True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 1 True Parents [Part 2]

3. The Definition of True Parents

What is "True Parents" that the Unification Church talks about? This is the question. What would have happened if the first human beings had not fallen? If there had been no fall, God would have become vertical love, and Adam and Eve would have become the full incarnation of God. This would be as if they were the flesh of God; God as the bones, and Adam and Eve as the flesh. God also has mind and body. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Yes. Whom do you resemble? (We resemble God.) God and? (True Parents) True Man. You resemble God and True Man. But you know, I am not talking about the president of the United States. (laughter)

God would have become the internal parent in the internal place, and Adam and Eve the external parent in the external place. Internal and external parents become one through love ... We came to attend the internal parents and have external parents. With the cooperation of love between God and humans, the True Parents, the perfected humans, were to be consummated. Without this cooperation of love, there could be no perfected person.

These were to be our original ancestors, the original persons whom God had created. We should be born from such persons. We should he born from persons with the divine nature. Then we would have God's divine nature and our parents' human nature.

The perfection of Adam and Eve turns outward only when connected to the love of God. Without the connection, it is no good. The point where God's vertical love and horizontal physical love would be connected was to be the very root of the lineage of our ancestors. Do you understand? (Yes.) That place would begin the lineage of our ancestors. All of humanity would arise from there.

The Fall separated the loves of man, woman and God. Because of the fall, the love of man, the love of woman and the love of God were not connected. If there had been no fall, they would have been connected automatically. Man and woman would become tied together by love, automatically. Why would man and woman try to become one? They would do it for love. What would they say they would do after uniting with love? They would say that they would receive God's blessing. That is the purpose. (184-71)

When you review the Ages in the providence, you find that the providence for restoration is completed through the Last Days. The closer to the end it comes, the nearer the time when the purpose of religion will be accomplished. The final moment, in which the purpose of religion will be accomplished, is the time when the True Parents appear.

What kind of persons are those True Parents? This is the issue. The True Parents, as our Principle teaches us, are the parents who, in the position of having completed the human portion of responsibility and having passed through the entire realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle (i.e., the realm of indirect dominion) into the realm of direct dominion, have realized the ideal union centering on the love of God. For the first time in history, God and human beings have realized the ideal union centering on love, and God's ideal of love has started landing on earth for the first time, centering on the family of True Parents.

The Fall blocked the realization of this ideal of True Parents. Faced with their mission -- their portion of responsibility -- Adam and Eve were to lay a bridge from the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle (i.e., the realm of indirect dominion) into the realm of direct dominion, perfecting these; however they didn't do it. Instead, Satan started to invade the realm of indirect dominion. You must know this. If you do not, you cannot register when you go to the other world. (143-76)

So, what in the world are true parents? (The center of love.) What are they? They are the point of origination where true love, the ideal love, can spark for the first time since the emergence of this universe. That's why we call them true parents. Then, what kind of children must there be in front of the true parents? (True children.) Then, what are true children for? These children hold enough internal and external beauty to receive the first love of those true parents. (125-166)

What are true parents -- true man, and true woman? What are true children? They all must come with the word "true." Their root must be connected to and centering on God. When God above descends with love, there is only one way for Him to move since love travels in the shortest course. The conclusion is that there is only one vertical line. (189-198)

What is that word "True Parents" that the Unification Church uses? What are True Parents? (God has appointed True Parents.) What does it mean, that God has appointed True Parents? It means that the love of God landed on humanity for the first time. It means that True Parents are the starting point. You should know that.

Then, if Rev. Moon is the True Father come down, did he become the True Father after coming to America? Where did he become the True Father? Where? Where? (In Korea.) What? (Korea!) Who had known Korea? However, known or unknown, desert, branch, or lump of stone, the place where God's first love landed becomes the precious place. (130-111)

What are True Parents? They are our first human ancestors who can start with the complete and absolute unity of Adam and Eve centering on the love that sets God's love as its core. You should know that clearly. Without knowing the true parents, true children cannot be understood. (135-161)

Who becomes the core of history, of generations, and of the future? In other words, what is the center of the cosmopolitan thought which, seen within the context of history, can become the historical fruit, within the context of the age can become the generational center within the context of the future can become the origin of future? That is true man and true woman.

Then, what is the view of life held by the true man and true woman? It is to lead a life living for the sake of the world. The two love each other for the sake of the world; they bear children developing the motivation to love the world even more.

