Sun Myung Moon’s Life In His Own Words

Part 42: The Global Foundation Takes Firm Shape

Father speaking to an outdoor gathering of members in Japan during the fourth world tour, July 21, 1973

The fourth world tour (November 1972 -- July 1973)

The fourth world tour is the path toward answering the question of how to lead the world to God centered on all of you in the Unification Church. Where is it we must go? To the world.

This autumn, we will launch a mobile team in at least ten or twelve nations. I should organize that myself directly. So, I am going to teach the mobile teams again. This is the course of the fourth world tour. We will make a strong foundation and gradually expand that to the worldwide stage. Based on directions from one source, things will spread to the world. We must transcend all peoples and nations.... If the direction is to go to the United States, we will go to the United States. If it is to go to Germany, we will go to Germany. This is an era of a great worldwide campaign.

Whether awake or asleep, this global stage on which we have now chosen to stand.... We are in a situation where we must cling to God and travel again the road to battle, focused on the question of how to shorten this journey so that there is no stage of suffering and you can go comfortably.

The fate of Japan hinges on this one short time. Depending on the direction of our footsteps, the future of Japan will be swayed. The Unification Church members are in that central position. Observing the direction of the providence and where Japan is situated, we shall have to catch this one moment and hold it with all our strength. We must not miss it. We must be fully engaged until 1974 and stubbornly protect this brief time with our lives. That is our mission. but a team that can work in various fields including as a mobile business team and mobile team for Victory over Communism. Five nations will work together here and when those mobile team members work it will begin a global era.

At this time, I have sent 570 active members to fifty states to work on mobile teams of twelve people each for a few months. Before I went, the number of American members was fewer than five hundred. Now I've increased the number of members by more than three times that, educated them and had them stand on the front line.

I am saying that since it's certain that the communists will be working actively among the senators in the near future, we have to make a strong system to defend against the communists. You have to know that unless we protect America in this way, we will lose the way to defend the anti-communist battle line in Asia in the future.

Father and Mother at Korea's Central Training Center, November 12, 1972, at a farewell meeting launching the fourth world tour.

Mobile teams where Heaven can work

If mobile team members complain, they won't be able to witness even though they try. Heaven won't help them. I am saying that even though they may have established a foundation in the beginning, if they gossip among themselves they will later find themselves isolated and will disappear.

You may miss your children, but when we think of God, who loves human beings more than we love our own children, how much more pitiable God is! We have to know that the place where we dare to participate in Heaven's realm of heart and experience is one of gratitude. Won't we be able to fulfill God's will by our tears as we walk this road, and even as we sit up all night, missing God as much as we miss our own children? Everything is solved if we go on with the heart that we ourselves will resolve our bitter pain. Heaven will work.

Father, optimistic and ready to take on the world again shortly before the start of the fourth world tour

A landmark workshop begins in America (March 1, 1973)

Father's prayer:
This one-hundred-day workshop, which is unprecedented in history, is held for the first time in the Unificationist community. We hope sincerely that You allow Your children sitting here to become sons and daughters with a heart to transcend the nations of the world and to pass on Your tradition. Please let them not forget this workshop time in Belvedere and let them feel lifelong pride in having attended it.

Why am I giving a hundred days of education? It is because leaders of our Unification Church mustn't be ignorant of the Principle. Not only that, they must apply the Principle in their lives. Therefore, they have to know the Principle comprehensively. I must have you do things by which you experience this directly in real life during the course of this workshop.

My plan is that you should listen to the Principle six or seven times, not lecture it, for thirty-five to forty days. I am going to test you on it two or three times during that period.

I am going to drive you strongly... You will cry and find paths you haven't taken before. In that way, you will grow. In other words, when you become serious, you will find a solution.

Sometimes, I am going to ask you to fast for three days. I mean, go out and beg for bread.... Then I will have you receive donations, too. Since you have come here to receive training in these practical matters, please understand that this is the best time in your life and be firmly determined and prepared. My idea is to send out more than half of the people here as leaders within a hundred days.

I am going to keep these one-hundred-day workshops going. I started this workshop with the goal of revising and correcting all the traditions of the Unification Church as the American churches and members have thought of it -- a complete change. I formed the mobile teams as a part of mapping out such a strategy. I believe that from the highest leader down, we have to stand in the forefront and create a movement that establishes a new tradition. Accordingly, I have appointed Young Oon Kim and David Sang Chul Kim, who have been here as missionaries, as the leaders of the mobile teams. I have included the longest-serving members and the headquarters' staff members in the mobile teams.

Next, we are carrying out two economically-oriented activities, selling candles and flowers. I am not sending members out (as leaders) unless they earn an average of eighty dollars a day for two weeks. Well, a thunderbolt has fallen, right? Next, where do people go who have passed that stage? They are going to New York, and each of them has to bring three new members a month in New York.

