Earthly Life and Spirit World

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 1 The Kingdom of God [Part 2]

6. People In Hell Also Long For the Kingdom of God

Suppose there is a dying person who says, "The Principle of the Unification Church is certainly good. I can go to the Kingdom of God. Although I did not fulfill True Father's words completely, my mind was really trying to fulfill them. So please regard me as having established the proper indemnity conditions!" Then God will try to put him into the Kingdom of God because God is fair. (laughter)

Where did God try to put him? Because the person tried to go to the Kingdom of God, God put him where he wanted to be. Do you understand? God rewarded him according to his actions. God put him where he tried to go. However, one cannot go everywhere one wishes. Because one receives his reward according to his actions on earth, his destination can be beneath paradise or even in hell. Even people in hell want to go to the Kingdom of God. Such horrible things are happening every second, minute, and hour, but you don't feel it substantially. This is the human situation. (57- 265)

7. The Kingdom of God on Earth and In Heaven

In order for the individual to rest, the resting realm of the family has to be established. That is, the fence on the family level has to be made. Isn't that so? In order for the family to rest, the fence on the tribal level has to be made. If there is no fence, the family or tribe can always be invaded. Then, in order for the people to rest, the fence on the national level has to be made. In order for the nation to rest, the fence on the world level has to he established. In this sense, only after establishing the worldwide fence, can the nation rest. In order for the world to rest, the fence of unification between the spirit world and world of earth has to be established. After that, the Kingdom of God on earth can be realized, which God's love can spread all over the world. Through that process, the Kingdom of God on earth is established automatically. Do you follow? [Yes] (68-20)

The place where we want to live is the heavenly country. Are there any borders in the heavenly country? [No!] Does the heavenly country have two languages? [No!] Is there segregation? [No!] What is the heavenly country? Centering on God, all humans are siblings because they are sons and daughters of God. In the Kingdom of God on earth, all humans are citizens of the Kingdom of God.

Three elements are needed to establish a country: the first is sovereignty, the second is people, and the third is land. Did this world become the place that God rules over? [No!] Did all the earth become God's country? Did the world become God's people? Though you talk about the Kingdom of God, God's country cannot be established until the world is united into one. Because world unity is not yet established, and Cain and Abel still remain, the history of struggle continues. Therefore, we cannot rest in this situation. We don't want to live in the process of restoration, but in the Kingdom of God.

We have to establish God's country. Our living place can be prepared only when God's country is established. In order to prepare our living place, we must fight, investing our utmost effort. If we do not establish God's country, our descendants will be pitiful people. We should not be the ancestors who leave such a burden to our descendants. (66-281)

Jesus is dwelling in Paradise, isn't he? [Yes!] He cannot enter the Kingdom of God. In order to enter the Kingdom, a person must go the course where he can receive God's complete love directly. In order to receive God's complete love directly, one needs to have the qualification of God's son or daughter who does not need a savior. Moreover, when a couple who received God's complete love directly go to the spirit world will the ideal Kingdom of God in heaven can be realized.

Such an ideal world was not established by Jesus' blood lineage.

Therefore, the Messiah has to come and establish it. Otherwise, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Where is the condition made to open the door of the Kingdom of God? It is made on the earth. Therefore, Jesus left on earth the key to the Kingdom of God. So today, centering on the Unification Church and your families, the history of restoration is being developed on earth. Moreover, since Jesus and his 12 disciples did not form their families, in order to indemnify that, 70 tribes and 120 tribes have to be restored. If that is done, the door to the Kingdom of God will be opened. (160-89)

6,000 years ago, God was waiting to celebrate the wedding banquet of Adam and Eve after they became mature. But the ideal of the True Parents centering on Adam and Eve could not be realized because they became false parents. However, the ideal of the True Parents, could have been realized by the marriage of Jesus and his bride. Isn't that so?

Then, are the sons and daughters of the True Parents true children or false children? [They are true children!] From them, the true family can emerge. The true children of the True Parents will multiply true families and expand to the true tribe, true people, true nation, and true world. That world will create the life of the Kingdom of God on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world. Then this world can become the Kingdom of God. After living the life of the Kingdom of God on Earth, when you go to the spirit world, your life will be connected to the life of the Kingdom of God in Heaven. This is the general survey of God's providence.

