True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 2 Messiah and True Parents

1. History and True Parents

1) The Fall and True Parents

Now has come the time of the end of humankind's fallen history, with the intersection of democracy and communism. The era of Satan's full authority came and expanded throughout the world. There was no room for further advance. Therefore, it began to decline. Specifically, once Satan's realm reached 70% of the world, it had to retreat. From this perspective, Satan's fallen world is to be indemnified centering on a human history of 7000 years.

The key, then, lies with the number 7. Germany was 70% victorious in World War I. Japan also was 70% victorious in World War II, which is called the War of Dae Dong Ah (The War of Great East Asia). Once they reached that percentage, they had to retreat. History has developed according to this kind of fundamental formula.

Because fallen human beings were born from the false parents, the contents of history have been very intricate. Human history originally was to be developed centered on True Parents. Since it did not, it has to be restored to accord with the ideal of creation. In fact, it has had to go through the way of restoration at the levels of individual, family, tribe, society, nation, world, and universe. (211-310)

We ourselves are attending the True Parents. However, in this world, there are not only children of the True Parents, but also children of the fallen parents. Originally, humankind would have been God's beloved children through the blood lineage of True Parents; however, owing to the Fall, they became fallen children. Therefore, someone must come and liberate humankind from the false bond of human beings' progenitor. That person is the very Lord at the Second Advent, and the Savior.

When the Lord comes, he must restore to his rightful position the elder son. The elder son became like an illegitimate son, for his blood lineage was changed. Originally, he was to inherit God's blood lineage through original love; however, owing to the Fall, he came to inherit the false blood lineage. In spite of that, God did not abandon him.

The elder son was as an adopted son and can be likened to a wild olive tree. Because Satan has the ownership of the field of wild olive trees. God has to have the wild olive trees transferred to His ownership. God does not take this field coercively, with guns or with swords. He recovers the wild olive trees by ones and twos, all the while being persecuted and being treated with contempt.

You may not know how much sacrifice Christianity suffered in order to establish its worldwide foundation. Christianity has such a bitter history that there may be no place where the miserable outcry of its sacrificial offering did not ring out. Even to the present, sacrifices have been offered continuously on the Christian altar of martyrdom. You should know that Christians' historical bitter heart is entangled in all humankind, as the altar of blood is continuing. Therefore, we have the solemn historical responsibility to liberate God and Christianity, inheriting such Christians' historical heart of suffering. (210-360)

The human fall means the spreading of the false love, false life, and false lineage of Satan. Here, you men! Do you have love or not? We have it! Then, do you have life? Yes! Men have the blood lineage inherited from their ancestors. Accordingly, you are the result of love, life, and blood lineage inherited from your ancestors.

What does this mean? It means that you are in the position to be God's enemy, inheriting Satan's love, life, and blood lineage. Peace on earth cannot be realized without removing such false love, life, and lineage. Therefore, Rev. Moon comes with the ideal of True Parents.

What do True Parents do? By cleansing false love, True Parents fight to clean out Satan's elements, which are opposed to peace, in order to separate individuals, families, tribes, societies, and nations, from Satan. (217-185)

2) Desire of History

Our Unification Church is using the term, True Parents. When we look at the history of the fallen world, we find that fallen parents were born in this world and established the fallen world.

In this sense, this world became the world of the fallen parents having nothing to do with the True Parents and God's original ideal. Therefore, no matter how many people may have lived in this world, there has been no one who could take pride in his life as a totally successful person and stand before the universe saying, "Ah! I was the happiest person in the world and succeeded in all directions."

Therefore, we are saying that the history of the world is like a sea of anguish. It is the history of tragedy, of war, and of disease. It is because of the Fall that human history has been a tragic history.

What is the first desire of each human? It is to become a perfect person. Then, where can we find such a person, one who can stand in front of absolute and perfect God? How can a perfect person be realized? To the present, humankind has tried to find the answer to this problem through philosophy and religion; but now humankind lies in the situation of surrender. This is the present human situation. (137-81)

Throughout fallen history, the deep-rooted desire of each human has been to meet True Parents and attend them. The reason that God established the nation of Israel and Judaism was to prepare for the attending of the Messiah. Then, what kind of person is the Messiah? He should be a True Parent. The reason why God established Christianity and its cultural sphere was to make a foundation for people to attend the Lord at the Second Advent. Who is the Lord at the Second Advent? He is the True Parent who comes as the third Adam.

