True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4 The Mission of True Parents

1. The Position of the True Parents

When we review world history, we find an era of feudalism, an era of monarchy, an era of imperialism, and now the era of brothers, which is democracy, along with the era of servants, which is Communism. When we find that in all these eras people were not governed centered on the law of love, we can know that it has been a false world. We can make this conclusion.

The original world was to be formed centered on the original heart: therefore, there must be the original human being. But where is the human being who accords with the original ideal? "Human being" refers to man or woman.

Today, since this world is undoubtedly a satanic world, history is searching in the world for the original human being. We can make such a conclusion. Today in the world with a population of four billion, history is seeking for one leader who can guide and lead a true world and heaven and earth.

Then, how will the original leader come? He will come transcending the fallen individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. What kind of person is he? (He is a true man) Indeed, he is a true man, but what kind of person is a true man? I am speaking of a definition of a true person. It is a person who attains true love. It is quite simple. Then what about this simple person? What is such a person? (He is a true parent) Simply, it is so.

What kind of being is God? God represents true love. What is the characteristic of God? (God can love all people) Yes, we should know this. God has an ability to love all existence. Simply put, God loves the big and the small. He loves all. Whether big or small, everything is embraced. Everything is in. Do you understand?

This is true indeed. We have to make this clear. All existence in the world, whether big or small, all can enter. Do you understand? (Yes) Therefore, God is a Being who is capable of loving all, from the biggest to the smallest. (124-117)

We should get to our destination for the sake of the world. No matter how difficult, we must go. We must go for the sake of the world, and we must give for the sake of the world. America should give for the sake of the world, and wherever she goes, she should give.

The True Parents should give. It is a principle. It is in this principle that we discover something new, that there exists a new world, and that a new fate is created. I gave up Korea in order to give life to America. I gave up a nation in this way. (147-143)

All of you call Rev. Moon "True Father," don't you? I am guiding you to this path because I am trying to give you everything that is the very best, knowing as a principle that all of you are seeking to receive the very best as well. I am doing this in God's stead. We should know this. (127-329)

You all have a background. It is a perfect background. The background is the True Parents. The True Parents cannot be accused by Satan. They receive an identification card. Do you understand? On this ID card God and also Satan have to sign, and that's not all. The Archangel has to sign, and the next person to sign is Adam. Do you know what I am talking about? (117-161)

2. The Path of the True Parents

There is a war going on in the world now. Who is going to deal with it? Who should do that? We will. We have to fight Communism; furthermore, we must fight against moral destruction. We also have to prevent the fall of religion.

Rev. Moon is gathering the world's scholars and theologians for a conference and discussing and examining such issues seriously. America is doing things that she never dreamed of. You say you are active in your mission, but who is dealing with the more difficult task, you or I?

It is a fundamental principle that parents should bear more hardship than do their children, therefore I am living this way. If there is some money available, I never eat and live a luxury life with such money. I am opening a better path for the future descendants for their well being. I earn money with a heart of love for the future generation.

Who is Rev. Moon? What are the True Parents? In the same position as a Father, the True Parents must connect families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, and the cosmos. They have to connect them all and protect them. True Parents must love mankind as if loving a husband, as if loving their own sons and daughters. They must love humanity as if loving their own parents. (118-242)

God's desire is to find someone who wants to live together with God. It is a person who wants to live his or her life with God forever. This is as if once you put your head together with your beloved son or daughter, you would never want to take your eye from them for thousands of millions of years. Such a person God is searching for. Do you understand? Once God touched His finger on his loving son, He would never want to let His finger depart from him, even if thousands of years or millions of years passed. God wants to live with this kind of love.

The Unification Church is trying to teach parent-child relationships and husband-wife relationships governed by this principle of love. We are promoting families and brother-sister relationships governed by this love principle. Brothers are not those who would get together once and depart. They would want to stay together for thousands of millions of years, and still want to be together. These are the kind of brothers and sisters we are talking about.

When this is practiced throughout the five different races, then, and only then, is the realm of God's love established and God can dwell in it. Is it easy or not? There must be a presence of parents who let everyone else eat all the food and wait still more until they have consumed the food at the next meal, and then wash all the dishes for them and watch them go to sleep, before they will finally eat their own food. There must be parents who live like this.

Today, the True Parents are walking such a path. This is the path that they must go. There are times when even True Mother does not understand True Father. When I am seeing people every day, while talking to them I forget the lunch time. When dinner time comes, I am still continuing to speak to them; meanwhile the rice gets cold and hard. In the kitchen, there are a few people wanting to wait on Father, so it becomes a big matter. Someone comes in several times to let me know that it is time to eat, but I say, "OK," and still continue to speak.

