True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 5 True Parents and the Kingdom of God

1. Another Meaning of the Characters Heaven and Parents

The Chinese character Cheun (heaven) refers to two persons. The character In (love) also refers to two persons. What kind of two persons are they? They are persons who unite centering on true love, and thus become the center of the harmony between vertical heaven and horizontal earth. This means that the starting point for bringing about the harmony of heaven and earth is the love of two people. (186-62)

Which is first, heaven or earth? Heaven and earth? Or earth and heaven? Which is first? Likewise, is it mother and father? or father and mother? Which is first? In the case of a couple, husband and wife? or wife and husband? Which is first? People want to call a couple husband and wife. There is no one who wants to say, "Earth and heaven'". Everyone refers to heaven and earth.

Therefore, which should be first? Heaven should be first. Then should come earth. However, in the character PuMo (parents), we may ask why Pu (father) should come first? It does not mean to ignore a woman.

Please, let me explain this. Women also may like it. (laughter) In the character for parents, the character Pu (father) comes first. If we look at the character Mo (mother) carefully, it is very interesting. (True Father is writing it on the blackboard.) The character Mo (mother) consists of two characters of Ye (woman) combined and turned upside down.

The Chinese character Yeja (woman) is also interesting. If the character is doubled and turned upside down, it becomes mother. Therefore, mother has the characteristics of two women, representing heaven and earth respectively. In other words, when a woman has the mind representing heaven combined with the mind representing the women of earth, true mother is produced. Is it interesting? The character Pu (father), combines two characters In (human being). That means that when the man representing heaven and the man representing earth are combined into one, he can be father. Is it interesting? (Yes!)

The character Cheun (heaven) is made of two characters representing human being. Therefore, heaven can be made when two persons are combined. It is interesting.

How about the character Pu (father)? This is an interesting character. It wears a cap and goes up higher than heaven. What does it mean? When two persons love each other, they penetrate up to the top of the sky. Therefore, the word Pu Pu (couple) can be formed. Is it interesting? "Yes!" (laughter)

Then, is there anybody who can say, "Because I am a very handsome and great man, I don't need a father and mother"? "Because I am a man, I don't need a father. If my father dies, I will become a father and the lord instead; so, please let my father go and mother remain"? Does any man talk like this? No!

Then, if you are a woman, would you say, "Because I would be the chief woman in my house, please let my mother die and father live alone"? Does any daughter talk like this? No! Then, what should be there? There should be two. There should be father and mother. (59-182)

2. The Reason to Attend True Parents on Earth

The spiritual world is the world which our ancestors govern centering on Adam. The Kingdom of God on earth is the world which is governed centering on his descendants. Do you understand? (Yes!) You should know that.

When you die and go to the spiritual world, you may go to find the realm of your ancestors. Then, have you ever figured out how many of your ancestors are in the spiritual world? You have to pass through all your ancestors. For the mistakes you have made, you will be judged by your ancestors. What is the principle for passing their judgment? That is the question.

What do you have to do in order to pass through the family of ancestors? You have to follow this principle. Even in the spiritual world, all ancestors, families, nations, and the world are connected. From this point of view, you should follow this principle so that you may pass through all the gates of your ancestors. Do you understand?

Briefly, it is the ideal tradition of True Parents. The True Family is the family of the True Parents. The True Parents' position of that of the president of the family. Then, what is the position of the president of a nation? He is to stand in the position of the true parents of the country. The USA should come to be the country of true parents. For example, if Nixon is the president of America, Nixon should stand in the position of the true parents of the country. This is God's heart.

If so, people of the nation should unite with him as if attending their parents. According to the Principle, people of a nation are to unite beyond family, wife, parents. God's ideal is to transcend the smaller. You should value the true parents of the world more than the true parents of your family.

Why do we need to live like that? If we do not live like that, our way will be blocked in the spiritual world. They will not welcome us. Although you have the degree of doctor, as does Dr. Durst, it will not have effect there. Do you understand? The principle of the ideal world is to live for the sake of the true parents of the world more than for the true parents of the family. The true parents of a nation should be governed by attending the true parents of the world. The true parents of the country should live for the sake of the true parents of the world.

What does the Unification Church do? It is the place where we advance the realm of the True Parents of the world. The Unification Church walks the path of sacrificing the true parents of the family and of the nation in order to prepare for the highest standard of the human world. This is the movement of the Unification Church. The movement of the Unification Church is to overcome every difficulty to realize the ideal of the family for the realm of the global true parents. In order to do that, we have to sacrifice the parents of the family and of the country.

