True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 8 Three Great Subjects Thought and the Proclamation of True Parents [Part 3]

3. The Declaration of True Parents and Kingship

1) Adam's Family is the Original Point of Departure for the King's Palace

Perfection centering on the original Adam is God's Will. Adam is the eldest son. He is the son who received the first love, the birthright. Because Adam can inherit the first love, he is able to become the parent centering on the first love. Inheriting the vertical love, he can connect it to the horizontal love by becoming parents, husband and wife. The word, "Restoration of Parental Rights" begins from here.

In the historical Ages until today there has not been a foundation upon which parents could come. It was a battle. It was a history of struggle between Cain and Abel. History was carried out as the history of wars. Brothers must be unified in order to end the fighting. One realizes that the enemy is one's brother and which is the elder and which is the younger.

Who teaches about it? Parents teach it. Fallen human beings do not know the fact that their ancestors were separated. Who knows it? Parents teach it. Brothers can he harmonized when the parents teach them. They are children centering on the parents. Only when children are harmoniously united is the right to exercise the parental rights born. This is the restoration of the parental rights. When lost children are brought in front of parents, then the parents can establish the rights of parents.

Next, kingship was lost. What is the ideal of the start of parents? It is the start from the palace. Adam was supposed to have the birthright, the parental rights, and the kingship. He was to settle, centering on God's love. The place of the settlement is the originating place of kingship and that of parents.

Next is the originating place of the birthright. All things under heaven are harmonized, following this tradition. Once this is established, archangels also have to bow down their heads.

Aren't the Democratic world and the Communist world in the Cain/Abel relationship? Cain and Abel fought, didn't they? The religious realm and the political realm are like Cain and Abel in the vertical sphere. The horizontal struck the vertical and therefore lost the foundation for restoring the birthright. The foundation for being able to restore the birthright contains within itself the parental rights at the same time. Parents come into existence with the eldest son, don't they? Once the parental rights are established, kingship emerges.

Adam's family is the starting place of a king. People are born and the number of royal families increases. If a clan inherits the kingship centering on the birthright, then centering on the clan, the next stage is the formation of the tribe by auxiliary clans. That is the Principle. Therefore, they are members of a royal family. Only when you have a consciousness of being a member of the royal family of the heavenly kingdom can you return to the original standard of Adam's family.

In your case, you must be a tribal messiah. Isn't a tribal messiah a parent and a king as well? Inheriting the birthright, you inherit the kingship and the parental rights on the level of the tribe.

Adam of the formation stage and Adam of the growth stage were all resurrected by Adam of the completion stage. What does it mean? The eldersonship and the tribal messiahship are the family form of the resurrected Jesus. Before that stage, Adam of the formation stage cannot resurrect Jesus; Jesus himself cannot be resurrected.

At the Second Coming the perfected Lord came and gained the victorious realm in which he can fulfill and complete Jesus' mission on the global level. He gained the victorious rights in front of Satan; therefore, the Lord at the Second Coming alone can exercise Jesus' rights and Adam's rights.

Thus, the Lord is the one who represents the perfected Adam and the perfected Jesus, upon the victorious foundation. He can become the third Adam by perfecting all the tasks coming from the formation and the growth stages. The foundation of the perfected third Adam includes both Adam and Jesus. Therefore, the messiahship on the global level must be established upon the victorious rights centering on the perfected foundation of the third Adam. (218-Cog)

2) The Establishment of the Kingship

Today, on this True Parents' Day, what I think of is this: First, the restoration of brothers has been established; second, the restoration of parents has been established, third, the restoration of kingship remains.

This time, what happened in Soviet Russia when I went there? Soviet Russia is on the satanic side, but I spoke things as I speak to you. I spoke no other things. (Applause) 270,000,000 Soviet people listened to what I said. They broadcast this. There are not many TV channels there. Be straight! Do you win or lose against them? (We win.)

