True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 6 True Parents and Us [Part 3]

5. What We Should Do

1) Our Responsibility

In the way of restoration, you should know that the way is not to be walked by yourself alone. Whenever you walk on the path of restoration, you must clearly understand that you are going on behalf of the True Parents. Otherwise, you cannot establish the victorious foundation of True Parents at the levels of clan, tribe, and nation. In order to correctly walk the way as the representative of the True Parents, you ought to know that if the True Parents go on the hard way in order to establish the standard of spiritual victory worldwide, you must go on the same way to complete the standard of real victory at the national level. Because in the spiritual world, the victorious foundation has been made by the True Parents, the real victory of True Parents must occur on the earth. Now, you are fulfilling the responsibility to overcome on the national level in the True Parents' stead.

In other words, if you are going to challenge toward the world level, surpassing the tribal level, the True Parents must establish a universal spiritual victorious foundation. The Lord comes as a man who has the destiny of True Father. He has to carry our cross spiritually and gain a victory, and he also has to have responsibility for everything. You should know that this is the difficulty of the restoration of true parents.

When we look at heaven, earth and humankind, can we say that Heaven has served the victorious True Parents at any moment? It has not yet served them. Has the earth served them? The earth also has not yet. Did humans? No, they did not. All are still on the way to serve the True Parents. Then, do we have to serve only True Parents? It does not mean that. After serving the True Parents, we have to establish a true family, clan, people, nation, and world. The Israelites were prepared for that purpose. In order for people to stand as true children in front of the True Parents, they must walk the course of restoration for children at the individual level, and there are also courses of restoration for children at the levels of family, people, and nation. The parents' courses for restoration at the levels of individual, family, tribe, people, and nation have to be accomplished. Also the children's courses for restoration from the individual level to the national level have to be completed. Unless parents and children unite into one and build the standard of victory, we cannot complete the restoration of our tribe, or make a new start to go toward the world stage.

Then, what is the mission of the Unification Church? What kind of situation are you in as members of the Unification Church? You were called by God centering on the True Parents. Also you are in the situation in which you should indemnify on the horizontal level the tragic vertical history of six thousand years, for substantial restoration.

What kind of determination should we make now? What is the goal for which we should reach? We should establish the kingdom of True Parents based on the worldwide foundation. We have to found the land of True Parents at the worldwide level. Because sorrow, pain, and tears still remain, we should take these things away as soon as possible. Today, the Unification Church has the responsibility for this, and you must know that is our mission.

Then, since you stand to go the way which you should go, you should not look back at the past, as happened when the Israelites went toward Canaan. Your minds should not look back, and your bodies should not. What is the hope which we must have? We must desire to serve truly the True Parents who come to the earth in the stead of the heavenly father. You should not wish to serve the True Parents in the situation where everyone looks up to them and honors them-after establishing the foundation of victory. You must desire to serve the True Parents as they pass through the sorrowful history of humankind.

Your ancestors will find it bitter if you cannot serve the True Parents who went through the grievous history. All humankind is truly yearning to serve the True Parents. Therefore, you have to be true sons and daughters who can serve in the miserable situation, rather than in the glorious one.

To become such true sons and daughters, no matter how difficult, disappointing, or miserable the situations you are in, you have to be one who can pray, "Heavenly Father, my Lord, because the True Parents have to go through the way of the cross more painful than the one that Jesus went, I, who serve the True Parents, deserve to carry the heavy cross. I am even willing to do that, so please, do not worry about me." You should not let Heavenly Father carry your burdens, such as trouble, pain, and sorrow. You must know how to indemnify by yourself. If you can become such a person, you can be engrafted into the realm of the individual victory of parents, at the individual level.

Today, in the Unification Church, blessed couples are spread through many places in South Korea. Why did I do this? Heavenly Father carries out the providence centering on the Korean people and nation. Therefore, the True Parents come to Korea as Koreans. Then, all villages, whether in valleys or in mountains, want to serve the coming True Parents. This is because to serve the True Parents is the historical desire of people.

Therefore, the one who can represent the True Parents substantially and erect the indemnity standard at the individual level, standing in the position of their children, and erect the indemnity standard on the family level, is willingly served by the village and community without regret. Of course, the True Parents who are to come are positioned at the center and relate to everything spiritual. However, they cannot communicate with everything substantial as they each have only one body. So, our Blessed couples were put in a position relating to millions of people in the stead of the True Parents.