Such a thought is the one we are suggesting right now. I do not know if you all know such a content, but as I look with this knowledge, history must be clarified at that standard, whether it is viewed centering on the horizontal realm of space, or on the vertical realm of time. This conclusion is automatic. (25-147)

Where was the origin of the Fall? It began from one pair, Adam and Eve. All the problems came to occur because Adam and Eve fell and became false parents. Because of this, the problems of heart, lineage, personality, language, daily life, nation and world occurred.

Then, from where can a true standard that can simultaneously accumulate and integrate all these start? It cannot be established in some realm of religion; neither can it be at the level of society or nation. It is absolutely impossible even at the level of the world. Since all problems originated from false parents, restoration can occur only centering on the connection with true parents.

Only by centering on the noun, "True Parents," can we become one with the heart of God. The original lineage begins centering on True Parents, original personality begins centering on True Parents, language returns to its original position centering on True Parents, life can be returned to its original form centering on True Parents, the formation of a nation and world according to the Ideal must be established centering on True Parents.

Then, what is the core matrix that totally epitomizes all this? It is the True Parents. By the one True Parents, everything is determined. Therefore, "I" must inherit all of their thought system. Without inheriting all their heart, personality, view of life, and view of the world, one cannot stand in a central position. (28-248)

There should be neither any education without the True Parents, nor foundation of living. Do you understand? You must completely unite with the True Parents. Uniting means to think and feel that "the True Parents' life is my life, the True Parents' idea is my idea, the True Parents' work is my work, and the True Parents' realm of love is my realm of love." (44-145)

4. True Parents Are Beings Who Have Fully Realized The Individual Nature

Among saints and sages in our history, was there anyone who could say, "throughout human history, only I, as a representative of humankind, accomplished the unity of mind and body completely, free from any struggling. Therefore, you should follow me"? Although there are many professors who have responsibilities concerning the ethical life, do they know what is important?

Is the body important or the mind? The mind is important, and the body is also important. However, much more significant is unity between our mind and body. That is more important. Those who cannot accomplish this unity will be in the wrong even if the world is fully unified.

Now, bodies are different from minds, and minds are also different from bodies. Then, when can both be united? Today, and in human history, no one can declare that he has unified the conflicting body and mind.

St. Paul lamented that he found the law of his mind and the law of sin in himself conflicting. Who would rescue this wretched man from this body of death? It could be only Jesus Christ, love of God. He really felt that. We are released from our sin through God's love within Jesus Christ.

Where does the conflict between mind and body originate? To say what kind of person God is, he is the vertical subject of love, which becomes the origin of this universe. If a heavy burden has fallen on the earth, God cannot lift it simply by thinking. Even God, to pour out his love on the horizontal plane, needs power that can pull that out.

If the electricity is strong, lightning strikes when it approaches a negative charge of electricity on the earth. Is that true? It must come down. Even though it is in the higher place, it must come down. Likewise, for the higher love to come down, the love of minus (responder) must be found on the earth first. The love of minus occurs first, then the love of plus (giver) automatically occurs. These are complements.

In this active world, action and reaction must exist. When things correspond there is interaction. On the other hand, there is reaction. Generally, people regard reaction as opposing the power of action; however, it does not. Reaction operates to protect the existence of correspondence. Only this way can we understand logically all problems of good and evil. Unless we can find the theory for protecting against evil by centering on goodness, there is no way to resolve the history of conflicts between good and evil.

Where does God come through? It must be through vertical love. For vertical love to have value, a horizontal foundation must he erected. Is it the same for both men and women? Until you have discernment, you do not understand anything; however, upon growing up, women want to have the world, and men do, too. Therefore, to have that kind of world, what do we do? We should not act like this. Where should we meet? We should grow up completely and become mature; then we can meet. To do so, we have to attain the stage where we can say that the world is ours.

We say that "we must occupy this". However, we cannot do so by our own power. We can occupy it only by love. Because there is the power of love, both men and women can have ideals of and dreams of world conquest. You want to have the whole world yourself, don't you?

If there is heaven, or if there is an invisible world, you also want to have such infinity or invisible world, don't you? Why do you want to do so? Because we have vertical desires and horizontal desires.

The horizontal desire is to have the entire earth itself, which is representative of the horizontal world. On the other hand, the vertical desire is to have this cosmos itself. Do you understand? The body has limitations. It cannot go beyond the boundary of the universe. But the vertical world can always be expanded.

