Earthly Life and Spirit World #2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 2 The Messiah and the Spirit World [Part 2]

Section 4. Father and Spirit World

1. Father's Establishment of Spiritual Conditions and His Foundation For This

What you have to know is this. You have to know that the spirit world is the same. I have not conducted all the providential efforts and events on my own centering only on the physical standard. Instead, I have done these things by attending to God in the spirit world. You have to know that the reason everything is being solved on earth is so that the spirit world will be affected and all the divisions within spirit world will be broken down. If white people and the many black people were to become one with each other and become one with me in love and act in concert with me, then you would immediately become connected to the world of your ancestors, that is, spirit world.

Why? It's because subject and object are one. It makes sense logically. That which is a complete negative automatically creates something that is a complete positive. That is the principle behind the creation of the universe. It is the law of existence. So, if you carry out a complete principled movement here, then spirit world itself will become connected to that. Do you understand? This is the first time in history that something like this takes place. Therefore, if we solve the issues of spirit world here, and deal with them, then they come to a natural resolution in spirit world.

Each time this is done, however, there has to be indemnity. You don't know what period we live in, or what kind of time this is for the world. I, however, am taking responsibility by myself before history and the universe, before the spirit world and on earth to advance this task. I know the time when indemnity has to be paid. I know what happens in spirit world and what happens on earth, when this is not sustained. Do you understand? [Yes.] That is why the Bible says that what is loosed on earth will also be loosed in Heaven. To resolve something on earth, there needs to be indemnity. This is the thing.

You don't know the way of indemnity. Do you realize that? I know the way of indemnity, but you don't. That is why, as I mentioned already, you need to rise to a higher level. There has to be the age of subject-partner and object-partner indemnity in the individual's environment, the age of subject-partner and object-partner indemnity in the family's environment, the age of subject-partner and object-partner indemnity in the clan's environment, the age of subject-partner and object-partner indemnity in the people's environment, the age of subject-partner and object-partner indemnity in the nation and the age of subject-partner and object-partner in the world's environment.

You don't know this, but I do. That is why my words are reflected directly in the spirit world, are revealed there. (131-226)

Where do you think the Kingdom of Heaven has to be realized? It has to be done in the most miserable place in the world. So, where is that? It is in the bottom of the worst of all prisons in the world.

The problem is this: Who is going to lay the foundation in the spirit world and on earth? Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is going to do this. He does it by beginning in the worst place in prison. He started with the worst of all prisons, and worked with spirit world to lay this foundation. Then, he worked to widen this foundation. Then, he went out into society at large and did this in the family, then the clan, the people and the nation. Then we did this in Asia, and then in the whole world, centering on the United States, which is the central country in the world.

I have to open the way for all people, so I have formed friendships with prisoners on death row, and I've walked around handcuffed to all kinds of thieves and eaten with them. In each case, I tried to comfort them. Some time ago, I went all the way to Las Vegas and prayed for the people there. All the people in the world. Do you know why the New Yorker Hotel in New York was purchased? It is on Eighth Avenue. In the future, my plan is to start with the worst slum in New York, and clean everything up and lay a new foundation. Do you understand what I'm saying? [Yes.]

I have to go there and mingle with them and give them comfort. Only by doing that can I open the way for all people in all walks of life, including the people of the satanic world who are on the path of destruction. At the same time, I have to open up all the things that are blocked in spirit world and pave the way in the physical world. Only then can the world be united as one. For this reason, I have to transcend race. I help white people get married and I help black people get married. I buy a house for a white person, and I buy a house for a black person. I'm a person who is doing things that can't be seen anywhere else in the world. (96-160)

I have triumphed in spirit world. There is no one else who can do this. The myriad spiritual masters in the world will have to come to me in the future and learn from me. Without fail, this is what will happen. Because of this, there is no problem if the entire 30 million people of Korea, or even the 3 billion people in the world, are all opposed to me. All the hundreds of billions of spirit people do what I tell them. But I will be reckless.

2. Father's Patent in the Spirit World

Let's talk now about how to build a bridge to the spirit world, and make it so that we can jump over there. You're interested in that, aren't you? Is this man Moon so-and-so who stands before you a Korean? Is he an American? Is he an Oriental? Is he a Westerner? Is he a Korean from the Orient? [No.] Why not? That's right, isn't it. But I do have one patent. All the elements of development in the modern world are connected to patent rights. All the patents are different. There are patents that have to do with making clothes, and for everything else. Everything is patented. If you own a patent, then you can go anywhere in the world and exercise your rights as the owner. That's the way it is in the world at large, and you should know that there is also a similar law in the spirit world.

