Earthly Life and Spirit World #1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 3 - The Spirit World [Part 1]

Section 1. The Spirit World You Can Experience During Your Life On Earth

1. The Spirit World and the Present Time

Now is the time when the spirit world and the physical world can be united on the global level. This is not a quiet time but the time when heaven and earth are surely experiencing great changes. The world will try to stop these changes one way or another, but Heaven is determined to bring about these changes. The two forces cannot help fighting each other to the end. When Heaven wins over the world, the spirit world and the physical world can be united. In fact, that was already accomplished at the time of the Washington Monument Rally. Do you follow me? After 1976 the satanic world could no longer accuse God directly, although it can still accuse our ancestors in the spirit world. Now we can mobilize all our ancestors in the spirit world to drive away all the satanic forces from the earth, upon which we can build the foundation for absolute goodness.

The spirit world will tell you what to do. It will guide many people to believe in the Unification Church. Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, or people's own ancestors will appear to them and spiritually punish them if they don't believe in the Unification Church. When the spirit world starts influencing this world, the worldwide movement will start based on a standard that transcends racial differences and upon which we can unite the entire spirit world and all the divided peoples on earth through love.

Up to now the East and the West have had different spirit worlds. How do you think it is possible to unite them? Only love can do it. In fact, I have already united many people from the East and the West, centered on God's love. From the individual to the levels of family, tribe, society, nation, and world, all the foundations have been established, centered on God's love. Heaven, as well as the entire spirit world, will come to depend on us forever.

2. The Future Age

I met a new member from New York yesterday. He said he joined the church because he had spiritually seen Belvedere and met me.

Such a person may become a king or a president in the foreseeable future. There arc so many people like hire throughout the world. The number of people who do things like talk to themselves while walking will increase in the United States. This is because the spirit world will soon come down upon the earth. Then who is going to control it? That's my responsibility. But you also have to do it. I cannot do everything alone. (?7:77)

You are now sons and daughters of God who can unify the world, get rid of all the aggrievement caused by the fall of humankind, and enter God's palace waving victorious flags. Then how will you march forward? Are you going to march like this, or with a laugh? (With a laugh.) God will embrace you and dance! (Laughter.)

"You are my everlasting sons and daughters, and you will not see misery anymore. Love! Love! My love! The everlasting Kingdom of Heaven!" God will proclaim with joy. After Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument, we will march forward to Moscow.

If I can successfully indemnify three seven-year courses during the 1980s based on forty years of my life, the entire democratic world will come to stand on our side. In the 1990s no one in the democratic world will even try to oppose the Unification Church. Then all the problems of Communism will be solved within seven years.

After that you are going to enter the super-spiritual age, in which no one can deny the existence of God or the spirit world. You may wonder when it will be. Our world has changed a lot since the 1960s. The United States, which was at its highest peak, has now come down to the bottom. Am I wrong? (No.)

Likewise, is there any reason to believe that the Unification Church, which has been suffering at the bottom, cannot climb up to the top 24 years later? As soon as our church goes up to that level, the entire spirit world will come down. That is the spiritual age I am speaking of. Then, even if there are only three of our members' houses in a town, everyone will be able to communicate with the spirit world. You are very lucky to have been born in this age. You have to know that. (86:194)

The time will come, therefore, when you cannot appear in front of me in a sloppy and halfhearted manner. At that time, I will have completely opened up the gate of the spirit world. If you come to the gate in that manner, I will throw you out, saying, "Why have you come here?" Psychic people will see that I have brought this about. We will enter the age when we can deal with the world in this manner.

We'll make a diary about everything, including the president's going to the men's room, and make him surrender to us by telling him, "You did such and such. If you do this, you are destined to die a few years later. You have to follow Heaven." Do you follow me? Do you think there is going to be a war? In the Communist world, we'll report everything about what Kosygin is doing, what he is plotting, etc., and ask him, "How do you live without God?" We will have the top leaders of the Communist Party totally surrender to us by just giving them an order.

What type of people are living in the world now? They are the same type of people as those who lived at the time of Jesus, though I cannot elaborate on it in detail yet, since we are still going through the process of restoration.

There are all kinds of people in the world who can perform a variety of wondrous things in my place, though God has not yet allowed them to do so. Some can fly in the air. Do you follow me? Many people can walk on water. (Laughter.) There are many people who can travel tens of thousands of kilometers in an instant. They are now training themselves in the heart of the Himalaya Mountains. I may call them someday. Do you follow me? It sounds unbelievable, doesn't it?

