Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Part 30: Fast-paced Development

October 30, 1962, Father and Mother pray at a ceremony where four people received awards as "representative heavenly children" for their attitude through suffering; the prizes given were signed copies of the Explanation of Divine Principle (published 1957, visible on the table). Based on this ceremony, My Pledge, which was superseded in 1994 by the Family Pledge, was proclaimed and disseminated to members.

Seunghwa students meeting, October 7-9, 1962

This song is called "Unified Soldiers." Who should sing first, you or I? [Teacher, please sing first.] Fine, I'll sing it through once, but you have to learn the principle of give and take. Should you give or receive? [Give.] What should you do if someone gives to you first? You must give back. If I sing an energetic song for you, you must sing an energetic song for me. If you fail to do that, you have to give back to three million people instead.

I'll sing the first verse. If you want to hear me sing, raise your hands. Okay. Listen carefully as I read the first verse of "Unified Soldiers." [Father reads] "Strong bond of heart is the force, bringing the world into life. Joined in a kinship of love, all shall live as two." [No, wrong!] [Laughter] What? [It's "...all shall live as one] Really? [Yes.] But the world is in two. [No!] That is why we need the strong bond of heart. Only with the strong bond of heart can the world live as one, giving and receiving in the eternal original homeland. [Our original homeland.] Our original homeland. Shall we prosper in the world of misery forever? No, we shall prosper in the world of happiness. Do you understand? [Yes.] You should be thinking about my ability to memorize lyrics! Okay, let me sing again.

You have too many thoughts. It's been a while and some of you may not have had a chance to eat. Some of you are thinking, "The church president spoke, and now Teacher is speaking. I hope it ends soon." [Laughter] You have to be obedient....

Clearly, I have a responsibility to fulfill. When I'm trying to feed you, you should have your mouth open. I don't want the food to get on your lips accidentally while I'm feeding you. Open your mouth wide. How wonderful would it be to have someone feed you gently so that nothing gets on your lips but everything goes in your mouth? That is what a speaker wants to do with his audience. That is why you have to be patient. Do you understand? If you have little or no experience in leading people, you won't be able to do it. This is how I do things, because I know that this is the most effective way for a group of people like you. What's more, I like you....

This is the first time that so many young people from all over Korea have come together. It is the first time for me. I am very happy to meet you all like this.... You have to think that the world is yours and put that into practice. Therefore, you are hopeful beings, beacons of hope. You are holy princes and princesses who will inherit the cosmos. Why do you worry about what you are going to eat? You shouldn't do that. You have to recover your original human nature and discover your original nature, make a connection to all the laws of the cosmos and connect the present to the future.

A critical seven months

We are living in the wilderness era. We are living through the forty years in the wilderness for the restoration of the worldwide Canaan. The Unification Church is in the wilderness stage. If you go to the countryside now and rent a room, you can openly hang up a sign and hold services there. However, in the beginning people chased us. People poured excrement on us. This was inevitable because we hadn't fulfilled our responsibility to our people.

We have to pray all night and serve others. Some of you are working, selling your blood, but in reality, you have to sell not just your blood but your whole self to become a loyal patriot of heaven. It is time to start working for the world. The seven months from the tenth lunar month this year to the fourth lunar month next year is critical. During these seven months, you have to receive an inheritance from Jesus. So, you have to witness to more than three people. This time will only come once....

From now, if you ask anybody, he will probably say that the Unification Church is in a period of great fortune. Also, spiritually open people will say that the end is near. All Unification Church members have to settle their differences before that fourth lunar month. The reason you have to pray for a blessing on your enemies lies in this. This time is a chance for those who have left to return. By doing this we can set the condition to tell the satanic world to open the door. Because this time has come, I cannot hate my enemies.

[Spoken some years later:] During the Kennedy administration, the Cuban missile crisis occurred in the Caribbean. In October, there was a great crisis. The big question was, Should the U.S. Navy stop the Russian transport ships carrying nuclear missiles or not? At that time, I prayed intensely for Kennedy to stop the Soviet ships by force if necessary. If he hadn't done that at that time, the situation would have become even more complicated. Drive a wedge between China and Khrushchev. I had already started praying about this problem in 1960....

True Father with Hyo-jin nim during his first birthday celebration

Hyo-jin nim's dedication ceremony, January 1, 1963

A mother shares her rice soup with her baby. Babies are raised on their mother's rice soup. Do you remember when you were eating rice soup at the time of Ye-jin's birth? Do you remember how you ate rice soup when Hyo-jin was born? This is the history of restoration through indemnity. At this point, you do not know much about the meaning of this ceremony. However, such a tradition has to be taught and eventually propagated to the world. In order to indemnify what is fallen, we have to begin from a mother's womb. However, there hasn't been a perfected mother until now.... True Mother gave birth to Ye-jin and Hyo-jin having reached the level of perfection and having indemnified the lineage and everything across the board. You could be reborn because of the three-year condition of unity....

