The Way for Young People

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Birth of Man

1. A Prayer for Us

Father, please be kind to the hearts of Your children gathered here today at this hour. Father, with whom were we born? With whom do we live? With whom do we die? We were not born together with You we have been unable to live together with You, and we are unable to die together with You. Now that You have taught us the way to live together with You, we must thank You ten million times for Your gracious gift. We find that before You even the total offering of our bodies as a living sacrifice is not enough. Therefore, we feel once again that we are too dirty to present ourselves before You.

Being so ashamed to offer our bodies to You, we block and cover ourselves. We worry about ways to hide. We have been too arrogant before You. We have been too proud. Nevertheless, we have the temerity to ask You directly to accept us, saying that we are Your sons and daughters. (27-209)

2. Man Is Not Born by His Own Will

Men were not born by their own will. Our birth, our sex and our looks were not custom designed by our parents. We were not born by the request of our parents.

When you dig into the source of our existence, centering on the providence of God, no other view is possible but that we were sent to this earth as the living body who would take the responsibility of forming relationships with the providence of history, centering on the source.

When you come to think that we are involved in a relationship with the providential will of God and the historical expertise of God, we will not remain in the current state of reality. We should feel certain of this history and that we must be the real body to carry out this providence of God. Therefore, no matter how tiny our individual bodies might be, we are not destined to remain as individual bodies. (34-155)

Men were not born consciously wishing to be born. Before their consciousness, the power of God brought about their birth. Development does not result from man's consciousness. The worthwhile and valuable formation of a person begins when he forgets about himself and when he pledges the results of the intention prior to consciousness. In other words, a person's chance to improve is based on the foundation of knowing God's motivation, which existed before one's consciousness. (36-103)

Where is the origin of man, his birth and self-assertion? Is it democracy? Democracy flows away. Where do you find the origin of asserting man before the principles of the grand universe? Those people who assert themselves, resultant beings, without the knowledge of their cause, are out of their minds. (83-491)

Once you are born, you have to live and then die. From the beginning, you are born without proclamation, and you live without it. If a man was born with something of a value, he should live a life of value and then die. You ought to live such a life.

Since I have come from a solemn place, I have to live in a solemn place and then die in a solemn place. It is not because someone made me do so. We should start from a natural relationship and go the path of a natural relationship. However, we were born unnaturally, we live in an unnatural place, and we will go to an unnatural place. Would it be fine to live this way and then die? No! (12-10)

3. Men Were Born From the Love of God

The reason for the birth and creation of men and all things is simple. Because even God needs an object of love, He created man. Do you understand? You may think, "I am nobody, and it doesn't matter whether someone like me exists or not." Don't ever do that. Notice that parents do not love their children because they are outstanding. Parents love their children whether they are outstanding or not. As the parents of handicapped children feel more pain in their hearts, the love of God, who is the center of heaven and earth, goes beyond you being outstanding or not. What is important is whether you have the background for the love of the original nature or not. Therefore, you have to know why you and the universe were created. You have to know that the reason is to complete the ideal of love. (130-44)

Do you know what the words "son of God" are centered on? What do you mean by "son"? What is a son? We find a son under the love of God. By "son" we mean someone who begins under love and resembles all the attributes and the entire nature of God. If you wonder how we were born, it is by the love of God. We are the sons of God, taking roots in love from birth. Isn't it so? In view of reason, what do you mean by someone's son? What in the world is a son? A son is someone under the love of his father. I was born under the love of my mother and father. (144-232)

Why did God create all things and me? Why me? It is because of love. Why was I born? It is because of the love of God. We were born to live under the love of God. To be able to say that I am a man who can practice love in my family, society, country, and the world, you must live under the love of God. (97-266)

4. Human Beings Are Born in the Wrong Way Because of the Fall of Man

Originally, God creates us, but because of Satan, we are born in the wrong way. No matter how great a man may be in the world, he is born into the blood lineage of God's enemy, Satan, although God originally created him. Ordinary religions do not know this. This is why God has been working for six thousand years. Would God have been working for such a long time simply because of the eating of one fruit? God originally created human beings, and yet through the illicit love of Satan, they have gone the wrong way. They must be reborn to the position in which they are not born through Satan's love and thus cannot be invaded by Satan. This is why the core of Christian doctrine is resurrection. Christianity is a religion of resurrection. Resurrection is rebirth. Since man has been erroneously born, he has to be born again.

So far, there have been no perfect people because all people have been born mistakenly through Adam's fall. No matter how admired someone may be, he was born in the wrong way. Some may be closer to goodness and some farther away, but this is a small difference in God's eyes. Everyone is born by mistake. Therefore, they must be restored by going the reverse way. This is why Jesus came as the original Adam, four thousand years after Adam. In other words, he was standing in God's dominion, beyond Satan's accusation. God had worked from the time of Adam in order to prepare such a position. (19-190)

5. The Reason We Are Born

How was I born from my parents? I was born through a connection of life. I was born through the joining of my parents, with the value of their life. Through what does life come? Life comes through love. For what do life and love come? They come in order to complete the purpose of the universe. I am born in order to achieve a certain purpose. Either as a man or woman, I was born through the joining of life in order to perfect myself as a contributor to the universal purpose. (110-72)

Why are human beings born? If it is for the sake of being a president, it is quite a miserable purpose. If someone says that I was born in order to be the leader of the Unification Church and speak out, I don't like that. Why am I making so much noise and commotion like this, when people are resisting me, saying that I am wreaking havoc? It is for no other reason than to find the true love of God. (121-101)

Why are we born? (For love) What kind of love? (God's love) Hmmm. God's love. It is love such that when we go, and bang here, then it connects to God and goes bang on God's head. Just as if you throw something in a pond, concentric circles form, if you throw love in the universe, it will create ripples throughout the whole universe. The question is whether you throw mere sand or throw a big rock. (103-254)

6. The Purpose for Which We Are Born

Ladies and gentlemen, the problem of history has been the fundamental question of why human beings are born. Why are they born?

People have many ideas. Some think that they are born for the nation; some think that they are born for their parents. Believers think they are born for the sake of God. (83-154)

The question is why you were born. Let's consider why you were born.

For your own sake? (No) Are you the motivation for your own birth? (No) Is the purpose something that serves me? Can we achieve any purpose without an object partner? Our purpose is for the object partner and for the mutual relationship, not just for me. But you are trying to establish yourself. It is possible to establish your self when you are in line with the motivation, the purpose and the subject partner. If you try to promote yourself otherwise, you become an enemy. (66-264)

As for God's love, the love that can connect with the world connects with family; love that can connect with the country connects with family; love that can connect with society connects with family; and love that can connect with family connects with me. Everything is in the reverse. Heaven connects with my purpose, and country connects with my purpose. So does everything. Do you understand? (Yes.) So what kind of people do you have to become? Through God's love, I will be the victor in the family, country, world, heaven, and with respect to God's Shimjung. This is the purpose for which mankind was born. You should speak like this. There is nothing higher. This is the only thing. I live centering on God's Shimjung and love. (95-60)

What is the purpose of our birth? It lies in serving the world. For this reason, we must take this path even though death threatens us. We have the responsibility to serve God as representatives of the world and to offer the world to God as priests. While you have such an incredible mission, others have debased themselves by following and sticking their necks out for money. (32-265)

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