Earthly Life and Spirit World #1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 1 - The Existence of Human Beings on Earth And In the Spirit World [Part 2]

Section 2. The Position of Human Beings

1. The Purpose of God's Creation of Man

Then why did God create man? The first reason is for God Himself to be able to stand in the position of parents. In the incorporeal realm beings cannot procreate. Therefore, in order to become parents of human beings with bodies, God must have a "body." Otherwise, He cannot be their Creator.

Second, in the vertical world of spirit, even if a there is a line perpendicular to a vertical line, no area is produced. This is a metaphor to indicate that in the spiritual world there is no multiplication of beings.

However, to develop the metaphor, when this perpendicular line is moved on the horizontal world and then turned 360 degrees to create a sphere, a lot of space is produced. In that space, a base of substantial beings can be produced in order that citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven can be multiplied. Do you understand?

The third reason is to maintain within man the characteristics of eternity, within the realm of the object of love. What this means is that it is not only Adam and Eve who are to be the objects of God's love. In the same way that Adam and Eve stand in the position of the object of God, so do their children. Therefore, God created man in order to eternally preserve this position of God's object. Do you understand what this is about?

Both Adam and Eve call God Father. Then how will their children call God: uncle or grandpa? (They'll call God Father.) Yes, they will call God Father.

To recapitulate: First, a form is needed. There must be a form of Parents. God must acquire the form of Adam's Father spiritually to show, "This is Parents."

Second, the production center is needed to produce the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, husband and wife are the factory. If they are the factory, which is better, mass production or a little production? (Mass production is better.) Mass production is better.

Then how many dozens would you like to produce? The more the better? The fewer the better? You women, how many dozens are you going to bear? When God sees birth control, He grimaces. Then what are you going to do? If the factory automates mass production and there comes to be mass production everywhere, the Kingdom of Heaven will be full. That's why women are created to bear many children.

2. Man As A Mediator of The Spiritual World and the Physical World

When we think of the process of God's creation, God created all things first and then man. Everything began centered on God. We know that God's Will and Heart for the creation was to see the unification of God, man, and all things from their appropriate positions. First there is God, then there is the earth in the created world, and then in it there are people. Man stands in the position between God and the creation. Therefore, we must know that man is a mediator who can be a connecting point between the spiritual world and the physical world. (67:143)


How does this created world in which we live today exist? It has two axes: a visible axis and an invisible one, creating a dual structure.

As things revolve around a subject, the subject itself makes a revolving movement. It is the same as occurs when the body and mind engage in give-and-take action.

All beings exist according to this principle. In the fallen human world today, the axes must be fixed in the course of restoration. They must be corrected.

As for man, what is the center of his body? It is the mind. Each person has a spirit self. His body revolves around his mind and moves in accordance with the order of his mind. If his mind says, "Go to the east," his body must head toward the east, and if his mind says to go west, his body must go west. His body cannot make a move by itself.

Only when we can get to the place where both our body and mind desire to go can we relax and be truly happy. Isn't that right? Even though we might be struggling mightily to achieve a goal, we cannot feel happy if we haven't yet accomplished it. We feel joy only when we can achieve success. (136:14)

From God's perspective, there is God, and then Adam comes. The mind of Adam wherein is God is called the spirit mind.

What is the spirit mind? The mind where God, who is the vertical subject, dwells in the mind of horizontal Adam, is a mind to attend God. This mind is the spirit mind. (50:19)

Man has both mind and body, and beyond mind is his spirit, and beyond spirit is God. Therefore, man can become perfected only after becoming completely one with God.

A human being, even if only one "insignificant" individual, represents all of human history and even all of the future providence. Therefore, he has a cosmic value.

Man, in his pursuit of his life's providence, must attend his own deep mind. This is an ironclad rule of Heaven. Heaven would punish a person who fails to follow his original mind's order.

Up until now, Heaven has been saying to man in the course of history, "Centering on your mind, live according to your own conscience and belong to the side of goodness. Be careful not to be caught in some materialistic, evil conditions."

