Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Part 34: The Business of Restoration in 1967

True Father on October 5, 1967, camping beside Chung Pyung Lake

The questions are, how can we win over the materialistic communist world with the ideas of democracy and how can we win over both the democratic world and the communist world with the Unificationist view? There are many hills to climb on our way.

We must wisely both defend ourselves and take the offensive. I sincerely hope that you will fight desperately until you achieve victory. Let's fight strongly during the rest of this year, and let's pay attention to where we are on the path of restoration.

The concluding year of the seven-year course (1967)

This is the year of our all-out advance. We must devote all our efforts to sacrificial work because we must indemnify the national sins that remain. We are now crossing the last ridge of the seven-year course. This seventh year is the year of the Sabbath, so True Parent must rest. If parents rest, children need to take responsibility on their parents' behalf.

Members in Pyongtaek take a photograph with an itinerant Unificationist evangelist who is visiting their community during a campaign to double church membership.

A campaign for doubling membership in four stages

If Koreans that are not yet able to distinguish between right and wrong sign a membership form and become members simply because their hearts are moved to do so, they will stand on Heaven's side through that condition. Because restoration is through indemnity, not many people are being restored. That is why I say that you should not worry if membership is not increasing much in terms of numbers.

Why do we witness? To multiply. Multiplication does not arise through a vertical relationship. It is only possible when you unite and engage in mutual interaction horizontally. Therefore, you must become one with members horizontally, centering on the church leader. Only then can there be development in all dimensions.

The people you should concentrate on witnessing to are people in authority, the ones with real power....

You must bring three people into the church each month, twelve all together, between June and September. Those who oppose the Unification Church are mostly your relatives and friends. You must pray for them and witness to them with a sincere heart.

I have given instructions that the lectures presenting the counterproposal to communism should all have been given by the end of September. People in the police and the intelligence agencies support and defend us nowadays. Even many volunteers embrace us. Therefore, I am saying that you should eagerly hold revival meetings for six months from October and kindle a fire under the nation's 30 million people.

Completion of the economic foundation

Up until now I have been emphasizing the importance of economic restoration through business so that it may become a foundation for supporting you. It is also to help create a stepping stone for God to work and to uplift your heart.

This year we must safeguard our economic foundation. If you do business, members of the established churches will say that young members of the Unification Church are engaged in business and that the Unification Church is not a religious organization.

You must not pay attention to them. No matter how difficult it may be to make sales, you must be more sincere and serious than anyone else when you do business.

Managing the factory

When you are in the presence of something in the public realm, you must be humble. I have fought ideologically both in the spirit world and on earth. You should increase your level of devotion in relation to the business side. You should strive until other people respond to that and until you build a foundation to support the factory. We must still make great effort, which is why I don't pray to Heaven to ask for money....

Now we should build an economic foundation and go forward. A global economic foundation is needed in order to restore the world. That is why I am going to operate factories.

An elder member recalls, "Now we are trying to create unity. In those days, they were just the enemy. We always had to worry about North Korean invasion." Air shotguns are designed for hunting birds or small animals, but Father hoped the Yehwa air guns would also help South Korean citizens train themselves to protect their nation. This photo shows members holding Yehwa air guns in front of the factory where they were produced.

Manufacturing and selling Yehwa air rifles

Because of God's protection today, we have taken hold of these air shotguns. These air rifles fully reflect our strengths -- our resourcefulness, our global and historical reach and the progressive nature of our movement. You must know that by manufacturing air shotguns, we can come to occupy an advantageous position in the global economic sphere.

This year we should not only build an internal foundation, we should also break through the 300 million won target. I am saying that we must establish an economic foundation. This is an absolute necessity. So, anyone who professes to be a Unification Church member should buy a gun. I am not telling our company to sell them. Rather, I am asking you members to purchase the guns [from our company] and then go out and sell them. That is why I am assigning quotas to each member.

If you put a label on this gun and pass it down, then your future generations will say 'This is the treasure that our ancestor bought at the time when they were creating an economic foundation during the seven-year course.' You should all resolve to do so at the district leaders' meeting.

It was not easy to get tax exemption on the guns. We quietly carried out a plan without saying anything to our members. The Minister of Finance, newly assigned this year, revised the tax laws on more than seventy items. Considering the fact that even noodle sellers have to pay taxes now, having our Yehwa guns exempted from taxes is a great accomplishment. We had to convince them to implement that, taking into account the tense relationship between South and North Korea and the fact that South Korea needs to prepare itself in case the North becomes hostile. We are now living in a time where such measures have become necessary. We helped them see that from now on all South Korean will people need to be trained to use guns. This is why our guns will surely become a necessity. Thus, we persuaded them to make our guns a special case, and got them exempted from tax.

