The Way for Young People

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. Sung Hwa Youth [Part 1]

1. What Is Youth?

Your grandparents are about 60 to 80 years old. Those between ages 40 and 60 are middle-aged people. Those between ages 20 and 40 are the "youth." (96-238)

Which period is the most important period for people? It is not during adolescence. The most important period is when we pass through the period of youth to middle age. In other words, the most important period is between the ages of 20 to 40. From the age of 20 until they reach 30, people form the foundation to start functioning as human beings. During this period, people have to lay a firm foundation for their retirement. They also need to lay a foundation in their environment so that they can go forward with a clear goal. Those who are unable to form this foundation can only become insignificant or ordinary people when they go on to age 40. (22-314)

Is God busy now? Then why is God busy now? It is because human beings cannot live on this earth for such a long time. We cannot live on this earth forever. You people will soon pass the period of your 30s and go on to your 40s.

When we look at the entire life of a person, when is the period that he or she can best display their ability? It is between the ages of 20 to 40 or 50. During these 20 to 30 years is the period of growth. After the age of 40, you will start declining from that standard. Those of you who have gone over the age of 40, look at your physical body and think for a while. Kwang Ryol Yu, you are 43, right? (Yes) Don't you feel different from before? (I feel tired) Tired, uh! A long time ago, no matter how tired I was, I was able to recover after sleeping a few hours. But as I grew older it took time for me to recover from fatigue. Even those who worked 10 hours a day a long time ago will experience a decrease in the number of daily working hours, year by year. You will feel that your working hours are decreasing by one hour every 3 years. If you think like that, after 30 years, your working hours will shrink by 10 hours. If your working hours shrink by one hour every 3 years, then they will decrease by 3 hours after 10 years and 10 hours after 30 years. Therefore, if you worked 10 hours when you were young, after 20 years, you will not be able to work.

By the time you reach 70, you will be unable to work any longer. At that age, you will only be able to take care of things. In other words, you won't be able to do pioneering jobs or something new and constructive. From this point of view, when you think how much you can work for the providence, you should know that you will feel sorry forever. (33-185)

When spring comes and we look at the whole of nature and see flowers blooming and new leaves coming out, we come to think that spring always comes after we pass winter. We also know that after spring, summer will come. Therefore, we know that spring days are the preparation for summer. The four seasons make us think this way, but we can also see the same thing in human beings. When we look at young people, we experience something like a spring feeling from them. We know that a young person will go on to middle age after his youth. We also know that a person will complete his or her life by going on to old age. When we took at our life from one age period, we learn that we go on to the next age period after a certain period. (66-85)

2. The Way of Sung Hwa Youth

1) The Way Sung Hwa Youth Should Go

At night, I always waited eagerly for morning to come, and when morning came, I didn't want evening to come. When evening came, I didn't want night to come. I pioneered today's Unification Church without rejecting the way of pioneers, forerunners, and pilgrims.

You must know that those times were full of hardships and adventures. A wall of sorrow interrupted my way again and again, but I jumped over that wall each time. Even numerous sorrowful circumstances could not interrupt my path. They have now become the source and heavenly power of our life.

Therefore, the more we were opposed, the more we emerged with our eyes set on the world. The Korean people have not realized it yet, but in the future, they will be welcomed by the entire world. Today, the 30 million people who are members of the Korean race are unaware of this, but the time for which we are eagerly waiting will come both in name and in reality. Therefore, we should march on to the world, keeping pace together. We should devote ourselves to fighting and building a free heavenly stage where no one can interrupt wherever we go. Even if we collapse, we must think that it is man's meaningful life to collapse beautifully. You must know that is the way the young Unificationist must go. (2-165)

Where must the young people head toward from now on? What kind of people should people in our society be? We must go forward as true human beings. You must become a person who can say, "I will easily go the way 30 million Koreans could not go." This kind of person will make the day we have hoped for become a reality. Therefore, by becoming a person who can completely go beyond the national standard, we must create a heavenly village with a heavenly environment. If we can form a foundation based on conditions of fulfilling God's will victoriously, then all the nations in the world will come to recognize this. (25-90)

Our way is the way we must go. Therefore, it cannot be avoided. I straightened out and shortened the way for you so that you can find your way to the Father with less effort and pain. Reverend Moon is leading this way as a leader, so you just have to follow him from behind. (20-323)

No matter how young you are, if you are living for today, you are useless. The day will come when you will collapse like a fallen leaf.