Then, is the standard of man's conscience able to receive the heart of Heaven 100 percent? No, it's not that way at all. In fact, man's fallen conscience is offended by so many restrictions. But at the entrance to the Kingdom of Heaven, which is the hope that all of you long for, there is a gate of judgment. Our course is made all the more difficult because we are currently in a historical period of fear, anxiety, and confusion. In other words, it is an era in which even if one struggles to achieve goodness, he many times cannot.

Today, we should not possess so many material things. This is because, when God created man, he first created the material, or the body, and then breathed into it a spirit. Therefore, man is composed of body and spirit -- but spirit is the center.

If this world moved toward centering on a materialistic authority, a period of struggle of thought would ensue. In fact, this phenomenon was conspicuous right after World War II. Eventually, however, an era of thought centered on the mind will appear.

Then, what kind of thought would this be? It would be thought that penetrates matter, penetrates mind, and centers on spirit. The course of restoration is seeking an era of thought centered on spirit. Humankind is in a situation of having lost this, and is still in the state of having lost the harmony of spirit, conscience, and body.

Therefore, we must go beyond matter and spirit, and proceed to God. Humanity is just about to enter into the era of spirit. Therefore, there appear many mad people on the streets today. (4:208)

4. Complete Motion and Resonance

There are cells in the body and mind. You know that there are the spiritual five senses and that we have a spirit body, don't you? The cells of both the internal self and external self must resonate with each other.

The spiritual being, which is our internal self that can live for eternity, and the physical being, which is our external self that can live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth only, must be able to resonate with each other, centered on love. When they resonate, the sound should be the same, showing that the two are bound together. When they are bound together, they revolve. When revolving, they revolve around one central point.

When the resonating spirit body and physical holy become harmonized centered on God's love, spiritual cells and physical cells engage in perfect motion together. Perfect motion. You need to know this.

Therefore, when our eyes become perfectly harmonized with the world of spirit, they can see the whole land of the spiritual world as well as the land of the physical earth. This is because they engage in perfect motion. Isn't a microphone the same way? If its quality is good, the sound can vibrate 100 percent.

Similarly, once our whole being becomes one with the power of love, centering on both spirit and body, and creates a realm of explosion, the spiritual world, physical world, and God cannot help but resonate with that realm.

It is the same with the hands. If my hands are in such a state of oneness with true love and touch something, electricity runs through the creation. You can feel it. Once there is such an electricity, everything wants to cling to you. Once such a person appears, God and even the whole universe want to cling to and follow him wherever he goes.

When there is a perfect plus, a perfect minus will always follow it. And if there is a perfect minus, then if there is not a perfect plus it must appear and follow it. This is a universal law. (171:103)

Just as a person has a mind and body, he himself has a dual structure. It applies to men as well as women. Both men and women are composed of a mind person and a body person. So when we add a man and a woman together, we can say there are four persons there. Divided, there are four persons, but the point is how these four can become one.

With what intention did God create these four persons like this? How do we make the four into one? Will God do it by force or by pressure? No. Only if they center on God's true love will these four become completely one.

All of you possess a spirit self and a physical self. The cells of our spirit self, even though invisible to our own eyes, exist in just the same way as physical cells. The spiritual world exists just as substantially as the physical world, even if we cannot see it.

Then, when can a spirit self and physical self become one? This is the problem. It is similar to a tuning fork. When a tuning fork is struck, it can make a nearby tuning fork resonate at the same frequency. The spiritual situation is parallel. Once God's love matches perfectly with our mind, our body automatically responds.

Therefore, that which lets our mind and body resonate 100 percent and allows them to come into the realm of oneness is not God's wisdom or power. It is only love that does the job. Only love.

What is the focal point, the ideal standard, that your physical five senses and your spiritual five senses long to reach? That point is not God's power or wisdom. Love is the concentrating point as a center and a standard of everything. (13:254)

Section 3. The Essence of Human Life

1. Spirit Is the Essence of Human Life

Just as an electron revolves around a proton, human beings are made to revolve around God. God can pursue the providence for restoration because man's mind, as if an electron, naturally relates to God's mind as its proton.

So if one searches for the word of truth, even all by himself, he can come to feel the vibration of God's life and the harmony of God's love. Thus, the way to search God's life and love through the way of truth is the way to become valuable oneself.

