The Way for Young People

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Life of a Desirable Youth

1. The Will Is More Important Than Success

Numerous people living in this world are longing to become successful and to have worldwide territory according to his or her own desire. Until now, people have fought to gain that. Even at this present moment, people are moving to gain those things. Even when we look at ourselves, we cannot deny being intoxicated by that kind of a position. When we look at this age, we can see that each individual is longing for success and victory, and we are longing for that to happen on a worldwide basis. (30-73)

If I ask you, "Do you want to become famous within your neighborhood or within your country?" by no means would you answer, "I want to become famous within my neighborhood." If I ask, "Do you want to become famous within your country or on a worldwide basis?" you would answer, "I want to become famous worldwide." (40-317)

Raise your hand if you really want to become successful. Did you join our church to become successful? We must exclude that kind of a person. You lose your purity. (145-11)

What are we to do? The problem of what the social life of believers should be arises. What I am telling you is that it is important to have a method of thinking to carry out the ultimate will instead of placing importance on success.

The world from now on is depending on the young people. I'm sure all of you who joined the Unification Church think you know things very well, but when Reverend Moon asks, there are many things you don't know. Some people might say, "Why is it necessary for us to be exceptional like that?" But you are not.

2. The Road to Success

1) Understanding Which Leads to Success

Every human being determines to become successful. I'm sure there is no one who does not dream of being successful centering on a larger goal. Every individual goes out with a dream to accomplish his or her goal, but the people who have actually realized that goal are extremely few. (43-20)

During a lifetime, there are people who climb up to the peak of success and there are people who don't. Think of a mountain, for example. Even though the peak is higher, there are those who stop at a certain place, saying, "Oh, my peak is here. I barely made it even to here." If that person would go one more step, he or she would make it to the very top, but he or she often just stops there and lies down. Even if you collapse, even if it is harsh work for your body, you have to pass the center point and collapse on the other side. Then you will find the country on the other side. No matter how harsh the work is, if you cannot go beyond the dividing line, then you will still be under the control of the country on this side.

The same goes in the satanic world and in God's world. I'm sure there are those who say, "Oh, I have succeeded," centering on this kind of a standard. Some might have lived based on this standard and others would have lived on that standard. Looking at a chain of mountains, when one is asked, "Which peak is the highest?" will there be anyone who answers, "This is the highest," pointing to a low peak? Will anyone point to a low peak and say, "This is the peak I want to try climbing?" That is a crazy person. That kind of a person cannot be considered human. (63-33)

Within the course of your life, if you rest saying you have succeeded, then you will perish. That success must not be a success centered on you. Today, the members of the Unification Church must not stop after individual success. They should go on for the success of Korea.

Furthermore, without stopping there, we must go on developing until we reach the success of the entire world. (26-132)

2) Reverend Moon's Key to Success

You young people all want to become successful and famous, right? Gloriously? That's not simple. There is a saying in Korea that says the pagoda made with great labor will not collapse easily. There is some truth in this. When I go somewhere, Reverend Moon's philosophy is that I will never return without doing something good.

Whenever I went somewhere, I did not come back until I was able to leave behind a good result. (144-301)

In order to become successful religiously or economically, you cannot realize your goal unless you first suffer a loss. If a businessman plays around like a scamp without working hard, will he be able to succeed? You must work hard. You must go through the hardship of mind and body. In order to overcome all the hardships and sufferings inside and out, you must devote your entire body. Then you will be able to succeed. Also, by showing that you have suffered loss, then you will be able to overcome difficulties, and success will come back to you which equals the amount of your loss. (26-47)

What is the key to success? You must become a person who can connect all of his or her feelings and want to go anywhere for the sake of the goal. Does that kind of a person succeed very quickly or very slowly? He or she will succeed very quickly, right? He or she will meet the success very quickly. Even if you don't meet it, you will be able to meet it in your dreams. (63-60)

What is Reverend Moon's key to success even in the midst of persecution? What has that key been in the course of my life? When the United States opposed me, I stood in the position equal to God and went on forward in the name of God, standing the United States on an equal footing with me. By the name of God! It is not possible to penetrate a wall with power. Money cannot do that. It's not possible by machinery. Not even human wisdom can do that. (166-163)

In order to succeed, live for the sake of the whole. (15-289)

Those who continuously go forward will definitely succeed. (186-93)

3) The Key to Success

If everything that we planned fails and we become failures, what will you do? The road of a person with big hope will not fail. The more that person goes forward, the more success there will be. You must go on with this kind of resolution. Then you will certainly succeed. In order to advance forward, you must either live or die. You must choose either one.

