True Parents

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 9 Directions Regarding True Parents

1. The Mission of the Tribal Messiah: To Establish Parental Rights

This means to pass on True Parents' authority to each blessed family. If you don't like this, then you cannot go to heaven. There is no question but that in the future, the Kingdom of Heaven will be established on earth. This is absolute.

Adam and Eve started at the level of the family and not at the level of the tribe. Is this true?

Victory is determined in the family. We have to remove the root in the family because the seed was planted there. Before you plant a new seed you must remove completely the old root. When you plant a new seed, you cannot put it on top of the old rotten root. If you do, then the old root will decay and become bad fertilizer for the new seed. Now is the time when everything that was sown 6,000 years ago will be harvested. The time will come when the whole world will turn around.

Has the authority of parents been established? Not yet. It is not established in your family. Is that right? Each one of you should take more responsibility. If you have tremendous aggrievements, you have to resolve them on the earth. Otherwise, when you die you cannot go to Heaven. You would have to return to the earth and resolve these problems. It is not possible for a blessed family to come back to earth.

Think about a blessed family returning to the earth to complete the providence for restoration. It would be a lot more miserable. If you are not blessed, then there is a way to return. But once you are blessed, you cannot return. How can you come back when you did not fulfill your responsibility? You will have to wait until one nation is restored and everyone receives the merit. Or, you will have to wait until the whole world is restored and everyone receives the merit. You cannot come back freely.

Only when you fulfill your responsibility can your ancestors come back. Are blessed families supposed to come back? Answer my question. Until perfection you cannot come back.

2. The Restoration of Kingship and Return for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and In Heaven

Return for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven! Only after kingship is restored can the return for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven be possible. Unless we go back to the root or original point, we cannot become masters. If we cannot become masters, how can God's kingship come in heaven and on earth?

Unless we restore our own kingships we cannot become masters. This is what it means. Restoration of kingship! Return for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven! We have to return. Once God's sovereign laws are established, there will be a method for handling the satanic world. Also, there will be laws stemming from the Unification Church. Our mission is to return kingship to Heaven, not just to return the family. Unless we restore kingship we cannot build a root of happiness in the eternal world when we die.

3. Attendance on True Parents and the Worldwide Country

Now is the time to attend the True Parents and build protective walls around the True Parents. We have to protect and attend the True Parents. In order to do that we need the True Parents' picture and the Unification Church flag. No matter how busy you are in your family, this is important.

Recently I watched "Cooking Pot of Seoul." In this drama a son was talking to a picture of his deceased father. When I saw that, I thought it was just like Unification Church members talking to a picture of the True Parents. It was so wonderful for him to talk to a picture. This is like a prayer. If you pray, "True Parents, how could it be possible that the satanic world has done this and that," then the True Parents will respond "Oh, my son, I understand, I understand." Do you understand? We have to attend the True Parents.

We start by attending the photograph of the True Parents. If you love someone, then you carry that person's picture with you wherever you go. Is that right? If you attend the photograph of the True Parents well, then you will welcome them in person. In this way, good fortune will come to you. Do you know how great the True Parents' fortune is? I am the King of the blessing. When you attend me well, you receive heaven's blessing eternally.

If you do things contrary to my word, you will become the worst trash of the landfill. This is what is actually happening right now. If you go to the spiritual world, it will be the same. Since everything has been revealed on earth, the spiritual world can cooperate with people on earth.

Now is the time to attend True Parents. Put True Parents' picture everywhere. Bring True Parents' picture to your parents' home and to your sons' and daughters' homes. Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, son and daughter-bring to every house True Parents' picture. Who will oppose this? "This is a picture to bring blessing to this home. I want your home to become prosperous, not to perish. This person [referring to Father's picture] received persecution all his seventy years of life. He is victorious even though he received arrows from all directions. He is alive after hundreds of impossible situations. He is alive and victorious because God is with him and protecting him. He has a tremendous fortune. If you have his picture in your house, you too will share his shield of protection. Do not oppose this blessing that is destined for you." If you talk like this to your relatives, it will take care of everything. Have your grandparents on your father's side visit your grandparents on your mother's side. If your grandparents are not alive, gather together all the children from five generations, and give a great speech. You should speak like this, "Last night great-great-grandfather appeared in my dream and said to me..." But do not tell a lie or make up a story. If you pray fervently, spiritual world will tell you what to say. Your great-great-grandfather will appear in your prayer and tell you what to say. You can say, "Our great-great-grandfather appeared to me. His face was like this and his appearance was like this ... This great-great-grandfather, whom I never met, told me to put Rev. Moon's picture in the homes of all of our family and hang the Unification Church flag in every home. This is how our family will receive good fortune. We have to follow the message of our great-great-grandfather, otherwise he will be so disappointed." You have to encourage this kind of activity among all your clan.

