Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Part 11: The Difficulty of Undoing the Reversal of Dominion

I had been accused of being a South Korean spying for the Americans. A Soviet investigator interrogated me and pronounced me innocent. I was released from the Taedong Security Center on November 21. I had lost so much blood that I nearly died. The members thought that I was going to die! That I survived is a miracle. Because the Huh Ho-bin group failed, I had to find other people. I worked until I could find the required number of them. After my release, I made contact with another group, and I guided the people in that group, all of whom were massacred after the Korean War broke out in 1950.

Additionally, when the communists retreated to the Suncheon River, they took with them the people who had been imprisoned with Huh Ho-bin and executed them. At that time, the heart of the members of the Inside the Belly Church was like that of Chunghyang, who was longing for the day of liberation from prison so that she could reunite with her beloved husband Lee Do-ryong again. I had tried very hard to witness to them, but they would not listen to me, and that's why they died. From this, we can learn that we always have to be humble. It is very dangerous to push yourself forward.

They were in the position of Cain when they died. Until the Unification Church appeared, they were troubled souls in the spirit world. Since we are in the position of Abel, we have to resurrect them.

Persecution by Christians and Communists before and after my ordeal in North Korea

Christian churches had joined forces with the underground communist movement. They resisted the Japanese together. Why did Christianity oppose me?

Because well educated, deeply faithful members of Christian congregations were coming to me. Those Christians that opposed me did not realize God was behind me and that I knew the things that could move Christianity. In North Korea at that time, everyone saw me as an enemy. The country, the churches and even the common people were all trying to get me. How does one survive in those circumstances? If I had opposed them with force, they would have destroyed me. I had no other choice but to sacrifice myself for them and serve them. Even if they hit me ten times, I begged God to bless them. Even if I were treated with contempt a thousand times, I was determined to pray for them. I silently watched and overcame everything, thinking, this year contains a thousand years' worth of resentment.

The woman in the position of Jehovah's wife

I was twenty-six years old, but I already had a plan for dealing with the spirit world. This was necessary during the course of restoration. You have to proceed with a complete plan. You have to make a certain base in the spirit world first, before you can proceed in the physical world.

If I have inherited a blessing from a man, I must also receive one from a woman. If I receive a blessing from a man based on my connection with Kim Baek-moon's group, I must gain the blessing from a woman, too. Otherwise, I cannot inherit all the dispensational foundation God has built up in Korea until now.

This is why a woman whom God can directly lead has to appear on earth, a woman who can say, "I am God's wife." Because God directly leads that woman, those in the spirit world connected to God can be mobilized to work with her. So for the first time, through a woman who could say she was Jehovah's wife, God made a base to come to earth. Eve was Adam's wife, but she was also Jehovah's "external" wife, his bodily wife. What I am saying is true. Such things must be revealed and brought to fruition.

When I was in southern Korea, in the year of Korea's liberation, I joined the Zion group, Kim Baek-moon's group, for six months. This was the group for the New Testament restoration of the Garden of Eden. The group attracted all the spiritually open people throughout the whole of Korea.

There, they were talking about one grandmother who had declared she was the wife of Jehovah, but Kim Baek-moon's group was deriding and mocking her. As soon as I heard them talking about this, I went to North Korea.

Works of both good and evil

The woman was called Grandmother Pak. She represented both restored Eve and Eve immediately after the Fall, so she was representing two divergent realities. She had flexible capacity; God sometimes entered her to perform His work, and Satan would also sometimes enter her to perform his work.

Her husband, whose surname was Han, was a very influential person, locally. They had ten sons who were really quite awful. He was one of the richest men in Pyongyang, and she lived in his home as his secondary wife. Restoration could not be carried out through his primary wife. The primary wife stood on Satan's side, so the progress of restoration had to go through a side branch.

With an Eve who has reversed dominion, evil has to be changed and everything has to be taken under the charge of goodness. Heaven has to take charge of goodness, which is the root. It is necessary to go down to the myriads of slaves, lowly maidservants of the spirit world, playboys and lewd women in order to go up. All the bad things have to he straightened out and changed. That which is true has to be put with other true elements, and a new mother who can represent all women has to be created.

Absolute obedience and service

I thoroughly understood how to bring God's plan to its conclusion. Yet I had to carry the overall burden, so I took the position of a mere child who did not know anything and served that grandmother with my heart and my life.

I became her servant. Mine became the lifestyle of a servant. I wasn't witnessing to her. I even bowed to her sons and daughters. If people brought me nice things because they wanted to follow and serve me, I gave everything to her family members.

I worked for her children, and she didn't even give me a place to sleep. She just wanted to use me for the work I could do. I had to overcome everything. I even washed her children when they soiled themselves and washed this fifty-seven-year old grandmother's menstrual cloths.

She might say, "Go inside and sleep." I had to go to sleep where I was told to. If I was told to sleep in an open shed, I had to sleep there. I made pants, farmer's knee-length shorts, for the children to wear. I had to do what I was told. I had to be completely obedient. If she asked me to bathe someone, I had to do that. If she told me to put on a laborer's frame to carry something for three, or even thirty, kilometers, that is what I had to do.

So there are no barriers when you do everything with love in your heart, no matter where you are. Even though love is great, the path of love can be one of hardship. That's the paradox. I volunteered to sacrifice.

Stages of restoration

If you dedicate your best effort when you are in the position of being treated like a servant, restoration continues to take place. I was going through a testing period so that I could say with absolute conviction, "This is the Principle."

As I was going up from the servant's position I would say, "God's loving servant has come" and later, "the adopted son has come." You have to restore the blessing like this, going up through stages. In order to reverse the Fall, in relation to a woman, Adam has to reverse the realm of dominion. It's the same principle.