You will never be able to become the trunk of a tree. However, a person who lives for the future will become the trunk and the root. Those who live for today can only become a leaf. Do you understand what I mean? You must know that if you live for the future, you can become the branch, the trunk and the root, but if you live for today, you can only become a leaf. Which will you choose? Will you become the branch or will you become the root? (The root!) In order to become the root, what should you do? That way is the way of hope. What should you do to become the root? When you evaluate a person, you must evaluate him based on what kind of a person he will be in the future, not what he is right now. What kind of thinking does that person have right now? That is what is important. (117-327)

2) Reverend Moon's Experience During Youth

To straighten out the world is not such an easy job. I am training you. I am especially training the young ones because they themselves desire it. The training ground is not a nice place. That place is a difficult place, a place where you shed sweat. It is blood-covered ground. In order to fulfill the worldwide mission, no matter what kind of determination you make, there may always be numerous and more difficult situations on your way. You must not retreat at that time. You must go towards that and break through any kind of difficult situation by going in all directions -- north, south, east, west, up, down, front and back.

Reverend Moon has done everything. I even became a beggar. I even did what beggars do. I was even a champion of digging tunnels in mines. If I go to the mountains, there is no grass, which I do not know. I know which grass we can eat. I know everything. When you are chased by someone and are hiding in the mountains, you cannot die from hunger. You must eat and stay alive. By staying alive you can always go on with the hope to fulfill the will. If you die, nothing can be accomplished. Isn't that so? There is no exercise I have not done.

Therefore, I'm telling you: don't waste your youth. The period of youth will never come twice. It is very valuable. Are you to live that period of youth as a single person or as a representative of 10 or even 100 people's youth? If you are going to live as a representative of one, 100, or 1,000 people, you must have a hidden motivation; the spirit and courage to do what even 100 young people cannot do. Do you understand what I mean? If I had not valued the importance of training and had not prepared in that time, Reverend Moon would also have been like a fallen autumn leaf in the history that has already passed away. I would have just been blown away without even becoming a handful of fertilizer.

There is nothing young people cannot do. You just have to do it. It will never be done if you don't do it. Is anything impossible for a human being? You just have to do it. Any kind of job. If you don't do it, it will never get done.

The adolescent period is very beautiful. Reverend Moon was a smelly man during his school years. It was not because I used perfume! It was the smell of sweat and rotting. My hair was drooping down. At school, I didn't have anything to say. Without being able to accomplish my job, what was there to say? I didn't have any time. I lived like that. (187-137)

3) Become the Base of a Building

If you are going to build a house, no matter what other people say, you need lumber and then you need to build a foundation. Reverend Moon is now like lumber, so I now need to form a foundation. In order to form a foundation, where must we work? We have to work from under the ground. If you are to build a tall building, you should first dig up the ground very deeply and firmly to do the groundwork. You cannot build a house if you think, "Let's just build the house on a broad sand bank without having to go though hard work!" You must do the groundwork. We have not been able to finish the groundwork yet. Don't think we have finished. We are still working to build the base.

What is necessary if you want to build the base with concrete? You need to prepare gravel and sand first. If you have a truckload of cement, you will need a hundred times more gravel and sand. Then where can you find gravel and sand? You should go to the riverside. No one lives on the riverside. Stones can be found in the mountains. You will not find them in the grassy plain. Sands and gravel are sadly abandoned things. Then, what you will need next is water. Who is the person who can become the sand and the gravel of the Unification Church? That's what we should do. Do you feel sad? You might feel bad, saying, "According to what Reverend Moon said, we are the ones that should become the sand and gravel!" There is no help for it, even if you feel bad. What can we do? This is the basic rule.

What I'm saying is that I will hand over the sand and gravel and all the other things to you. Do you agree? Don't you? (We agree) Then, if we pour water and cement onto the sand and gravel, what will happen? It will become a large clod. If you do this job night and day, forgetting your parents and your children, your children will become one lump with you. Based on this, we are to grow bigger. If that grows bigger, the stone lump will grow bigger, the sand lump will grow bigger, and the cement lump will also grow bigger. If that lump becomes bigger than 30 million people, then it will become a problem that disturbs the entire world.