Do you believe the world is going to be unified? Whoever is unable to respond to the ideal of love in the history of re-creation will be banished from the authority of God, and we will enter a new age.

This is my view of the age of super-senses in the near future. Only love can do it. Don't you think so? Once you love something in such an age, you'll try to hold onto it no matter what may happen. Don't you think so? We are entering a new age when things can be achieved only by God's love.

I came to know everything in my prayer. Although I may appear to be very ignorant to you because I don't say very much, in fact, I know everything. We are in an age when we can completely dominate the spirit world while living on earth. Do you follow me? Since I know everything about the spirit world, have my own body, and have clarified these principles, not only Satan but the angelic world must completely surrender to me. Everyone who is familiar with Buddhism and Christianity, therefore, must surrender to me as well.

When people who communicate with the spirit world kneel down to me, and when others who do not communicate with it but are willing to die whenever they are asked kneel down to me, then we can accomplish God's providence on earth and start building the Kingdom of Heaven here. Do you follow me? (Yes!)

Then will you have anything more to do? You will be surprised when I reveal my thoughts. I may explain to you why I did such and such, and how such and such became reality. I'm not kidding. Neither am I trying to cheat you. You can wait and see what'll happen. Some people may wonder how they could have been so stupid. I have said to you before that the day would come when one would come with me and the other would be left behind. It will surely happen to the Unification Church members. (60:194)

3. Spiritual Experiences Are Sometimes Necessary

Do you pray? (Yes.) Do you pray shedding tears, or do you just pray? How do you pray? Your prayer should be: "I cannot go back now. I cannot go back even if I may die otherwise. If I go back now, it would be more miserable than death." If you have a lot of spiritual experiences during your prayer, then you'll surely be resurrected.

You may think that you were very lucky not to have been born in America. However, you should also appreciate that you are working here in America. It's hard for us to get rid of our habits. You have to go through various hardships in order to understand what I'm saying. There is no other way to reach the goal without going through lots of hardships. When you are really determined to do it, God will surely help you. You should feel God's heart in every word you speak. God's heart must come before your words. Therefore you must always be humble.

Even though you can find no words to speak, you should feel the presence of God in front of you. He can pull you forward all the time. As long as you have such confidence, you can educate a crowd no matter how many people there are.

God will coach you, and you'll be able to speak in spite of yourself. Of course, you would hear what you were saying, but you might wonder what's going on. In such a state of mind, you would find everything going naturally. Any movement of your body or facial expression would be natural and in sync with your spoken words. If you live each day in such a way, then someday you'll find you are experiencing a dynamic and lively life. Do you follow me? (96:168)

Experiencing the spirit world is nothing but becoming familiar with the world of the fourth dimension, where you can communicate with or take counsel with great men of wisdom who lived several thousand years ago. You can experience it directly while living on earth. (4:225)

4. Mastery of Spiritual Awareness

Although you worship God as the center of your faith, your understanding of God, as you know, is very vague. Then where do you start looking for Him? That question is of utmost importance.

Where do you start? Although God is surely in the center of your mind, you cannot feel it as clearly as you feel tangible things with your five physical senses. You should not start looking into God Himself. You should look into yourself first.

You have a mind and body. You should investigate yourself centered not on your body but your mind. The mind of every fallen man is different, although its root may be the same.

A circle has 360 degrees, and if two lines are drawn through the center, one perpendicular to the other, it creates angles of 90 degrees. We can divide a circle into 360 parts. If our mind is like a circle, it is important for you to decide how to draw the first horizontal line. The shape of a horizontal line in a circle differs from one person to another. Your original characters are different, just as your faces are different.

When we go to divide a circle starting from zero degrees, adding one degree and then two degrees and so on, we have to use a standard to calculate each degree. If your mind is like a circle, the standard to divide it differs from one person to another. You have to know that.

Everyone is different. Why? Each person has a different horizontal line and vertical line upon which to divide a circle into 360 parts, just as each one has a different face, hobbies, feelings, etc. One person draws a line this way, and another person that way. Everyone does differently. We therefore have to adjust them.

How do you do it? First you must find the zero point. Where is that? In your mind. When you draw a horizontal line upon the zero point, you can draw a perpendicular line from it.

You must stand as an object before Heaven, which is the subject. God has surely given us the foundation upon which we can stand as an object. You must find a perpendicular line upon the horizontal foundation of your mind. There is surely such a perpendicular line in your mind. Everyone has a different standard for such a perpendicular line. How do you adjust your perpendicular line to the zero point? In a power plant there are many different types of meters. Each meter has something similar to the zero point, centered on which its direction, power, quantity and so forth can be adjusted. We must have such a standard.

