The Way for Young People

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Relationship Between Mind and Body

1. The Original Mind and Body

1) The Original Relationship Between the Mind and Body

Human beings have a mind and a body. The mind should not stray away from God. It must become one with God. Also, the body must stay united with God's will. Your body has five senses. They should also be one with God's will. The body should move in the direction of God's will. (69-274)

The mind is big, and the body is small. In this way, the mind and body have a mutual relationship. This is how they stimulate each other, and this is how I feel joy and sorrow. They must have a mutual relationship. (27-60)

2. What Is The Human Original Mind?

1) The Subject Partner of the Mind and Religion

Do we have a mind? Have you seen it? It exists, although we have not seen it. Who is its subject partner? Have you met the master of the mind? When you like something, can you like it alone? Absolutely not. If you keep smiling by yourself, people will call you crazy. The mind and body fight. It is because the mind does not like the body, and the body does not like the mind. But the fact that they don't like each other means that there is some way that they can like each other. Then what is it that they like? What is the object partner of the mind? Since the mind is invisible, its object partner is invisible. The saints have pursued the object partner of the mind. (41-73)

Can you become God's sons and daughters through the body? No. Since God is invisible, you cannot be His object partner through something visible. God is the absolute center as the invisible subject partner. You cannot stand as His object partner with a visible body.

The object partner has to be invisible. Since God is absolute, infinite, and incredibly large, His object partner must be invisible so that it can be also incredibly large and incredibly high. For human beings, this is the mind, not the body. (41-67)

How happy it will be if this great mind meets the object partner with whom it can rejoice and sing eternally with! This is such a precious place. This is why Buddha proclaimed "I am unique above and below heaven." He discovered the value of the self, unique in the whole of heaven and earth. We see that God is also like me. For this reason, the mind likes the invisible God. The mind cannot rejoice until it encounters its object partner. Human beings seek merriment and boast of their youth in search of bodily joy. But such things soon will come to an end. The way of pleasure is empty, but the joy in the world of the mind is inexhaustible. For this reason, wise people wander about in search of the invisible object partner of the mind. The Creator of the universe is the absolute center of the universe. We must insist that God relates to my mind.

The mind desires that this idea be systematized on a global scale as a philosophy that can transcend time and bring hope to mankind. In other words, it desires to establish a God-centered philosophy. The world the mind desires is not structured like the current social organization. Throughout history, religion has created the internal world and organizational structure that are desired by the mind. In other words, religion has been establishing the foundation that conscientious people have wanted throughout history. A religion does not belong to one nation but to the whole world. Although a religion arises within a nation, it develops beyond the nation and goes into the world. (41-71)

2) The Movement of the Original Mind

The past saints have taught that we should respect and serve heaven and love mankind through the mind. They taught us to love heaven, earth, and people. Then does your mind have the full capability to contact heaven? Does it have the full capability to contact mankind? Does it have the full capability to love the earth? If we analyze the original mind, there is love for heaven, for earth, and for human beings. This love springs up automatically, no matter how much you try to eliminate it. People have pursued the ideal world and original homeland because they possessed such a mind. Therefore, the original mind starts operating from within me. When you want to understand somebody, you should know his mind, not just his title. (19-285)

When you join the Unification Church, things change. Before, you would always go to school right after you got up and ate, but after you joined the Church, you went to school reluctantly. You want to be at the church as much as possible and want to visit the church on the way to school.

Don't you students have these kinds of thoughts? If you don't have such a heart, you hardly qualify as a Unification Church member.

Also, when you are at home, although everything is there -- your parents, good food, nice rooms, and so forth, you are still itching to come to the church. It is a very humble place, but you are happy when you come here and don't want to go back home. Such a feeling comes to you. Don't you have such a feeling? If you don't, then you are a straw man and not a Unification Church member.

Is such a thing felt by the body or the mind? The body prefers being home. You eat better at home. There is nothing but kimchee here.

