The Way for Young People

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Youth and the Right Time

1. The Present Time

The present time is the age of fruition for the six thousand years of human history. Therefore, it is a time when all the leaves fall. (82-142)

This is the most important period. If we express our feeling of tension in one phrase, we can say it is the "time of extreme emergency." (123-75)

What kind of time is it now? This is the final time. Therefore, everything is in a state of confusion. We are in an age similar to the point of death, unable to control ourselves. If there is a God, and if He can cope with this time, the problem is how He can restore it all. The problem is how we can turn self-centered thought into whole-centered thought. This is the primary factor in determining life and death. (126-112)

Now is the time to cross the Red Sea. It is the same time for you, too. You will perish if you do as you wish. This is the time to cross the Jordan River and the Red Sea. Do you understand? When we cross the Red Sea, you will all perish if you do as you wish. (135-202)

Now is the time we must accomplish that kind of world. Just as Moses, Jacob, Abraham and Jesus armed themselves, we also have to go forth armed. For what? Not for the sake of the country, but for the sake of the world and for the sake of Heaven, we must arm ourselves. (11 -29)

2. The Right Moment

1) There is an Opportune Time

The right time will come. We are busy waiting for the opportune time, but we must know that God is also busy looking for the right time. (11-29)

There is an opportune time for a person. If you miss that time, you must know that the era will pass by without you even noticing, leaving behind han in history. (78-94)

On this earth, even if there is a person with a perfect background, who is very knowledgeable, very capable and able to do anything according to his or her will, if that person misses the right moment in the right environment, then he or she will not be able to accomplish what they willed. (9-254)

Therefore, even so-called "heroes" cannot succeed as heroes unless they are born in the right era. Time is so important. If you do not have the right timing, then everything becomes a failure. (58-238)

You must know the value of the right timing. Seeds are sown during spring. If you sow seeds during autumn, the plants may not survive the winter. (18-185)

2) The Call and the Right Timing

When any person, regardless of who he or she may be, is chosen for something, they try to become the true inheritor of that chosen position and pursue the greater value. That is the desire of human beings. However, even if that desire stimulates our hope, it is not so easy to actually put it into practice. We all know that we can become successful if we try hard, but it is not that easy to succeed. Being called to God's providence is difficult, but you must know that it is more difficult to answer that call and to carry out that mission.

We all see the same morning. We also see the same noon and the same night. However, when we look at each individual's spirit, they are all different. In a day, there are people whose spirits are like noon when it is morning and like night when it is noon. They crisscross like that. In other words, when we try to follow the will, everything does not go smoothly. There are people who follow the will from a very different position. Everything will go wrong for these people. Even if you go the way of the will, confrontation will always occur.

What kind of people are those? Those are the ones who started around the time of the autumn or winter season, but do not know clearly when they started. There is no way that they can know that. After winter comes the beginning of spring, but those people will have a hard time recognizing when the beginning of spring comes into their life. Likewise today, because we fallen beings cannot match the right timing, we work at cross-purposes. Therefore, what is most important is how we capture and match the right timing and go forward.

We come to recognize in our life of faith that what we must be careful of is how to match with the right timing. This is an extremely important problem. If you cannot match the right timing, then a day will pass by, a year will pass by, ten years or decades will pass by without any result, and you will merely live a life with paradoxical results. When we think of this problem, in order to find the right timing, we must live a deeper life of faith. In other words, a deeper prayer life is necessary.

3) To Find the Right Timing in History

The phrase "right timing" brings to mind the right timing of heavenly fortune, individual fortune, and national fortune. However, the right timing comes without warning to the individual, family, tribe, nation and world.

That time does come, but it comes progressively. Yesterday succeeded today and today succeeds tomorrow. Therefore, you will have a hard time recognizing the clear turning point. You will have a hard time recognizing whether it comes in the morning, during the day, or at night. It is extremely difficult for you to match your objective position and your life to the moment when the right timing passes a certain point.

Within the process of history, there were many time periods of the providence: for an individual, a family, a tribe, a nation, etc.

There was also the right time for one chosen tribe or a nation. There were also time periods of many surrounding nations. Have a nation or people ever known at the right time that it was the right time and the time of heavenly fortune? Have they ever matched that timing? Prophets usually make predictions, and the predicted time always comes. However, that time does not come for several months or days. It comes in one moment, one day, and it passes by centering on a point. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to match the pace exactly with the point that is like a dividing ridge.