The time when True Parents come is the era in which the nations of the world exist as brothers under True Parents. Therefore, after the Second World War, victorious countries had to liberate the countries they defeated. This is because nations that were in the position of elder brothers had attacked nations in the position of younger brother. It was because this occurred during the time of the True Parents that this unusual history developed.

That for which history has been looking is True Parents. The purpose for the appearance of religion was also to meet True Parents. The purpose for which nations and the world emerged was also to meet True Parents. All were to prepare the providential path of True Parents. (51-354)

3) History and True Parents

What has religion been doing thus far? Religion has tried to make a true son. God has made efforts thus far to find a true son. Therefore, there is no woman among founders of religion.

Do you know of any woman among the founders of religions? (No!) Each was a man. This is because the founders of religions were part of the process of finding a true son. The history of religion has developed through so many stages and, ultimately, it has to find one master, one son who will take the final baton for determining victory or defeat in history. This is the history of the world to the present. (421-28)

Why has God made many religions? It was not to make a patchwork world. The purpose was simple. It was in order to find one true son who can fulfill God's true love. Within an environment of love, God finds one true man through his providence; then the purpose of religion is completed. For this purpose God does not need two or three sons, but only one son. In the realm of love, a being has one object partner. (173-34)

The history of restoration is the history to establish True Parents. Therefore, God has worked internally from the time of Cain and Abel to the present in order to realize True Parents. Whoever opposed or disturbed God's fundamental providence to accomplish this purpose was a failure and was abandoned before the way of truth. (9-10)

What is the meaning of history The liberation of God is possible only when the condition of Satan's false accusation is completely removed through unity with True Parents. Without the condition of Satan's false accusation being removed, it is impossible to liberate God. Then, how can you enter the realm of ownership of God's heart.

You and your parents, as well as all things, are not in the position to be determined as God's possessions on the same line. That position must be restored through indemnity. (137-269)

4) Providential History of Restoration is the History to Find True Parents.

A) Who Are the True Parents Who Come To the Earth On Behalf of God's Will

The True Parents have to establish the absolute position for restoring God's dominion over all things through fighting against Satan's world in order to destroy the realm of Satan who has dominion over the realm of human beings, being able to subject even numerous spiritual beings, contending with the spiritual world. The True Parents have this mission.

Therefore, God has, until now, prepared the way to send True Parents to realize the one world in which can be connected all things, human beings, and Heaven.

We learned, through the Principle of Restoration, that for True Parents to come, there must first be true sons and daughters, and true servants for true sons and daughters to come.

When we looked at the course for restoration, we learned that God worked to establish the True Parents' Day by going through the Ages of Servants and of Children. Moreover, we learned that spiritual persons in the spiritual world helped the process of realizing the Age of Parents, as the process developed through the Ages of Servants and Adopted Sons to the Age of Son.

True Parents cannot come to the world until there is prepared the worldwide foundation, beyond the national foundation. Therefore, during the providential period of 2,000 years from Noah through Abraham, God had Jacob prepare the foundation for the formation of the people Israel. Then God had this people form a nation. Through many historical courses, God invested so much to establish that.

In order to do so, God had to have individuals gain victory in fighting against Satan on behalf of God -- at the levels of individual, adopted son, and direct son. Otherwise, human beings could not meet True Parents. It is for this that providential history developed through the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age to the present.

The purpose for which God would send the Messiah on earth is for people to establish a bond of blood with True Parents after establishing the victorious foundation of restoring the positions of adopted son and direct son.

However, because of disbelief among the people of Israel, the foundations of servant and adopted son, which had been prepared for 4,000 years, were destroyed. Thus, 2,000 years ago, Jesus was in the position of having to go forward to the position of direct son after himself gaining the positions of servant and adopted son. This was the very position of Jesus.

The purpose for which God sent Jesus was to establish the bond of True Parents on the foundation of the nation of Israel, established after the traversal of the positions of adopted son and direct son. To accomplish that was Jesus' mission in this world. However, because Jesus was compelled to go to the cross, the victorious foundation could not be founded on the substantial level. Instead, the bond of True Parents has been developed centering on the spiritual level.

However, individuals, families, peoples, and nations have not been able to finally settle in the originally ordained positions. Accordingly, providential history has developed through the individual, family, people, and nation who follow God's will.

In the global era, God sends the Lord who will become a bridegroom according to God's promise. Choosing a bride, the Lord will establish the true victorious foundation. Because the position of True Parents is the position originally ordained according to the purpose of creation, God has fought for 6,000 years in order to prepare the foundation.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the providential history of restoration for 6,000 years has been the history to find True Parents. True Parents are persons who are representatives of the history of 6,000 years. Thus, you should know that not finding True Parents has been sadness and anguish to all humankind.

