Earthly Life and Spirit World #1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 3 - The Spirit World [Part 4]

11. Life In the Spirit World

It is the same with you. If one day while you are walking you are instantly killed in a traffic accident, you do not think you have died. The spirit world is like that. You say to yourself, "Ah, I have come to a strange place. It is a little better than my own neighborhood." Opened in front of your very eyes is a vast space. A limitless space. That is why you do not think you have died.

But what an odd place it seems to be. People who used to be around you appear when you want to see them, but they do not appear unless you call them. You feel very much alone.

There are guides in the spirit world, though. They come and explain to you, "You have come to the spirit world. You have died. You have died." You cannot realize that. You have a feeling that you collided with a car far away somewhere as in a dream, but you do not feel that you have died. You are still connected with earth that way.

You are dazed without knowing that you have come there because you are dead. You cannot grasp it with your senses. You try to go to your house, saying, "I have to go to my hometown." How can you go back to your hometown in the physical world? You can't.

Then people come and teach you. Your ancestors from some generations ago come and tell you, "You are no longer on the earth. You have entered the spirit world." You finally say, "Ahh, the spirit world is this kind of place." There is nothing lacking in the spirit world.

How is life in the hereafter? You don't need to worry about food or shelter or clothes. Why? Everything you wish, according to your spiritual condition, is possible. You eat in the spirit world, too. You can feel the flow of your blood and the beat of your pulse in the spirit world. It is the same, although your body is only of spirit.

When you say you want to eat something, it will be provided right away. According to your own standard, your desire will be fulfilled. Plants, everything you would like to eat and so on, will all appear at once. Where are they from? You can mobilize original sources and carry out active subjectivity in the spirit world. What enables you to do these things? It is not power, or knowledge, or money. It is love. Love.

Even though God may be on a higher plane, if you call out to Him with a heart of love, "God!" He will respond to you in your heart, "What?" You then ask Him, "Where are you?" and He replies, "What do you mean, where am I? I am in the core of your heart." Isn't it true that God is the original core? He is in the core of the root of your heart.

As I have told you, it is possible for us to hold a banquet for tens of thousands of people, or even many millions of people, in the spirit world. Intoxicated with love, actualizing what your intuition tells you, what you command unfolds just the way you want.

If a single woman who never married goes to the spirit world, she will have a tough time. The same for a man. Single people cannot be harmonized in the spirit world. When a single woman goes to the groups of women, or when a single man goes to the groups of men, they do not have a place to stand on. They do not have a place to go to. So they head for a shadowy place, a world of shade. They cannot look back. Harmony is possible centered on love in all directions: east, west, south, and north. Since single people's directions are inflexible, they cannot look back. Since I'm not single and can't say from my own experience, why don't you die and find out? (Laughter.)

When I marry people, they will be able to live together in the spirit world. When a filial woman makes rice cakes and her grandfather-in-law and her father-in-law are living in the house, the first person she should think of giving the rice cakes to is her grandfather-in-law. In this way, she thinks of God first. If she loves one more step higher, then she can go beyond the earthly life and into the heavenly world. That is why the grandfather-in-law is in a higher position than the father-in-law. The grandfather-in-law is closer to the spirit world than the father-in-law. She has to serve him as she serves God.

The vertical standard is inherited through love. Through love, we also have to engraft our own sons and daughters in order to make them vertical. In this way they can inherit the tradition. (194:41)

There will be no more school from now on. It is okay not to have school. (Applause.) We'll simply unify languages worldwide. Everything you have to learn up to the sixth grade can be learned from maybe forty videotapes. Do you understand? You can carry them around in a big bag and study them for three years till you take the tests. If you pass the tests, you can graduate from elementary school. You can do the same for middle school, high school, and college. For what purpose do you study for more than twenty years? If you are smart, you will be able to finish them all within ten, seven, or even six years. You just take the tests. Only tests. That time will come.

Most important is the unification of languages. Otherwise, when you assemble all humankind into one place, how could we reach any decisions?

What do we have to do next? Streamline the eating system, so that anything can be delivered and eaten within fifteen minutes after ordering. I am developing such a system. If tens of thousands of people live in a valley, they can order food and, alerted by the sound of a siren, they and even people who live in the mountains can come within fifteen minutes and eat. All of you have telephones. So if you place your order on the phone, they will bring breakfast, lunch, and dinner by truck. You can buy and eat them.