The kimchee is very old and we don't have large quantities of it. Sometimes you have to eat a whole bowl of rice with only one piece of radish. Still, you find it very delicious and clean up the bowl to the last grain of rice. This is unusual. Why is it like that? Is it because the body likes it or because the mind likes it? It is because the mind likes it. Why does the mind like it? The mind has met the Master, so it can find the original hometown and the land of the heart. When somebody sets out for their hometown after working and suffering faraway on a high mountain farm, will he be happy as he leaves the mountains for home? He will be happy. Although he starts out from the countryside, he is happy to go home. The reason is that the mind knows the direction is right. When the electric waves are exchanged through the mind's antennae, there is no conflict. From this, power is generated. It is the same principle. (41-74)

3) The Size of the Mind

Ladies and gentlemen, is your mind narrow or wide? You don't know how the mind looks, but the mind is infinitely large. Then how good is this mind? The mind would like to give millions of dollars to each of the three billion persons of humankind. The mind is so wonderful. This is why human beings can be born as a flower of infinite love and infinite hope. Why is this so? It is because they infinitely resemble God's character. (27-60)

How large is your mind? It is unfathomable. It is infinitely large, beyond any measures. Why is it so big? When it is small, on the other hand, it is miserably small -- so small even a needle cannot enter through it. It can expand infinitely wide, and can shrink infinitely small.

Why is the mind like this? It is because the mind is the house of God. (145-313)

When you meet the object partner of the mind, how joyful will it be? Will the joy end in a day or two? See how big it is. The mind is not content just to have God; it will smile with satisfaction only when it occupies the love that lies deep in God. When my mother loves me, I do not like hesitant and unsure love; I will be satisfied only when she gives me the genuine and only love she has. (41-73)

4) The Basis of the Mind, Emotion, Intellect, and Will

If we analyze the basis of our mind, we see emotion, intellect, and will. The most fundamental of the three, however, is emotion. Where do you want to store something that is most important to you? You will want to put it somewhere that only you know about. It is a place where no one can come in and interfere and where you have an absolute authority. Where is such a place? It is deep inside the mind. It is the place you feel most safe. People put their valuables inside their closets, but the place where the truth can be stored is your mind.

Emotion does not operate by itself, it requires an object partner. No matter how harmonious a couple may be, if they have no children, they feel empty and bored. The older they get, the more empty and bored they feel. There should be a child to serve and walk before them.

Childless people have no hope. Children are hope. Without them, there is no hope. Truth expands as an eternal hope. Also, shimjung stays with eternal hope eternally. With respect to emotion, no matter how noble a man or woman may be, they cannot form a mutual relationship alone. (24-319)

2. The Mind and Body That Have Been Formed By the Fall

1) Struggle Between Mind and Body

Your mind and body struggle because of the fall. God did not create them to be in conflict, but they are born with Satan's blood, and that blood contains elements of rebellion against God. Originally, the mind is to be the plus, but after the fall, the body insists on being the plus. This is why the two are in confrontation. (19-194)

The mind and body separated through the fall. As the mind and body separated, they took different roads. This is the problem. How do we make them one? What can bring them back to be one? For this, we should understand the motivation for the fall and the original path that should have been trodden, without the fall. (140-13)

2) The Desire of the Mind and the Desire of the Body

Your mind and body are separated, aren't they? Aren't they fighting against each other? There have been many saints and wise men in human history, but no one has decisively resolved the problem of mind-body conflict. Didn't even St. Paul say that there were two laws at war within him? Human beings have always followed the law of evil rather than the law of goodness. For this reason, St. Paul lamented in misery. Even a man like Paul spoke this way. He said, "Who will liberate me from the rule of sin? Only love in Christ Jesus." (187-41)

Therefore, numerous saints on earth sought ways to subjugate the body and to find the true and complete human path desired by the mind. Although they struggled for it with all their might, history passed on without their being able to produce a clear answer, like scientific or mathematical theorems. In this history, you are here with me, listening to these words.

Then what is the path of human life and the task that lies before you? This is the question. When human beings are struggling between diverging paths, which road should they take? People of the past said that the human mind changes morning and night, while nature does not change throughout the ages. The human mind does not change like that, however. The person changes, not the mind. When the person changes, the mind reluctantly follows. From this, one concludes that the mind is changing. Although the mind always stands on the side of goodness, it looks as if the mind were also evil and changing as the person changes. It is wrong to say that the mind changes.

