True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 6 True Parents and Us [Part 1]

1. The Core of the Teaching of the Unification Church

1) Philosophy of Parents

Today is True Parents' Day. You must know what kind of persons your parents are in order to become filial children. Do you know what kind of persons your parents are? Have you ever thought whether you know this just because you were taught or if you really know?

You came to the Unification Church, and are going the way of filial sons and daughters. However you were little babies who could not take care of your own excrement. You were breast-fed babies. Thus, you have been raised with such a parental love.

If there is the highest philosophy, it must be the philosophy of parents. The philosophy of parents is the best one. You are not babies any more, and you have to learn everything. It is the desire of parents.

Though you were born from your mothers' wombs, you are adopted sons and daughters. Therefore, you should be loyal to your parents. Then, when you become parents, the four-position foundation will be formed. However, you cannot have children of God by yourselves alone. In order to have children of God, it is evident that heavenly parents must appear first.

By the way, in order for such heavenly parents to emerge, the eldest son must come out first. This is because the eldest son must reach the position of standing in God's stead, going reversely the course of Cain who betrayed God, in order to indemnify the mistake of the eldest son, Cain, who deviated from the heavenly way.

So, the four-position foundation has to be formed. Until then, you are all babies. Babies! Therefore, even though you may be superior to others in this secular world, you must have a heart like a baby's. Then, you must come out through a mother's womb and father's stomach. (10-191)

In spite of differences among religions, people are supposed to follow a good way, and to be rolling along the good way. The religions that insist on their own doctrines are destined to retreat. Within three years, such an era will come. Through the 7-year course, the True Parents have indemnified, at the worldwide level, from the top of the formation stage through the growth stage and up to the top of the completion stage, all that was not linked to the realm of heart in the realm of indirect dominion. Therefore, today, we are standing on the border of the realm of indirect dominion and have come to the stage where the True Parents can draw up into the realm of direct dominion all that had fallen in the realm of indirect dominion. This cannot be accomplished without the True Parents. Do you understand?

The thought which is needed for you today is nothing other than the one of the True Parents. Any kind of false thought is absolutely not needed. We cannot accept Kim Il Sung's thought. We cannot accept any other person's thought. What you need is only True Parents' thought. It is the only one! The only one! (136-52)

What is the True Parents' thought? Since all thoughts throughout history completely collapsed, the thousands of generations from Adam and Eve became lost. Therefore, the True Parents are the one center, the Word, which replaced the thousand of generations.

2) True Family-Determining the Center of the Cosmos

When the True Parents emerge, the true family can be formed, and the purpose of true person can also be accomplished. What you have to know today is that "True Parents" is the name which will be admired throughout the past, the present and the future. The fact that the True Parents have appeared on this earth and that the True Parents are on this earth right now is the most joyful gospel of all gospels. Isn't it so?

That the connection with the True Parents was established today in this world, which was the realm of death and had no direction because of the dominion of the evil force, is not the fruit of the 17-year Unification Church history centering on Korea, but is the fruit of God's suffering and the distinguished accomplishments of the 6,000 years providential history. Furthermore, the name of "True Parents" is the one that appeared as the one central model which can discover and tell people where to go and the direction in which to go, in an age when many people do not know where to go and cannot chose the right direction.

God's ideal of creation, the eternal future kingdom of God which was supposed to start from the Garden of Eden, will start from the emergence of the name "True Parents." That fact is historical, beyond ages, and future-directed. When you view the whole history including the past, the present and the future, you must realize that the name "True Parents" is the central point for determining the center of the cosmos. Do you understand? History will bear fruits from here, it will be consummated from here, and it will start from here. In order for history to bear fruits, the past will be resurrected here, the world will be consummated as one world, and the one world will become the origin; then the new Kingdom of God will be built. You must clearly know this.

In all of human history, where has the hope of humanity been? The hope has been in the future. Think about it! Human beings have thought of their hope only as something which belongs to the future. Do you understand? When the question was asked where human beings were heading for, the answer was that they were heading for the one world which would be built in the future. Human beings have groped for the one world in the future.

