The Way for Young People

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. Sung Hwa Youth [Part 2]

4. Our Attitude Toward Knowledge and the Pursuit of Learning

1) Life and Knowledge

When we think of the value of knowledge and the value of life, can these be equal? Would you risk your life in order to become an academic doctor? Would you exchange your life for a doctorate degree? Then, if you compare a person living in the countryside who knows the value of life and a doctor who does not, who has more value? (The person who knows the value of life.) Therefore, life and knowledge cannot be compared. (41-176)

What did the sages come in touch with? They did not come in touch with knowledge. A person is called a sage if, centering on a more valuable and meaningful life, he practices and longs for life's transcendental value, greater than the nation, greater than the world; the universal value. That person is called a sage if he dies longing to establish an ideal nation even under a life and death situation.

Therefore, Socrates cannot be included in the group of sages.

What changes current trends of thinking? Philosophy does. However, philosophy has nothing to do with life. You all must know that.

Philosophy cannot stand as the very origin that influences life.

Philosophy can be the source of knowledge that stands in the objective position to life. However, it cannot determine the context of life.

Therefore, we can conclude that life cannot be saved by philosophy.

Sages are not philosophers. What was the basis for the lives of the sages? They did not have any life strategies. Of course, they did teach knowledge. They taught one aspect of the way of life, but based upon what? Did they teach some kind of a strategy to occupy the world? What they taught was different. They were all different.

The more knowledge you acquire, the more it makes you want to possess. Today's Western philosophy is very possessive. The more you learn, the more possessive you will become. The more you learn, it will try to expand its territory to the world going beyond yourself. Centering on what? Centering on the world or you? Philosophy says it follows the way that is for the sake of the world. But centering on what? Philosophy is always centering on you, on yourself. Philosophy says you are the center. Philosophy cannot solve the problems of our life in a fundamental way. Therefore, philosophy can be included in the objective value, but it cannot be the fundamental determining factor.

Since the sages knew this, what did they pursue? Even if they pursued knowledge, they did not pursue it just horizontally. What was always at the center of the sages' principles? It was not the self. Do you understand? What was philosophy centered on? It was centered on a person who asserted the hak (learning). That was the problem. Sages also assert, but they do not assert centered on a person. That was the difference.

With philosophy, the person who asserts the idea always becomes the problem. Say, for example, Marxism. The person who asserts Marxism plays the leading role. It has developed worldwide in order to unite all the people under that territory of thought. Who is at the center? Humankind. Today's philosophical trend is working to unite the environment centering on humankind. (40-330)

Human life is more valuable than anything else. However, if we do not live as the objects of the power that moves and gives impact to our lives, we will not be able to settle down peacefully in this world, which is also the object of that power. Therefore, humans try to relate to the absolute life being who is larger than their lives.

This is a natural outcome. The will is not ours, and we are not responsible for it. This is why people confer nouns such as the Absolute Being or God on the one who carries out the providence according to the will.

You all know that the more knowledge a person living in this historical final age has the greater burdens he will have. Anyone knows that burdens will control that person's life and will not allow him to pioneer the blessed land in which he can settle peacefully. What is required the most at this time is a place of settlement for life that comes from the Absolute Being. We are all in need of that. We must all know that everyone, transcending race and culture, East and west, are in need of this. Here we can recognize that what we are longing for is to relate to the Absolute Being. The more a person is knowledgeable and has gone through moral mental training, and the more sensitively aware he is, the more he knows that he cannot pioneer the place of settlement within just the area of his major. (9-306)

You people say out loud, "I go to this university," or "I went to that university and got a doctor's degree and became this..." But you couldn't even eat, couldn't even go out to play, always with a towel around your head. Are you saying that you got a doctor's degree by studying overnight, not even being able to rest? We say you are a great person if you received the Nobel Prize, but if you look at yourself closely, there are lots of things that are miserable. It's the same. It's the same. It doesn't matter if you received the Nobel Prize. That's only a small area of study. You have only dug a small tunnel within this broad world, and because you know about that area, you are just sitting inside that enclosure. When you took at the entire world, you are just an extremely small being. You boast that you know something, but you know very well that you are only an extremely small being.

When we think of that, does knowledge or the fact that we know something bring happiness to human beings? Does it bring a sense of ease? No, it doesn't. You will find that the more you study, the more you realize how little you know.

