Earthly Life and Spirit World #1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 1 - The Existence of Human Beings on Earth And In the Spirit World [Part 3]

Section 5. The Blessing and Eternal Life

1. The Reasons Why We Need To Know About Eternal Life

Why have the families in this world been ruined? Even mothers, fathers, and children became enemies. Why is it so? Because there is no true love. The most important thing is eternal life. However, they don't know if there is a spirit world or not.

If you know clearly that there is a spirit world, you can't commit a crime even if others tell you to do so. You cannot live for yourself even if others tell you to do so. Without knowing this, even if you believe in Christianity or believe in any other religion, you cannot go to Heaven. You cannot go to the ideal world. You cannot go there without pouring out true love and life. (205:261)

If religious principles are not related to eternal life, even a social revolution is impossible. If the social circumstances become more corrupt and ruined, no one has a basis to reach eternal life. When you relate to eternal life, however, you can overcome all circumstances. Therefore, religion is so great. Only if you are sure of the concept of the matter of eternal life and establish the understanding that it is a fact can you truly guide your sons and daughters.

Until now, no religion could embrace such a complete theory or could digest all of the structures that became the present culture. The background of the religions was always the customs of their culture relating to the circumstances. They couldn't go beyond the circumstances. Why was it so? They couldn't maintain the concept of eternity.

Isn't it so in Christianity? In Christianity, people have kept faith. However, the closer they came to reaching the end of the fallen world and the more the circumstances have changed, the more things went wrong. Why? It is because people lost the concept of eternity. They don't have confidence in the matter of eternal life. They are not sure if there is a God or not.

Because of this, they could not go beyond the circumstances by risking their lives. Everyone stays put, looking around, and falls into the comfortable way of this present life. Unless the concept of the eternal penetrates into them, they will fall into the middle sphere of the spirit world. Who can insert the concept of the eternal lineage into them? Only Unification Church teachings can penetrate them.

If you are confident that our present life is not preparation for the physical life but for the life of the eternal world, you can continue as you are.

The more our days pass -- 40 years old and 50 years old -- and the closer the day of our death comes, the more serious we become about the concept of eternity. Do you understand what I am talking about?

The older we become, the weaker our love becomes. However, if we are penetrated by a concept of eternity, we become more serious. Evil circumstances and confused change are so frequent now. If you can overcome changing circumstances and keep an absolute concept of eternity, nothing can disturb you.

Therefore, the point is how you can penetrate a concept of the eternal life. Therefore, whenever you give a lecture, you always have to teach centered on the matter of love and a concept of subject and object. You also have to teach God's Principle of Creation, that creation is centered on eternal love. You have to penetrate this backbone.

Didn't God create Adam and Eve as the objects of His love? Because God created them like that, we should live as an object of God. You have to not only talk about it but actually feel it. And you have to understand it deeply.

If you only knew how great the power of true love is, you couldn't help going this way even though someone told you not to go this way.

Therefore, whenever you give a lecture, the point you must give all of your energy to is how you can get across the concept of eternal life. If you only do that, everything will be accomplished.

In teaching those younger than 15 yearn old, you can use the standard of man's original nature before the fall. Because the age before 15 years old is before Adam and Eve fell, their original mind is still free. Therefore, before adolescence or at adolescence they should know God. By understanding God, they will know the inevitable relationship with God. To teach them why the relationship with God is inevitable, you have to reach them with the concept of eternity. Do you understand what I'm talking about? We always have to think about it.

If only you can penetrate it into them, our second generation in the Unification Church won't go the other way, even if we told them to do so. Therefore, we have to adopt other people quickly, save the world quickly, and bring everybody to heaven. It becomes your possession. You will be ranked on a certain level in the spirit world according to what you bring there. Heaven is completely empty. I see it is completely empty.

2. The Way Of The Eternal Life

1) The Matter of the Whole Life and the Eternal Life

How long do you think you will live? How long? Everyone is thinking, "Perhaps everyone will live until 70 or 80 years old." (Yes.) Don't you think you may die before that? (Yes.) (Laughter.) You are greedy. Even though you absolutely believe you'll live until 80 or 100 years old, you may die tomorrow or you may die today. You may die while you're having a meal. Do you understand? Also, you may take off your shoes and come into the house in the evening and go to bed, then die.

Doesn't everyone have a desire to think, "if I were younger I could at least live 40 or 50 more years"? Can God approve that? Everyone should think they might die soon, maybe within a year. You will then have to prepare everything in such a short time. You must live with this kind of concept. The quicker you grasp it, the happier you'll be. The quicker you understand this, the less damage you make. The true content you prepare during this time will enable you to build your "house" in the eternal life.