You people must definitely succeed. What must you do in order to do that? When the other wins once, you must win twice. When the other sleeps one hour, you must sleep half an hour. When the other eats one bowl of rice, you must only eat half. You must fight with this kind of a strong will. The key to success is not found somewhere else.

It depends on how much time you spare, how hard you work, and how many funds you invest.

It is a battle of time, a battle of spirit and a battle of effort. It is just like a student preparing for the coming entrance exam. Those who failed the exam are the ones who slept more, ate more or did something more comfortable than others. (19-143)

When we look for a key to success, or the foundation or motivation necessary for victory, I'm sure you know how valuable perseverance is. There is a proverb in the Orient, which says, "The one who perseveres is the one who wins." (76-221)

You must know how important it is to endure. How valuable is endurance? Endurance is the motivation of a new start and it also can be the motivation of a new creation.

God is also enduring. God is enduring. God endured when Adam and Eve were about to die and He also endured when Jesus was taken and nailed to the cross. God pretended not to know when He knew. Even when He knew, He pretended He didn't. It was very difficult for God. You also do the same. If a person knows all about you but pretends not to know, how embarrassing will that be? When you see that person, you will want to escape and hide under his feet, but you surrender because you have no place to go. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the more we endure, it will become the motivation to possess more. Do you understand what it means?

The same thing can be said in a family. No matter what your brothers and sisters say, if you endure and endure, your parents or anyone else will bless you, saying, "Watch him or her in the future." Therefore, let's make one rule here now. It is good to endure for yourself and it is good to open your mouth for others. If a person is in a difficult position, I will open my mouth and console him, and when that person is slandered, pretend you do not know, even if you know, and then open your mouth and support him. If you look for the key to victory or one necessary foundation or motivation to become victorious, you will find how valuable perseverance is.

There is a proverb in the Orient which says, "Those who persevere are the ones who win." Do you understand? Do you understand what I mean? (76-220)

When you play tug of war, who wins? Will a person who suddenly tugs with power win, or will a person with perseverance win? (The person with perseverance.) You must not attack suddenly like a tiger and become weak later. You must stand firm pulling. You should not give in. You must stand firm until the end. Does the Bible say, "The one who perseveres to the end goes to hell?" The person who perseveres to the end loses? It's the same thing. If you go to heaven, that means you won. If you go to hell you have lost. The person who perseveres to the end wins the fight. (64-57)

In order to become a victor, you need conditions. In other words, you need confidence, you need courage, and thirdly, you need a fighting spirit. (18-12)

4) There Is Suffering Before Success

If you want to succeed, big hardships will definitely follow in proportion to that success. (27-181)

It is the same with the fate of an individual. Whether a person succeeds during his or her lifetime or not, whether a person leaves behind something shining and honorable or a sad and sorrowful life, all depends on the course of life of that person. From the time that person was born, how many times will he or she be able to unite with the direction of history and heavenly fortune? Furthermore, how many times will that person face the hardships that come to him or her up front, with a heart to pursue the future? The answers to these questions will determine that person's present personality and also his or her future. It will also determine whether this person will become a center of respect or not.