What would you do then? What would you do after eating? Would you keep kissing each other for twenty-four hours? (Laughter.) If you watch TV for one month, you will know everything about how people live in this world. I say so because it is like that. You will become tired of it.

That is why you have to know about the spirit world. When you offer your prayer and sincerity, the image of the spirit world will be unfolded in front of you. How wonderful it is! Angels will come down and dance. How wonderful! I am not a man of illusions. I have memorized everything. We will live our lives there traveling all over the place. (203:57)

Everyone who goes to the spirit world will live his life looking up to those who are like his own mother and father. He will actualize all the teaching and instruction given by them. He will receive and follow all the directions that help his family to prosper and all the laws that enable his nation to be well governed. That is why, both on earth and in heaven, we can rely on only these three subjective ideologies: the love of parents, teachers, and kings, which expand to form families, schools, and nations.

These ideologies are all centered on parents.

When you go to school, that is a Kingdom of Heaven. Your teacher is like your father or mother. You feel like touching your teacher and getting a piggyback ride from him or her. It is that kind of heartistic sphere. It is no problem to call the teacher a king, since he or she is a greater-level parent.

If you can experience this heartistic sphere while on earth, God will not kick you out if you take a nap in a secret room assigned by Him. Since true love possesses the right to inherit, to live together, to have the same position as well as to participate equally, everything is allowed in that love. Because you are standing in the position that could make you the greatest master, your conscience tries to possess the most precious thing under heaven.

Don't you have that kind of desire? People say that our earthly desires will not be fulfilled; however, our original desire was supposed to be fulfilled. Unfortunately, we lost our original desire and consequently became ignorant of how to find it. If you keep investing yourself, centered not on Satan but on God, you will be able to transfer your victory on the individual level to your family, your victory on the family level to your clan, your victory on the clan level to your people, and so forth. Without explaining everything, I am talking about living your life for the sake of others. You should know that if you continue to walk on this path, everything will be guided to the victorious sphere.

What do you have to do on that path? First, I want to say that human history is the history of separating good from evil. Next, you have to change your blood lineage in order to reverse the satanic course. You have to eradicate satanic love, satanic life, and satanic lineage and then connect yourself with the heavenly lineage in order to enter the heavenly world. What kind of life should we live in order to go there? Again, we have to live our lives centered on the love of parents, teachers, and kings. The goal of a people is to go beyond the nation. Isn't it true?

12. The Work We Have To Do In the Spirit World

What will happen after we die? Does everything end at the time of your death? A new world starts once you die. You will be grateful to me at the time of your death. You will remember, "Father taught us exactly the way it is here!" If you live your life on earth the way I told you, then in the spirit world you will immediately be able to harmonize with all your ancestors from many thousands of years ago. If you are in the Heavenly Kingdom, you will be able to harmonize right away with even those from foreign and former-enemy countries. Just as a drop of water instantly becomes part of the entire ocean...

If a group of your ancestors are attending a big banquet in the Heavenly Kingdom, they will welcome you as soon as you get there. You are their honored guest. It is your own house. It is your own nation. Do you understand what I am talking about? A son who has inherited the love of his father is always welcome at any place in his house, as well as in his garden surrounding the house. That is the Principle.

All the spirit people will welcome and love you in the way God loves you if you are this kind of son. Spirit world is the eternal world. Even though a person had difficulty to love all his life and died old, he will be able to be reborn as a young man of love in the spirit world. Understand? He will be a handsome man of love. You have to know that he will be reborn as an eternal life form who cannot stop singing the love songs of adolescence.

What kind of work would you do when you go to the spirit world? What would you do in the nation? Would you do secretarial work? Think about it. Do you earn money there? (No.) Do you need clothes and a house? (No.) Everything you want will be instantly provided. The spirit world is your own world, where you can solve any problems according to your standard.

If you order anything you desire, it will appear right away. However, if you ask for it just for yourself, it does not work even if you make a lot of noise and threats. You should know this. On the other hand, everything will instantly appear if you say that you need it because you are attending God as if you were a heavenly prince serving a king with love. You will have all the things you could never have before, if your heart is right. You should know that anything imaginable is possible in the spirit world. Do you understand?