There is a gate in your mind. The gate does not open in just one direction. Since your mind is always moving around, the gate is always changing its direction as well. Without going through such a gate, you as a minus cannot make a relationship with God, who is a plus. If the direction of the gate is not right, your mind cannot work well. Everyone has such a gate. As you may already know, prayer is different depending on when you pray. Prayer at one o'clock is different from prayer at three o'clock. You should experience it. If you pray in a deep and mysterious state, you will know it. You may have such an experience. Prayers in the morning, at noon, in the early evening, and at night are all different.

Our mind responds differently depending on when and how we pray, just as our physical senses respond differently to different seasons. So you should know when you can pray the best. You can pray deeply when you are close to God. As you continue to make an effort, someday you'll find the gate. Don't you think so? When the gate of God and that of your mind become perfectly one, you can feel exactly what God is feeling.

How can you do it? You need to look into your mind and cultivate it. Your zero point has shifted 180 degrees because of the fall of humankind. Your zero point is not where it should be. It has been behaving its own way. Therefore you need to bring it back to the original place. (Father draws a picture on the blackboard)

You need to bring it back clockwise. Some people try to do it counterclockwise, because it seems to be a shorter way. They will never succeed, no matter how many years they try. Even one thousand years' effort will not help them. They must go all the way back in the right direction. That is the way it is.

This is true for religions. Religious people should know that the end of this world is drawing near. They should move clockwise. If they move counterclockwise or stay as they are, however, they are destined to be crushed when the day approaches.

Some people have wrong angles and directions. They tend to go in the wrong direction in spite of themselves. There are all kinds of religions. Some of them have expanded centered on God's providence, others centered on Satan. Therefore it is extremely difficult for us to tell good religions and bad ones apart.

This is true for our mind. There are good minds and bad minds. You may think your mind is good, but it is not necessarily true. Some of you are very much influenced by evil, and others more by goodness. There are all types of minds because of the fall of humankind.

What is of utmost importance, therefore, is to start looking for your zero point and try to tune the gate of your mind to God. In other words, as you practice your faith it is very important to find out when the gate of your mind opens. Then you have to adjust it to God.

You always have to be alert. You should always wonder if this may be the time you can successfully adjust your mind to God. Students should wonder if they might be able to adjust their minds to God while studying something, or while having a good time. You have to look for the right moment and make an effort to adjust yourself to God all the time.

First you should know the depth of your mind, and then try to open it. Then you should try to adjust it to the place where the gate of Heaven is located. This is the most precious thing to do in your religious life.

As you make an effort to become a true object of God, a variety of new and dynamic phenomena will start happening to you.

You may have had only a winter mind in the past. But you will start having autumn, summer and spring feelings as well. Why? The universe is always moving around. So is our mind. Just as four seasons are brought about by the rotation of our planet, so our mind is always moving around and experiencing a variety of feelings.

There are four seasons not only in a year but in a day. The morning corresponds to spring, the noon to summer, the early evening to fall, and the night to winter. Thus there are four seasons in a day. There are also four seasons in the morning, however. You can have spring, summer, autumn, and winter feelings even during just the morning. Just as large things change their shape on a large scale, small ones do the same thing on a smaller scale.

Our mind is the same. First you should know that your mind is experiencing all kinds of feelings. Most of you don't know what you are feeling now. You are not usually aware of whether you are feeling summer or spring or winter. You should therefore learn it through your prayer and by having a variety of experiences.

Once you are in such a state, you will start experiencing all kinds of phenomena. You know the word "hint" or "suggestion," don't you? When you are walking somewhere, for example, and happen to see a bird flying off the wall of a beautiful house, the gate of your mind suddenly opens and you start learning something out of nowhere.

You will start experiencing all kinds of phenomena on a daily basis. What someone says will give you a hint to become more deeply aware of your life. Such experiences will increase gradually.

After that stage you will start receiving revelations in your dreams. I'm not talking about your dreams during deep sleep. The dreams I am talking about will happen only when you are half awake. Saint Paul experienced the third heaven when he was half awake. In such a half-awake-and-half-dreaming stage you may catch, say, two-thirds of the words spoken by someone as if beside you, and you can physically experience the dream with your own five senses.