Human history has been the history of realizing True Parents. Without realizing True Parents, there can be no true children. Before establishing true children, there cannot emerge true families, tribes, peoples, nations, world, and cosmos. God has worked during this long period of 6,000 years to establish this standard.

Jesus, who came 2,000 years ago, was the one who came with the glory of True Parents for the first time in human history. However, in order for Jesus to stand as True Parents, he had to gain the victory in every way. Because he was the fruit of history, he had to fulfill the mission of son as well as that of True Parents.

Jesus had to walk the path not only to restore the position of son physically, but also to restore the position of parents spiritually. Moreover, Jesus had to establish the standard to be able to unite with God through fulfilling both of these responsibilities.

If this standard had been established, it would have become the foundation of Israel at the levels of individual and family. Moreover, it would have become a foundation for Israel at the levels of people, nation, and world. If the standard had been established, Jesus would have accomplished the spiritual and physical foundation. However, because of disbelief in Israel, Jesus could not erect the standard.

From the original viewpoint of the Principle of Creation, True Parents must be persons who receive God's blessing spiritually and physically. However, Jesus could not establish True Parents because of disbelief in Israel. Nevertheless, Jesus prepared the foundation for attendance on True Parents in the spiritual level.

What is the meaning of that? The Lord at the Second Advent coming on earth has to restore the positions of spiritual parents and physical parents. Jesus, who knew that, prepared during 2,000 years the foundation for the Lord at the Second Advent not to be persecuted in the spiritual level. He has prepared the foundation of the spiritual society, people, and world centering on Jesus.

Jesus works in the spiritual world. Accordingly, Christianity has been able to establish the bond with spiritual parents. The Lord at the Second Advent has to inherit from Jesus all the foundations of individual, family, nation, and world that Jesus established in the spiritual level. This is similar to Jesus' needing to inherit all blessings from John the Baptist. Without his going through such positions, the bond of True Parents cannot be established on the earth.

According to God's principle, the standard of spiritual inheritance must be established on the earth. When Jesus came in order to bequeath his spiritual foundation to the Lord at the Second Advent, if the Christians on earth had united with the Second Advent Lord, the standard of inheritance on the earth would have been established. However, because Christians did not attend the Second Advent Lord, the foundation of spiritual victory could not be completely bequeathed and the position of True Parents established.

Therefore, for True Parents to be established, there has been the history of struggle to restore the standard of spiritual and physical inheritance. The purpose for which God worked during 6,000 providential years was to establish the foundation for True Parents and to be able to accomplish the victorious foundation during their lifetimes. However, because Christians in this world did not follow as one body the command of their spiritual parent, and did not move in step with his direction, there was no standard for the spiritual foundation that Jesus prepared to be bequeathed

to the Second Advent Lord. For this reason, the Lord at the Second Advent, who is to be a True Parent, has had to walk the path of being tested in the spiritual world at the levels of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world, overcoming the test, and establishing the standard of the inner victory. So that the victorious standard could be established on earth, he could not but go through the way of inner struggling. (14-281)

Why does God accomplish the providence for restoration? The purpose of the providence for restoration is to establish the bond of original parents, True Parents. Who are True Parents? True Parents are the substantial temple in which God can dwell. Can you feel this practically? How great is the value? Is it as valuable as your house? Is it as valuable as your body, your children, your nation, or the world?

However, there are some people who regard God as less than they regard a jewel in their cabinet. Such persons are asking God to give blessing. Can God's will be established through that kind of people? Is it possible? You know that it isn't. (22-44)

2. Messiah Is True Parents

1) Messiah is True Parents

Who is the Messiah who comes? He is the person who can stand as the substantiation of faith, hope, and love on behalf of individuals, families, tribes, nations, and the world. Only when he stands in that position can the faith, hope, and love which have remained in human history bear fruit. Otherwise, the faith, hope, and love cannot bear fruit. The word of the Messiah is not the word of just the individual level. If you speak the word with strong belief, even though the word comes from your individual mouth, it becomes a word which accords with the contents of the worldwide history.

