Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Part 37 Organization and Outreach in Chaotic Times

During the second world tour, in Paris in early 1969; Father and Mother are accompanied by Mrs. Choi and Korean church president Hyo-won Eu, behind whom is Henri Blanchard (the first member to join in France); at right is Reiner Vincenz (the first member to join in Europe)

Until now, each district has spent 300,000 to 350,000 won each month. That's so much money; you cannot imagine! When God created human beings, He created the body first and then implanted the spirit. Accordingly, in the process of restoration, we should first restore material things completely and then spiritual things. Yet, we have been unable to do that. This nation is also struggling without being able to get out of economic difficulties. For the nation to get out of difficulty is impossible, because it has not prepared the necessary environment. Then, how are we to finally establish an economic foundation? First, we must economize. If we don't economize on material goods when we can give and receive them freely, without being able to fulfill our responsibility, the Unification Church will have to experience a second round of suffering. In order to prevent that, we must take new measures.

Instructions at a district leaders' meeting (July 19, 1969)

Each department in the headquarters must oversee the activities of local district departments. For example, each district is publishing their own materials. Those local publications should be curtailed. Instead, add some local news and information to the publication produced by the headquarters. Change the system of publishing the Seonghwa newspaper so it comes out a week before the publication date. You should focus on this newspaper by sending monthly reports and other articles for it.

When you send your monthly district reports to the headquarters, you should send a copy by mail and bring a copy to submit directly to the headquarters staff with you. The district leaders' meeting is on the third day of the month. So, you should compile your monthly report by the twenty-fifth of the month and see to it that it arrives at the headquarters by the thirtieth.

You must bring at least a hundred and twenty members to attend your district church services. Through Victory Over Communism activities, you should connect as soon as possible to the local police. Give lectures to policemen and to the staff members of public offices. To do those things, you must establish associations comprising those people who are supportive. Let's pioneer in that direction and achieve good results.

Indicators of serious times

Why is a summer witnessing period necessary? To put you in a position where you have to make decisions. In other words, those of you mid-way between God and Satan have to become able to decide to act on the side of Heaven.... During this period, you must set a condition of finding three spiritual children.

The world today remains in a state of very high tension.' We have conquered the Moon as the first stage of the goal of conquering space. The direction of the United States' policy has been revised and is now more inclined to pursue American interests than to address ideological issues.

I designated a 120-day prayer from June this year. I spoke to you about this, but I have invested more serious devotion than anybody else regarding the issue of how we should approach August this year. I have been going to bed at midnight and getting up again at one or two in the morning, prostrating myself in prayer until the break of day.

Father and Hee Jin Nim. Father has explained that he was the first martyr in his family.

Hee Jin Nim's ascension (August 1, 1969)

On August 1, 1969, Hee Jin Moon was travelling by train to his witnessing area in the southern provinces when he hit his head on the side of a tunnel the train was passing through. He was fourteen years old.

Before he went to go witnessing, Hee Jin had heard the Divine Principle. He said, "It's amazing that the Lord has come to Korea, particularly to our family!" He looked very happy, jumping around on the floor. Watching him, I felt happy and said to myself, Well, Hee Jin can comfort God by serving Him as a devoted son, doing things for Him that I have been unable to.

This year, I have to carry out a general mobilization. If all members are not mobilized, I won't be able to maintain my authority. Therefore, Hee Jin said "I must at least go too." So I allowed him to go. I told him to be careful. Now that I have subjugated Satan, Satan is aiming at my children. For that reason, Satan attacked my family, attacked Hee Jin.

Hee Jin had said without hesitation that he would go out witnessing. I was grateful in my heart for being able to instruct numerous young Unification Church men and women to engage in activities to complete the mission of restoring the Korean people, even if it means shedding blood or sweat. I was troubled by a strange foreboding and had asked Hee Jin to be careful. Yet, I never think that what happened was a loss to our church or my family. He came for the sake of God's will and therefore departed, in purity, for the sake of God's will.

Church members pray at Hee Jin Nim's original grave in Cheongju, South Korea; his body was later moved to the True Family's Wonjeon in Paju.

Do you remember my saying to you that in the age centered on Unification Thought, families that have lost a member to martyrdom will be blessed? Hee Jin went to the spirit world in 1969 representing my family. He became the first martyr in my family. As a boy, like a bud too young to bloom, he shed his pure blood in martyrdom. By shedding blood, he could go to a place of glory. That shining value in this historic era will be honored forever.

September this year, the second year of the second seven-year course was the most difficult hill to climb over. The second year corresponds to Jesus' situation and to Hee Jin, among my sons. Accordingly, when you failed to fulfill your responsibilities, Hee Jin became responsible for that failure. Originally, Hee Jin was not meant to go witnessing.