As Saint Paul said, you can become the light of the world because you have the love of God within you.

The truth has a central core that is eternal and unchanging. Then how can we search for the truth, judging what is good and what is bad in this evil world? You have to become totally selfless and take the lowest position. The Bible says that whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.

Man's essence is spirit. Therefore, when you go to the spiritual world you will realize more deeply that the essence of being human is to live for the sake of others.

Then, why does man deal with everything so selfishly? It's because mankind has a blood relationship with Satan, who is the angel that violated heavenly law. (2:137)

So it's important that we eat spiritual food. Do you know what spiritual food is? When you are hungry and you have to choose between spiritual food and physical, you have to think that spiritual food is more delicious than physical food. In order to stand on the side of God, you have to train yourself that spiritual food is tastier than physical food and that the taste of life centered on spiritual power is better than the taste of life centered on physical power.

Should the taste of the spiritual life be more delicious than the taste of the physical life? Shouldn't it be more delicious? (Should be more delicious.) No, physical life is! (Spiritual life!) I don't know anymore. (Laughter.) That's because everyone knows that. What is your response when asked, "What about you?" When you are hungry at lunchtime, you say, "Hey, it's lunchtime!," don't you? (Laughter.) Is there any time more serious than this?

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that, centered on oneself, we have to eat spiritual food, enjoy spiritual life, and revel in spiritual love rather than just enjoying the taste of physical things like food, sleep, and sex. The spiritual taste should be better than all external tastes combined. However, you don't have that confidence. (Laughter.) This is not a laughing matter. This is the reality. (131:211)

2. The Meaning of the Lord of Creation

If we look at our nation, we find many tribes. There are a host of individuals among the many tribes, and I am just one of the many individuals among them. If we look at ourselves this way, we can think about how far we have to go to achieve the world of victory and the world of hope.

But you should never say that it is acceptable for you to live the way you are living today. What we have to do to go the way of goodness is to prepare ourselves to gain authority as a lord of creation, in which you can take dominion over the whole cosmos as a son or daughter of God.

What does the phrase "lord of creation" mean? Who is the lord of creation? Today, people say that the lord of creation is a human being. But God is the original Lord of all the creation, isn't that true?

You know that spirit exists, don't you? Human beings have spirit. In fact, human beings are the leaders of the spiritual world. Therefore, we call them spiritual lords, connected directly with God.

A human being cannot become a lord of creation by himself. When a person is a part of the creation himself, how can he become a lord of creation? The creation is a relative, resultant entity. The creation alone cannot connect to the cause nor dominate the cause. The creation is to be dominated by the cause.

You are definitely a resultant being. "Lord of creation" in Chinese characters means "central spiritual existence." You should understand that this phrase refers in one sense to the originally intended relationship of oneness between God and human beings. Therefore, the lord connects to God.

However, not all human beings are lords, even though we say man is the lord of creation. People who are qualified to become the lord exist in a special realm. Those people who are qualified to join the Club of the Lord must at least not live for the sake of the individual. They are the people who live for the sake of the whole. God works to fulfill His desire centered on this kind of people. (32:136)

When one is asked how man should live and is told that he should live eternally, that is good news, isn't it? Well, in this evil world we live 70 or 80 years and then... One may think, "What is the difference between one ant's death and one man's death?" The difference is due to man's being a spiritual being. Spiritual being! Right? Lord of creation. Even though man fell, he is still the lord of creation. What a wonderful title!

For what reason can man become the lord of creation? It's because he has a mind that does not age, that's eternal. All things can change. Even pure gold changes. The color fades away because of weathering action. But the human mind does not fade or wear out. Therefore, mind has the highest authority, because, like God, it is unchanging. (159:278)

We human beings with a physical body, centering on what do we call ourselves lords? The title "lord of creation" is not centered on money, knowledge, or power, but on God's highest love.

3. Inner Self and Outer Self

What is man's original fate? It is to enjoy, praise, and respect in the realm of God's absolute love and in the relationship with the Creator of all things in heaven and earth in a perfected harmony of love. Man was created to be in complete harmony with heavenly and earthly destiny in this relationship. That's why man has an incorporeal mind and corporal body.