Professor's World Peace Academy launch (May 6, 1973)

The inauguration of the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) in Korea on May 6, 1973; Father sent a speech to be read on his behalf.

We have been holding a regular annual convention on the issue of unified science with professors from every corner of the world. You can't imagine how much interest this is generating. I decided I should try to bring them under one organization. This would be under the banner that all the world's professors should be leaders mapping out humankind's course toward world peace in the future through their intellectual prowess and their writing, even though they may be unable to take part directly in the movement itself. This effort had to begin in the interconnected academic community, and so we created an organization called the Professors World Peace Academy I made PWPA to help the professors live for the sake of the world.

Father obtains permanent residence in the United States (April 1973)

I received permanent residency in America on April 30, 1973, right after the first and second speaking tours there. I couldn't engage in battle before receiving permanent residence. I have been persecuted on the individual level, family level, tribal level, people and national levels and so set up indemnity conditions....

I had originally sent two missionaries to America. I later assigned a man to the East and a woman to the West. Another man was assigned to the Northwest.

So, Bo Hi Pak in the East was Adam, Young Oon Kim in the West was Eve, and David (Sang Chul) Kim in the Northwest was the Archangel. When we think about who should arrive here first, Eve should come and make the road for Adam and the Archangel. It was her responsibility to make the three into one. Unfortunately, when I came to America, there was no foundation on which I could command everyone to move forward. So 1972 did not become the year of progress, but a year of internal correction. Until June this year [1973] I was doing that work.

Father speaks to members at an outdoor service in Korea during the time he is developing the global mission centering on the United States.

A day of celebration (July 1)

On the first day of July 1973 we established a historic memorial day, the Day of Victory. We have established many commemorative days in Korea, but this was the first time to establish one outside of Korea. Day of Victory could be established as we have successfully finished the difficult second three-year period of the second seven-year course. We will celebrate victory. From now on, the harder Satan tries to oppose us, the sooner he will collapse. In the near future, America will be hit by the typhoon of our Unification Church.

No in forty-three countries, you can meet members of Unification Church. By 1975 we will have dispatched missionaries to 120 countries.

I have come back with miraculous achievements from eight months of travel. On my return I could hear cheering in the spirit world, celebrating our success.

Church leaders should lecture for eight hours a day

We have set up a worldwide standard that all church leaders should lecture for at least eight hours a day. Ordinary people generally work eight hours, but Unification Church members should work more than eight hours. In our church, officially, members get up at 6 o'clock and go to bed at midnight. So they take six hours of sleep. You leaders should give a lecture for two hours, from 6:30 to 8:30, every morning for the regular church members. Cultivate the existing church members. When one or two new people become members, bring them out to the street for witnessing. When you meet someone who is interested in what you say, bring him to the center and give him lectures. Put your heart and soul into the work. Bring even one person to the center each day and teach him the Principle.

Liberation ceremony for the Moon tribe (August 5, 1973)

Father's prayer:
I know that the Moon tribe has not been blessed by You, Heavenly Father until now. They have experienced much suffering throughout history as a tribe, to carry out the mission of building up a new nation. Even my own parents and brothers were sacrificed in that distant place without any connection to the mission. Father, bless this time and liberate all our ancestors who had lived a good life so that wherever we go, we will have the privilege of being able to work freely. I am asking please open a new way for the Moon tribe to uphold heavenly principles and carry out their mission as a good tribe in front of this people and the world. Heavenly Father...please permit us to make, in Your name, a new historic standard to substantially unite the spiritual and physical worlds.

As you can understand, I prayed for the liberation of my extended family in the Unification Church. Until now I have never prayed for my own family. I have never publicly prayed, "May God help my parents and ancestors in the spirit world." But I am going to watch over our tribe and race from now on. By doing this work, the Moon tribe's spiritual standard can open the door to the standard of liberation, and then a unified sphere of benefit is created in the spirit world. Through this connection, many tribes and their relatives will be connected. Since our ancestors and their relatives are connected with other families through marriage, all people on the Korean peninsula are connected.

The late Dr. Sang Hun Lee, author of Unification Thought, published June 1, 1973, in conversation with a professor during a Unification Thought seminar

The forty-day workshop (Summer 1973)

When you hold a workshop, give a full set of Divine Principle lectures every three days. You have to give the lecture three times in ten days. You also have to give a course of lectures on overcoming communism every ten days. During the forty days, you have to give VOC lectures four times and Divine Principle nine times. This is the standard for you to practice throughout the world. If only one person is at the workshop, you should still do this. Why do people sometimes leave the church after becoming members? They are opposed by their family and by society, and because they don't know the Divine Principle deeply. The final reason for dropping out is the activities to raise money; even though they know the Divine Principle. Making money is not easy, so they may drop out. Therefore, we need training in raising funds first, and then for engaging in mission work.