Did you love God in such a short time? You want to become one with God and love God, but you don't know how to do it. While you live in this world, you should introduce even one person to God. You should try your best to pour out everything to love and serve him. If you live such a life for 24 hours and then die you will be qualified for eternal life. Do you understand? Do you understand what I'm talking about?

Then after two years, if you haven't died you should pray, "Thank you very much for allowing me two more years." If you live longer, you should think God allowed you to live two years longer to love more because you didn't love enough. Do you understand? Two more years and two more years, again, and your life continues to be extended. You offer thanks to God.

You must think you will really die after two years. How serious will you be? Think about it. Go to a public cemetery, go to a funeral so you can see death. It is absolutely necessary to do this in a life of faith. Jesus said, "Those who seek to gain their life will lose it; those who seek to lose their life will gain it." The Principle agrees with this. If you wish to die soon, wish to die for God's Will and for heaven; then you will live eternally. It is the same principle. The man who thought he would die as a single unmarried man will be so grateful if he receives a loving wife before he dies. If there was a man who died without being married to anyone, if he could suddenly get resurrected physically he would look for the day he could be married. How happy he would be!

Now, how long will you live? What are you going to do if you are in the position to die soon by God's order? You should leave something behind that God can praise you for. Do you have such confidence? You must feel that time is too precious to sleep and eat. You don't have any time even to worry about when you can rest.

It is an eternal matter, but it is more valuable if you can grasp the importance of it even if your life is short. How much can you love one individual? How can you become a person who can really love an individual? Next, how much did you love your family? How much did you love your tribe? What is the meaning of loving an individual, a family, and a tribe? It is a textbook to love all humanity. To love them is a textbook to learn to love all things. It is training for eventually loving even everybody in the spirit world. Do you understand? How long will you live? (No answer.) It is a serious question. This is absolutely not harmful to our whole life. (It is an advantage.) It is the most wise idea. (102:122)

2) Human Beings Look for an Eternal Life

It is a life of faith to search for the world of eternal life. It is a life of faith to search for God's eternal love because you should meet with an eternal love as well as an eternal life. God's joy and your own joy will meet each other; then you will look for a final goal, which is God's joy and your own joy. That will be one, not two, joys. It is the way of faith. Therefore, it is a most important matter how much an individual who lives a life of faith can have an ever-increasing love and power of life.

How much value you have as a human being depends on how much you can live to have a relationship, using all five senses to experience universal life and love.

Therefore, we can't help thinking again about the matter: Are we living in society by relating to others with a heart of love added to our vital power? If you are not, you should know that you are not only stopping at one point but also going backward. (32:19)

3) The Eternal Life and Religion

Man lives not only his life on the earth but also has an eternal life in the spirit world. Religion hasn't diminished on the earth, but has expanded to the whole world by passing through all kinds of circumstances, including different cultural backgrounds and customs. That is because man's life on earth is short, yet he should live an eternal life. Man should not live only in this generation but should live on with the cosmos. Even though our life is short, it won't perish at the end.

Once you overcome limitations, you can go into the realm that rises above the earth, go beyond the limited village of the earth and continue to live in the realm beyond the earth.

Therefore, even an imaginary theory of eternity should be proclaimed to sympathize with and help human beings who have lived in the midst of suffering until now. Reasoning and structuring an ideal nation centered on even an imaginary God should be pursued. In this way religion is necessary.

However, who will be truly satisfied with an imagined religion? God exists. You have to be able to say, "What I speak of exists." You have to be convinced by experience. The experience must be clear until you can say, "Yes, it is so!"

Therefore, you have to solve the matter of God centered on religious matters as well as eternal matters. These matters are all connected. We have to pay attention to the religious matter. (62:264)

4) The Reason Why We Should Live Eternally

For what kind of existence did God create man? God made man the object of His love, who could have God's absolute, unique value. This is an amazing fact. These days, how much value can a man's life have? How much will it be? Man is such an invaluable existence. The amazing fact is that God created man and woman as an object of love with a precious value that can't be exchanged even with the universe! Isn't it good!

Isn't it so today even in the literary world? Isn't the backbone of everything love? An eternal, unchanging love, unique love. Love that can move history. Love that penetrates history instead of being punished by history. Do you desire such a love? Don't you want it?

Man comes out of love, grows up with love, lives with love, and dies with love. However, he doesn't perish in vain.