From this perspective, we can realize that a father, as a representative of the body, must be the ancestor of humankind centering on true love. The father, who is a representative of the body, must be the first man of humankind! Do you understand? (Yes.)

In the Unification Church, we seek the truth that was not comprehended throughout history, and we hear and use a noun which deals with and corresponds to it. That noun is "True Parents!" (Amen!) Therefore, the horizontal position of True Parents is the position which we consider the original ideal of creation, the position of son and daughter of God. Adam and Eve had the position of God's son and daughter. If Adam and Eve are likened to bodies, then God, standing in the father's position, is likened to mind.

What can make God as mind and a person as body unite into one? It is not power, or knowledge, or authority. What is it? (It is love.) It is love. The individual is the model for the principle for unifying internal and external characteristics. Therefore, when we seek the origin, there must be a father who is likened to the body, and there also must be a father who is likened to the mind. Then, the internal father's position is the position of God, and the external father's position is the position of the first ancestor of humankind.

In that case, in what kind of place do the first ancestor and God become one? Where do they unite? Centering on true love, they should unite in the core of the sphere of love. Man and woman meet each other centering on the vertical point.

1) The Meaning of "True Parents," Which We Should Know

A. The Word "True Parents" Is A Precious Word

You should know how important and precious is the word "True Parents." Even if you cannot have trust in your nations, presidents, teachers, parents, and brothers and sisters, you ought to believe in the True Parents. Do you understand what it means? (Yes.) We should know the fact that the concept of True Parents implies the idea of salvation, which means that hell and the evil satanic world are saved.

Think about this. Although you are standing in the position of death in Satan's world, the True Parents become the power which can be a shield against death. On account of this, if heaven and earth can recognize it officially and history can recognize it officially, then how proud it is. The True Parents are protected by God and history! Is that true? You should know how the word "True Parent" came about.

It does not mean that Rev. Moon decided to be a true parent and then started this work. It means that this work cannot be done without true parents, therefore I am compelled to do it. Do you understand?

2) The Word "True Parents" Is To Be Exalted As a Superb Word

Even if all our ancestors revive, and praise the glory of their resurrection, the praise and glory could not rise beyond the realm of the fall. However, we should be proud of the word "True Parents," which we use in the Unification Church, for this word is more valuable than any praise of glory which, no matter how miserable you are, you praise with your ancestors as the victor of liberation of a nation. We should also know that, by meeting the True Parents, the way is opened to the place where we can meet God, and that the position where you meet the Unification Church connects to the way where we can find in the near future the kingdom of God and the fatherland, for which the True Parents are longing.

Until now, humankind has had different native lands and different cultural backgrounds. Moreover, people say, "Here is our fatherland; even though its boundaries have changed, and our ancestors lived here, we are living here now, and our descendants will live here in the future." However, it is certain that all this is in the realm of the fall.

You must break through this realm of the fall and must seek the kingdom of love where we can proudly give praise with our ancestors and claim the victory in front of our descendants and where we can praise the glory of the victory. In this kingdom of love, you can have parents of love. Furthermore, if there is God as the center of the fatherland, you can say, "Here is the place to serve to God; there is no more glorious place." You must know it.

Who is the Messiah? The Messiah is Adam who fully substantiated God's love; therefore, he comes having the qualification of original father. God's original love, centering on the father and the mother, is the center of this foundation, and centering on this foundation, the rights of ownership for individual, family, tribe, people and nation become the Messiah's own by centering on true love. Then, the areas of ownership of the nation, the people, the family and of the individual's possessions are to be expanded.

Therefore, if Messianic love had been established from the individual to the nation, and if this had then been propagated rippling to Rome and the world, the idea of a Second Advent would not have been needed. From this perspective, can we say that the United States belongs to the realm of God's love? (No.) Think about it. Is there any country that does? (No, there isn't.) No, there isn't. Can we say that a large number of Christian churches have the right of ownership coinciding with the principle of God's love? (No.) Absolutely not. The Kingdom of Heaven is not on the earth.

Based on this point, you must know, among all words in history, how great and superb the words "True Love" and "True Parents" are. These words are the only basis for breaking through the realm of the fall and the satanic world. Therefore, you should be grateful for the word "True Parents." You should also know that, apart from understanding the meaning of it, even if you hear this word hundreds and millions of times and then appreciate it, it is not enough.