The True Parents have the responsibility of carrying the cross of the worldwide level, going beyond that of the nation. Therefore, the blessed couples in every region, who are in the position of True Parents, have to carry the cross at the national level. If all blessed couples form a tribal foundation or a national foundation, the revelation of God could go over the mountain pass of victory centering on this nation. (13-288)

We have to go beyond our responsibility and the world's standard of perfection by loving the True Parents and by centering on the standard of the original love. (137-117)

2) Our Mission

What we have to do from now on is to build up the foundation in order to serve the True Parents and to rally the brothers and sisters of the world in front of their persons. Besides, as ancestors who shoulder such responsibility, we must banish the way of the cross and persecution, lest our descendants have to carry it. This is our original mission.

God can appear as the master or parents of the cosmos only after the time when God stands in the integrated parents position in the human world on the foundation of the integrated Abel and Cain world.

People who are living on the earth today are as people living without parents. Therefore, they are fighting. Accordingly, God has to emerge as parents for them, educate them, and tell them, "The person who is fighting with you is your elder brother, your younger brother." This only God can know.

True ideal parents could not be realized due to the evil parents. Children were invaded by Satan because they did not have the connection of ideal children with true parents. So, the ideal parents have to be revealed, and the time when Heaven can give to children the education of ideal children has to come, and a religion which can inherit these missions has to emerge. We must know that the religion is that of the Unification Church.

Then, of what is the Unification church proud? We are proud of the history of the True Parents. (Applause) After this, the true children have to unite with each other. True Parents have to love not only their own tribe, but all people, globally, cosmically. Who are true children? If a person says, "I only know American," that person is not a true child.

Then, who are you? You should not be like that. You have to transcend you nationalism here. You must go beyond your nationalism. In whose name? (In God's name!) In God's name. How about the Fall? In whose name? (In Satan's name!) In Satan's name. We have to jump over the border line of the Fall in God's name. God was in Adam's head. He is in our heads as well, to give us direct control.

Therefore, centering on True Parents who did not fall and on God, organizing the new world by rallying true flesh and blood worldwide, is the way for the Unification Church to go. In this, a family forms a tribe, a tribe forms a people, a people forms a nation and the nation has dominion in the world.

We must make a new start and go up, because the fallen world fell to the bottom. We must have the opportunity to cross the border line and reverse the decline of the fallen world and repair the world. There must be a moment when we can turn the standard upside down and turn over the fallen world at the worldwide level. (86-230)

In the present time we have the True Parents. Then, on what kind of position do they stand? We must know that they are called True Parents only in the Unification Church. They could not transcend that to the nation, to the world. Therefore, because Satan still remains in the nation and the world, he still assaults us. Do you understand?

Therefore, the Unification Church invites the True Parents to the church and expands it to the levels of people, world, and spiritual world. We must know that this is our movement. Now, the time is coming. The time is getting closer when we can have the circumstances in which the Unification Church is received as the Unification Church of the country and the True Parents as parents of the country. (124-309)

6. The Things We Must Take Seriously

1) No Self-Assessment

When you have gold, but it is in sand or mud, it has to be refined in a melting pot. Then it should be refined again. That is your course. It is the original course, the normal course. Then, do you say "Oh, good!" even though your body is melting and disappearing in the oven, becoming liquid, or do you say loudly, "Oh! I am going to die."

Are you pure or impure? Which do you have more of in your body? (Impurity.) Then, which is the subject in your body? Is purity the subject or impurity the subject? (Purity) If you are all pure, you need not worry about anything.

You must know that in order to become 100% pure, you have to deny yourself at least 98%. Our own things are only 2%. Which do you like? Which do you have to take? Do we have to take this, do we have to take this? (True Father was pointing at the things which he wrote on the black board.) How miserable is it? The response of men here is faster than women's.

Let us consider how much miserable it is. Is the life of a Moonie unhappy or happy? (It is happy.) (laughter) Then, is Rev. Moon, who is the center of Moonies happy, or unhappy? We have the hope that while it is unhappy in the beginning it is happy in the end. (applause) If someone persecutes you, think like this, "I am going to go to the oven, because I'm not perfect enough." We should not be afraid of being persecuted. If you can persecute me, please go ahead. We hope that we will have been in the oven until we become pure gold. It is the fastest way to become pure gold.

