True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 6 True Parents and Us [Part 2]

3. True Parents' Suffering and Us

1) True Parents Are Absolutely Necessary for Us

True Parents are necessary for us to set up the indemnity condition and to be instructed in oneness with love. (137-116)

In this society, people seek revenge. I won't. I have to love my enemy. Do you understand what I mean? It must be so. For indemnification, True Parents must exist, and for uniting centering on true love we need True Parents, and for rebirth and new lineage we need True Parents. There are these three reasons. (137-114)

2) We Are the Branches Engrafted to True Parents

Originally, human beings are to be horizontal parents and God a vertical parent. That is the original point where people should live with joy, centering on vertical and horizontal parents' love. Satan invaded that point. That is why we have to recover it and become sons and daughters of True Parents. To do that, because we became wild olives, we have to receive the true olive branch and be engrafted to it. That is why religion is the work of engrafting. This is Christian thought. There it is said that the banquet of the marriage of the bride and bridegroom will occur on the earth. (58-219)

The hope of human beings is to meet True Parents. Isn't that so? The fruit of history is to meet True Parents, the center of the era is to meet True Parents, and the base of starting for the future is to meet True Parents. You, who are engrafted to the True Parents, become the branches. Isn't that so? Until now, hopes have all been for the future. However, to be able to connect with True Parents in one's lifetime today is possible only once in eternity. It is precious and only once. Do you understand? Your ancestors couldn't have been able and your descendants won't either. (46-168)

Owing to the Fall, Satan took all human beings. He took them all to hell. Then, God must separate them one by one from Satan's realm. In this world are the wild olive trees of the satanic world, yet heavenly olive trees were produced. Centering on part of the world, Christianity in the Democratic world, I produced olive trees on the heavenly side and let them lead the world. If the satanic world becomes weakened, the realm of Christian culture becomes strong. The Lord at the Second Coming can cut all the wild olive trees at once and engraft them to the heavenly olive tree to be in oneness with it and let them be in the heavenly side. Today, both right wing and left wing have perished. Right and left wing both came to perish. Who brought that about? God and True Parents did. Do you understand? Then, we can proclaim such a liberation. At the same time, the family who can unite with the True Parents should be strong and bold anywhere in the world because they inherit the way the True Parents passed through. If so, as God and the cosmos protect me, they protect that family. Then it's not a great problem to restore one nation. I will proclaim this. (Applause) Everyone, if you are asked which church you belong to, you should identify yourself proudly, saying, "I am a believer of Unification Church." (Applause) Unification Church members means those who belong to the True Parents, or children of the True Parents. Please don't quarrel. To quarrel means to accept Satan. Do you understand? (Yes) You should go around to proclaim, "I am the number one Unificationist, number one child of God!" If you do so, Satan can never accuse you. You should go around with such a firm idea. Do you understand? (Yes!) (201129)

The place where God's Will is established is our family. Without families, there is no place that God can settle. Blessed families prosper centering on the True Parents. Without such families, nothing can be established. If there is a branch growing centering on a trunk and if we cut off the branch and plant the trunk, that tree will grow.

Those who have to accomplish a mission as a branch are tribal Messiahs. Do you understand? The greater the number of branches that grow from the trunk, to the north, south, east and west, the more the central root grows. The central root grows in proportion to the growth of the branches, doesn't it? Thus, if a tree grows horizontally, it grows vertically as well. When the root sacrifices so that branches stretch outward, the root also will grow.

If you work earnestly centering on God's Will, expanded horizontal power is compressed, and living for others you can connect to the whole cosmos. Then, even if you live as husband and wife, holding the vertical standard centering on God you have to lead a life of service. Then the unified realm of the cosmos is automatically reached. In a union circular movement occurs. Even though they revolve, they never fall. Because they have a horizontal standard, they don't fall. They rotate centering on an axis. They surely have to rotate. It is the same as things moving in a circle, uniting centrifugal force and centripetal force. If you come to the zero point, you will automatically rotate. If you start to rotate, and go up, a natural reaction brings you down.