God, who is the subject of man, is eternal, unchanging, and unique. So, if man can stand as an object in front of God, he also can live eternally. The theory of eternal life originated from this point. (142:143)

What kind of person is the truest person on the earth today? It is the person who can be one with God eternally and be loved by God completely as His child. We can say that the way of life in which such people live with God is the way of a true life. You should know this.

Man, whoever he is, looks for the best. When man stands at the highest position, does God belong to him, or not? (Belongs to him.) And does he belong to God, or not? (Belongs to God.) So, he becomes God's child and becomes as God himself. Then, to whom does the universe belong? (Belongs to him.)

Then, if God has one whom He loves most and thinks most precious, does God create him to throw him away after He spends one day, 10 years, or 100 years with him? Or did He create him to be with Him eternally? (He created them to be together eternally.) So it is with man. When man dies, would he cease his life or live eternally? (He should live eternally.) He should live eternally. Why? Man is the object of the absolute God who created with absolute love so that He can feel joy.

If a man enjoys someone for 1 or 2 days, 10 years, or 100 years and then throws her away, it is not love. The more he loves her, the longer he wants to be with her.

There was once even a man whose wife died young and who stayed single the rest of his life, carrying her handkerchief. The husband wore roses on his clothes the rest of his life because his wife loved roses.

When God created His most precious only son and daughter, did He create them to perish after 100 years? (No.) Therefore, it is the Principle that man lives eternally. For eternal life, man has to stand on the foundation of an action where stronger power is poured out. Therefore, the longer it lasts and the more it is given and received, the stronger and the greater his love becomes, and it will not be consumed.

An ideal doesn't end only as happiness but also expands to become an unlimited happiness. This is our ideal nation and God's nation. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Then, do you desire the eternal life, or not? (We desire it.) Man desires eternal life even vaguely. If you have some precious possession, will you bring it with you when you try to escape from any kind of danger, or not? (We will bring it.) Do you want to be proud of it, or not? (We want to be proud.) After you are proud of it for one or two days, will you stop being proud of it or not? (No.) When you are about to die, will you want to leave it to your descendants, or not? (We want to leave it.) You want to leave it to them eternally.

God is an eternal, absolute being, so His object whom He loves should live eternally. Therefore, man has desired an eternal life since long, long ago.

Therefore, absolute God couldn't help looking for a loving son and daughter who have the value of eternal life. (39:42)

We human beings resemble God as God's creative masterpiece. Because we have to have an eternal nature as God is eternal, our heart doesn't become old. Do you understand?

Therefore, man should live eternally. As man lives eternally, he can have value as a masterpiece. Therefore, man is the lord of all creation.

Man has to live eternally. Therefore, we can't think that everything is finished after we live 70 or 80 years. What shall we do? It must be so easy to be able to think, "When I am dying, I erase whatever I have done. I'll just fly away into the air." (159:281)

5) The Life for the Sake of the Eternal Life

Any man wants to live his own life. "Living" means to live day by day. "Whole life" means to live a whole life. Furthermore, religious people use the words "eternal life." An eternal life means not a whole life but living an eternal life. To live an eternal life is your lifelong responsibility. The eternal life can be determined by connecting your life day by day. One year contains 365 days. You divide one year into 12 months and you divide one month into 30 days. Thus, your life is a continuation of day by day. Our life is to live a life day by day, dividing our whole life. The valuable content of your whole life isn't determined after you have gone through your life. Your daily life, day by day, determines it.

Therefore, you have to live life well. What is the meaning of living life well? It means that you should live a representative daily life meaningfully. I think it is right to conclude like this: "I lived life well today! It is a memorable, proud day in my whole life!" If you live your life well, you can have a most valuable daily life throughout the life course. If you have a day when you could live valuably, you cannot forget that day in your whole life. (197:187)

6) What Is the Theory of Eternity?

When you love someone, your blood gets excited and trembles. Do you understand why it trembles? Trembling shows things being mixed. Everything.

East, west, south, and north get mixed together. Above and below get mixed together to be one. Man and woman give out completely toward the direction of fine works. They give out everything, without thinking about their life or their wealth. They will be happy eternally because it is the way of love and eternity.

Then, how do you look for a theory of eternal life? God is wise. If God didn't establish the principle of love, He would be lonely Himself. He would be a God who couldn't feel joy, anger, sorrow, or happiness. You should know it.

Even though God's love is absolute, God, who lost this love, has stood in an absolutely miserable, serious, and surprising position that no one else has experienced throughout history.