Almost everything that the prophets predicted has occurred. However, we must know that there were only few moments when we truly knew the significance of the time right at that period and were prepared and able to meet it from an objective position. After the time passes, you reflect on that time, saying, "Oh, spring came at that time. It was a time of good fortune for our nation. The time so-and-so predicted has passed away." This has always been the way of life for human beings -- to reflect on the time after it has passed by. Human history has been like this.

There are important moments in your life, too. During your life, an important point of time, which is definitely necessary to your life, will occur in our lives. Rare is the person who clearly knows the right time, thinking, "This is the right time," and with a "Ready, go!" greets the new age with happiness. (58-239)

Those who live day by day saying, "Oh, that day is that day and this year is the same as last year," or "They say the providence is developing, but that is that," becomes a falling leaf. You must know that since this person cannot connect to life, he or she will become an autumn leaf, which easily falls.

For this reason, we must think about the right moment more deeply.

When morning comes, we have breakfast. Even when we eat breakfast, there is the moment that we start eating, the moment when we eat and the moment when we stop eating. To know these moments day after day is very difficult. Likewise, the heavenly moment is passing through our process of life, but we miss it over and over again.

Therefore, when we put our hearts into something we should not begin recklessly. You must know what kind of time that moment is and begin by setting a goal based on that moment. You should devote yourself much more than anyone in the entire world. There are several billion people living on this earth, but you must devote yourself more than these people centering on that moment, that one focus point in time. If you devote yourself centering on everything, when that degree of devotion becomes the core before these several billion people, then God has to go forward binding a relationship with you. You must know that this is the providential course of God.

If there is a person today among the members of the Unification Church who has a rebirth experience and devotes him or herself, pleading, "Please let me sincerely keep pace with the time valued by God, the world, and the entire spirit world" and who also prays for God's will to be done on earth through our church organization, then he or she will be blessed. You will receive the special blessing to participate in the providence of that time.

Even if you are a person without anything, if you prepare and devote yourself without being told clearly, centering on the right timing, then you stand in the objective position to the central figure that has the responsibility for the mission. Then even if no one knows about you, God will acknowledge you. If there is a person who repeats this kind of a work once, twice, or three times, then that person will receive the come centering on a certain period. Centering on a certain day, that moment will definitely come and will cross over the peak of a mountain. (40-142)

Within human history, the time when we can come into oneness with Jesus' suffering on the cross for several hours or several seconds is very precious and will never happen twice. That time is the precious time when you can welcome and receive official recognition from God. However, in spite of that, Peter, James and John failed to be aware of this time, leaving behind han forever. This han was connected to the whole from the individual and it turned the blessing which God was to give to all people upside down, making a large hole. When we think of that, we must know how heavy was the responsibility of the disciples in that representative position. (40-154)

4) The Method of Matching the Right Timing

A day can be divided into morning, day, and nighttime. They look similar, but they change every moment. During the process of moving from morning to noon, there is a time when it is difficult to know whether it is morning or noon. Also, when it becomes night from noon, there is a time in the middle when it is difficult to make a distinction between day and night. The same goes for the night. There is a point of separation where it divides. It is easy for us to miss that parting moment. Isn't that so? We don't know when it changes. Even when we look at the four seasons, spring changes to summer in a moment, within the sound of a tick. You do not know when spring becomes summer. It is a very simple problem but very difficult for anyone to know. Also, we cannot know the time when summer becomes autumn and when autumn becomes winter.

We can say the same thing with our life. The life of a human being changes from childhood to adolescence, middle age to old age.

However, when we pass on to adolescence from childhood, there is no one who remembers it and says, "Oh, I have finished my boyhood and I am going on to my adolescence." No one has ever felt this moment as acutely as a racer standing on the starting line waiting for the split second to run.

Therefore, it is also difficult to know the moments we pass over in blessing of the time. You must know that God will acknowledge you through the foundation of that one generation.

We members of the Unification Church have a rope of blessing or heavenly fortune. We, the central figure and myself, pull this rope together. If we both stand in a position where this rope stretches tightly, then you must think how blessed that position is.

Therefore, if you are a member of the Unification Church, you must dedicate your life and be loyal to the way of the Unification Church. You must devote yourself day by day, hour by hour, matching rhythm and angle with the right timing. That person will grow together with the fortune of the Unification Church.

Those who follow the Unification Church might become tired and collapse. However, even in the midst of that, if there is a person who tries to tie a relationship with the fortune of the world and who devotes him- or herself in matching with the right time, that person will remain even after all others collapse.