Just try going to a good school and becoming a famous professor. You will always have a pen in your hand, writing something and being asked to be responsible for something. Think about living your entire life like that. Eating ink... even if you boast, you are merely boasting about your major. What influence can you have on the world? You will know nothing about what's happening in the world. There will not be room in you to think about changing the world. God's will or not, there will be no room in you to think about it.

You don't know anything more than a person who does not know because you are sunk deep inside. Even if you have knowledge, you merely finish your life as a bookworm. You did not acquire confidence in yourself When a person says a word that is related to your major, you are just picking it up and collecting it and doing comparative research again. If you are like this, then you are in a bad fix. You don't own yourself. Even if you become a famous professor, what is that? It's such a waste to put all your life and everything you have there. (98-84)

When we say, "Oh, that person is good," are we saying that based on his or her knowledge? That person has to have a good heart. In order to be called a good person, that person has to have an innately good framework of life and original nature. Whether that person is knowledgeable of not, he or she has to have a good heart. (39-315)

You try to become rich or famous because you want to be the center, respected by everyone. You don't want to go to a country far away to be respected, right?

2) Knowledge and Heart

Reverend Moon has never thought of being knowledgeable or having this and that. The heart is the problem. Are we to dominate through knowledge? It's no use saying, "I'm the boss of so-and-so" with authority and a power-centered mind. We should dominate through heart. Since the territory of heart is at the center of the universe, if you come in contact with heart, or if you try to become one with Reverend Moon, then a territory in which you can participate together with Reverend Moon will be formed and you will stand in the same area as Reverend Moon. It will be effective only if you stand 90 degrees within that area. It will not work if you come out of that. No matter how much you try, if the angle does not match, it will not work. (171-20)

History laid the foundation of external happiness through knowledge. It also laid an orderly standard in society through religion, ethics, and morals. However, history could not provide an order in which human beings could interact with each other based upon heart. You should all understand this. History could not lay the heartistic order. You say there is God, but what must God do now? God has given us the external environment and has restored the standard of blessing that was externally granted to humans. Therefore, now we must be able to form a heartistic relationship with God worldwide. You must know that the person who comes to form a world that is centered on this heartistic relationship is the Lord of the Second Coming. Therefore, until now, the world has experienced a revolution of knowledge and a revolution of social organizations. The world has tried to form a revolution of heart that transcends the standard of conscience.

In order to complete this revolution of heart, we must become true sons and daughters of True Parents before the fall and of God whom we lost through the fall. The revolution of heart will be completed when God, True Parents, true sons and daughters, all of whom we have lost, reunite centering on one point. That is the Last Day. You must all clearly understand this. (9-60)

3) God Did Not Recommend Having Knowledge

What is the fall? The fall betrayed God and the heartistic relationship with Him. The fall is what happened when human beings betrayed Him without completing the standard of conscience God wanted. The fall occurred because human beings betrayed Him without establishing the ideal of God. The original point of the fall was at the point when humankind lost the standard of the heart of God.

Therefore, Heaven came looking for humankind. When He came, He did not say, "Love your body. Love such-and-such kind of knowledge or learning." He said, "Come and stand with God's love." This is the standard, which God established as the principle way. (10-98)

Since the day Jesus was unable to complete the will, God promised the Second Coming of the Messiah, the Lord of all Lords. What will this hero bring when he comes? He will come with the blessed land of the heart which human beings, history, this age and all of heaven and earth have hoped for. This is why God advised us. He did not advise us with some kind of knowledge. He did not advise us to enjoy having power. In life or death, He advised us to come forward with the integrity of a bride. (9-56)

What is it that God needs? God does not need money or knowledge. What kind of knowledge does God need? What will God say if you go to Him and say, "I am a doctor of natural history because I am very knowledgeable"? Will He say, "Oh, you great one"? Or will He say, "Oh, you ugly one"? There is nothing you can boast about to God. God is the king of truth. God is the king of knowledge. If you say to Him, "I was a president of such-and-such a country," He will say, "You fool." You try to show God the authority of a president centering on your power, but God already has it all. Then what is it that God needs? It is not money and it is not knowledge. It is not even power. What God needs is love. (187-44)

Isn't knowledge so? If all theories change, you will stick to them, right? You will follow them. That's what usually happens. It doesn't change. Knowledge, power, then money, or economy. What is called "economy" is something that is consumed. A unit of economy, or money, is always used. Why do we need money? It is to consume. You require consumer products that can replace all things. In order to live, we need consumer products.