A person stands at the crossroads between the mind's path and the body's path. But this world is filled with all the attractions of the body over the mind and does not provide an environment in which to live according to the mind's desires. So this world must be an evil world rather than a good one. What kind of world is it? (An evil world.) A sinful snake has tied an anchor to your back in order to hold you back from your way. Can you forgive an enemy who is holding you back like this? You cannot forgive him. If you follow the body, you will forget the true path of life and end up being like a beast. This is the path of human life today. So by all means, we should carefully follow the mind and step over the borderline, defending ourselves against the evil attack. There have been many ethical systems and religions but they have failed to present clear guidance that shows people how to go in the direction of the mind. (38-310)

3. The Restoration of the Body

1) The Body and Spirit as a Result of the Fall

The body is Satan's performing stage. It is the basis of evil, the root of evil, and the palace of Satan. The flesh is the enemy because it is the element of Satan. The body directs your life and stays with you during earthly life. (52-304, 38-271, 47-271, 10-96, 35-91)

The spirit pursues what belongs to God. The conscience is the fortress of God. Since the enemy's blood is in the body, Satan rules the mind. The mind accompanies you eternally as a guide to life. (52-304, 47-271, 10-94, 35-91)

2) The Propensity of the Fallen Flesh

The flesh is always reluctant to follow the way of the spirit. The mind and body stimulate us to follow our physical desires and to serve ourselves alone. Also, the body wants to go up higher and higher, and it becomes arrogant. The more it is fed, the more it wants to eat; the more it is rested, the more it wants to rest. Also, the body does not like what is rough and rugged but likes what is plump, sleek, and soft.

Furthermore, it does not like bowing down and sacrificing. (52-304, 52-305, 18-314, 65-73, 38-271, 18,68)

3) The Proportion of Power between the Mind and Body

As the mind and body of fallen man fight against each other, the proportion of their strengths has been quite equal, about ten to eight. The body is connected to the whole world, but the mind is connected to only one path. Although the environment has occupied the fallen body, the mind has been following one track. When you try to do something evil, fear comes to your mind. If you nevertheless go ahead with it, all your accumulated merit will crumble. The mind intervenes at the beginning of the action, but finally the body rules it. Hence, although the proportion of strength is ten to eight in favor of the mind, still the mind gets pushed back by the body. (18-66)

This world is an expansion of the seed that has been sown in the individual; hence, it is an extension of me. We are living in such a social environment today. We are living within such a boundary. This is human life. The question is how big my own area is. Some will go this way, and others will go the opposite way. You are also walking a path that has been walked by your ancestors. Following the body means going in the direction of evil; following the mind means going in the direction of good.

If the mind's pursuit occupies at least sixty percent of an individual, that individual's tribe will dominate the world. What has religion been doing so far? There is only one thing to be conquered. It is not the family, the nation, or the world. It is my own self. Thus, religion has been trying to conquer the self. You should know this. My self is always standing at the crossroads between good and evil.

Then how should you proceed? If what you pursue is divided fifty and fifty for the mind and body, it is not admissible. Such a person will only go to the middle level of the spiritual world, a cease-fire zone. If the portion of the body is sixty percent over the mind, then the person will go to hell. What kind of place is hell? It is a shady place. What kind of place is Heaven? It is a shiny place. That kind of person will inevitably go to the shady place. The farther you go down, the darker it gets. (37-121)

4. The Restoration of the Body

1) The Attitude for Bodily Restoration

Don't ever follow the body, and don't ever go to an evil place. Human feelings and human norms easily lead to Satan and evil, so we should deny them. You have to go to a repair shop. There you should be quickly disassembled. In this process, you should deny all the thoughts, power, concepts, and position you had before. You have no choice, although it makes you unhappy. Without this, you cannot be repaired. You will be told to stifle the body, to sacrifice, to be humble, and to suppress arrogance. You will be asked to give up your appetites, your sexual desire, and material greed. You should follow the path of fasting and tribulation.

We should pray hard and work hard for the sake of God's will. If we make all effort with one heart, then the power of the mind will come to us as a matter of course. Today, people talk about self-cultivation and morality, yet this is not enough. Religion helps us be victorious over our physical desires. Therefore, my motto for the whole of my spiritual life is, "Gain domination over the self before you desire to dominate the universe. How difficult this is! (38-271, 39-355, 70-68, 23-166, 52,305, 39285, 10-66, 52-305, 101-37)

2) The Method for Dominating the Body

Now, how can we conquer this body? What is the method for making it unite with the mind? Simply speaking, there are only two ways. What is the first method? The first method is to conquer the body by force by dismantling its power; that is, by cutting off its desires and feelings.

