Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Part 40: Creating a Base for Global Operations

Father and Mother moved to the United States in the final weeks of 1971. In early 1972 Father spoke publicly in the West for the first time, in the U.S., the United Kingdom, and Germany.

To lay the foundation for the restoration of the family, I have driven everyone out of their homes to go witnessing for three years. I told everyone to experience suffering. So 1971 was the year our course began on the global level.... What is the purpose of this third world tour? It's to establish ourselves in the United States and to make a financial foundation. Nowadays, we need money. If a man has money, he can do anything. The question is, how can we make money? I plan to resolve financial problems with the help of our Japanese members.

We are on our third tour. You may not be aware of this, but I am making plans on a global scale. Until now I have tried to save Korean Christians, but from now on, I will try to save Christians around the world and in America. Therefore, we need to approach this work from a new angle and continue our work in a new direction. We need to prepare to carry out international activities. To do that, we need considerable resources.

So during this tour I have the mission to establish mission headquarters in at least forty countries before I return. You have to know that it is the mission of the Unification Church family to establish mission headquarters in more than 120 countries within a few years.

True Parents and entourage boarding the plane at Delhi, India, en route to Bangkok, Thailand, April 17, 1972

Parting Words to Korean Members

The first thing that you must do while I'm away this time is unite and pray. In the same way that I prayed for this country and her people, because I'm not here, you also have to protect the country in my place. I want you to hold prayer vigils. I want you to unite internally and externally and pray together for the day to come when North Korea and South Korea can unite.

The second thing I want is for you to publicize our church. Make sure that no one in Korea doesn't know about the Unification Church. Originally, the work should have been done with the support of other religious groups, but because this hasn't come to pass, we have to take on the added burden and accomplish it. Also the witnessing members on the front line haven't become one with their local church leaders.....

Some of you are too busy blowing your own horn and bent on self-promotion. You give me a headache. A truly devoted son or daughter would not say such things. Even though he accepts his own portion of responsibility without a word, he still has the attitude that he cannot raise his face in front of his parents because he is inadequate. Without such an attitude, you cannot be a devoted child. Of course, you are not qualified to be a patriot unless you can be a devoted son or daughter first....

In the Unification Church, we are trying to be this way. The world regards us as heretical now, but the day will come when people won't be able to say anything critical of our church. On that day, the Unification Church will be lifted up. Knowing this, you have to be serious about the way you live, even for one day. You have to regard your daily life as precious. You should be earnest, and you should walk proudly, going forward step by step.

December 18, 1971: True Parents with members at the Toronto airport, about to depart for Washington, DC. This was the day True Parents moved to the U.S.

Overcoming Obstacles at the Start

We left Korea for Japan on the day before the government declared a state of emergency. We decided to leave Korea, but we couldn't complete the formalities because it was Sunday. We needed to receive the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Passport Department chief's signature, but we were unable to. Even though it was a Sunday, we needed to depart but we couldn't because we didn't have authorization. We were in difficulty. We had no choice but to wait. Remarkably, we were able to meet the chief thirty minutes before our scheduled departure. That was a miracle wrought by Heaven.

The chief had made plans to go on a picnic with his department staffers to Chung Pyung Lake, it being a Sunday. He had woken up early in the morning, but he felt so stiff that he didn't feel like going on the picnic. So he called the others and told them he was not feeling well and couldn't come. He got up and began sorting through things because he had nothing better to do. It was then that our people came to see him.

We flew to Japan. However, the visa I had was originally obtained to attend the Asian financial leaders' conference, which had ended forty days earlier, unfortunately. Had they inquired into it, I might have encountered some difficulty. I took the chance because I believed that God was watching over me.

As the immigration officials did their work, I stood on one side and studied them. I got a sudden urge to go to one portly official. So I went to him, and found that he spoke Korean very well I told him I was Mr. Moon from Korea.

He spoke in Korean and he asked, "Oh you are from Korea?"

Members invite people to hear Father at the Friends Meeting House in London

So I asked him, how do you speak Korean so well? He said he had stayed for a while in Southern Gyeongsang Province. I thought it was a chance that Heaven was giving me. I made a joke by asking him how he spoke Korean better than an actual Korean. "You're not Japanese," I said, "You're Korean."

He said, "Give me your passport," and he stamped it, just like that.