If a perfected person forms a family in the heavenly world, it becomes the foundation for heavenly families. Also, if such a family forms, they never leave the True Parents. Wherever the True Parents go, they can attend the True Parents eternally. That is why such a family becomes a heartistic resonator with the True Parents, and a foundation of Heart in the eternal world as an embodiment of the life standard of the True Parents. Unificationists say that they will live with the True Parents and God, don't they? They will be born together with the True Parents' love. Since love makes an eternal connection, we cannot cut the love connection. We cannot forget love, even in death. Isn't that so? Parents will die with the heart of love and will love sons and daughters even when these die. It is the same with husband and wife. There is no one that forgets love. Love can transcend death and can connect with eternity. Since I myself, a man or woman, inherit the realm of life through love, I cannot forget my parents who are the root of love. If parents are the root and I myself the trunk, my sons and daughters are buds. If this develops, the family expands to the realm of tribe, people and nation. Isn't that so?

3) Suffering of True Parents For Us

Is it easy or tough for True Parents to bear true children? How difficult it is to find what we once lost. In the situation that individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, heaven and earth and spiritual world have all opposed me, I have led. Do you think I did so because of a business mind? (No) For what did I do so? It's because I looked for love, centering on love. You should know this. Now you should know that you cannot stand before me in the present situation. Even if you visit me hundreds of times, I can turn you away from the gate; even if you visit me thousands of times, I can turn you away. Nevertheless, I love and take care of you. You have to realize this. I undertake difficult problems single-handedly. You put the blame on me when you make mistakes. I have nothing to do with the ill I was spoken of since I came to America or with that for which I was opposed. However, you made mistakes, and I was spoken ill of. If we were living in a society on our side, I could leave you and go forward; however, I cannot leave you. I am not compelled to appear in the US court and could ignore it. However, for you I can't ignore it. Without me, how much you will suffer. So, I am beaten, and I protect and defend you.

4) True Parents' Expectation of Us

Truly, many Western people and Oriental people have gathered together here. So, for what did you gather? To do what did you visit here? All I can do is to speak ill of you. (Laughter). Even if all I can give is to hit with my fist, you came here saying that is okay. (Laughter). What is this? This is a gypsy group gathering looking for love. You are coming to look for true love. You have known that taste. It is as when a drone knows the taste of honey and will fly over thousands of miles to smell the scent of flowers, not considering it far.

It is not easy to become True Parents. If there is somebody who intends to inherit the authority of True Parents, please come out. I never thought I would become a True Parent, but when I recognized it, I already had to take responsibility for the Unification Church. Going this way, I became a True Parent. If I had known from the beginning that I would be a True Parent, maybe everybody would have noticed it. Without knowing that, I tried to dig into the problem of life, and came as far as here. There were so many complicated problems in order to arrive at this point. However, when I solved all those problems, it dissolved all the resentment of True Parents, and I realized that God also needed liberation. Then God was liberated by me, and I would say that God has to love me. (Amen!)

What have you done since you met the True Parents? What is your achievement? Look! Even though I have been beaten in the satanic world, I have protected families, tribes and peoples and have organized individuals, families and tribes. The blessed families have to organize tribes of the worldwide level. Satan cannot retain those families in the satanic world and cannot do as he wishes with them. Why? To live in the Unification Church is newly wonderful. Oriental and Western couples have lived happily for 10 years or for 20 years, although they would quarrel and divorce if they were in the fallen society, because they are to meet only from time to time. (211-325)