In America, owing to opposition to Rev. Moon, they threw Rev. Moon into the oven of the world. What's going to happen? They will be surprised saying "Oh!"-- even though they threw 100 people into it, all 100 people came out. (applause) Suppose the entire America immediately perishes. All perish. How about that? How will Americans feel? They are going to say, "Uuu." (laughter) They must lose.

Anyway, how about Rev. Moon? He will win. Although he will win, America will be defeated. In that case, how miserable will America see herself? On the other hand, how he will be honored? There is no room for discussion. No one can oppose him. Why will he win and America lose? When the wife says, "Oh! I felt my husband's love!" it means "although I have been living in the inner room [that means she was legal wife in name only, under the control of his mistress], I can live together with my husband from now on." What do you think about it? How about this concept? That is great!

Therefore, how patient are those who desire to march forward on the path to becoming 100% pure gold instead of resigning themselves to being 98% pure gold? How greatly do they suffer? Nevertheless, they have to be faithful in order to go forward. Even if people may evaluate us as 100%, when God will pick us up and estimate, it is highly uncertain that we will be found to be 100% gold. I am afraid of that. If gold 100% pure according to God's assessment is compared with gold which I so assessed, I wish the latter to be greater than the former. What do you think? I hope gold as I assessed it would be greater. An impure particle which correctly assesses itself cannot exist. Then, God assesses Himself, doesn't He? He originally is inclined to assess Himself.

In order to be purified ourselves, we should not assess ourselves. If we do so, we may think we are 100% pure gold and think ourselves above the condition that God will assess. It is natural that we think in this way. Do you follow me? When there is nothing eternal in our mind, we are able to assess regarding ourselves as the center and think we are more than 100% pure gold. Anyway, what is pure gold? It is only gold having no impurity. Therefore, the nation in which people who are living being intoxicated by the love of completely unselfish, a hundred or thousand of years love will be able to be the standard of pure gold in love. What do you think of this concept? Those who have such a love are an honorable Queen and Prince. Sound good? (Fine!) I dare to ask you to be such wives and husbands. If you can be, how wonderful you are!

Although you become pure gold, do you need God anymore? God already exists within that one. It is unnecessary to have God. Therefore all of you should be like that. (128-206)

Are you true pure gold? Or false? Then what am I? I myself? If you are true, what am I? (laughter) Then if you are true, I am a false, right? Then we will become true! You can say that, but it is trouble to say only, "I am true." I am in the highest position in Unification Church, though? Isn't that right? (laughter) I ought to be called true first, not you. Your right words are, "We are true, too!" That is okay. It is impolite of you to say only, "I am true."

When I see you at first, you are not true. After refining you by beating you and combining three or four together you could be true. I can't sell you as you are at the true market in the shop which I manage with the label, "This item is true." I cannot sell you as you are. Do you follow me? I always look at you in this way. Therefore, I consider that a long process of discipline, trial and refining must to be done.

When I say, "Are you pure gold?" that means I don't regard you as pure gold. Because you should have many processes of assignment to be finished, I have to put you into a refinery whether you like it or not. You should not call yourselves Unificationists until you are purified, synthesized into one crystal and possess the form without sides after being refined. (138-200)

We need the adjuster which modulates us, the period, the chance, and the time for doing it. You know standard time? We must adjust ourselves to that time. This also is true of scales. We have a standard scale. It is only one, the only one in the world. If we talking about a meter, the meter standard is not two but one. Are there two of that, or one of that? Definitely one. Only one. Furthermore, originally does man have a standard of adjustment or not? Yes, he or she has! Well, are you those to whom, at the zero point, the absolute standard of man naturally matches with the self-standard of man or those to whom it cannot be matched even forcibly? "Forcibly" is an unusual expression for this situation. You should understand, though, that I tried to express my feeling. If we, as fallen people, insisted that we want to be recognized according to the original scale, or, if we are talking about meter, it might be the meter scale, then anyone who agreed would be crazy, wouldn't they? God would say to them, "Hey! You guys! Why did you recognize them even though they look like that? They should have been denied, beaten and jailed."