I was going to America, but I had not been able to get a visa, so I had planned to go to Canada and get a U.S. visa there.

But a week before leaving, I was told that I couldn't do that. A Korean pastor had received an American visa from the embassy in Canada, and he had disappeared in America and they were looking for him. So they said that they could not allow anyone from Korea to enter Canada. That was the case.

They asked me so many questions that I was held up there for an hour. In the end, they asked me how much money I was carrying. Then they told me that I would not be allowed to stay in America.

I was able to go to Canada on a fourteen-day transit visa and determined to arrange my passage to America from there.

When I went to the American embassy [in Toronto], however, I had more problems to deal with. I applied for a U.S. visa, and they told me to come back in three days. When I went back to see them the ambassador told me that he had been informed not to grant me the entry visa. I asked him, 'Why won't you let me go to America?'

He had no choice but to tell me, "You are not allowed to enter America because records show that you engaged in communist activities in 1967." I asked him to explain when it was that I had supposedly engaged in communist activities.

There were four of us there, and all four of us sent petitions to the U.S. Department of State through American senators, asking "When in 1967 did Mr. Moon ever engage in communist activities?" We also submitted complaints to the embassy, and we created quite a stir there. Our people on the East Coast, the West Coast, and even Washington DC were calling the embassy in Canada, and the embassy then made inquiries to the U.S. State Department. A petition saying that I had never done such a thing was sent to the American embassy in Canada. Under the circumstances, they had to contact the Korean embassy and check whatever information they had about me in Korea, and in the end it was proven that I was not a communist activist, and that in fact I was a leader in the Victory over Communism movement. That left them speechless.

So, on December 18, I arrived in Washington, DC.

Taking on America with True Father are (left to right) Young Whi Kim, Bong Choon (Sang Ik – Papasan) Choi and Bo Hi Pak. The latter two had already worked in the United States for a decade or so by the time True Father moved there and this photo was taken.

The Continuing Providential Course in Korea and Japan

I foresaw the things that are taking place at this time, so 1 launched the International Federation for Victory over Communism (IFVOC). You have to fight this diplomatic war in your lifetime, otherwise Korea, Japan, China, and America will perish. The people in the American family should be fully aware that our family members in Korea, China, and Japan in the Victory over Communism effort are fighting that battle at the risk of their lives. As you and I know, in order to save Free World, we had a three- day fast here and a seven-day fast in Japan with a demonstration. People criticized that effort, saying we were crazy....

In the past there have never been any counter-proposals to communism, but now we have one. In Japan and Korea the communists can't touch us, they can't touch our truth because our counter-proposal is too strong. There is a very strong North Korean communist clique in Japan and the North Koreans there had already received information that I was coming to Japan on my way here. It was therefore necessary to have police and local officials protect my family and me. The police received threatening telephone calls. The Japanese church did their best to protect me even though I was in Japan for a week, but I could not have a large meeting with all the members there....

You know, there is only one place called Panmunjom. This is the collision point between democracy and communism.

Since that time, we have no solution to this problem, which has extended throughout the whole world. It remains unsolved. This is a fortress against God, Panmunjom and the thirty- eighth parallel are anti-God symbols.

I sent all the wives in the blessed couples to the front line because Jesus' mission was not fulfilled when he wasn't able to marry and establish his family. To indemnify that, the wives must separate from their families. If a bride and his family had been one with Jesus, the nation and Judaism could have been one with him. The three-year course (1970-1972) is to indemnify that. The Jewish people were divided, north and south. Korea is divided north and south. They are fighting as Cain and Abel did. The northern side is Cain, and the southern side is Abel. North Korea's leader, Kim Il-sung, is called the perfect communist. The whole world avows that he is the most severe communist ever....

Father held public speeches at the Friends Meeting House in London on three evenings from March 20-22, as part of his world tour.

The year 1971 is in the middle of the seven-year course, and I am on my third world tour, which has great significance. I left Korea, went to Japan, then to Canada, and now came to America. To come here I had to fight many obstacles, but from now on, these difficulties will be eased. Canada is Eve to America, because it is an extension of England, which is Eve. I wanted to link to Japan, Canada, and America the victorious foundation that we fought for and acquired in Korea. I had to come through Canada to America, and because Canada is in Eve's position, I could do that. Because I wanted to link the foundation of victories to America, Satan tried to stop me. That's why so many difficulties arose related to my coming here. Those circumstance had to be overcome before you could inherit what heaven has restored in Korea, the foundation of victories.

