True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 8 Three Great Subjects Thought and the Proclamation of True Parents [Part 1]

1. Three Great Subjects Thought and True Parentism

1) Three Great Subjects Thought is Our Wish

What is the wish of humankind, fallen humankind? We were supposed to become True Parents. When we had sons and daughters, we should have been able to raise them in such a way that they were free from persecution from the satanic world and could go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven. But we did not become so. It is our wish to become a representative of True Parents and have true sons and daughters who can directly go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You all want to have good sons and daughters, don't you? The best children in the world? We could not fulfill that goal. How to accomplish it is the problem.

What is next? The Archangel could not teach Adam and Eve who were God's sons and daughters. It is the most important task for us to raise our children as God's son and daughter and to educate them to be those whom God needs.

You want to become a teacher, don't you? Don't you want to become an example? You want to work hard, so that you can become the president who represents the nation or the head of a company or a cabinet minister. You want be successful. Isn't that so? What does it mean? It means to become a true master.

These are our Three Great Wishes. First, to become True Parents; second, to become a true teacher; and third, to become a true master. Isn't this your case? One wants to be successful and become a governor or even the President of the United States. Is that so or not? One must become the master of his household prior to this. To become the master of the household, you must inherit the family tradition and stand in the position of the master who can represent God and ancestors. By doing so, all families and nations will come to respect you. Everything in a society falls under these three positions. True Parents, true teacher, and true master. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes)

You must become a true parent, a true teacher, and a true master. This is the Three Great Subjects Thought. Do you understand? What is the root of the Three Great Subjects Thought? It is True Love. True Love is to give and give, more than 100% of the self, and then to give again. You should know that what I mean by True Parents, true teacher and true master are those who have this kind of thought. The root is one.

Therefore, when we speak about True Parents, a true teacher must always come to their right and a true master must always come to their left. They are always accompanied by True Parents. You do not necessarily become True Parents simply by having children. You must have children and educate them. Sons and daughters must go around riding on their father and mother. You must teach them. (205-20)

2) The Three Great Subjects Thought is the Thought of the True Parents

The center of the Three Great Subjects Thought is the True Parents. Why are the True Parents the center? There is only one vertical standard that can be perpendicular. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes) There is only one perpendicular true love; therefore, there is a representative foundation centered on a family which is the conclusive point between True Parents and the vertical God.

A teacher who resembles the True Parents by taking the thought of the True Parents as the model, and the sovereign who resembles the True Parents by taking parental love as the model, come to seek the direction toward the environmental condition of the Kingdom of Heaven. Satan cannot invade here. Because the contents of the bedroom of Satan's realm of love cannot invade here, the Kingdom of Heaven is formed through the expansion of the realm of liberation.

3) The Essentials of the Three Great Subjects Thought

Now, Soviet Russia has come within the grasp of God. Although it was not captured by the hands of America, it came to be captured by God. America is the same. Although she cannot be captured by the hands of the Soviets, she can be captured by the hands of God. It is the Last Days, so whether they turn around will determine whether they go forward or fall into the hell.

When they turn around, to which center should they turn? Because false parents violated the heavenly principle of love, human society disintegrated. The time has come for people to turn to the True Parents and the original homeland. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes)

We have come to the era of final settlement, in which we move with Father and turn to the progressive course. Everything is coming to consummation. Christianity will be consummated, Buddhism and Confucianism will all be consummated. Politics is coming to an end. The Religious Federation for World Peace was founded centering upon the religious realm, and the Federation for World Peace was founded centering upon the political realm in order to consummate the situation. Divided minds become united and the fruit born on the global scale has been consummated. What is the center for the consummation? True Parents' love.

True Parents, true teacher, and true master are the essentials of the Three Great Subjects Thought, aren't they? Even the greatest people in the world kneel down in front of God and ask: "Will you please give us guidance?" To whom and to what is the Three Great Subjects Thought referring? Father and Father's Words.

Well, where does Father live? Father stands not only in the position of a teacher but he stands in the position of a master, doesn't he? The president of a university, as a parent, goes back home at night. How about the president of the country? He goes back to Chong-pa-dong (White House). Even if he has hundreds on his staff, he has to go back home to go to bed. He becomes a father, a parent. Isn't that so?