Where do the things we consumed go? They do not rotate after being consumed. There is only one side. It does not rotate. What is the only power that can rotate within this power? The power of love can rotate there. Love cannot rotate by itself. (180-144)

4) In Order to Become a Specialist

Let us take learning. When we think about learning, in order to stand in an authoritative position in one kind of area, you must study and complete a specialized course. Even if you do business, you will not succeed unless you go through a special course in that area. The same applies to a country. When a country tries to follow one political strategy, then it must bring together the knowledge of the specialists in that area. We all know that unless this is done, it will be impossible to carry out the political strategy of that country.

When we look from this kind of viewpoint, there is no need to repeat that we definitely need a specialist of God in order to solve the problem of God's providence of restoration. The same goes for the Unification Church. Our church also definitely needs a specialist.

Then, in order for us to become a specialist, what kind of spirit should we have first? You must put all your heart and mind in the area of your goal. You must put all your life and pour all your spirit into it.

The Bible says, "Love God, your Lord, with all your heart, all your will and all your nature." In other words, you must put in all your heart and mind when you love. You cannot become a specialist of love unless your heart becomes one. (29-80)

Not long ago, I heard from a student who goes to a university that whenever the professors hear that there is some world famous or useful material somewhere, they pour out all their energy to desperately get hold of it without even thinking about their behavior. Professors will even use up all their fortune to obtain that material. That is the mind of professors. If the person is even risking his life for the sake of research in his major, that person will not spare anything. (12-199)

In order to become a specialist, you need to dig into that area. You need to do that in order to teach the correct things. You don't necessarily need to study, but if you want to go to the very deepest place, you can know by digging into it. Then you can be the leader. (67-231)

There are famous basketball players, football players or soccer players in the world, but do those players just become champions of their country? Those champions are specialists. They are the best specialists. Do those specialists become specialists by just sitting down saying, "I'm going to be a specialist"? They have to do the same thing ten times, one hundred times, one thousand times, ten thousand times. The more that number is, the greater that specialist becomes (81-135)

5) You Must Control Centering on Absolute Value

Many people in the world have a one-sided or partial personality. Even those who once walked around boasting that they have a Ph.D. are not much use when being criticized. Academic doctors cannot solve the problems of the world.

Therefore, centering on absolute values hasn't Reverend Moon become the teacher of ICUS (International Conference of the Unity of Science)? I gather all the professors and guide them. Isn't Reverend Moon the locomotive that pulls the Nobel Prize winners? No matter how much they boast, they can only be specialists in a parts factory. They can only be the specialist or a manager.

Therefore, you should go to the assembly factory, not the parts factory. Then, what is the Unification Church? Is it a parts factory that makes parts or is it an assembly factory that makes finished products? (It is a place that makes finished products.) Yes, it is a place that makes finished products. Then, will it be easy or difficult to go through the factory process of the Unification Church? (It is difficult.) How complicated is it? There is nothing that the Unification Church doesn't do, right? When American people try to label me, they say Reverend Moon is a business operator, a preacher of the Gospel, a businessman, a religious leader, a scientist, and so on. You guys! That's not correct. How can I be a factory boss? Reverend Moon is the boss of the factory that assembles everything and makes finished products. You feel bad, right? (We feel good.) Then where is the origin of that? Where is the basic form of what should be assembled? I'm talking about the blueprint. Where is the original manufacturing product? Will that be the origin that comes from God or Reverend Moon? That is the problem. If that origin came from Reverend Moon, that is artificial. If it was from God, then it can be real. It's not completely real yet. It could be real. (72-35)

Will you lose this battle of thought? Will you lose or will you win? (We will not lose) We have already finished conducting the experiment. From now on, those professors in the world who advocate that now is the age of Reverend Moon's Godism will increase.

