The Way for Young People

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Humankind has been following a suffering path of spiritual indemnity in order to restore the ideal of peace and realize the original world. The agony of sin and conflict originating from the fall has expanded throughout history from the individual to the family, nation and world. Humankind has been awaiting a message of hope that will empower us to cast off this inheritance.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon is a messenger of Heaven sent with a revelation for all humankind in the present age. God commanded Reverend Moon to work for the salvation of humanity. He is the True Parent of humankind, who has revealed the heavenly way and who has realized the ideal of true love as the incarnation of God's word.

Reverend Moon has spoken extensively throughout his life. Even if only one or two people were present, he would speak for the whole night. He would passionately speak the truth in front of a few as if he were addressing thousands. Reverend Moon has put his whole heart into teaching. Besides speaking to his followers, Reverend Moon has spoken a great deal to the public and to leaders of religion, science, politics, education, media and culture. In speaking directly with groups transcending the boundaries of nation, race and religion, Reverend Moon has established an incomparable record as a prolific speaker.

The words of Reverend Moon, which address all aspects of God's will and providence, offer the solution to the problems of life and history; they are, moreover, the words of the Completed Testament for the fulfillment of the promises which were made in the providence of salvation.

Virtually all of Reverend Moon's speeches are given extemporaneously, not from prepared texts. He speaks truth, which he sought and found through profound spiritual dialogue with God. His words are love itself, pouring out from a heart of true love. They embody the original energy of life, yet express the truth from myriad perspectives. God's special messages, which have appeared throughout salvation history, and have revealed His will to all humanity, always come through one central person. The events of history at times allow one person to awaken spiritually.

For all these reasons, we are attempting to convey his words in their original, unedited-form. This is in order not to impede the will and truth of God, who is working through Reverend Moon. His words convey the urgent feeling of God's providence and Heaven's sincere heart. In order not to lose this, we have preserved the style of speech and some of the informal dialogue.

Reverend Moon's sermons, continuing to be transcribed from recordings, have been published thus far in 233 volumes. We are translating his speeches into many languages and are making them accessible on CD-ROM. People throughout the world are now studying and learning Reverend Moon's teachings. In this fifteen-book series we have selected and arranged excerpts from the 233 volumes, according to subject, so that people from all walks of life can understand and appreciate them.

The fifteen books in this series are:

Blessing and Ideal Family Part I
Blessing and Ideal Family Part 11
Way of Unification Part I
Way of Unification Part 11
Way of the Spiritual Leader Part I
Way of the Spiritual Leader Part 11
Unification Family Life
Raising Children in God's Will
The Way for Students
The Way for Young People
The Way for a True Child
The Tribal Messiah
True Parents
Earthly Life and Spirit World I
Earthly Life and Spirit World 11

The words recorded in these volumes provide us the ability to reflect on ourselves and to be reborn through deep inspiration. They are precious words that clearly reveal the way to go in life. They speak about the destiny of humankind and contain prophecy. These are the original principles of life, with concrete practical directions for the realization of a world of peace, which Reverend Moon is himself pioneering and establishing. You who read these books will assimilate these words spiritually and be transformed. You will be able to experience God's grace and guidance. Thus these words are expanding the way of Heaven.

Following the guidance of Heaven, Reverend Moon has not only spoken, but has also substantially demonstrated the value and truthfulness of his words as applied to the individual, the family, society, nation, world and universe. Reverend Moon teaches about the will of God to all walks of society, and has been presenting his vision for peace through his work for the sake of the unity and harmony of religions, the initiation of a new culture, the building of a world Of peace, the encouragement of value-oriented education and a moral media, the equalization of wealth, and international holy marriage blessings. In coming to hear or read the words of Reverend Moon, leaders discover the proper way to guide their society and nation, and educators realize the true path of a teacher. When parents and children read these words together they will discover the true way for their family and find happiness.

I want to salute and express my thanks to those who worked in the translation and editing of these volumes. We pray that in studying and practicing the words in these books, you will experience the grace and blessings of the God who has been living, breathing and working with us throughout history.

Chung Hwan Kwak
International President
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International
March 1998

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