Earthly Life and Spirit World #1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 3 - The Spirit World [Part 3]

5. Clothes, Food, and Shelter in the Spirit World

Would you skip breakfast tomorrow morning because you ate hamburgers or bread this morning? (Laughter.) Would you eat ten meals and then stop eating altogether? Until your physical body dies, you will keep crying out, "Oh, rice! Oh, bread! Oh, hamburgers!"

Would you become tired of food because you eat it every day? Do you wait for the food to come every day? (Yes.) Likewise, you have to eat God's words every day, even after you go to the eternal spirit world. That is why you have to train yourself while on earth. It has to be your desire to know: "What kinds of words will God speak to us? What meaning do they have?" Isn't that true?

Think about it. Is there a bread factory in the spirit world, or not? Is there a factory that produces Coca Cola and juice, or not? (No.) Why not? You don't know why not. Right? (Laughter.) Is there a factory that manufactures cars in the spirit world? Would you say, "I want to move around the spirit world in a luxurious car," and then move around there in the car? On this earth people boast of owning a Mercedes Benz, but in the spirit world there is no need for cars.

What would you do in the spirit world? Would you eat food, or not? Would you prefer to eat food, or not? (Prefer eating.) (Laughter.) Centering on what would you eat food there? You eat centered on love. A person who could not have love on the earth won't be able to open his mouth no matter how much he wants to eat. That is the rule.

Your mouth will not open if your heart loves only yourself and does not center on loving others. Even when you try to pick up food with chopsticks and bring the food to your mouth, the chopsticks would move away from your mouth. You may try once, twice, three times this way, saying, "Arrgh!" How disappointed would you be. Everything is possible only when you have the concept of true love in the spirit world. Without it nothing is possible.

In the spirit world, if you have love for others, then as soon as you say, even in your imagination, "I need a car made of diamonds," it will appear. Even without a car, however, you will be able to travel hundreds of millions of miles, or even a distance of a hundred million light-years.

What is a car for? Only a loving heart, a heart of true love, is needed. If you say, "I would like to meet this type of a beautiful woman who lived so many billions of years ago," she will appear 100 percent as you wished, even though there was never any such person who fit your description 100 percent. Anything is possible with your imagination. This is the main concept: centered on true love. Without that concept, you cannot do anything. So, what do you think will happen to a person who lived centered on himself? What will become of him?

What I am teaching about is the tide of heart. In the spirit world, when you visit someone who is lower than your love standard, you can possess that person's house if you like it. The owner of the house knows it as soon as he sees your face. If he recognizes you as someone higher than he in the standard of true love, he will welcome you to his living room, saying, "Welcome." Just as a tour guide guides you, he will guide you through his house.

If you become God's son or daughter, the whole vast universe will become yours. When you go to the spirit world, would you want to follow me around? (Yes!) You cannot do that now. On the path I go, you cannot follow me. The gate of your heart is narrow. True love enables you to go through a wide gate or a narrow gate. Only true love makes it possible.

This position represents the whole. That is why it can let you go in or out of anywhere. Am I just a dreamer? What word is the opposite of dreamer? (Realist.) Did you see? Because my nose is this shape and my eyes are so small, I may be a deceptive person. Isn't it true? (Laughter.) Who of you can tell if you have been deceived? Your original mind knows.

Does your heart say, "Aye!" or "Ahhh'"? When your heart moves around in the four directions -- east, west, south, and north -- will it say, "I don't mind doing this, lying down, or rolling over"? Would you say that you can think over the concept I have mentioned at night or during the day, wherever you go? (Yes.) Then the concept is the truth.

However, if even one-third of your heart says, "Ahhh," then one-third of the concept is false. Do you think that your heart can welcome it 100 percent? Even if I were lying, if you believe what I say 100 percent as the true words spoken by God, He will help you to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Since He has the ability to create, He can create anything to help you. If that happens, you will be greater than I. Do you understand that? (Yes.) Then believe. Believe 100 percent. (Laughter). (207:94)

The people in this world outside our church do not understand our activities because they do not know us. I have been making preparations. America cannot do this, nor can the Soviet Union or China. That is why I tell you to follow me. America, the Soviet Union, and China do not know that I have been making preparations. Even though the countries are huge and the people are proud, they will crumble. Do you understand? (Yes.) Is it so? (Yes.)