If we had been born according to God's original plan, would we have been afflicted by a struggle between mind and body? Or, would there have been complete unity between them? There would have been complete unity. God is absolute and omnipotent, and has the best technology and the best in everything. Do you think such a God would have created man with two different purposes - a mind and body struggling with each other?

Looking at yourself, you find your inner and outer selves in conflict. Do they struggle or don't they? (They struggle.) When will this conflict end? After 10 years? Does it seem like it will never end, even after you die? If God intentionally created man to struggle this way, then that God does not have one purpose but two purposes. Therefore, that God is a God of chaos.

But when we observe all the laws of the universe, we clearly understand that they exist with one purpose and with a definite order, without mistake. From this we know that man was not created with two purposes. Therefore, we must search our original mind, putting aside our body and looking for the origin. (44:194)

When we consider our physical self and spiritual self, which is more important? It is the spiritual self. Our physical body will decay after 70 or 80 years in the realm of time and space. Spirit, however, has the authority to go beyond time and space. So it is man's original desire to realize this historical responsibility and fulfill it.

No matter how good and rich a life you may live centered on your physical body, you cannot avoid death. Your physical body will eventually die. Then which is more important: the spiritual standard or physical standard? We are not meant to live centered on the physical standard. The physical self exists for the sake of the spiritual self, and the spiritual self exists for the sake of the physical self.

You should not live your life the same way as the people of this world. You have to start from a more effective position, uniting your physical and spiritual selves, from the position that your spiritual self is the subject. This is the road that you who have the Unification ideology should take. Nevertheless, many people still live to eat centered on the physical body. (20:326)

4. The Purpose of God's Will Is the Perfection of Spiritual Self and Physical Self

What is the essence of God's Will? It is the perfection of the spiritual self and the physical self.

Looking at ourselves, we can set up a metaphor, saying that the past is "spiritual" and the present is "physical." The present represents the physical body at the junction of the two worlds, spiritual and physical. Because the present position represents the satanic world, our physical body should overcome the satanic world.

Also, we have to build a spiritual foundation of overcoming the past satanic world. This is what has to be done. If we overcome the past and the present, we can build a foundation for our spiritual self and physical self that is a blessing for the future. (73:96)

What we have to understand is that today this fallen world of earth is the subject, not the spiritual world. In order to perfect ourselves, this world and not the spiritual world is the subject. Perfecting this world, then, means the perfection of both spiritual world and physical world. Therefore, we have to understand the importance of our physical body to our lives. (91:178)

5. Perfection of Our Spiritual Self Is A Direct Path to the Heavenly Kingdom

When we raise chicks, they grow to be hens and roosters, and they crow according to the different seasons. Are you going to always remain chicks? It is time for you to grow. Therefore, whether I am here in Korea or not, you have to grow. What I want to ask you now is to become a being bearing historical fruit. Whatever you may go through, you have to bear fruit.

You have to be fruitful, just like an apple with perfect color receiving good sunlight. When the people come to know about this apple orchard and how good its fruit is, they will travel a long distance to eat it. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.) (82:39)

(Father writes on the blackboard and points to diagrams.) Through here and through here we go to heaven. Therefore, this is three stages. One, two, and three, right? We should go this way.

Is there anyone who is confident that he is not going to the spiritual world? Raise your hand. When you die, you will all go to the spiritual world. You must go through this way. You need to go to the spiritual world through a victorious position representing past, present, and future.

You will go here vertically, but this vertical line and this vertical line have to become parallel. You have to go through vertical and horizontal lines. In order to go here, if this angle differs then you cannot reach your destination, and everything will be far away. You should take this way.

Now we have to gather all the fruits and plant them in the spring. Then, how can God work through this kind of man in His providence for restoration? You all know the providence for restoration because of me. As God chose me as a man who matched His essential standard, I also choose people who are like me. Therefore, you have to collect the fruit.

(Father writes on the board.) So there are many fruits. If there is an apple among them, it must be a very good one. But once a crow pecks on it, will it still be a perfect one?