My philosophy is this. Food is not my concern. I am trying to find you, searching for the you who would never be bored living with me for thousands of millions of years if you and I lived together. Even if it becomes 12 o'clock midnight, or 2 o'clock in the morning, and even when the sky becomes white and a cock crows at the dawn-still I am longing to be with my sons, whom I cannot help but love so dearly. I am that kind of person. I am missing and longing for such a son, such a daughter, such brothers and sisters. (127-284)

If there were a true human being, this person, representing history today, would seek and find a path which he would teach humankind saying, "This is the true standard path that all humankind should walk." If there were such a true person, in order to search for this path he would pioneer that path, and then he could teach it to humankind. He would do that even if that meant that he would have to sacrifice greatly in place of humanity, or even if he would have to cry out until he could not stand up. One who knew the path and went alone by himself would not be a true person. (163-89)

What do you think the word "True Parents" means in the course of history? In order to get to "True Parents," how many steps do we need to climb?

First in the course of history, we need a true servant. It means a servant of servants. We should start from there, shouldn't we? Then, there should be a true beggar. A true laborer must be there, too. Everyone must be there. A true persecutor must be there, as well as the crucified. One who doesn't like to think about these people, cannot think of "True Parents." There must be a true criminal amongst criminals. Everyone must exist. The True Parents must walk this path, and must build a bridge.

There must be a person who represents love, who begins from the most miserable position in the world and can climb up and go beyond. We must know that in order to do this, he must walk the path of the cross of love. This is the bridge. He must climb step by step, from the position of a true servant, to a true adopted son, a true son, true Cain, and then to true Abel.

When you learn the teachings of the Unification Church, you study the paths of servant of servant, adopted son, etc. Who would go through this course? This is the path that Father must go. I went that path, fought and survived, and won the victory against those who persecuted me, and that's how I put a bridge there.

Therefore, when you see a miserable person on the street, know that Father is in this kind of situation. When, in such a position, I was hit and stomped on by the Communists, tortured and robbed, do you think I was angry or not? Even when I was in such agony, do you think I would say, "God, please let the lightning and thunder hit and destroy them?" No. I prayed for their well being from the position of shedding blood from my body. But they even tried to capture me and take me away. (116-114)

3. The Process Prior To Becoming True Parents

Owing to the fall of man, false parents were born. That is why I had to rediscover and erect a position of heavenly True Parents in the midst of this satanic world, going through a suffering path. All must be restored by parents. Parents must take entire responsibility for and indemnify everything that got overturned. (131-63)

In order to become true parents, one must love the Cain-world. This Cain-world is an elder sons' world, isn't it? Because the Cain-world is the fallen elder son's world, unless one establishes a condition for reconciliation through investing heavenly love no matter what the opposition, there is no restoration of the satanic world. We must know this.

We must love the elder son first. According to the Principle, Satan is the elder son, and that's why Satan says, "God, before loving Abel, you must establish a condition of loving an elder son first. You are not allowed to love the second son without first loving your first son!" This is only the Principle. Therefore, the course on which mother, or Eve, must go, is to make Cain and Abel one and then return to Adam.

When it comes to love relationships, Father has the world's record. In terms of conscience, there will appear a group that will have a cosmic record. You should know that this is not just a concept but is happening in reality. It is a fact, a historical fact. How threatening it is for Satan, and how hopeful it is for God! We should be able to feel such deep gratitude toward the amazing fact that the future of the Unification Church can only be hopeful. (Applause)

What did God and Rev. Moon -- God and True Parents -- do in order to accomplish this work? They had to penetrate barbed wire and force their way through in order to accomplish the work. There remains not only the stains of blood and tears, but even the pattern left by the whip of miserable, tragic torture. They pioneered such a path. The Unification Church members should have the attitude of heart not to dishonor this kind of heart of Heavenly Parents and True Parents. You must know that this heart is the storehouse of heavenly treasure. From this storehouse, we can abolish hell and create the Kingdom of Heaven. (Applause)

Today, as we are welcoming True Parents' Day, we are proclaiming the victorious realm of parents. How much Satan hated to see the victorious realm of parents, and how much God was waiting for this! This victorious realm-for which all of your ancestors and humankind had longed-is here now, and I am going to let you inherit it all. I am giving it all away to all of you children without my even once touching it to use it. Therefore, as you inherit it you should know that you have, at the least, to maintain a form of a small crystal stone, if not a huge crystal. (216-326)

True Parents must be two individuals. Without being two persons, they cannot stand upon the standard of True Parents. Further, even if they set a standard of victory in spiritual battle, without establishing substantial True Parenthood on the earth no victorious standard will be built in this world. No matter how the victorious standard was established in the spiritual world, without having True Parents on the earth, there is no basis to establish a foothold on the earth, corresponding to the one in the spiritual world.