You should not make light of such a phenomenon. You should analyze it scientifically and try to find out why it happened and what you should do about it. You need to check yourself every day as to what may happen next. The result will surely come out. You will gradually experience that the revelations you had in your dream, which you can hardly forget, will be proved 100 percent right in reality.

People you are talking with in the half-awake stage of your dream are going to appear in reality. You are going to hear the song you heard in your dream. Such phenomena will happen. This is because your mind is resonating with the spirit world. You know a tuning fork, don't you? Your mind will become a tuning fork that can resonate with the spirit world. You should think very highly of such experiences.

What will happen next? Where will God appear? God will appear not in the air but through your mind. You haven't had such an experience, have you? This is because your mind is not firmly established and because you are still controlled by your body. Once your spiritual mind is firmly established and becomes the subject of your physical mind, you will start having different experiences.

If you go up to a much higher level, you will start talking with your mind during prayer. Your prayer will resonate with your mind, and you will physically hear what you are saying in your mind. During the first stage you will receive a hint or suggestion of such possibilities in your daily life.

Religious people must be aware of these facts. When you come into contact with someone, you shouldn't treat that person in a casual manner. You should always wonder if he can teach you something. You must always be hungry in your mind. You should look for something new in your mind through him. You are always either a subject or an object in a relationship with him. As a subject or an object you should try to find out something new in your mind through him.

You can easily tell who is your subject and who is your object if you witness to people. You can feel the wavelengths of their minds and witness to them with joy. Every mind has its own wavelength, doesn't it? Your mind has its own unique smell, just as a butcher smells of meat, or a dealer in fabrics smells of cloth, or your body has its own smell. You have to be able to smell your mind.

Just like your body, your mind has something similar to the sense of touch as well. Your mind emits something like electronic waves to look for its own object. It is like a magnet; it has plus and minus. It rejects any wavelengths that are not similar to yours and is attracted to those that are similar, in spite of itself.

Religious people must believe that there is nothing in the world that is not related to them. Why is that necessary? Because we have lost all kinds of relationships due to the fall of humankind. People have cut off their true relationship with nature, other people, and God. You have to be very conscious of this fact in order to bring all the relationships back to the original state by connecting them with each other. Unless you have such an attitude, you'll never succeed in pioneering in this field. This is very logical.

You need be ready all the time to look for something. During your prayer in the morning you may be able to sense that something good is going to happen that day. You shouldn't let nature take its own course, but actively start looking for whatever it is. This type of attitude is extremely important in leading a religious life. Spiritual awareness and its practice will surely enliven your life. This is all based on your experiences during the half-awake state.

If your spiritual level goes higher, you will start receiving revelations and hints on a daily basis. Hints are different from revelations. Hints are given directly to you by someone, and it is not necessary to figure them out. On the other hand, you must always interpret revelations, which sometimes leads to problems. Some revelations come verbally, and others are visual. A vision could be a couple of deer drinking water from a spring and then glancing at a mountain in the distance on a warm spring day. This type of vision symbolizes boundless hope and happiness. You will have a variety of such visions. This kind of experience does not happen accidentally. Heaven is doing this to help you to cultivate your mind. Your mind is not flat, like glass; it is uneven. So when a heavenly ray hits the uneven plane of your mind, it will be refracted. A slight change in the angle of an incoming ray will cause a change in the angle of an outgoing ray. Therefore, God has to give you all kinds of revelations to enlighten each part of your mind.

The next step brings about much higher spiritual experiences, such as those found in the Book of Revelation. In this stage you enter the spirit world and have various spiritual experiences all day long. Here, you have a direct relationship with God. Unless you have such experiences, it may not be possible for you to apply God's providence to your daily life. It may be very hard for those with no such experiences to believe in what I'm saying. You have to know how important it is to lead a religious life based on such spiritual experiences. So you must make an effort to enlighten yourself every day.

We Unification Church members often have spiritual experiences during prayer. The spiritual forces are like electromagnetic power. They enter our bodies. You will experience high pressure entering your body, pressure that is supernatural and superhuman power and is much stronger than your conscience. Since your body has been influenced by various fallen natures, you'll certainly find yourself trying to reject these supernatural forces even though they originate from God or original human character.

Unfortunately, fallen man never accepts God's power without rejecting it first, which means that he cannot be purified right away. Because of this habit, God lets His power enter your mind in varied strengths and at varied times-sometimes strongly and sometimes weakly. In doing so, God will gradually cultivate your mind. You may have vibrations in your body, lose your consciousness, or become overpowered by strong spiritual forces.