Banquets for ten thousand or more are possible. There are no problems. If you want to ride on a horse, you can. If you want to take an airplane, you can. Everything is possible. You should know that the spirit world is beyond imagination. Since I taught you, everything is possible within the principle of love. Nothing is possible if you do things only for yourself.

Although many saints were born and died, nobody is able to go to the place in spirit world that I am able to go to, since only I have practiced all my teachings. I know this for a fact. I know that there has never been anyone who has had the ability to receive as much freedom in the spirit world as myself.

"Let us make sons and daughters who are worthy in the spirit world!" This is the True Parents' responsibility. Do you understand? That is why mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters-everyone in the spirit world will respect me.

I use this kind of point of view when I select leaders. I try to discover everything about how this person is doing, how his wife, his children, and his clan think, and how they regard activities for God's providence. You have to know that I absolutely can never follow your words. Do you understand? You have to follow my words. Then you will be able to go to the high spirit world. If you do not want to go there, don't.

There is a ladder here. It is a training ground. Love in your family is a ladder to go to your clan level. Love in your people and love in your nation are ladders to go to the world level. From here, it expands. You cannot go up to the highest level automatically. Your foundation has to be widened step by step. (Father draws on the blackboard as he speaks.) If the ladder centered on your family is only this big, it cannot make you reach up to your clan level. It has to be expanded this much more. It has to continue to expand more.

While on earth you are trying to inherit this love centered on your family. In the Unification Church, everyone has to go over his own national border lines. The Orientals go to the West. The Westerners go to the Orient. It is training to love all humankind in all directions: east, west, south, and north. Isn't this how it is in our church?

If you try to do so, all your neighbors will have to respect you. That is how your family connects to higher levels. Those in the spirit world support me, don't they? Where are they from? They came from this world. Their support is possible because I have established this kind of heartistic connection. What we do here is for the purpose of being qualified in the spirit world and living our life there without being suffocated. You should know that this is why we train ourselves here. (129:100)

What are you going to do in the spirit world? You will sing songs of love and speak words of love. If you are spoken to in an operatic singing way, you have to respond to the person in the same operatic singing way. If you are spoken to in the form of dancing, you have to dance back in response.

You will rejoice eternally and never get tired of dancing in the spirit world. When dancing takes place in one place, it will take place everywhere. When singing takes place in one place, everyone sings everywhere. You will dance with your beloved wife. If you dance with a woman other than your own wife, you say to her, "I am going to dance with you in order to love my beloved wife a hundred times more than you." You would think like that. If you hold hands with a woman other than your own wife, you would do so for the purpose of stimulating your wife a thousand or ten thousand times more.

Do you need a job in the spirit world? Do you have to work for eight hours? (No.) Is there a night? There is no night. Your eyes are always open.

What are you going to do with all your organs always operating? What are you going to do? What does it mean, to say that your eyes are eternally open and you are happy without any sleep eternally? What is it? It is love. (Laughter.) Once you have the ideal of love planted firmly in your heart and order something to appear, it will surely appear. If ten thousand people gather, everything will be prepared when you command, "Prepare a dining hall and meals for ten thousand!" (Laughter.)

There is nothing to talk about in spirit world without love. How could you live? (Laughter) How could you live with a hateful heart? You are meant to live there only with love centered on the original love.

Because I know about the spirit world, I could overcome any difficulties on this earth and release attachment to everything I used to love. I can cut off from them mercilessly and instantly. Do you understand? We need to measure things according to that standard. (107:331)

Section 4. Position and Image of the Spirit World

1. Position In the Spirit World

In this age, you should recognize the spirit world. The spirit world until today resembles the angelic world. The Unification Church members' position is the same as before Adam and Eve fell; that is, we are living in the realm where Adam and Eve had not fallen. If we see this realm from the spirit world, it is the same as the paradise that appears on the earth. (54:229)

If I do not clearly explain how to go to the eternal world, big trouble will occur. When people die, everyone goes to the spirit world. After you go there, whom are you going to follow? Would you call "Father"? Or would you not call me? Who would not call me? Raise your hands. When you go to the spirit world and call "Father," I will appear.