All people were born from Satan's blood lineage. They are different from God's blood lineage. Therefore, according to Romans, Chapter 8, they could call God "Father" in the position of an adopted son. They can call God "Father" through a bridge like Jesus. Otherwise, they cannot directly call God "Father" because the blood lineage is different.

Only Jesus had the bond of the direct blood lineage of God. Thus he was called the only begotten son. None of you are the only begotten son. Then, who are you? You are the failed sons and failed daughters. You are sons and daughters who would have failed. (160-44)

The Lord at the Second Advent will not establish the new ideal realm within the Kingdom of God, but at the bottom of hell. At the place connected to the bottom of hell, he will find Cain and Abel, and create the realm of God's new family. This will be expanded to the realms of a new tribe, new people, new country, and new world of God. Through the establishment of this ideal worldwide realm, all people of the world will be restored. That world will unify all people through restoration through indemnity centered on Cain and Abel. God's hope and Will can be realized by replacing the empty spirit world with the new organized world of unification on earth.

Thus Jesus said that "Whatever you tie on earth, shall be tied in heaven, and whatever you solve on earth, shall be solved in heaven." Is it possible to establish the Kingdom of God in Heaven without establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth? [No!] The Kingdom of God in Heaven can never be realized without establishing the Kingdom of God on earth. (143-30)

You should not think you are entitled to go to the Kingdom of God in heaven. Instead, you have to first establish the Kingdom of God on earth. But before that, you yourself must be a member of the Kingdom of God on earth. In order to become such a person, you have to make unity of heart to the degree that you can say confidently, "Father's mind is mine and my mind is Father's mind." Accordingly, you should be the person representing God's mind and True Father's mind as well as the mind of the great ancestors. If you are doing so, all historical problems can be solved on earth. (3-295)

8. The Right Viewpoint for the Kingdom of God

How much are you united with God at the most serious position in front of God's enormous Will and historical hope? Do you have absolute faith centering on God's Will?

No matter how strong a storm and wind may come, even if you are destroyed and dying, you should have absolute faith, saying, "This faith is absolute. Even though I was wrong, only this Will is absolutely right." If your faith is different from morning to evening, and if you lose the Kingdom of God, how foolish you are!

If there is a way to go to the Kingdom of God, what is it? The way to the Kingdom of God does not appear at the self-centered place. If you feel that you are far away from that country, you have to deny yourself completely. Only when you deny yourself can the desire to enter the Kingdom of God remain. However, if without denying yourself, you try to make the environment applied to yourself, you cannot make a relationship with the Kingdom of God.

It is obvious that the Kingdom of God starts from yourself. Even if the physical Kingdom of God is established, if you don't become a person who fits into it, you will have nothing to do with it.

What is the Kingdom of God? It is the place to go after overcoming Satan. It is not the place you go to just by overcoming yourself today. The Kingdom of God cannot be within our present social environment, the realm of the fallen world, or the habitual environmental realm. Because Satan has occupied and dwelt in this habitual environment, you can see the Kingdom of God only after overcoming this realm of Satan's. The Kingdom of God will be established at the place opposite to Satan's world. Is that correct? If it's not correct, it could not really be the Kingdom of God. Although that world might have the name Kingdom of God, it would be nothing but a deceptive environment.

Therefore, the Kingdom of God can be established from the position of subjugating Satan, denying everything related to Satan, and removing it. The Kingdom of God comes close to you when you remove the negative historic relic of Satan, and when you deny all the contents of Satan's lifestyle. Without removing these satanic contents, the contents of the Kingdom of God cannot be provided to you.

The Kingdom of God is such a valuable thing. Although the Kingdom of God is described as the absolute standard, people today seem confused about it. Most people are expecting the Kingdom from an extremely self-centered position. Only when you overcome your circumstances with absolute faith can the Kingdom of God emerge. However, that cannot be the origin of God's Kingdom. Based on the individual's foundation of subjugating Satan, the Kingdom of God can be realized. Therefore, the Kingdom of God is not established simply by obediently following God's will. It cannot be realized only with faith. Since Satan always tries to destroy us, that country can be realized only by us getting victory in the battle. However, in the battle against Satan, sovereignty is necessary. There should be a people for the country. At the country level, a large number of families have to live for the whole organization for the sake of one purpose. Then, people of that country should be able to harmonize with their leader, centering on God, without any conflict.

