Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Part 41: Mobilizing Teams and Other Resources

True Father's first public speeches in Germany were given in Essen on March 28, 29 and 30, 1972

God chose America to take the main role in building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. However, the Christian spirit is collapsing and waves of worldliness are rising here. Without a great spiritual change or reform, America will not be able to complete her mission. I have come to set alight a new fire in the heart of this country's withering spirit, and I intend to bring about reform that will revive the Christian spirit. I arrived in Washington on December 18, 1971, the same day that we actively started to expand our movement in America. The day you awaken to the reason I came to America will be the day of true hope for America. I came by God's order and with God's word.

In order to spread God's word, I intend to hold large public lectures in the major cities in America. I plan to do this in at least seven cities. This is the start of my course of publicly proclaiming God's word. I also plan to hold such meetings in Germany and England. This is my third global tour, so I must speak in person. I have been waiting eagerly for this day.

A mobile IOWC team of Japanese members braving the winter elements in their native land in December 1972

A Mobile Team in Japan

We have to make a Japanese mobile team. At least four hundred people have to mobilize before I go back. Four hundred and eighty people. And they have to master the Divine Principle over the next six months. I mean actual training. They'll do street witnessing every day. They should witness on the streets, and they should go house to house, too. They should be trained in every area. They should spend two months studying each section of Divine Principle. It should be divided into three sections, and they should learn each section. If they don't get more than a 70 percent average, they shouldn't be allowed to go to the next section. The people who don't go through this course cannot become central leaders in the future. I'm making the top leaders, Mr. Oyamada and Mr. Kuboki, go through this course, too. You should also go out to raise funds sometimes.

In France, with Reiner Vincenz interpreting into French

Japanese and European Members Working in the United States

A hundred and twenty members this year, and a total of four hundred members over the next three years are to be mobilized to America. Four hundred members. What will they do during this time of mobilization? They can't speak the language. The Japanese members have gone to America and started doing cleaning work. That's why we are operating a real estate business. We buy a house cheaply and completely renovate it. They clean it up and paint it and then sell it again. Since Japan is the Eve country, it has to fulfill its mission as the mother and work for the people of the world. That's why they are responsible to feed the world. My plan is to set up the Japanese to represent Asia and establish a tradition. England, which has only fifty members, promised to send a hundred members to America. So, since there are 150 members in Germany, you have to send three hundred. If that happens, it will become quite interesting. The European and American teams will compete.

Father joins participants in marking the completion of the first national workshop for the Korean mobile team, May 31, 1972.

A Mobile Team in Korea (June 1, 1972)

Three hundred and how many are on the first mobile team? [It's 360.] Those people represent the days in a year. If you think of it in this way, you all have a common responsibility. The mobile teams will spend a week in each area. They should continue even if there is no one left behind in the churches. They do not come under the Unification Church administration. They're directly connected to me. I am declaring that the mobile teams are in Abel's position. It is the mobile teams that will determine victory or defeat in a nation, such is the authority I am bestowing on them. The week-long revival mobilization of the mobile team is our main force.

Then, what should the mobile team members do? You have to sell books. You have to sell our Divine Principle book or Communism: a New Critique and Counterproposal. You have to sell as many Divine Principle books as possible. Buy thirty and distribute them to thirty people. You can give them to thirty people once a month; you can lend them the books for a month.

Norbert Boland, pioneer missionary to Iran, in Teheran with True Father in April 1972. The fifteen countries visited during the third world tour were the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Italy, Greece, Israel, Iran, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

The Threat of Communism

When we look at the world's current situation, we can sense that the democratic world is facing quite a pressing crisis. We are well aware that communism threatens to sweep the entire world away. Moreover, we know all too well that today's Christianity does not have a system to surmount the communist threat, practically speaking, and that Christianity is not actually working to defend society or the world.

Father visiting a factory in the southern provinces of Korea in June 1972

Founding of the Unification Thought Institute (October 1, 1972)

We have already laid a foundation to move our global teams, so whenever they are given the order, they can carry out whatever they are told to do, even if it means going to the ends of the earth....

That's why I am doing things now that you cannot understand. As a part of that, I have established the Unification Thought Institute. Unification Thought is a systematic exposition of the Principle, by which we can deeply analyze all the false philosophies and ideologies that shape the world today.

Father in New Delhi in mid-April. Father spent just a day or two in most of the countries he visited

Ninety Little Angels' Performances in Europe and America (October 7, 1972 -- February 8, 1973)

Since Little Angels is now well-known, they are performing at the White House, currently the home of the Nixon administration. They have performed in front of the Queen in England, too. In Japan, the Little Angels are also scheduled to give a performance. This time on their tour in Europe, England made a special request for a period of two months. We also visited Germany, Spain (briefly) and France. People involved in booking acts in those countries made requests knowing that they wouldn't suffer a loss if they welcomed us.