If you appear in the spirit world, I will appear, and if I appear, you will appear. This is the spirit world. If you want to see a particular person in the spirit world, centered on the vertical line and the horizontal line, making your heart right and standing on the horizon, and you call his name, he will appear. If Unification Church members call their ancestors of millions years ago, even their first ancestors, they will he able to see their first, second, third, and gradually all their ancestors.

If you ask them, "Should I greet you, or should you greet me?" they may answer that the descendant should greet the ancestor. However, in the Genesis Age (or Re-creation Age) they must realize that the grandchild becomes the first ancestor. Amen. That is Genesis. Father stands in the son's position. The grandfather becomes the grandson's position. The very first grandfather stands in the latest descendant's position.

When you go to the spirit world, such an order would be established in your lineage. How would you recognize this status? Viewed from the blood lineage standard, the root was changed due to the fall. When the root is transplanted into the original position, the middle part of the root can connect with the middle bud and grow. I established this tradition. (197:94)

Since the spirit world transcends time and space, the sorrow of six thousand years ago continues in that realm. If you feel joy in the experience of making an offering, then even though it occurred at a particular time, you will never forget it for the rest of your life. The more days, months, and years pass by, the experience will expand and deepen. It will become a worshipped object, and it will be connected with the unlimited origin.

If you have such a holy experience from now on, and act with such a holy sense, you will recognize that God's sorrowful suffering is not temporal but is continuously connected. That is true. (29:294)

In the spirit world, what if someone wants to change the color of his skin. What do you think? He could do it. In that case, what problem will occur in the human world? A light must be bright. What is a light? The light of love. In order to brighten your light, you must catch on fire internally and externally. By what do you catch on fire? You should catch on fire by generating energy to love. You have to unleash this energy everywhere, east and west. Love is able to do such a thing. When we come to understand this, all events in this world become just passing travel stops. (194:56)

2. The Image of the Spirit World

If you go to the spirit world, you will be able to see the whole spirit world as one body. The whole world is seen as one body. God is subject, and the whole world becomes one big body. If this occurs, the whole spirit world and the physical world will be completely melted into one. If God jumps, the earth will jump. If God laughs, the earth will laugh. This is the way life should be.

You should recognize that the spirit world is like one person as it functions. People like saints take the role of eyes and ears, and nose to smell. This is the way it is in the spirit world. If you think in such a way, it is not wrong. Do you understand what I am talking about? (Yes.) (91-280)

If God laughs, the whole world would laugh together. This is the spirit world. When you go to the spirit world, it is like the world of intuition. God likes or dislikes. God today has good feelings or bad feelings. If something joyful happens in the physical world and the spirit world sees that God is joyful over it, then the whole spirit world puffs up. It floats up. (193:263)

If you go to the spirit world and look, you will quickly understand what I have said. If you enter the spirit world, you will understand. Then explanation is not necessary. You will recognize quickly who someone is and what he is like. Even though I am educating you today, if you believe in what I say, you will believe; if you do not believe, you will not believe. Even though such a true founder of the Unification Church dedicated his whole life to wandering between life and death, and discovered the truth that could solve all things, you do not listen to what I say. Do you believe, or don't you believe? If you say, "My custom is like this, therefore it may he right," If you think in such a way, you shall decline.

If you listen, you have to turn around at once. If you do not listen, how many degrees off will you be? You will go to the other world. You will soon go to the spirit world, won't you? Once you go there, you will recognize whether what I say is true or not. At that time, it is too late to say "Oh." Even the church director or his grandfather is not able to change the law.

All humankind has to follow the spiritual standard. You should not become a failure by going off in the wrong direction.

When I go to the spirit world, I have to do many things. When I think about them, I do not have a desire to live long. Trouble will occur if I live too long. Where is Mother? (He laughs.) Since I have been speaking often about the spirit world recently, she says to me, "Do not talk about the spirit world." (He laughs.) You do not know the spirit world.

When you go to the spirit world, you are able to even go through a mountain. There is no obstacle against motion in the spirit world. Since the high spirit world is the place for those with heavenly original character, it should not have any obstacles. Everything goes through. Because spirit world transcends time and space, people who lived hundreds of millions of years ago exist there. They are there. They are able to appear as young as they wish. Therefore, you are able to see such people.