People who have True Parents' picture will come to us. All they need to know is love. It is good enough if they can bear children. Do you understand?

What is the meaning of attendance on and protection of the True Parents? It is to make the world one country. If there is one nation which can say, "Our nation will welcome Rev. Moon of the Unification Church as a representative of goodness. Our nation will put a picture of Rev. Moon next to the picture of our President. Amen!" that nation will receive the blessing. That nation will be restored at once. Do you understand? A nation will be restored and join the church. A whole tribe will be restored and join the church. Everything will happen naturally like this. Do you understand or not? I usually do not give a speech like this. These are all necessary words.

4. True Love In the Ideal Creation and the Era of God's Sovereignty

If you live attending the True Parents, the time will come for the era of true love in the ideal creation. Without knowing it you will long for love. You will long for parents. You will long for your ancestors. You will long for your old teachers. Do you understand? This kind of phenomenon will occur. The time will come for true love in the ideal creation and the era of God's sovereignty.

If you do everything that I have said today, you can go back to your relationships of ten years ago and expand them horizontally as if they were in the present.

This way old people can hum and dance. Do you know what I am talking about? I am saying that a grandfather and grandmother will sing the songs of elementary school children. This is how they become one. Your whole life from your childhood can be heartistically one. Only by bringing back all your childhood memories... Did you think that there would be no more childhood when you go to the spiritual world?

The question is whether you can live harmoniously in your childhood memories. This is the beginning of true love in the ideal creation and the era of God's sovereignty. You cannot cheat anymore. You know that little children say, "Mommy, Daddy, why do you tell a lie?" Little children will be the coaches for their father and mother. This is the way to enter the era of God's sovereignty.

What kind of era are we living in now? The era of true love in the ideal creation and of God's sovereignty' You have to receive the True Parents and all VIPs of the spiritual world in your home, and show your loyalty. Your family will become an ideal family representing your nation. Your clan will become an ideal clan. Your tribe will become an ideal tribe and your nation will become a representative of the whole world.

When you go this way you will be able to reach one of the tribes in heaven. You will join this tribe in the heavenly kingdom and you will become an object partner to the authority of heaven. When the time comes for the era of heavenly power, such people will be protected. If someone tries to destroy these kinds of people, heaven will protect and defend them. (218-51)

1) Subject of True Parents' Realm

Each and all of you are in the subject position as parents in your clan. In the realm of True Parents, you will become parents who will lead your tribe as the subject. Do you understand? (Yes)

Your grandfather will attend you as your grandson. Grandson will become grandfather. This is the reversal of heaven and earth. When you cross over the mountain, members of the Unification Church who have faced opposition for so long a time will lead the way staying in the front.

Who will cross the mountain first? They are the grandchildren. Your father and mother have to follow you. Three generations have to follow the way. If they try to go by themselves, they will meet with disaster and be lost completely. Because this is the only way to survive, you have to follow.

Therefore, you are the subject partner in the parental realm. You will become a new ancestor of your hometown. When you inherit the tradition of the total victory of the True Parents, you have to plant the tradition in your tribe. Do you understand? That is your responsibility. Therefore, you have to shed tears night and day.

That is the course of the master. You know that I can become a friend with anyone; therefore, you will not understand how lonely I am. I do not have a friend.

Look, when I went to the prison in North Korea, the whole heartistic foundation of 6000 years of history just collapsed in one day. Christianity, which was in the position of the bride, betrayed me. The bridegroom who had been searching for his bride was betrayed by his only bride. Where could he go then?