Why should it be so? It is because the spirit world is like that. The spirit world is our eternal homeland. This earth is the homeland of our original bodies. The spirit world is the homeland of our original heart. Do you understand? (Yes.) The next world we are to enter is the world of heart, the spirit world. If we train ourselves for our future entry to the spirit world, we will have no problems once we get there.

Americans have to eat hamburgers and French fries. Koreans have to eat kimchee and kochijan. Even if there are hamburgers and kimchee in the spirit world, people will not be able to enjoy them unless they have true love. So if we live our life on earth in the same rhythm as the spirit world, we will have no struggle in the spirit world. We will dance day and night, saying, "How happy we are!"

Our life on the earth for seventy or eighty years is less than one second in the eternal world. Would you follow the lifestyle of this world, which is worth less than one second? We have to keep step with the eternal world.

I am thinking of training members of the Unification Church to be the king of the market. I want all of them to be graduates of the Market University. They will become significant leaders. Do you think they will, or not? (They will.) Do you think that my ideology will unify the spirit world and the physical world, or not? (It will.) (207:72)

Do you think that you will eat rice in the spirit world? If so, then I'll have to seal your mouth shut by welding your lips together. Your tongue has to be pulled out. Then what are you going to do? Your teeth have to be pulled out, too? Or should your teeth be kept intact? (Kept intact) Why do you want to keep them intact? Without eating rice, what use do your teeth have?

When you are in spirit world, do you think that you have to urinate, or not? (Laughter.) Why don't you try to go to spirit world next time to find out? I am telling you that you will have to urinate even in spirit world, but those who do not think so should go there and find out for yourself.

Then what about moving the bowels? Do you think we do that there, or not? (Laughter.) You do everything there, but it will immediately return to the elements. Do you understand about elements? They say that there are 107 basic elements in the universe, but these are constantly increasing. Anyhow, urine and feces will go back to the elements. That is why you do not have to clean in the spirit world. If you wave your hands with the heart of true love, you can go back to the original homeland. If with the heart of love you ask something to come out, it will come out. With the heart of love, all kinds of mobilizing are possible.

If you need to be welcomed to spirit world, you can command ten million people to come welcome you. You can ask for this type and that type of people: whatever number of Westerners, Americans, Germans, and all kinds from more than a hundred countries. They will come out in numbers.

Then we can have cultural festivals from each country. We can hold balls and have each country present its prize dance performance. You will look at the ballroom in a daze, without knowing whether you are standing or lying down, intoxicated by the atmosphere. The spirit world is that kind of world.

Would you like to go there, or not? (We want to go there.) I may be telling you a lie. God, however, has the ability to create. We have to know that He is the subject, who is capable of creating whatever He wishes. Even when Satan tells you, "Hey, God has told you such and such," and you believe Satan's ideals and act on them, God will still create many ways for you to be victorious. (Amen!) (212:30)

This enormous universe God has created! There are no cars or food in the spirit world. As if we were like God, the Creator, we will be able to create everything, centered on the concept of true love and with our original ability in the spirit world.

When you order something to appear, the real thing will appear. If you say, "That kind of tool, please appear!" it will appear at once. Isn't it wonderful? If you ask for meals for ten thousand or even many million people who have come to a ballroom, they will be provided. When you ask for golden formal attire, it will appear instantly. What a nice place! It is indeed wonderful! (Laughter.) Your tongues are hanging out now. (Laughter.)

Your tongue extends toward the things you commanded to appear, saying, "Oh, Father in heaven!" Your tongue would reach out to those things, saying, "Hey! they do not decrease!" What will your tongue be doing in spirit world? (Laughter.) The more true love your tongue tastes, the more it sticks out, saying, "Ahh, the taste of heaven!" Whenever your tongue says that, you will say, "I feel like jumping. Please do not wake up from this dream! I like it better! I like it better! Now I want to meet my partner of love. I want to go out there with my wife!" You are standing in the position of king, centered on the automatically flowing love. The spirit world is the place of final settlement for all. You can hear the voice of true love. Everything will instantly become beautiful, as if each were God's partner. They will become so good for us to see and feel. It will be too good to sleep. It is so wonderful for you to open your eyes in the spirit world.