Now the restoration of parental rights is established. Just as God sent the Lord at the Second Coming and sent Jesus, God sends tribal messiahs and restores everything. Since the vertical standard has been set, centering on the vertical things... here, Father established the three standards: the standard of Adam's era, of Jesus' era, and of the era of the Lord at the Second Coming. I fought and established all these foundations. Therefore, from here, we must expand them in the era of the Lord at the Second Coming.

What do you have to do? You must establish your own family. By doing so, the circle is expanded. The three became this way by Father. These are Adam parents, Jesus parents, and the Second Coming Lord parents. Therefore, we remove this (Father points out written things on the blackboard). We send the same way as God sent the Lord at the Second Coming, sent Adam again.

The third Adam comes in order to save the first and the second Adam. The third Adam sought the second Adam, so he saves the first Adam who is his own parents. One's parents go up to the position of Adam. By doing so, the realm of religious tradition disappear. The need for religion, such as Christianity, disappears. The entire world enters into the realm of chosen people.

By this, what is going to happen? Looking horizontally, your parents who gave birth to you become the tribal messiah, and the blood lineage you gave birth to becomes the national messiah. It is possible. It is horizontal. By this, the whole thing comes to stand in the position which is connected to one's parents. This is also one parents. The third Adam is one parents.

Therefore, one's birthplace and homeland become the heavenly kingdom. They become the heavenly kingdom. Then all parents in one's homeland becomes ancestors. True ancestors.

What is first? One stands on God's side. What is next? A family stands on the heavenly side. By this, the worldwide territory is all linked together centering on True Parents.

Is the homeland only one? Where is the original homeland? The original homeland is the birthplace of Father. However, not all places can become Chong-ju. Your birthplace is the homeland. Due to errors, Satan occupied the homeland. Since parents centered on Heaven are born in your birthplace, that place is the Garden of Eden.

Your good descendants born in the unfallen original Garden are expanded to the world. Centering on this vertical line, and centering on the tribe of Father, all of you are connected. You must love the vertical line more than your own tribe. Since the vertical is first, you must love it first; then you can love your own line. If you do so, Satan cannot invade you. By establishing all these things, now it is possible to restore the kingship.

If Adam is perfected, the father of the heavenly kingdom is perfected. If Eve is perfected, the mother of the heavenly kingdom is perfected. Then, if they become the leader of a family, there is born the kingship of the heavenly kingdom on the family level. Through this, Adam and Eve become individual king, family king, clan king, tribal king, national king, and world king.

Now we have come to the stage which is beyond the national standard. We can establish the heavenly kingship on the global level by trampling on the kingships of the satanic world. That day began March 27, 1990. By this, the world can turn around according to the wind Rev. Moon blows. (201-130)

3) Restoration of Kingship

Why do you need the parental rights? (For the sake of the restoration of kingship.) In order to restore kingship, there cannot be an obstacle in any of the four directions -- north, south, east, and west. When the king comes to your home, you must be able to attend him anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If he swings a three-fathom-long fishing pole, there should not be anything it hooks. You must be ready to welcome him anytime. Now we come to know such a thing.

A whole tribe follows you. This is the blessed religion of love. What love? True Love. What is True Love? It is the kind of love which, if you pour out everything eternally, you forget and you pour again. Why should it be so? One desires that the object of his love be superior to himself. A father wishes for his son to be superior to him. In following this principle, God has to pour into the object more than himself. There would be no way of giving more than Himself if He did not forget the giving. That is why God must go the way of True Love, the way of giving and forgetting. From there, the unification of heaven and earth begins.

Giving your life, should you have a consciousness about it, saying, "I died for the sake of God and the Unification Church."? Should you have this conscious awareness or not? (We should not.) You must be so. You must sacrifice yourself. Can you say, "I did this much, but the church does not recognize it. I believed in the Unification Church tens of years, but Father does not recognize it." Although I worked so hard and went through hardship all my life, God did not recognize it. However, I do not think of recognition. Just as was God, I was hit and gave, and tried to give again. I did so; then I gave all the way to the end. That way, all I gave did not disappear but instead accumulated. It always was accumulated, so that in the end I naturally came to the top of the mountain. It is mysterious and wonderful, isn't it? Is the logic correct? When I gave constantly, I came to the top of the mountain, and from birthright to parental rights and kingship all has been restored. It is a concept that accords with the logic of re-creation. (206-269)