There's no law that says that only white people can register patents. No law says that black people can't register patents or that Asians can't do this. No matter where you go, patents apply to every type of person. Do you understand? [Yes.]

There were many founders of religions and other religious people in history who tried to gain a patent on the spirit world. I don't know if there is anyone among them who possesses the champion patent. Wouldn't you like it if I showed that to you? [Yes.] How would you know if I showed you a fake?

How can you tell whether it's real? I don't know whether it's good or bad, but all of you who are gathered here have come together as one, and, instead of falling away, you are saying that you will climb up to any height. So, that's good enough, then. Then what about God? Can He say: "Wait a minute, Rev. Moon. Look here now, you can't do that"? Even God gives His permission. Without my signature, it's no good. My signature. There might be something like that. Wouldn't that be nice? [Yes.]

There may be many great American presidents who are now in the spirit world, but it doesn't matter. Even if there are kings, or saints, or founders of religions, when they need my signature, they will have to come and bow down to me.

If you want to receive a doctorate degree, you have to go to your master Ph.D. and serve him. If he requires it, you have to do even the most menial task for him, and if he kicks you, you have to turn and say: "Oh, thank you very much." No matter what, you have to get his signature in order to receive the doctorate yourself. You might want to say: "I'm better than he. I'm much better looking. I have a better nose, a better face and a better stature. If we were to wrestle, I would win. I can eat more that he can. I can beat him at any competition. I'm better than him in dozens, even hundreds, of ways. Yet he thinks that he can withhold a doctorate from me just because I don't know a few things?" None of this, though, will do you any good. It just may be that I have a patent that is just like this.

Rumors were flying around this capricious world and many people thought that I would be destroyed and disappear. But because I have this patent, I'm holding my head high after coming out of prison in Danbury, and I'm speaking out loudly. I have antennae that let me see and hear everything. And when I find out, I speak out with a loud voice. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Even God will check to see whether Rev. Moon has signed off on a particular matter before making His decision on it. He will check to see if my signature is there, and if it's there it will be okay with him. But if not... (laughter)

It's easy to say, but think how difficult this is in reality. If, by chance, it turns out that I do have such a piece of paper, then all the physical world and spirit world would be in the palm of my hand. Everyone on earth can't avoid going to spirit world, so we can conclude that one way or another everyone will eventually end up in the same place. (134-17)

Nature is filled with truth. You don't know very much about the spirit world, do you? This person you see here is an expert on the spirit world. Not just in the 21st century but even in the 22nd or 30th century, there won't be any way to open the door to spirit world without me.

Probably, my name will be remembered in history as being the first to develop a logical foundation for understanding how to open the door to spirit world.

Even a spiritualist who considers himself to be the best in the world will have to come and learn from me. That's why I'm the founder of the Unification Church. Do you understand? The unification of churches. What kind of church? It's the unification of world Christianity. If they had listened to me, they would already be unified. If only they'd listened. (203-325)

Once I have made a declaration before the physical world and the spirit world, I can stop the way in which the spirit world has been selfishly using the physical world. Instead, it becomes possible for the spirit world to work for the sake of the physical world. Do you think that there is a way to do this? Do you think it's enough to restore the birthright of the first born beginning with Abel, and then make a declaration to spirit world, saying that from that point on they should cooperate with the physical world, and obey the physical world? If someone were to say, "Do this!" without any content to back him up, do you think that it will be done? It's necessary to explain that this works in this way, and that works that way, and so forth. Only then does it become possible. Only then will north and south be unified and east and west be brought together. Everything, then, will come back in a bundle like this. (210-193)

3. The Spirit World Is Already Centered On Father

If the spirit world is not unified, the world of earth cannot be unified. If there exists a Lord who can unify the spirit world, what would be the problem to unify the world of earth? It is not difficult. Nations are critical. From now on we even have to guide spiritualists. The people who are spiritually open are all under my charge now. I am the head of spiritualists, so you should follow my words, not their words. You should know this: they must come here to learn from me. They know only a one-way direction.

For that reason, even if you receive messages from the spirit world, you shouldn't think they are absolute information. If the spiritualists don't interpret their messages according to the Divine Principle and select the right direction, it will be easy for them to be on Satan's side. Do you understand? [Yes.] The spirit world is testifying to Father and is following me now. Because I know about the spirit world as a specialist, I can distinguish Satan's doing and I have been able to accomplish this much. That's why I haven't been destroyed. I am still here.