No one can comfort God. He can't be comforted externally. Even though He realizes His ideal situation again by sacrificing His original son and daughter who are His own desire, He can't be satisfied with it. He has to travel around holding the ideal to reveal it more rightly and beautifully. He created the universe in that way. (204-?)

Look! When the air gets to 100 percent low pressure, high pressure will be created and automatically a circulation movement will occur. God is a king of wisdom. Why does He give and forget everything? Because eternal circulation starts through the principle of automatic circulation, the theory of eternal life will be logically established. Do you understand? (Yes.) When you invest, invest, and invest more, the theory of eternal life will operate. When you do for others you won't perish. The small thing goes to a bigger thing and the bigger thing goes into the center. (204:107)

When God looks for an object of absolute love, whom does He seek? We can conclude surely that it is man. Therefore, we find the old saying, "Among all creation, man is most precious." When we reach the logical conclusion that man can be an absolute love-partner of God, there is created the theory that a love-partner who becomes one with God's love will live externally. Eternal life starts from here; this we can establish. The theory of eternal life is a very precious thing in a religion.

Man doesn't possess eternal life. Woman doesn't possess eternal life. God doesn't possess eternal life. We can conclude that eternal is life in God's love. (218:211)

7) Eternal Life Is Most Important

Today, Christians say that if you believe in Jesus you will attain eternal life. This sounds good; but specifically how do you attain eternal life? Christians say that "eternal life" means to live forever. To live eternally one must have continuous action or motion. Do you understand? Before, I talked about the way of life, but we must be able to go this way of life eternally. In order to do so, our body's organs-such as heart, veins, and arteries-must function normally inside our body. The nervous system, like the brain, must also function normally. Therefore, the body must have a lot of nourishment.

When you go to bed in the evening after taking off your shoes, do you have confidence that you will be able to put them on again the next morning? Even if you are so busy, nothing in this world is more important than eternal life. People who leave the church do not realize how critical it is to have eternal life.

8) The Conclusion Is that Man Must Attain Eternal Life

The Kingdom of Heaven is the original place where man can dwell without any connection to the fallen world. By learning the Principle of True Parents' love, your family can completely eradicate your fallen root and directly connect with Heavenly Father.

When a locomotive crosses over the boundary between two countries, the tracks in one country must connect with those in the other for the train to run efficiently. Likewise, the tracks in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and those in the Kingdom of Heaven in spirit world must connect together. The family that carries the train of love runs on this kind of tracks. Living for the sake of true love is the way to directly connect with the treasure place of heaven. Accordingly, man's personal path and his family's path should be connected together and should go along in the same direction.

Therefore, everything in a person's life should be done for the sake of taste love. After a person goes to spirit world, his level of honor will be decided based on the results he made while living on earth. We all go to spirit world, don't we? Anybody who believes that he won't go to spirit world, raise your hand. Everybody dies. You cannot begin to comprehend how wonderful, how extraordinary, is the place where Heavenly Father dwells!

9) Faith and Eternal Life

If someone asks you how to attain eternal life, how will you answer him? What? By just believing in Jesus, you can attain the fullness of eternal life? So just by believing, you are completely saved? It doesn't make any sense. Only through love can you be saved. Do you understand? (Yes!) Only those who have true love, those who have accepted the norms of Heavenly Father's Principle of Creation, can live eternally as God's partner of love. Once you are in the realm of this particular kind of love, you will be living on the earth and in the spirit world.

Before some big accident happens on a ship that is sailing across the ocean, the rats inside the ship start to escape to dry land. Have you heard of this kind of story? (Yes.) Even though they are very small animals, they sense that their future is in danger. It is a matter of life or death. But how about man? Even though he is the spiritual leader of all things, he is so miserable and ignorant, because of the fall. To remove the mask of the fall-to eliminate Satan's love, life, and lineage-this is the issue. We use the word "remove" in this instance. The word "remove" means to take out, doesn't it? So to take out completely means to stand in the subject position not relating with Satan. Do you understand?

Dr. Bong Do Lee here, who is over 90 years old, has a son who is 70 years old. Before his son goes outside the house, he can tell him, "Be careful driving the car today!" He can express it like an order or command He will not get tired of saying it every day. Even if he does it continuously for eternity, he will never be tired. What is it? It is love. Even in the fallen world, parental love is like that. How about if you belong to God's love in the original world? Will you tire of it?

For the first time in our life, we are able to decide to be the object of Heavenly Father's complete love. Centered on pure human love, we can make logical sense of eternal life, since we know that Heavenly Father's love is eternal and unchanging. No one knew before us that centering on love, eternal life comes. It cannot be solved by faith. Saint Paul didn't know this.