5) The Standard We Have to Reach

Does this happen in your family? Grandparents have to serve their grandchildren as if they were the grandparents. You know that all started with the word the beginning of the heaven and earth, don't you. Fathers have to respond to their sons as if they were their fathers. Why? This world is the fallen world and our world is the restored world. We went over the peak or the watershed. Until the time we got to the peak, this world took the lead; but now this world has to follow. Then the kings of the nations come to be in such a miserable condition. In your family true brothers, true husband and wife and true parents have to appear. If you become true brothers, true husband and wife will appear. If true husband and wife appear, true parents will appear. Isn't this so? If you stand in the position of true parents, you become true husband and wife naturally and you become taste children. Centering on the parents' consciousness and thought of subjectivity, you take the objective position and make unity with them. You make oneness with love. Do you understand? Only love can harmonize everything. Every element and particle follows the way of love. They look for the cells that can make oneness with God and contact with love directly. That is the human being. That is why we have to sacrifice for the sake of love. Do you understand? Because there is the tradition of God investing his life and possessions, things of a lower class try to invest all that they have to gain a place in a higher class.

That is why Darwin's evolution theory is wrong. Everything wants to be absorbed centering on love. When something functions as an element for the production of greater value, the value of that element will be lifted up to so high a value. (204-129)

What kind of religion is the final one? It is the religion of parents. That is why I proclaimed that the religion of parents should appear. I proclaimed: "Even though some religions have long histories, they cannot become the religion of parents. They are a religion of servant or a religion of adopted son." The contents of the official speech is as follows: "You have to know that the responsible person who should take the mission of the religion of parents is Rev. Moon, who will make the keynote speech at this meeting." When I announced this, the world was struck in silence. Therefore, Christianity is making a big noise, saying that there is a rumor that Rev. Moon is a Messiah. In Western society it is the conclusion that if the Lord is coming as a human being, it must be Rev. Moon.

Did you ever think like this? "Is Rev. Moon a Messiah? He is the same as I. He is speaking Korean as I do. Why does he speak so rapidly?" I guess maybe you are talking like this. As I had to spend busy years, I came to speak very rapidly. Because I speak very rapidly, I can catch the people who try to escape. I can speak rapidly because I studied the way. I can speak Japanese rapidly and I can do English as well. Nobody can follow me.

Did you meet Father in a right way or a wrong way? (Flight way) No, you didn't. If you met Father in a right way, such people ought to do well. Thus, I came to integrate all, centering on religions. (214-175)

6) Grace and Self-Consciousness

A) The Word "True Parents" Is One Which Has Emerged For the First Time In Human History

You already knew through studying the providence for restoration that for the fulfillment of God's Will not fallen parents, but True Parents must exist and come on earth. You should understand that the word "True Parents" was discovered in a situation far beyond your imagining, and that originally you could not have met the word. The emergence of this word for the first time in human history is more than revolutionary. You must realize that this is a miraculous event such as never occurred in human history. It is because the True Parents emerged, having the absolute love which surpasses the loves of all the innumerable parents in our history, that it is possible for you to be able to learn and speak the word "True Parents." For the first time you can receive the love of the True Parents, which is comparable to receiving God's love. You may stand in an ideal position such as Jesus also could not imagine.

Indemnity had been paid until the True Parents were received. Since Satan had understood that he would be defeated if the standard of True Parents was established, he, in the position of false parents, had killed many people using all sorts of means in order to prevent us from erecting this standard so as not to let this time come. We must consider that cruel sacrifices had been made for this day to come. There existed the satanic history, which forced the sacrifices, on the levels of the individual, family, people, nation, and world, of believers going God's way. We must understand how cruel and bloody was the indemnity our ancestors and brothers had paid, who sought for the way of True Parents and sacrificed themselves.

B) The Word "True Parents" Is the Gospel Of Gospels

Where should you go in order to find the ideal world? You must realize that you cannot go there unless you pass through the realm of the love of the original family. Since I, through the love of God and True Parents, connected the realm of indirect dominion with the realm of direct dominion, the way exists today for the spiritual and physical worlds to go back and forth to each other through the bridge of love. You study the Divine Principle, don't you? Just as God originally created them, the realms of direct and indirect dominion are divided. How can you unite them into one? It is possible only through true love. Just as originally planned, the two can be united into one only when Adam and Eve mature. Do you understand? (Yes!) When they mature, horizontal true love automatically emerges.