Think how many zillions of spirits are in the spirit world. Compared to that, the population of three billion on earth is much smaller. Three billion people are not such a big deal. If only we go over the national level, we will be able to mobilize the spirit world. When that happens, our time will be near. You should know that. With this kind of view, we can see the outlines for the future of the free world and Communist world. Do you understand? [Yes.] (154-233)

Do you know what the Lord is at the Second Advent? [The King of Kings.] I asked you what the Lord is and you are telling me it's the King of Kings.

When Jesus was dying, he said that he would come back. Isn't it true that people are making noise because I came on behalf of Jesus? Am I better than or inferior to Jesus? [You are far better.] Yet, do Christians say that Rev. Moon is better than Jesus? Have they ever been in the spirit world? I have seen everything and I talk about it. I talk on that foundation, but those who don't know about the spirit world are making such a noise! Well, when I said that Buddha was my disciple, Buddhists also made a noise. They are pretty quiet recently. (laughter) I brought leaders of Buddhism to the United States and showed them around. When they went back, they said, "Wow, we misunderstood. He is better than Lord Jesus and Lord Buddha." That's what they say now. Am I inferior to Buddha? Inferior to Jesus? Do you know how contemptuously Jesus was treated while he roamed around at the waterfront of Galilee for three years like a beggar? He was treated with contempt and died.

Am I dead or alive? [Alive.] I was treated contemptuously but I have stomped on the whole world to overcome. Am I great or not great? [Great.] How great am I? (laughter) The entire world's people are so wretched. If people are not good enough and there is someone like Father, they should be grateful to receive seeds from that person. It means that to be in-laws, they should receive seeds from my family, doesn't it? Do you understand? [Yes.] (186-183)

If you go to the other side of the spirit world, how will it be? Do you think you will see people being happy, or people opposing each other? Murderers and their victims are all staying together there. Don't you think they are ready to fight, waving knives around for their revenge? However, there are many walls there. The many walls are blocking them. For that reason, evil spirits go to the descendants of their enemies and cause sudden deaths by accidents in order to fetch them to the spirit world. Things like this happen. They should all be freed.

In order to free them, the world of earth should be freed. For that freedom, something good should be offered. If something better than dying or having enemies is not offered, they cannot be freed. What could it be? With what is the spirit world liberated? With what is God liberated? All the bad relationships were tied by human ancestors and they have made such a mess in the spirit world. Therefore, the descendants now confront their ancestors' mistakes.

However, if a person has inherited the proper tradition to be a filial son, he should pay back his parents' debts. Do you understand? In that light who must knock down all the walls of the ancestors in the spirit world? We have to work on it. In doing this work, we have to make our ancestors come down to meet us directly and make them teach us. This sounds like a dream but it's real. We are not people who live alone. Not alone. If I look around at you, I know what kind of people your ancestors are, what they did. If I start doing that, it gets dark. The faces of ancestors appear bluntly and disappear. At that time I can tell if the situation is good or bad. That is why I say we must unite religions.

If the owner of a store comes to the customer to discuss the customer's party but the customer sleeps instead of being interested in the party, do you think the party will ever be successful? Well, that's why the World Federation has to be connected with the spirit world. If you cannot control the spirit world, you cannot control the physical world. The root of heavenly fortune is the spirit world. If you cannot control the spirit world, how can you bring the results from there to earth in order to unify earth? For that reason, we have to unify the spirit world before we unify the physical world.

In the spirit world, I fought and took dominion over everything. People are getting upset because I said that Jesus was my disciple, Buddha was my disciple and Confucius was my disciple. Have you ever heard that their followers said, "Rev. Moon is saying that Buddha is his disciple, Jesus is his disciple and Confucius is his disciple"? It's true! These fellows met me and had discussions with me. I said, "You didn't know these things, did you?" You have already met me. They have surrendered to me and they are trying to unify religions with Unificationism. That's why Buddha is bringing his disciples to me. Also Confucius is guiding his disciples to me. You don't know such things, do you? That's why you are immature. (laughter) I guess you felt bad because I said that you were immature. (191-205)

Every one of you who has ever met me in your dream, raise your hands. Everybody should meet me there. Oh, it's good! (laughter) There is no other organization like this in the world. Why has the Unification Church been able to accomplish worldwide growth centering on Father? No matter where our missionaries go, they can know things by feelings. I have told you a little about this, haven't I? I speak in many places every day and it causes me some confusion. (laughter) If I repeat to you the same story and you feel embarrassed, it's such bad manners.