One may be able to feel, in one's mind, the Kingdom of God at the place where one is ready for death, but that is not the actual, substantial Kingdom of God. Although a great amount of martyrdom and suffering has taken place throughout the past 2000 years, the Kingdom of God is not yet realized on earth. In this sense, the Kingdom of God is not to be established in such an easy way.

When we consider the phrase "The Kingdom of God starts from myself," if the word "myself" were omitted, it would create a serious situation. The Bible says, "Love the Lord your God with all your mind, will and heart." However, the word "Lord" does not have a simple meaning. The fundamental meaning of the word "Lord" can be recognized substantially only at the place that has absolute contents, which can never be forgotten. The Kingdom of God does not come by believing in the Lord God, but by loving Him. God's Will is fulfilled not by believing in God, but by loving Him.

In this sense, you should recognize how immature your faith is and how far away it is from the Principle. Even though some of you are attending this meeting for the first time, someone will receive consolation and feel the fullness of joy centered on himself. However, though the Kingdom of God may exist in your own mind and God feels joy from you, it does not mean that the Kingdom of God has been established on earth. It may be an individual Kingdom of God, but it's not the whole Kingdom of God. From this viewpoint, what God desires is not the individual Kingdom of

God. God does not feel joy seeing that. Can we say that because a man feels joy, the nation is established? God tried to fulfill the whole Kingdom of God by unifying all the nations horizontally. Consequently, God sent the Messiah, Jesus, to this world and could not but have him sacrificed. (46-74)

Section 2. Preparation for Going to the Kingdom of God

1. The Foundation of the Kingdom of God

In this world, nobody can uproot God's life and love. The closer we are to the truth, the more we are absorbed into it. That truth will become the center, which nobody can take by force. Even if the earth falls into chaos millions of times and the universe is suddenly destroyed, if you have the truth as your mind's center, you will never be changed or shaken.

However, if you are not prepared to receive the truth, no matter how correct the truth may appear you will not recognize it. Even if true life appears, you will not know it. Even if true love appears, you will not know it. From this viewpoint, if today's Christians are looking for real truth, true life, and true love, they should deny themselves and establish a new center in their mind.

When new continents were being discovered, it seemed the earth was expanding; but now the earth seems to be getting smaller and smaller. In other words, when civilization was not developed the world seemed huge, but as history and civilization developed, the world seemed to become gradually smaller. In this sense, the ideal world will be the universal time when everything is directly related to everyone. Therefore, it is necessary that the love and life of the heavenly country be completed in one's mind and within oneself.

Because truth, life, and love are like one family, love and life should necessarily follow truth, life and truth should necessarily follow love, and, love and truth should necessarily follow life.

Why are truth, love, and life always connected to one another? As you know, in order for one being to exist, there should be above and below, front and back, and right and left, centering on that being. No existing being can escape from the realm of the number three. This is the basic structure of any existing being. These three elements make the unified form. If a force proceeds in the reverse way, a different action of the force occurs. Accordingly, God is the origin of love, life, and truth, yet after the fall, when those three did not make a balance, God could not work providentially. (2-133)

The disciples of Jesus thought that when Jesus became King of Israel, having dominion over the Roman Empire, they would also receive high positions. However, that is not the essential matter. First of all, one has to make the heavenly country within one's mind and make unity between one's physical body and God, centering on one's mind. This is the greatest problem. The Kingdom of God starts from oneself.

