The Way For Students - Sun Myung Moon

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Chapter 1 - God's Work Of Creation

Section 1. The Existence Of God

Section 2. God And The Creation

Section 3. The Universe

Section 4. Nature And Humankind

Chapter 2 - Human Value And The Mysteries Of The Human Body

Section 1. The Position And Characteristics Of Human Beings

Section 2. Purpose Of Man And His Values

Section 3. The Mystery Of The Human Body

Section 4. Plan Of The Human Body

Section 5. Laughter And Harmony

Chapter 3 - Youth And Completion

Section 1. Youth

Section 2. Characteristics Of Adolescence

Section 3. The Way Of Songhwa

Chapter 4 - School And Study

Section 1. School And Teacher

Section 2. Student's Duty

Section 3. Friend Relationship

Section 4. Study

Chapter 5 - Man Of Faith

Section 1. Life Of Faith

Part 1

Part 2

Section 2. Man's Portion Of Responsibility

Chapter 6 - Reverend Moon's Student Days

Section 1. Reverend Moon's Childhood

Section 2. Father's Student Days In Seoul

Section 3. Father's Faith And Thought

The Way For Students
Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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