The Completed Testament Age and The Ideal Kingdom

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Preface From The Korean Text

Reverend Sun Myung Moon received a special summons from God at age sixteen and has walked only that one path all of his life. The value of Reverend Moon's noble life is that he revealed God completely who has been hidden throughout human history, and that he has accomplished God's Will.

Reverend Moon clarified that man is the essence of true love, true life and true lineage, with God and man existing in a parent and child relationship. The fall of man, brought on by humankind's ancestors, destroyed man's original value and brought him to the pitiful state of sinking in the swamp of sin. This Teacher, Reverend Moon, who has realized with his whole being the suffering God who has been recreating His children to their original shape, tried to bring freedom to God and humanity. The teacher expressed the reality of his life in the following words:

Until now, I have walked the path of persecution. The Unification Church of Reverend Moon has received the most persecution, from the individual, family, tribe, society, nation and the world.
If I summed up my life and described it in one word,, it would be misery, indescribable misery. I have a past that no one has understood; only God knew the situation. Those who prayed about me expressed that there are only tears. Those who prayed to find out who the teacher is, could only cry at his situation.

In brief, Teacher's course of life is the indemnity course for the total restoration of God's providence, and therefore each of those countless sufferings contains great significance as a providential event. Teacher is the ancestor of goodness and the one who walked the path of True Parent all of his life, washing away the sinful history of the false parents, caused by Adam and Eve's fall, through his blood, sweat, and tears.

We can realize the value of True Love and True Parents through the life of Reverend and Mrs. Moon's couple. Moreover, through his words we can know his identity deeply. Through the already published 240 volumes of speeches, he clearly explains God and man, the world, history and the spirit world. The evidence that he has come from Heaven is that he has the truth and that truth is revealed through his life.

Teacher said the unique strategy of the providence of restoration is to be hit first, and then to claim ownership. All his life, he was hit and walked the suffering path of indemnity, and finally he took back the heavenly elder sonship, parentship and kingship positions from Satan. He opened the Declaration Day of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth (the Declaration Day was July 7, 1997, by the lunar calendar).

Now, truly, the new age has arrived and God's sovereignty of goodness can settle on this earth. He said that all the blessed families who are to become the owners of this age should establish the identity of heavenly citizens by establishing the ideal of true family, and by becoming the spring of life of the Word, where the parents of heaven and earth can settle and rest.

True Parents established Hoon Dok Hae (gathering for reading and learning) on October 13, 1997, for us to read and study the Word every day, establishing the true family tradition of attending heaven.

We published Blessed Family and Ideal Kingdom I and II,, the central content of Teacher's speeches. This time we are publishing a volume with the name of Completed Testament Age & Ideal Kingdom. This book is a compilation of previous separate publications:

True Parents
Earthly Life and Spirit World I and II
Filial Piety
Life in the Spirit World and on Earth
Who Is He?

Through this publication we will understand how to bring about the settlement of heaven and true peace and happiness in the family, society, nation and world. I believe John 8:32 which says, "The truth will set you free." That promise of the New Testament Age can be realized through this book of the Completed Testament Age.

Sun Jo Hwang, President
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International
December, 1998

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