However, if there is a way that we can receive True Parents in the midst of the false humankind, humankind must be so happy. Therefore, what is the hope for humankind? It is to receive True Parents.

Because True Parents is the highest hope for human beings, when True Parents appear, the historical tradition will be realized not in the future, but in this present reality where True Parents have come to exist. Do you understand? Once True Parents have come to exist, the point when True Parents appeared is the starting point for the actual accomplishment of human history. It is not the starting point of longing for the accomplishment. In other words, it is not the place where desire starts, but is the place where the fulfillment of desire starts. (44-132)

What kind of family is the family of True Parents? The family of True Parents is the historical fruit, the historical center, and the origin for the future. Therefore, when the hoped-for Kingdom of God is established in front of this world where we human beings are living, the original place of the tradition there will be the life of the True Parents itself. You understand? It is the matrix of national ideology. It is the origin from which the world can be built. Do you understand?

You must form the realm of three generations with the True Parents, centering on your connection with the True Parents as children. God, Parents, and you are three generations. If we look at this horizontally, the True Parents, the True children, and you are three generations. You should understand that the unification of heaven and earth cannot be accomplished without the achievement of this realm of three generations. (441-69)

The base has to be established in the family. In the family, the direction has to be determined. Every family must put up the True Parents' picture centered on the name of True Parents and God, and the four-position foundation must bow before it. Three generations must bow before it. The four-position foundation consists of three generations. Grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, and children -- these three generations must bow before it. The place where people forming the four-position foundation bow with the name of True Parents does not belong to the realm of the fall. The realm of liberation emerges there, because God dominates there directly. Based on that, all the spirit persons in the spirit world come to the earth and protect the family, just as the archangels protect Adam's family. We are entering such an era.

Before now, the realm of Cain was the spirit world, and the realm of Abel was the physical world. Abel was being manipulated, because it was the age when Abel had to become a sacrifice in order to save Cain. However, today, the eldersonship has been restored, and the spirit world, the world of angels, and the families centered on the Unification Church are in the position of the realm of Adam. The spirit world is not supposed to manipulate the realm of Adam; instead, it is supposed to support it.

Through this, the base upon which Satan can remain and act will disappear. Women with whom Satan can act will no longer exist. Satan will be expelled. You must move forward with the aggressive, positive attitude that you will strongly and boldly keep the standard of being the first. If you do so, the force of Satan will be pushed over a cliff. Put fire on every family.

3) God's Love and True Parents' Love

God's love is a vertical parental love and True Parents' love is a horizontal parental love. In a person who has inherited these loves, the mind is a traditional fruit which received the vertical God's love and parental love, and the body is a traditional fruit which received the horizontal True Parents' love.

These fruits become a horizontal foundation for the family, and when they form a spherical movement centered on the vertical center, they result in the husband and wife relationship and sons and daughters. Therefore, if you do not give birth to sons and daughters, it is sin. You should not become parents who do not have children. Is there any meat without bone? In that case, the position cannot be determined. (184-309)

Eve, centering on woman's nature, and Adam, centering on man's nature, are divided. Then, why do they become one again? Through becoming one after being separate, you realize how strong is the love which God himself is holding within. Otherwise, you do not understand. You have love within you, but you do not understand it. You understand it only through meeting your partner. You experience the love within you through other people.

God is a vertical parent, and Adam and Eve are parents centered on a horizontal true love. (185-187)

God is the bone of love. You must know this. Concerning love, God's love is the bone of love, and human love is the flesh of love. Do you understand? Through becoming one, the bone and the meat can form a certain shape. This is the Principle.

What love is God's love? (It is the bone of love.) Just as you have bones in yourself, God's love is the bone of love. What love is the True Parents' love? (It is the flesh of love.) Flesh of love! (181-187)

4) Parents and Members

Today, in the Unification Church, we call believers "Shik ku (family members)." Nobody in a human history realized the meaning of the noun "Shik ku." The word "Shik ku" cannot exist apart from a family. In order for "Shik ku" to come into existence, a family is absolutely necessary. In order for that family to exist, there must be brothers and sisters, and in order for brothers and sisters to exist, parents must exist first. Right?