You do not go to sleep in the spirit world. Understand? Because you do not sleep in the spirit world, you can dance with all parts of your body going in and out there, even at midnight. (Laughter.) There is your "melody partner," and he or she can produce all kinds of voices.

Are you able to hear such voices? No! It is noise that you can hear and joyfully dance to. (Laughter.) The reason why you do it spiritually is because you long for eternal joy to fill your life. When your spirit body is in the spirit world, you will be able to learn realistically to attain true love. True love moves to someone else and becomes a center for making an actual physical body be revitalized.

From there it is connected with the spirit world of love. Air is the air of love. Food is the food of love. Clothes are the clothes of love. The True Parents will provide those things centered on true love.

Look around. You worry about food in your life. We need factories to manufacture automobiles, fertilizer, clothes, food, and so on. People busy themselves with food at their home. In the spirit world, there are no factories. No need for cars. No need for airplanes. In the blink of an eye, you will be able to travel a hundred million miles. Spiritual energy travels faster than the rays of the sun. Spiritual energy. The sun's rays, which were created by God, travel three hundred million meters. Doesn't electricity travel as fast as the speed of light?

God's original love energy and life energy travel many thousands of times faster than light and electricity. If you wish to meet with someone who is millions or billions of miles away, that person will still appear. When you prepare your heart and say that you would like to meet with someone you love, that person will appear. Isn't it great? When he appears in front of you, you will know which level you are on. You will know if you are higher or lower than he. Even if he was your closest friend, he will bow to you as soon as he emerges if you are higher than he in love from the heavenly point of view. Even your own mother will bow to you. Your ancestors from way back will do the same. The spirit world is such a place.

Those who used to live eight or ten million years ago will appear and bow to you. Biblical history is what, six thousand years? It is like a madman's story. How much has changed over the past thousands of years? People who used to live then could sense Heaven much more deeply than those who live now.

However, the aspect of cultural life is the opposite. The higher the cultural life becomes, the higher the spiritual senses develop. Isn't that true? Once you attain more knowledge, you understand more according to the degree of the knowledge and become more sensitive in analyzing everything. From now on, that kind of knowledge will be developed more and the spirit world will guide and teach those who are concerned about the future of the world. They will understand through spiritual waves what will happen. If you reach higher and higher in some position, you will see only one goal at the end. (206:138)

Please try to do this kind of training yourselves. When you meet with someone outside, and analyze and compare him with someone similar, you will know, "Ahh, this person has this kind of character, so he will live his life this way." When you double-check with his real life, you may find that you are 70 percent correct. When you meet someone for the first time and describe to him, saying, "Your character is like this, isn't it?" he will ask you, "How did you know that?" When you do it more and more, you will get better at it.

If you train yourself in analyzing many people while on earth, you will be able to take charge of many people wherever you go in the spirit world. You will be able to understand every person you meet. You will be able to tell whether a person is higher or lower in love.

If the person is higher than you, you will greet him, saying, "Good morning, sir!" "Good morning!" "Oooooh!" You will become big like that. You will be able to compare each thing with everything else. Everyone concludes that the path of center is the best to follow. When you go to a village in spirit world, the villagers will say to you, "Welcome. Please stop by my house." You will not need to worry about food or clothes there. No factories are needed there. Understand? No cars or airplanes. You will have no need for anything.

You do not need anything of this world. Just thinking will enable you to travel thousands of miles. When you say, "I want that," centered on the heart of love, it will be provided spiritually. When you say, "I want to meet with such a person," he will appear. You will ask him, "Are you so and so?" He will reply, "Yes I am. I used to live in such and such a place on earth hundreds or thousands of years ago. You wanted to see me? Do you have any questions?" You will say, "Yes, I do. I taught this way. How different you and I are!" Do you understand? Both of you can naturally share many stories. It does not take time. Just from the beginning of meeting with each other, you will understand each other.

What an inconvenient life we have in this physical world! In the spirit world, we have no cars. You can create all kinds of emotion of love there. With the concept of true love in your mind, you can create everything. You will be able to create anything with the concept of true love. (217:131)

6. How to Use Knowledge and Power In the Spirit World

Money? You can make as much money as you want. Knowledge? God is the king of knowledge, so you don't have to explain anything to Him. Power? Is the president of Korea any more than a piece of rag? I may sound rude, but what is the president of a country one hundredth the size of the Soviet Union? Knowledge, money, and power are just a small part of the values people pursue during their physical life.