To that bride, everything that God had prepared was connected, everything that was the world's treasure -- the democratic world and the Christian world. This was the golden opportunity for world unification right after World War II.

In this kind of prepared environment, I could have come to lead history in my 40's. Instead, because of the failure of Christianity, I had to start over with my wedding in my 40's. I had to restore everything without dying.

This 14 years was the completion stage of the growth period. Therefore, I received Mother in 1960 after the 14 years -- 7 years plus 7 years. One more seven-year course remained, and it started in 1960. From 1960 to 1968, I established True Parents' Day, True Children's Day, and finally True God's Day. At that point I was able to stand on the world level. At that time I sent you Korean blessed wives out to pioneer for 3 years. You went out for a 3-year pioneer course, didn't you? (Yes) You went out together with me. On that foundation I went to America. That was the starting point of the world-level course. I have always gone the numerologically required course.

This is how history has progressed this way. You should know the amazing fact that the dawn of history has passed and the morning has broken, for which I have opened the gate. Now spring has come to the Unification Church. Do you understand? (Yes)

This is not God's will for just one tribe. It is for all tribes. Therefore, I sent more than 24,000 families as tribal messiahs all over the world. Satan can no longer destroy us. This idea will remain forever as Subject Thought.

I have gathered the leading people from the media, political, academic, business, and literary worlds through more than 100 organizations such as World University Federation and Professors World Peace Academy and for the International Highway and for the idea of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

These are not just words. You do not know the hidden situation of blood and tears behind this reality. You can not even imagine what it was like. Mother knows this. Therefore if she tries to say something, she can only cry.

Mother knows my suffering course. Even though Mother herself sleeps, when she sees me studying throughout the night she can only cry. Many times I saw Mother crying, blaming herself for not being enough for Father. I know this kind of Mother's life. When you understand my situation in your bones, you cannot even speak about me without tears. You should know this. Do you understand? (Yes)

When you pray deeply before God, many times you burst into tears. That is because of these hidden situations. Therefore, I am not lonely. The Unification Church will never perish, because I am in an environment where God knows my situation, my wife and my children know my situation.

Carrying this special privilege of victorious tradition, you can open the door of witnessing to your people, your hometown, and your clan. This is the mission of the tribal messiah. Do you understand? (Yes)

There is no greater blessing than this in the whole history of heaven and earth. You have to become a subject who has the right of eldersonship. Even though you are in a worthless position externally, you have this noble content inside of you. Just as I was in a humble position for three years in Hungnam prison, you go humbly carrying the burden of debt, hoping for the day of unification of North and South and unification of Asia. You go forward with a loud shout, for you know that you have a mission for the world's final battle. Do you understand? (Yes)

This training process is connected to the tribal messiah. This is the first step for the tribal messiah. From now on, you have to go through the course of formation, growth and completion. You still have this three-stage course left. Asian tribal messiah and global tribal messiah will be fulfilled at once.

You have a responsibility to connect these before Father goes to the spiritual world. Otherwise, how can we establish the system of the sovereignty of all nations? Who is going to do this? Is it Song Pyo Hong? Or is it Bo Hi Pak? No one knows yet.

Do you know when Father will go to the spiritual world? You have to understand that we are in a very urgent timetable. We have a very serious mission to establish this system while Father is in this world. You should realize that the fate of the past, present and future is upon your shoulders. You must take one step and two steps very carefully. You must leave noble steps behind you so that every step you take has the value of a million. You should realize this kind of responsibility of establishing the king's place in the realm of the royal family.

If you go this way, you can claim the ownership of your hometown after the victorious third generation. Thus, Ancestor Adam and Ancestor Jesus will be fulfilled. You have to plant the tradition that your resentful ancestors first Adam, second Adam, and third Adam can say, "This is my hometown!" Thus you can expand the realm of liberation. Do you understand? (Yes)

2) Subject of True Kingship

Satan, who is in the false realm, cannot touch your tribal realm where you are going to establish kingship, because it is in the realm of the truth. You are going to the tribe to build the foundation where only God can have dominion. That is the place for the king. I just spoke about kingship. That means to build the place for the king.