Until 1988, I will dispute with and criticize the entire professors' world in the summit centering on absolute value. We will send our members and teach them. I will tell them to teach everything from all the areas of social science, natural science, philosophy and religion. I gave out these kinds of orders from this year. From now on, it is the time when I have to work directly. Therefore, those who are the great stars of the academic world should straighten out the direction of their thoughts. Do you understand? You should not forget that Reverend Moon is the champion or the leading person who cannot lose the thought battle. Do you understand? (138-60)

There have been many great people who have listened to Reverend Moon's teachings. I'm sure that there are Ph.D.s participating even here. You are boasting that you are a doctor of philosophy and a doctor in physics. But you must know that a doctor is a specialist in just one area. You come to the Unification Church saying, "Oh, Reverend Moon will perish going on like that. While he is in jail, the Unification Church will disappear. Who will follow him when he does things like that?" But, I will follow even if no one else does. I will follow. After all, now I am standing in a more prosperous position than those people. They are all standing in one small comer. (132-233)

6) What the Young Ones Should Know

Those people who do not know us ask, "Who are your' when they meet us. Reverend Moon wishes to ask the same question of you people. I'm sure God will ask you the same question as well. The answer that God likes is when you say, "I am a young person." For an individual, the best time is the period of youth. (11- 117)

We can now see a tendency for many religions to be pushed by today's trend of thought in spite of having a history of hundreds or thousands of years. Christianity also has a history of several thousand years, but it is now in the state of needing to persevere once again for the sake of its future. If there is some kind of a racecourse that sprang up from the marrow, this course will be a historical one, a course of this era, and a course for the future.

Therefore, we need to have knowledge about that. Today, we hear that there is such-and-such a new truth, but it will not be good if that truth is the truth of a single age. You young people should clearly know this.

That truth will not be good if it is from a single age. No matter what kind of "ism" or thought there is, they will all merely pass away if they are only for one single age period. What we now need is a new "ism" or a thought that can transcend everything. That new "ism" or thought must appear on the base of a successful history and must overcome the thought trends of any particular age. (7-139)

What kind of era is our age today? It is an age when good and evil intersects. At this time, we flow inward, coming together with goodness. What will happen to those of us who are in the middle of this era? What kind of a world will this world become after good and evil intersect and meet? When this world passes away, what kind of world will come? This is a problem we are very anxious to know. Today, we say there are young men and women who have the will, but they must keep pace with each other and know where God is and know the hope of all things on this earth. You must come to realize that you yourself are the hope, not this troubled world. (6-112)

Young people should clearly know the standard of good and evil. They must know this clearly. (70-73)

You, the young ones, are standing at the turning point of good and evil; therefore, if you make one wrong step, you will fall into a steep and deep hollow. It may be difficult, but when you climb up step by step, you will then be the king of victory who overcame to see the hope of the bright tomorrow and who will have a vision of the broader plain of hope. You need to watch that one step. You need to be careful of that snow-covered road. When you study or when you read a page of a book, you must become a person who can feel earnestly, through deeply understanding, all the content of that page. One single word that you catch and understand clearly may be the foundation on which you can dissolve the country's unfortunate history. You must become a person who can study from this kind of viewpoint. Then you will be studying for the nation.

Even when you read a book, you must think that God's will of the providence could open the door from there. Those who read through a page of a book with that kind of seriousness will definitely be preparing him or herself for God's need. God will use that kind of person. However, those who are moderate, vague and think this is good and that is good and who follow the beat of any old tune and dance without integrity cannot become the main figure of that nation. You girls and men must not dance together at any place. You must know that the Unification Church's way has a different color.

We must go the way of goodness.

Before you is the dividing point of life and death, good and evil, and prosperity and decay, but I have not prepared an anchor line for you. Then, who is to hold the line? I have to tug it in. I have to tug it in saying, "You rascal anchor line..." We must say, "Anchor line of goodness, let's go upwards and upwards."

Let's go up until we reach Heaven by going over the individual, family, tribe and nation. Go up like this while hanging on to it. Do you understand? Based on this principle, especially the young ones must clearly know what the standard of good and evil is. They must become the victors of tomorrow. After accomplishing the glorious restoration of our country, the day will come when the young people will welcome the happy day of the opening of the world's heavenly nation. Through this, you must not only receive the love of God as princes and princesses of victory, you must also become persons who, representing the entire world, can receive endorsements such as "Follow the example of this person." (59-214)

Young people of the Unification Church! We must regain the territory of our home country. You believe in the Unification Church because you need to regain the parents of your original hometown. It is in order to regain our original family, tribe, people, nation, and the world of our hometown. Do you understand? In order to do that, we must go forward, restoring the things that have been lost. (21-159)