Can a professor be proud of his knowledge for one thousand or ten thousand years? Can he continue to hold it as he moves around and shows it off? Your knowledge is with you only during your life. The same for money. When you say about someone that he is great, isn't it usually because of his knowledge, his money, or his power? Isn't that the case in this world? However, God sees those values as nothing. They are useless in the spirit world. (203:291)

Centered on what can humankind and its history be able to solve problems and become complete? People should know God. God is a God of character. God cannot be vague. We ourselves are real. Since we are beings of character-with intellect, emotion, and will-then our subject, God, is also a God with intellect, emotion, and will. That is how we see it.

What is the central attribute of God among all His attributes? It is emotion. Love. God needs love most. In the Kingdom of Heaven, we do not live just by knowledge.

Because of your ignorance of the spirit world, you do not understand, but it will take less than a week for you to learn everything. The spirit world is like a mirror in which you can see your own heart reflected. Spirit world is a place where you can obtain within a week all the knowledge that a very intellectual person has accumulated all his life on earth.

Because you see things through the light of your heart, you will automatically understand the world and all its related connections. Only through emotion and heart will you understand whether a person is your object or subject. It cannot be done through knowledge or any other attributes of God. (210:312)

When you just say with a strong heart of love that you want to meet with a person who is a hundred million miles away, he will appear at once. When you ask him "Why did you come here?" he will say, "Because you called me." If you ask him, "How many miles did you come?" he will reply that he came from a hundred million miles away. Spirit world transcends space. The universe becomes your activity station.

We are strangling ourselves with things like money, knowledge, and power, which do not exist in the spirit world. The spirit world does not have those things. In the world, money, knowledge, and power are needed, but there is no need of them in the spirit world. People in the satanic world have been longing for them.

The spirit world is a world void of power struggles. If you are into power, you cannot live anywhere in the spirit world. Nothing in spirit world welcomes you. You cannot have a connection with the spirit world even if the spirit world itself becomes interested in you and tries to unite with you. Opposites in essence cannot become one. You couldn't be connected with a position that interests the spirit world. (205:128)

Do you understand that God created everything for love? If you ask God what He loves most, what do you think His answer will be? God does not have His favorites. He has no need of money, knowledge, or power. What do we members of the Unification Church need? The same thing. In love, there is money, knowledge, or power. The power of love is permanent power. A person who understands true love on earth will have nothing to learn in heaven.

That kind of person can go in and out of God's Heart. He can freely move east, west, south, and north. God's Heart is like a central station. Do you understand? Why do we need God's Heart? When you go in and out of His Heart, tremendous power is generated, because all energy from the four directions becomes concentrated there. Even an unknown little nation will be elevated to the same position as God when it comes through the central point. Love has such great power.

What is knowledge? With knowledge you can possess all things of the environment. Among all knowledge, the greatest knowledge is about love. If you have only love, everything in the world will connect with you. Understand? In this world, a person of knowledge is a ruler, right? It is said that knowledge is power, isn't it? It is logical that a person of power rules. A person who has love does not need knowledge. You will understand everything in the spirit world.

Because I know very clearly all these things about the spirit world, I do not want to live in the physical world. The vast spirit world is all constructed centered on love. Everything is complete if you harmonize yourself with love and possess the sphere of God's Heart. The history of creation will continue forever. Do you understand? You have to accomplish what you have planned by harmonizing yourself with love. Once you determine and command it, it will unfold at once.

How inconvenient this world is! Do you need to earn money, or not? Do you have to study, or not? In spirit world, without studying you will understand everything. Your heart will know even before anything is said. You will see clearly who around you is higher and lower. As soon as you meet with someone, you know it. You can measure the level of love quickly. You will know which way is east, west, south, and north. You will also sense whether someone is calling you. In that case, you become nothing and consider the other as your subject. It is a world that is being constructed through the power of love. (202:86)

7. Human Relationships In the Spirit World

God is the Creator who created this heaven and earth. He is the originator, the very parent of all beings in this world today. He is the origin of the meaning of all existence. Because of Him this phenomenal world came to exist.

Such an absolute being does not change according to historical events. An absolute being does not change. He is not limited by time and space. He is transcendent of all limitations. He is the one who governs every limitation. Who is that kind of being? We do not only call Him God.