Mrs. Baek-nim Lee (center, in hanbok with white top), was known as the Nonsan Grandmother after the village she came from. She was spiritually gifted, and with True Father's approval she worked prolifically to solve members' ancestral problems. Here ' she is pictured with members at Cheongju Church in September 1973.

Sung Jin nim's Blessing Ceremony (July 8, 1973)

The second seven year course is the children's course. It is the course for the blessed children, the children of the Unification Church. This relationship has to be established in my family before the end of the second seven year course. Therefore, I blessed Sung Jin. Three years in the seven year course is equivalent to Jesus' three years for the restoration of the spiritual world on the national level.

Japan, the Eve country, was to prepare a foundation of mother-son cooperation but failed to seize the chance to fulfill her responsibility. Therefore, I held Sung Jin's Blessing Ceremony in Japan to restore that through indemnity....

He is put in a most disadvantageous position. Up to now, I've never taken him by the hand. I done this is for the adopted son. We are in a situation to restore the servant, the archangel, again. Won Pil Kim has been doing that job until now Sung Jin could not call me "Dad" until he became twenty-eight years old. When he spoke to me he called me "Teacher." This was for restoration through indemnity.

Sung Jin nim's personality

When Sung Jin was to go to Japan [to study] on September 5, 1970, I told him not to do anything but maintain his father's dignity through his good behavior. The matter of prime importance is his attitude toward the church; the second is toward the nation, and third is the fact that he is my son. The final matter is sexual issues.

Many rumors about Sung Jin arose, but during the thirty minutes when I met him everything was settled. Sung Jin, first of all, is a straightforward person. He is not stubborn when he is confronting what is right -- as I am. If I had a son that lacked any sense of having obligations, I would have to accept it. As I don't have pangs of conscience toward God, I have no doubt about my son. No matter what other people may say about him, I do not doubt him. That means I surely believe in him.

The Second ICUS (Tokyo, November 23-26,1973)

The second ICUS was convened in Tokyo, Japan; sixty prominent members of the scientific community attended from eighteen countries.

I want you to know that ICUS (International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences) was created to establish the foundation through which we would influence the great scholars of the world. The second ICUS was held in Tokyo. Scholars from every corner of the world, including famous scholars from Tokyo University, came.

As the founder of the conference, I was prepared to give a speech. However, though it is only logical for the head of an organization to give an address, they eliminated my speech and greetings from the program. The conference was scheduled to take place the next day, and I arrived there and found that the organizers had caused this problem. So, through Mr. Kuboki, I informed them, "You can all go. This scientists' conference is cancelled," which was like a bolt out of the blue. And then there were problems. "I came here as a guest, so I can go home as a guest; you, however, began this conference in the name of Japan and Tokyo University, so when the scientists return to their countries, you will be undone...." I turned everything upside down in that one evening. I told them, "You either make the correction on the programs, or you are dismissed." Since I was paying for the whole thing, I had every right to do that, didn't I? I was in charge. [Applause]

When this took place, they could only say "Oh, we are insulted." They made light of Korean people and they paid for it dearly. After I overturned everything, they stayed up all night to make the programs again. They didn't have a choice, did they? We had our own print shop, so they made haste to print my name clearly on the programs.

Twenty-one city lecture tour (October 1, 1973 -- January 29, 1974)

Father begins his second nationwide speaking tour of twenty-one cities in New York City's Carnegie Hall. He spoke for three consecutive nights in each city.

We selected twenty-one cities and began a lecture tour in 1973. We finished it on January 28, 1974. In every U. S. city I visited, what do you imagine I did there? If there were any members of our church, I let them invite their parents to the lecture. I told Bo Hi Pak and the president of the church in America to invite them to a big lunch or to dinner and to treat them to good food. I said that I would pay all the expenses. I let the parents come to the party with their children. I created an atmosphere in which the children spoke well of their parents. When their children spoke only of their parents' excellence, the parents spoke about the praiseworthy character of their children, looking back on their school days. And they finally confessed, with tears of gratitude, that they had stubbornly opposed the church without knowing that their children were leading worthy lives through the church movement. Many parents hugged their children tightly with tears of remorse, saying that they had opposed them only out of ignorance.

The True Children move to the U.S. (December 18, 1973)

Left to right: Hyo Jin nim, In Jin nim, Un Jin nim, Kook Jin nim, Hyun Jin nim, Heung Jin nim and Ye Jin nim arrive in America, on December 18, 1973 to be with their parents.

The question is, If I were to leave my children here, would you be able to take responsibility for them and take care of them as I become more and more desperate? Not just Ye Jin, I have other children as well. Would you be able to take responsibility for them in a place overrun by communists no matter what? In this regard, it would be advantageous in many ways to have them under their parents' care. You should know that this is why I am considering taking them to the United States. That does not mean that I am going to stay there for good. When I do return to Korea, it will be at a time when you can welcome me back with flags of victory raised high. 

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