The Way for Young People

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. The Practices of an Exemplary Life [Part 2]

2. Tidying of the Physical Body and Decent Behavior

1) The Head

Men as well as women must keep their hair cut well. You should have your hair cut neatly, and you should know on which side to part your hair. In Western society as well as Oriental society, men part their hair. In Western society, men part their hair on the left side. It is good to part your hair on the left so that the right half of the hair is bigger than the left half. Women should think about their hair as well.

2) The Face

You can't change the face you have right now, but you can change the expression on your face. You have to adjust all these things as a custom. If your teeth are not in good order or if some of your teeth are pointed inwards, then when you pronounce ku, you should not laugh.

You must know this. In the case of women their teeth would look like a viper's teeth. Women with bad teeth should not laugh.

It would be terrible to be bitten by such teeth. Poison is very strong. If a woman has such teeth, she would look very poisonous. Therefore, you must understand this and try not to laugh with your mouth open.

Those of you whose teeth are pointed outward are likely to be talkative. Their lips are always open, and they talk a lot. You should train yourself not to talk. That is important. You must control your physical body and be good at that.

When it comes to laughing, some people laugh like this. They laugh with their mouth shut. Some laugh by closing their mouth first, then opening it. There are various ways of laughing. Try to see how you look when you laugh. Everybody has a different style. Study how to laugh in a decent way. Women should not laugh aloud. Women are like flowers. When flowers bloom, they do so without making any noise. They bloom quietly. Those women are beautiful. Those women who are noisy when they laugh are not beautiful. Men may laugh aloud, but women should not. They would look ugly. Even Western women should not laugh aloud. If you train yourself in that way, you can easily know what kind of person they are; whether they are educated or not. Mother is that kind of person. Father complained a lot about small things she did. If Mother were a Western woman, she would have acted against me by saying, "What are you saying? Even if you are a man, you have no right to say such things!" If Mother had said that, she would not have become a representative symbol of the Orient. So, you see, Father is an interesting person.

3) Fingernails and Toenails

After I came to Western society, what I most fear is going in front of women. I feel much danger just looking at their nails. Look at my finger, nails and toenails. They are always short. That is necessary. I usually cut my fingernails and toenails. It is my hobby to cut my nails. Those women who keep their fingernails long are those who do not work. Am I correct? How do they type with those nails? So, when I see women with long nails, I regard them as street women. They ask for money with their long hair. Why is it necessary for a working woman to keep long fingernails? How long does it take to grow such long fingernails? Those are not necessary. If you have resentment about not growing your nails long, then you can try once or twice, but I do not want such things. Even if my beloved wife has long nails, how can she catch things with such long fingernails? Do you understand what I mean? Therefore, it is important to cut your nails. Also, those women who wear stockings should not have long toenails. If they do, they will feel pain. They will also feel pain when they wear high heels.

4) Walking Posture

As I said earlier, you should walk neatly. That is important. Your posture, when you walk, must be balanced. You should always think whether your posture is good or not. You must also make sure to walk safely. Also, when you're standing, you must be balanced.

For women it is not good to have their waist bent. It is the same with men. Also, when you sleep on a bed, your chest should not be like this. The posture must be correct from top to bottom. You should practice sitting correctly. Women should sit with their hips tucked in neatly. You should get accustomed to it very quickly. If you don't, your backbone will be bent. The posture of your walk is important.

5) Sitting Posture

When a woman goes somewhere and sits in Western society, she sits on a chair, but in the Orient they do not lean their back on anything. It is because women have big hips. They feel comfortable when they are seated naturally. Men hate small, sturdy hips. Therefore, when women sit leaning on their backs, they have trouble with their babies. When women are pregnant, they should not sit leaning on their back.

6) Words in the Orient

There is a saying that when a woman's voice goes beyond the wall, that house will perish. Men's voices are usually loud and go over walls. But women should keep their voices low and talk quietly. That is a natural way. If a woman's voice goes beyond the wall, it is against the Principle. Such a house will perish. By listening to the voice of a woman, one can know how that person will live: whether she will live happily or miserably or be loved. Those things are known. Therefore, a woman's voice is very important. You didn't know such things.

7) Sleeping

Here in Western society, how do you sleep? Do you sleep on your back or your chest? When you sleep, you need to think of these things. You need to sleep a sound sleep. Sleep must be peaceful.

The man with a big physical body can snore, but women must not snore. It would be troublesome. Women should sleep quietly.

If the neck is tucked in, the snoring sound is louder. Therefore, you should keep your pillow like this. When a woman goes into the bed where her husband is sleeping, she should not just enter. She must enter on his side. And, if the husband is sleeping, she must enter quietly.

8) Health

Health is the most important thing. Even if you are sick with a cold, you need to have healthy feelings. It's important not to be noticed with wrong feelings by other people. You should display healthy feelings. Expression is necessary. Do you understand? Even if you have a cold, you must always keep a healthy expression. If women have that kind of expression, men feel comforted. When the husband looks worried, the wife should comfort him. Women need healthy expressions.

3. Church Life

1) Life of Prayer

A life of prayer is necessary. You need a life of prayer. Our life of faith is not a part-time thing. It is our main job.