For us to become the center of the world, the standard will be how much we have sacrificed beyond individual, family, people, and nation. This will be written as the elements of the worldwide tradition. Do you know what I am saying?

3. The Kingdom Of God Is Possible Only Through True Parents

You cannot go into the Kingdom of God by yourselves. It is possible only when True Parents come down within you. Through becoming one with the Holy Spirit, you should be harmonized with Jesus' love.

In that case, it would seem that you could have the possibility of engrafting into the olive tree of God's side. However, you cannot engraft into it, because it is spiritual. At the time of the Second Coming, the True Parents will initiate engrafting.

That is the ground of the establishment of Kingdom of God. The formula is the same. It is the same as the relationship between Cain and Abel centering on woman. The relation between God and God's child is absolute. Who can separate it? Who can abolish the relationship between father and son? When a couple unites completely, no one can separate them. Even God cannot separate them. Their unity is eternal.

Did you become true couples to be able to attend True Parents through the complete unity between husband and wife? Can God's love and the love of True Parents dwell within your family? Do you love each other such that your children can be born in that realm of love? This is a serious problem. Without doing so, the door to the Kingdom of the Family cannot be opened. (137-186)

You have to pass through True Parents in order to enter the Kingdom of God. Without passing through True Parents, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Is it not so? Therefore, True Parents appear. When True Parents stand forth, the true family has to emerge centering on the True Parents. In order for a family in Satan's world to ascend to become a true family it must start from the True Parents. Through struggle, you should deny everything in Satan's world. (44-140)

Do you have a nation? Are you people who have a nation or not? (We are people who have no nation.) There is Korea, isn't there? However, the nation to which we are going is completely different. It is God's nation.

You cannot go to the Kingdom of God if you do not receive the authorized citizenship of that country. Satan cannot make any false accusation to people who have an authorized citizenship of that country throughout every direction, east and west, south and north, as well as through past, present, and future. Without that citizenship, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (148-288)

Today from the global perspective Communism has perished, Although Kim II Sung has been doing well in glory for about 40 years in North Korea, now he is alone. To the contrary, Rev. Moon has come under a lot of persecution and vilification, but the position of Rev. Moon in the world has gradually ascended. While Kim Il Sung, who came from the evil ancestors, falls into hell as the representative of the evil ancestors, Rev. Moon, in spite of persecution by the evil world, returns to the heavenly position with the original name of Parents, rather than the position of evil parents, centered on the global level.

The whole human being has to go back through True Parents' love. Without passing through that door, you cannot go back to the original hometown of the heavenly world. There is no way to go except toward hell. You have to go up the reverse path. You have to win fighting against the opposing nation.

Today, the Unification Church, inheriting the victory of the realm of worldwide Messiah, came down even farther than the realm of national Messiah to the realm of tribal Messiah. Going into Satan's families centering on the realm of the tribe of Satan, the Unification Church has to transform all of Satan's families.

"Tong Ban Gyuk Pha" (instruction of village and town), which Rev. Moon suggests, is to make sons and daughters of True Parents on the level of the family. In the family, we have to establish every relationship that was forfeited due to the fall. In the family, the couple which can love on behalf of True Parents' love has to be produced. The family, tribe, nation, and world, which were forfeited, have to be established centering on the levels of grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, husband and wife, and children in God's love. Through that, the realm of liberation on earth begins with the declaration that people's love can now reach so far that they can embrace all people of the world as their own children. (210-43)

According to the Bible, if you do not become as a child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. What does that mean? To children, there are only father and mother. When they are eating or sleeping, they call father and mother. No matter what they are doing, their entire concern is father and mother. They just call, "Father, mother, father, mother ... !" (laughter) They grow up like this and then, even though they get married, they will never forget their father and mother.

God is also our father. He is father. God is our vertical father, and True Father is our horizontal father. Therefore, you have to try to do everything as the True Parents have. You need to learn the True Parents' language and customs and to visit their hometown, as well as to follow wherever they go. Through that, you can be united with the True Parents.

What do True Parents want to do through this historical indemnity? True Parents are going to liberate all humankind. Why? Only when humankind is liberated can God be liberated. (225-21)

4. Kingdom of God and True Love

From the point centered on True Parents, it is possible to start the ideal history, new culture, new love, new life, new family, new country, and the new world. God's nation and the Kingdom of Heaven are started from that point.

