Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Part 35: Preparing to Take On Communism

True Parents and Korean leaders receive a warm welcome from Japanese church members at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, June 12, 1967.

Countering communism in Japan (1967)

When you go to Tokyo, you will see signs with red lettering hung out in the open by Japanese communists for all to see. Moreover, even in midday they proudly advertise the Communist Party in front of Tokyo Station or Shibuya Station.

The number of Communist Party members in Japan is estimated to be anything from 130,000 to 170,000. However, the number of people they can rouse into doing collective action is between 2.8 million and 3.5 million. Their power is at work in all parts of Japan at all times, and the most cunning and vicious of those people are the ones who belong to the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) which is pro-Pyongyang. As an activist group among communists, they are at the front of all their activities. This is the situation in Japan.

The reality being what it is, if we set up a system focused only on Korea to counter the communist system, we will be unable to fight against communist camps spread throughout all of Asia. To fight them, we need to get Japan to participate in our anti-communism movement, and I have been thinking a great deal about ways to do that.

For this visit, I thought to myself that I need to somehow open the way. So as soon as I arrived in Japan I visited the South Korean Embassy and the Korean Residents' Union in Japan (Mindan) which is pro-Seoul and presented them with the results I had achieved in Korea through my anti-communism talks. I went on to demand strongly of them that I be allowed to give presentations countering communism, focused on the Korean residents in Japan. Embassy officials, claiming they represent a nation, acted imperiously toward me. Mindan, claiming that officials under their chairman were important government ministers in South Korea and that they represent the six hundred thousand Korean residents in Japan, treated me high-handedly.

Thankfully, God had sent our church district leader Chang-lim [Sang Ik] Choi to Japan.' First, he gave an address to about 450 representatives of the Women's Association who had gathered from 47 prefectures in Japan, and emphasized time and again to the vice-chairperson that all Korean residents in Japan needed to hear the anti-communism information to unite their ideology.

The Anti-Communism Enlightenment Movement holds an outdoor lecture, 1.5 million people nationwide heard this content.

Rev. Choi arrived at the venue, greeted the person in charge of the meeting and spoke with him for more than thirty minutes to persuade him to allow Rev. Choi to speak. He began by explaining how the name Victory Over Communism Enlightenment Group was first given to us back in Korea. He elucidated that it was not a government organization but that it was influencing all parts of Korea and every home there. He then went on to emphasize that the women needed this education so that they could take a stand ideologically.

Thus, he was given twenty minutes to speak at the conference of women representatives from all regions across Japan. At the time, representatives from the embassy and from Mindan first gave addresses, which were followed by short speeches from representatives of the Ladies' Society. Lastly, Rev. Choi stepped onto the podium to give his speech.

He spoke for his twenty minutes and was applauded twelve times. His audience was mesmerized by the speech, and they were all very moved by him. Some said, "He is quite short, but I have never heard someone speak so well before."

The manager in charge of the meeting and the leaders of the pro-Seoul group also said that they were deeply moved. That meeting served as the basis on which we could continue our work in comfort, and we went to see them day after day to negotiate with them about hosting anti-communism speech meetings.

The number of conservatives in Japan is about 1.5 million, fewer than half the number of leftists. We must draw Mindan members in Japan to our side by all means. We must give anti-communism lectures to the people in Japan through that organization. If only we could get support from the Japanese government, communism would not be a problem.

We are preparing to lay this foundation in Japan to promote what this country [Korea] cannot. By doing those things, we will resurrect Korea and the rest of Asia. So, during my stay in Japan, I instructed that more than a thousand Divine Principle lecturers be trained and sent to all forty-seven prefectures by the end of March next year and that 230 college graduates be selected and trained as Divine Principle lecturers also by the end of March next year. I instructed the Japanese leaders to hold training sessions each month and report the names of those who have passed the test to our headquarters in Korea. I told them to make preparations for cooperation with the Korean residents and to awaken Japan as soon as possible.