5. The Attitude Sung Hwa Youth Should Take

1) Establishment of the Internal Self

What is most important for you, is to always be united with God and True Parents. If you separate yourself from them, accidents will occur over and over again. When you separate yourself, you might be thinking you are doing it for the sake of the will; however, if you do that, you have become traitors without even knowing it. I'm sure no one thought from the beginning that he would become a traitor. You might have thought you had done something good, but actually it turned out like this. Therefore, those of you who are here must find the three points of union. You should all know that these are the most important cardinal points in order for you to fulfill your responsibilities. The foundation that can internally become one with God and True Parents is the heart. (24-132)

Those who cannot be officially recognized by God in your internal church life cannot represent God in external social life. (22-36)

How does Reverend Moon guide the Unification Church? What have you done for God until now? The method, precisely is, "Come into contact with the mainstream of history." (21-109)

2) Push Forward More than You Determined to

A person who knows the Principle will make a resolution when he or she turns 21 years of age (because three times seven is 21) saying, "This year I will live 365 days exactly as I have planned." Let's say that this person, on New Year's Day, swore and pledged, "God of Heaven and earth! Please watch over this nobody. This year, since I turned 21, I will live 365 days exactly as I have planned," and begins to do so in that year. That same morning, this person denied himself, putting on a solemn stare and hardening his stomach. Yet, after one day, that mind of resolve was already lost. That person is constantly forgetting.

If you have made such a determination with a solemn stare and hardened stomach, unless you stare harder than that and stand up seriously, you will never be able to fulfill your resolution. That is the reality of our life. Isn't that so? (Yes, it is.) You should push forward more than you originally determined to.

When you want to make a motor rotate faster and stronger, you need to give it more and more power. If the power decreases, it will not work. Isn't that so? This is also the principle, isn't that so? Therefore, every morning, day and night, for one week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, one month, two months, half a year, one year, the older you get, the more you need to have a spirit more powerful than the strong determination you made at the start. Can you accomplish the goal if your spirit becomes weaker? If your spirit becomes weaker even a by a small amount, will you be able to accomplish your goal or not? No, you can't.

You need to have the same determination for 365 days. If you become a person who has a stronger determination and a stronger power than the one you had at the very beginning, then after 365 days, you will be able to say, "Oh, the year I turned 21 became a very memorable, really beautiful and happy year." But once you lower your determination, what will happen? Will you go up or will you fall down? (We will fall down.) Certainly, you will fall down. You will fall down with one eye like this and the other eye like that. Even if you have stared solemnly with your eyes and pledged, you don't know whether you can make it or not. That is the life of a fallen human being. Isn't that so? Is that so or not? (That's right.) (57-141)

3) External Attitude

We, the young men and women, must stand up in front with a banner calling out for the lay people to unite against the reality of today's churches and against denominationalism. You must all know that today's trend of thought is requiring us to do that. A long time ago, a ruler, a monarch, or a sovereign wielded power in the place of God. Even so, were they the real God? Is it only they that can wield power? No. It is not so. Since we are all sons and daughters born with the flesh and blood of God, we are all sons and daughters of heaven. (6-311)

Today, are there any young men and women who can embrace the people of our nation? Is there anyone who can pioneer the way of the people and feel responsible for the mission of bringing the people closer to the goal? There may be that kind of person. However, when he or she finds out that Jesus appealed to God, watching the reality of the people who tormented him, shedding tears to hold on to the people and keep them historically connected until today, this person will also appeal to heaven for the sake of the people just as Jesus did.

Both the historical trend of thought and the future hope of the people are like that. We cannot deny that humankind is waiting for the very moment of the revealing of heavenly law, but we must know that we are undergoing torment in that process. Therefore, you must be able to have confidence in the journey of life you are going on. You cannot go this way without that. (7-32)

Well, then, young people of the Unification Church. What are we in the Unification Church trying to do? We are the group that says, "Let's make God and human beings one." There is no mistaking that we are that group. Is that true? We may say, "God, please come to us." Are we to say, "We will go to You"? What are we to say? (We are to say "We will go to You") You must know that this is the difference between the general established churches and the Unification Church. (87-13)

Is there any young man or woman who pounds on a rock on the mountains and cries out saying, "Rock, did I ask to see the misery of the people?" If there isn't, this country will not be released from its misery. (14-155)