He is our "Father". We have to call Him our "Heavenly Father." What do we call God? (Father.) He is your Father, who caused your birth. The word "rebirth" came to exist because of the fall. God is the original Father who caused your birth. Your physical father is the father who became a bridge between God and you. You will call your physical father your brother once you go to the spirit world. (Laughter.) You will not be calling your physical mother your mother, either.

What do all the people who were born of their parents call God? Christians call Him Father. We also call God Father. In the same family, the grandfather calls God Father and the father also calls Him Father. Grandchildren call God Father. All members of the family call Him Father.

Thus, God is Father to all humankind, and all people are brothers and sisters. I sometimes wonder how interesting it would be in the spirit world if all people were siblings.

Who are the closest siblings in the spirit world? The closest siblings are not horizontal, or physical, siblings. Which relationship is closer in this world: between parent and child, or between siblings? Since the relationship between parent and child is closer, you will be closest to your parents, then to your grandparents and great-grandparents, and so on. When you trace the vertical line all the way up, who is the last grandparent? He is, indeed, God.

That is why you do not have to feel lonely if you have no friends in this world. You do not have to feel sad when you live by yourself and die. When you go to the spirit world, you will have numerous close siblings everywhere. One thing, though, has to be clear. You will not become their sibling automatically without doing anything. You can become their sibling only when you have attained the privilege of attending God as your Father.

Do you feel bad to have your father as your elder brother, or your grandfather as your elder brother? Do you feel good, or bad? In a sense you feel bad, don't you? You used to call him your father while on earth. From your father's point of view, he must feel bad when you call him your brother in the spirit world. However, that is what you have to call each other.

Why should it be so? It is because you have to become a child of the original family by position. There is only one first son of the original family, so how can everyone become the original son? In the spirit world, everyone can become the son of the original family. Centered on God, everyone can become descendants of the original family. When a rich person dies in this world, his assets will be inherited by his children. It is customary for half to be given to the first grandson of the original family and the rest to be divided by the other sons.

However, the spirit world is different. Since all spirit people in the spirit world have to become descendants of the original family, God does not have to divide His assets among them. Once all siblings become one, what belongs to your elder brother automatically belongs to you.

So it is important that all siblings become united. When you try to trace generations of your lineage, each time you find different numbers of generations. If all the ancestors of the original family become completely one, the descendants who come after them will inherit the cosmos. Specifically, they will govern the spirit world centered on the descendants of the original family. (21:249)

In the spirit world, grandfathers and wrinkled grandmothers will look much cuter than you. They will look more beautiful. They can remain in that state if they have love. It is a unified world, and it is a beautiful world. Can you behave in the same way as before when you meet your grandfather and grandmother? Will you go backward? How wonderful it would be for us to see beautiful grandfathers and grandmothers! What a great scene it is to behold in the spirit world when a granddaughter approaches and greets her grandparents.

If you have a grandfather, who is his grandfather, and who are that grandfather's ancestors? The first grandfather is God. If you say, "Ahh, God, I am so happy!" God will say, "Welcome!" and He will burst out in joy, "Ha, ha, ha!" and say, "Ahh, that is exactly so." (Applause.)

What do you think? Will you want to try to do it for the first time? Try or not? (We will try.) Next, you have to give your wife a piggyback ride. You can take turns between husband and wife to train yourself to do a better job, since you have to give a piggyback ride to your grandparents. You have to be willing to give a piggyback ride to your grandparents and also your parents. Is it okay for you to say, "I don't like to do that'"? No. So a couple should train themselves to give each other a piggyback ride. (Laughter.) It is true. This is a training course. After the couple finish, they can give their parents a piggyback ride, and they will say, "Ahh, wonderful!" We have to give comfort to our parents.

Grandparents' bodies stiffen as they become older. That is why we need to give them a piggyback ride. "Ahh, wonderful!" Isn't that great? If you cannot give your wife a piggyback ride, how can you give it to your parents and grandparents? (216:180)

When you go to the spirit world and look at a husband and wife, they look like one great person. People wonder what it is. You all will become like one cell. The whole universe will look like a man and a woman. Yes, the man and woman become combined. When you walk this way, the universe will walk this way, too. It is one body. (207:98)

How big do you think the spirit world is? People there can appear from a distance of many hundreds of miles, many millions of miles, in a blink of an eye. You will know where a person comes from as soon as you see his forehead. When you meet with someone from many hundreds of years ago, he will bow down his head to you if the standard of love in your character is higher than his. What moves anyone is love.