Therefore, the True Parents who are to come must offer their lives for the sake of the battle on behalf of heaven and the earth. We must know that this was the forty-year period.

Then, what kind of struggle do they need to undergo when the True Parents come during this forty-year period? First of all, they must go through a spiritual trial in the spiritual world. Next, they are to go through a substantial trial on the earth. Even in the midst of such a battle, they must not perish, but keep the center and rise above it. Then, and only then, can they fulfill the providence for True Parents both in the spiritual and in the physical realm. This means finally fulfilling the hope of the 6000-year providential history.

We established True Parents' Day in 1960. What does this Day mean? This was the day to claim the starting point of true victory, both spiritual and physical. Also, the thought of the True Parents was proclaimed on this day. It was only one day, and the providence that began on that day was only partial. However, this small providence will go through to a cosmic destiny.

Furthermore, God was finally able to propel forward His plan both in the spiritual and physical worlds at the same time from that day on. This means that for the first time the ground upon which God can fight was established on earth, corresponding to that in the spirit world. Thus, the victorious ground was established, and we need only to build foundations on the levels of family, tribe, people, nation and world that can match and correspond to that ground.

Jesus could not accomplish his entire mission owing to the opposition of the Israelites. Therefore, he went to Paradise and gathered and subjugated Israel spiritually, thus standing in the position of the spiritual Parent. In the same way, the four-year period was a time of being able to establish a worldwide base of victory on the earth. Once the spiritual world and the physical world became one during these 4 years and we could establish a day of victory, on that day humanity entered into the era of a realm of grace in which all humankind can conduct activities in the spiritual realm higher than Paradise.

By the way, in this historical process, the coming True Parents must bear the cross for the sake of all humanity even though they are in the position of bearing an individual cross. Even when they are carrying a cross on the level of a tribe, a people, or a nation, they are to carry a cross on the level of the world for the sake of humankind.

When we look at the history of the Israelites, we know that Jacob was able to establish a condition for individual restoration because of his victory in the individual battle with Esau. After that, he went to the house of Laban, and there, with cooperation from heaven, Jacob was able to gain a family level victory and thus established a family. Afterwards, descendants of Jacob went into Egypt in the satanic world in order to form a people. With heaven's support they were rescued from Egypt and left it and entered into Canaan, where they were able to destroy the seven tribes of Canaan. In this way, the Israelites went through a forty-year course for the restoration of Canaan and were able to go on the attack against the Satan -- in this world for the first time.

Prior to the forty-year wilderness course, there was a three-day course. The Israelites were able to be the first to restore a Canaan only after completing the three-day course. After entering Canaan, the Israelites had to erect another period signified by the number 40.

Since the dispensation for restoration went through this kind of course, Father had to walk a three-year course and four-year course after completing the forty-year course. When we add up these three years and four years, they form a seven-year course.

Only after going through this kind of process can the history of restoration come to an end and the heavenly sovereignty be established. Originally, Jesus also was to start a seven-year course, from the age of 33, establish a standard of parenthood according to Heaven's desire, and then erect the standard for restoring all things. He was to have completed everything by the age of 40 and fulfill the Will of Heaven. This was the mission of Jesus. However, he was prevented from fulfilling this Will, and he died on the cross. Thus, this Will was left unfulfilled.

That's why True Parents who come are to take responsibility for both the internal and external battles and must go through a forty-year course of preparation, or battle period. Externally it was a forty-year period of preparation; however, internally it was a period of battle and struggle. In this way, through establishing a spiritual victorious path, the True Parents were able to prepare a combined spiritual and physical substantial foundation.

Having gone through a three-year period, in which the True Parents were the center, there had to come a four-year course for the restoration of all things, to prepare for all four directions. These, as a seven-year course, will conclude restoration through indemnity.

From the perspective of the whole course of history before history finds True Parents, a three-year course, a four-year course, and a 40-year course are short periods; however, these are periods for the collective restoration through indemnity of all the historical sorrow, all the agony and regret of history and the entire historical cross. Without having established an absolute standard, which cannot be defeated by all historical grief, pain, agony and regret, we would not have welcomed True Parents' Day, the Day of Victory of True Parents.