Therefore, you must become the cement, the gravel, sand and water. Your blood, sweat and tears will be the water; your body will be the sand, and your bones will be the gravel. Therefore, you must harden your basic foundation. The foundation that has been hardened like that will be a foundation upon which you can be very creative. Therefore, even if the history of the period of youth flows away, it will not collapse.

Even if the history of ten thousand years flows past, it will not collapse. Furthermore, no matter what kind of organization tries to make it collapse, even if they try for a thousand or ten thousand years, they will never be able to make it collapse. (28-219)

If a tree tries to grow big, it is not enough to just have broad ground under it. In order for a tree to grow big, it needs a deep root. If a tree thrusts deep roots, then that tree will grow big. (18-141)

How many young men and women in the Unification Church are the partners of God? How many young men and women have the right timing, the right results, the right heart and a right way of thinking? (63248)

4) Work Hard Before Reaching Age Thirty

Reverend Moon had to establish a standard of heavenly rule and the philosophy that all Unification Church members must go through hard work until they reach 30 years of age. That is why Reverend Moon is making you work hard. Do you understand? (Yes) Why do I make you work hard until the age of 30? Harmony occurs based on the number 3. It starts from the number 3. Harmony does not occur from two. You can only form a straight line with two points. If you connect two points you will form a straight line, right? The shortest way is the straight line, but when you have 3 points, harmony occurs from there. Harmony occurs from 3 points.

Therefore, should we work hard until the age of 30, or should we not? (We should) That's right. The age of 60 is our 60th birthday. We return to the beginning when we become 61. If you have walked the dark road of life until the age of 30, then the other side of 60 will be the final stage with the sunlight shining over you. This is the way we view history. The Oriental historical view is right. Isn't that so? Just work hard until the age of 30. You will not have any regrets about life, even if you work hard during your entire life, not just to 60, but until you die, like Reverend Moon. (187-72)

Then, when we look at our entire life, shall we say, "Let's play during our adolescence. We can work hard when we get older." What do you think? (No) Why do you say no? Which route shall we take? To work during our youth until our backs are bent is our way to happiness. Is that your conclusion? (Yes) You are to go on carrying a heavy load. If that person doesn't go on, it's even good to hit him to make him go on, Is it better to say, "Oh, you are so weak. You should rest. Other kids in the neighborhood are all playing. You should go and play also. You young people should play like that"? (We prefer being sent out) If that kind of logic is true, then it is the same as any organization, any kind of organization. Should we wake up the young ones in the organization early in the morning and make them work hard until their bones melt, or should we make them peacefully dance and sing like a grasshopper? (We should make them work) Then where is the best organization in the world? That place will just make you work hard until your bones melt while you are still young. It will make you keep working. Are you saying that the organization that can do this is the best in the world? Then what kind of organization are our church members in? The organization that has the most number of young people is the Unification Church. The Unification Church makes young people work the hardest, but we think, "We are working hard to death now but happy times will come in the future." This is a beautiful organization. Is this an unfortunate organization? (It is a beautiful organization) (105-178)

Throughout your entire life you will be followed by financial problems. That is Satan. These problems always follow you, but you have to pull them out. Instead of doing this, you are always being pulled by financial problems. I will kick out the financial problem and live anywhere, even on the islands. I will live even if you all die. I know which mushrooms can be eaten and which cannot; I know which are medicinal plants and which are poisonous. Furthermore, if I have a wire and a string I can make a fishing rod and catch fish any time. I can live and survive anywhere. I have the wisdom to be independent all the time. It is Reverend Moon's philosophy that the members of the Unification Church must officially go through this training until the age of 30. For seven years, you must have financial training and training in love. This is why we value witnessing and fundraising while we go through the restoration course.

When we look at it historically, fundraising is the method of going through the Old Testament age. You must understand this. During the Old Testament age, they gave things as an offering when they performed a sacrificial rite. In order for us to go the way of restoration through indemnity, we have to offer things and bring victory. After passing through that, you are then able to go on to the New Testament age and witness.

You must be persecuted by people and be trained. When I meet a person for the first time I can tell: "Oh, this person is like this and like that," and it is usually correct. How can I do that? As I received persecution from many people, I studied them very carefully. That is necessary. You must be able to answer "Yes," when you are asked, "Can you Unification Church members handle people diplomatically in your life?" After this is the spiritual world. You should have the ability to defend yourself against all tests and attacks from the spiritual world. (117-24, 96-115)

Usually, the life of a young person is a drastically changing one.