Considering all these matters, we can say that parents are the center. A school is a parent-like school and a master is a parent-like master. A teacher and a master all go out to their places, but come back to the position of parents. The position where one can stay and live without the need of returning is the place which welcomes parents. All these things become the way I explained, centering on True Love. The word "Oneness of Master Teacher Parent" is established here. Do you understand what I am explaining about? Father is now giving the true teachings. Do you understand? Therefore, Father is the Teacher of teachers.

Has there been any sovereign who governed centering on true love? Your mind and body are directed in the same direction as that of Father, and you want to live in that way for thousands of years. The one who has a mind of genuine love for the Unification Church, for God in the Unification Church, for the human race, and for the essence of human beings, cannot leave Father. Why? Because Father has the realms of heart of parents, teacher, and master. Through Father, one can go to the position of a parent, a master, and a teacher as well.

4) Parentism

Was Jesus born as a man or a woman? (Man) He is a man. Jesus is a man who has inherited God's love, God's life, and God's blood lineage. If such a man met a woman who could be his partner, and they had a baby, then a new baby in the direct lineage of God would have been born on the earth.

If that had happened, we would not have needed Christianity or the Vatican. If sons and daughters of Jesus' direct lineage had been born, then one kingship would have begun on the earth for the first time, and the one world would have emerged.

This kingship is not just for the whole world. It arises from one family. Starting from a family, the kingship becomes that of the family, the tribe, the nation, the world and heaven and earth. If such had happened, Christian ministers today would not be necessary.

Ministers came here, too, didn't they? Are such ministers necessary? Why do we need such sects as Presbyterians and so forth? Is the Vatican necessary? Is democracy necessary? What is democracy? It is brotherhoodism. Brotherhoodism is why they fight. Brothers fight each other. Brotherhoodism now comes to parentism and parentism to Godism.

Then what is parentism? It is the true parentism by perfected Adam and Eve on earth. What, then, is God? Since the True Parents are horizontal parents, we also need vertical Parents. Vertical Parents indicates Godism. So the word "Headwing Thought" expresses True Parentism, Godism and vertical Godism.

A human being is a dual being because he is born when the horizontal True Parentism and the vertical True Parentism, the horizontal and the vertical, are united into one; the heavenly life and the earthly life, the heavenly love and the earthly love, the heavenly blood lineage and the earthly blood lineage are all united into one. Man consists of the inner person and the outer person. The inner person is the vertical self, and the outer person is the horizontal self. They bear the fruit.

What kind of "ism" is democracy? It is brotherhoodism. Since there are many brothers, who will receive the most love from the parents? This always becomes a problem in a family. Two groups emerge-the father's side and the mother's side-that is, sons and daughters who resemble the father and those who resemble the mother. They talk about which son resembles the father and which son resembles the mother. What is this? Such phenomena occur centering on love.

After World War II, the victorious nations led the independence of the defeated nations. Such a phenomenon took place. It indicates that the world was entering into the realm of brotherhoodism. When we approach most closely the place where the "ism" on God's side appears, we see two brothers fighting each other in front of the One God.

At the consummation of human history, America became the subject centering on the American Christian cultural sphere, which is the foundation for unification. She did not judge and punish all others, but allowed the independence of the defeated nations. This fact means that we entered into the heavenly providential era within which we can restore abandoned sons and daughters and prodigal sons, in God's providence. Therefore, democracy is brotherhoodism. After the end of brotherhoodism, parentism will emerge. Unification is accomplished only at the emergence of parentism. This is the course of providential history.

2. Declaration of True Parents

1) The Background of the Declaration of True Parents

Why can we declare the True Parents? The Democratic world and the Communist world are brothers, as Cain and Abel. They are like two sons who fight each other. Father reconciled the two fighting sons and stood in the position which they welcomed. For this reason, Father came to Korea with the privilege of parents and, for the first time, declared the True Parents to the nation.

This message becomes a rumor throughout the whole world. Isn't that so? The American CIA gives a report about all activities of Rev. Moon. The Soviet KGB does the same. So, how much do they know about me?

The fact that I could declare the True Parents means that I stand in that position on the world level. All those who are prepared in the world are waiting for their engrafting into Korea. What is the problem? We must achieve the unification of my country quickly! They are waiting for their engrafting upon the foundation of the unification. That is exactly the case, isn't it?