Who is the wise man? He is the person who, firstly, has such perception as to be able to discern the time of the world and the time of hope. It is the wise man who, firstly knowing the time, is in the position to take responsibility to make the time his own, by analyzing, criticizing, and practicing. When the Messiah comes to this world, although he comes alone, he is not at the level of the individual. The value of the Messiah is that he can produce the fruit of the faith, hope, and love that all humankind have. This bearing of fruit connects all of history; that is, past, present, and future. (213-134)

The Messiah is True Parents. We are their true children. Standing in the realm of the same destiny, we must belong to them. (55-99)

2) The Process of the Manifestation of the Messiah

The mission of religion until now was to find one man. Even though religions have pursued various things, such as salvation, repentance, etc., the ultimate purpose of religion is to find one person who can transcend the highest position among the various religions. In this sense, the centers of all religions converge to one person. Who is that person? He is the very Messiah. In other words, every religion has actually sought for one person who is the center of all existing beings-the Messiah, and Savior. However, the Messiah cannot come to people immediately, but has to go through a course of 7 years. The Messiah is a man. He comes and has to gain victory fighting against Satan and transcending the blood lineage of the satanic world.

Centering on the victorious man, we have to establish the foundation to be able to gain victory over Satan at the levels of family, tribe, people, nation, and world. It cannot be done by only one man taking a position superior to Satan. The Messiah cannot govern Satan's world without standing in the position superior to that of families in Satan's world.

The highest standard Satan attains is that of the nation. Satan has fought centering on the nation. Since Satan came to dominate at the level of nation, Satan has attacked God's side at the levels of individual, family, tribe, people, and nation. Centering on the nation, Satan has blocked the way which God has been preparing. Accordingly, the reason that God's side has been opposed and persecuted is that God's side has been inferior in scope to Satan's side. If God's side were stronger than Satan's side, God's side, instead, would subjugate Satan's side. Because this world became Satan's world owing to the Fall, this world is covered with Satan's families, Satan's tribes, Satan's people, and Satan's nations, not God's side. Even though there were individuals on God's side, there were no families, tribes, peoples and nations which developed from this level of the individual.

Ultimately, without the foundation that the Messiah, as an individual, can establish at the levels of the family, tribe, and people, there could be no way for people in general to be able to rise to a higher stage. Accordingly, God prepared the realm in which people would be able to rise following the Messiah: that was the nation of Israel. This is how we must understand the concept of chosen people.

However, the people of Israel did not rise up to the desired stage. The chosen people were faced with a limit, and their hope was to transcend the limit. If they could not transcend the limit, there would be great trouble for them. Yet, no matter how much effort they might make, they could not transcend the limit by themselves.

Therefore, God promised the people Israel that He would send the Messiah, the Savior. In order to have them transcend the limit of the level of nation, God had for thousands of years worked to prepare the foundation for attending the Messiah and had promised the Messiah's coming.

When the Messiah came, if the people of Israel had completely united with him so that Satan could not separate them from the Messiah, from that absolute unity the people of Israel would have been engrafted into the Messiah as individuals, families, tribes, a people, and a nation, and the entire nation would simultaneously have been drawn up to the new stage.

This should be the thought of chosen people in this world: that centering on the people chosen by God, a nation which God can choose must be formed. That there are chosen people proves the existence of God. Moreover, that there is a prophecy for the Messiah proves the existence of God.

Then, what is the reason that we need a Messiah? Because of the Fall, we have false parents. Parents united with God were forfeited. It is the Messiah who erects the position in which one is able to realize oneness with God. This is the first reason. The second reason is that the Messiah will give birth to us again. Because Satan's blood flows within our bodies, the Messiah will give birth to us again by engrafting us into himself so that through the removal of Satan's blood we should no longer be Satan's children.

The third reason is that the Messiah enables us to keep Satan as a servant. That is, the Messiah comes and makes us qualified for subjugating Satan, keeping Satan as a servant, and being able to judge Satan.

Because of the Fall, first, human beings could not have True Parents. Second, human beings inherited Satan's blood. Third, human beings came to be subjugated by Satan. Accordingly, to recover we have to walk a course which is the reversal of that.

In the Divine Principle is taught the Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance, and that only when we have established these foundations can we attend the Messiah who is to come. This is God's principle. Therefore, let's establish the Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance. (54-186)

The Messiah himself is the substantiation of faith, hope, and love. When you attend the Messiah, the purposes of faith and hope come to be accomplished. Then what remains to be accomplished is love. Only the purpose of love remains because the purpose of faith and hope is realized.

Therefore, the Bible says that of faith, hope, and love, only love remains. It is the Messiah who comes as the representative of love. (13141)

3) The Mission of the Messiah

What is the meaning of the Messiah? The Messiah has the horizontal foundation begun after completing the vertical foundation. Then, who is the Messiah? The Messiah brings the inner plan for fulfilling God's will.