When people are in their adolescence, they like things that are stimulating and ever-changing. It is O.K. to like those kinds of things. It is O.K. if you have the ability to absorb and digest that ever-changing environment, but if you don't and if you merely enjoy it, finally you will live a life that is unrelated to your true self.

The period of adolescence is the period full of adventure and danger. Because the adolescent period is full of adventures and dangers, the way I am teaching you is necessary for you to go through. You must accumulate experiences through learning from what other people have done or from the way your ancestors went. Also, if you do not know the future path, which you are to take from now on, as training for you to overcome, you need this time of youth as a period to create your internal personality. Therefore, you must know that during your youth, even if your life drastically changes or even if there are so many things you must face, you will definitely need training to regulate and beautifully overcome everything.

5) Train Yourself in Many Fields Before the Age of Thirty

Those who like the training which is easy and dislike the training which is difficult will not be able to attain the personality that will further your development. Then, what kind of mind do you need to have? You need to pay attention to the matters and problems that confront you. When you are being trained, you need to pay attention to all the tests you face. You should become a person who not only faces one problem, but pays attention to all directions. (67-86)

We must train young people in every direction. We must make them know how to go west, east, south, and north. If a person is trained this way, then people will pay attention, saying, "Oh, that person is different from me. That person says these kinds of things." During adolescence or youth, in other words before reaching the age of 30, we look for the fastest way or the best way in order to be successful and settle down. However, we can say that the way we are going now is the fastest way. If you want to go west, the road heading towards the west may not always necessarily be the fastest way to succeed and settle down. A faster way could be found towards the east, south, or even north. Therefore, you need to know things in all directions.

When we are trying to go up, it is not always bad to go down while being persecuted by your surroundings. You must think that you will find your place of settlement, the place most necessary for you during your life, the fastest route is the road going down.

Therefore, from now on until you reach 30, you must try everything and learn. For example, you might want to become a forerunner or an historical leader. You must never think that you cannot do it, and you must not wait until you are past the age of 30. Then you will be too late. From the age of 30, it is the stage of practice. That is, the 15 years from the age of 30 to 45 Reverend Moon also planned like that. During the 15 years until age 45, you should challenge yourself on the stage of practice. Make a challenge until the age of 45 and build the history of the Unification Church within those 15 years.

Therefore, we must go around the world at the age of 45. We must fight to greet the period of maturity in the world before reaching 60.

Everything is taking place according to that kind of program. This is why I am trying to make the members of the Unification Church work hard until the age of 30. I know through my experience. If you don't do this, you will not become a person who is even needed by your area.

You will merely be a person in your neighborhood. You will not become a person who can be in charge of or lead a nation.

If you have the world in mind, you must be trained in all directions before 30. You should think, "Oh, this is fun; oh, this is fun too. I can relate to it." Those who think, "Oh, I can't do it, so it has nothing to do with me," will perish on the way. On your way, if you cannot find the road on which you want to settle, you will abandon everything at that place.

However, when you find that the way you are going is not right, if you are trained in all four directions, you can choose to go in the other direction or you can just simply turn around. If you are experienced, you can find your way. Therefore, when we look at a person who is experienced and another one who is not, even if they are the same age and have the same ability, the person who can become the leader or the central figure depends upon who is more experienced. This is theoretical. (144-293)

When you have two bars of hardened iron and want to know which is harder, you will know by hitting them. You will be able to find out which is harder. If you do so, a loud noise will occur. The two bars of iron are being tested. The harder one will win. However, in one sense, hard things break easily. Therefore, it is no use just becoming hard. We usually think that hardened things are strong. Of course, hard things are strong, but you should also know that hardness includes being durable. It should have power to resist.

You must become that kind of steel. Don't you all wish to become that kind of person? (Yes, we do) Yes. You should. Our Unification Church group should be strong and durable. The springs of a car are just the same. In other words, they must also have the power to thrust.