This is also plus and minus. Man is plus and woman is minus. Thus, two people become perfectly one. (216:265)

Section 4. The Preciousness Of The Physical Body

1. You Have to Prepare on Earth

Once God created Adam, Eve, and the Archangel, He said it was good. He meant they shouldn't fight one another. It is the teaching of religion that the mind can overcome physical desire. In the fallen world we have to overcome evil to gain goodness.

When we do this completely while still in our physical body, it means that even Satan has surrendered. His root is cut off. When we overcome Satan, we can go to Heaven. We can't overcome Satan without a physical self. The reason is that since the physical self had an accident on the earth, it must be fixed on the earth. Unless you accomplish whatever you're supposed to do on earth, you may go to hell. Correspondingly, when you gain victory on earth and stand on the heavenly side of goodness, you can go to the eternal Heaven. (65:294)

Our physical life is short. It is not long. If you knew it you wouldn't want to waste time sleeping and eating. You should eat while marching forward. You should sleep while marching forward. Eat while walking and play while walking. It is so miserable, isn't it? The more miserable it is, the greater the blessing you receive. More than anyone else you need to know this historical content. (80:226)

Our stage is a worldwide offering table. Therefore, these "all things" are worldwide "all things." My body is the body of humankind in the whole world. My heart is the heart of all humankind. The core of my heart is one with God. These are one offering. Who is going to disgrace the offering?

Things don't happen accidentally. The preparation is not easy. Therefore, when we think about our whole life, those who know that childhood is the preparation time for adolescence will be prosperous. The prime time is the time of preparation for old age. Old age is the time of preparation to go to the spiritual world. Our whole life is a training and preparation period to gain a universal personality. (147:188)

Even though we live in this world, we know there is also the spiritual world. We know this world and the spiritual world are not two unrelated worlds but should be connected as one. Then what kind of place are we supposed to go and live? Even though we live in this world with a physical body, we are aiming toward the eternal world. After their birth, many people in this world simply pass through their teens, twenties, thirties, middle age, prime age, and old age. After they pass youth and reach their prime, gradually they enter old age. They finish their life like the sunset.

However, those who know that there is a spiritual world are aware that our life here is short, but the world after death is eternal. Therefore, our life is a time to prepare for the eternal life. Isn't this world like that?

For example, there is a certain standard in school of how many credits a student has to gain in one semester and in one year. If the standard is 100 percent, you can be recognized in school according to how much you accomplished toward the goal. The less you accomplish, the further you will be from the standard of the school. We can use this standard to calculate everything.

We live in this world like students preparing to gain credit in school. We prepare to gain credit throughout our life, aiming for the result that we are destined to accomplish in our life process. In other words, you live daily life based on the standard of what portion of your responsibility you accomplished. (140:121)

How great is God? God is absolute. Since God has a desire to say, "You should do it for me," don't you think God provided the providence for salvation and is wearily waiting for the fallen world to do it?

If I put you in God's position, how many days could you take His role? One week? (No.) Then one month? This is the problem. If you go to the spiritual world, you have to face it at once. Please, ask yourself when you wake up in the morning, wash your face, and look at yourself, "What did you do? What are you going to do?"

The answer is obvious. You don't have to make excuses. It is clear. Don't you know yourself in the mirror well? You mostly know which level of the spiritual world you are going to. Do you know what I'm talking about? (Yes.) Death is coming. When you die, you'll be pulled according to how much you lived for yourself. If you are seldom selfless, you'll be pulled in this way. Even though I taught you very clearly, some fail and some go to hell. These people can't accuse me. They can't say, "Why didn't you teach me clearly while I was on earth?"

Therefore, do not do anything for the sake of yourself, but think how to live for the sake of God, heaven and earth, your nation, your tribe, your family, and your spouse. If you live for others, you'll be pulled into the perfect world even though you try to escape and try to go backward because you think it is for the sake of yourself. How peaceful it is! How easy it is!

If you live your life centered on yourself, you have to worry about everything, saying, "Oh, I failed this and I failed that." However, if you live for the sake of others for ten, twenty years, everything will be your friend. If you live for the sake of others, your heart becomes empty, so the truth will come to you.