After visiting America, we will go to Germany, which will also be problematic. We will go through England to Germany. If that is successful, the circumstances can be overcome....

The Japanese government, all the Japanese political parties and all the people worked for the admittance of Red China to the United Nations. Our church's IFVOC was the only group to object. From the standpoint of the Japanese people, our movement was insane. But we are separated from evil and are marching forward. We appealed to God to save Free China. That was the seven-day fasting by the Japanese members on the street. At the beginning people laughed at our fasting. But day by day they came to think about it. At the end we had many sympathizers.

The nation that should save the Asian archangel nation is the archangel nation of the world. That is why Japanese church leaders came to America and fasted with our members for Free China at the United Nations. How many members here went to New York for fasting? You did very good work. I gave direction for fasting. But how many did that willingly, with joyful hearts? So in Japan, in spite of opposition, we fulfilled our responsibility for Free China. And in America we fulfilled our responsibility toward Free China....

I am planning to hold these meetings in at least seven cities. Three days for each city will be about 21 days. So if you like that and want to do that, make the plan. If you don't, I will do it myself. This is the start of my public ministry. You should take the responsibility for this plan. There may be objections or persecutions. There may also be people who welcome it. The people will be divided into two groups. Use the radio and newspaper. So if you plan the details of the cities and the schedule, I will speak. I will also hold meetings in Germany and England. So for Satan this is a great event. It is a historical event for me. This is my third world tour, and I myself must speak this time. I have been waiting for this day. if I could speak good English I could speak directly. It is difficult to convey ideas through an interpreter. I can't speak English well because I couldn't study it much in middle school; only about fifteen hours a year. That was during the Second World War, when the Japanese government controlled Korea. I am studying English now, but it's a difficult language.

Sun Myung Moon with members from Berkeley Family Berkeley

For the Eve nation to inherit the victorious foundation that was made in Korea, I mobilized 700 blessed wives and sent them out to the rural areas. Through these wives, the Japanese members became one with me spiritually, and Japan can inherit that victorious foundation from Korea. The blessed wives in Japan are following the pattern of the Korean blessed wives.

We are setting the spiritual conditions to make Japan and Free China one. The talks between Nixon and Mao Tse-tung will come at the crest of history, the time when it is decided whether history goes to the heavenly side or to the Satanic side.

Kim Il-sung will be sixty years old in April 1972.... So for Kim Il-sung this is also the crest. Whether North Korea will invade South Korea will also be decided. The North Korean Communist Party and the people are strongly united with Kim Il-sung. Therefore, if we are to prevent their invading South Korea, our members and our blessed couples must be united with me even more strongly. If our side is united and surpasses Satan's side, they cannot invade. Korean members are now dedicating themselves and offering special prayers to prevent this. Whether you American members are united with me more strongly than the communists are united with Kim Il-sung is the question. With our members more strongly united than those who are centered on Satan, God's side can overcome the communist nation. We don't have a nation. Without that nation, we are always open to attack from Satanic sovereignties....

If we had so many members that we could exchange all the front line troops with our members, then what could we offer? And when the American government pulls out the American forces from Korea -- even at that time, if American members stayed there on the front line of Korea -- then what will the American government do? Then, the nation of Korea will soon decrease. We have to know what a grievous result was brought about by the federal democratic Christians who are in the positions of responsibility in this democratic world.... Not only American members, but members of every other country want to go to Korea to hold the front line; then how will Kim Il Sung of North Korea attack... without even fighting, we can save South Korea. Therefore, our most important thing is to influence the Christians and give them the truth -- that is the most important thing. And evil always attacks when the equilibrium is lost.

Father wrote this calligraphy for the One World Crusade on May 3, 1972. It includes the characters for heonjae, meaning "to offer sacrifice."

Launch of the One World Crusade During the Third World Tour

The position of the Unification Church global team is one of having to sacrifice and do the mission in the place of worldwide Christianity and all the world's people. I have decided to make a global-level organization in America and call it the One World Crusade.' Its headquarters will not be in Korea but in America. It is under my direct supervision. This name is to be registered in Washington, and these leaders are should report to me every week.