It is not necessary to explain anything there, and there is no excuse. If you look, you will recognize this at once. You will understand whether a person's position is below you, beside you, or above you. Even if you meet a grandfather who lived hundreds of millions of years ago, you will see his position of love. The love position is absolute. Those who got some high position in a self-centered way must reside in the appropriate area in spirit world. They are not able to act quickly there. It is different from in the physical world. If they got promoted by plotting and slandering, then they will be upside down in the spirit world. Everything becomes opposite. Therefore, look to righteousness. Look to the true way. (194:133)

You do not know the reality of the spirit world, do you? When you go to the spirit world, you will be able to call people who lived millions of years ago. If you call out, "Please come out, the person who lived million of years ago in my tribe and resembles me, if such a person exists, please come out," then he will definitely appear. If you ask him how many years ago he lived, he will answer that he was born eight hundred years ago, or hundreds of thousands of years ago. Even though you meet him for the first time, you will quickly recognize his position. You will even understand how he lived. Isn't it convenient? Isn't it wonderful? (Yes, it is wonderful.) (199:130)

3. Pride In the Spirit World

How can old people work for God's Providence? When the physical body becomes old, its functions are limited. How can old people support it in light of this? I am researching this. At a time when the physical body and the spiritual body must be united to work hard but the physical body is gradually weakening, how can they do it? I am preparing for this. What do you think? Shall I teach?

What is the problem? You have to start anew. In order to start anew, discover something new every day. The person who discovers something new will absolutely not become a failure. Even if he meets with difficulties, he will not become depressed. On the contrary, he will enjoy the challenge.

A while ago, someone visited me and mentioned that it was a very dry life to just sit and work in the Victory Over Communism League office. He said that when he sees church leaders, he remembers that in the past he had worked as though his life depended on it. He missed the church and visited brothers and sisters to have give and take with them. He misses his past. When I think about his situation, I really understand. Now you come to understand.

In the spirit world, this is your only pride: with your life, how much you loved people and gave them life. This is your pride. This is the reality. Beyond your tribe, how much you loved other races and gave them life. This is your fortune. This is your only fortune.

Those devoted subjects who sacrificed to raise and educate true people will naturally become the glorious sons and daughters of heaven. Therefore, in the spirit world, that is your only pride. (30:147)

When God sees you in the spirit world, if you enter the place where your heart rings by the bell of love, the light of love becomes gradually large. This light shines with five colors. From God's eyes, it looks brighter than a diamond.

This is not only a good light, but it has taste. Taste. Do you understand what it is? The more you look, it is wonderful. The more you look, it is joyful. The more you look, you will become intoxicated. You will become really intoxicated. Therefore, God says the word "love."

If you ring the bell of your heart (Father hits the desk and speaks), then heaven and earth will be moved. If your bell moves heaven and earth, and moves all races, God will move. You have to realize that there is such a bell. Therefore, how many tears you shed for love and how much you have experience of love, that is your fortune. (103:28)

4. The Unification Church and the Spirit World

Think, how many spirits are on our side in the spirit world? Think how many hundreds of billions of spirits there are. Comparing spirits in the spirit world with the U.S. population, which is more numerous? (The spirits are more numerous.) How many more? Who is on our side? God is on our side. God. Our president is God. Do you follow?

How big is God? He created the universe. Even the solar system is huge. Think of the solar system. If God blows, does the United States blow away? Does it blow away? It will blow away and quickly perish. What? Is the United States large? Does it have great power? In front of God, it is nothing. Do you understand?

We are heavenly people who have world kingship. Not only that but we are also heavenly ambassadors. When such ambassadors thoroughly negotiate with the enemy, they will not compromise while following the heavenly command. Even though the Russian ambassador to the United States is living in the center of America, he does not listen to America's command; he listens to the Kremlin's command. Likewise, even though we are living in the satanic world, we live to listen to the heavenly command.

You have to realize that a huge foundation -- that is, the spirit world exists behind the Unification Church. If a U.S. citizen living in a small village in Africa is harmed, it becomes a direct problem for the State Department and the White House. Likewise, if we are living in a country and become the victim of some tragic incident, it will become a heavenly problem, a Unification Church problem, and it will be discussed and compensation will be claimed for damage. You have to recognize the reality that you are standing in such a position. Have you thought in this way? Therefore, do not become pessimistic. Do not become pessimistic. Even though people slander you, boldly receive it and live boldly. Do you follow? (Yes!) (96:85)

The Unification Church is able to mobilize a person spiritually and has the ability to mobilize ancestors through a consolidation system. You have to know this. Since religions until today were not able to connect the physical world with the spirit world, they spiritually offered all their efforts with a true heart and were able to connect with spirit by harmonizing vertically the spiritual rhythm and wave motion.