10) The Unification Church and Eternal Life

I give you a lot of suffering as Unification Church members, don't I? (Yes.) You try to escape when you suffer, don't you? (No!) Why don't you leave? Because you know there is eternal life. You should realize this. You cannot leave the Unification Church, because eternal life exists.

Is your desire big? If I ask each one of you what you want to be, no one would want to be a grandchild, a bridegroom, or a bride of heaven. Everybody wants to be a son or daughter of God. Then you want to be a prince or a princess of this world, don't you? Not only that, but you want to be the king of heaven and earth. That's it! No one could accomplish man's desire in the past. Anyone who wants to completely achieve human desire should begin with the family. It is the place to achieve man's highest desire, and it is the blessing place of eternal life and the paradise of eternal life.

11) The Viewpoint Necessary for Eternal Life

We can attain eternal life ourselves, and we are also the people who can practice true love. So I practice eternal life and true love here on this earth. Whatever I do here, such as working in a factory, can be substantially beneficial for my eternal life. I hope that all of you, too, will invest yourselves wholeheartedly to bear productive results for your eternal life. All of you need eternal life and infinite true love during your lifetime.

3. Love and Eternal Life

1) Eternal Life Is Directly Connected With Love

We want to attain eternal life because we should be eternal. When we seek eternal life, what is unchanging? The answer is love. All other things change due to circumstances, so why doesn't love change? Because love exists as the center of power of all life. Why doesn't love change? Because it occupies the central position of the ideal. Even though edges may start to dissipate, the center is not erased. So love continues because God is perpetual. Love remains because it is united with God and because love is the center of the cosmos.

2) True Love and Eternal Life

What is true love? When you marry, don't you want to get a spouse who is better than you are? Aren't you hoping that your sons and daughters will marry someone who is better than they are? This trait is similar to whose? Similar to God's! That means that Heavenly Father wishes for His partner and object of love to be better than Himself. We cannot deny this, can we?

As with our human father; can Heavenly Father, who is perfect, order his sons and daughters to absolutely do something if He Himself hasn't absolutely done it before? He cannot. Through this principle, He wishes for His object of love to be greater than He. Man can attain the highest value. If he does, his value can be higher than God's because it is centered on true love. Can you understand? Your mind desires the highest things. It is not inconceivable. More over, it would be equally possible for all human beings, if the Fall had not occurred.

Heavenly Father is watching this cosmos in the highest and noblest position of heaven, and He wants man to lead. He doesn't want to see human beings just obeying as if drawn around by the neck. Your mind is completely free. No one wants to be controlled. This is the same for everybody. Once you acquire the position of true love, as the treasure of the Kingdom of Heaven, you can go freely to the position of Heavenly Father. You can become Heavenly Father's friend!

Anyone who is united with true love can attain eternal life. This is logical. For the sake of love, Heavenly Father created us to be as eternal as He is. True love should be perpetual, shouldn't it? Therefore, to attain eternal life, we should live in the realm of true love.

Through true love, attaining eternal life is possible. Why? All aspirations from the very beginning, including the motivation and process of creation, can be perfected centered on love. Through this process, the result comes. Perfection in mind and body is possible if we belong to that original true love. The limitless origin, cause, process, and ideal result can be connected only by love. It's only through true love. Heavenly Father will exist eternally centered on true love. In order for Heavenly Father to exist forever, what should be the center?

Eternal life is connected with love, so the eternal environment should be a place centered on the influence of love. To live in the realm of substance, we have to be the substantial embodiment of love.

3) True Love Is Absolutely Necessary in This World

You don't know precisely where Heavenly Father dwells in the spirit world. You have to understand that our Heavenly Father likes this viewpoint of being centered on absolute love. The power of love is the quickest. True love power! This love has the shortest distance.

Therefore, I teach this kind of content. Why do I emphasize knowledge of the eternal world? Once you know God and the eternal world, you can live like this.

First of all, you have to know God. Second, you have to know eternal life, and third, you should know true love. This is an investment investing more than 100 percent. Do you understand what this is? (Yes!) There is eternal life where there is an investment of more than 100 percent. Eternal life cannot exist without true love. Then, if you don't attain eternal life, you cannot meet Heavenly Father.

From now on, this is how the world should be: First, it should be unselfish, living for the sake of others. Second, it should have true love. Third, it should have eternal life. Then the world will be liberated, or saved. The opposite of this is selfishness, which is connected with Satan's side.