You should know that our word "True Parents" is not the same as the one you have known generally. The position of True Parents emerged though thousands of billions of sacrifices. So, the position of True Parents is one to which the blood of the numerous sacrificed victims cries out asking, "Why?"

In the Bible, Abel's blood was crying out to God after he was killed by Cain. It is the True Parents who have the position in which they can redeem sacrificial history and liberate the hearts of sacrificial victims. You are the people who inherit such a mission and walk the way of indemnity rightly. If you come to know your mission truly, you will not be able to complain about anything. (67-227)

God's original ideal of creation is the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven through the name of True Parents. Without the name of True Parents, the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven cannot emerge. If you ask today's Christian, "Why cannot Jesus enter the Kingdom of God even though he is God's eldest son?" he will not know that answer.

The Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven is accomplished only through the substantiation of True Parents and the foundation of love. To unify the spiritual world is the responsibility of True Parents, not of others. Because Jesus could not become a True Parent, Jesus went to Paradise.

In the fallen world, no thing or person has ever received True Parents' love. You should know that there is a vertical and horizontal formula of the principle. You should not do as you wish. (131-184)

The Kingdom of God begins with love between man and woman. Do you understand? What is the center of the Kingdom of God? The original Kingdom of God is the place where everything that is on the horizontal line is unified centering on the vertical line. God comes into the central point, and man and woman become the core of that point, mind and body revolve around each other.

My mind is my vertical self and my body is my horizontal self. The vertical mind is God and vertical body is the True Parents. The horizontal body is parents. All these become one.

Did you see mind? No! Did you see God? No! The mind is vertical. Even though it cannot he seen, it exists as vertical. The body is horizontal. Do you understand? Yes! 90 degrees! Men like this. (laughter)

The family is the microcosm. Is there the spiritual realm within a human being or not? (There is) What is that? That is the mind. The visible body is the representative of the world. When mind and body revolve around the center, if they do not leave the center, an ideal man is formed. It is simple.

When the invisible mind and visible body become one centering on the core of love, that is the ideal man or woman, the realization of the individual nature. Do you understand?

When do your mind and body become one? Through what do your mind and body become one? Through what? (True love!) What kind of true love? It is vertical true love and horizontal true love. It is through two kinds of true love. This is 90 degrees. You are the fruit composed by inheriting love, life, and lineage from God. Love, life, and lineage have to become one through the core of vertical and horizontal true love. (217-150)

5. True Parents and Eternal Life

You have to follow your parents in order to meet your partner and have beloved children. When you have children, you should say, "Ah! I follow for the sake of the way to he able to govern the whole spiritual world." How wonderful it is! Also the earthly world. Through your family, you go to receive the Unification Church, the Unification Tribe, the Unification World, and the Unification Heaven. Why do we need to follow True Parents? You need to follow to inherit the whole cosmos. How nice it is! God and True Parents know everything. (Applause) This is True Parentism. True Parentism is this great.

Members who are loyal to God's will may say that wherever they may go, whether to Korea, Africa, or South America, "It is our Unification Church!" The greatness of the True Parents is that if you determine to unite with the True Parents forever, absolutely, you will inherit the whole cosmos from God. So, do you want to follow True Parents? (Yes!)

What are you going to do? If True Father goes to the stellar world, how can you find True Father? You can find the direction through the mind of love. "Teacher, Father! . . ." Then, your direction will be tuned to True Father. If you do so, you will come to the position of True Father automatically. That is the ideal of love of True Parents. Your direction is tuned exactly to True Parents'. Then, True Parents know it immediately. (Applause)

You should live missing parents until your death. You should die having the deepest affection for parents. Then, you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the Principle.

Because you have not done so, True Parents stand forth today and revive the movement again. Through that condition, you can enter the Kingdom of God. (14-40)

Who is the owner of the Unification Church? It is Rev. Moon. There is no opposition. Why is that? It is because Rev. Moon invested more than anyone else and lived most for the sake of others. Rev. Moon is also the teacher. No one can substitute for True Father. No matter how great his effort, he cannot reach True Father. It will not be long before he will become exhausted. Therefore, if True Father goes to the mountains to digs pools and hides, people will try to find True Father, using all kinds of methods. Why? Because there is no one like Rev. Moon.