2) The Standard of the Declaration of True Parents

Strictly speaking, Father's homeland is not your homeland. Branches, buds and leaves are the same, but the position of branches is your own homeland. Therefore, there is no homeland for you if you do not accomplish the tribal restoration.

Those who do not have their homeland cannot be born. Therefore, the restoration of parents must be done. Right? (Yes) You must fulfill the realm of tribal messiahship. Centering on a family, you can go through the formation, the growth and the completion stages by engrafting, centering upon Father.

Somebody had to accomplish the realm of the completion of the portion of responsibility, the foundation for the unity of the direct dominion and the indirect dominion. Upon this foundation, God would have been able to conduct a declaration ceremony centering on love, claiming, "You, I, and the creation belong to love." But, this was not accomplished. Therefore, God's ownership has not been established yet. That ownership became completely centered on Satan's love instead.

The declaration ceremony was to be conducted centering upon God's love and uniting with His love. However, the declaration ceremony was conducted centering upon Satan's love through uniting with it, which is love that is externally in the Principled form, but is internally false. Because of this, Satan's ownership was established.

There is a fight within democracy. Brothers fight each other, don't they? Fights among brothers are more fearful than those among neighbors. This is because if one is the West, the other is the East, and if the East and the West do not get along well, there is a position which is closer and adjacent. North and south are closer to east, and north and south are closer to west, aren't they? They are closer. If brothers fight each other, they become separated.

Well, even if the neighbors fight each other, they are not separated. They do not pack up their belongings and run away. Right? The worst fights among all fights are those of brothers.

In the era of brotherhoodism, a country where these two fight each other is destined to perish. Do Koreans fight or not? We don't know who the elder brother is, or who the younger brother is. Why don't we know it? Nations are born as something crude from unknown sources. They will stop fighting only when Parents appear. That is why Parents or the Messiah comes. Do you understand? Fights do not end during the age of democracy, but come to an end at the arrival of parentism.

Today, the Unification Church has announced the True Parents. If Adam and Eve had not fallen in the Garden of Eden, God would have been True Parents, and Adam and Eve also would have been True Parents. God is vertical True Parents, and Adam and Eve are horizontal True Parents. Do you understand? When we see True Parents where the vertical and the horizontal meet, we see the accordance among north, south, east, and west. Even if we bring above to below, bring below to above, west to east, and east to west, they all meet in accordance.

If America stands for the sake of America, she cannot restore the world and change the world. Do you understand? Communism also cannot center on itself. Communism must become that which is for the sake of the world. It must become a communism which democracy praises and the communist praises. It must become the only "ism" to which all can say "it is good." What kind of "ism" is that? To stop the fights among brothers, a father and a mother must emerge.

Father has declared the True Parents to the false world where reckless fights are practiced today. In order to declare the True Parents, Father must go up to the position where he can claim the True Parents on the individual level, family level, clan level, tribal level, national level, world level, and cosmic level, and where God is True Parents and the True Parents are True Parents. It is a historical event that Father declared this. When Father declares the True Parents, one-third of the 5 billion of the human race must be led. But what is the reality? Is it in the Principle? Father declared, setting the condition for the two-thirds. Japan was hooked by Father; America and China were also hooked. Wasn't the Soviet Union hooked? (It was.)

When the era of parents comes, fights end. While 80-year-old brothers or 90-year-old brothers, or even 100-year-old brothers fight, when mother and father come in don't they have either to find a way to stop fighting or to continue fighting? How do they stop fighting when parents come, the parents for whom they have been waiting thousands and tens of thousands of years?

Today, how much do people in the world, including those who believe in Jesus, wish for the Advent of the Messiah? Do you understand what the Messiah is? The Chinese character Ku (seek) of Ku Sae Chu (messiah), Sae (tax) of Sae Kum, and Chu (master) of Cbu in (master). (Father is speaking about three Chinese characters which form messiah.) That is messiah. There is a tax, isn't there? What is it? (Laughter) We are stingy these days, aren't we? The Messiah is also like that.

Reverend Moon conquered by love. That is right. What love? Love which is not for the self, but love which is for the sake of others.