Mobile teams will be made not just in Korea but in Japan, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Members from those five countries will form the mobile teams in order to restore those five countries in front of Heaven. What are those mobile teams? They are Heaven's peace army. They are the pick of the troops and can decide the fate of those nations. Old people don't go to the army; nor do they go to the mobile team. The mobile teams are formed as groups of people with the fire of new determination lit in their hearts, such that they are able to say to others, Come join us!

Publicity included this mobile signboard and advertising in the Times.

The American Mobile Team

I mobilized eighty-five members in America. I stationed leaders in thirty-five of the fifty states and made mobile teams with the remaining members. I divided them into two teams of twenty-five people each and bought two buses for them.

My plan is to mobilize four hundred people this year and two thousand people next year so that we can have at least one mobile team in each state.

Father bought six Volkswagen vans and six caravans for the German mobile teams.

The German Mobile Team

The German people have a strong sense of self-reliance. If we teach the German people Unification Thought and heat them with fire that causes an explosion in their hearts, Europe will not be a problem. The Germans are diligent and they are a group that works like bears! [Laughter] I want to establish four countries -- Japan, America, Germany and England -- as the vanguard.

I visited the German headquarters in Essen and noticed a bullet hole in the big glass front door. When I asked how this happened, I was told that it had been done by communists two weeks before. The communists had made various threats, had tried blackmail and had made many accusations through the courts to try to destroy our church. When we see this, we must realize that the German members are fighting to accomplish their objectives even at the risk of their lives.

That's why I made the mobile teams and bought them six vans and six caravans that could seat twelve people each. They already had nine vehicles, so that made twenty-one. We have to restore Germany within a certain amount of time. Having given this special direction, there was no more talk of day or night. I sent them out to march and fight, beating drums and playing trumpets.

Because there weren't enough members in Germany, I transferred the Austrian members to make up the numbers for this mobile team. The leader of this team, Paul, had been a drill instructor in the Hitler era. The team is experiencing nothing like the usual standard of living. They generally eat one meal a day. However, despite this partial fast, they are sounding the trumpet in the vanguard.

A sunny picture of True Mother taken during the third world tour.

Our Calling To Save Cain
From Father's speech in Canada on December 14, 1971

We are taught about the problem of Cain and Abel in the Principle. Abel should have separated himself from Satan, or Cain, and then come into the love of God. Then by feeling and experiencing God's grief and his brother's grief he should have been willing to sacrifice himself their place and save his brother at the risk of his life, at the very cost of his life...

Our members are in the position of Abel. So you must first be able to fight against Satan and separate yourself from the satanic world. That means you have to come into God's love. But that is not all.

From then on you must be willing to sacrifice yourself in order to relieve God's grievous heart and that of the brothers and sisters in satanic bondage. At the price of your life, your sacrifice, you must be willing to take and save them from the satanic world.

Father spoke in the Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University, Washington, DC, on February 19, 20 and 21. This was the fourth city of his seven-city Day of Hope tour.

From Franco Famularo's 1994 thesis on True Parents' visit to Canada in 1971

Canadian Unificationists lived in a rented row house on Scollard Street that served as the church center. Since there was little space, arrangements were made to reserve a room at the Park Plaza Hotel situated nearby. When Rev. Moon arrived in Toronto, he immediately requested to see the Toronto Unification Church Center. Upon being informed that a room had been reserved at the hotel, he asked for reservations to be canceled and insisted that he and his party stay together with the members. He said, "I want to stay with my family."

Since there was little furniture and no beds, Rev. and Mrs. Moon slept on foam mattresses which were placed on the floor of a bedroom on the top floor of the row house. Rev. Moon, nevertheless, demonstrated no sign of complaint and did not comment that better arrangements had not been made for him and his party. Instead he sought to put his hosts at ease, since they were rather nervous and shy upon meeting their spiritual leader for the first time.

The first evening, Rev. Moon spent time informally with the members, asking them personal questions such as their age, occupation and length of time in the movement. He also showed his photo album with pictures of his family. Despite having had a long journey, Rev. Moon spoke with everyone until 2:00 AM about the destiny of Korea and his plans for America.

The Canadian members of the Unification Church had saved their funds and offered Rev. Moon a gift of one thousand dollars. However, after receiving the envelope containing the funds, Rev. Moon commented to those present that they could not afford to give him this money. He then took one thousand dollars from his own resources and returned the envelope with two thousand dollars in it and asked that the funds be used toward furthering the Canadian mission. 

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