Everyone welcomes success; however, no one welcomes the process he or she has to pass through in order to realize that success. When you look back at the past before the success, I'm sure there were series of historical days full of sorrow and resentment when you became sick of doing it and wanted to abandon everything. This is the same for your parents, your colleagues, your friends, your children, and husband and wife. It is the same for anyone. (27-273)

In order to accomplish your goal with conviction, you must go through a process of struggle. The bigger your hope is, the greater proportion of conflicting elements will block your way. These elements will oppose you instead of being absorbed by you and will shove you out instead of welcoming you. The bigger the goal you are heading toward, the proportionately bigger the hardships that are waiting for you. (43-20)

If you succeed instantly, you will perish instantly. You must know this also. If you succeed instantly without any foundation, you will be robbed and you will be blown away by a typhoon. Therefore, instant success is meaningless.

We must have big ambitions and ideas. In order for you to become a person who can live up to those ambitions and ideas, you must not become successful instantly. Your desire will tell you to accomplish everything in one day, but that will not do. You might say to those who oppose you, "Oh, those enemies. It would be nice if we could throw away all those who are not on God's side and improve this environment by ourselves. Where is God?" There may be people among you who think like this, but that is not the way to think.

In order for the ground to harden, it must rain. But if it rains all the time, what will happen? If it rains continuously, nothing will be done. The sun is necessary. However, if it's sunny all the time, that will not do either. In order for the ground to harden, it must go through a long period of time with wind, becoming cold and hot, freezing and melting.

The ground will get harder the longer the time passes. If you want to blast the ground that has hardened like this, you will need power that is even greater. (19-35)

Within our lifetime, there are many peaks we must go over.

There are peaks even within a day, and there are peaks within our youth also. We need to go over peaks when we have a family and when we take responsibility for it, and we must go over peaks within our social life. In other words, there are peaks along the way of an individual, a society and a nation that could determine their fate. The same thing goes for the world.

When we look from this viewpoint, you must know that everything is connected centering on these peaks. We often say so-and-so became successful or so-and-so failed. What kind of person do you call successful? It is a person who overcame the peak of his of her goal. What kind of a person do you call a failure? It's a person who could not overcome that peak. During your lifetime, if you accomplish your goal, then you are a successful person. If you cannot accomplish it, you become a failure. (31-7)

5) The Main Reason for Failure

Do people not know the way to success? Yes, they all do. This is why a problem arises here. Why can't they succeed if they know? Why can't they? They all know the method to succeed. Do you know, or don't you? (Yes, we do) Then why can't you succeed? It is because you cannot control yourself. We must know that is the state of human beings. (97-13)

If people plan by themselves and try to accomplish their goal through their own ability, then they are made to fail. We can know this by looking at the process of history up until today. History, which was woven centered on human beings alone, has always failed. (42-298)

3. The Road to Become Great

1) All People Hope to Become Great

When any individual is asked what kind of person they what to become, they will all answer they want to become great. If you want to become a great person, how great a person will you want to be? Will you become the President of Korea? When we look at the people in Korea, they all want to become the President. Even if you become the first in Korea, you should not finish there. You must become the first in the world. Then what must you do, after you become the first in the world? If there is a higher place and a higher person than the world, then you will want to go there and hold that person's hand. (41-323)

2) In Order to Become an Historical Person

What is a great person? The person who knows how to do deep work with higher thinking is great. Do you understand? The person who does the work others cannot do is a great person. Why? It is because that person does his or her work keeping his vertical position with God. (175,234)

3) You Must Be Able to Maintain Your Determination

If you look, you will find that there is a normal way of life for a normal person and a special way of life for a sage or a great person. If I ask you what kind of person you want to be, you may answer, "I want to become a great leader," but that is not something that can be done at once. In order to become great leaders, you must digest many things in the process, and you must go forward sacrificing many things.

You can become a great leader if you can use the sacrificed things for greater purposes.