When they embrace each other, saying, "You are my spouse!" true love emerges within the center of the couples. Do you understand? (Yes!) If the love of plus is perfected and emerges, the love of minus soon comes. When the plus love descends to the minus one and they interact with each other, they establish the model of true love. Then true love is consummated.

From where does true love start? It starts from True Parents. This is the Gospel of Gospels. No matter how many good words exist in this world, and no matter how wonderful the word "husband and wife" is, nothing is better than the word "True Parents." After all, if True Parents do not emerge in the fallen world, true husband and wife cannot come out. Do you understand? You must understand this clearly.

The True Family was found as the result of the greatest sorrow, the greatest difficulty, and the greatest indemnity. Historical sorrow and the indemnity of death are liberated when this True Family is found This is why throughout history such miserable conditions for indemnity had to be established. Accordingly, the emergence of this True Family made possible by so much blood is the most valuable and happiest thing.

There must exist true parents in order to establish a true family. For that, a true couple must be accomplished. After the true couple is established, true children must be born.

The True Parents cannot leave any condition of accusation in front of Satan. True Couples are not allowed to moan, trapped by any condition of accusation in front of Satan. True children in a true family cannot be the sons and daughters of this family if they leave any condition of accusation in the Satanic world. Today, you already speak the noun "True Parents," and know the word "True."

Throughout history, no one was able to call out the word "True Parents" or even to think it. However, now we are standing in the glorious position in which we can call, know, and attend True Parents. Accordingly, we should understand that we are standing in the happiest and noblest position of all human history. When we realize that throughout history so many sacrifices had to be made in order to prepare for the victorious foundation for True Parents, we should know that the most precious gospel for all humankind is the noun "True Parents."

When you think about the word "True Parents," that human history is dominated by the True Parents, that the starting point from which we can enter a new world has been established by the True Parents, that the internal condition through which we can subjugate Satan has been established by the True Parents, that with the True Parents we can subjugate Satan, who has dominated the external world, and finally, that the center has been founded upon which we can for the first time ever liberate God, you should appreciate this surprising grace that we can live with the True Parents and should live following their directions.

You should know that if you follow the way of the True Parents, even if feeling some bitterness that you have to sacrifice your own lives, this is the happiest thing for humankind. We should understand well that if there is a soldier who goes forward into the enemy's territory, following the True Parents' order, he is the very divine soldier upon whom the heavens and earth gaze and to whom history pays attention.

You should realize that if you stand in the position that you can fight on behalf of the True Parents and your nation, and if you think that through your heart, your nation and your people can open the gate of happiness and can participate in a historical and glorious place, it is you, holding the banner of the True Parents' heart, who can revive human history, and it is you who are the bearer who can realize the hoped-for world.

7) Your Future is Guaranteed by the True Parents

The word "True Parents" of the Unification Church is the greatest noun. The Unification Church has deep truth. By the True Parents is guaranteed the entry into a great future. If, in this secular world there exists the original point for the promises of value, it comes from the word "True Parents."

So, what should we do? We must unite into one. Centering upon whom should we unite? You must not unite centering upon yourselves. You also must not unite centering upon your families' leading the True Parents. You should be led by True Parents. You should guide not only yourselves, but also your parents, your husbands and your wives. Furthermore, you should also guide your children. You must also offer your families' possessions. By doing so, you must unite.

8) The Value is Infinite

The purpose of God's providence must have a focus. It is that focus through which God's ideal can be established. It is the very point at which we can meet True Parents, who were forfeited. Therefore, that foundation is the center of everything. That standpoint is what we call "True Parents." Although there have been many standpoints, this standpoint is the most valuable.

Try to think how important it is. All the saints fought to gain this foundation. God thinks it is significant; all the spirit persons in the spiritual world think so. Therefore, all humankind on this earth must recognize that it is important. You cannot understand the true worth of this foundation. I could not replace it even though I gave some thousands of countries. I cannot substitute it with diamonds worth a nation. Do you think there could be any substitute? We can never replace it. Even though we dedicate the whole of America, we could not gain it.

