The Way for Young People

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. Human Relationships With Words and Things [Part 2]

5. Relationships With Words

1) The Importance of Words

Words are the most important thing in our daily life and life in general. We express our thinking with words, and the words we use convey emotion and mood to others. We give excitement or despair to other people. We have to know well what important works the words are doing. (91-73)

People use words to express themselves. It is the words that prove the personality of the person instead of what he or she does. The Chinese character which means "believe" is interesting, isn't it? It consists of two parts: one part means "person," the other part means "words." (66-242)

2) The Words with Love Inside

When we speak centering upon love, then no matter how badly we speak or whatever we speak, we inevitably prosper and develop, and the universe will rejoice. (91-91)

3) Words and Action

Thinking is important. All human activities and all human words start with thinking. So you have to have the right thinking, and when you speak, you speak from that thinking. You cannot intervene; you cannot put yourself in that tradition. Here exists the universe and God. You should speak representing the universe and representing humankind. (126-20)

You know in this world we often say, "that person is good with words." We know for a fact there are those who are good with words. But it is not good if the words alone are good. Those who are good not only at words but also at behavior or in their actions are those who pass the tests in life. We think that way. Whether it is better to have more words or more deeds is a very important issue in our life.

Centering upon this issue, it is decided whether a certain person is a good person or a bad person. The value of good and evil is determined. When we speak, what should we speak centering on? What should we center upon when we act? It is not good if words are only words and actions are only actions. We should stand in the position of the sons and daughters of God and speak and behave as God's sons and daughters. (91-73)

When you speak and act, you should do so in such a way that everything may belong to God, everything may be supplemented by heaven. When you talk to your friends and brothers and family members, you have to do so in such a way that you can move their hearts. (91-96)

4) The Harm Words Can Do

Those who have faith, those who are true, those who want to live truthfully should not make a mistake in speaking words. (45-247)

You may use words instantaneously, but if you make mistakes in using one word, that influence will last for one year. In other words, if you misuse one word for one second, you will be put in a situation where you will have to pay the price for one year. (43-1 11)

You should not use the words you don't have in your mind. Absolutely not. Heavenly law will accuse you. (91-97)

5) The Posture of Listening

When somebody speaks, then there is a triangular relationship established between the person who spoke, God, and myself. In this triangular relationship, there is necessarily a purpose between God, myself, and that person on three points. The question is whether those three points are in accord with the points of purpose for God, myself, and that person, respectively. Unless this is in accord, that relationship will get twisted and destroyed, no matter how hard you try. Unless that is in accordance with the will of God, the heavenly fortune will depart instantly.

You should develop a habit so that you can understand these things without prayer. You have to evaluate those things, centering upon your first impression.

In that case, if God is not pleased with what that person has said, there will necessarily occur some phenomena of discord. For example, you will feel angry with the person you see for the first time and some bad words will come out like thunder. You have to reach that state, but to reach there, you need to make preparations.

Therefore you must not stand in a position where you always criticize others. You have to examine what kind of impression you give to others in the first moment of meeting without saying a word. Also, when you listen to the first word of that person, you should notice how your heart moves.

You should examine those things. In other words, in the relationship between subject and object, you have to examine whether that relationship goes well by you. By adjusting the angle of that feeling, you should examine your position by drawing a line that God seeks, and see if you exist as a plus or as minus. If it is a plus, you should move in accordance with that point. (40-82)

The important thing is not the content of a person's words. The important point is the impression, the first feelings of the person who listens to those words. You should always think about this by yourself. Therefore, when somebody speaks to you, you should ask yourself what kind of feelings your mind and body have in listening to those words before you think about the content of those words. If you get accustomed to that kind of thinking, then no matter what may happen, you know whether it will be good or bad, plus or minus for you. (40-68)

You should realize that in the past Adam and Eve failed because they were not able to distinguish the words which they heard horizontally. So, you should become perfected persons who have perfect personalities and who can make distinctions.