In Christianity, they use nouns such as believers or followers, but they have not been able to use the noun "Shik ku." Today, people in this world are proposing a global family in the external sense. However, in order to form a global family, parents as the father and the mother of the global family are necessary. The person who comes as parent is the Messiah. Do you understand?

By the way, among the "Shik ku" of the Unification Church, there are true "Shik ku," and there are the opposite type of "Shik ku." Or, some are standing in the middle. Then, what kind of "Shik ku" is the true "Shik ku" who has the noun "Shik ku" centered on the heavenly family established by God? This is the question.

In order to be a "Shik ku," you must have your parents first. In order to be brothers and sisters, you also need your parents. You may have several brothers and sisters, but your parents are only one. Therefore, there may be a lot of "Shik ku," but there is only one master. Right?

For whom do these parents, and the master, exist? They are not the master centered on himself, not the parents centered on himself. They are the parents centered on brothers and sisters, the master centered on "Shik ku." Are the parents to relate with evil in this evil world? Is the master to relate with evil? They should be the parents, the master, who have nothing to do with evil.

They are the parents or master who are truly good. Then, are they the parents of the family or the parents of the nation of Korea? No! They are the parents of the 3 billion people on the earth, and should be the center of the global family.

Who should stand in the position of the master, parents, and center? The answer is God, who created the whole cosmos. Who next? The answer is the Messiah, in God's stead, who can save this evil world. Only when you could receive on earth as parent the Savior, who is one with God, can you form a true family, and only people who attend the Savior can be true children, and true brothers and sisters. (15-295)

You should go only the way of God's Will. You should become brothers even though you are not brothers, and should become parents even though you are not parents. You can attend parents who are not your parents brothers who are not brothers physically can love beyond the love of physical brotherhood. In the Unification Church, such a movement will emerge.

Here in the Unification Church, we go beyond race, go beyond the world, and the creation of the new culture will occur. Centered on what? Centered on God's wisdom? Centered on knowledge? No. It is possible only centered on God's love. (83-177)

2. The Value of Attending True Parents While They Are Alive

Can two sets of True Parents exist in this world? Today, in North Korea, people call Kim Il Sung "father," and in the Unification Church, you call Rev. Moon -'father." However, the "father" in the Unification Church and the "father" in North Korea are different in quality. Those two oppose each other. Because something valuable has emerged from South Korea, South Korea is valuable. The two each insist that they are the parents, and God claims one parent as his, and Satan also claims one parent as his; thus, they oppose each other.

Who should judge this in public? Human beings must do it. People should decide about their parents, saying, "Our parents should be like this." People should stand up and decide, saying, "Fallen parents are thus evil parents. God is the father of good parents, because God is the one who has been seeking good parents." Should people not do so? Therefore, where is the point of consummation? It is the place where you meet the True Parents.

Then, can two sets of parents co-exist? Can parents who died once suddenly appear again 2000 years later? The desire of human history, of nations, of thoughts, and of the providence is for only one appearance of the parents of humankind. Therefore, the time when the parents appear is a time we have never experienced and will never again experience, is only one moment in the history, and is the acme of history. It is a very narrow spot. How narrow? Compared with the eternal world, the life of one person is like one breath. Right?

I do not know if it is because you have luck or fortune that you came to live in this particular age, met with the Unification Church in this particular moment, and joined. How did you join the Unification Church? In order to bring you here, many of your ancestors have offered their sincerity. So many people perished, dying at the place of their good deed. Going through those thousands of thousands of peoples' connection, the connection was eventually linked with heaven, and it stood in a position like that of a high mountain from which the sun rose. Those who saw the sunlight and gathered here based on that foundation are yourselves.

This is the first time when the bond of love emerges in human history. Therefore, the moments when the value of life is given start with this time. This is also the only time when the value of the sovereignty of nations and world can be increased. This time is the origin of history, the focal point of hope, the starting point of abundant fortune, and the source of eternal life.

Though the fallen world has been seeking their hope in the future, in this time is set the standard for the eternal hopes. Centered on this time, you should consider this development and gain the heart of it, then give life to the world. This is such a time. Think about it! The True Parents, who came as the substance of this acme of history, must live according to the ethical law appropriate to the position of the True Parents' heart. You may not be able to understand that.