He brings the purpose of co-righteousness -- which God and mankind should follow-to accord with the vertical standard, and establishes the standard of the vertical substantiation of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world. (71-80)

In all of reality there are only two existing beings that are proud of themselves. They are God and Satan. (laughter) Don't you think so? Two masters, good and evil, are fighting.

How excellent Satan is! Satan has dominated the entire human history as a master of evil, and has given so hard a time to God that God cannot move an inch. Who will finish this struggle between good and evil? Even God cannot finish the fighting, and Satan also cannot finish this. You may be hearing this for the first time. Who will end the fighting between the evil being and the good being? It is not Satan, not God. Then, who can finish that? It is only the true human who can end this fighting.

Without being the protagonist of true love, which all humankind can follow, you cannot end the fighting between God and Satan. If human beings are not liberated from this fighting, the word "peace" will remain a fantasy in human history, the word "ideal," just an abstract and emotional word.

Then who can solve this problem of struggle? God sends his representative whose main thought is called the thought of the Messiah. The Messiah is the person who liberates not only human beings, but also even God. He is the Savior who judges evil and liberates God.

In Korean, "Savior" is "Gu Se Joo." The character "Se" refers to the world. From this perspective, God did not send the only begotten son to love only Christians, but to love the whole world. You Christians who recite John 3:1C well: did God say that "because God gave his only begotten son to love Christianity, whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life"? Did you omit that God loves the whole world?

What is the mission of the Savior? It is to liberate God and judge Satan. Who can remove that chief instigator of long-lasting aggrievement who has given so great a false accusation against human beings? Even God cannot do that. Only the Messiah, the Savior can do that. What will the Messiah do? He comes as the commander of the struggle to win over the world, after establishing the foundation of God's sovereignty, land, and people of God's nation for the first time in human history. That is the mission of the Messiah. You should know this.

Satan cannot be subjugated only through winning over a nation. Because Satan already has worldwide sovereignty, his worldwide domination has to he expelled. Only when this is done can the realm of liberation of true freedom on the earth be realized.

As long as any accusation by Satan remains in the world, the ideal of the Garden of the Eden, which God had created as the Garden of Freedom and Peace, can never be realized. Only when there is no longer any more accusation by Satan can the Kingdom of God on earth be established. Only

when the Kingdom of God on earth is established can the movement for the liberation of the Kingdom of God in heaven begin. This is the way in which members of the Unification Church must go forward. (57-130)

What does the Messiah have to do? He has to establish the victorious path by subjugating Satan and removing Satan's blood lineage at the levels of individual, family, tribe, nation, and world. This is the way for the Messiah to go forward. In other words, first he must establish the way for individuals to go; second, establish the way for families to go; third establish the way for the world to go.

After defeating Satan individually, if the nation and democratic world attack him, being mobilized by the worldwide Satan, the Messiah has to overcome the attack. The same is true when he gains victory at the level of family and at the level of the world. When Jacob had victory over the angel, and when Abel struggled with Cain, the fighting was one to one. However, now is the time for God to liberate the whole world from Satan. For that, God needs a foremost representative nation. This is Korea. (54-190)

3. Jesus and True Parents

Who is Jesus? Owing to the Fall in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve became false parents and multiplied false descendants. Therefore, for restoration Jesus came to establish True Parents. Adam and Eve did not become true parents, a true couple, and bear true children. Therefore, only if people believed Jesus completely and became one with Jesus could true children, true couples, and true parents be established. This is why Jesus said to love him above all others. (8-109)

According to the Book of Revelation, the Lord will come to this earth in the Last Days to meet a bride. Do you know what "the banquet of the lamb" means? It means a bridegroom and a bride getting married centering on God for the first time in human history.

Because of the fall of the first ancestors, they did not become true parents, but false parents. Thus, the position of the original parents, which God had envisioned, was not established. In the Bible it is written, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last." (Rev. 22:13) Because God's purpose presented in the Book of Genesis was not fulfilled, its accomplishment is presented in the Book of Revelation.

Then, who is Jesus? Jesus came as the perfect person who could completely unite with God's love. Thus, 1 Corinthians 15:45 says, "The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit."