Have you ever thought about that? If you could see the standpoint directly, you would be so happy. On the contrary, if you could not see it, you would be so unhappy. You must consider it once again. Not only God's eyes, but also the eyes of all the spirits and indeed all people must focus on this point.

If you try to examine history from such a viewpoint, you will find there is no history. History has no relation to it. As this standpoint is for the unfallen first human ancestors, there is no history or no fallen history after it.

If so, how will democracy endure? You should question whether democracy can be recognized from such a viewpoint or not. Try to judge it by yourselves. Even the children in public school will get a hundred points. It is not a laughable issue, but a serious one. Then, what about the Communist Party? They do not know the human history. They do not have the view of life or any subjectivity.

From here, a new content will start. That is to say, all the centers, all the contents and all the results will start from here. Those who can participate here will be the first victors on earth. From here, we can establish the family centered on love of God, expel the sovereignty of Satan, and start to establish a new Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Furthermore, from here, the fruit of the history will be born. This standpoint is the center point of the whole world.

This position will be the starting point for the future. From here, the past history will be completed, the completion of the present history will be preserved, and that of the future world will begin. If you can catch this point, this position, you can become one who has conquered all as an individual. Are you such a person? (Yes).

Then, how great is its value? How wonderful is it? How much do you love it, admire it, respect it and come to like it? This position should be the highest one and should be put at the highest position through history. No matter how great the great people may be, they bear no comparison with it. If you come to see it, you will undoubtedly be so moved. Have you danced in your dream while sleeping? If you come to yearn for this place, this position, you come to have such a feeling whenever you think of it, and you will be able to dance while sleeping. You should be attracted more by this position than by any other positions, by your lives, or by anything else. You should have such a feeling that you want to see it again, to live with it, and that you cannot live without it. As you have heard this explanation, you may understand how precious the True Parents are. (52-95)

For a man to become a True Parent, heaven and earth must respond to each other. He must go to the heavenly world and come back with victory over God. Do you understand what I mean? Because Adam created falsity through having said "Yes" in spite of God's order of denial, we cannot attain the original standard unless we affirm that the falsity is a fact.

The content which can substantially solve the requirement for becoming True Parents in heaven and earth clarifies heaven and earth, liberates all historical entanglements and pulls out the nail which is knocked into God's heart. The liberation of love which God desires is for pleasing, dancing and laughing with embracing, and loving such sons and daughters. Don't you think that all must be filled with joy, and its voice must be full from the level of all things to the level of whole cosmos for a thousand and ten thousands of years?

True Parents cannot appear on earth without having affirmative suggestions against the negative past. How serious is it? Confucius, Buddha and Jesus gathered and give me an exam. I beat the test and had my answers approved by God.

God has an indescribable heart in respect to His ideal of creation. Adam must realize God's will by himself in the completion stage and make Satan surrender. He must be a sovereign of liberation. The person who is the ruler of all nations, the master of salvation for all and has the eldersonship of all brothers is Adam.

The spiritual world falls into confusion for forty days as the satanic world opposes him. Since God is the judge there, he must receive God's judgment that he is righteous. Then, Rev. Moon receives the judgment of righteousness and comes to the earth. (215-86)

9) We Who Should Appreciate

How can you dedicate your appreciation for God? For True Parents? For our church? For your re-creation? After me, a true family will appear. If I advance another step, a true tribe will appear. If I advance yet another step, a true nation will appear. What if I advance one further step? (True world!) If I advance again one more step? (True cosmos!) If I still advance one more step? (Heavenly Father!) God, indeed, is the final goal.

Then, how do we liberate God? Have the existing churches thought about it? How can they save our lives? Impossible. It is impossible. It is different from the standard at which we aim. We advance higher standards, such as the following: "How can we liberate God by our hand?" Human beings inherited the satanic blood lineage after the Fall. This is the problem. You inherited the satanic blood lineage, which is not God's, through some thousands of years. Then, how can you atone for it? How can you clean up the dirty lineage which Adam and Eve bequeathed after the Fall?