Therefore, the foundation of the heavenly country is one's mind. Do you want the world to become good without you? You probably want the world to become good together with you. Do you want to join the place of death? You probably don't want that. Even people at the age of 70 or 80 may not want to join the place of death. Here, you grandmother! Do you want to join the place of death or not? Although, because of old age, they don't have long to live, they still probably don't like the place of death. Why is this so? When people are getting old, they may become miserable and therefore say that they want to die. However, most people tend to say that they, with their wrinkled face, would like to see such and such things before their death. What does this mean? It means they don't want to die. This is a problem because they may be thinking everything is meaningless without themselves in the world. (47-273)

Where is the foundation of the Kingdom of God? A great number of Christians believe that they can go to that heavenly country by believing in Jesus. Then, where is the foundation of the Kingdom of God? When Peter asked, "Where is the Kingdom of God?" Jesus answered that it is not in heaven but in your mind. Then, what is the foundation in your mind? Can a sad mind be the foundation in your mind? Can a proud mind be the foundation of the Kingdom of God? Can a mind that denies society be the foundation? These are not the foundations we are expecting and not the foundations that God can approve.

In this situation, the person seeking the foundation of the Kingdom of God cannot help being more solitary than anyone else. Why is this so? Because God is solitary, the person has to be solitary. Because God has walked the way of the victim, that person has to also go that way.

Then, if humankind always repents, feeling sad and shedding tears because heaven and earth are filled with sadness, can that be the foundation of the Kingdom of God? That alone cannot be the foundation of God's Kingdom. Even when you serve the church, expecting the time of new joy, you have to determine to resolve the problem of evil in this world. Without such an attitude and determination, the foundation of the heavenly country cannot be made. This is an obvious fact.

Where is the foundation of the Kingdom of God? Some people confidently assert that because they have a certain social position, the Kingdom of God starts from them. If good and evil moved together, their opinion might be right. However, good and evil cannot move together. When evil goes east, good has to go west. When evil stops, good has to move. Moreover, when evil has a desire, good must not have the desire. Good and evil are opposite.

In this sense, when God comes to this world, who would be the most desirable one to make a bond with God? The heavenly country starts from the place where God abandoned all hope for mankind. Therefore, people who are satisfied with their present lives cannot be true religious persons.

When you are confronted by the sorrowful fate of life and death, and when you sink into despair and distress, losing the meaning of your existence, you should not be excessively attached to your past. On the contrary, you should seek new value at the place of self-denial. In this process, the foundation of true goodness can start.

From this point, is there anybody who can confidently say that his personality is the foundation of the heavenly country? [Nobody] Nobody can insist that his family is the foundation of that nation. No tribe can insist that God must recognize that tribe because of the historical good achievements of its ancestors. The peoples, nations, and some thoughts or theories are the same. This is a tragedy.

Therefore, while the one who wants to die will live, the one who wants to live will die. What does that mean? The one who wants to live for one thousand years can realize such a dream only when he makes effort to detach. himself from the evil world for one thousand years. The one who wants to live for ten thousand years can find the foundation of his wish only when he gratefully sacrifices himself for ten thousand years.

Likewise, the one seeking eternal life, happiness, and the Kingdom of God must overcome the present difficulties centering on the eternal, and must be able to endure sacrifice. Only when one takes such an attitude can the eternal foundation emerge. (47-247)

2. The Standard for Going to the Kingdom of God

What is the standard for going to the Kingdom of God? It is to love God more than one's own child. Without loving God the most, one cannot leave the realm of Satan. Therefore, if one does not love God more than one's wife or husband, one cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Some fallen people are in the situation of leaving the realm of Satan and yet staying in the edge of the realm. In other words, they have not left Satan's realm completely. Therefore, one should not love one's father and mother more than God. (41-299)

Who can enter the Kingdom of God? First of all, it should be the one who is in accord with God's mind. How much does one agree with God's mind? If God works towards the eternal purpose, one should harmonize with God's mind centering on eternity. Is that right or not? If the accordance lasts only for about ten years, real accordance cannot be made. The accordance with God has to last eternally. How can it be eternal? One should be the child who can agree with God's mind and love God eternally. In order to be such a child, one should not become an object of sadness. The Kingdom of God is to be in eternity.