Young men and women of the Unification Church must have the heart to do anything. (11-10)

For you people, whether you are born good or bad, whether you know such-and-such a fact or not, is not important. The important thing is from where you learn, from where you come to know, from where you move, from where you stop, and where you put all your zeal. This will determine your entire being from now on. (25-95)

We need the young ones more than the older people. We need those young ones with overflowing energy and power. (14-170)

No matter what you do, you need a strong foundation to do something big. With what kind of attitude must we young ones of today be intoxicated? Will you be the locomotive (engine) or the passenger car of a train? Of course, you must be the engine. However, the reality is, we are stuck at the rear end of the passenger car and we follow as the wheels roll backwards.

If you don't have power, you need to roll just the wheel and go over the hill. We are the ones who must go on pulling the engine. We must become a Unification group with power. We must have a 100 percent drive to move. You must have a dynamic impulse to break through the barriers. More than anything else, you young ones need to know from where and to where you are headed. You must know what kind of attitude that you should have today. (14-104)

What is the perfect way of life for us young ones of the Unification Church? No matter how harsh a storm blows when you are out on the front line, you are to penetrate it. Even on the way to the cross, you must clench your teeth and go forward. Likewise, the right path is to go the way God desires. Those who have not experienced sorrow from that kind of situation will not understand through mere explanations. If you shed tears and cry out, "Father" in that kind of situation, then you will understand the painful effort of the Father who has been bearing the historical cross. You will also understand that it is because of God's han (resentment) that we are unable to become true filial sons and daughters before the Father. When God says, "Oh, it was My hope to meet sons and daughters who can become My true filial sons and daughters here. Oh, thank you," then, at that place, for the first time, the position of filial sons and daughters, loyal servants and virtuous women is filled. (15-319)

6. Prayers Given To Youth

Father, please let us decorate our time of youth beautifully. Please watch over the path of these people who are connected to You and let them grow centering on the foundation of that beautiful environment. Please make them become true sprouts that all the people of their tribe, the country and the world look to. Please make them the trees of new life that can embrace all of humankind. I sincerely pray that You will allow us to remain even after we bear new flowers and fruits and disperse them to all of humankind. (33-346)

Youth is fleeting; and life will flee along with the years. Even as all others fly away, we cannot be like that. We must even go against history and the social environment, which are also fleeting, and we must become the fertilizer and the cornerstone. I sincerely pray that we can become those kinds of people.

The young sung hwa men and women have gathered here from all about. I'm sure, Father, that you are eager to relate to these people. We know that you always wish to be together, with even with our pulses beating together with Yours, centering on heavenly heart. However, we are so inadequate to become Your sons and daughters who can push past the limits and fulfill Your heart.

When we come to think how great Your hopes for us are, we must took back at ourselves and ask whether we are indeed proper before You. Acknowledging our insignificant and unworthy selves, please let us have the heart to endlessly shed tears before You, Father. Although we are miserable, please let us become persons who can embrace Your ideal in our hearts eternally. (25-130)

Please let us realize that our life passes away in a matter of seconds together with fleeting time. Please allow us not to forget that we can become wanderers in life.

When the sun rises in the morning from the east, all the animals rejoice, reflecting the sunlight. However, after several hours, we come to know that sunlight hides itself in the west and lonely shadow descends. Likewise, we may want to boast about the wonderful things of youth, but let us become those young ones who have the will to leave something behind on this earth from our youth, before the sun sets.

The time has come for us to have world class ability in our young chests. The time has come to prepare for victory with courage, fire, and spirit for our new moral principle. An extraordinary mission remains to create the original kingdom in which we can serve the Father as individuals, as families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, and in the universe. Our physical body was born to do this mission. By all means, let us consider that our body was born to fight and win and to return glory to our Father.

Please let us go forward today for this purpose. Today, the earth is calling for our true selves. Please allow us to become persons who can hear those voices. Also, please let us know that the future image of Korea and the future image of the world is calling us. Please advise us, Father, every foot of the way, and please help us realize You are with us. Sharing all the results with You, Father, please let us appreciate the mission and feel the joy of a pioneer in our hearts, full of hope for tomorrow. I sincerely pray that we may realize that You, too, are eagerly waiting to see those kinds of selves emerging within us. (24-91)

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