When you try to live with the truth, God will follow you. He belongs to me because He wants to. This is logical. Therefore, those who want to live for the sake of others can completely inherit the Completion Era. This is the conclusion.

What can we be proud of in the Unification Church? What is first? True love! What is next? True Parents! Then True Children! What comes next? True tribe! These are our four goals. What is the first one? (True love!) What is the second? (True Parents!) What is the third? (True Children!) What is the fourth? (True tribe!) We have to gain these. Without true love, all these would have to be destroyed. (203:101)

2. Preciousness of the Physical Life

If you are liberated, God will be liberated. Is that right? (Yes.) If our family is liberated, the family in heaven will be liberated. If this world is liberated, heaven will be liberated. Therefore, the theory in the Bible that whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven, and whatever you free on earth will be freed in heaven will be made clear by such an understanding of the unity of two structures.

We should know that our physical life is really precious. We can conclude that we can liberate God and the universe and unite heaven and earth only while we are on earth.

Even if we sum up God and all things, we can't exchange our physical body for them. Why is it so? God cannot perfect creation alone, without physical man. Therefore, our physical body is so precious. Isn't it wonderful! Man has desire. What does God want man to have before desire? This is what God wants man to have: Love your physical body. Our physical body can't be exchanged for the universe.

The Bible says, "Even though you gain the whole world, if you lose your life, what can you gain?" (91:191)

When we restore this world and spiritual world, we bring them back to the original position. It costs the 70 to 80 years of our life to restore the spirit world as well as the world of earth. There is no greater business than this. I spent my entire youth trying to accomplish it. As you know the truth now, you are happy people. (15:146)

Today, man lives for only 70 to 80 years. Our heart knows that it has taken more than a million years to restore a historical sphere of goodness that we are supposed to be connected to for a short 70 to 80 years. We have to make a connection to the sphere of goodness for the short 70 to 80 years.

Our conscience becomes desperate, knowing how immense this task is. We mustn't die without accomplishing it. While we are alive, we can make a connection to a sphere of goodness, restore the sovereignty of the Fatherland, serve a heavenly sovereign, and live with the people in the nation. Then you can go to heaven in the spiritual world.

If we can't go there and can't look there, how anxious our heart will be! (155:27)

In the unlimited spiritual realm, where time is eternal, once we see something, we can't help seeing it eternally. Do you understand? Once we do something there, it will be eternal.

When we go to such a place, and if a million people happen to know how to live well there, how do we deal with ourselves? Have you even thought about such a thing?

The only way to realize it is through our physical life. This is the only time to straighten out our life. There is no way to realize it by living for the sake of ourselves. Do you understand? Rev. Moon and the Unification Church didn't have to go through such a suffering course for the last 50 years if there was any way to realize it by living for the sake of ourselves. (59:50)

Man should follow the way of living according to the Unification Principle even after 1,000 years have passed. You can go this way within 60 or 70 years, or even 40 years. If you fail, you may have to face judgment in the spirit world for thousands of years.

You know the existence of the spirit world, don't you? If I didn't know about the spirit world, you would have no way to know these things. No other theologian or religious leader in the world knows how the spirit world works and how it relates to the physical world.

Everyone has to learn from me. Do you understand that you have such a privilege? (135:297)

3. Habit Is Important

The most important thing now is that we should destroy satanic habits to establish a new heavenly order. (213:19)

I know you like kimchi and kochijan (bean paste with hot pepper) don't you? (Yes) Do Western people like kimchi and kochijan? At a glance, they run away. (Laughter) We continue having leadership seminars in the United States. About 230 people participated in it this time. They ate kimchi in the hotel. The Western people complained, saying, "What kind of smell is this? This is the worst smell!" and they ran away. On the contrary, Korean people say, "it is more delicious than honey." (Laughter)

How do you destroy a habit? Is it easy? Is it hard? (Hard) What does it mean? Until now, you have had selfish habits, thinking that you should be great in the satanic world. Those habits have become condensed. Are such condensed habits stronger or weaker than a habit of eating kimchi and kochijan? (Stronger)