Then, one should be in accord with God's body. That is to say, while the mind represents the central point of every direction, we understand a direction to be manifested only through a body. In order to be God's child, when God goes east, one must go east with God. If God liked a warm thing, but Jesus liked a cold one, would that be right? When God wants to laugh and talk, if Jesus wants to sleep, is that right? Everything that is manifested through the body should be in accordance with God's mind. That is not enough. When God wants to be amiable, one should not be hot-tempered. When God is amiable, one should also be amiable. The internal and external should be matched. If they are matched, then mind and body will always go together. If God exists, one should do what God likes. Since Jesus is God's son, Jesus also has to do what God likes. (47-257)

Although you may want to enter the Kingdom of God, you can never go there without sacrificing your life. If you have been to the Kingdom of God, you will know that nobody is there who did not sacrifice their lives. The essence of the life of faith is manifested so. (37-250)

3. The Starting Point of the Kingdom of God

Where does the Kingdom of God start? Without liberating God's sorrow, humankind cannot enter God's Kingdom. Since humankind has made a history of sorrow since the fall, all the bonds of that sorrowful history should be found in order to be restored. All the bonds of the 6,000-year history since Adam and Eve have to be found. It is the Principle of the Unification Church that teaches about such a God of sorrow.

People in the secular world are trying to escape from the world of sorrow. While the secular world tries to escape sorrow, the Principle has a fundamental motivation to undergo the world of sorrow. The original human is different from people in the secular world. The more one knows God's sorrow, the more one gains strength in the Unification Church. Once you know the tragic situation of God, that becomes the source of explosive power to resolve it. This is the great strength of the Unification Church.

4. The Essence of the Kingdom of God

What kind of world is the Kingdom of God? Because the Kingdom of God is the original world, the individual, family, and tribe cannot go there in the face of Satan's accusations. Therefore, members of the Unification Church have to unite their family, relatives, and tribe into one centering on God. In other words, three generations should become one. In Adam's family, Adam was the first generation, Cain and Abel were the second generation, and the children of Cain and Abel were the third generation.

These three generations were supposed to unite. Centering on God, God was the first generation, Adam and Eve were the second generation, and Cain and Abel were the third generation. (21-54)

Because the Kingdom of God is the world where people live for the sake of others, it will never perish as long as the principle of living unselfishly is maintained. In other words, if people only wished to be treated well, the Kingdom of God would perish. Don't you agree?

The Kingdom of God is the world filled with true love. The essence of love is to live for the sake of others. Thus it is different from the love in the secular world. Therefore, religion teaches to live for the sake of others, that is, to he humble, to serve, and to sacrifice. The secular world has no such teachings. Yet, these elements are somehow practiced by groups such as beggars, who know nothing. That was God's secret strategy to have Satan's side receive good fortune, even though they were not aware of the higher purpose-heavenly law. How wonderful yet miserable God is to have developed such a strategy for thousands of years! (4?-42)

5. The Structure of the Kingdom of God

Did you find your original homeland? [No, we didn't.] Since you lost the original homeland, you lost the original home country. The home country is the Kingdom of God on Earth. Earth is to become the actual home country. What is the home country? The home country is to he the Kingdom of God on Earth as well as the Kingdom of God in Heaven.

Three major elements are required to establish a country: sovereignty, land, and people. In this world, is there a sovereignty over which God can have dominion? [No!] Did humankind allow itself to be governed by God? [No!] Therefore, we don't have our country. This world is not where the original human should live.

Thus, the desire of humankind is to console God and establish God's country, but that has been continuing endlessly. Also, your conscience pushes you to make a better world. Although you might have done good works for a stranger once, that cannot satisfy goodness. Even though you did good works thousands of times a day, your conscience will continuously push you. Doesn't it do so? [Yes, it does!] Such a conscience may seem like a fool. The conscience pushes us because the mind wants individual goodness to accumulate rapidly and expand to goodness on the world level.

