True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 3 The Necessity of True Parents

1. The Universal Need For Parents

Originally, after God created Adam and Eve, God wanted to dwell in them. God as the Parent wanted to bear the fruit of children, and God wanted His children to know Him as their Parent. God wanted to perfect both roles through this process. By fulfilling this plan, God could harvest and have both.

Why do we need parents, and why does God need children? God is spiritual, and His son is corporeal. The relationship between God and man is as a father and son. The invisible God, by bearing fruit through His visible son, enters the mind of His son and manifests himself as God. The invisible God bears fruit in His son's mind. Thereby the son also bears fruit, and God can even bequeath His fruit to His son. Through this process, God bears both the fruit of God and the fruit of parents. These are of equal value.

Why do we need parents and children? Even God, with all His love, needs a counterpart. We, His children, if we have love, also need our counterpart. This reciprocal relationship is the relationship of heaven and earth. It is a vertical relationship.

This world can be divided into two parts: the spiritual world and the physical world. As the children of the invisible God, people are born and plunge into history. Their lives move from one pole to the other. They grow up and wish to search for the Invisible. One day they will become bridegrooms and brides and become one with their partners through love. It is like the waxing moon and the waning moon becoming one.

We conclude that children need parents in order to occupy the realm of heaven, and parents need children to take possession of the earth. Parents' mind is the mind of heaven. When you are a child you do not know this mind of heaven, but you come to know it when you become a parent.

The task of love is to occupy both worlds and unite them. When it happens, the relationship of father and son becomes glorious. They are one. Neither father nor son can stand in front or behind. Do you understand this glorious relationship of father and son?

Why do we feel sorry for people without parents? They do not have the means to occupy the spiritual world and the physical world. We also feel sorry for people without children. It is because God's ideal of creation is designed such that parents and children unite and bind the cosmos together with love. Therefore, people without children are not qualified to be an example to others. They will be thrown into the trash and end up in hell. That is why people without parents and people without children are full of grief.

2. Physical Parents and True Parents

What is the position of your physical parents? They fall into the category of parents in the evil world, which is the opposite of True Parents. Some people ask, "If Rev. and Mrs. Moon are our True Parents, does that mean our real parents are evil parents?" This is a problem.

If the world were not fallen, do you think people would pull their children away, insisting, "He is my son! She is my daughter!" Do you think that in the Garden of Eden there was the concept that one has to abandon one's own mother and father to find a new mother and father? (No, there was not.) Why, then, are we born with this kind of destiny? This situation was not created by God, but by Satan. It is a consequence of the Fall.

Satan divides everything. Satan divides mother from father, son from daughter. Satan divides families, nations, and breaks the entire world into pieces. The Last Days is the era when Satan divides everything. Therefore, the Last Days is the end of the world. We must know this.

The Last Days is also the time of a new beginning. According to the Divine Principle, God initiates a movement in the Last Days to unite everything that is divided.

What are the True Parents? What is the difference between your physical parents and the True Parents? What do the True Parents do? What kind of love do the True Parents teach? The difference between your physical parents and the True Parents has to do with love and the concept of love. Your physical parents teach you about love centering on the flesh, and your spiritual parents teach you about love centering on the spiritual world. These have very different content.

Why do you need spiritual parents, when you already have physical parents? You need them to resolve the problem of the Fall. Your fallen parents have taught you the downward path by centering on yourself. Their parental love has made a rope connecting you to the satanic world, to keep you there forever. You do not have the means to cut that rope. (129-29)

When the True Parents appear, they love centered on God. Therefore, God cannot but love everything that the True Parents love. You know this is true according to the Principle. You, who were born into the satanic world, come to follow the True Parents, saying, "I like True Parents' nation and True Parents' family more than my mother and father, more than my home, and more than my sons and daughters. God's love is far better than anything else."

If you have True Parents' love, then Satan cannot pull you away, no matter how hard he tries. The realm of God's love and True Parents' love is the ideal realm of the original world. Therefore, Satan has no authority to take away these sons and daughters. Unification Church members from all five races, you all have parents, right? What kind of parents are they? They are your normal parents. The Unification Church has True Parents. They are your special parents. The True Parents are completely different from your parents.

Your normal parents raise a big commotion. You are trying so hard to come to your special parents, and they are trying to kidnap you to prevent you from coming to Rev. Moon. Nevertheless, your special parents remain calm, closing their eyes. I do not command you to follow me. If you want to follow me, then come. If you want to go your own way, then leave. It's up to you.

Your normal parents become hotheaded and scream, "Reverend Moon is Satan. He is a heretic!" But the True Parents stay silent. Your normal parents say, "We are your special parents." Are they correct? (128-138)

Rev. and Mrs. Moon are the parents of three ages. They are the parents of the Old Testament Age, the parents of the New Testament Age, and the parents of the Completed Testament Age. That is why they are True Parents. By the way, some of you pray, "in the name of Parents." You are not supposed to pray like that. Rev. Moon alone is qualified to pray in the name of Parents. You should clearly know this and teach this.