... Archangel with the original nature given by nature and heaven, they would not have fallen. (3-162)

6. Relationships With Things

1) The Relationship Towards Things in Our Daily Life

How do we distinguish among the relationships we have in our daily lives? First, we have relationships towards things; second, we have relationships toward other human beings; third, we have relationships toward words. In other words, we use our relationships toward things and words in our relationships with other people. Words exist for indirect purposes, mainly for the third purpose.

Therefore, when we deal with things, we should not get caught in front of God or by the heavenly law. Also in our relationship toward people, we should not get caught or fail to pass in the relationship toward things, toward other people and in the words you use. Words necessarily lead to action. These are the relationships we have in our daily lives. (40-289)

All the things we deal with are material for education. They are the objects with which we can have a relationship, which can cause an indirect response, not a direct response, in the spiritual world. Those are God's creation since those created beings resemble God's nature. Indirectly, they have within themselves the sungsang elements Therefore, they have elements of goodness as their inner characteristics, with which we can establish a relationship. If there are people who develop their lives making connection through those characteristics, those people do not become obstacles; they don't become minus elements. (40-292)

2) The True Owner of All Things

All things want to say, "I belong to this person, and the first ancestor of that family loved me in this way. The second ancestor loved me more in addition to that, and the third ancestor added more and loved me." Do they want that or not? If you want to become true owner of these things, you should take care of all things on behalf of God and love them. You should not only love them; you should educate your descendants so that they may love them even more. The people who do that way become the true owners of all things.

Let's think about your value. Because you are a valuable existence, the things you have also come to have value as your objects. This is the Principle of Creation.

When a thing appears as an object in front of the subject, subject and object become one by giving and receiving mutually. Then the object is given value equivalent to that of the subject. That is the teaching of the Principle. Therefore, those people who don't take good care of things that belong to them cannot last.

You should love what you own. You have to think everything you own is precious, from even a sheet of paper to all the properties of your house. It goes without saying that you should also save them and not waste them.

No matter how small a thing may be if I pick it up, it comes to have values as my object. That way it is precious. Therefore, all the things that a famous person used are kept as the very precious antiques of the nation. No matter how old they become, they remain national property, part of the national treasure, right or wrong? Those things have value as the object of the central figures, which have a value equivalent to the whole nation. All people come to worship them.

The things, which are in accord with the traditional thought of the nation, will lead people in the aspect of emotions and feelings. The world was formed when those things gathered. Do you understand? The true owner is a representative of God. The true owner should be the true owner of true things and true material. (46-273)

As members of the Church, you are in the position of becoming the sons and daughters of the Parents. In order for you to be able to inherit the generation of the parents, you should love the things that belong to Father more than Father did. You should love them by putting your unique individual love into them; you should love them more than Father loves them. (46-272)

3) Basic Posture in Relationship to Things

In our relationship with things, how do we change those things into things that belong to heaven? In other words, what should I do to stand as subject as if God were subject toward those things? In the relationship with people as well, how should we relate to them together with God, not just as ourselves? In talking with people, how should we speak heavenly words? We should always accompany actions with words. That is the important content for us in our daily life. Our work life begins where we deal with things. Human relationships take place where we deal with other people. In other words, the relationship of morality expands, and in the relationship of dialogue, the issue of action takes place. Those are given conditions we are involved with in our life.

Therefore, we should not deviate from the Principle law of politeness or courtesy in our relationships with things. We should not deviate from the laws of courtesy in our human relationships either. The relationship with things occurs also in the relationship with the people. Of course, the relationship with things takes place centered upon people. You should know that you have those relationships with those positions.

As a man or woman of faith, how should you deal with things? You have to do that publicly by all means. If a thing has a value of ten, then you should not regard the thing as such; you should increase the value. In other words, when God is involved in the relationship with the things you love, the value of the things will come to have limitless value.