What will happen next if you continue having such experiences? Your physical body and all the fallen natures will become completely purified, and through this you will become totally able to accept God. Once you are in such a state, you can receive guidance from Heaven directly and will never contradict it even if you have no further spiritual experiences.

Eventually, you have to be completely purified. But you have to go through many different stages before you reach that level. You have to go through receiving hints, suggestions, and revelations in your dreams and having various other spiritual experiences.

Once you reach the completely purified stage, your mind will start giving directions to you. You may not be able to speak at all, even though you want to talk to someone. Or you will scold someone in spite of yourself. You will experience such incomprehensible phenomena from time to time. Therefore it is very important for you to know how to control these experiences. If you misuse them, people may treat you like a crazy person.

It is absolutely necessary to have such experiences in your religious life. Then you have to put these experiences into practice. You have to experiment. In doing so, you will become stronger, so much so that you will no longer be influenced by anyone's words. You have to know that both spiritual awareness and its practice are of the utmost importance in your religious life.

How can we achieve that goal? Roughly speaking, we can divide all human beings into two types. The first type consists of so-called intellectual people, who search for truth. They accept anything that sounds reasonable and reject anything contrary to reason. The other type consists of people who emphasize feelings rather than reason. In the Unification Church they are called spiritual people. Whereas intellectual people look for external understanding first and then try to apply it to the internal world, spiritual people look for internal feelings first and then try to apply them to the external world. We may call the former the incoming type, and the latter the outgoing type. Roughly speaking, these are the two types of people.

Intellectual people generally don't like prayer. They don't know exactly why it is necessary for us to pray or to call God "Heavenly Father." Many cannot believe it. They consider it superstitious and think that their own existence is going to be denied eventually. Intellectual people like to find truth and form theories. Spiritual people, on the other hand, seem to have been born being fond of calling on God. They tend to rejoice excessively without explanation. They don't need to eat as long as they can call God "Father."

These are two totally different types of people. Which type of people do you think is successful in a revolutionary spiritual movement? I don't think intellectual people can do it. Those who have accomplished great things in the religious world are mostly simple and uneducated people. They are not intellectual but spiritual.

They don't care what the world will say about them. They see things without prejudice and do exactly what God tells them to do. As a result, they turn out to become great figures in history. Saint Paul was originally an intellectual person. But since he was struck by spiritual lightning on the road to Damascus, he became crazy for Heaven. He emphatically denied external searching and started giving importance to internal experiences, thereby becoming a new standard-bearer of the Christian revolution. As is often the case, those emphasizing reason cannot play a role as great leaders of the religious world. Elder Pak, here, is a simple person. He looks simple and warmhearted. Yes, there are two types of people.

You should know which group you belong to. Spiritual people are usually not good at reasoning, though they are very mature spiritually. As far as reasoning and truth are concerned, they are usually not consistent from beginning to end, so they most likely drop out halfway. They cannot go to the end. On the other hand, those who are good at reasoning and truth but poor spiritually cannot go to the end either. Therefore you have to make an effort to correct your weaknesses.

It is often said that we have to pray in spirit and truth. This means that you have to create a balance between learning from the physical world and from the spirit world. You should stand in the center of both the physical world and the spirit world, and adjust yourself to the right or the left, as the case may be. Otherwise you cannot become perfect.

If you are good spiritually but poor intellectually (Father draws a line on the blackboard), you cannot go straight. You turn this way to the left. Do you follow me? It is as if you were being pulled the wrong way by a strong person. But if you strengthen your spirituality by truth, you will find it easy to go straight. (76:125)

5. How to Develop Your Spiritual Senses

If you really miss someone from the bottom of your heart, the wall dividing you is nothing. You can go over it no matter how high it may be. It will happen without saying anything. This is because the spirit world will help you. When I was imprisoned in Hungnam, I witnessed to people silently. I didn't speak, but the spirit world was mobilized to help me, because otherwise something terrible would have happened.

This is true for you who are going to other countries. I went to every known place in the 1960s. I regret that I couldn't crisscross the whole of Korea, visiting every county, barefoot. Now, I'm too busy to do so.

I wish I could become the head of a county and pay a visit to all the houses in a village. At each house I would ask for a glass of water. Otherwise I would not be called a leader.

When you go out to the street, you have to think about whom you are going to meet first, second, and third, and pray to God: "What kind of person is he? If possible I would like to meet such and such person today. What kind of person is he?" You must feel good if your prayer comes true, and through such experiences your spiritual senses will gradually develop.