What is the difference between your birth parents and True Parents? They are not the same. Your parents are situated within a single age, but the True Parents encompass the three ages. They encompass the past, present and future ages, both the spiritual and physical worlds.

The True Parents are the root and the bud. Your physical parents are branches. Do you understand? A bud grows on a branch. Thus, your physical parents are parents on the branches stemming out of the current age. True Parents, however, are the parents of all three ages. They are the parents of the age of the root, the age of the trunk and branches, and also the age of the leaves.

Thus, you should not forget the word "True Parents." You have some nerve to think that you can pray in the name of "Parents" because I pray in the name of "Parents." It is contrary to the Principle. Do you understand? If you continue to do that, what will happen? Children call their mother and father "parents." If you pray to parents, they will be confused and ask you, "Who are our parents? What's the difference?" Don't confuse them like that. Birth parents are the parents of one age, while Rev. and Mrs. Moon are the parents of three ages. They are vertical parents. Rev. and Mrs. Moon are the parents of grandfathers and fathers and grandsons -- three ages, three stages. You have to know this clearly. Therefore, True Parents cannot do whatever they wish. They cannot leave the position of the root. They may think, "it would be nice to wander about like a branch," but they cannot.

Can the root do whatever it wishes? Can the buds wander around as they please? Both the root and the buds are longing for the branches. How confining it is to keep one's position for thousands and millions of years! How confining is my position! Yet I have to keep it even though I may shrivel up. It is a position with no freedom. However, the branches can wander around as they wish. You have to know that. (141-226)

3. The Reason for the Coming of True Parents

What is your highest hope? You want to become people fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. You want to become the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of Heaven. Is this your wish? (Yes.) If you become people, sons and daughters, fit for the Kingdom of Heaven, then the Kingdom of Heaven will inevitably appear.

From this viewpoint, can we say that the democratic world is the Kingdom of Heaven? (No!) What kind of world is it? The democratic world is a means, not an end. Its purpose is to help the coming Lord to easily replace the existing political regimes. The rise of democratic ideas is an interim phenomenon. Once the Lord comes on earth, all the people in the world will follow the Lord. Whom else can they follow? When this happens, it will be more convenient for all nations to organize themselves into one nation. However, with democracy, the world cannot unite into one.

The democratic experiment is already finished. Can America by itself lead the world? America is on the verge of perishing. Currently, the issue is how we can revive America, and how we can raise America to be the leader of the world on the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. If that is God's will, then America would do well to tackle these issues with the thought of the Unification Church and the teachings of Rev. Moon. Until she does that, America will have no way to survive, nor can its people build the bridge to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The spiritual world is already organized according to this principle. How long will it take for this form to appear in the physical world? First, God should become the center. Second, True Parents should appear. Third, true children should appear. Fourth, true people should build a true nation. Has the spirit world been expecting this to happen? People in the spirit world have been waiting thousands of years for you to be born on the earth and complete the original will of God.

How is this present world organized? First, human beings placed Satan at the center. Second, it is centered on false parents-that is, fallen parents, evil parents. Third, they brought forth evil offspring, who built up evil nations. This is how this world was organized. The spirit world and the ideal world to come will reject all of it.

Because the word "True Parents" is used in the Unification Church, your mothers and fathers oppose us, saying, "If they are your True Parents, who are we?" There have been episodes when parents kidnapped their own sons or daughters, who wished to become true sons and daughters. All the nations in this evil world opposed us and cast us out. Now, they cannot oppose us any more. They can fight against Rev. Moon, but they cannot win.

We must escape from Satan's realm. Satan mobilizes individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, and the whole world to keep us from escaping. This is the very last, decisive battle. (161-224)

4. Preconditions for the Appearance of True Parents

What needs to be accomplished in order for the True Parents to appear? Can the True Parents appear without the archangel having been restored? (No.) Can the True Parents appear without Jesus having been restored? (No.) Can the True Parents appear without a bride having been restored? (No.) The religious world should resolve these problems. At the place where all the difficulties in God's providence for restoration are resolved, the word "True Parents" newly appears. Therefore, you should recognize that the True Parents are not any ordinary people. Are the True Parents inferior to your wives, your mothers and your brothers?

The True Parents do not appear unless the archangel is restored. The True Parents do not appear unless Adam is restored. The True Parents do not appear unless a bride-Eve-is restored. This is the truth. (46-214)

5. The True Lineage Comes Only Through True Parents

Humankind needs True Parents. What began from the false parents should be begun from the True Parents. The false parents were the people who, by living in false love, received false life and the false lineage.