Hee Jin was born in Japan. Did you know that Jesus spent some time in a foreign country? [Yes.] Hee Jin, too, had to spend some of his life in a foreign country. You do not know how much agony, sorrow and misery were in his life. I will give you a detailed account someday if you sincerely resolve to become dutiful children in my direct lineage and to live and die under our common destiny.

Jesus was born in a manger. Hee Jin was born under similar circumstances. Just as Jesus' course ended at the cross, Hee Jin's did. His destiny was that of Jesus. The difference is that although Jesus had to die in his thirties having no foundation of support and being persecuted and driven away by his nation, Hee Jin died, not while being persecuted, but on the foundation of True Parents' support for him.

Through his death, a path of liberation was opened for all the Christian believers in the spirit world. Among many who were assigned to the front line, Hee Jin was placed in the position of the first martyr. I too am grateful that Hee Jin was able to deeply experience God's heart while he was on the earth.

Just as, in his thirties, Jesus established the foundation for spiritual salvation, Hee Jin expanded the spiritual foundation to save young people and children, the horizontal realm of blessing in which they can be resurrected expanded. In light of that, I shed no tears. If I had shed tears, I could not have stood as a father in a public position. I offered Hee Jin as a sacrifice.

I experienced God's sorrow through this. I am unable to speak of the effects of that unforgettable incident in my life with you. I cannot share it with anyone. It remains in my heart.

What I desire here, on this critical path that the entire world must experience, is that my son Hee Jin can be accepted as a sacrificial offering under God's compassionate grace. In light of the path he walked, we must cherish his memory.

First National Seonghwa Student Association Convention

Today is the last day of September. It is also the last day of the 120-day prayer condition at Chung Pyung. You must finish this day well.

Today, the minister heading the Ministry of Culture and Information presented the Unification Award to one person from each province in the Republic of Korea. One of our family members, Jong Gu Park, received this award. He proudly told me that he was given *40,000 as an additional prize. What happy news!

Jong Gu Park was later known as Tiger Park for his dynamic leadership style, most notably with CARP in the United States in its formative years. Rev. Park died of cancer in 1982. He created a school for the education of impoverished children.

It's time for leaders to go to college

What kind of people have I been mobilizing? I have mobilized high school students, because they represent the growth level. The Unification Church must be in charge of the history of restoration. Because high school students represent the growth level, which must become the center of the history of restoration, I've mobilized them. The people who participate at this time have overcome that critical point of preparing a foundation in that environment. That is why you must take the lead now. I intend for these people to continue their studies even if it means establishing a university of my own.

I had told them not to go to college because the time was not ripe. Desiring something before the right time motivated the Fall. You must understand that college student members could only be treated as stepchildren until now because of this.

District and regional leaders who have been working hard must now be sent to college and they must graduate. I have put them through hardships without having even sent them to school. I must take responsibility for them. By whatever means, I want the hardworking district and regional leaders who only completed high school to be able to receive a college diploma as soon as possible.

Those who went through hardships are in an Abel-type position and those who went to college are in a Cain-type position. You must all be in the Abel position, take care of those who have gone before you, and send them to college with the heart of enabling them to study. You should then step forward, willing to bear the remaining crosses. Otherwise, there is no way for you to survive. You should be aware of this.

Economic restoration through the firearms business

Our members started the restoration of all things [raising funds] in 1967, when we first used the slogan, Let's complete the foundation for economic restoration. Before that, I asked you not to think about money. However while I was pushing you to experience hard times, behind the scenes I was one step ahead of you with regard to the matter of earning money. Thus we made the gun factory.

Although I have worked to develop the factory over the course of twelve years, our business has dedicated itself more than any other business in Korea. God knows this. With firm resolve, I have been able to make wicked Satan retreat. This is absolutely so. I am not doing business with a self-centered motivation. God is governing the fortunes of the Korean Republic. In that the growth of the Korean economy is under God's administration, more than anyone else in Korea I am putting aside self-interest and pursuing that goal in a public way.

All Unificationists must take an interest in guns now that I have am doing business with guns while on earth. Why am I involved with guns? The satanic world has done its conquering with guns. Conquering the world with guns is not our intent, but we must bear arms and create a strong protective fence.

Future generations will wonder why I was interested in guns. We absolutely need them to create a defensive fence to shield ourselves from satanic world attacks. That is why I am interested in guns.

National defense and the rifle business

The air rifle business helped me pioneer and take the lead for the sake of God's will...

Korea's heart is besieged by three enemies. In the future we must protect the nation and its people by establishing the correct ideological perspective. Therefore, we should be responsible for an ideology promoting national and Asian defense.