If you deal with things with such a heart, you will come to have a truly loving feeling for those things. In your life and in the world of heart, you can have such a sentiment. If you do your work with such a heart, then as a result of that, you will feel three-dimensional value rather than just seeing them yourself. The fact that in dealing with a thing you feel more value in that thing means you are now in the position where you can occupy a higher sense of spiritual value. You have to feel that yourself. Then you can be grateful in doing your work. No matter how hard the work may be, if you do those works feeling heavenly value in doing that work, you can increase the value by hundreds and thousands of times. No matter how difficult the work may be, that work will become an object of gratitude.

Therefore, when you deal with things, you should not deal with them without thinking or feeling. You have to think whether that thing becomes a plus or a minus for you; in other words, whether it brings good fortune or a bad fortune for you. Therefore, when you deal with a thing in the position of the value of ten, you have to think whether that thing will have the value of eleven or value of nine in the future. If it brings a minus, then you should avoid the position that will become minus for you. You must think and make effort as to how to set up the position that will bring you more plus.

In this way, if you seek, your mind already knows about anything. When you deal with a thing, you know instantly whether it is a plus or minus for you. In doing a work, when my mind and ambition, or subject and object, have a giving and receiving relationship and become one, three points are decided. Then the realm of the four-position foundation, which is in accord with God's Principle of Creation, or His original motive, expands. When a thing manifests its exact value in accord with the result of the relationship of subject and object, then the result of the purpose of God's creation is fulfilled. As an object of God, it will bring you a good result.

As you keep those results of goodness around you, you can have a higher and wider position in the process of your own re-creation. The more you stay in that position and the more you live that kind of life, then no matter what kind of things you may deal with, you will receive waves from them. You can come to deal with things seriously with a heart of mind like a tuning fork. Then you will have the feeling about whether it is good or bad and whether it will bring you plus or minus. So you should always examine things.

If you don't feel the waves, then disregard the evil mind by standing in a public position and make your heart round and smooth and deal with works or things. Then do the work through your first impressions or the first feelings you had with the absolute feeling that this will become a price without failure. Do the work with that kind of feeling instead of doing things in a senseless, meaningless way. You should do work from a truthful position with the same heart God had in making the creation. Then you will necessarily know whether something is good or bad.

Also, you have to examine in your life what percentage of your evaluations were true and correct. You should always be careful in knowing how many of a percent of your first evaluation proved to be true. If you get accustomed to that kind of attitude of life, then you will know that your accuracy will increase from 5 or 6 out of 10. Your accuracy will get higher. On the other hand, if you do something that makes you feel ... In this way, when you deal with the things surrounding you, you should do them not in a meaningless way, but always centering upon principles.

You know how important it is to enlighten and promote your own feeling within yourself. The same can be said about your life of work in relationship to things. As a member of a company in which you work, you should deal with the property of the company as a public thing. If you deal with them rudely or carelessly, you will become a minus for that company. If you think of those things as the property of the nation, the property of God, then you cannot even use a sheet of paper wastefully.

In dealing with things, you should not treat them without due respect. Instead, you should seek after the value with the heart of not wasting them, from the smallest things to the largest. You should search for things as the conditional objects for expanding your heartistic value or virtue. Also, you have to make effort to connect them with the feelings in your life. Then you will never forget, no matter how much you try that God is always with you in your life. The more you deal with those things, the more realistically you come to feel that God is with you. Those who live life in such a way cannot get tired or exhausted.

If you just work around without thinking, making a loss, you will get hurt and fall away. Therefore, in order to enlighten and develop this kind of attitude of faith, you should never deal with things carelessly, without due respect. You have to deal with them seriously. If you make mistakes, then the way of your faith will be caught, and you will not be able to pass. You will have established conditions to be caught along the way. (40-281)

4) Father's State of Mind in Loving All Things

Here in America there are so many material things that the people don't have feelings of loving all things. I felt that. You must know that you should deal with all things thinking that they are objects that should receive the love of God. Material things should receive the love of True Parents and True Children.

The cars you drive are similar to the clothes you wear. Just like your clothes, your cars are one with your physical body. What is uncomfortable in a place like New York is that there are only a few people who are driving clean cars. Most people drive dusty cars, which have crushed parts as a result of accidents. That is not good.