We will go to Las Vegas when the performances in Hawaii are concluded. Las Vegas is famous worldwide as a gambling city. The city brings in world-famous entertainers and gives performances in order to draw the plutocrats of the world. It thus absorbs enormous resources, with entertainment as the bait. Therefore, to appear on a Las Vegas stage is set as the highest hope and dream of entertainers. People in charge of entertainment in that famous place asked the Little Angels to perform for a month.

Father speaking with Austrian members during True Parents' stop in Vienna.

Second Little Angels Team in Japan Gives 200 Performances (November 9, 1972 -- March 4, 1973)

It takes vast amounts of resources to put on the Little Angels' shows. Before giving a performance, an enormous amount of funds must be invested. The media needs to be alerted on a wide scale. A large number of people are required for tasks of different kinds.

Why do we need to do this, despite the difficulties? I am not doing it through ignorance of the situation. In the future, the Unification Church in Japan and the International Federation for Victory over Communism should open new doors in the field of culture. With this in mind, we rented the Nichigeki Theatre in Tokyo for forty days, the like of which has never been seen before or since. By renting a theatre for forty days and nights and putting on performances, we have set a record never seen before in history.

Seeing this, people in the Japanese entertainment field called us insane. From their professional view, it is hard to have the theater fully packed for just a week. So, they concluded that people who would perform day and night for forty days are daydreamers and abnormal people.

We need to establish our foundation not only in Japan but also in Asia. In Tokyo alone, we need to sell 170,000 tickets, and 320,000 in the entire nation. How many times the number of tickets we sold the year before last do we have to sell? We need to sell eight times the number we sold then.

Recently, the Shanghai Ballet Troupe of Communist China visited Japan, and the Yomiuri Daily and the Asahi Daily carried pro-China articles. The Sankei Daily, however, has maintained an anti-communism attitude until now, and it cannot change its course suddenly. That's why it wished to invite a performance team that has an anti-communism stance. That was none other than the Little Angels. The Federation for Victory over Communism is connected to it. Thus, the Sankei Daily will take full responsibility.

Why are we doing this? It is for Korea. That is to say, Korean residents in Japan are getting involved in Chochongnyon and in propagating Kim Il-sung's Juche ideology. So, at a time like this, it's clear that Korea is a cultural nation and an ancient culture that even the Japanese are impressed by.

Consistent with Father's efforts to support Korea's industrial development, the church business foundation purchased this titanium producing company in October 1972.

Buying the Korea Titanium Co. Ltd. (October 19, 1972)

I suppose you may not know about titanium. It is an absolute necessity in everyday life. There is almost nothing in which this material is not present. It is added when making rubber shoes, good books, paints and other items.

Was it a good thing or a bad thing that we bought the Korea Titanium Co.? [It was good that we bought it.[ When everybody was stepping back.... Well, in the beginning, the company put it up for 280 million Won in cash. About eight months to a year later, we offered to pay 120 million Won.

They said, "Pay 150 million Won." In about six months, they said, "Then, take it at just 120 million Won."

We said, "We are afraid that it won't work out, so we are now unable to buy it." [Laughter] So, the price went down again. "We can't offer more than 60 million Won." [Laughter] So, a company worth 1.2 billion Won was bargained down to 60 million Won. [Laughter] Isn't that wonderful? Time bargained it down.

They wanted the 60 million Won in one cash payment. We said that since we can't give the 60 million Won in cash all at once, we will pay 10 million Won in installments. In this way, we paid six 10 million Won installments. So, without having even a cent, and by just handing over one piece of paper a month and still taking possession of the whole company, within six months we went into the black.

The first ICUS was held in November 1972 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Founding the Science Conference

This autumn, I have to go to America again. I am going to hold a science conference and make a global scientists' association and then a global economists' association. I am going to select two of the greatest experts in Korea to go there. I also instructed that someone be selected from Japan. At this seminar with participants from ten nations, I should give the keynote address. I've paid most of the expenses.

What was I like when ICUS started? Dr. Yoon, do you remember? [Yes.] I was like an office boy in a town office and Dr. Yoon was shining like the sun. It was not so bad, though. I accepted it all.

You know, after I gave my keynote address, the participant named Wigner shouted out something against me and left the room. Did you know that? I received such contemptuous treatment. I said what I had to say. Still, I didn't mind, and I forgot about it. If you want to achieve something significant...

If one becomes a high mountain, one has to expose oneself to wind and shoulder snow, even in the summer. 

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