We have to reverse this wrong beginning. How can we inherit true life and the true lineage centering on the love of True Parents? In other words, because we inherited the wrong seed, the issue is how we can recover the original seed.

Since this is the problem, we understand that the Messiah comes on the earth bearing the messianic seed, the new seed of the True Parents. We cannot receive this seed except from the True Parents. Through a process of engrafting, the True Parents infuse their seed into us over and over again. We can thus be restored to the position of an original Olive Tree. It is that simple.

Therefore, God is our True Parent. He is so close to us! God is our vertical Parent and the True Parents are our horizontal parents. Together, they realize the ideal of true love. (218-224)

Look at the government of the United States, a democratic country. Democracy is brotherhoodism. That is why the political parties are constantly fighting with each other. I have proclaimed, "There must be parents. Only when there are parents, can brothers stop their fighting. Parentism is needed in this miserable situation. Godism is needed, the teaching that we should live centering on God!" What kind of parents can fulfill this hope for peace? These parents do not exist in the satanic world. They would be totally opposite from parents in the satanic world. These parents are called True Parents.

Why do we need True Parents? True Parents are needed in order to eradicate the foundation of satanic love, satanic life and satanic lineage. How did man and woman fall into such a condition? They fell through wrong use of the sexual organs. The sexual organs! The sexual organ was originally meant to be the palace of love. Yet, how is this palace now? A person's sexual organ is something so precious. It is the palace of love, the palace of life and the palace of lineage. Is it something dirty? No. It is holy.

The sexual organ became a dirty thing because of the Fall. From God's original viewpoint, it is not something dirty, but something holy. It is the most precious place, where life, love and lineage are joined. Yet Satan defiled it. (218-178)

6. The Reason We Absolutely Need True Parents

Today, Unification Church followers call me True Parents. The word "True Parents" is a fearful word. Yet it is wonderful to know this word.

A tribe, people and nation are not formed without a family. The family originated from the womb of God's love. The family was then to expand to form a tribe, people and nation. Therefore, to defeat the satanic world, we have to march forward centering on the model of the True Family.

We fallen human beings stem from evil ancestors. From the first fallen ancestor to the multitude of your ancestors to your mothers and fathers-all are parents in the fallen realm. All of them are immersed in the tradition begun at the human Fall. Considering this, it is truly amazing that the True Parents have appeared.

We need True Parents because this world is not the realm of love. The realm of love is an environment where all are one in heart, where everything is united, everything is clear, and everything is complete. It was God's original will for Adam and Eve to begin that realm from a pure, unfallen love-nest. The realm of love would begin where unfallen Adam and Eve unite with God and realize the ideal. Once the realm of love is manifest in this world, we will not need the word "Unification Church." We will not need the world. To find this realm, we have to abandon the world, abandon the nation, and search until we find the True Family. We need the True Family. We must find this family even if we have to give up everything. This is important. (138-277)

Whom do we need? We need True Parents. True Parents are more valuable than your friends or your teachers. Therefore, you have to follow True Parents even though you may have to give up your best friend. You have to follow True Parents even though you may have to leave your teacher.

When you join the Unification Church, your friend may say, "Our friendship is over." Your teacher may say, "I am no longer your teacher." Yet, you have to follow this road. Even your mother and father may reject you. Yet, you have to follow this road. Would that, all of a sudden, everyone liked this road. It would be the historical beginning of a new heaven and a new earth. (33-338)

Human beings need True Parents. Why is that? For the first time in the history of humankind, people can be connected to the axis of love. Do you know how meaningful this is? It is an event in the Principle that has never happened before in history and never will again. You have to know this clearly. The axis of love is one, not two. Love that stems from this axis is true love. Your mother and father's love is not true love.

The first commandment reads, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your might," and the second commandment reads, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." That is how God has loved us. (137-108)

Why do we need True Parents? By completing their individual responsibilities, the True Parents can cast out the world-level Satan, whose fetters bind every individual on earth. Do you understand? By completing their individual responsibilities and by fulfilling the conditions needed to indemnify the fall of the family, the True Parents inevitably complete the course for restoration through indemnity. Unless one individual completes his portion of responsibility for restoration through indemnity on the world level, the world cannot be restored. Do you understand? Unless one individual fulfills the portion of responsibility necessary to bring Satan to submission, restoration cannot be accomplished. (137-106)

We need True Parents for God to come down and settle on the earth. That is why True Parents bear hardship on the earth. (217-354)

Why do you need True Parents? You need True Parents to inherit the new lineage. According to the Divine Principle, the Old Testament Age was the age to lay the foundation of faith, the New Testament Age has been the age to lay the foundation of substance, and the Completed Testament Age is the age to realize the new ideal. Therefore, as people living in the age of love, we should inherit the good lineage. Until now, all people have not inherited a good lineage. Everyone's lineage is mixed.