Therefore, goodness does not stay down. It pushes you forcibly. "You have to give goodness to three billion people thousands of times a day, and you have to give it again." It will speak like this. If there are no more people to give to, you have to give goodness to the mountains, the sea, and heaven and earth. The mind is trying to give goodness like that. Why? Because what the mind has desired throughout humanity's long history has not been fulfilled yet. (155-20)

Section 3. The Qualifications and Conditions for Entering the Kingdom of God

1. The Qualifications for Entering the Kingdom of God

1) Necessity of Suffering

What remains forever is the suffering of a public life. If, when you go to the spirit world after undergoing the suffering of a public life on earth, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God, you can complain to True Father. Those who receive persecution for the sake of the nation, the world, and the cosmos are wise people. (19-30)

What kind of tradition are you going to leave in this country? We are within the realm our enemy was occupying, because the man who took responsibility for the country got captured by the enemy. However, that man should not be given preferential treatment. If he is treated well, unity cannot be made. Do you understand what True Father is saying? The more miserable the responsible person's death, the more closely united the relationship between that man and us becomes. Don't you think so? Conversely, the more the enemy country loves the responsible person, the more our unity with him becomes vague. Even in killing him, he has to be killed in the most miserable way, by amputating his arms and legs, and by extracting his eyes. If that is done, the group that is bonded to him comes to be completely united. Don't you think so? That is the only method.

What can create unity between the spirit world and us? It is for us to encounter difficulties. The harder a time you have, the more the spirit world unites with you. Despite the fact that the Unification Church and the spirit world are in a relationship of father and son, and a brotherhood relation, if we endure a lot of suffering, the spirit world will completely unite with us.

Therefore, we are mobilized directly and are battling with Satan. If we do not encounter difficulties, the spirit world will not work actively. In this sense, God unfolds His strategy through Satan. God lets us have an extremely hard time. Sometimes He lets us be killed. Death itself is a tragedy, but it can create the reaction of unity. Isn't that what happens? (49-108)

What kind of example should we leave on earth? Filial son? Loyal subject? Even though you become a filial son or loyal subject, or if you leave your name in the history of your country, that does not give you real meaning. This is because a filial son and loyal subject in the fallen world do not have the original heavenly standard. Accordingly, in order to reach the original heavenly standard, one has to be the most filial son among filial sons, the most loyal subject among loyal subjects, and the most exemplary woman among exemplary women. When is that time? Now is the time.

Therefore, those who want to enter the Kingdom of God should live miserably and die miserably. Are these good words or bad words? [Good words!] Then, are the words: "Go out and desperately lead people to the church!" good or bad words? [Good ones!] Then, why don't you go out and work hard? You should die for the sake of others. If you die for the sake of others, the world, and the cosmos, you will be treated as the subject of the great universe.

The most valuable things are the creation, humans, and God. Those who sacrificed, risking their lives to embrace the world from the position of goodness, are essentially sacrificing for the sake of those three things. Therefore, God has to compensate them with something more valuable than those three things. Because Jesus had such a viewpoint, he proclaimed, "Members of your family are your enemy," and "He who seeks to die shall live, while he who seeks to live shall die." Otherwise, people cannot go to the Kingdom of God. Thus, Jesus' proclamation was the most wonderful news. Do you understand? It was the most magnificent, valuable, and absolute gospel.

Thus, the Unification Church does not teach that one should live a rich and comfortable life. Even though you may live a miserable and poor life, and die in a tragic situation, your sacrificial life will be resurrected at the time of blossoms. Every holy person will gather together and adore you before your holy life. What kind of life do you want to create? True Father is going to let the members of the Unification Church have an extremely hard time, and make you filial children and loyal subjects. Do you feel good or not? [Good!] How shall True Father treat people who are not willing to go such a way? In the relation between father and child, brother and brother, teacher and disciple, one should say firmly, "Father, please cut off my bone! Elder brother, please cut off my bone! Teacher, please cut off my bone!" It is true love to make someone overcome his present difficulties by kicking him with your foot.

Therefore, the first commandment is: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind!" Then, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself!" Who is your neighbor? The people of the world are your neighbors and brothers. You have to invest your mind, will, and life for the sake of the people of the world. If you stake your life, that is your best. Because Rev. Moon made such a resolution, Rev. Moon passed the age of 50; but he still has a long way to go. Rev. Moon never hesitates to go that way.

In order to realize the hope of tomorrow and become a manager of the world, Rev. Moon goes that way of death, devoting himself and shedding tears with his whole will and effort. Thus, True Father has to find one standard from which everything can be united. This is the major thought of the Unification Church. This is the way of adventure. We are now undergoing the path of a bloody fight.