However, today we have entered the time when we ourselves are the spiritual broadcast station. Our position is like a vibrating board. It is not the wave itself but a transmission station to generate the wave. If it is switched on, you will be able to control the transmission of thousands of cycling waves, tens of thousands of cycling waves, or short waves, and you will be able to generate the wavelength and radio waves. If you have a broadcast station and say, "Ancestors in the spirit world, please come to support me. Good ancestors, please come to support me. I need such vibration," then they will come at once to support you. You can even call an individual spirit person and he will be mobilized, and you can call family spirits and they will be mobilized.

Since the foundation for connecting with the tribal-realm level, national-realm level, and global-realm level were established on the earth and such an age has come, the spirits will be mobilized and come down to earth. In this way, even though people's bodies try to go in one direction, without knowing it they will be spontaneously pulled in God's direction. If two spirit beings come down to pull one physical being and he does not realize he is being pulled, he will be pulled anyway. Is there any way more special than this way? Do you believe it? (Yes.) This is not a useless theory. It is logical. (162:105)

5. Unification Church Members and the Spirit World

You! (Yes.) Do you have confidence that the spirit world works with you? (Yes.) Since I speak about such a spirit world, you look resentful. (It is not true.)

When you die and go in front of Heaven and make an accounting of all the things that you have done, you would not first report the good things. Do you understand? (Yes.) You have to first report what you have done wrong, and next the good things that you have done. Isn't it the opposite in this world? If someone asks, "What did you do?" usually people answer, "I have done such and such good things." Likewise, they hide wrong things. However, the spirit world is different. In the spirit world, we have to first report our mistakes. This is spiritual law. When you report, the events will appear like water bubbles. They will be shown as if on a television monitor. You first have to report the bad things. Why? Cain is first. Evil appeared on the earth first and goodness as Abel appeared second. If you compare the good things you have done with the bad things you have done, when the good things, or Abel standard, becomes higher than the bad, or Cain standard, they will reeducate you and explain to the spirit world.

The Unification Church members will first enter into hell. After they enter hell, someone must be sent to pull them out. Do you understand what I am saying? Someone would have to come forward and state that in the past this person had worked centered on God's providence while the True Parents were on earth, and he would pull him up from hell. There is no forgiveness if you do not live seriously. If a halfhearted life were enough, I would have lived halfheartedly. Isn't that right? If it were fine for me to live as I wish, I would do so. During my life, I was sent to prison many times, and people pointed at me and ordered that I must be hit or killed. Why do I live this way? Even though the world clamors against me, why do I live this way? I have to. I cannot do a little here and a little there. (196:285)

We are wonderful people. The world envies you, heaven and earth envy you, and all saints and scholars in the spirit world envy you. You are boldly walking on your life path. Heaven cannot disregard you; Heaven not only praises you but also can come to visit you to say, "I love you." You are wonderful people who are living with such a background of experience. (171:29)

6. Korean Custom and the Spirit World

(Here Father answers questions from the German brothers and sisters at the Unification Church in Essen on March 24, 1972.)

Question: When did Koreans become the chosen people?

Answer: The Messiah must come and establish a foundation. Even though Korea is the chosen nation, it was not elevated to the chosen nation; that position is determined. Even though Korea was chosen, if it were not united with Christianity, a problem would remain.

In the East, the Korean people, who have a long history, are unique. Korea has never invaded other countries, although it was often attacked throughout history. It is a miracle that Korea survived among the other strong countries. It is due to heavenly protection that it has survived.

You have to realize that all the customs in Korea are really similar to Jewish customs. When I came to understand the spirit world, I found that Korean customs are similar to the spirit world's customs. The time when they bear babies, the time when they marry, their lifestyle -- thinking of all the ceremonies, I found that many Korean customs are similar to the spirit world's principled ways.