Father with members in Japan during True Parents' visit and tour in 1967

Response from the Media

During my stay in Japan of about forty days, journalists came to the Unification Church headquarters and tried to interview church leaders. Today, when I was leaving for Korea, reporters were waiting for me at the airport. We paid no attention to them. Foreign correspondents in Japan from the press, such as AP and UPI, also came. Reporters came even after I returned to Korea today.

Staying in a small town (August 23 -- September 15, 1967)

I am now staying in Paldang in Gyeonggi Province for the purpose of giving gifts to the established churches, just as Jacob gave gifts to Esau in order to consummate his twenty-one-year course. This is to complete Jacob's blessings. Therefore, at this time our family members must sacrifice everything and give to the established churches. We have the mission to help martyrs' bereaved families, who have served God with all their loyalty even in difficult circumstances.

Father and Mother at the Church in Yamok, Southwest Of Seoul, near the coast, in 1967: Father throws the sticks in a yute game; Right, Fishing in the local waters

Countering communism in Korea

During the past year, we have given our counter-proposal to communism to 1.5 million people. These 1.5 million people were not unlettered people either. They are mostly influential people in their provinces. What fraction of the 30 million people of Korea is this? It is one twentieth. One in twenty South Koreans has heard this message. The listeners ranged in age from their twenties to their forties. They are core members of society. The numbers alone tell us that we have built a foundation upon which we can have a commanding influence.

CARP in Korea and Japan

CARP originally started in Korea, but Japanese CARP has now become world famous through the press. Currently the Japanese Diet and even the police support this CARP movement. Forty-nine news publications covered the CARP activities. Akahata (Red Flag), the Japanese Communist Party newspaper, regards CARP as one of the three main targets to attack. I heard that CARP was reported about in Communist Party newspapers in China and in the Soviet Union as well.

Preparation in advance for the blessing of 430 couples

I am going to conduct three matchings and reach the number 430 by January 15 next year.

As the consummation of the seven-year course this time, I am going to give the blessing to 430 couples because we must have more than 660 blessed couples. The number six is the number of Satan, God's enemy. We must go beyond the number six. Therefore, within a period of seven years, 760 couples, including already married couples, will have received the blessing.

Father and Mother at the Church in Yamok in 1967: Fishing in the local waters

Un Jin nim

Un Jin nim was born on December 24, 1967. Our daughter Un Jin's name means "grace." You will rarely come across a baby who from a very young age cries when she is not brought to pledge service on Sunday. She played all day long, became tired and fell asleep. Then, knowing Un Jin had exhausted herself the day before, her sister didn't bring her to Pledge Service. Un Jin woke up and cried until all our ears ached. This happened more than a few times....

From a young age, she was very interested in God. When she was one or two years old, she would sit still, look up at the sky and think. When asked what she was thinking about, she would answer, I am thinking about God. I saw this several times.

Sometimes she would say that something strange was following her. She could not catch it even if she tried. When she looked behind her she couldn't see it, but she knew that something was following her. Whenever she told me that, I told her that good spirits, angels, good ancestors or great saints were following her to protect her. She asked, "What are saints?" I told her they are people like Jesus, the Buddha and Confucius.

Witnessing to one's tribe

Just as the first seven-year course was for the parent to carry out his work as the Messiah, in the second seven-year course you must fulfill the mission of a messiah by restoring your tribe. If you receive the blessing, you must raise a family and establish a tribe. You should carry out the tribal messiah mission centering on your tribe rather than for the sake of your nation. After erecting the national level foundation during the first seven year course, the second seven-year course is in order to erect the foundation of tribal messiahship.

I will send those who recently joined our church to the front line for three years and allow them to experience hard times. Next, I will send blessed members like you back to your hometowns. During the second seven-year course, blessed couples will be sent to their own tribes to fulfill their tribal messiah mission. They will be given the qualification to represent the Messiah at his second coming. 

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