There is also right timing in the way of the providence. Therefore, I'm telling you, let's know that time. Let's find that time and devote ourselves. We must devote ourselves at the right moment. It is no use if we devote ourselves without any preparation. When we devote ourselves, we must devote our entire selves at the right moment, knowing what kind of moment it is.

Through that time we must come into a relationship with God,

When we think of this problem, we must think how extremely valuable it is to be able to stand in an objective position to God at the right moment, precisely knowing the importance of the right timing. (40-152)

I am telling you, don't miss the time. Don't lose the time and have your work stolen. There are only two ways in which Reverend Moon told you that you can follow in order not to lose. Don't be a repellent person; be a loving person. You will never lose if you just do these two things. You just have to pass these two. These are the only things you need. Those were the only two things I could find out. (94-143)

3. The Enormous Value of This Time

In what kind of time can you accomplish your wish? It has become possible for the first time at this moment. Do you understand? No matter how many people there are in a family, tribe, or in a nation, if this is not the time you can individually make an achievement, then there will be no other moment like this ever again in history. If the Principle we teach in the Unification Church is correct, then there is only this moment. Do you understand what I mean? It is an unprecedented time in history.

For example, imagine yourself nose diving just once to pick up a grain of sand which was thrown into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Work that is more difficult than that is occurring in front of your eyes.

It is the same thing. You are watching something extremely difficult happen. It is similar to putting the ends of two needles, one in heaven and one on earth, together at a single try. Do you understand? This has never happened before or nor will it happen again. The heart experienced here becomes the original point of the history of a new ideal age.

Therefore, from now on, happiness will not be found anywhere else. It will not be found in the future either. The moment when you can find your country and your world with your parents and your brothers is the happiest moment. Do you understand? That moment is the moment of ultimate happiness. If you lose your parents, your relatives, and your tribe, no matter how successful you become, you cannot have true happiness.

Isn't it the best happiness to live together with your parents whom you love, your wife whom you love, your children whom you love, the people of your country whom you love, humanity whom you love and God whom you love? That is the ultimate happiness. That kind of moment is now only. After Reverend Moon goes, this kind of moment will never again exist. Do you understand what I mean? Therefore, together with the historical original point, this will become the original point of society and the motto of human life forever. That original point begins from here.

If you accomplish something now, it will remain as a characteristic representation. The achiever of providential work here and now will appear as the representative of achievers who can dominate human history. We look at it like this. This story is like a dream.

Isn't it a story like a dream? Numerous drops of vapor come together to form a cloud. Something similar to a single drop of vapor in that cloud or something similar to a hydrogen molecule came in clear contact with me.

When the feelings of all human beings within the age of human history are harmonized, that will be the best place from which good hope is determined. Therefore, think about it for a moment. Are universities a problem? Nothing in the world is a problem. The moment from which that place of good hope is determined starts here. The original point of a radiant culture, which has never existed before, starts from here. If you become the achiever of providential work and a filial son and daughter here and now, then your name and work will remain glorious in history forever. (51-258)

You were born in an extraordinary age. You were called to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You must realize that you were called at the peak of the historical providence, which has never existed before or will again, only once in a lifetime in history. This is the time when the two lines of history intersect centering on the life course of your one generation.

Even though there were many sad things and ups and downs in the six thousand years of fallen human history, they could not subjugate today's tangled human beings. This is why the historical restoration can occur from this idea. God's resentment and sorrow can be solved and accomplished here. When we think that this indeed will become the origin of the solution for the ills of all of humankind, more than any, thing else, you must be proud of being born in this age.

Your faces are nothing and you yourselves are nothing, too. I don't know what kind of foundation or good achievements your ancestors made, but by following the glorious achievements of your ancestors, you must realize that you yourselves are the representatives who can receive all the grace your ancestors wanted to receive. (43-335)

Those who meet Reverend Moon of the Unification Church will greet the age in which they can breathe the light of the spring of love for the first time ever in human history. (140-306)

It is the hope of history, of nations, of thought, and of providence, that the parents of humankind would appear. The time that the parents appear is an unprecedented time. It is a time that comes only once in history. How can I say it? It is the peak. How narrow a chance will that be? If we look at it from the eternal world, the life of a human being is like one sip of a breath. Isn't that so? I don't know if it is because you are blessed or because you are lucky, but how did you get to be born in this age, meet this time and get to join the Unification Church? In order for you to come to this place, numerous ancestors devoted and devoted themselves for you. So many people perished and died pursuing goodness, and the hope of those people was connected to God's providence throughout our long history. Because those people stood in a position similar to a high mountain where the sun rises, you, the ones gathered here, are receiving the sunlight from there.