(Father points to one brother.) Are you a descendant of Indians? (I came from Mexico.) The root is the same. Can you think of harming white people if you believe in living for the sake of others (No.) Next is true love. What is true love? It means investing more than all of your life. True love cannot exist in a place that does not have this kind of investment. When I came to America, didn't I sincerely offer my life and my assets and the Unification Church? (Yes!) That was everything. From there true love can be accomplished.

Without True Parents, eternal life cannot exist. Why is that? Your origin of highest life came from satanic blood, Satan's blood lineage. Isn't it so? You belong to Satan. Your love is also from Satan. Therefore, Heavenly Father's love must be superior. In the Bible, the first commandment is: Love your God with your whole heart and with your whole soul. What does it mean? Sincerely with heart and thought. This is a matter of life and death. This is the first commandment.

Then what is the second commandment? (Love your neighbor as yourself.) Not exactly. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. What does that mean? You should love with your whole life. You have to invest with your whole life. Why? Because first of all, you have to make Satan surrender. Second, you have to get out of satanic circumstances. Third, you have to separate from the satanic lineage. These are three important points.

Even if you are able to get out of satanic circumstances, what can you do having a satanic lineage? True love is way beyond that kind of life.

Men and women should be born because of the ideology of living for the sake of others. Why was man born? Isn't it for the sake of woman? This is absolute truth. Which woman can deny this? (No one.) This is eternal truth. Why are they born like this? For the sake of true love.

Men and women say that they wish to be united eternally. Then what can they do once they are united as one? They will occupy Heavenly Father. They can overpower Heavenly Father only through true love.

In your family, who is the owner and center? The person who lives for the sake of the family, for the sake of the whole, will be the center. You should realize this. If a parent lives more unselfishly than Heavenly Father does as a parent, he or she will be the center. Isn't this true? (Yes.) If a person has a hundred friends and lives for their sake during his lifetime, he will earn the respect of those hundred people and he will be their center. Even for a hundred years. So somebody who eternally lives for the sake of others in the eternal world will be the eternal owner. Who is he?

He is Heavenly Father! Incidentally, Heavenly Father encompasses the whole cosmos. Eternal life lies in this, not in anything else.

You have heard of the Bible quote, "He who seeks to gain his life will lose it, but he who is willing to lose his life for my sake will gain eternal life." What is the meaning of this? You cannot truly live without overcoming death. Without that, you're dead. When you go to the spirit world, you will go to the lowest level of hell. In that place there are three levels. Like the Kingdom of Heaven, hell has three levels. No other way! Go there if you don't believe what I say. Die now and find out. You may say, "Don't tell us to die." (Everybody laughs.) It's absolutely true!

4) The World after Death Is Related with Love

Does everyone think that Heavenly Father exists? (Yes.) Does Heavenly Father exist within time? (No.) Why not? Is there any word that means timeless and at the same time means ending and beginning eternally? It is the same as past, present, and future. What is the original essence that Heavenly Father can abide in peacefully? This is the issue.

What do we mean by this? Because Heavenly Father is omnipotent, anything is possible? (No!) Even if Heavenly Father is omnipotent and omniscient, He will not do everything. Only through the power of love is it possible. When we say love, Heavenly Father also says, "Oh, I see!" Nothing else is necessary for Heavenly Father.

So where should we go? (Spirit world!) Spirit world? What does that mean? Usually it means the world after death. But it's not after death. Why? Spirit world does not mean after death, because it is related with love. Since that world is related with love, it shouldn't mean after death. Spirit world is here now, starting on the center of true love. We are standing in the position of true love. Is there anything wrong with that? No. That's why love is the greatest of all things.

If spirit world is here and somebody calls out, "Hey, spirit world!" then spirit world would answer, "What is it?" If you ask spirit world, "Where do you want to live?" do you think it would answer, "Oh, I want to live in a world centered on the knowledge of Heavenly Father"? Or, "Oh, I want to live in a place where God's almighty power like the creation of heaven is present"? Spirit world wouldn't answer like that. Or how about something about money? Or something about luxury? No, it will not answer like that.

Only the movement of vertical circles up and down, front and back, left and right can make unity. Just a vertical line and a horizontal line cannot unite-not up and down, front and back, or left and right. They cannot unite, cannot make oneness, cannot make unification. So only love can make unification.

Therefore, the Unification Church talks about the unification of the ideal world centered on true love as the viewpoint of the Principle. This is the conclusion.