We Unification Church members have fought in place of Heaven and borne responsibility for the Will and that is why we are inviting these trials and sufferings and accepting them.

In this process, we must establish a self that is separated from the satanic world, and True Parents, as a living example of victory, must set the standards for true children, tribes, peoples and nations who can measure and judge the satanic world. Otherwise, we cannot accomplish on earth the Original Will for True Parents.

All of you who are fighting with me during this period are the individual representatives of the True Parents, and also their representatives on the levels of family, people and nation. You, representing such Parents, are spreading across Korea and fighting in every corner of this land. Your responsibility is to go toward the global stage to fight responsibly.

Looking from this perspective, what has been the grief of the spiritual world and the physical world until now? Originally, from the day when the True Parents appear on this earth, heaven and earth should be singing a song of peace, the entire cosmos should enter into the realm of happiness and well-being, and God's heavenly kingdom should be established on the earth. (13-285)

Until I proclaimed True Parents' Day, imagine how much suffering I went through, being spoken ill of and spending periods of time in prison. I went to prison six times, and only this year am I proclaiming True Parents. Therefore, the most miserable king of kings in the world is Rev. Moon. Your mother or father may say various other things, but the most miserable and poorest person of all is Rev. Moon. (211-161)

Think how much Father invested for the sake of the world. How much tears and blood did he shed, how much sweat did he perspire, and how many times did he sigh? They weren't done for a bowl of rice or for worldly success. They were for the sake of liberating the earthly realm, the spiritual realm, and Heavenly Father. A person like Rev. Moon never before existed in history. It is only the True Parents.

There is that background in history, and it is not only a concept. True Parents fought on a real battleground and formed a substantial realm of victory by setting a higher standard, to the level now where every nation in the world must bow her head solemnly. (210-364)

4. The Authority and Mission of True Parents

What did the True Parents come to do in front of humankind on the earth? They came in order to create something that humanity loves the most. What is that? That is to make each of you small true parents. (125-117)

What should the True Parents accomplish? They have to open all the blocked doors between the spiritual world and the physical world and build a highway. You have to know this. They will create a highway from hell, from hell in the spiritual world, to the place of heaven. (134-129)

The True Parents came to bring kingship centered on the spiritual and physical worlds. Therefore, in order to connect it to the spiritual world, the True Parents must establish a base of unification in the spiritual world and thus connect to earth the spiritual kingship foundation, which is a formation-level foundation. Without this, the spiritual world cannot resonate with the position of the earth, on which the True Parents have achieved a completion-level standard. Therefore, the True Parents must prepare for this. (140-54)

Where are your parents? (Here) Why is Rev. Moon your parent? Did he give birth to you? (Spiritual birth.) (Laughter) How is he a spiritual parent? There is one thing that is different. Rev. Moon is a parent who can connect you to God's love. Original Love. You should know this.

What is Adam? He is a parent who was to be your ancestor, yet he could not connect to God's love. He could not do it. That's why your parents cannot be connected to God's love. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes)

How are the True Parents different? They have the authority and privilege to connect you to the love of God. It is a privilege. The fact is that you are listening to Rev. Moon of the Unification Church and not to your parents. Is that a social good or evil? (Good) Why? It is because it is in accordance with the principle of heaven and earth. (118-148)

What are True Parents to do? Their role is to lead the false children and transform them into the children of True Parents. Therefore, Satan, in his attempt to stop this, attacks, smites, and does all kinds of things. On Satan's side are evil people. That is why the True Parents digest not only sons and daughters, but also the levels of family, tribe and world. It is easy to say, but the matter is serious. (149-280)

What Father is doing is to show you everything in this era of history. I am showing you the path that a servant of servants should go and teaching you how a servant should walk. I have done everything up to now in order that I could show you how you can go this way, and how you can become one with God. Only if you follow Father and accomplish every step can you get to the love of God eventually; there is no other way. You have to know this. (135-142)

How does one become a true parent? One can only become a true parent when he or she can establish a responsible condition for the destruction of all the blocked walls brought about owing to the fall of the human ancestors. When we look at our Unification Church, not only Christianity but also Tenshu-kyo (Tenshu religion), Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam are included.