The persons who appeared centered on the true love, true life and true lineage to indemnify such a content are the True Parents. You were brought to life with the satanic lineage as the fertilizer. However, you have been brought to new life centered on God's love, life and lineage through true love as the fertilizer in the era of new resurrection. Through this, the one hand will disappear and the other hand will prosper. Do you understand? From here, God is with you and you can separate from Satan eternally.

No one thought that God has pain in His heart. Because He appeared in history, has appeared through me now here, and clarified the profound mission, you can understand it. Isn't it true? How surprising the fact is! Jesus did not know it, or though he understood it, could not say what was in his heart. Also, none of the religious leaders understood the secret of the cosmos, which was thus suppressed. For the first time in history, I appeared in front of the world and the secret of the cosmos was clarified. Do you understand?

Those who are sitting here will understand. How great a result appeared on earth! No matter how strong the satanic world may be, Rev. Moon digests all. There is no problem. Do you understand? From now on, we must change direction, not to the individual foundation, but the national one. Do you understand? If the leader of a nation also looks back at the past with repentance, God forgives him. It belongs to God's tradition and means new lineage. If it is not so, you cannot separate from Satan. Do you understand? It also means the ceremony of the change of blood lineage which comes before the blessing ceremony of the Unification Church.

You attended such a ceremony, didn't you? Have confidence. You are the persons who receive God's true love, true life and true lineage, and their center is True Father. True Father is not Korean, but is your father. You are all connected horizontally centered on his true love, true life and true lineage. Do you understand? With the Fall, love, life and lineage were connected with the dirty things of the fallen world. However, we are connected horizontally centered on God's true love, true life and true lineage. This means a change of 180 degrees. Don't hope in America and this world which were connected with the satanic side. Do you understand? Humankind throughout the world has followed the most malicious parents of the satanic side from the very beginning. However, the direction is changed 180 degrees now. Do you understand? Although it is the starting point, it is the zero point. Zero point. There is no meaning, no existence, no tradition and no culture there. This is the re-creation.

I said that God in creating human beings united soil, water and air, after first creating all the environmental things, didn't I? Do you understand? It is the zero point. Zero point. You look back at it from the satanic tradition here.

There is the place where an engine changes its direction. Where it changes direction to 180 degrees is the zero point. Carrying passengers and freight, it can neither start nor brake without permission. If you look back, it is the very zero point. You will look back 180 degrees and say, "I am Japanese! I am American! I am a graduate of Harvard University!" Such a thing is no use. It is the zero point. Zero point. At that point are no ideas, tradition or cultural background to have a bad influence. God does not desire such things.

You will be reborn turning 180 degrees. Do you understand? Rebirth? (Yes.) Rebirth means being born once again. First come parents, not nations. Next, brothers and sisters. Then, what is the third? A couple, husband and wife. What is the fourth? (Child) That is the problem.

Although God wanted these three generations, He could not have them. The first generation is God. The second one is Adam and Eve. What is the third one? He could not have them until now. Humankind did not prosper centered on God; they came to belong to Satan alone. Satan is the enemy of love. Do you understand?

How can you cleanse yourself of this lineage? "I" was born neither Japanese, nor a person in any country, but as a person of God. Centered on what? These three roots-God's love, life and lineage-are the standard.

So, when you say thanks, for what are you being thankful? Don't be thankful for your wealthy life; rather be thankful for being crucified. When a soldier who was lost in a battle is bloody, smelly, and decomposed, who will inter the body? Who will bury it? Who will train the remaining soldiers to shape them into a regular army again? If there is nothing to eat what will you do with them? Simply kill them? (No.) You only thought of winning; however, you turned out to be carrying a bigger cross. You should know that your time comes only after you solve them all and reconstruct them. You can live happily only after you establish a new family, a new nation and a new world. Do you understand that?