There are many brothers and sisters who make their moves by receiving such orders from revelations. The Communist world says that there is no God and they oppose the existence of God. Regardless of the country, the Communist party tries to eradicate all religions. Under such circumstances, God has to prepare. For example, God has told similar things to one woman in a Communist country and one man in another Communist country. For several years, God told the woman, "The man you will meet in the future is so and so. The place and the time to meet him is so and so." When she followed the direction to go to the place, she met him. She was told that she would meet him five years later in some place and the two of them met each other.

There are many such fairy-tale-like stories. If people have such experiences, no one will say that there is no God. If you experience deep emotions along with experiencing such facts, the feelings stay forever, transcending physical life. Do you understand? [Yes.] The experience of having passed through your life while loving God and longing for True Parents will leave an impression that will be kept forever. It is the center of our lives. Then, at the border of the spirit world, walls and partitions will instantly disappear. We can go there directly.

Do you know that God exists, do you believe it? [We believe it.] Does believing come first, or knowing come first? [Believing comes first.] Which is better? [Knowing is better.] You should know. Believing is far from the facts and knowing is identical to facts. Well, talking about the religious life, do you actualize religion in your life? Your realm of realization should be expressed in your religious life. How proud we can be to live in connection with the substantial realm that is actually expressed, not internalized! We should be thankful. There is such a state.

Raise your hand if you think that the spirit world doesn't exist. (laughter) There is no mistaking that the spirit world exists. God exists for sure. It is so powerful when your entire feeling is controlled by the realization that God exists, no matter who denies it. That is the heart that belongs to the world of God. No matter how much hardship that person goes through on earth, the person with that heart belongs to the nation of God. That person is His child. Everyone, ask yourself if you are in such a state that you would never change your heart, no matter how difficult things may be. What do you think? Are you in that state or are you not in that state? [We are in that state.] You should reach there. It is a hard task.

When you climb over Satan's ramparts and enter God's substantial world, everything will be proven. If you cannot accomplish it, it will be like going across the bridge of a castle but not entering the castle. Unless you enter inside, you won't know anything. No matter how many times you look at it, it won't do. Entering into it surpasses millions of dreams. (224-108)

4. Unity Centering on True Parents

Freedom is related to perfect numbers. Among long things, long life is primary and calls for a most wonderful imagination. A life itself is a long distance and with a long time and a long life, it is no problem to control and regulate long distances. In the world of love there is no time, space or distance. Do you understand? There is only the power of true love which is the center of that place. Can you completely understand such a world of love?

I understand how entirely precious that place is, and that the center of that place cannot he replaced for anything in the world. I made some reconciliation after I proceeded into the spirit world and I became one with true love. Then I traveled hack into history and came to understand the providential mission of Abel and Cain and the elder son's right, namely the eldersonship of the Heavenly King. Do you understand? I have also come to understand the parents' right, kingship of parents and True Parents who are the center of the family and parents. Do you understand? That place is unified centering on God and True Parents, and the spirit world is unified centering on True Parents. (217-287)

5. The Spirit World Has Accepted Father

Well, do all the leaders in the spirit world know Rev. Moon, or don't they know him? [They know him.] Why? Why do you think that they know? [We know it very well.] (laughter) There is only one person in history, who has received worldwide persecutions throughout his entire life in the name of religion. That is none other than Rev. Moon. Do you understand? I am the number-one person in history when it comes to being persecuted on the worldwide level. Number one. I am in the world class of the religious world. I have received world-class persecution. I am the champion of that. Isn't it true? [Yes.]

Why is it so? The spirit world says that Rev. Moon is the champion among those who have received persecution, and even the world of earth says so. Can you say that it isn't true? Yes, you too know that, don't you? [Yes.] Your mothers and fathers have opposed us and they know it well. Isn't it true that the whole world knows Rev. Moon is the number-one troublemaker? Am I the number two or the number one in this area? [The number one.]

So, even in the spirit world, when Rev. Moon is mentioned, they say, "Wow!" and they cannot raise their heads in front of Rev. Moon. It's normal. Do they lower their heads to me, or not? [They lower their heads.] They lower their heads and bow down to me. That's a fact. Next, what is precious about the Unification Church, and what is precious about Rev. Moon? What are they? What are the assets that Rev. Moon possesses? What is he proud of? What is his pride? What is his pride, and what makes them say, "We are happy to have you here, please go up there?" [True Love.] [God.] God. I know God

I know more than they know in the spirit world. This is critical. There are so many people, but I am the one who knows God's heart. So, who likes me the most? God likes me the most. This is important. God loves me. Do you agree with that? [Yes.] Look, where will I stay when I go to the spirit world? Will I stay in the bottom of hell, or the top of the spirit world? [At the top.]