3) The Word "True Parents" is an amazing Word

What you should know is that we lost our original fatherland because of the Fall. We also lost our original country and world. Furthermore, we lost even God and his love. The one starting point from which we can search for these enormous things that we lost is this amazing noun, "True Parents."

From God's view, what is the goal of the providence, for which God has had longing throughout history? It is the standard of true parents. For what has He been bearing the history of indemnity from the human fall even until now? It is to seek true parents. Many Christians are waiting for the day of the coming of the Lord at the Second Advent because of this goal. Many religions are longing for this day because of this goal. From this fact, you must know that the birth of true parents is a formidable and amazing event.

You want to go back to your homeland because your parents, brother and sisters are there. Your home is the place where relatives are centering on your parents. That is why you think of your home. People call the country where their hearts and relatives live their fatherland. Generally speaking, the fatherland is that kind of place.

From this perspective of the fatherland centering on original man, there is no home and fatherland. We could not have such homes in the past and we also cannot have them now. There are fatherlands; however, they are evil lands and these have no connection with us. They are not related to the True Parents.

The word "True Parents" which is used in the Unification Church is an amazing word. False parents had false love centering on Satan's love. On the other hand, the True Parents rise up centering on God's love; therefore, they march forward to the world of love. Do you understand, or not? (Understand!)

Then, why do we try to find this love? Love is a great thing. Love is equal eternally. We just hear the name of love and we can be qualified to immediately reach any kind of higher position. A woman who does not know a letter and a man who is a great world scholar equally can do it.

In the Unification Church, we use the word "True Parents." Who are true parents? Since false parents were born, true parents have to arise. What should true parents do? They should correct the false lineage which became the root of Satan's world, restore false life, and sever the way of false love. It is said in the Bible, "Whoever seeks his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." We have to consider why this paradoxical theory had to he brought out. You should die in Satan's world.

I am not a handsome man. However, if I can say that I have an unchanging hope, it is to pursue God's Will. True parents are the standard for and the fixing point of this ideal purpose. That is true parents. True parents. Do you understand? That is true parents. Then, what is the completion of God's Will? What is the accomplishment of the ideal of creation? The ideal criterion is for Adam and Eve to complete the ideal of love and stand as parents in the realm of direct dominion. That is the completion of the Will.

You should know how amazing it is that I came to this earth with the word "True Parents." Do you follow me? The word "True Parents." That word is the most blessed word in this world, and for fallen mankind, seeking the word "True Parents" is more important than looking for a nation or world that they lost. It is more precious than any other thing in heaven and earth.

4) The Word "True Parents" is a terrifying word

What is the one frightening teaching in the Unification Church? It is the word "True Parents." God is afraid of this word, and Satan is also afraid of it. We who are human are in the realm of Satan. Therefore, centering on the True Parents, those who follow them are judged by their words.

God may feel that he wishes I had not come to the earth. However, because I came as a person who has to judge people, God listens to my words. Why is Satan afraid of the word "True Parents"? If people believe in this word and follow it, then they destroy everything that belongs to Satan and defeat him. That is why this word is a very frightening word for Satan.

Satan always hinders True Parents' advance, and he hopes that I fall down and become evil. Therefore, it is a problem to follow this way, however much you believe in the True Parents and follow them. Once you stand at the front of this way, you should do your best for God's Will, and should go this way joyfully. You should know that this is the way that you must go.

(From Father's prayer) "I know very well how frightening a word the name `True Parents' is. Until today, I have fought, not seeking to live in a peaceful place, but to accomplish this mission of the Will. Looking back on the past, there were many circumstances and regrets; however, I realized that my situation could not be compared with yours. Therefore, I know that I am the miserable one who cannot but shed tears on my knees. Please accept my heart which feels such things, and from this day, please open the door of heaven and earth."

What is the question? It is truth, that is, true parents. What are true parents? It is not easy to understand the meaning of the word "True Parents." This is the most terrifying word. You cannot imagine how frightening it is. Only one word, that is, "True Parents", controls history. To find this word, many of our forbears went the way of sacrifice. The name was found by hoping with writhing and shouting throughout a continuous strife of blood. This holy name is "True Parents".

There must be true children in front of true parents. Then, did you become true children? Think about it. Are you true children? Trueness has not changed in the past and present, and will not change in the future.

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