My thinking is to sell as many guns as possible. If we can sell about twenty thousand guns this year, I think we can make about sixty thousand pass through our hands next year. That is why you should distribute as many as you can. You should distribute them to government offices and to individuals. We are now making three hundred guns a day, which means we can make a hundred thousand in a single year.

Manufacturing machine tools

From now on, we must manufacture machine tools. I've been making the necessary preparations for the past two years. After almost a year of research, I have become quite familiar with machine tools. I've been going without sleep at night, constantly thinking about this and nothing else.

Originally, when we began preparations, I expected to reach a certain level within three years, but we have achieved that in a year and eight months. For that reason, all the leaders in charge of manufacturing machine tools have become confident, saying, If only we do as Father instructs, we can make anything. What kind of machines will we make? We are going to manufacture lathes....

We plan to produce the machines and sell them inexpensively.... It will take three years to reach the point of being able to produce the machines. We should be able to make seven hundred of them each year. So, that means we must make two machines each day.

A financial foundation and Nongdowon Farm

From now on, we need to divide our members into two groups -- those who can stand at the forefront and take actual responsibility for church development and those who can't and we need to build a financial system in the background. What I am planning to do right now is to establish factories in every district and region. At present, Korea is promoting its second five-year economic development plan. Keeping in step with that, I plan to build factories in a hundred and fifty regions in Korea's eight provinces to establish an internal foundation for our church.

Our church will also need to prepare a certain area of farmland in which our members can cultivate the soil, centering on local village churches. This is why I have begun setting up Nongdowon Farm, which is currently not ready. All the young people who join our church from now on should be brought to Nongdowon and taught how to farm. We should prepare at least three to four acres of farmland and teach farming.

We should also build mills. Even if we were to bring people from rural areas to work in our factories, they cannot be expected to run the machinery from the outset. We should have our members work in the mills. We should bring together all the young people who are doing nothing in the farmers' slack season, and we should buy up all the paddies from the villages and large farms and have the youths hull the rice and then sell it. In this way, we would be farming on two levels.

Those young men who look capable can be asked to run the engines in the mills. We should also teach them to farm scientifically and train them on real farms as their on-site mentors. We need to actualize scientific farming in Korea's agricultural regions. We need to begin working on this project right away.

Korean -- Japanese economic exchange

Now the church companies in Japan and our companies here in Korea are under one umbrella. When we make a new company in Korea and have it generate orders, and we buy or send products, people don't need to go to Japan in person. There is a company our church made named Kosei Corporation.

Our church in Tokyo is the central hub. If I give instructions to that headquarters, within three hours those instructions will go out through the Japanese headquarters all the way to Hokkaido and Kyushu area; within five hours, our people will go to the designated company and negotiate. We have an organization that is capable of doing this. Within five hours! How wonderful that is. We can do anything.

In the future, when Korea imports machines that it needs, it will realize that it is more profitable to utilize the Unification Church organization than to try to negotiate directly. This is something that the Unification Church is doing in Korea. However, when you go to Japan to negotiate, the Japanese Unification Church members will deal with the Japanese people and negotiate. Therefore, those we do business with have 100 percent trust in us. Moreover, the Japanese church will guarantee it. Therefore, if products are delivered, the church guarantees payment so it is impossible for a company to be cheated.

An interfaith meeting for some five hundred invited guests was held to mark the first anniversary of the establishment of the headquarters for the inter-denominational movement (November 7, 1967).

The providential era and the ecumenical movement

The time has come when the young brother, Abel, can meet the older brother, Cain. That means it has become possible for the Unification Church to have a dialogue with the established Christian church. That is why we must promote this ecumenical movement within the seven-year course....

In one sense, fulfilling this goal requires people imbued with holy spiritual power. We should carry out a campaign to organize the many spiritualists who are up in the mountains into a group. Everybody needs holy spirits to work with them. Once you have felt their grace, your heart will later feel slightly empty [from their absence]. It doesn't matter if these people do not become our members. We need to have people who are in a midway position.

We must promote the fulfillment of the will externally through our outreach activities and internally by bringing together people who have received grace. In this way, they should serve the role of a beacon for saving the Korean churches. People who have spiritual experiences have been completely ignored in the churches. It should not be like that.

Even I cannot do things by myself. One wrong step and a big problem will arise. I make decisions that conform to the global circumstances and the program of the spirit world. We should acknowledge spiritualists and discern whether they are Cain-type or Abel-type....