How should that parent be? Because he is the True Father, he must meet with a false father. How should he be with evil children? He must treat them with higher virtue than has any other parent in human history.

When you stand in the position of parents facing a child who has a very miserable fate, you should run after him with tears instead of holding back. Even though both of you made mistakes, you should be the parents who cry out, because you do not want to be separated. The True Parents must stand in such a position. It is different! What is the heartistic attitude you should have as parents?

What is the heart and ethical standard which you should possess as children who can receive such parents? These are absolutely necessary. You should be as a representative of all filial children in the world. Just as were the champions of each nation who participated in the Marathon race, you should become a champion elected from your own tribe. What should a champion do? He should be a champion for filial piety, and a champion for loyalty. You should form a group of such champions. Have you ever thought about it?

Considering the questions of how children should be and how parents should be, you must know that the True Parents have a different root. If you miss this moment, you will have a regret for billions of years. Can you buy it with money? Can you get it by offering your knowledge? Can you meet the requirement with something you possess? Absolutely no! Can you inherit it by saying that you will carry all the burdens in the world, the tribe, and the family in which you are? It is also impossible.

Even if there is such resentment that it can destroy the Communist world and destroy the Democratic world, it cannot destroy this. God will think that even if all three billion people would have to be sacrificed, this should not be infringed.

Can you, who stand in such a focal point, say everything you want to say? Is there any way in accordance with the Principle that can make you filial children even though you are saying whatsoever you want to say? Is there any such way that can make you loyal even though you may say anything you want to say and do anything you want to do? There is not such a way. (51-355)

What kind of position is the position of today? This is the time you live centered on the True Parents in the same age. This is only one time in your entire life. If we use an example of the meat of fish, this period is like the best meat of the central part of a fish. In the stream of human history, this period is such a precious time. (46-168)

From the viewpoint of God's Will, God wants to see people representing God offer their prayer in the chapel of the biggest church in Korea. However, God has seen His people kneeling down on the snow, crying instead of having formal liturgy, and praying for God's help to save this miserable church and temple. Do you understand what I am talking about? You must understand there was a providential content of painful history in the process of building the Unification Church.

However, from now, every nation will welcome us. The Unification Movement has caused a great reaction in the Congress of America. In Japan it is the same. In Europe it is also the same. The whole world, for the first time, has come to recognize that the blessed family of the Unification Church is the only way able to prevent the destruction of the family and the corruption of youth. The blessed family of the Unification Church has become the hope of humankind and a lighthouse. You should know how great True Father's suffering and pain has been in order for such a foundation to have been established.

Nobody can separate a blessed couple from one another. God has longed for such a blessed family. You should certainly know that. In order for a couple to receive the blessing, God had them meet True Father at the one providential time through the aid of many of their clans. The blessing is not just an accidental event. It is the historical event.

It is a tremendously surprising fact that you are living at the same time as the True Parents and breathe the same air in the same space of the earth. It is also a greatly surprising fact that you receive the blessing in front of True Parents. Even a millionaire cannot be compared to you. People who work at a company such as Dae Woo or Hyundai, cannot be compared to you. If True Father had been like you, could the Unification Church, which has made today's worldwide foundation, have emerged? Everywhere True Father may go, True Father goes in the direction of prison. He goes into the front door of prison and comes out through the back door. You should know that.

True Father has already established the worldwide foundation as an internal foundation. Because of that, True Father now came to have the family with which he can live, the church with which he can stay, and the tribe with which he can stay. Moreover, as an external foundation, True Father founded many organizations, such as the Professors World Peace Academy, World Media Association and The Summit Club. These can have influence on the world. True Father also founded the Interreligious Federation for World Peace representing the mind, and the International Federation for World Peace, representing the body.

Humankind cannot find the way of hope if the history of struggle, which is derived from the struggle between mind and body, is not ended in this Last Days. Because man by himself cannot go forward to the world of peace, True Father alone, in spite of opposition, cannot help but work desperately to establish the world of peace. (211-337)

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