What do you think of this way? Is it good or not? The foundation that was established at the price of one's life will be a model for humankind, and will be the foundation for the happiness of the world's people. All people will regard that foundation as the starting point of harmony, and will make the world united. The one who feels responsible for the history of the universe at such a place of hope is never a small-minded man. Don't you agree? You should understand this well. (49-303)

He who begins the way of truth must go the way of death until he dies. In order to pay the indemnity which would normally have to be paid after death, one has to go that way during his lifetime. This is to reduce the period of indemnity, which would have to be paid for billions of years after death, through suffering on earth. Accordingly, the way of truth is to indemnify on earth the suffering course that would have had to be paid eternally. (31-320)

God gives blessing to people who endure difficulties for the sake of God's Will. Where do you receive the blessing? In the spirit world. You come to receive the highest blessing in the spirit world. The blessing is found in prison. Therefore, the day to enter prison is the day of hope. The day your hands are handcuffed is also a day of hope.

When True Father went to prison with a grateful mind, everything was prepared to welcome him. Everybody was waiting to receive True Father's teachings. If I felt hungry, someone brought food. That cannot be compared to Elijah's miracle in receiving food from ravens. I let Communists bring food through the spirit world. (103-207)

2) The Necessity of Love

What will you ride to get to the Kingdom of God? You cannot go there by jet. You can go there by riding the track of love. When True Father says this, do you feel it substantially? [Yes!] The line of love does not become thin when it is pulled, as does an elastic band. On the contrary, the more the line of love is pulled, the thicker it becomes. That gives two kinds of benefits in one action.

In this sense, to encounter the most difficulties for the sake of God's Will is a secret method to occupy the world. Do you understand? [King of suffering!] The king of suffering. When True Father uses this kind of world, you may actually feel that. What will the king of suffering become in the spirit world? He will be the one who can take God's glory alone. Religious people today say, "Let's go to the Kingdom of Gods" But can people go there with no qualifications? People should meet that country first on earth. In order to meet that country, one has to go through the law of love. You should pray that all of you go through the law of love.

When you come to have many children, you should feel the additional cross to love the Kingdom of God more. The reason many children are sent to your family is because your family has to carry many crosses. Your family has many responsibilities for the sake of that country. Upon knowing this, you should fulfill your responsibility completely. Such a family can have a great descendant who can inherit heavenly fortune. (32-232)

How can you go to the Kingdom of God? You have to be crazy for God's love. You have to love God more than Adam and Eve did, more than Peter, James and John did. You must love Jesus more than Peter, James and John did. Without that, the relative realm of true love cannot be restored, from which God can love you. Only when that is restored will everything be fulfilled.

You should not worry about money. You should not worry about children even if you don't have any. You should go that way continuously. When you go continuously, you may feel that you are diminishing, but actually you are going higher and higher. The Unification Church becomes bigger and bigger by being persecuted. Don't you think so? In a family of ten, the one who is opposed by the others, and continuously endures for the sake of the common purpose, can become the lord of that family. That person can be the lord of the heavenly country. (142-289)

You must be able to embrace children of all five races, and embrace their grandchildren. So, you must be able to love people of the world with God's true love, and you must be the lord of the family as true parents. Only when you become true parents centered on God's true love, and represent the family standard of true love, can you enter the Kingdom of God.

In order to enter the Kingdom of God, one has to be united with the true God and the true love of True Parents. Those who have lived in the relationship of God's blood lineage can go to the Kingdom of God, but until now, no couple has lived such a life until death. Therefore, the Kingdom of God is vacant. (176-210)

The way to the Kingdom of God is opened by loving your brothers like God. You are trying to follow True Father. With such a mind, let your brothers follow True Father. From this viewpoint, the one who teaches the highest, quickest and best way to go to the Kingdom of God is neither God nor True Father, but your brother. (66-125)

Then, to what kind of Kingdom of God are you going? Are you going to the global Kingdom or the individual Kingdom? [The global Kingdom!]

Because True Father is very greedy, in order to hold the line of love to be able to enter the global Kingdom of God, he has been going this way, enduring persecution for 40 years by going beyond the individual, the line of family, tribe, people, nation and world.