3) The Place of the Declaration of the True Parents

You should know why Reverend Moon went through such hardships. Why would I go through such hardship, if it were only for my country? I am a wise man. I am a person who knows Korean customs and culture very well. It happened that way because I did things for the sake of the world and the heavenly kingdom.

For 40 years Korea did all kinds of things to Father. They have a lot of sin because of me. I carried the burden of brothers, the burden of Korean people-those related to parents and relatives in the eighth degree of blood relationship. I gave all prepared things and blessing this time. Therefore, I declared the True Parents.

Where did I declare the True Parents? I did not do it in Moscow. I did it in Korea. You must be grateful about that. Do you understand?

4) Phenomena After the Declaration of the True Parents

A. Changing the World By the Declaration of the Eight Stage Ceremony

Have you heard the words "Eight Stage Ceremony"? Have you heard such words? Those who have heard them, raise your hands. Don't you know? Do you understand the contents? Then, although you claim yourself to be Unification Church members, you do not know about the Unification Church and the Father of the Unification Church. Thus, I have to conclude...

On August 31, 1989, I declared the Eight Stage Ceremony at Kodiak, Alaska. On that morning, I spoke about it, but you would not have believed it, saying "what is it... ?" When Father said that the world would rapidly turn around, you would not have believed in it. You would have thought, "What is it... ?"

Next, in September, Father declared Parentism. Father declared this last one on the earth on the world level. If, when True Parentism appears on the Earth, there can be no Satan and no sinful world like today's, we can conclude that Satan must retreat when Parentism is established. After that Declaration, on November 9, 1990, the Berlin wall fell down.

Next, in April 1990, Father held the Moscow Rally. Consequently, Communist leaders and smart, genius-like members of the second generation completely changed and turned 180 degrees, centering on Father. We have come to the stage where we cannot go backward.

Gorbachev declared the relinquishment of Communism. That was the end. In the midst of these situations, what is the only hope? What is the ideology which can lead the social system? You must know that we have come to the stage where everybody can conclude it as being nothing other than Godism.

Human history until now is that which human beings have led. But now, if we know God is alive, then we cannot but follow His "ism." We come to this conclusion.

B. Satanic Power Enters Into the Realm Of Death

November 17 is True Children's Day, isn't it? (Yes) Until now, the eldest son has become Satan's. All spiritual persons in the spirit world used people on the earth, who are in the son's position. Do you understand? Spiritual mediums made use of all people on the earth. But now, because Father restored birthrights, parental rights and kingship, everything is reversed. From now on, if one opposes the Unification Church, he can suddenly die. Watch it happen.

We have entered into the era in which we can command archangels in the spiritual world, because Father restored the birthright and established Adam on the earth. This is all on the global level. Because the restoration of birthright and parental rights was accomplished centering on Reverend Moon, Father announced the True Parents to the world. The world became evil by the appearance of evil parents. Therefore, Satan's realm in the world retreats whether it be the Communist sphere or another: All retreat by the declaration of the True Parents centering on Father.

Viewing the evil side, I say Korea is the worst now. Men sell themselves and women also sell themselves. Of course children, too. Korea came to the summit on the global level, the worst position. Who cleans this up? It is not by the present political power. It is cleaned by my hands. All are cleaned up by the hands of True Parents. It is not done by power. It is clearly cleaned up through education.

C. Arrival of the Realm of Fortune of Unification

What is the center for the settlement? The settlement is done centering upon the love of Adam and Eve, the love of True Parents. We must settle here centering on God's vertical love and True Parents' horizontal love. Starting from here, the blood relationship of true children is born centering upon the original True Parents. The horizontal expansion of individual, family, and tribe leads to the formation of tribe and people.

Father has fought until now in order to find everything and won all the battles. Father came out in this way, while receiving persecution from the satanic world. When Father walked the path on the individual level, individuals of the satanic world all opposed. When Father walked the path centering on the family, the families of the satanic world all opposed.

At the formation of the clan and tribe in the Unification Church, all opposed. All opposed due to the conditional standard. Father gained the victory and America surrendered, and the Soviet Union fell and perished. Because of this, they do not attack. Winning the battlefield, we go around and around. They cannot cross the summit. When we go around where do we go? Holding our power, we return. Therefore, we must enter into North Korea through the land of South Korea.