This is why fasting and prayer is recommended. When you fast and pray, the body loses vitality. Then the mind is glad because it can dominate the body. The next method is to sacrifice and serve. It is to die to yourself. These are all actions the body dislikes. Thus, true religion starts with denying all relationship with the body. This is the conclusion. Do you understand? Ladies and gentlemen look at the Scriptures of all religions. Do any of them tell us to eat and live comfortably? None of them do that. Religion tells us to wish blessing upon others even at the point of death. This is impossible with the body. Such things are ways of force, fully bringing down and capturing the body.

What is the second method of dominating the body? The mind and body fight because they are similar in strength. The second method is to reinforce the mind. Do you understand it? You should give strength to the mind. There are only these two methods. Thus, you have to make all kinds of spiritual conditions. Spiritual conditions will open the gate of your mind. When it is open, a strong power comes out and overpowers the body. You don't know this yet. When the mind power becomes three times as strong as that of the body, then dominating the body becomes no problem. The body can even be left alone because it is unable to cause trouble. So you should compress power into the mind and lead the body at once. This is why you should make spiritual conditions.

You must have heard about being spiritually open. When this happens, great power is produced from the mind. So far, the body has always beaten the mind because it was weak. But what if we inject strength to the mind and increase its power two or three times? Then it can easily take the lead over the body. It can drag it along. Just as canaries swell up with air, what will happen if the mind receives power? It will become strong, right? Then you will be so much with the mind that just thinking about what body wants to do will offend you. A spiritually open person receives great power in the mind, and his body follows the mind almost effortlessly.

The source of the mind's power is love, so if the explosive power of the mind is connected to God, then I can unify huge areas; I can achieve the deepest wishes of humankind, and possess the Kingdom of Heaven, to live together eternally. The secret for this is love. Love is an elevator and the absolute key to unification.

The power of love should be restored to the mind. Therefore, when you are religious, you experience joy. Crazy people laugh by themselves, right? Even crazy people laugh, and so when you become crazy about God's love, how much you will laugh! You will laugh so much that your lips will roll into your mouth. You are happy whether you close your eyes, open your eyes, or live for tens of thousands of years.

If there is such a person, what will happen? If such a love power comes to you, what will happen? All the cells will be focused on this love as if they were electrified, and they will dance in its embrace. Although it may seem like a single dance, actually the whole world will follow the beat. In order to generate such a power, you should make spiritual conditions. Through this, if you go over the limits of the fall and become a total minus, a perfect plus will come to you, even if you ask him not to come. Apart from these two ways, there is no way to control the body. God is using these strategies to complete the domination of the body. (70-67, 18-328, 65-73, 38-271, 18-327, 35-60)

The Kingdom of Heaven comes only when the fight between the mind and body ceases. Let us try to be people who can lead the body at will. The fight occurs because the power of mind and body are five to five. So pump up the mind with a high pressure and blow it up ten times, thereby raising the ratio up to five and fifty. Then the body will succumb to the mind, as a child to an adult. It is like an elementary school student matched against a wrestling champion. Like an electric shock, with this power you will receive a strength that makes you feet your cells are bursting out.

If you proceed with the conviction that the mind and body can become one within three years, God will come to you and work within you. Our spirits should be a stage on which God can work. (23-166,39, 200, 47-27, 65-74, 69-280, 38-304)

3) God Comes when We Unite Mind and Body

If your body acquires the habit of not following Satan, you will realize that you are a totally new being and moving toward Heaven. God will work for you, and you will feel tremendous power swell up from your spirit. Shall we call this cosmic power? It is a power to unify and dominate the whole. Then there would be no match for you. God will work within us and desire to dwell within us. Then we can feel acutely that we are living with God. Until we arrive at this point, we cannot call ourselves children of God. When all this is realized, the body becomes a holy temple. When you come near a bad smell, you will get a headache; when you try to go to a bad place, your feet will start aching. The body will sense the situation first and inform us.

Originally, humans were not supposed to dominate the earth alone, but also the spiritual world. The Divine Principle speaks truly when it says that God comes when the mind and body are united. (52-305, 52306, 35-59, 10-97, 69-280)

We should realize again that we are in the wrong, and become children and object partners of the absolute being by uniting our minds and bodies so that we can live eternally in the world of happiness. This I wish for you. This is the true path for human life. (39-357)

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