Heavenly Father tries to guide man. Heavenly Father is also breathing. He has the breath of love. In order to unite with the rhythm of the cosmos, Heavenly Father, who is eternal, continuously exists in the cosmos centered on love. Therefore, love has eternal life. For man to unite with the rhythm of the cosmos, he should continue to center on love eternally. Therefore, you have to do this much! Then you will go over into the realm of Heavenly Father's breath.

Everybody, man or woman, wants to love. Right? At that moment, Heavenly Father says, "Whooo!" Then to create love, power gathers smoothly. Then new power comes up from one moment to the next.

Love is breathing. Because the rhythm of the cosmos is like this, men and women cannot say, "I don't like it!" Once they unite with that rhythm, then they have to love each other. The direction is not different. There is only one direction. Every direction is centered on God.

5) Eternal Life Comes by Living for the Sake of Others

The formula course for eternal life is universal. It applies to grandfathers and grandmothers, as well as descendants thousands of years later, and even to those who are in the spirit world now.

There is a gate that only those who lived for the sake of others can pass through, and you should understand that there are guards at the gate. Please understand well that whatever I ask of you is to help you be able to pass through the gate. (203:193)

4. Blessing and Spirit World

1) The Power of Love

Both the spirit world and the physical world operate by the force of love. Centering on the vertical axis of true love, all the elements of the environment come to interconnect with each other automatically. Just as man and woman join together, all the elements combine exactly like this. (Father clasps his hands together.) (185:20)

Even if you try to put a beard on a woman's face, it doesn't grow. If you want to try, you can. I don't think it will work. How can a plus possibly become a minus? It must be a plus eternally. What is the common denominator? What is the qualification for people in the past and present to live together eternally? What is the primary desire of all humanity? It is love. And not just any love, but true love.

Then what is true love? It must be a love that forms a 90-degree angle between the vertical and the horizontal. This must be the same angle anywhere. It fits into Oriental homes. It fits into Western homes. It fits into northern- or southern-type homes. This angle fits into all homes, no matter what kind of cultural or religious background or skin color they have. It's the same everywhere. That is true love. (180:86)

Today more than six billion people live in this world. But only a few understand the meaning of the Blessing, which the Unification Church teaches about. The Unification Church initiated the term, "Blessing" and has performed Blessing ceremonies centering on this word.

Where should humanity go from now? No human being can go to the Kingdom of Heaven without going through the gate of the Blessing. Many people worship in the established churches. But even the established churches themselves cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven unless they go through the gate of the Blessing.

If I tell them this, they complain that Rev. Moon of the Unification Church speaks arbitrarily. That is their opinion. Nevertheless, all fallen human beings must go through the Blessing. No matter how seriously they oppose it, the Blessing is the most significant thing, and we must enter it in order to join together the spiritual realm and the physical realm.

Today the people who believe in religion think that salvation means individual salvation. They think that they can enter the Kingdom of God if they just have good faith individually. But God's original ideal is not like that. Only a loving husband and wife, a loving family, can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (143:235)

2) The Spirit Selves of Husband and Wife

We are the group that seeks the ideal of love. Do you understand? Therefore, we have to embody the ideal of love. When we sow the seed of love in the horizontal earthly realm as the spokesperson for the spirit world can we grow through our give and take action centering on the heart of love. After that kind of husband and wife enter the spirit world, they will be united with God in the realm of His eternal love. (144:224)

You have to study the logic of true love many times. When we look at the elder ladies who have been with us from the beginning of our church, they look as if they are in their thirties, even though they are actually over fifty. Do I feel bad about that? (Laughter.) The more you love, do you look older or younger? (Younger!) The more you love, the more you become younger.

Externally, the human body grows older. But if you love more and more as husband and wife, your spirit selves become younger. What does it mean? It means that the longer you live, the more mature you become as a beautiful lady or a handsome man. Usually as you become old, your external body begins to malfunction and becomes useless. At some point, you are supposed to take it off. But what can you do if it also gets younger and sticks with you? Your internal self becomes strong and beautiful. When fall comes, a strong chestnut shell becomes loose and allows the chestnut to fall. Just like that. What does a loving person become? Those who live a virtuous life in God's grace and loving each other don't look older. (164:102)

3) Marriage and the Spirit World

In Christianity we say we love God. But this is a very vague concept, isn't it? In the Bible Jesus said, "You shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And the second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself." You have to become like this.

Before you love God, before you love God directly, you have to love the food you eat, love materials, all things, and your body from head to toe. Through loving all things, you come to love your body, because you absorb the elements of all things.