The name of True Parents has the value of certification to bring all fortunes of heaven and earth, and can assure an eternal life. The name of True Parents gives certification before Satan and God. You should know that. If you have the name, your ancestors come and offer a full bow. On the day you receive the certification, three generations of your ancestors will come and give full bows. It is a surprising thing, isn't it? (200-73)

6. True Parents and Nation

Why have we sacrificed until now? It is to become the central parents in a tribe. How wonderful it is! Some people may question what kind of benefit will return to us after we have sacrificed so much. They may think that it seems to be meaningless. However, after all tribes are unified, you will stand in the position of father and mother among your tribes.

When you stand in the position of parents, how holy it is! You can show the true way of parents. Parents always sacrifice with love and service, don't they? When you think about it, you will think that to be true parents is a good thing. It is the same in America. Until now, Rev. Moon has sacrificed in the position of True Parents for the sake of America. Rev. Moon has tried to unify people with love, and people will come to recognize that Rev. Moon made these efforts with the mind and heart of True Parents. When people come to recognize that, the indivisible nation and world will be determined.

From that point, the True Parents will be welcomed everywhere. Don't you think so? Those in the welcomed position are the ones who connect to the realm of vertical heart as parents centered on God. You should know that. Unification cannot be accomplished without being connected to the center of the realm of vertical heart.

There are various vertical lines. There are the vertical lines of couple, parents of the family, parents of the tribe, parents of the nation, and parents of the world. Thus the vertical lines gradually enlarge. This means that from the tradition of True Parents, there are various centers in the realm of parents. Later, when a nation is established centered on the realm of parents, the world will be established centered on the nation of the realm of parents. (118-267)

You have inherited the realm of parentship and eldersonship. This is because you became a tribal Messiah. We have worked to establish the nation able to inherit the kingship by inheriting eldersonship and parentship. If you restore Korea, it will be the same as finding the whole world. This is the ultimate. This is the result of the Principle. There is no more.

Certain positions need to be established as the center of a restored nation. They are True Parents, True Teacher, and True Owner. The father and mother centered on true love are a true teacher. Because of True Parents, they can teach everything. Who can teach more than True Parents? True Parents taught all kinds of secrets of heaven and earth. True Parents are true teachers of teachers. God says this. God is the owner of owners. True Father is also to be owner of owners. When kingship is restored, True Father will also become the owner of owners. True Parents' thought is The Thought of Three Great Subjects-True Parents, true teacher, and true owner. The Unification Church is a group of true parents.

It is the same in a nation. The nation has some system of rank centering on the president. In the organization of the country, the organization for education is the Department of Education, which is a group of true teachers. The Administration in the nation may be compared to the owner of the nerves. Because all nerves converge on the Administration, it has to be the position of owner. Because the head of the Administration is the president, he is to be as the owner taking responsibility for the nation. This thought is in the Thought of the Three Great Subjects. Do you understand?

Therefore, True Parents always stand in the vertical position, and the departmental organizations and the administrative organization are in relative positions. These are similar to Cain and Abel. When Cain and Abel unite completely, the kingship will be eternal! (Amen!) Do you understand?

What is Kim Il Sung's Thought of Three Great Subjects? It proclaims Independence, Creativity, and Consciousness. However, this cannot be a true thought because it is centered on the human. Because he doesn't know God, it cannot be a true theory. It doesn't have an ontology.

The time has come when we can envision the nation. When you work to save the nation, you are the representative of its history and of the universal history. When God sees this, what great pride He takes. You should know that.

The fact that True Parents emerged on the earth is a surprising thing. All that became distorted though the false parents has to be restored through the reversal course by the True Parents. Through that, the way toward hell has to be turned to the way of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Except through the door of the True Parents, no one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you understand? (Yes!) Does Christianity have the door? (No!) How about the Unification Church? (It does!) Can we therefore directly enter the Kingdom of Heaven? You have first to remove all mistakes of your past. You should not remember even the names of your old friends. Women who marry should not remember their first lover. You should return to the zero point. Those who think of their old lives cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You should go into the zero point.

Therefore, you have to devote yourselves with your whole heart and mind, as does this grandmother. There is no other method. There is only the thought of God and True Parents. If any other thought were to enter it, the way of the Kingdom of Heaven could not be a straight path. You are not able to go the way of love. Therefore, you have to clean yourselves.

Although you were blessed, that has not solved every problem. The blessing must be developed through the blessing of the church, the blessing of the nation, and the blessing of the world. It has to go through the three stages. Why is that? It is because you have to go into the zero point. Although you have your children, your children are not yours. You should stand on the zero point. Your sons and daughters belong to God and True Parents. (208-342)

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