Looking at Korea's actual situation, surrounded by enemies on three sides, protecting the nation by establishing a proper ideological perspective is imperative. Judging from the nation's situation, the time will surely come when the Republic of Korea will regard the defense industry as important. For the past ten years, I have been preparing for that. The time has come. Since the government announced it will strengthen the nation's military, people are busy building factories here and there.

We are producing air guns that look the same as the M1 rifle and sending some to the Blue House. We must begin producing rifles to be used for training in middle and high schools and also rifles of a new type. That is why I have instructed that this year's production goal be accomplished no matter how difficult it is to achieve.

Bold sales plans

This year we sent 2,500 guns to Japan. I instructed our agents to spread throughout Japan and do as I say. I told them, "Without a doubt this can be accomplished. Be confident. Selling them won't be difficult. If you are confident you can succeed."

This year we also sent five hundred guns to the United States. Yet, our missionaries there, Bong Choon Choi [Sang Ik "Papasan" Choi] and Young Oon Kim, objected and asked me to please not send the guns.

I said, "What do you mean, please don't send them? If you don't do it, I will do it even if it means going there myself. Please just do as I ask." If I tell them that we sent 15,000 guns to Japan, members in the United States would say, Oh my!

If I told them that we had sold 50,000 or 100,000 guns in Japan, the American members would feel compelled to sell even more than that. I went around the United States and investigated. America is a golden market; it is virgin soil. There are unlimited resources there, which is why it is possible to sell more than these numbers.

In the future, we must go out to the world. By the end of this year, or at the latest, next April, we will have missions in forty nations. You may not be aware of this, but missionaries have already gone out to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greece and other locations. If I tell them where I had designated holy grounds during my world tour, they will go there. We have missions in many nations in Africa. In the future, within three or four years at the latest, we will have missions in 360 foreign locations. I will send missionaries to those unknown nations, nations that are not registered with the United Nations. How will I send them? They cannot take money. They can take our air rifles with them.

Expansion of the Sutaekri factory

It's been exactly three years and four months since we built the factory in Sutaekri. In the beginning we had only a couple of trucks but now we have a huge fleet. We have been living miserably. Now in Sutaekri, however, we have built one of the most modern facilities in Korea. In the future we should have a higher standard of living than others.

However, you probably thought that all of this came about on its own. You are not aware of how much hardship has been gone through in order to break through the complicated atmosphere in Seoul. Whenever problems arose, I took on various adventures in order to unite my convictions with God's. Therefore, in preparation for such times, I have been building machines for four years now. We began this venture without any knowledge of machines. However, what we had planned to do in three years, we accomplished by building two machines in a year and eight months. In this way, after three years, more than 90 percent of the machines in our factory are being built by our own hands. We can easily build, on our own, the same machines that we had imported from Japan at a cost of 15 million won each. Ours perform just as well.

Therefore, even if we no longer make guns at the factory, it will operate without rest, and workers are able to live there. You must understand that I had worried, taken risks, and made decisions in the background that led to our reaching this level.

One organization, two branches (October 16-21, 1969)

Under our church system, regional leaders had been controlling both the church and economic activities. In the days when both the church and economy were doing well, this was satisfactory. Nowadays, both are facing difficulties, so establishing a system that separates the church and businesses is imperative. I gave this instruction in 1967. Separating the church and the businesses is in accordance with the Principle. You had not implemented that, so I have got involved directly from this year.

A church is an organization for raising people; the Business Department deals with material goods. People must control materials. Therefore, church leaders should oversee business affairs. They must receive reports on business matters. Business leaders must give reports on businesses on the basis of the Principle and receive instructions. Church leaders and business leaders must unite and work in accordance with the standard of the Principle.

A lecturer teaches Divine Principle to public sector workers and other citizens of the town of Euijeongbu, just north of Seoul, in August 1969

Forty-day winter witnessing and VOC activities December 20, 1969 -- January 31, 1970

This has been a year to resolve all enmity. Let's indemnify this during the ten days before 1970 begins. This time is a watershed period.

I am planning to begin a speaking tour around January 6 next year. On that occasion I will distribute some new money to you. That money will become a historic treasure. Husbands should visit the area where their wives are engaged in witnessing at least once. Pregnant women should go out witnessing from forty days after their babies are born. Let's achieve brilliant results in the 1970s.

You are in better positions than Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus and the Holy Spirit were unable to go witnessing with their own children. Going witnessing while separated from your children means you can establish the condition that you have loved Cain more than you have loved Abel. If you do so, Cain will surrender.

The 1970s will be the era when we can open the gate to the world. Individuals must sacrifice for the families; families for the nations; and nations for the world. Tears shed in many parts of the country at the beginning of a new year will become tears of hope. 

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