I don't desire to be at the top. Because I don't want to be at the top, I will go down to the lower places, but they will drag me, by pulling my legs upside down out of there. Will the spirit world say, "You wretched Rev. Moon, how dare you want to go on the top?" No, they won't. They will give me applause. What do you think? Will they welcome and applaud me? Or, will they say, "Yuck," and hate me? [They will welcome you.] It doesn't sound real, does it? It's a lie. It's a big, fat lie. What? It's not a lie? [No.] Why? For what reason would you say, "No?" Everyone says, "No." Then, is it a historic event that today people like you are here in front of Rev. Moon to listen to his speech or not? I mean people like all of you. [It's a historic event.] It is a historic event. (laughter) Did you ever think about it before you came here? You came to understand it because I told you.

Catholic priests and nuns pray throughout their lives. Even if they pray in tears to the point that their knees are scarred, they cannot meet the lord on earth. They may meet Jesus and get some guidance from him. Nevertheless, you come here to listen to these words. It is a historic event. Whether you give me any qualifications or not, I have already acquired all the necessary qualifications. If you want those qualifications, suit yourself. Where are you Moonies heading for in the spirit world if you live well on earth? Also, do you know that there are many things that Rev. Moon has accomplished? Those scholars with arrogant attitudes who don't listen to anybody I brought one by one and made them one. Also, I brought all the religions which are fighting together into one. As for peoples, I brought antagonistic peoples together and held a worldwide mass wedding. These facts have never happened in the past history. Everything Father has done has never happened before in all of history.

Considering all that I have done, it is way beyond all that the spirit world has done. I have worked harder than anybody. You admit it, don't you? Well, will the Unification Church be at the bottom of the spirit world, or in the best spot on the top? [Best spot.] It's a lie. It's all made up by Rev. Moon. [No.] This is a very serious issue. (146-333)

6. You Have No Excuse to Deny Spiritual Experiences

I have researched all positions in heaven and earth and visited the back alleys in the spirit world, and found a simple truth. The truth is a simple thing. It's simple. Then what is it? Two get together and crash into each other and the flesh between them is torn and falls off. When they are absolutely united, they become slanted and create a vacuum. The inside gets united with the woman's inside and this place becomes a wick like God's bone marrow. Two pieces of man's love and woman's love get stuck to this place. This is the core of the universe. The ideal substance of love is united with heaven and earth in harmony, and it becomes the foundation of the axle of love. In order to establish this God stirred the air zillions of years ago. (170-171)

Father knows so much about the spirit world but he seldom speaks about it, does he? If I speak about the spirit world, it will make you insane and spoil many things. You women would say, "Oh my impossible husband, why should I live with that person for such a long time? Why don't I go to Heaven quickly? The Heaven that Father spoke about looks very good. If I go to the spirit world quickly, I will enter Heaven." You cannot enter there. Unless you educate your husband and put him under your command, you cannot go there. (182-61)

Even though Father has so many spiritual experiences, he never talks about it easily. You don't know if I have spiritual experiences or not. How do I deal with them? I reconcile them with the truth. By taking the golden mean with reason and constantly going along with the direction of providential view, I can understand the progress of the spirit world and world of earth, the world of truth. You must know these things. In order for you to do that, you should bring into your life the facts about the way the spirit world works and the relationship between the spirit world and truth. Your faith should be one with truth. They have to make harmony. Because we humans are the same way.

7. Father Goes To The Spirit World, Too

Many people have gone to the spirit world while following me. I have had my followers infiltrate into all of Russia's satellite countries and main cities. Sometimes I hear the reports that some of them are sentenced to death. When the leader hears that kind of report, his sense of responsibility gets really keen. Even if his son is seriously ill, he has no time to worry about him. They respect me because they respect the world. I am in the position to shed tears for them and care for them. For that reason, I cannot live an easy life.

Because I have to go over all of the peaks I can go over and do my best with my responsibilities I cannot rest even one day and I cannot stop even if I want to stop. As I have spent my days that way, I have passed 60 years and come close to 70 years old, and I will go to the spirit world someday. What will be left behind from my life? The fact that I loved humankind. There will be nothing else. The fact that I loved countries and I loved the Unification Church. Even if there is anything else, it will be washed away with the perishing of history. (136-135)

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