You know the Japanese sword is well known worldwide. There is a famous sword called Masamune. In order to make this sword, it is not just heated in the fire once and pounded. When the sword is heated at a high temperature, residue often arises. That residue is removed again and again by pounding. The sword is heated and pounded, heated and pounded over and over again, once in high heat and then again in a higher heat. This work is not done without thought. The process includes the heart and spirit of devotion. The sword is pounded very early in the morning, with devotion. The person making the sword puts all his heart and spirit into his work, thinking, "This sword will cut any enemy into pieces any day." The day you use this sword with the same kind of thinking, everything will be cut into pieces. Do you think so too? (Yes) I'm sure you have seen people doing Tae-kwon-do or karate put a piece of wood on a piece of paper and hit it. When the wood is hit, the wood breaks, but the paper is all right. The person who has mastered the skill will make the paper remain even when it is struck. It takes time before the paper rips. You must strike before the paper rips.

Therefore, you must finish hitting before the power strikes the paper. This is logical and theoretical. I'm sure there is no one who does not want to become this kind of person. If so, you should spend a long time training hard.

When we look at a world wrestling or boxing champion, by finding out the amount of time he spends training, we can know how long that person will still go on and how much more power he will attain in the future. When you do karate, you cannot do it like this and hit just here. You should hold your hand horizontally and hit. You should think that when a person is hit by a single strength, that person also receives that single strength. That's why it becomes strong.

When you play a piano, the strength of this finger and this finger hitting the keyboard is different. Therefore, the basics are comprised of how to learn to play the keyboard with the same strength. You need to practice a lot in order to do that. You must take into account the places that should be strong and the places that should be weak, and all that must work scientifically and automatically. You cannot become a famous pianist unless you clearly grasp how you have trained and practiced.

When you talk, you don't have any standard of speaking. Do you have the concept, "I will speak based on this standard. This speech has a beginning here?" You are just listening and speaking and so on.

That kind of a person can only become a person on a horizontal plane. (67-213)

3. Sung Hwa Students

1) Sung Hwa Is a Big Name

Today, the young people have not realized this. Those who always sacrifice become central figures. The person who sacrifices the most is the filial son in a family. A patriot becomes the central figure of a nation because he or she sacrifices more. A sage who sacrifices more than others also becomes the central figure of the sages. This is the heavenly rule. Therefore, I gave the name "Sung Hwa" with a determination to produce people who can make harmony with everything by seriously following the way of the heavenly law. Do you now understand what sung hwa youth is! It is youth who can harmonize with heaven, humankind, and all things. New sprouts of hope will appear wherever this kind of youth goes. That is the place where God's hope will build a nest. That is the place where God's power of love increases. Please know this amazing fact. (113-326)

If we put the Chinese character dae hak seng (university student) next to the Chinese character sung hwa, then we need to use the Chinese character dae (big) for dae hak, right? Why do we use the Chinese character dae meaning big for dae of Dae? You must think that this is because it is the center of blessing for heaven and earth. You people, the students of CARP, are the subjective persons who must carry out the reformation.

Therefore, as university students, you are to restore the universities.

Universities cannot be left as they are now. They cannot be blessed as they are. Will everything be done if we just do it? Blessing should also be given at the right time.

What then is hak (learning)? It means knowledge, right? We learn to do what? Recently, university students have become very straightforward. When the female students are asked why they come to school, they will say, "Because I want to marry a good person," or "Because I want to be the wife of the oldest son of a cabinet minister." That is not right. Those people must all perish. For whom do we study? It doesn't matter for whom. We are studying after all for ourselves. It was for yourself that you became first in the class and it was for yourself that you married. Yet, when you are not in a good mood you say to your husband, "Why are men always like this?" Your eyes are slanted and you always want to win over your husband. If your husband says one word, your lips tremble and you scorn him saying, "Is there anything I don't know? Do men know everything? I was born as a female and my strength is weak, but I can do everything just as well as men." That's not good. If you do that, you are only hurting yourself.

You must know that you are studying in order to meet a true man and to become a true mother. In order to become a mother, you have to study for the nation. You must serve your husband as a true husband and you must become a true wife who serves a true husband. If you are unable to become that kind of person, you cannot serve a true husband and you cannot have a true son. Women must become true wives, and as a housewife of a family, you must live together with your husband till your old age. If you are studying to have a good marriage, then those who graduated from university must live together with their husbands till old age, right? But are there many that live a long time with their husbands or are there many that divorce? We can tell without even doing any research. Illiterate people live together longer. From this point of view, sung hwa has a big meaning. (25-109)

2) The Standard Sung Hwa Students Must Maintain

The reason the university campus is perishing now is because it is falling just like Adam and Eve fell in their teens, during their adolescence. Now it is like the harvest time of those days, like the season of autumn. Therefore, the fall is going on all around the world today. Reverend Moon is trying to restore all of that. I am trying to guide them according to heavenly law. Do you understand? (Yes) Therefore, men must not readily hold young women's hands. (25-202)

As the young kid on the university campus, don't just go to college and be pushed around or become refuse that is difficult to get rid of.