Where do we go after that? We have to go find the nation. Because we found the world-level line of love and there is no bigger place, we have to go back to our hometown. Because we received the Blessing, we have to help poor people in our hometown. Because we found the line of love at the level of the world, where do we go? We came in order to save the country. (143-141)

3) We Must Have Results

Only the ideal of the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth and in heaven has been close to us, and only the way of happiness to secure glory and prosperity remains before us. Until now, the way to advance happiness and the ideal was blocked by various walls. Servant and servant, subject and object were blocked. Numerous walls were blocking the spirit world as well as the world on earth, but True Father opened them all. True Father made the foundation so that the spirit world can freely settle on earth.

In the past, a person who prayed and devoted himself could meet the deceased founder of a religion for a short time, but then they had to separate, because the religious leader had to return to the spirit world. However, now is the time when all spirit persons can descend to earth, centering on the realm of religion. Thus, if you are not able to substantially move the past, present, and future, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. You should know this.

The time of the past was the period of angels and good spirit persons in the spirit world, the present time is the period of parents, and the future will be the period of God. Therefore, those who are not able to mobilize the spirit world, parents, and God cannot enter the Kingdom of God. This is the same situation as when the angels and God helped Adam and Eve. Afterwards, Adam and Eve were supposed to move the universe. Only those people who can move these three realms centering on God can enter the Kingdom of God, which is the original world. (161-199)

What must you do in order to enter that country? What is the condition to enter that country? You have to love God more than your own children. You have to love the Lord more than your own husband or wife. You have to love the Holy Spirit more than your own body. That is the unity of trinity. (10-100)

Then, who can live in the heavenly country? Sons and daughters who bring joy to God can live there. However, after the fall, multitudes of fallen people lived throughout human history. Out of these fallen people, do you think people giving joy to God were born? [They were not born.] (43-23)

You might hope to go to the Kingdom of God by believing in the Unification Church, but if you did not bring results on earth, even if you were allowed into that country, you would feel ashamed of yourself. We are not the group that wants to go to the Kingdom of God just by having faith, as do traditional Christians. We are the group which tries to establish the Kingdom of God with all our heart and effort. We cannot forgive the people who try to oppose and prevent that.

In order to go this way, you have to invest all your mind and body as well as all your belongings. And you must take responsibility not only for the fate of the country, but for the destiny of Asia. You should understand that now is such a time. (22-226)

4) Living for the Sake of Others

If you are fifty years old and you lived for the sake of the universe and heavenly law for over 25 years, you can go to the Kingdom of God. You can go beyond the boundary line to be able to stay in a better realm of the spirit world. But people who live their whole life centered on themselves go to the original homeland of evil-hell-regardless of their feelings. This has to be true. You have to recognize your situation and reflect on your past. You should make effort to live for the sake of the whole country, the world, heaven and earth, and God -- during the rest of your lifetime. If you do so, it follows that you will march forward to the ideal world in heaven. (78-119)

You may not know much about the spirit world, but True Father is an expert. I have experienced the spirit world more than anyone else has. The spirit world is my special major field. What is the origin of the spirit world? The world which is composed through the Principle -- living for the sake of others -- must be the Kingdom of God that humanity is expecting. That is our original homeland.

We are destined to go there regardless of our will. That is our way of life. We are going the way of a traveler. What can be a problem in your life? Whether you are living more for the sake of others or for yourself. If you lived more for the sake of others, you will go to the Kingdom of God. If the opposite is true, you will go to hell. You may be unable to believe this fundamental formula now, in your present situation, but when you die you will come to understand.

God has worked providentially to save mankind through religion. Therefore, the higher the dimension of a religion, the more that religion teaches higher contents which are in accord with the principle of the original homeland. Therefore, many high religions could not help but teach the idea of sacrifice and service.

Because God has been working providentially behind religion to match the world to the original world, we cannot deny that God is working within human history. Accordingly, a religion that is living for the sake of others will develop, while a religion that tries to take the subjective position, centered on itself, will decline. (74-51)

What is the Kingdom of God? You should know with certainty what the Kingdom of God is. It is the world of love. It is the world of living for the sake of the center, God. (98-35)

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