4) Father is the True Parents

Now, Father established the complete foundation of declaring the True Parents. Come out, those who can say "Rev. Moon is not a true parent." Ministers of established churches, come in front of me. Among presidents and leaders of political parties, if there is one who can say "No", come and explain the logic which can deny that Rev. Moon is a true parent. Listen to my words after that. In 100 out of 100 tries, they cannot move an inch. (204-84)

I am not a stupid person. I am wiser than you. I am a person who gathered and led those who were expert in speaking and fluttering their wings in the world. Professors World Peace Academy alone has organizations in 120 countries. It has many Nobel-prize winners.

Upon this background, within four years, Father established The World and I, a world-renowned magazine and a magazine of the world champions. I am the person who has these kinds of surroundings. (204-84)

Today in the Unification Church, I am carrying the sign of True Parents. Then, who is Rev. Moon? He is the person who loves God more than anyone, who knows God more than anyone, and who teaches clearly the way of eternal life. That is good, isn't it? Is there anyone who gave birth to sons and daughters and tells them to die? He says only to live eternally with eternal blessing, doesn't he?

What do True Parents have to do? Rev. Moon has the responsibility to liberate you from the realm of death and move you to the road of eternal life. Rev. Moon is the historical representative of humankind on the world level who has this responsibility. That person is a true parent.

True Parents have True Love. So he is the person who has the unified point of love with God's love and its contents.

Therefore, centering on True Love, he cleans up false love. False love does not give even once. It wants only to receive. But True Love can solve all by giving, and it can save people through redemption. It is possible only by True Love. Therefore, you come to know God through Rev. Moon. Next, Rev. Moon must teach True Love. True Love is the responsibility of Father. (203-361)

What did I do here? I declared the True Parents. If I came as the True Parents, I should declare the True Parents. If I didn't, then how can I raise my face in front of God in the heavenly world? If I truly came here with the mission of True Parents, I must declare the True Parents in front of the tribe and the world. If not, how can I raise my face?

Did Jesus declare the True Parents? (No, he didn't.) That's the problem. If he could have declared that, Christianity would not have had to shed blood. He would have indemnified ten times more than the blood that was shed. Because Jesus could not declare the True Parents, Satan did as he liked until the emergence of the standard of the True Parents on the world level. I know it.

In North Korea, Kim Il Sung occupied the position of parents on the satanic side and appeared as the false parents, didn't he? It was robbery. All was robbery. He destroyed Christianity. Now, by my declaration of the True Parents, Kim Il Sung goes down. In this way, I turn and capture things. The time will come when I will prepare to enter Pyongyang and hold a Pyongyang Rally. It is not I who will do it. Does Adam fight with the Archangel? He doesn't, does he? (No) Adam does not fight with the Archangel. Because the Archangel fell, I must let the Archangel do it.

Therefore, I must let Soviet Russia, which is the world-level Archangel, China, which is the Asian Archangel, and Japan, which is Eve, do it. I must subjugate Kim Il Sung by uniting the Archangels centering on Eve.

In this historical era, did the Unification Church and Rev. Moon stamped with the seal of the representative of stupidity become the servant of a failed nation? (No) Does God ruin? Does He perish or prosper? (Prosper) What is the relationship between God and Rev. Moon? What is True Parents?

I declared Rev. Moon as the True Parents, didn't I? If I declared being a true parent and I was not in reality, what would happen to me in the spiritual world? When I went to the spiritual world, evil spirits in hell and good spirits both would stab me with knives. How can I declare that I am a true parent, knowing all these things?

The position of True Parents is unshakable. Because Satan knew this, he attacked me from all angles. Communist parties joined the attack; and didn't all sects of all denominations oppose me? From the Mafia to terrorists, all joined together and attacked and tried to expel me. It is unspeakable. All of them did whatever they could do to shoot me down. (203-146)

You call me True Parents, but I am a person who does not like the word "True Parents"! How fearful that word is! If you become True Parents, you must give birth to true sons and daughters and raise them. This is the problem.