As soon as you go out to the street, you may start feeling you are going to meet such and such people. Your spirituality is supposed to be boundless. You will be surprised if your intuition becomes reality. What you think and the intuition given by the spirit world will often become reality. You have to grow spiritually through these experiences. Do you follow me? (Yes.) (30:150)

6. Spiritual Guidance

(Here Father responds to a question at the Unification Church in Essen, Germany, on March 26, 1972.)

Question: Is Jesus still working with the Holy Spirit? Why should the Holy Spirit be in the mother's position? Jesus has been working with the Holy Spirit for so long, but is the Holy Spirit still working in the mother's position?

Answer: It is no longer the age of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but the age of the True Parents. Now the True Parents are working on earth. Have you ever seen Jesus during your prayer or in a vision. There are many people who have seen me. Those who have seen me during prayer or in a dream, raise your hands. Most of you are supposed to see me. You have to develop this skill. (54-303)

Your flesh and spirit are supposed to become one centered on true love, not centered on false love. They cannot become one without your knowing the source of true love. This is very logical. Also, you have to go beyond this level and look forward to receiving heavenly blessings.

Are you going to try it? (Yes!) Then all of you can eventually find blessings. Otherwise you could come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the Divine Principle. Why is it that the more miserable the place you go, the closer you feel to Heaven? Because in such a miserable place, you can forget worldly love and enter the realm of heavenly love. That's why you can feel closer to Heaven.

Heaven will appear to you and have a direct relationship with you. You will be in the direct dominion of God. Since you may not be aware of God's presence, I will appear to you in His stead. Do you follow me? You are destined to live in the realm of God's direct dominion. (91:184)

What kind of relationship do you have with me? Do you often see me during your prayer or in a dream? You should see me every day. Those who are seeing me every day, raise your hands. Everyone must become like them.

All of the Unification Church members throughout the world must have such experiences. You have to know more about the spirit world. You must be able to see me without opening your eyes. Can you do it? There must be someone who can do it. These phenomena are unprecedented in history. No such phenomena will occur in the future, either.

Do you want to increase such experiences, or decrease them? You have to increase them. Adam and Eve would have come into the direct dominion of God if they had not fallen. God would have been involved in whatever they said or did. By the same token, I have to be involved in whatever you say or do, and whenever I find something wrong with you, I have to help you correct it. Do you follow me? (Yes!)

If you follow my directions and do everything with more joy and happiness than any dictators who ever conquered the world had felt, you will start experiencing such a mysterious world. I may ask you to do the most difficult things, but if you are determined to do them with more joy than I have, you will surely start experiencing such a world. As long as you are committed to doing your mission, I will coach you in everything. (91:174)

You Unification Church members must receive spiritual guidance from me during your prayer or in your dreams. Already many members can receive my spiritual guidance directly, no matter where they go.

Wonderful things will occur more often than they did at the time of Jesus. You members need to serve me directly. In the church you will experience from time to time something greater than the people had at the time of Jesus. That's why the world will be able to become one with the Unification Church.

We are now facing a life and death situation, so much so that you have to offer desperate prayers. It is not enough for you to pray for only a short time. You have twenty-four hours to pray. It is shameful for you not to have such experiences or serve me directly in such a free age.

Blessed couples should have had such experiences and standard. You are supposed to be entitled to the Blessing only after being spiritually engrafted to me. (31:331)

Does your mother, your father, your teacher, or anyone you know appear to you during your prayer or in your dream or spiritually and give you spiritual guidance? In the Unification Church I appear to you during your prayer or in a dream or vision and tell you what you should do.

You can have such experiences within a few days after you join the church. But you should know that it has become possible only at the cost of various sacrifices over several decades, and on the foundation of the blood and martyrdom of numerous saints. These are such priceless treasures that you cannot buy them even by paying billions of dollars. Do you follow me? (Yes!) (91:177)

We often talk about God's love and heart. Where can you find them? In your prayer God will tell you, "Listen to Rev. Moon. Don't make him sad. You should make him happy." That is the best way. God will speak to you like that. If you really want to see me and are willing to sacrifice even your sleep, you can soon open your spirit world. That is the fastest way to open your spirit world.

If you do so, then while sitting here you can see what I am doing in the United States. In this way the subject of your faith, which is intangible and vague, could materialize on the horizontal plane. You should know that these experiences will revolutionize the religious world. That's why it is important to attain spiritual awareness. (76:152)

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