Women do their make-up in the morning; men shave and drive their cars. Likewise, their cars should also be cleaned. Your car should have the same standard of cleanliness as your body and clothes.

Therefore, from now on the members of the Unification Church should have the heart to cry if the car you drive has a crushed part. You should think that way. You should love them that way. Since you cannot love your car, you can't love your things so well.

The American people often get divorced. They don't love their own sons and daughters; they get divorced. Those problems are all linked.

Do you understand how grateful I was when I had only one apple? There was such an occasion. Twice a year, the first of January and the first of May, inmates were given fruit--only one apple. But we were not allowed to choose what we wanted. We had to receive what they gave, in order. Whether the apples were ripe or spoiled and shriveled from too much heat or whatever, we just had to receive what we were given. As soon as the inmates received the apples, they usually ate them instantly.

However, in my case, I made a rule to think how pretty the color of the apple was. I couldn't eat this beautiful color. Then I admired the taste. Then when I looked at it, I didn't feel like eating it. I had that kind of feeling. I tried to feel that way. However, we were not allowed to keep the apple and walk around with it in our hand. So I finally ate, but when I ate it, I prayed in front of God by saying to myself, "I am the first person in the world that has eaten an apple with such thinking." With that pride in my heart, I ate it. I thought of those things, even when I ate just an apple.

Do you Americans love your cars? Did you love them or are you going to love them from now on? If you love them, your cars will not break down or malfunction. If you love your cars and unite with them, then no matter how fast you drive, you can avoid an accident. If other cars are coming toward you, they will go away. That is the way. Believe in that way, because Satan cannot invade what is completed, united with the principled way. God protects them and prevents Satan from coming. That is the principle, isn't it? Just as you put on your clothes and look in the mirror to see your face before going out, so, when you drive a car, you look at the car and see if it has gasoline and enough water. Then you put it in gear and check if there is no problem, no matter that you start driving the car. After you've started, after 100 miles, use the brakes and make sure there is no malfunction, just like you put your clothes in good order. If you do that, then an accident will not happen. It is also good to examine the condition of the car by listening to the sound.

Today, you have decorated and cleaned this hall. While you were doing that, you must have thought that you should make this room clean. It is good to be good at doing those things, but when you clean the place and put things in order, you should do so thinking, "Oh! How wonderful it will be if I put them in order." You should think like that. Also, if you change your clothes, you should say, "Oh! I'm sorry."

You must know clearly that you cannot realize the idea of unity with God unless you have that kind of heartistic relationship with things, centering upon the Principle. If you come to know that, you will automatically have it. Even if you are not told to take good care of things, you become like that. It doesn't matter if others see you or not. That is how it is. (67-155)

7. The Method of a Mission

1) Our Basic Posture Toward Work

You must not deal with your daily work absently. Through those works, heaven draws you closer, centering upon practical life in heaven. For that reason, you have to make efforts for the purpose of discovering your subjective self who can digest those works and bring good results. In order to find that, you must become a body of resonance by always consulting Heavenly Father about the feelings you first had or your intuition. If you have the standard to relate to Heaven day or night with an open heart, then you can necessarily receive spiritual waves. (40-296)

When you do your work, it will be bad if you cannot have your mind and body united and deal with the work as one being. If your mind and body really get united, that will form the Four-Position Foundation. The same can be said about work. The Four-Position Foundation is the purpose. Unless my mind and body are united, and unless I am united with that work, the purpose of the Four-Position Foundation cannot be fulfilled. Then the work will be useful. Do you do the work just because someone is supervising you or watching you? Heaven and hell do not expand in space. They expand in accordance with the Principle of Creation, centering upon the purpose of the three objects, when your mind and body are united. (40-300)

That is how you should work. For example, when women sew they may do it for the sake of their husbands, or for the sake of those whom they love, or they may do it for the sake of people they don't like. Still, they must do their best and put all their sincerity into all those things. The same can be said of those who sew to make money. If they do the work only for the purpose of making money or only to make a profit, without much sincerity, then they will necessarily come to an end.