If there was a train track in the eternal world, i.e., the original homeland, that track and the track of the earth you live on must be the same, no matter how difficult it may be. It must be the same as the rail for entering the spiritual world. How about you? Do you think the rail that you live on today is the same as the rail of the spiritual world? Are you confident about that? Can you run directly to God on it? True Parents are necessary to make those rails the same. Do you understand? (215-171)

10) Bond With True Parents is Preordained

We humans stand in a 100% stupid position. However, God, who is more than 100% wise stands by you as a friend, and countless ancestors in the spiritual world accompany you and wait as backup. When you think about this, you can be grateful. I really understand well the feeling of David when he stood before Goliath, standing on the edge of an adventure. God's protection is what allows one to win a battle. When he lived with a heart saying, "God, when he strikes, he himself will burst, not I," things turned out so.

Since God has raised me this way, I have a responsibility to raise you the same. Therefore you must inherit the inevitable task of becoming wise persons. What kind of task did I say? (Inevitable task.) Yes, inevitable. The True Parents and the children of the True Parents have an eternal and unchanging inevitable work. Nobody can divide this. One must walk that path for thousands and tens of thousands of years. There are not two ways but one. There is no alternative or no secret recipe, but to walk that path. (203-192)

11) We Who Must Take Responsibility

How can you go through the twelve gates of Heaven after going to the spiritual world? The question is, how many people can we find and bring back from Satan? For this, there must be tears, blood and sweat. You cannot have your own citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven without going through a process of interactions of tears, blood, and sweat, investing more heart for parents on Satan's side, and for husband, wife and children on Satan's side, than for your own, and centering on the true-love heart of re-creation. You should know that the establishments of conditions for approaching God, to that glorious position of the Kingdom, will be based according to this number of people. Rev. Moon has spent his whole life for not only the nation but for the world. Why?

Even all the people in the spirit world should receive True Parents' grace. I went to Danbury, and in February I held a ceremony to open the gates of heaven and hell. We must make all preparations for opening those gates. That is why I had also to be incarcerated.

In this case I had to overcome circumstances of immeasurable and tremendous suffering . Even though it was a large ocean, I swam the ocean. If it was one of the highest mountains, as in the deep-snowing Himalayas, even if I was barefoot, I passed over the top of the mountain. Therefore, these were marvelous deeds, passing through the direful human history and establishing supreme victorious foundations. It is to be understood that since I had walked such a suffering way, even if Satan himself wanted to approach me, it was impossible.

In our house, our son and daughter are solemnity; they are our second God. In other words, grandfather and grandmother represented God representing the past. Moreover, father and mother represent the present time. Furthermore, son and daughter represent the future. We must understand the ways of dutifulness toward each other as persons representative of the three eras, past, present, and future. Accordingly, those who seduce son and daughter, wife and husband, and parents must go into hell. Family and nation and cosmos are to be connected centering on the core of true love which can forget every sacrifice, even the giving of your own life.

The heart relating to such true love is the key for uniting my country, for restoration to heavenly people. When you go to some country, you have to make an effort with sincere heart to have that country become the best one and offer it before God as my country.

The Old Testament era centered on things, the New Testament Age centered on son and daughter, the Completed Testament Age centers on parents themselves, and the next era will center on God. After the human fall, Satan was received on the earth instead of God. Because we separated from God, we must welcome God and repair all relationships.

Therefore, your possessions are not yours. In the Old Testament era, people sacrificed their possessions to erect the way for son and daughter to go. The Lord at the Second Coming, the true parents, come here and suffer in order to prepare the way for God on the earth. Nevertheless, because we invited Satan, this world is hell. For this reason, we must welcome God with true love.

In the process of re-creation, all things and children and my whole self combine to be able to attend God, through the original true love which loves and forgets all loving. Then is established the word that all are connected to God. After that, they are distributed and connected to the time of children's possession.

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