Your first parents are the parents who gave birth to you. Your second parent is the earth. The earth supplies you with all the essential elements for your physical growth. The earth is your second parent. After living on the second parent, your physical death provides the entrance to the eternal realm of the third parent, God. However, you cannot go to the third parent as you are. In order to enter the third parent you have to resemble God, who is the original parent.

Why do we marry? In order to resemble God. God is the harmonized being of dual characteristics. Since man and woman are the divided expression of God's dual characteristics, they have to unite as one body, like a seed, in order to attain to God's dwelling place.

To connect that seed, you have to go through the way of love. This means that you must be born in love, set love as your goal while growing, live centering on love, and walk this path in order to return to love.

You have to understand that you will go off in the wrong direction unless you follow the path centering on the goal of living for the sake of others. The heart of love for the sake of others will always point you in the right direction, as a compass always points north. (138:98)

4) The Position of Blessed Families in the Spirit World

We members of Unification Church are sure about the existence of spirit world. Not just believing but knowing. Why? How? How do we know? Through experience. There are historical facts that we can't deny, and there is the substantial reality in our lives. When we research how the Unification Church was able to make its worldwide foundation up to this day, we find that there were many experiences with the spirit world. Therefore, it is Unification Church members who can testify to the existence of the spirit world.

Then what is the center of the spirit world? Spirit world is the world built centering on the one absolute God. If God exists, He is the origin of the cosmos. There is nothing that doesn't come from Him. Because everything belongs to God, the whole cosmos feels connected with God and lives in connection with Him.

In the realm where true love is achieved, Satan cannot exist. Therefore, we can say that the satanic world is the place where people live centering on self-centered love. There, Heaven is not No. 1, but myself is No. 1. It started by denying heaven and the earth.

Therefore, we need to accept heaven and earth and, under their equal parental love, unite with brothers and sisters. If we center on that standard of love toward all things, then Satan cannot dominate the world. That is the original standard of Adam. You have to recover that standard. Do you understand, or not? (Yes!)

If a Unification couple lives in a certain town, they have to become the topic of conversation in that town, just as I become the topic of rumors anywhere I go. The townspeople should say, "We are so grateful to have that couple in our town. Every man and woman likes that wife. Even children like her." You have to be like that, don't you? Is it true, or not?

If you can't do that, you cannot come readily back to earth from the spirit world. In order to come back, you need to get my signature. Do you think that a Blessed family can come back to earth according to its own way? It will be possible after I pray for them over there. Have I prayed yet in the spirit world? Those in the spirit world are bound. The Blessed families who went to spirit world until now are in bondage.

Therefore, your life on earth is important. The older you become, the more you have to work. This is the formula. The formula for a grandfather doesn't differ from the formula for the grandchild. God and even Satan deal with the same formula. Because it is universal, the person who doesn't pass it is pushed away and the person who does pass it goes up. (140:123)

5) Blessing Is the Promise

Without me, the Unification Church is not interesting, is it? (No.) Do you need me? (Yes!) Do you know the spirit world is waiting for me? Even in the spirit world I have to give you your proper position. Years after you were born, you met a strange person like me and became strange, too, didn't you? Is that true? (Yes!) Do you believe that God's Will, which I have taught you, is true? (Yes!)

You all received the Blessing from me, didn't you. You promised me that you would live as eternal families. I am the person who can govern eternal families. I am the person who can govern the eternal nation. I am setting the standard of families in the eternal nation. Then those of you who keep your promise can inherit that family, as well as that nation.

Are you in that eternal nation now, or not? Did you accomplish it, or not? Did you? Are you searching for an answer? Were you able to accomplish it? (No.) Therefore, we have to bring about the unification of North and South Korea. (205:359)

6) The Glory of Blessing

What should a true woman be like? If, for the sake of your husband, you do what he has to do, centering on him and serving the family, the tribe, and the whole world, then all the people surrounding you will applaud you. It is easy.

Do you like me? (Yes!) Because I am going to give you the Blessing, you must be flattering me. You said "yes" wishing to get a good husband, didn't you? (No!) Why do you like me? Why? Because I am living for the sake of all and leading the life of suffering in order to give you life and liberate all humankind. Therefore, everybody likes me. Unless I suffer, you will not be able to receive the Blessing, even if you wait for hundreds of thousands of years in the spirit world. I made the impossible things possible by my suffering course and enlarged the realm of this precious Blessing. You should understand how glorious and brilliant this fact is for the spirit world in heaven and for this world on earth. (162:68)

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