Both right and left all perish. Then who holds the power? The heavenly side gains the power. By the declaration of the True Parents, the Communist world stands in the position of their total destruction, and Satan will rapidly fall down from now on. He does not go down as the same angle he went up. He sharply goes down. Why? Because this is not the path Satan is supposed to go. It is the path True Parents are supposed to go. Isn't that so? Father gains victory in the satanic world, goes over it, and goes down to the meadow. This is not the place Satan occupies. True Parents go down bringing all the people. Therefore, everything is falling down now.

They say it is the era of the supremacy of material, but it is the era of zero in terms of spirituality. Therefore, it is the mission of the Unification Church to descend, centering on the spirit, bringing the material with it. Today, in the schools, they give technical education. But do they give character education? Technical education gives neither the word about God nor the word about humanity. When we descend, in order that we may rise again our way must be corrected to the one law of circularity. We must return to the homeland and accomplish the unification of the North and the South.

Korea is an offering which represents the division of right and left, the democratic world and the Communist world. Our mind and body is divided and the family is divided. All have two separate parts. In the Diet, there is the Upper House and the Lower House, isn't there? There are two fighting parts. On the tribal level, they are divided into the higher and the lower, and they do not agree with each other; they form a fighting pair in the front and the back. The Senate and the House of Representatives are in the vertical relationship. But they are fighting. Therefore, we must correctly set this vertical standard.

The Unification Church is the place where democracy and Communism can be united, and all religions can be united, and it is the place where religion and this world can also be united. Although it has this responsibility in front of the great path of the heavenly principles, all have attacked it.

Therefore, when we go up from the individual level to the family level, clan level, tribal level, and so on, all others go down. They reach the saturation point and cannot but lose power. Thus, no matter how big a nation is, there is not a single nation which has the confidence to give solutions and hope to her second and third generations. Things are now thus settled. Such a time has come.

I went to the Soviet Union and gave truth, solutions and hope, and the Communist world came to its end. This is how it is done. The opposition thought until now that the Unification Church was wrong, didn't they? Isn't that so? They thought it would automatically disappear eventually. But, it does not go that way. Korea is also really chaotic, isn't it? No one can fix it up. They reached the saturation point and things have spread as they are. We penetrate this situation and go upward. What is the original standard by which we penetrate and go up? It is the thought of the True Parents.

Adam and Eve are True Parents on the family level and they become Taste Parents on the tribal level, don't they? Isn't that so? Seeing from the historical perspective, it is one family; however, it is the True Parents as ancestor. When the nation is formed, who is the ancestor of the nation? It is the True Parents. Who is the ancestor of the family? It is the True Parents. Who is the ancestor of the world? The True Parents. Everything is being set that way, isn't it?

Therefore, by the manifestation of the True Parents on the earth, a heavenly family is formed, and the formation of clan, tribe, nation and whole world is accomplished by being attached to the True Parents. What is to be won here? All will fall under the realm of the True Parents. For this reason, Satan surrounds us with millions of troops and hits us so that we cannot expand.

However, we finished all these battles within a 43-year period. We gained victory in America. Seeing the issue centering upon the Cain-Abel problem, America is Cain on the national level in front of Father. Father fought and gained victory. The Soviet Union is the same. Cain and Abel, democracy and Communism, leftwing and rightwing, all of them reaching the saturation point, and there the Headwing comes to stand.

What is the Headwing thought? It the thought of the perfected Adam. Isn't that so? Because Adam fell, he could not reach perfection. In order to raise Adam, a son on the heavenly side and a son on the satanic side are raised. The left and the right fight each other in order to become the master. This is human history.

What is the center of Adamism and Headwing Thought? Viewed from the Principle, the realm of indirect dominion and the realm of direct dominion are not unified. The realm of indirect dominion and the realm of direct dominion are unified when Adam fulfills his responsibility. At what point are they unified? After passing though 10 stages.

What does the number 10 represent? It is a horizon. At number 10, we can get to the horizon for the first time. Number 9 does not reach the horizon. We must get up to number 10 to reach the horizon. Heaven and earth, and mind and body, are completely settled on the horizon, centering on love. This is an eternal settlement.