How much have you loved humankind? How much have you loved all the creation that God has created centered on love? Can you love them in the way that God loves them? That is the standard of measurement for everything. It is immediately measured. It is instantly known, faster than by a computer. A woman who is married proudly talks about how much her husband loves her. Likewise in the spirit world, you can be proud of how much you receive God's love. Original love. That is love of the highest level. From there, each level is determined. Do you understand? (216:171)

8. The Center of the Spirit World Is Love

1) The Air of the Spirit World Is Love

It is like that when you go to the spirit world. What constitutes the spirit world? The air of the spirit world is love. Love. Love is air. Your mind and body have to experience love and harmony on earth. Once you create the sphere of experiencing love and harmony, there is no place where you cannot communicate with each other instantly. Only through love. You will be connected with God in the way a bud on a tree branch is connected with the root of the tree. You naturally sense when God is rejoicing. You will know that God's banquet is going to be held in the east. You can get there automatically. It is the heaven and earth of freedom. (162:287)

There are screws of love in the spirit world. There are machines of love, and shafts. There are shafts in motors that rotate. When you pull all the shafts out, love remains. Love.

Those who rotate do so for the sake of love. There is no need to worry about its order and harmony. When you live centered on essential love, you are like a cell wherever you go in this world. (126:240)

It is love that you can breathe in the spirit world. Everything comes from love, lives for love, harmonizes with the love principle. Once you contain love you will become the substantiation of hope longed for by God throughout human history. You will be welcome anywhere you go in the spirit world.

Your family is the training place for the Kingdom of God. It is the training center. It is where a grandfather and grandmother live. If you expand that, it is the same. Father and mother's age-level, husband and wife's age-level, sons and daughters' age-level. A person expands what he has learned in his family to all directions and lives for the sake of others within the sphere of love. Then he will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The family is a training ground from which an express train brings you straight to the Heavenly Kingdom. It is a base where satellites can be launched, as at Cape Kennedy. Your family is the place where an atomic bomb of love or a satellite of love can be launched. (143:72)

2) Life in the Spirit World Is Centered on Love

It is true when you go to the spirit world. Spirit people there live centered on love. That is why it is good that you share the blessing of love with more people. You have to shed tears.

Tears surely come out when you are in a good or bad situation, don't they? Tears flow even when things are good, right? What percentage of difference is there between the time when you laugh and when you cry? When you laugh, you laugh with your eyes open, but you close your eyes when you cry. When you laugh too much, tears come out. The shape of your face does not change much. The only difference is the eyes. When you cry, you cry this way, closing your eyes. When you laugh, you laugh this way, opening your eyes. What percentage of difference is there between the two expressions? It is the same. (212:166)

When you go to the spirit world, you will find that art is very important. From now on, only art will remain. A person who cannot write poems of love is a failure. Women want to wear pretty clothes. Imagine men wearing a yellow chogori, red chogori, or red chima and walking around! How unfortunate are the people who happen to see them! (Laughter.) Think about it. Men are unfriendly. They are large, like pillars of a house. You should be able to feel that you can bring men somewhere and let them stand there for 1,000 or 10,000 years. (211:246)

Where is the core of the universe? The core is love. Some years ago in America, a new elementary particle called Upsilon was discovered. It was a great accomplishment. We are automatically entering an age where scientists are officially going to admit the existence of the spirit world. Wasn't it reported in yesterday's newspaper? (Yes.)

That is remarkable. It is remarkable to discover that something exists scientifically. This is a good opportunity to go over the borderline into the fourth dimension. As the physical world faces the limitation of physical materials, the spirit world becomes clear. There is no borderline. No line. Is there a borderline between the spirit world and your heart? Our heart resembles the spirit world. Man is called a spiritual being because he has all the senses that are connected with the spirit world.

Where is the core of love? Where is the core of love in the universe? The core is necessary. We have to find out everything logically.

Once we go to the spirit world, we can meet with someone in the blink of an eye with the power of love even if he lives far away. If we want to visit someone far away in our hometown for the sake of love, we can return there instantly. The spirit world is a limitlessly expansive world, but centered on love we can go back and forth over many millions of miles easily.