It is historical. Since the day Satan started his way, a traditional habit like a rotten root has been established. How do we pull it out? Don't be so loud. Don't say so loudly that you learned the Principle from Rev. Moon. Even though you try to dig a hole to bury even the root, it is taller than you. It is too long to pull out from even the top of the tree. Then can you say out loud that you pulled it out, sitting there? It is a serious problem. Do you have confidence to go to Heaven? To go to Heaven, you have to have a habit tradition centered on God. (213:20)

God is standing at your right side trying to protect you, and Satan is on the left side. He is the evil parent. Do you understand? If Heaven stands in the front, Satan has to go to the back. However, since the satanic world stands in the front, God is in the back. God is controlling the right side and Satan is standing in front, controlling the left. Then, where are they going? Instead of going to Heaven, they are going in the opposite direction. They are going to be hedonists pursuing physical pleasures. However, our way is the opposite. We go the 180-degree-opposite way, to a suffering course and an even more suffering course.

The way will be divided in two. Thus, you have to let your mind lead your body to establish good habits within three or five years. (214:228)

4. The Reason Why Life on Earth Is The Priority

Everyone! Do you want to go to spirit world soon, or not? (Laughter) Try to answer it. (We want to go there.) Does everyone want to go there? (Yes.) Then will you look for me at the museum there, or not? (We'll look for you.) When you see me there, will you say, "Oh, I know him." Will you pay me respect? (We will.)

If you try to touch me, I will try to avoid you. Since I am standing in a public position, I will try to avoid your touch. If you touch me, it will be a big problem. Therefore, you have to look at me from a distance. Is that true or false? (True.)

You are wrong. This world is the priority and the spirit world is secondary. You live your life on earth and then go there. Which seems more valuable: to pay respect to me in the spirit world or in the physical world? (In the physical world.) No, in the spirit world! (In the physical world!) Your voices are weaker than mine. Spirit world! (Physical world!) You are right. (applause) (205:252)

5. The Standard of the Physical World

My life is for the sake of God. You all should think to live for the sake of God and the world. You shouldn't think to live for the sake of yourselves. You should think about God, True Parents, and human beings.

To make a connection among God, True Parents, and human beings and establish the four-position foundation centered on you, you have to have true love. You have to become a true life, one who can inherit this universe centered on true love. You have to think about this all the time. Do you understand?

Therefore, you always have to think how much closer you have lived to the heavenly standard. By living that way you become a representative human being. You become one who represents parents and God. You should understand it.

If you live that way, there are no boundaries, whether you go to spirit world or anywhere on earth. There are no boundaries wherever you may go. When you go to the spirit world, you can be free. You can realize whatever you think is necessary centered on such a loving heart, anytime.

If you wish to eat a meal with a thousand friends, you can do it. Such a world is waiting for you. To meet 10,000 people, 100,000, or many million people at the same time is possible only in the world of love. Do you understand? When God exercised His ability as the Creator, He created all centered on love, connected with true love. Do you understand? Unless you make a connection with true love, everything will be in vain. (147:115)

6. Everything Will Be Recorded Through the Physical Self

Imagine you took a picture of your heart and looked at it. (19:26)

If you have lived an unspeakably miserable life for more than two-thirds of your life, could you remove the two-thirds of your life? You can't do it. These experiences stay with you. (34:139)

Why do we need indemnity? (In order to restore things.) Restoration is re-creation. What kind of valuable life can you leave on earth?

Someone says, "I can go to Heaven when I get old and believe in Jesus and die." (Laughter.) Can you correct your life when you get old? Soon you will be fertilizer. Therefore, you have to be young. It is better to know the truth when you are 15 years old than when you are 20 years old. It is more valuable for a baby to grow up with the truth than for a 15-year-old to come to the truth.

If something is lighter than air, it will rise up, and if it is heavier than air, it will sink. Do you understand? The one who is restored becomes completely empty. The physical self holds the spiritual self. If the physical body is taken away, you'll rise up to the highest place. Then, how high can you go? You can go to where God puts you on His head like a hat, and He doesn't feel uncomfortable. God is rather happy about it. He likes to feel that you are clinging on Him.

Since God has such a character, it doesn't bother Him for you to exercise so much around Him. When God laughs, everybody laughs very hard, "Ha, ha, ha." When God is tense, everybody gets tense. Everyone responds to God immediately. Can you do it?