According to the Bible, Jesus is the second Adam. Without establishing the positions of true children, true couple and true parents whom God can endow, God cannot realize the family which he has planned to establish on the earth. Because of that, the second Adam had to come on the earth. There are many religions in this world; but of them, only Christianity has the ideas of being able to be God's children, of becoming one with God, and of establishing a new family through bridegroom and bride centering on God's will. Because Jesus came having such ideas, the religion that believes Jesus could not but become the global religion. (254-108)

4. Second Coming and True Parents

1) The Preparation for the Messiah to Come

The place where you will live is the Kingdom of God. However, are you living there now? No! The Kingdom of God does not emerge immediately.

Then, what has to be realized before the Kingdom of God comes? The Messiah has to come. However, the Kingdom of God cannot be completed by the Messiah alone. Didn't the Messiah come to the nation of Israel? (Yes, he did.) Yet, the Kingdom of God was not realized.

Before there can be a nation of God, there must first be a people of God. You should know that. Then, what is required in order for there to be the people for a nation? Do the people for the nation emerge all at one time? A special tribe has first to emerge. The tribe stands forth and has to lead the people.

Then, what is required in order for the tribe to emerge? There has to be a clan. What is required in order for the clan to emerge? A family has to emerge as the center of the clan. Moreover, in order for the family to emerge, there must be children and parents. In order for children to emerge, there must first be parents. In order for these parents to emerge, there has to be one man who can represent everything of God's Kingdom.

Who is that? It is the Messiah. What does this man have to do? In order for the man to be a parent, he has to find his object partner, and they must become one. That is the teaching of Christianity. That is the ultimate goal.

For 2,000 years, Christianity has gone through a course the reverse of that of the Fall in order to spiritually restore the world. This is the spiritual Christianity. If Christianity now attends the Messiah on this foundation, everything will be completed.

When the Lord comes at the Second Advent, the whole world will become one. All nations will become one. Christian denominations in nations will unite and clergy in denominations will unite. Clergy will unite and come to unite with Christ. If they attend Christ and unify, the world will be restored in the Messiah's time. God had been preparing this for 2000 years.

However, because not all connections were established, the foundation has again to be prepared. (66-277)

2) The Task of the Lord at the Second Advent

What is the task of the Lord? He has to win victory over Satan and then has to win victory over leading spiritual beings. These days, there are many people who have spiritual ability and proudly think that they will become famous and great in the world. But they cannot attain that if they only devote themselves, without knowing the contents required for the liberation of the fallen realm.

The Messiah has to win victory over Satan in the spiritual world. That is not the corporeal world, but the incorporeal world. If he were not to gain victory against leading beings in the incorporeal world, the way to advance to the entire spiritual world could not emerge. Thus, he could never enter the spiritual world. Moreover, even if he could then enter the spiritual world, he could not be victorious fighting against all spiritual beings, owing to many obstacles. Accordingly, after defeating Satan, he must defeat the leading powers of the incorporeal world.

Therefore, the Messiah has to take the course to finally win over even Christianity, after having victory in the realm of Satan, the entire spiritual world, and various other religions. Why is that? It is because he has to inherit everything from them.

When he has received authorization from heaven and earth through this struggle, the Messiah will hear the word from God, "You are the victor over Satan and the spiritual world." Then, the path to be able to act on the earth will open. You must know this. This history remained. Then, who is the Lord to come? He has to win over Satan, numerous spiritual beings-including many founders of religions and many leaders-face-to-face. Through having them realize the origin of religion and of the universe centering on God's nobility and true love, he can win over them.

Every existing being in the universe is willing to be absorbed by a higher protagonist of love on the earth. Don't you think so? Birds and dogs also go to find a village which can give them more love. It is the same.

Accordingly, the Messiah has to inherit all authority by gaining victory centering on true love. He has to inherit the authority of unification. That is the responsibility of the Messiah who is to come on the earth.

The Kingdom of God cannot be realized even through a unified Christianity. Christianity might be able to be unified on this earth. However, it could not unify all cultures, such as those of Buddhism and Hinduism, which are the foundations of the spiritual world. As long as cultural boundaries remain on earth, not being destroyed, so that there is no originating point for unifying the spiritual world, the realm of unified culture cannot come about. (100-18)

The Messiah has the responsibility to be able to unify the nation, the world, and heaven and earth. Can the Messiah do that? Even God has not accomplished that; how can the Messiah do it? From this perspective, what kind of religion does God have to establish? It must be a strong religion to be able to unify individuals, families, tribes, nations, the world, and the cosmos. Satan agrees that that is the mission of the Messiah. In this sense, the mission of the Messiah is decided. (130-175)

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