2) Assemblies

It is absolutely necessary to participate in gathering or meetings because it is necessary to maintain balance. It is absolutely necessary to maintain. Therefore, you must participate in meetings by all means.

3) Learning

You must always learn spiritually. You need knowledge and education. You must not be ignorant. Those who live a life of faith should always examine themselves as to how much spiritual and physical knowledge they have. Of course, spiritual knowledge must take precedence. If you live a life of faith, you may often receive revelations through dreams and in other ways. You must know this. You have to learn how they are related to you and how those dreams affect you. You should examine them. The dreams differ, depending on person.

4) Witnessing

You should always witness. Those who don't give birth to children and raise them cannot become wholesome persons. By witnessing, your personality will become rounded and wholesome. Also, you can receive help from the spirit world. By serving others, you will know their character 100 percent.

By raising 10 or 15 spiritual children, you can understand any kind of person. Just by looking at them, you can understand and evaluate them perfectly. That is why Jesus chose 12 unique disciples.

If you witness and restore more than 12 persons, you may understand them vaguely, and by raising them you may understand them more. That is why witnessing is absolutely necessary.

5) Service

You should live for the sake of others. You should live by loving and serving others.

6) The Way of Indemnity

You should walk the path of indemnity. For example, you should pray for a certain period of time and set up your own path of indemnity and walk it. Sometimes you should offer a special prayer. If you do not, you cannot understand. But, if you do so, what will happen? By doing so, men and women of faith can overcome difficulties and are already indemnified and protected. Therefore, when you live in a community life, you should bear the portion of responsibility of other people. You should know how important it is to live that way.

7) Reconciliation

Next, you must always make peace and reconciliation. In the church, even if there is something you don't like, still you must be responsible for those things. If there are difficulties in church life or between members, you should take responsibility and get reconciled. As the Bible says, those who make peace become children of God. Satan is the opposite.

8) Experience

Experience is important. Spiritual and mystical experiences are necessary. You should have such experiences as, when you pray, you see Father in visions and in dreams. Such phenomena should occur many times. They should not be short but long. You should experience phenomena in which you go to spiritual world and paradise. These experiences are necessary.

In order to experience such things, your thoughts must always be vertical. If you think vertically, you know immediately what is not right when you do something. You must make such distinctions. Do you understand? Those experiences are necessary.

9) Spirit world and Reality

What happens in the spirit world is manifested in the real world.

You must always experience those things in your life and in society. If your life of faith is deepened, you can feel more widely the things around you. Therefore, sometimes when God enters into a state of sorrow, without knowing, you will naturally feel the sorrow in your real life. Therefore, I say reality is a resonating being.

4. Socialism

We have to live a life in relationship with society.

1) Time

We live in the realm of time. We must have a thorough concept of time. We must be punctual for work or school. We must be thorough with time.

2) Respect and Communication

You must be able to respect and communicate with those people you meet. You should be good at communication. You need that kind of conception. It is not good to think, "I must be respected by other people." Among people, the one who respects the other person first will move the other person.

3) Diplomacy and Development

Diplomacy and development are necessary to be successful in life. In order to do so, you need to keep in mind the important holidays and birthdays. Those who work in a company should be able to develop the diplomatic field. Diplomacy is the ability to make oneself adaptable to other people. In order to do that, you need a good vocabulary and correct expressions.

4) Occupation and Posture

For those engaged in work, there are several responsibilities. You must not have bad attitudes. Your occupation is your second self. To have an occupation is to make your second self. You must know that everything is affected by your attitude: whether it is good or bad and how much you produce and achieve in one day. Therefore, you absolutely need a good attitude.

When you are engaged in an occupation, you must think that, if you have a bad attitude, it is impolite to your work and that you are making a debt. You should think that your occupation is holy, because it is your second life, expressing the extension of yourself.

5) The Relationship between Master and Subordinate

In any age or society, there is a master-subordinate relationship. The question is who will influence the relationship. In the relationship between the company president and workers, if the company president gives good influence to the workers, he will be a good company president. If the workers give good influence to the company president, they will be good workers. You must make the relationship between master and subordinate very round, wholesome, and harmonious. There is no need to complain.

6) The Work Place and I

If you are working for a company, you have common interests with the company. There are some people who are indebted to the company. You should not become such people. If you bring harm to the company, you will be fired. Therefore, you must think of connecting your workplace to the nation. You must also think of the national interest.

7) Talking and Behavior

You should be decent in all things, in talking and in your behavior.

You must be exemplary. Why? By doing so, you can adapt to your environment.

I'm conveying these contents because we have to live through these processes and think of our lives and church life as precious. From now on, they will be different from the past. The time has changed. The time has come to put everything in order.

By learning what I have instructed and taught you, you must make effort in order to achieve results. In the past, we consumed many things while achieving indemnity, but from now on, we will enter the age when your achievements can become your profit. From the past until now, Satan often destroyed, but from now on, your ownership will expand. You must think of these things and make every effort with all your heart and sincerity.

From now on, even those who were not interested in the Unification Church members will be interested in you. You will become the center of attention.

Therefore, you must become a model in everything, equipped with these heartistic contents. By doing so, you will receive true pride in front of God. I give you such instructions in order for you to become like that. (131-285)

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