Love has the fastest speed. If you have no foundation of uniting your mind and body centered on love, then you have nothing to do with the spirit world. That is why we have to know clearly that the starting point of unification originates in yourself, not in the objective world. (216:192)

9. The Spirit World Is A World Of Heart

What kind of place is the spirit world? Some people say that those who speak about the spirit world are psychiatric patients. So I do not speak about it. Well, let me talk about it just a little. What kind of world is the spirit world? It is a place where anything is possible if you have a heart of the same level as God's heart. If we increase to many millions of members in the spirit world, they can all change to new clothes as soon as I say, "Oh! All of you should change your clothes to those new ones." When I say, "Let our banquet hall appear, and it should be this way and that way," it would instantly appear. The tables would be decorated with gold and silver as well as fine colored ornaments. The chairs would also be elegant. The people who came to the banquet would dance with joy and ecstasy. In such a place they would continue dancing for a thousand years.

Our members suffer for their ideals. The more you suffer, the higher the ideals you will achieve. Even though your spouse has horns on his head and an ugly face, can you still get victory by learning to love him? Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.) You welcome that kind of world. The whole world will come to respect that kind of achievement. Would you and your spouse like to follow on the path where Mother and I are leading you? (We want to follow) It is not easy to do that.

The world of heart is the world of eternal happiness. You have to be educated, however, going through thousands of stages of training. You have to go forward step by step, facing constant challenges, even though it may take many hundreds of millions of years. Everyone has to go through such a course. Americans, Orientals, presidents-every kind of person has to walk this path. You have to become someone who sheds tears for others, not for yourself.

So do not hesitate. Challenge your destiny by saying, "Do whatever you want with me. I am willing to die. I will continue to go this way even to death. Come what may, I will go forward with this kind of heart." If you challenge your fate by saying, "Even though you may kill me, I die as long as my heart is alive. I will bring this heart with me into the spirit world and engraft it to the world," God will say to it, "Are you going to invade the sphere of God's Heart? You can invade the sphere of Satan's heart, but you cannot invade the sphere of God's Heart. Isn't that the heavenly principle?"

Satan governs the sphere of his heart, but he cannot govern the sphere of Heaven's Heart. If Satan kills you, you will be united with the heartistic sphere of love, the center of God. That is why the Heavenly Heart is never welcome anywhere in the satanic world. It is most hated. Both God, center of the spirit world, and your heart, center of this world, are being placed on a scale. They form a reciprocal relationship.

The whole world will be united once the satanic world is heartistically united with this sphere of love. Then there will be no more border lines, and this world will be the Heavenly Kingdom where nobody will be prevented from entering any of the 12 pearly gates in the directions of east, west, south, and north. Everyone is welcome. Do you understand what I am talking about? You enter through this gate and come out through another gate. You are able to freely go through any of the 12 gates. Actually, there are 144 gates-12 gates for each of 12 directions.

Why? Because all can be harmonized and become one anywhere when you are united with the Heart of God, the Heart of the Heavenly Kingdom. (Father explains, drawing on the blackboard.) What is it going to be like? Those who are in the higher hierarchy of love and are able to go through the gates will shout, "Mansei! God is great!" (Laughter.) They follow each other, and all of them are so happy. They can eat whatever they want. They can wear whatever clothes they like. They play if they want to. They can do whatever they wish. They will feel in a second the tremendous happiness that they could never experience in the physical world even though they lived for a hundred years. (106:229)

The "-isms" in this world may have helped reform man's conscience, but from now on something more is needed to bring the final and complete victory. That is heart.

There has to emerge a new historical view that can reform man's heart and enable him to establish a heavenly standard. Based on this historical view, there has to appear a heartistic "-ism" that can create a new view of life, a new worldview. Then what "-ism" is it? It is centered on a heartistic view of life, a heartistic view of the world, and a heartistic view of the universe. It has been expected by human history. The Unification Church is teaching this very thing. (16:252)

10. The Situation of the Spirit World

It is like that in the hereafter, the spirit world. If two lines meet at 90 degrees, one goes straight east and west, the other north and south. Human society consists of numerous groups, and so many different forms. How many people are here in this room? If there are five hundred, then there are five hundred types of people, right? Everybody is different, right? Among all of you, people with similar angles gather in groups. This occurs more precisely than by computer. You can tell your own angle just by passing by others. Within a week, you will be able to peek through everything behind everyone and even to the bottom of the warehouse of a person's secret world. Words are not necessary. You can sense what a person's heart is trying to tell you. Do you understand? It is a world like a grandfather computer.

