. Accordingly, you should recognize the value of the goodness of an individual with relations of this magnitude. You should lay a bridge that can end in that value with that great relation. Having laid a bridge from yourself, by connecting to the parts of the small number of the units left in the past, you then should establish the value of the whole. This is going to be the decisive standard. For that reason, you must now form a great cosmic relation going beyond your own individual relations. You then have to drop it to be in keeping with the reality; that is, you must make it a zero. Only when you do that will you, for the first time, come to stand as one godly being. God of the whole cosmos also will come to stand with you. Consequently, the world in which the big God and the small god can sing together of the heavenly value is the world of relationship completion, the world of the heavenly kingdom on earth that we desire. You must remember this. 

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