Rev. Moon inherited the original lineage, the original tradition, and he came to know the truth. That is why he has been fighting against Satan. Do you know that?

True Parents are like the new buds of a good olive tree. You must truncate your tree and have a bud from the True Parents' tree engrafted to your stump. You must receive the graft of a bud from True Parents and God. Do you understand? Then, your body will not be your body, your thought will be the same as God and True Parents' thought. You will bear the same fruit, giving birth to good sons and daughters. This is not possible if you live by the ways of the satanic world. It is not propitious to have sons and daughters before you receive the graft from God and True Parents.

Now you know how great it is to be victorious over the three ages. You should be a person who fights and wins representing these three ages and three countries. How are you going to handle the three countries of Germany, Japan and Korea? People who are not confident to handle their opponents should not go to war. You have to be determined! Who ever believed the world would change like this? You may have thought that White people would live only with White people, but they also must live with Blacks and Orientals-three races.

The victor who can represent the world of three ages, symbolized by the number three, encapsulates in himself the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age. When you become the victor of the three ages, or three stages, your victory carries the whole world. Do you want to be like that? (Yes!)

You have to put in ten times more effort than did Noah. If you volunteer to become a slave, you will pass. You will pass through the trial and accomplish everything. Doors will keep opening for you. Although you try to bear hardship, doors of prosperity will keep opening. Although you try to fast, someone will keep bringing you meals. Although you try to work, someone will keep doing the work for you. Only work willingly and voluntarily, not because you have no other choice. (125-208)

7. The Decision To Send the True Parents Was Preordained and A Subject of Prophetic Foreknowledge

In the Last Days a great transformation will take place. Human beings, who have inherited evil love, evil life and evil blood, will receive God's love, God's life, and God's blood. For this change to take place, True

Parents must appear. True Parents are not just people who come and go. Do you have any idea how hard God has worked and how much blood religious people have shed so that the True Parents could come?

A few days ago, I saw a book titled Kyogamyoorok. This book came out later than Chungamnok. It prophesied the coming of one named Rev. Moon. Such is my significance.

There are many people who saw me before I was born. Did you know that? How could they see me even before I was born? The spirit world existed long before my birth. The spirit world told them about a person who was to come. Even so, only those who have endured suffering and anguish on the earth can enter the realm of True Parents' dominion in the spirit world. God uses such a strategy, in order that those who worked so hard will not lose their reward. These people attended True Parents by their suffering, even though True Parents appeared long afterwards. Hence, they were given the opportunity to follow True Parents in the spiritual world. That is why the loving God showed them everything concerning me decades or centuries before my birth.

Truly, I am a historical figure. Now when I declare that I am a historical figure to Koreans or to the people of the world, everyone readily agrees with me. Although I may declare it at midnight or early in the morning, it is as if they are listening to me in the daytime.

Now, everything is finished. The fighting is all over. In the near future, I will pluck out with a pair of tweezers those who are against me. There are only a few of them, and I see that they are mostly people who had some kind of relationship with me in the past. Why do they come against me? They have become hostage to the conventional customs and ways of the secular system. Unless they free themselves, they will go to hell.

God will record who is right and who is wrong. It is an instant judgment. After God sees something, does He pretend that He didn't see it? God is not like that. (213-27)

8. True Parents Are Not Elected

It has been hard to restore the family. It has been hard to restore the church. It has been hard to straighten out the direction of the free world. It has been hard to straighten out the collapsing Communist world. Rev. Moon has restored the right to inherit. You know the history of Cain and Abel. Now the right to inherit has been restored. Originally, had Adam not fallen, Adam himself would have had the right to inherit. Also, Adam would have become the True Father. Then, Adam would have become the King of Kings.

What did human beings lose as a result of the Fall? First, Adam lost the elder-sonship. Adam lost the right of the elder son to inherit the great enterprise of Heaven and earth. He lost it because of Satan. Furthermore, Adam lost his right to become the True Father. Adam was to have become God's eternal blood relative. Centering on God's love, God's life and

God's lineage, he was to attend his Parent, the Creator of the cosmos. Also, if Adam had not fallen, human beings would share one culture. It would be Adam's culture. All people would be Adam's relatives. Thereby, Adam would have established one royal authority. The democratic world is like a crutch. Democracy is brotherhoodism. The democratic way is that all the brothers gather together to elect their representative, who will sacrifice more, serve more, and build the tradition.

Democracy is internationalism, but Parentism is higher still. Know that the era of Parentism is coming. Do you choose your parents through an election? Can you select the Messiah through an election? Can you choose God through an election? No! Democracy has the potential to create a culture of mistrust. Why? It rewards people who act for their own self-interest. People employ deceit, slander their rivals, mobilize financial power and manpower, anything, in order to advance their personal cause. (211-343)

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