At a table setting for dinner, a pair of chopsticks is placed, and next to the chopsticks is a spoon. These are always at the center of a table setting. You will also find food in bowls that are prepared considering the harmony of the plus and minus relationship; that is, the positive and negative relationship. Koreans eat in this way.

Koreans set numbers centered on the number seven. And after bearing a baby, there is a three-day separation. After marriage, there is a three-day separation. After passing away, there is a three-day separation. Historically they also truly respect traditional things.

7. The Korean Language and the Spirit World

When you enter heaven, if speaking the national language is one of the subjects, what are you going to do? They will ask you, "Do you speak the national language?" "Do you know the national language-the homeland language?" This is the Principle. In accordance with the Principle, Adam and Eve's sons and daughters would speak the language that Adam and Eve spoke. Do you think that they would speak a different language? English is the Archangel language; that is, it belongs to the fallen leader of the angels. It is a shame.

This is the viewpoint of the Principle. If you do not understand this, a problem will occur when you enter heaven. When you go to the spirit world, your ancestors will point at you and accuse you, saying, "Even though you served the True Parents, you did not learn Korean."

Korean is not just Korean; it is the True Parents' language. The True Parents were born in Korea, so there is nothing we can do about it. Do you follow what I am talking about? (Yes.) Who among you are going to learn Korean? Raise your hands. (128:245)

8. The Spirit World's Activity Stage

As you are aware, in the spirit world there is no procreation. When you go to the spirit world, you may ask a spirit, "Where were you born" The place where spirits were born is on planet earth only. Sometimes when you ask a spirit, he may answer, `'I am from another planet." At that time, you may think that humans are also born and live on other planets, and then they come here. However, it is not true. The spirit world expands to the east and west, to the south and north, in all four directions.

This universe is the spirit world's activity stage. At the same time that this world is the spirit world's activity stage, the huge universe is also the spirit world's activity stage. Today, it takes twelve years to go to Neptune by satellite. A satellite goes to Neptune, takes photos, and sends them to Earth. These photos are then shown to the public. We now live in such an age.

On this earth we are able to connect with the universe. Viewed from God's providence, it means symbolically that heavenly people are now living on the earth-people who have not fallen and have reached the standard where they are able always to connect with numerous ancestors who have spread throughout the huge universe. On earth, this is indicated symbolically by the satellite exposing the universe. (196:215)

9. The Spirit World's Possessions

When you look at the spirit world's universe, can you find diamond stars? Are there precious-stone stars? Everything belongs to you. With such a joy, you will live in the spirit world. You will live to look at the astonishing creation that God made. This is the ideal world where the loving family, God's loving family harmonized as a whole, is able to live and move together. Would you like to be part of this family. (Yes!)

The people who sacrifice completely and are able to stand up may become courageous leaders. The people who live with a lukewarm attitude will become failures in the spirit world. Such people who are below the standard of goodness will be tested for hundreds of millions of years. You surely have to recognize that there is no exception to this law, even for Blessed couples.

Won't you follow Father? (Yes!) I am going toward such a wonderful place. Shall I stop you from going with me? Even though I disregard you, you have to go. Isn't it right? I am teaching which way you should go. I am teaching everything. If you die, you will know. Is it right? Is it not right? Until today, you have not understood the spirit world, how religion came about, why our hearts are pushed even though we are persecuted, why we have to continue going in such a way with destiny. When the Unification Church era came, I discovered the origin and the content, and established the foundation by myself.

You have to realize the astonishing fact that I have solved problems in the spirit world and the physical world, as well as all the complicated thought in the human world, and I have established one simple direction. As a result, you are able to recognize clear value in your life. With each step you take, you are not confused and divided. The more each step develops, the more energy you get. The force of original love responds to the self-living realm. Therefore, people are born with love, are loved, love people, and go to the loving world. They go to God. The resultant beings bear fruits to the Cause, shouldn't they? Therefore, you have to think like God. (126:145)

10. God and the Spirit World

When you go to the spirit world, you absolutely cannot see God. God's being exists. You are able to hear His voice, but you are not able to see Him with your eyes. However, who appears as God's real figure? Until today, Jesus has appeared. If the coming Messiah comes, he will appear as God's representative. What will Jesus' position become? Jesus will be God's first son. Do you follow? That is the first time you have heard such a thing, isn't it? What will happen with Jesus? He will be the Son of God. (155:320)

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