Even by just sitting still, you must become a group that cannot be ignored by the environment. (25-169)

There once was a time when it was announced on the radio that young people had to go home before 10 o'clock, right? If you are a university student, you must be the central person who will take responsibility in the future and lead the nation. In order to do that, there must be a standard. You can go backwards and forward centered on that. If you free yourself centering on the principle, are you on the good side or the evil side? You studied this during the indemnity course, right? This is a bag of evil. Satan comes here. Reverend Moon thinks Satan is called Sa-tan (Satan in Korean) because it is sa (to buy) and tan (to ride). These kinds of realistic words are necessary. Then who buys it? You people are going to be bought. You are those who are bought. How can you raise your heads and come here standing tall? (25-270)

For the sung hwa students, the place to go after graduation has already been set, so don't think of other things. You must not recklessly use your eyes, nose, hands, body and mind. You will stand in the vanguard holding a beacon for the salvation of the nation. From there, a new history begins. (25-207)

Among the intellectuals, the young male and female university students should become one and stand at the forefront of the nation. If so, this nation will be restored instantly. Those of you who are university students should also receive the Blessing in the future. According to the view of the principle, the direction you should go has become clear. You must go this way in the place of your elder brother or younger brother from a long time ago.

Do you understand? You should dissolve Jesus' han (sorrowful resentment) deep in his heart which he experienced during his adolescence from his people and his nation. You should stand and go forward by overcoming Jesus' lonely and miserable situation when he was persecuted and kicked out, all alone. By doing so, you can settle and be triumphant in the boxing ring with Satan. This is the law of accomplishing indemnity and resolving han.

If you oppose this way, you will perish. Those of you who are receiving that opposition will not perish. If you just believe me and go forward, you will never be forced out. Just overcome for three years. (25-214)

3) After Graduation, the Way of the Will Is More Important than Finding a Job

Everyone, let's think of the existence of "I". Let's think about ourselves for a while. "I" was born on this earth, but where did this existence "I" come from? There must be many reasons for it. Let's sit down and think for a while. Where did this existence "I" come from? How have I, now in my 20s or youth, lived from the past until now? I went to kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school, and university, but where am I headed from here? When I look from this point, right at this moment, there is a course, which tells from where and to where we are to go. This course is a course we have to go by any means. (156-256)

What is the general goal of people of today? University graduates will try to get a position in a company or a bank that gives a good salary. That is their final goal. After forming that foundation, they then think they just have to meet a beautiful woman and have children. What can you become if you live like that? They don't have any concern for humankind or for any of those kinds of things. (25-263)

What will you do, after graduating from university? Will you become a salaried man, receiving so much money? That's a very trivial thing that doesn't even amount to blowing your nose. Do you want to become the slave of money? Raise your hand if you want to become a salary man? Those who don't want to become a salary man, raise your hands. What is this? If you say no to this and no to that, then what are you going to do? If you are not going to become a salary man, what are you going to do? If you don't want to become a salary man, shouldn't you become a boss? You must become the boss. (25-167)

When I took closely at the youth of today they say, "Job, job, such and such dollars, salary, jobs. A job is more important than anything else." I can't even relate to them. You cannot be included in the group of humanity if you say you cannot go the Way of the Will because of a job opportunity. How can you be included? Well, everyone, think for a while. Do you think you can be included in the group of humanity or not? (No) Do you feel good or bad? There is no use even if you feel bad. You might say, "Oh, this feels bad," but you must feel bad. (62-205)

You are all young people. Now almost all the young people, especially the university students are thinking, centering on themselves, how to succeed in their own country and how to realize a happy life.

However, the young people in the Unification Church must not be like that. More than your own happiness, you must think for the sake of the people and the world based on the moral ethic of a higher dimension. You must have a broader view of happiness from that higher dimension, and you must also be able to practice it. I'm sure you know from the Principle that you must have the consciousness to carry out a central mission. (25-79)

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