Instead, if they do the work as if they were doing it for themselves with all sincerity, as if they were making clothes for the ones they love then those who wear the clothes would say, "This is a good product." If there are some persons who have deep faith, then they can easily know if you did it with all your heart, if you paid all your heart and sincerity into that work. You must observe all things in that way. (40-285)

We must be grateful while we are engaged in a work. Also, while we are doing the work, we should feel the heart of God who is trying to develop our world of searching for the truth. The more we expand that kind of life, the greater it will naturally become. If you say, "Oh! I don't like it, in whatever you are doing, that is resentful. You have to discard the idea, "I cannot do this." (73-78)

Do you love your spouse? Mutually? Those people blessed as husband and wife, do you love each other? Those people who love their spouse, when they go to work, their working place is in the same position as their second life. They are like the external clothes of women.

Therefore, when you go to work, you must have the feeling, "Oh! I want to go to my work place as soon as possible." Then, as you get to your work place early, you should say, "Oh! I want to go home quickly, as soon as I finish this work." You must be like that. When you return home, you should feel like going back to your work again, and then, when you arrive at your work place, you should feel like going home. Go back and forth in this way. Those people who do that will never perish. They are destined to prosper without fail. Wait and see if this proves to be true.

Father has been going back and forth, to and from the factory in Sootack-Li with that kind of heart. We are destined to prosper. It will naturally happen that way. You must feel like going to your work place even at night, and if you are going to your work place, you must feel like going home.

Those of you who are present here may have gone to the SootackLi factory, but Father has visited the factory three times a day.

People say, "Oh, I don't understand Father. He came here yesterday. He came here just one hour ago, and he has come again. For what purpose?" If you build up a heart like Father's, that is the Principle. (67-157)

2) Father's Posture toward Work

Father does not get tired whatever work he does. What about you? Do you get tired after one year? After how long do you get tired? Do you get tired in 10 years or 20 years? After how many years do you get tired? You never get tired? Truly? I cannot believe you. You complain.

You must regard it as interesting. You should think, "Since I was born for this purpose, this is my destiny. I cannot live without digesting this." You should think this is interesting work. All we have to do is to find fun and happiness and joy in the work. You have to find those things.

Father started this work even before you were born. You are around 30 years of age. I have been doing many works. I think I have many more works to do even now than in those days. Therefore, I am not the kind of person who likes to be proud. I think of how to invest myself in the fight for tomorrow. I am busy in going and doing this way. Do you find me tired? I am not tired yet. The more places I go, the more stimulation I feel. The more power I receive, the more wonderful I become. I want to feel those things. So, I am far from being tired. Therefore, you will be successful if you try. You will be successful even if you don't want to succeed. God will have sympathy with those He loves more. He says, "That person may die in a short while, so I have to make that person successful." Before God makes that person successful, if the person dies and goes to the spiritual world, God will feel bad, won't He? Parents are like that. Parents want to do what their children want and fulfill their needs. Otherwise, the parents will feel unhappy.

God is your Father; you are His son. Yet you do terrible things, which make you die. If children do things at the risk of their lives, saying, "I do this for the sake of my father and mother," without knowing that he or she may die, the parents will feel like saving that person with all their power, won't they? Parents want to go ahead of their children and to take all the responsibility, don't they? It is not good for children to do things for their own sake. But if they do it for the sake of the parents, then parents cannot sleep at night and want work to help their children because their children are doing those things for the sake of God, for the sake of Parents. Parents are weak in love, especially in their love for their children. You should know that parents can become strong in their heart of love in front of their children.

In my case, I start doing a thing, forgetting to eat, and forgetting to sleep I get intoxicated in doing the work. I do the work, forgetting day or night. God also thinks that in case I die, He will come to help me. God Himself has made this calculation. He cannot but offer help. (66-318)

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