Once one has become True Parents, one must lead a true family. If one opens his clan, then one must lead the true clan. If it is expanded to a people, one must lead the people. If that is expanded to a nation, one must lead the nation. If that is expanded to the world, one must lead the world. If that is expanded to all humankind who fill the entire physical and spiritual worlds under heaven and earth, one must have the ability to lead them. It is a tremendous, unimaginable task. I am the person who clearly knows it.

Then, why did I declare the True Parents if I do not like to declare the True Parents? If I didn't, then the teachings of the Unification Church would have to be wrong. Do you understand? If I did not declare it, the doctrine of the Unification Church would have to be false. Truth cannot be false. For truth to be truth, in order for truth to be true, I must do so whether I like it or not, no matter how my body is torn apart and stepped on, no matter how miserable I become, no matter how much hardship and persecution I must bear. I must carry out this task no matter what happens. I became that kind of person. This is the decisive difference between Rev. Moon of the Unification Church and all other founders and leaders of religions. (203-326)

5) To Hold True Parents' Picture

Now, you must go to your hometown and restore your clan. You held rallies in your hometown, didn't you? Just as you did those rallies, you must work on the district level. Then, once you became the tribal messiah, you must hang Father's picture in each home.

You should not just hand them out. You should make hundreds of photo albums and carry them. If you distribute them by showing and explaining them as good pictures, you can get their agreement. For those who accept the pictures, go to the best place in a room and hang the picture in the best spot.

If you do this, you are a spiritual elder brother to the head of the family. You are standing in the father's position in the vertical sense, and the elder brother in the horizontal sense. Therefore, you direct the host of the house as the vertical father and the horizontal elder brother, saying, "This picture must be hung here!" Those who share pictures become the tribal messiah. You must give pictures to more than 120 houses as soon as possible.

How many pictures do you have to bring? (120 pictures.) Do houses which have pictures become the points of breaking through or not? (They do.) That is the condition. By doing so, ancestors come down at dawn every morning and bow down. One o'clock, two o'clock; after three o'clock, keep the lights on. After ancestors' bows are over, one hour later, at five o'clock you do the Pledge service.

Do spiritual persons in the spirit world attend the True Parents? Those who went to the spiritual world are elder brothers and those who are here on the earth are younger brothers. The younger brother restored the birthright, and things became right side up. So all come down from the spirit world and bow down. What it means is that they help the descendants so that things go smoothly. Isn't that so? God gives things, doesn't He? Isn't that so? Those ancestors give good fortune, as in the position of God. They assist the descendants by giving good fortune.

When people come and help from the spiritual world, which is better-that your beloved relatives or some neighbor's grandfather comes and helps you? You must share a certain percentage of the portion according to the assistance. Therefore, now is the time you should run all night long while waiting to see who is coming to contact you.

Which is better, a bigger picture or a smaller one? (Bigger one.) You can decide that in the church. If you explain to them, they will say they want to buy them. Rev. Moon did not die but survived under scarcely believable paths and in the midst of historic chaos because God protected him! In this world, all perished and left no sign remaining, except that which God has protected could survive and remain! Because God loves Rev. Moon more than anybody else in the entire history, Rev. Moon could establish and set the greatest records in the most difficult and severe circumstances. That is all in accordance with the theory.

If you attend the picture as the representative of the True Parents, your family is protected. There is no question about it. If I explain, it is the way.

The other day, there were people who came to the Bom Il Chong (the place of the Bomnetkol Memorial) and bought the pictures with no explanation, weren't there? They were asked, "Why do you want to buy the picture?" One said, "My mind urges me to do so. It seems to me that if I buy the picture, all bad luck will go away. The picture seems to me to be very good." They said such a thing and bought a big picture. The time has come.