Today, we are a group, a family as the Blessed Family, aren't we! There are many seniors who say they are "family", respect the noun, "family", but, on the other hand, ignore the content of a family. (127-203)

2) You Shall Become One

Everyone, how much do you know the heartistic content of the True Parents? How much are you united with the True Parents in terms of the questions of lineage, personality, truth, and life, and their views of nation, world and cosmos? This becomes the matrix which determines whether you become true sons and daughters of God in a real sense. Do you understand? (Yes.)

It is worrisome to have only yourself, so the question is how to connect you to the True Parents. There must be an original root, meaning we must have that core. (28-249)

If you ask, "What is True Parents?" they are substitutes for your parents. The original parents are the True Parents. You and your parents must become one. Then who is the grandfather? It is God. Yes, God. Even the True Parents can't overrule God's command. Parents must take their children on the way the grandfather desires. That is the way of parents.

When the True Parents go through the path of restoration, you must go as well. You must complete the most minimal "5%" portion of responsibility. Do you understand what it means? (Yes.) You must know that. You must love God more than you love your wife or your parents. I'm saying that you must love God more than you love your children. The ideal world of the Unification Church is the expansion of that to the worldwide level. You must know this. Did you clearly understand? (Yes.) (128-31)

Rev. Moon already has all the roots of the first Adam and the second Adam. Therefore, all you have to do is to be engrafted into the first, second, and third Adam, and then everything will be completed. Do you understand what it means? The root, the root is one. Then love, and what? What are the three things? Love, life, and then what? Lineage. The vertical and horizontal love of God interacted with life and then lineage emerged.

Therefore, you must love Rev. Moon more than anyone. You must become one with the True Parents more than with anyone else. Since it is the lineage centered on true love, there is the right to inherit, the right to have the same position and the right to participate together. Do you understand? So Satan cannot come near. (189-223)

3) You Shall Love the True Parents

How much have the True Parents received love? Have you ever thought about it? Anyone who protested against the idea that God is dead would love the True Parents more than God would love them. If you pray to God to meet such a person, and by meeting such a person come to love the True Parents, God will be happy. If that person is the wisest and if you think so, you will absolutely never be defeated by any power in the spiritual world. If you can tell the spirits, "I have loved the True Parents this much, but what have you spirits done?" and accuse them, you will become the richest.

If there was a fight between family members to love the True Parents the most, what would God say? (laughter) And if one died from that fight, how would God make a judgment? Please think about it. Would God take them to hang them? Without a question, God would call the two and raise them up as the model for loving the True Parents and tell others to love at the same standard. This is the very standard. Precisely, God, spirits and every person on earth must pay attention to the True Parents. We must think about this now in our own lives.

If what I say is true, then this question is important. How distant are you from this standard? We must pray for this even from now. No one can follow the True Parents without tears. Therefore, we cannot give joyful expressions. We must live for the sake of others, and we should always have a heart of apology toward Heaven no matter that we offer the best. I think you can imagine how our behavior should be. (52-97)

4) You Shall Attend True Parents

Even though you may go through the wilderness course and cross over the river Jordan, if you fall down in the middle of the battle with the seven tribes of Canaan, it will not become a victorious death. One can become an original person before God only when he has had the seven tribes of Canaan surrender and has established the new nation of Israel. Not doing so is the same as staying in Paradise, unable to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (13-298)

What are the True Parents of whom we know? They are the ancestors of humanity. Therefore, you must attend the True Parents like your own. (118-147).

Actually, you must attend True Parents for more than three years. In order to have served the True Parents for over three years, the family must attend them, then a nation and the world must attend them. That must be the reality. Only when that happens will the realm of worldwide restoration come.

Considering the number three, I tell you that you must attend more than three years. Therefore, in principle, you must eat together, discuss together, and live together centering on the True Parents for three years. All of your homes must be like this. There must be a period of three years of living peacefully and happily, rejoicing with each other, speaking good words when you talk, living as a family to attend the True Parents. (44-170)

5) You Shall Be Obedient

Originally, children must be absolutely obedient in front of the parents, who came with the name of God. There can be no objection. This is not to be brought about by force. An environment must be created in which this occurs. The wife loves her husband and the husband loves his wife. When they become parents centered on love and lead an environment where the beloved children can naturally follow in absolute obedience, the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven becomes unbreakable. (101-283)

6) You Shall Inherit the Tradition

Until today, people haven't known how they will turn out. They haven't known history. They haven't known where they were at that moment or what they would become. They haven't known what would happen or their purpose.