Buddhism will eventually find its end here. Do you know it? Everyone, do you know it or not? (We do) You will be embarrassed if you don't know. It means that if you come here, all religions have the possibility to become one. After that would come the tribal and racial problems. Truly, the five races can become one. (118-270)

The wall created between the realm of the dominion of the Principle and the realm of direct dominion must he erased through indemnity. The walls on the levels of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos must also be liquidated. The realm of the dominion of the Principle was entirely occupied by Satan. That's why Satan is in the middle position. If God is located at the top and humanity at the bottom, Satan is positioned in the middle. That's how the satanic wall was formed.

Then, how do we penetrate this wall and get to the position of God? This is the purpose of religion. Satan has tried to utilize the realm of indirect dominion from the period of the creation of heaven and earth until now. God's providence is to connect the two realms, and this is why God let religions develop throughout history. Such is Judaism. God's Will has been carried by religion. It came down through Christianity to us: that is our current situation.

The True Parents carry the responsibility to connect the two realms: indirect dominion and direct dominion. Then, how are we to destroy the walls on the levels of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world, which are all hooked by Satan? Satan in his own way has been trying his best to hinder God's continuous efforts in history. In this way, the two have been continuing the battle, and Satan has been tenacious in fighting against God.

So Father was always between Satan and God, always trying to eliminate Satan. How could I do the work without receiving Satan's accusation? This gave birth to the course of indemnity, which is fallen man's portion of responsibility. Until now human beings have not accomplished their portions of responsibility. Then, how do we fulfill such a responsibility?

Satan knows that this is the responsibility of the Messiah. That's why he gathered all of his satanic power and troops to attack the True Parents. Despite this, Father went through the work of destroying Satan's wall on the levels of individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and the spiritual world. The Messiah must go through all of this course.

This is the history of our Church. We always held the Principle firmly against Satan, with love. God has struggled painstakingly to see how the fallen parents, who bequeathed the satanic lineage, could be replaced by True Parents of humankind. That has been the position of God.

That's how the Holy Wedding of Parents took place in 1900 for the first time in human history. Restoration from fallen parents took place. Jesus came to restore everything that came from the fall of Adam and Eve; therefore we were to do everything Jesus could not do. (131-70)

5. True Parents' Love

When you discover your true "self," that is when God is in your heart and you are in the realm of liberation. Your original self is born through connecting to the history of original blood lineage centering on God's original love and True Parents' original love. When you discover such a self, all is included in it. Are True Parents there or not? True Parents' love is there. Because "I" began with God's love, when we discover our "self," already there exists an original form of two kinds of love planted inside of me. That's the root. We cannot separate ourselves from God or from True Parents. We are an entity, and we cannot deny such a "self" that has been an entity stemming from that root. Do you know what I am talking about?

Everyone think about the cells. Whether you take a cell from a leaf or from a root, they are the same. Nowadays, people take a cell and multiply some plants, don't they? It is the same thing. The leaf has a root, and it has everything.

That's why "myself" is great. Inside me I possess the love of God and the love of True Parents. I have everything within myself. God's love and True Parents' love are the core of all the subjects in the universe. They are the eternal standard of subjectivity. Centering on love. they are trying to take everything into their bosom. Therefore. "myself" is a representative of everything. "Myself" can represent God, parents, elder brother if I have an elder brother, or younger brother, elder sister, or younger sister. "Myself" can be such a representative. When I become like this, everyone in my tribe welcomes me and there will never be any fighting. Opposition will not occur. Everything will be embraced and accepted-it is supposed to be that way. Words are easy, aren't they? This is the core of the Principle. Do you know it? (Yes)

We must perfect ourselves. To seek a religious path of spiritual training is to perfect ourselves, isn't it? In order to get to the position of my perfection, the ultimate way to go is to search for God, find True Parents, and be engrafted onto them. Since you as grown-ups cannot be horn once again from a mother's womb, engrafting is necessary. This is the reason why the Messiah comes.

What does the Messiah come to bring? A perfected man comes to bring original love, the love of the True Parents. He comes as a representative of the original ideal. Think about this every time you use the word "myself." Therefore, you need to be liberated. When you are liberated from Satan, from the realm of everyday life, and from the realm of fallen blood lineage, everything will be completed.

Then, what are you going to do after you arc liberated? Then we are to serve God instead of Satan and form a cultural realm. We have to form a realm of the life of True Parents. We will be standing in the position of a perfected Adam, therefore we will complete the purpose of life.

So, inside myself reside True Parents' love and God's love. This love is the essence of harmony, and enables me to become perfect. In other words, within me there are love, life and lineage. This is the trinity. (202-283)

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