So through that grandmother I had to start from being in the servant's position, to being in the adopted son's position, and then the illegitimate son's position, until the real son's position. And when that happened, I could testify saying, "I am the leader of the heavenly nation." Next, I could testify, "I have surpassed Jesus, who has the supreme power of the heavenly nation." And then, "I am the substantial object-partner to God."

She was to bless me as being Heaven's superintendent, Jesus' representative and God's representative at the same time. She should have made a declaration. After that ceremony of declaration, I would have secured my autonomous position and turned everything upside down. Adam's authority, which had been trampled upon, was restored when [the new] Adam had established the conditions of indemnity. That is why everything had to be done completely in the opposite way in order for someone to stand in the position of Adam.

Grandmother Pak's lack of faith

It was only after I had done all this that I said to her, "Serve me in the same way I have served you." Until then I had served her from the position of a servant of servants and had done things that no one else would do. Yet to suddenly testify to myself, establish my authority and then tell her to serve me as I had served her was like a bolt out of the blue. I told her to accept what I had testified to and immediately bow down to me. This was the reversal of dominion for the purpose of restoration.

The tables were turned. She exclaimed, "You have been following me. You have sought to serve me. How can you now order me to do such a thing? How can you just order me about as if I am a servant?"

But this came from just a humanistic perspective. If someone has reached the standard Heaven has set, yesterday's disciple can become today's teacher and even be elevated to become Heaven's prince. If your son became a crown prince or your daughter became a crown princess overnight, as his or her parents, you would be in a position in which you would have to bow to your own child.

In the aftermath of Pak Eul-ryong's rejection

After this, the group was divided into two factions -- those who followed Grandmother Pak and those who followed me. Grandmother Pak didn't follow me, and those who sided with her didn't follow me. The group was thus split in two. From then on, Grandmother Pak became mentally unstable. She said that Moon so-and-so was a traitor to Heaven and a thief who had stolen everything in the world from her.

Because of this, Satan took her over completely. All manner of things started happening. She incited her husband, her sons and her daughters and threatened to kill me with a big stick. After this, her husband suddenly died. Heaven struck him. If a person doesn't fulfill his responsibility to Heaven, Satan can invade. He died in quite a frightening way. He was chasing me with a big stick to beat me, when he suddenly collapsed and died. He had red marks all over his body, and it swelled up so much it wouldn't fit in a coffin.

Because I had obeyed her and helped her, it was only natural, according to the way things go in the world, for her to do the same for me after I had declared who I was. But she didn't do it. It didn't matter how much she had worked for God and prayed before that day, her failure to follow me meant she lost everything. Everything that she had done, all her good deeds, were transferred to me. She should have thought about whether this all began from heaven or from earth. She should have been able to discern whether this was something where God was the center or whether she was the center.

Tested in the spirit world; God's seal of approval

I had to go through a forty-day test in the spirit world. All the spirit people there sided with Grandmother Pak against me. Even Jesus came to me and begged me, saying, "Grandmother is Jehovah's wife. She is a daughter God cherishes dearly. Please serve her well." Nevertheless, I fought them based on the principles of heavenly law. For forty days, with truth, I fought alone against the whole spirit world, against all the spiritual leaders who had come and gone throughout all of history and even against Jesus and God.

Because I couldn't make heaven and earth a battlefield, I believed that when the forty days were up, God would have to reveal His final decision. I said, "If this is not Heaven's principle, heaven and earth will perish. This path, which I have discovered, is absolutely correct." In the final, decisive battle, the verdict went my way; I was deemed victorious. God proclaimed me the victor. He declared that what this person called Moon was advocating, which had been opposed and attacked by Jesus and everyone else in the spirit world, was the true principle that could relieve grief and resentment on the path of restoration. God gave His seal of approval, declaring that the principles I had uncovered revealed the deepest secrets of heavenly law. In this way, I reached the standard to bring victory.

Many people claim to be the Messiah, the Lord at his Second Advent, don't they? They say I am in the position of John the Baptist, and they are the Messiah. How would they answer if asked if they have God's seal of approval? If they were the Messiah, they would have to be recognized officially, with the seal of approval from God and the whole of the spirit world.

The inheritance of heart from women

I had to find a person of similar status to that woman, so that the mission could be passed down through different stages. Beginning with a person in the position of God's wife, and in order to find a person standing in the position of the original mother, I had to begin that task again from someone of eighty years of age. Based on that standard, the mission passed down through people of different ages, down to Mother's age. Because Grandmother Pak opposed me, I had to find someone who could replace her. I could do this because there is a principle that Eve must be re-created.

Because I had been unable to establish the family-type standard, I was sent to prison on February 22, 1948, where I spent two years and eight months. Having been unable to complete the John-the-Baptist mission, I had to travel down a path like that of Jesus going to the cross.

While I was in prison, Mrs. Kim was incarcerated. Mrs. Kim was in the position of Rachel. Grandmother Pak was in the position of Leah, and there was another lady, Mrs. Na.

These three women should have cooperated with me. In order to restore the three phases of heart -- the lost daughter, sister and mother-women from a grandmother's age down to one's twenties had to be restored. I had to go the way of crucifixion of the heart in order to establish the standard to restore women at these three stages. External suffering is nothing compared to this.

Once such a standard for restoration, the standard for the reversal of dominion, is created, it must be substantially followed through. These things have to be recovered down to the position of the servant of servants of humankind. So in order to recover this, I had to start from the lowest position, which is a prisoner. I had to open doors starting from prison. 

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