There is plenty of water in a layer of your skin. Is it pure water or dirty water? Do you have any sand there? Do you have any pebbles there? (Father laughs.) After a large seasonal rainstorm passes, the water must be so dirty. Everything, such as piglets or calves, is in that water. It will be more dirty than that. Everyone, think about it. Are you different from this? Think about that.

Therefore, you need to filter the dirty water by stirring it. Isn't it necessary? So you need to provide a filter system. It is difficult, but you have to go through the sand, looking around right and left carefully. Is it all right to have an ego? If you have an ego, you will be stuck inside the filter. If the water accumulates dirt it can't even flow, and everything will get stuck there.

Have you ever thought that if you have to go to the spirit world right now you will be inspected by such a system, like an x-ray? Will you go to hell? Where are you going? This is not a lie, but the truth. When God thinks about evil people, can He use those who will go through the filter? Or does God use those who didn't go through the filter? Think about it. (97:60)

7. The Physical Life Is So Important

When you go to the spiritual world, you have to wait in one place for many years -- even Blessed couples. Don't you think your sons and daughters would say to you, "Why was I born like this? Why was I led here?" Do you think your sons and daughters will keep quiet?

The level of each member of your family is different. When you go to the spiritual world, you go to your own suitable place and stay there for a long time. Your ancestors, your sons and daughters, will accuse you, saying, "Why did you do it? How come you couldn't do well?" You have to stay there as long as you need to. It is not an easy task. Therefore, you have to do it on earth. You have to accomplish what I tell you on earth.

Here is a bolt. You have to make it fit and fill it. When a nut fits into a bolt, it will be filled. Do you understand? They have to fit each other. If they don't fit each other, they kick each other.

Therefore, think how important life on earth is! We can have only one life. It is almost one moment, but only once. If you compare your physical life to eternity, it is only one spot. It is too short. It is not significant. You have to prepare to go to spirit world beyond your physical life.

You always have to stand in the center and control everything to conquer it with such a main philosophy. Without it, you cannot realize individual perfection. You should know it. Do you understand what I'm talking about? (Yes.) (207:99)

8. Your Portion of Responsibility Through Your Physical Body

You have to long for God and True Parents. By doing so, you can live in a happy, safe, and fulfilled sphere, spiritually and physically. By love. Do you understand? Those who live like that on earth can do so in the spirit world. The scope of your internal life on earth will be visible in the spirit world. Love is central, isn't it, because the love within God and human beings can be like a cell of the body. The spirit world is the world where you become one of the cells. Once you enter into such a dimension, God will surely come inside your heart. When you call, "God!" He'll answer in your heart, "What kind of person is calling me? What is it?"

Therefore responsibility is so important. We say "responsibility" in the Unification Church. I established the principle of God's and man's portions of the responsibility. Whenever you look at yourself in the morning, you have to think where you are accomplishing your portion of the responsibility. It is a serious matter. You can imagine that your five sense organs, your eyes, nose, mouth, hands, and ears-are intoxicated by love, which you gain by accomplishing your responsibility. When you think about true love, how miserable it is to lose it! How much God has made effort to restore it! This isn't just an idea. When I think about it, I can't help lamenting with tears. (218:128)

In order to accomplish your responsibility, what should you do? You should stand in a position to deny everything that has an emotional connection with Satan's heart and Satan's lineage. Why? When Adam walked through the course of his portion of responsibility, did he carry Satan's emotion? Please answer me. What kind of satanic emotion did he carry? (He didn't.) Everyone, what are you now? Did you cut off all Satan's emotion to search for your portion of responsibility? (We couldn't.) Can you be doing your portion of responsibility? (We can't.) Therefore, you have to deny. (139:256)

When man goes to the spirit world, will he be like that?

Adam becomes God's body. As the Bible says, "Don't you know you are the temple of God?" The body is the holy temple where God dwells; it is the house.

Now, how can you fully resemble God? By reaching the level of completion of your portion of responsibility, God dwells within you and you become one with God. Then, by love, the life of all creation can be connected and become one. (138:211)

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