When you say a person is a great person, what kind of standard did that person fight under in order to become great? The people who became great were those who risked their lives. Will it do just risking your life once? You must go through the process of risking your life again and again. (67-88)

Sages or heroes in history were those who kept the determination and resolution they made when they were very small until they died, and who lived within that goal. It's very simple. Reverend Moon is living like that, too. Even when I am asleep I am directed towards my goal. Even when I wake up in the morning and open my eyes or when I associate with a person, I get along with that person in order to find something good for the sake of accomplishing my goal. If you live your life like that, then your life environment will naturally become a base for your future. Are you all living like that? If young people smell the good smell of a flower, they go that way; if another good smell comes, they go that way. But that will not do. If you think you must go towards right, go only in that one direction with all your might. You must determine whether you can digest and absorb it or whether you will be absorbed by it. You should go on fighting like that. (15-129)

When we look at history, almost all of those who accomplished something big were not Ph.D.s. They were all people who had a strong fighting spirit. Those who did things, which seem reckless to others, became historical persons. In other words, until now, history has been woven by the champions with fighting spirits. (18-12)

4) The Search for the Way of Suffering Voluntarily

The life of a person is not smooth. Besides, a person does not live his or her life alone. Men and women live together. When we compare man and woman, they are completely different. They are like opposite poles. When a man and a woman who are completely different in nature live together, it will be difficult for both of them. They should try to match each other centering on the centerline, with one going up while the other goes down.

Therefore, you need to be trained when you are young. If you want to become a great person, go voluntarily searching for a way of great hardship. Try walking 40 kilometers overnight to experience hardships. In order to voluntarily work for the sake of others, walk 40 kilometers overnight, dragging your tired body. Go to a working place, a farm, for example, and sacrifice yourself for others. It will not do if you are sleeping peacefully. (144-299)

When a person tries to go a special way, the element or factor that determines that special thing is usually not something people like. That way is a difficult way with barriers you need to overcome and with unwelcome matters blocking your way. However, you should not try to turn around and return just because it is blocked. If you could reach your goal that way, then anyone would go that way.

If there were one thousand people, all of them would choose to go that way. Because anyone can go that way, that is not the way a special person should go. A special person must not turn around and go back. On the contrary, that person must go forward, penetrating that wall. You must penetrate and go the shortest way. In order to do that, you must overcome hardships that are one hundred times more difficult. There you will find things normal people can never imagine. Therefore, unless you become a person who can overcome and break through the barriers, you will not be able to go this way.

5) Strengthen Your Third Power

If there is one great person who tries to go forward toward a big goal, the bigger the goal and the greater the person is, the more incidents will be incidents waiting for him or her which involve the entire country or world. Those incidents will appear to you not in a welcoming way, but as a condition that opposes and contradicts you. The bigger the opposing factors are, the greater is the chance that they could also become factors of disappointment and failure. Therefore, when such an incident occurs, the person who greets that incident must also appear as a core of power concentrated in a bigger and stronger determination. Unless you crash into that environment this way, you will never be able to resolve the incidents.

Therefore, those who stand in that environment and make a determination must be extremely serious. In order to overcome these problems, you always have to have a stronger conviction. The important key to solving this problem is to know how to find the internal strength that can overcome the approaching external hardships.

In the course of their lives, human beings have tried to overcome every time they encountered these kinds of problems; however, they failed every time. This was the pattern of the lives of human beings.

God knows this, so what will He want from us? God will want us to determine and pledge once again and go forward. In the future, we will also face the peak of hardships, but in order to prepare for that, we must make a determination once again. In order to win over the external environment and accomplish one great goal, we must introduce a stronger power and impulse greater than that approaching hardship. This is more important than anything else. This is an important problem which not only God worries about, but one which we ourselves must solve.

People will require stronger power when we encounter these problems. Because people need a stronger impulsive element, they search for a third power. It is inevitable that the greater the person, the more he or she will require a third power.

6) It Is a Great Thing to Accomplish Without Knowing

Reverend Moon does not like propaganda. I never boast about what I did, wherever I go. I try to hide it as much as I can. A great work must not be done in the wide open. Do two thirds of the work without people knowing, and when you do the last one third, then you have accomplished a great work.

Therefore, before a great event appears in history -- whether it is some kind of a thought or any kind of work -- two thirds of it had already been accomplished behind the scenes. When it appears before the crowd and becomes known to the people, it appears with a foundation and result that can be officially approved of by the public. (141-121)

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