If such a thing as a connection of love were to occur during this time in human history, then it would be the first time. If there were a time when value would be given to life, that time would begin from this moment. Now is the only time when we can acknowledge the authority of the country and the world with value. Now is the origin of history, the original point of hope, the beginning of blessing and the original source of eternal life. Now is the time when all of this will happen. (51-335)

4. The Present and a Day

1) The Present Is Important

We are not in a single age period now. We are connected to three age periods. Now represents the age of the past and the age of the future. The position we are in today represents the past, and the entire world is included in the present. Now becomes the central moment for humankind. The present reality represents the entire past human world and it is the central point representing the entire world. (68-225)

When we look at a moment in our day to day life, that moment does not only connect to the present. When we take the present and divide it, we can find that the past is connected to the tip of the present. Even as I speak, the past is connected to this moment. Also, the future I am thinking about is also connected here.

When we think like this, where is the real point of origin for the present? When we say this, we must think of the present as both one that can be indicated by a single line and also one that is conceptual and cannot be indicated by a single line. We come to realize the surprising and frightening fact that a line or point of the present can determine the direction of our daily life.

When we took at a day, there is yesterday and also tomorrow in relationship to it. When we look centering on a month, there is also last month and the next month. When we look at a year, there is last year and the next year. When we look at adolescence, there is childhood before that and middle age after that. When we look the present age, we cannot deny that the past and the future are connected with it. Therefore, the present cannot deny the past or the future. (68-204)

2) One Day Is Important

No human beings in the entire world are living as they wish. They are living according to a direction. A day that you live is like this kind of a direction. (Reverend Moon points) We connect these directions. Isn't that so? We live a year according to this kind of a direction. (Reverend Moon points) Therefore, you must wake up in the morning and say, "I must go like this today. I must draw a line setting a direction and go that way." Don't you think you should do that? Even when you live a month, you should draw a line and live saying, "I will live like this." If you don't draw a perfect line that is clear and correct, then you cannot leave behind a perfect day or a perfect month. If you cannot leave behind a perfect month, then you will not be able to live a perfect year. If your entire year becomes a failure, then your eternal ideal will be in vain. (168-212)

Therefore, faithful believers must always go forward longing for that level which God's providence demands. When you wake up in the morning, you must start the day thinking of where your heart and your life's goal are directed. By doing so in the morning, then when you come home in the evening and go to bed at night, you must be able to say, "Today was good. I did everything today. I was able to save face before the will. Today I can be proud of myself, representing this month and this whole year." Without going through a serious battle, you cannot stand in this kind of a position. (27-98)

Is the past valuable? Is today valuable? Or is it the future that is valuable? It is not the past that is valuable, and it is not the future that is valuable. Today is what is valuable. (45-24)

3) Keep the Moment

The problem is today. The problem is the one single moment.

Therefore, extend and expand that moment to a day and let's hold on and set the direction of the days to our side. Let's accumulate the days and establish one whole month on our side. You must live day by day with a standard of victory, accumulating that into a month.

Therefore, keep the moment. I am telling you to watch the present.

God does not reside far away. If you cannot welcome God, who is happy now, you will not be able to welcome that happy God eternally.

For those who cannot greet the victorious God, victory is forever far away.

The problem is the present. Those who ignore the present are those who ignore the eternal world of the victorious God. What we call this moment right now is the point where eternity is judged. We are standing on a course of life where that kind of moment continuously happens. When we know that, we live seriously. We are indeed risking our lives in everything we do. (65-247)

You are now at a very young age. How are you to live this youthful age and make the foundation of your adolescence? If you can form a foundation of victory during this moment, then it will become the way of filial piety and the way of loyalty that is tens of times bigger. Therefore, keep the present! You must not be in debt to yourselves because you could not keep the moment, now. You will be sorry to God if you think everything you do is difficult or unpleasant. God is indeed a miserable person.

Even right this moment, we are standing in a position where we must form a base or foundation of victory for world restoration to God. You must go that kind of way. If you go that way, God will definitely sympathize with you. Therefore, keep the moment. Keep now.

Especially since you are in the adolescent age from which you can create a brilliant history during your lifetime, you must keep the day with value. You must keep today as a filial son. That day could be the determining moment when you pass the highest peak of your lifetime. Therefore, you must have this kind of a consciousness even when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Everyone in the Unification Church must be like that. Keep your time now. Keep the moment, even when you put on your shoes, when you play, when you rest and when you go to bed. You must know how valuable this moment is. How valuable is this moment? (65-247)

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