From 1965, grace began again to work within in the Christian churches. They had lost God's grace by opposing the Unification Church. Now the Unification Church has existed for twenty-one years. Therefore, Christian churches are also placed in a position of being able to once again greet the spring. Once Abel's altar is decided, Cain must also prepare an altar.

Hwan-chae Hwang (36 couples) teaching the Principle in Japan during True Parents' and Korean church leaders' visit in 1967 -- a year when an outside observer wrote of our members, "Their principles are logical. They have many experiences of divine revelation."

A three-year intensive campaign (1966-1968)

We held a big event to commemorate the first anniversary of our ecumenical movement. Some five hundred people participated. This surprised the members of other churches. However they looked at it, they could see that the Unification Church was behind it and so they did their best to stop us. However, they failed to follow through on their own strategies. Now, they are even thinking of nurturing us. That's their attitude at the moment. You have no idea how fearful they are of the Unification Church.

From now on, when you visit other churches with confidence, you will find their members trembling in fear. That's why we have become such a problem for other religions. I am planning to expand our church more widely this year. Last year, we focused on contacting the higher officials of other churches, so that they can serve as protective walls surrounding us.

The other day we held a three-day symposium, inviting fourteen Christian church ministers. Some twenty people in all participated. Over the past year, through our ecumenical movement, we did what no other association of Christians could have done. We have invested a substantial amount of money in this ecumenical movement.

Until now, they have never been able to bring together religious leaders from different denominations. But thanks to these meetings, more than twenty religious denominations got together to talk their hearts out. After sitting side by side and talking to leaders of other churches, whom they had always thought of as enemies, they found that such meetings were not unpleasant. These religious leaders came to the inter-religious meetings and confessed that they were the ones who had ruined their churches. Until now, they had thought that it was God's will to fight with other denominations, but in the end they found that they had committed a grave sin in front of God. Thus, they officially repented for their actions and took a step forward. Now our inter-religious activities are flourishing more than ever.

At first, Christian newspapers also tried to confront us and destroy us. Now, however, newspapers such as the Gospel Times came to apologize to us and asked for our forgiveness, saying that they would never attack us again. Christian Today, the United Christian Newspaper, and all the press organs that opposed us, now feel they must stop attacking us and nurture us instead.

Japanese members welcome True Family members and accompanying church leaders at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, June 12, 1967.

Japan leg of the global tour (June 12 -- August 10)

I have chosen seventy members to take responsibility to do God's will with sincerity, to closely unite and to pray until I come back. I will give them those responsibilities and leave for Japan. They must pray all night on Saturday; they must pray at the Holy Ground every day; and they must witness and restore more than one person during this period. I want you to pray not for me but rather for the members scattered in Japan, the United States, Germany, and all over the world....

I think that this is a very important time.... Members in foreign countries expect great things from Korea. After coming to know God's will, they are likely to think of Korea and of me w: the best and the highest. I do not take lightly those people who offer their sincere heart....

What we have done for Korea's sake must be publicly recognized by the spirit world. Therefore, we must go through trials. On my first world tour; I took with me holy stones and earth. This time I am going to take my sincere heart. I will take some church leaders with me to inspire overseas members. If all people can revive by my doing so, I would not mind it if I were to die....

I said to the Japanese leaders, "I will not come to Japan unless you listen to what I say." As a result, over the ensuing year, the church developed to a considerable degree.

The last time I visited Japan, I felt that I must unify Japanese members' hearts with the fatherland of faith. Accordingly, this time I took with me leaders from the church headquarters and sent them to local regions in Japan in order to make connections of heart between Korean and Japanese members.

Soon after I arrived in Japan, I held a two-week workshop, and then I visited the different districts for thirteen days. After completing all that, I visited about ten of our important factories in Japan to see how they were doing.

We have a factory in a city called Kanagawa. In the evening after work, our young members go out and collect discarded items to sell as scrap. As they follow that difficult life style, they long to hear news from the headquarters.

During this time in Japan, I gave instructions that more than one thousand Divine Principle lecturers be trained and sent to the forty-seven prefectures across Japan by the end of March next year and that two hundred and thirty college graduates be selected and trained as lecturers by that time.

I went to Japan thinking about giving the blessing to Japanese members, but they had not even dreamed of receiving it. They asked me if it could be in another two or three years. I felt very satisfied. They said they felt could not yet stand before God because they had not been able to put aside their own situations and live and work truly for the sake of Japan. This is the proper attitude to have. 

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