Why was it so? It was because they couldn't have True Parents as ancestors. However, through attending True Parents, we say, "Yes, I understand history. I understand the history of the relationship of God and myself." We understand the present and the future. We not only understand, but can even inherit such a tradition. We now can possess the tradition that can overcome history and the future.

From whom? Why? Because we met True Parents. We follow what True Parents teach us and what they do, desire what they desire, and inherit them, succeed them. (71-21)

Until now, there were no real parents in this universe. All parents were fallen parents who used their children and destroyed. What was destroyed? The possibility of perfect brothers and sisters was destroyed. Then that of perfect bridegrooms and brides was destroyed, followed by the destruction of that of perfect parents. It became impossible to have truly good children. It adds up to the forfeiture of a family. That family was the representative of the history of the cosmos. That family represented the world, the Kingdom of Heaven, the nation and all families.

God is trying to seek that central point. The history of humanity is also seeking it. Today's humanity, the present living people, must likewise be connected to this center. In other words, this is the only common purpose of God and humanity, and this is the only possible way to tie together past, present and future.

Then, who should do it? True Parents must do what Adam and Eve had to have done. Therefore, what everyone should now have is something that Satan couldn't have and that does not exist in the evil world: brothers among brothers or brotherhood not as in the world of Satan. You must all be so, and it can only be done in your twenties, before your marriage. All of you must establish such a tradition.

You must establish a tradition in front of your children to show such a model life. You must know that your life of struggles which you have encountered in your countries are great, and this is the only period when you can save traditional materials for your descendants, and in which you can educate your children saying, "We worked under such a difficult circumstance," and leave them your last will.

Therefore, the issue here is tradition. This is unchangeable. It is an eternal tradition. Yes, an eternal tradition. Since we transcend the world, white people and black people must become one as brothers. What that means is that we visit and enter the brotherhood garden of Adam and Eve, of the unfallen humanity. Do you understand? (Yes.)

What is the fundamental thought to establish such a tradition? It is to live for others. It can be established by living for others. So, from here, your children will grow without suffering so miserable an environment and will go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven, having a realm of results that can surpass the world of Satan, becoming the descendants who can directly connect to Heaven. Then such brothers and sisters have spouses. To us marriage is supranational. We are entering the realm where if one is asked to marry with a black, or a white, or a yellow, he or she will do so.

Such a tradition must be established from now on. It has not been done yet. We must create one from now. You must take that material to lead your descendants and the world. However, after the two become one, you must not bear evil children. The husband and wife must perfectly become one to bear good children. Without the unity, the good children will not come out. Therefore, you must perfectly become one centering on the will of God. (71-19)

When you see Rev. Moon only in one dimension, you may see what his face and figure look like generally. But, you wouldn't know what kind of background and path I've gone through until coming to this place. Can the will of God be fulfilled by mere obedience without a sure belief from the start? It is not like that. There must be a clear belief. You must know that I brought such a victorious result because I knew I was on an absolute and correct way and started with a pledge of promised victory. In order to change this will and change this way, numerous individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and even the world opposed me. I have stayed on such a severe path.

How can you inherit such a tradition, which you all must do, without knowing about it? If you inherit such a tradition at the place of strength and courage, having so strong a determination as "I will run even to the end of the world and heaven", when God looks He will have amazing appreciation.

Isn't it the heart of Heaven and your teacher to want to see such an attitude in you in order to let you have your inheritance? I'm such a poor wretched person because I bring those who do not know anything about it or what will become of the world, and I teach them. That is a lonely scene. You have to know that it shouldn't be so. (67-228)

7) You Shall Be Proud of the True Parents

What you should be proud of is the love of God and the love of the True Parents. It is the conclusion that you must be proud of this more than of yourselves, the nation, or anything in the world. This love, the love of God and the love of the True Parents is one. What is this? You should know that the Unification Church is realizing on earth the starting point for unifying on the foundation of the family, centering on the idea of love, which is God's direct dominion. That is the way the True Parents go. (131-50)

8) You Shall Give Back What You Owe to the True Parents

Your concept of the True Parents must be clear. Are you in debt to the True Parents or not? You owe a debt to them. How much is that debt? There is no way to return that debt. If you calculate your debt, there is no way of return. However, if you have even a small indication of love, you can return all. That is what is needed. (date unknown.)

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