Young people carry Father's picture now. The other day, one Russian cameraman said that he always carried some treasure with him in his pocket. He took papers and things from his pocket and showed Father's picture. He had Father's picture. Someone asked why he carried it. He replied that his mind became easy and pleasant. This kind of thing happens.

If one carries a cross on their neck, it shows oneself as being a Christian. If one carries the picture of the True Parents, it symbolizes that you are the son or daughter of the True Parents. It becomes the symbol, the phenomenon and the substance. Because one enters into the realm of the formation stage in the three stages, that is, formation, growth, and completion, one is protected. Therefore, the tribal messiah must make pictures for their tribe.

What do you do for the "Breaking Through"? (Carry and attend True Parents' picture.) It is so easy. If one carries the picture of True Parents and attends it, one necessarily receives training. (Laughter) You can say, "I received education and training." You now know how valuable it is. You cannot buy its value by money, no matter how much you may spend. Let people pay the price of the picture according to its value. You can use the money for your work. (212-109)

6) The Power of True Parents' Picture

Before now, we were in the period of time to have to sacrifice for the sake of Cain and Abel, centering on the restoration of the birthright. So the spiritual world made use of the earthly world. However, the spiritual world and the earthly world were reversed centering on the 31st Children's Day. Because the birthright was restored, Adam's realm became the realm of birthright. So the Archangel must listen to and attend Adam.

Because the reversal was made, now the spiritual world is centered on the House of Unification... In the past, humankind opposed Rev. Moon and said that he had to die. But now, they are at the standard of respecting Rev. Moon. So, even if a person commanded Satan to help do that, Satan would not do it. One cannot lead Satan to one's side. One is guided and introduced to Rev. Moon.

You must find and set the family. Where is the turning point? It is the family. Family. The Fall took place in the family, didn't it? Therefore, Father started the world-level indemnity from the individual level. Then, centering on Father's family and clan, Father gained total victory over Cain and Abel on the global level, and returned with the birthright.

Where does Father set all the values of this victory? Adam is the center of the whole value. Because of the loss of Adam, God's family was lost. God's society, God's nation, God's world, God's cosmos, and even God's love could not be established. Father indemnified all of this and now returns to the family. All families stand equally on the same family standard.

When we return centering on the family, who should be the center? All follow, centering on Father. Satan cannot follow this. Satan is the one whose blood is stained. But ours is the side of those whose blood of the fallen world is wholly purified. Therefore, blessed families can enter here. On the family level, one has the right of eldersonship and many have the right of second-sonship. You can freely control it, from the providential viewpoint.

Now, we seek and find families. Therefore, families of the Unification Church must become the bases. This way, you must offer all for the sake of the nation. By doing so, you can interact with the cosmos. It becomes the raw material of Heaven.

For God's Will, we need a superior raw material. Be that raw material. Then, we form our families and settle there.

The people of Israel caught sheep and put their blood on doors and the troubles passed over, didn't they? Likewise, if the house has a picture of True Parents, Satan cannot invade it. Ancestors visit the house at dawn. Then they come in and move around the house. They all help guide your mind. The time when they can do such a thing has come. (213-121)

From now on, we must do three activities. First, fill out the church application; second, hang and attend a picture of True Parents; third, put up the flag of the Unification Church. You must all do these three. What is first? (Sign and fill up the church application) Second? (We must hang and attend the picture of True Parents.) What is next? (We must raise the flag.)

If you did these three, you can do anything. The flag represents the Unification Church. What is True Parents' picture? True Parents. What is the church application? Registration. A country where you can register is born. The departure begins from there.

To attend True Parents, centering on the True Parents means the unity of the True Parents and our families. What, then, is the flag? It is the environmental representative which indicates the world-level Unification Church. It is the reciprocal representative. The flag represents a husband and wife as well as an individual. It represents our families, our nations, the whole Unification Church, and all humankind.

You absolutely must raise the flag. When the people of Israel left Egypt, the entire realm of eldersonship was about to be destroyed. But because they put the blood of sheep on their doors they escaped from death. The blood of sheep became the sacrifice of the birthright. Raising the flag is the same as this.