Today, through these three stages, the condition you are establishing is analogous to a baby living and being nourished inside a womb. For three years, True Mother ate the same food as you, and she made similar conditions while you were witnessing and engaging in other activities. Ye-jin and Hyo-jin were born when their mother was eating barley rice.' In other words, Mother's life was the same as yours in terms of heart.

Registration as a social organization, May 31, 1963

The providence of restoration is the fight between Cain and Abel. When we tried to register with the government, specifically, the Education Ministry Mr. Moon, then the Education Minister, rejected our application. We had to fight against it. It was reversed a week later. That one week corresponds to seventy, seven hundred or seven thousand years. We were finally able to register on May 31, 1963....

I mobilized more than 5,500 of you and sent you to the countryside to educate people. It was very good that you received several hundred letters of commendation from governors, mayors and other town leaders in the provinces. Since you suffered such difficult ordeals and battles, we have entered the stage where the people in the provinces can stand by us.

Father speaking at the dedication ceremony for the newly constructed fishing boat, the Cheon Seung Ho, our church's first foray into the oceanic providence, on June 26, 1963

Launching the Cheon Seung Ho and Fishing, June 26, 1963

The next time the fishing boat goes out, I'm going on it and will become a fisherman. I coached the captain when I went out this time. Our boat is the fastest one on the west coast. They'll catch many fish if they follow my strategy. If you put in a lot of effort and build a good strategy, you'll catch more fish within the same amount of time. We have to become the best in fishing, too.

Left: Father and Mother bless the 72-couple blessing group on June 4, 1962; Right: The 124-couple Blessing Ceremony, held on July 24, 1963, concluded with a parade of cars through the city of Seoul.

124 Couples Blessing Ceremony at Seoul Citizens' Hall, July 24, 1963

One hundred and twenty which is ten times the number of Jesus' disciples, is the number that can represent the world. By setting up these a hundred and twenty couples, we're now setting up the standard for God to come to the world. So there's going to be a new period on this earth when the countries of the UN number 124.

Which group first demonstrated our wedding ceremony to outside people? [124 couples] 124 couples it was. That's because it represents the world. We had the ceremonies for the thirty-six and seventy-two couples inside our church. This was the same as making the foundation to form one people by centering upon Judaism. It was securing the internal foundation.

When I gave blessing to one hundred and twenty couples at the citizens' hall, I didn't send an official document to the parents saying that I would be giving their sons and daughters the blessing. But not a single person protested that I blessed their children without asking them. Who can possibly do such a thing? Only the Unification church can do that.

The wedding this time was splendid. People were amazed when the hundred and fifty taxies started moving. They asked where they all had come from. All of Seoul was stirred up and the whole country was shaking. Isn't this a tempting way to get married for any man or a woman? Let's see if the world follows us or not.

The Day of All Things offering ceremony, July 26, 1963 Prayer:

... We set up the first day of the third month as Parents' day, the first day of the tenth month as Children's day and now we have set up the first day of the fifth month as the Day of All Things for you, Father. We'd like to dedicate to you this donation that's been collected with such hard work by devoted members, in order to commemorate the day of the restoration of all things. We built the ship Cheon Seung Ho with this donation and we know that all the other factories and everything else you'll accept as possessions of the Kingdom of Heaven with pleasure, so Father please accept all these as yours.

Father, many church members visited holy places and appealed to you with tears so please command all things in the land of Eden, in the Korean peninsula, as Yours and take it as the foundation of victory to command the whole world. Father, I wish this with all my heart.

I administered the church headquarters until 1963, and then I put President Eu in charge of it. I've been making the foundation to solve economic problems. There has been a lot of gossip until now. What kind of a religious group is this -- making air rifles and killing animals? What about killing animals? Do animals like dogs, pigs, cows and sheep matter to a man who's even ready to place his own children on the sacrificial altar? It was necessary to do these things in order to pioneer Korea's path.

Little Angels, July 27, 1963

As you all know, we gave poor people all the money we had saved by eating less expensive rice. Also, even while I was hearing all sorts of news, including that some witnessing members were jailed for having gone to their witnessing area by taxi without having money for the fare, I still loved my country. Not only that, I even fell into debt to form a children's dance group. I did that to introduce the dignity of Korea's ancient culture to America, a modern, civilized twentieth century country.

When I started the Little Angels, people said that women had been dancing naked in the Unification Church and now their children are dancing too. By dancing day and night, they gave birth to dancing children. I heard such bad comments. But, you know, the Little Angels dance in clothes. They became famous worldwide although they don't even show their feet. They're being borne aloft by the wind. The Little Angels are receiving a warm welcome worldwide because they are doing something God likes. Because they are dancing in a way that God feels affinity for, if you just look at them, even if you try to dislike them, your mind just feels good anyway and you think, "Oh isn't that nice."

Foundation to Support HSA-UWC approved, October 4, 1963 The approval of the Foundation came eight years after my release from prison. However, I didn't feel pleased because the second round of fighting is still ahead. Within four years, we have to mobilize this nation to sacrifice for and serve the world. We must restore the world through our tears and blood. Korea is not the main problem. 

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