The Completed Testament Age and The Ideal Kingdom

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Preface To the English Edition

Welcome to a new world, a new time and a new place, The Completed Testament Age and the Ideal Kingdom. This world includes the entirety of human life, from the ordinariness of daily routine to the vastness of the spirit world. It is the fruit of the universal human struggle for righteousness in all nations, races and religions. This world embraces the totality of humankind, the original man and woman and all their descendents. It is the world of their resurrection and eternal life.

This world also embraces the sensual world of our waking and sleeping, eating and drinking, loving and struggling, sunlight and shadow. It dwells in those human affairs about which we place such concern -- the labors and pleasures that consume our brief stay on earth. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon celebrates this physical life of blood, sweat and tears and calls it redeemed in Christ and calls it to become what it always should have been-the realm of God's original love.

Reverend Moon created this anthology, the first three volumes of which are composed of his direct teachings. The first selection, entitled True Parents, defines the meaning of the Messiah, in the context of the Completed Testament Age, as the True Parents. The Earthly Life and Spirit World volumes outline the nature of the cosmos as a dual reality, invisible and visible, the world of mind and the world of the body. Humankind has suffered through our ignorance of both worlds. Through science we are now gaining mastery of the physical world. Reverend Moon pioneered a parallel breakthrough in our comprehension and mastery of the spirit world.

The fourth selection, Filial Piety is a collection of Reverend Moon's prayers rendered in poetic form. It is one of a twelve-volume set that will be published in English later this year.

Dr. Sang Hun Lee's revelations, Life in the Spirit World and on Earth, bring Reverend Moon's teachings on spirit world into vivid reality. Dr. Lee, a medical doctor, philosopher and early Unification disciple, has industriously researched the spirit world since his transition there in 1997. His reports on the state of married couples in heaven, of persons in hell, and of specific historic figures, provide compelling testimony of the reality of the next life.

The final work, Who Is He? is a presentation of several-centuries old Korean prophetic texts, together with brief selections from Nostradamus and the Old and New Testaments. They mutually point to the advent of a messianic leader in our time, and the author, Sung Mo Koo, concludes that these prophecies can refer to no one other than the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. For the benefit of scholars, we have included the original Chinese calligraphy and associated Korean Hangul.

We pray that these English translations may open to the reader the vistas of this new world of the Completed Testament Age and the Ideal Kingdom, and that the reader may find himself or herself moved not just to enjoy that vision, but to participate in its realization.

With sincere appreciation to the creators and laborers who brought forth this noble scripture, I recommend it for your eternal edification.

Tyler Hendricks, Ph.D., President
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, America
July 1, 1999
The 9th Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing

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