Seeing it from such point of view, we must announce the True Parents. By the announcement of the True Parents, unification is achieved. Don't we have three organizations to achieve this? The Unification Church, the Victory Over Communism League, and the Federation of Nations are these. The Federation of Nations was established for the unification of North and South. To defend against the Communist world, the Victory Over Communism League was established. North and South will be united only when we defend against the Communist world. The Unification Church was established for the sake of spiritual matters. It is for the purpose of the settlement of conscience, whose position is not settled. Therefore, Satan has been attacking the Unification Church so that it cannot settle the position.

But now, Father has gone over all the indemnity conditions, returned to the homeland, and declared the True Parents. When Father declares the True Parents, he does so first through the Unification Church, and next through those who are related to it, that is, relatives. The Declaration was already made to the Unification Church, wasn't it? Cain and Abel must be united. Riding upon this foundation, Father declares to the nation. Through the declaration to the nation, those who were opposing as Cain come to be united. Now this Declaration has been made.

Therefore, spiritual mediums are receiving the message that April 30 is the day of the end of the world. What does it mean? Since the world began with evil parents, all bonds of evil parents should be subjugated by True Parents so that a new world emerges. In the field of Sumo wrestling, when the champion and the challenger fight, the champion is champion until he is defeated. When he falls down, he enters into a hole in the earth. This is exactly the pattern.

Father declared the True Parents this time. Because Father declared the True Parents, Korea will not perish. If Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, had become True Parents, Satan would not have been Satan there. Your ancestors preceded you but were placed in the position of the fallen archangel, who is already gone. But they are now behind you. All of them come and assist you from the spiritual world because I conducted the declaration ceremony.

From now on, if you act with confidence, believing in Reverend Moon's words, all kinds of things will happen. When we had the welcoming rally of True Parents in the city, the region, and the district, I said that things would be fulfilled according to the capacity of the determination of state leaders. At that time, when I told district leaders to hold a rally for 3000 people, all of them opposed. But I said, "Believe! Practice by believing in Father's words alone." You can do mighty things because of these words.

D. No Fights In the Future

Korea has never invaded other countries. Koreans are a people that have deep hearts of love for humanity. Seeing from this perspective, we can say that Koreans are closer to the realm of God's heart. Also, from this perspective, because they sacrificed more than anybody else, they are close to the realm of God's heart. What is supreme in the world and the most precious in the world of fallen humankind? It is True Parents and the right of the elder son. The next is the right of parents and the next is the right of royalty. These are the particular rights.

Korean history is the history which God sought in order to create the rights of the elder son who can inherit the heavenly kingship. Japanese history is the same. In the Last Days, he who succeeds the emperor position has the birthright. The eldest son must become a true parent. The original eldest son in humankind was Adam. Therefore, the birthright must be tied to True Parents and restored. Without that, one cannot stand in the position of True Parents.

After returning from Russia, Father declared the True Parents. The Declaration of the True Parents was made. After the restoration of the birthright, True Parents must be established on the world level. When the True Parents go beyond the nation and expand their environment to the world level, tribal kingship and national kingship are established. Therefore, if there is the national standard of the True Parents, then True Kingship begins. When North and South are united, True Kingship begins. The sovereignty that originated from God is established. Accordingly, the nation born under this sovereignty is equipped with the three elements of a nation: sovereignty, land and people.

A nation does not begin without sovereignty, land and people. Now Father is recruiting people on the world level. We do not have people and land now, although we have the sovereignty. Therefore, people who achieve the unification of North and South must establish the sovereignty as the nation of heaven and earth, in accordance with the Unification Church.

There will be no fighting in the future. We had useless fights centering on the self until now. People fought to rob each other. Because the unified world is a world in which we live for the sake of others under God's sovereignty, there is no need for wars. Brothers do not need to rob each other. People will have to run away because everyone will be trying to give them so much.

Therefore, if we live in our own villages, we can travel everywhere. Temporary living is manageable in a village. People sincerely prepare everything so that you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can sleep there, too. Such an era will come.

From now on, the separation of powers will disappear. Laws will all disappear. If self-governing by love is realized, laws are automatically observed. If love for the sake of others is practiced, there will be no problem. Higher and lower become one, and front and back, left and right, all become one.

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