When Moses and the people of Israel were being bitten by serpents and dying, those who looked upon the bronze serpent could survive, couldn't they? Likewise, when the satanic world was perishing, one could resurrect by believing in Jesus. Do you know what this is? Now, raise the flag, attend the picture of True Parents, and register. That's all you need to do in order to get all the rights Satan held on this Earth. Where you belong changes.

Therefore, what Father especially emphasizes this year is the movement to hang and attend the picture of the True Parents and to raise the flag. This is already the third year. I know that the time is coming, so I begin these things.

Therefore, ask and receive the Church application form. When you receive it, you must greet and say "Please give me it!" Do you understand what I am speaking about? (Yes) Satan must surrender to Adam in order to be saved. Then, next, he must attend True Parents. Until now, he could not attend True Parents, could he? You must attend the True Parents. You must place the picture of True Parents in the best place, better than that of your parents' picture and ancestors' picture. To respect and appreciate the value of pictures of your grandfather and your mother is a good thing. However, you must not place your own parents' picture at the best place and place True Parents' picture next to it. Ancestor. Ancestor! The ancestor is set. By doing so, the machine can move centering on the foundation of tradition, starting from the horizontal family foundation. It is the place which has nothing to do with Satan. Isn't that the Principle?

The tribal messiahship is not something which one does or does not do. If you do not do it, your entire clan is in trouble. If the descendants have not done this on the earth and go to the spiritual world, then ancestors accuse them hundreds times more than the fallen Adam and Eve. Father does not take responsibility for it. I can't tell them not to accuse. You have to be accused because you did not do it. A human being has his five percent portion of responsibility. You cannot accomplish perfection without fulfilling the portion of responsibility. (220-90)

They hang a picture of parents even in the satanic world. In the Last Days, we can use it as a material for education to attend the Heavenly Parents. Rev. Moon is famous. Everybody should admit him as a patriot for the sake of the nation. Go and ask even the ministers in the established churches. Rev. Moon is a patriot. The world under heaven will how down for the records and the contributions I left. People think, "Once we hang that picture, we cannot fight easily between a husband and a wife. What is this teaching of Reverend Moon!"

Give education in front of sons and daughters: "You. You can't do this in front of Reverend Moon." When you attend the picture of the True Parents with more respect than your parents, your ancestors come down and attend the True Parents as their ancestors. Do you understand? It becomes the altar to which ancestors can attend in the house. This is the way to receive the good fortune of the heavenly world. At three o'clock in the morning, you may be sleeping. But they chase out Satan and all evil spirits around the house.

I told you to raise the flag, didn't I? If you hang the picture and raise the flag, everything is over, isn't it? If you hang the picture of the True Parents on the wall and raise the flag of the Unification Church, is your family a part of the clan of the heavenly kingdom or satanic world? You become a part of the clan of the heavenly kingdom. I make you a part of the clan of the Kingdom of Heaven.

There were many people who cursed the flag and were struck by thunder. It is really mysterious, isn't it? When someone points his finger to Father, his finger gets sick. When he truly repents, praying overnight, then it is cured. That kind of thing happens, doesn't it?

Why do such things happen? When heavenly fortune is coming, it cannot be disturbed by the individual's fortune. It is the way of destiny. This is it. The way of fortune or luck can be altered between north, south, east, and west. But the way of destiny cannot be changed. Above is above, below is below, left is left, and right is right. You can never exchange them.

I told you to raise the flag, because the time has come to Korea. People of the fallen world are all connected to false parents. If they attend the True Parents, it is easier for them to be engrafted to the True Parents. This can be done in a family.

If you did not do so, then you must go through the nation and the world, and then come back here, and you can be engrafted. Because I have a loving heart and a mind to seek the road for all people, I made the environment where you can be engrafted. How happy you can be! If someone does not listen, you must keep after him with harsh words. By doing so, he can be a part of the heavenly clan.

Those who looked upon the staff of Moses could all go ahead. If you look upon the flag of the Unification Church, and bow to the flag whenever you depart and whenever you return, then you will prosper. (219-90)

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