Let me explain next what the spirit world is like. There you drink elements. When drinking water, you drink its elements. You can drink as much water as you want there, and it will turn back into elements when you just wave your hands. There is no need of a garbage pail.

The person who can become an object to the God of love and harmony can instantly actualize all his thoughts in the spirit world. It is the world where you can prepare in a second a banquet for many millions of people. If you want to bring joy to God by dressing up beautifully, then you are already exquisitely dressed. It is possible to actualize even more than what you can imagine in this world.

Those who understand the spirit world find little joy in living in the physical world. Like us: Even when we are jailed, it does not bother us at all. This temporary life on earth is a moment of less than one breath compared with the eternal life. (211:244)

When you go to the spirit world, do you think you will be flying like this, "Hooo," or not? You can fly, "Hoop," but you cannot see anyone flying, because it is too fast. (Laughter.) Since true love has the fastest speed, the God of true love can take one step and reach anywhere in the vast universe 2.2 billion light years wide and work in many places all at once. You could do the same. The spirit world will become the stage of your activities, even though it is such a huge universe many hundreds of times the size of this earth.

There are so many mines of dreams. So much gold, silver, and precious stones. If you are someone who loves flowers so much, flowers will wake up from their sleep and open their mouth all of a sudden in order to welcome you when you approach them. They will ask you to stay for a while, but if you go away from them, they will wither and sigh "Ahh!" in disappointment. Do you understand? (213:277)

Think about it. There is no such a thing as jealousy in the spirit world. Would you compare the embodiment of love with diamonds, gold, or pearls? Jewels do not matter. The embodiment of love glitters more than jewels. It is so much more beautiful.

Is there such a thing as a diamond with love in it? Is there love in it? (No.) Is there a life diamond? (No.) We are the valuable beings who can impress diamonds and influence everything. We are the diamonds of precious love. Diamonds of precious life. It is you. So how wonderful are you? (Laughter, applause.)

The spirit world is like that. When you want to go somewhere, you are there already. Imagine if the vast universe became an active body of yours. Love must precede everything. You have only to say, "I want to see him. I want to see him," as if he were your partner and someone you love. You go to him as soon as you want to see him.

If you meet with artists in the spirit world, you will follow them as you instantly cultivate all your artistic ability within yourself. Everything is possible in spirit world. You sing when you want to sing. You also dance. Everyone rejoices. Mind and body are harmonized, and they begin to dance and sing. How beautiful that is!

When God draws a picture, won't He win the top award? Right? Does God bring a picture, a masterpiece by someone, and post it on the wall in order to look at it? Or does He look at the person who produced the masterpiece? Which one do you think God likes? (The person He created) Masterpieces are not necessary, right?

You do not age in the spirit world, since you are in the most wonderful position and are intoxicated with the heart of love. My mother must be old now, but in the spirit world she looks the way she was when she looked the best to me. Always.

How boring it would be if we had only bright, sunny days every day! Fog rolls over places. The moon can be ringed by clouds and sometimes becomes hidden. How artistic it is! Think about it. It is the world of art.

When you see in the physical world fine days, cloudy days, and so many variations in the weather outside, you are witnessing a world of art. If you can sense love in the environment, you can become a person who has the capacity to create a sphere of many different kinds of emotion. With love, you can make a fine day in the spirit world become cloudy, or make fog roll over the spirit world, if you wish. Everyone in the spirit world will be interested in you. They will all say, "It is fun to be with him."

For example, if you walk in heavy rain without an umbrella, singing, "Ahh! How happy I am! All creatures, follow me," don't you feel so proud and wonderful? Don't you feel so great as you kick raindrops, asking them, "You like me, don't you? You like me, don't you?" (Laughter.)

When you look around the world from this perspective, there exist no unfortunate experiences. All the complicated situations exist to help you to bring more precious experiences to the eternal spirit world. It is a way to create the harmony of heaven and earth. Say, "Amen!" (201:101)

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