Where is the palace of life? Where is the palace of love? Where is the palace of the lineage? Is it the family? Is it wife and husband? It is the foundation of the love of husband and wife, isn't it? It is man's sexual organ and woman's sexual organ. You have to give birth to an elder son who can inherit the kingship. You have to give birth to a heavenly true prince and princess centering on God's love. That is true life. You have to leave true lineage behind you. You have to leave your descendants.

Your descendants should never leave a stain of the fall. You must prevent any possibility of the fall, no matter the cost. You must stand firmly pledging in front of the heavenly ethics and heavenly law not to fall. You have to be the subject of re-creation, so that your descendants will be able to declare proudly that they will not fall-not even in a dream. Do you understand? (Yes)

When you look at the big pine tree in your garden, you should be able to ask the tree, "You have seen my life. You saw me receiving persecution and you saw me leaving home. What do you think about me today?" When you look at the garden where you once played, you should be able to embrace it with your love even if the garden had a resentment against you. When you stand by the river, you should be able to forget all the unbearable memories of the past; you should be able to swim in the river and go fishing there. Then you are a true owner.

You have to have a heart just like Adam would have had in the Garden of Eden. Restore everything as a representative of kingship. Go fishing and eat the fish or catch rabbits and pheasants in the mountain; take care of parents and offer these things before God. You have to have this kind of heart. Do you understand? (Yes)

3) Our original value

Today we live in an age where all value systems are breaking down. Why are values being degraded? It is because the value systems have lost their foundations due to the separation of mind and body.

You struggle because your mind and body are separated. Unity between mind and body should be the original cornerstone for eternal peace. How can we solve the problem of struggle? In the family, wife and husband fight. Individual values and family values are all crumbling. There are struggles in societies. Do they fight or not? (They fight). Value is being degraded. There are struggles between nations. The Democratic world and Communist worlds are fighting. We now live in the age where families are coming to ruin.

Adam and Eve should have established an original value system starting from the individual and developing through the family, clan, tribe, nation, world, and cosmos. All human beings were supposed to inherit the original tradition of the family of Adam, who would stand as the True Father. However, due to the Fall we lost everything. Therefore, we must destroy this fallen starting line and stand bravely on the unification starting line. Through this, the true value world will be expanded. Therefore, the question is whether your mind and body are united or not. Do you understand? (Yes)

On what should original value stand? It should stand on myself. You should have confidence that you are standing on the foundation of absolute love, with your absolute mind and absolute body absolutely united. Otherwise, you will lose the standard of your individual value. Do you understand, or not? (We understand)

If I praised you for graduating from college and trusted in you, would you not become trash? Do I make you trash, or do I make you rich? (Rich) Really? (Yes)

A) Grandparents Stand In the Position Of God

In this society, do you see a value system of attending grandparents as if they were God? (No) God sent our grandparents as a representative of all of our ancestors. Do you understand? If your family is attending grandparents as if they were God, you have laid the foundation in the spiritual world. There is no such standard of value nowadays. In the absolute standard of value, grandparents represent the past.

B) Parents Stand In the Position of the King

Our parents are in the king's position representing the whole family. My father is the king of my family and my mother is the queen of my family. Therefore, you must absolutely respect and obey your parents above anything else in the world.

This is not my word. This is not something I made up. This is the Principle. Is that right? (Yes) I am not speaking words I borrowed from somewhere. I am speaking the content of the Principle. Satan started the fight, and I chased him away saying, "Give me your kingship, evil Satan!"

Do you understand? (Yes) Parents are the kings of your present family. Everything is within your family. Your family is a microcosm of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. In the family is everything, including kingship and the realm of true parents.

You did not know until now that you had a foundation of peace within yourself. In order to destroy this foundation, Satan invaded with the idea of class struggle, the idea of struggle between husband and wife, father and son, and between brothers. This is the philosophy of Satan. Do you remember what I said? Parents are the present kings.

C) Children Are Future Kings

Children inherit future kingships. You have to think as if you are raising someone who will inherit a king's blood in your future tribe, and send him as a king of the country after he has grown up. Do you understand? (Yes)

When you have children, you educate them, nurture them and wish them to be successful, don't you? When your children were born, you wished them to become true parents, true teachers and true owners. This is the desire of all parents and humankind and also of the nation. Children are the future kings.

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