Earthly Life and Spirit World #2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 3 Entering the Spirit World [Part 2]

Section 3. Entering the Spirit World

1. Freedom Possessed by the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

Among women, those who lament over not having been born as a beautiful woman, please raise your hand. (laughter) Someone might say that you look like a bag that holds an umbilical cord. Yet whether you look like a bag that holds an umbilical cord or a toad, if you have a rough skin it may be even better to think that it is healthier looking. If you are born beautiful, you are inclined to pursue external things for sure, 100 percent. On the other hand, ugly women will pursue internal things, not external ones. This is a fact. (laughter)

The more you pursue the external, the more trapped you are by Satan, but if you pursue the internal a beautiful woman can be born out of such a ragged playground. Which one do you prefer? [Pursuing the internal.] Then, when you pursue the internal would you remain inactive? Those who go that direction can freely travel the world of the external, but those who pursue the external can never travel to the side of the internal. Which one would you choose? Would you become a person who can be welcomed by both worlds or only one world? [The one who can be welcomed by both worlds.]

Then, what kind of people will the Unification Church members become? It is ideal to become a person who can travel to the world of the internal and the world of the external, and thus you can freely travel to all directions, north, south, east and west. So what we are trying to do in the Unification Church is to make a person who can be a subject to the internal world and also have dominion over the external.

Since the external world was invaded by evil, if you go to that world, you will end up going to hell, but if you go to the internal world, you will end up with a good spirit world, even the Kingdom of Heaven. Then you can freely travel both worlds whenever you desire to do so. So would you like to be a person who is not restricted by anyone, to travel wherever you want to go traveling both worlds, or a person who can use only one door to enter the Kingdom of Heaven or hell? [The former.] You are too greedy. (laughter) Since Reverend Moon knows it, I am trying to become a person who can be welcomed by anyone wherever I go. That is what Reverend Moon is insisting on. That is what God is insisting. Then, how wonderful will it be?

Well, can God travel freely to hell? [Yes, He can.] Does He need to go through certain procedures to go there? [He does not.] By the same token, does He need a certain procedure to visit the Heavenly Palace? Does He need to get a special ticket and a special form to fill out? [No.] Then, can He do it freely any time as He wants to? (116-177)

2. Special Gift That Can Be Carried To the Spirit World

Everyone here, what is the present that you can take when going to God in the spirit world? There is nothing. Not money, nor the honor that was obtained through an earthly academic degree, nor loving a spouse, nor living a happy life. Such things cannot be a gift. Then what is it? It is our love for God and the world. That is what is left behind from your earthly life. In John 3:16, it is written: "God so loved the world that..." Does it say that God loves the world or you as an individual? [The world.] Does it say the Unification Church or the world? [The world.] Yes, He said that He loves the world. That is why He sent His begotten son. The begotten son came to love the world.

For this reason, if you are centered on love, you will not perish, but instead you will be saved. As the Owner loves the world, we should love the world as He loves the world. What about Christians today? They are divided into many different denominations. Is it not true? When we look at Christianity that is perishing while loving only a nation and denomination, we should become persons who can transcend our own nations and denomination and love the world and God. (98-329)

Even at the court, a judge cannot do anything against a murderer without convincing evidence. If the murderer protests, "When did you see me committing the crime?" you cannot do anything against him if there is no evidence. Evidence that can support his crime must be presented. However, if evidence is presented, the murderer cannot protest his prosecution. Therefore, if you do not have evidence, you should find it. In a Christian hymn, there is a verse: "There is sufficient evidence of having received a lot through believing in Jesus." Do you have any evidence? Someone is proud of much evidence in going out for witnessing, but do you think that this is true evidence? What good is it for you to testify about it if no one remains? It has nothing to do with evidence.

Do you have a special gift that you can carry with you when going to the Kingdom of Heaven? In the spirit world, there are many loyal subjects who are lined up as martyrs. Do you think that you can open your present in front of them? Everyone here, please think of this. Do you think that you can unfold something so mediocre and sloppy? How much did the Unification Church or you suffer? Even though you say that you love your own nation and the world, how can you love your country and the world if you did not experience that much suffering? You should be able to say, "It is true that we suffered, but I do not take it as suffering." We still have a long way to go. When you go to spirit world, you should be able to say, opening your gift sack, "This is the present that I prepared all my life. Please accept it with my heart." When women marry, they take their dowry, so can they go to the Kingdom of Heaven with an empty hand?

As the Unification Church members, what mission did God give to you? As God's trained soldiers, as sons and daughters of God, if you marry you should inherit the lineage of your family. In order to do this, you take care of your family's chores and independently develop yourself. Such is your holy mission. Therefore, you should realize that Father cannot physically live with you, and further, even if God cannot always directly give you instructions, you should never forget that you are the ones who are endowed with a mission within God's realm of management.

You should regard yourself as absolute. By so doing, you should be determined to get an eternal guarantee as a fruit that resulted from absolute value, as a treasure that belongs to all humanity, future generations and the spirit world. If you do not fulfill that responsibility, you will fall into a position that will be more miserable than that of a beggar. Beggars can at least feed themselves when a meal time arrives by begging for food, but the ones who failed to fulfill their responsibility would not be able to eat on time.

In order to fulfill such a responsibility, if God asks you for 10 years of your life, during that 10-year time period you should do your best with all of your heart and soul. How can you shorten the 10-year restorational time-period to a 7-year course of equal value? In order to shorten the 10year time period planned by God into a 7-year course, your sweat, your blood, your effort, and your toil are required. Unless you can add quantity and quality to it through your extra efforts, you cannot absorb the national and worldwide foundations. Unification Church members are the ones who should live such a life, carrying that kind of responsibility.

Today, such an era has arrived on the worldwide level. The exterior or external foundation work has been completed, and we are now in the era in which the interior or internal design work is being done. Since the interior or internal design requires last minute touch-up work by the owner, I am needed. I do not need to worry about the walls, but in order to place all of the necessary conditions together, a time period on a different stage of work is required. That is why there are a preparation era, a practice era, and a fulfillment era.

For this reason, we should make an appropriate plan for each stage in our life. During the preparation period, we should make utmost effort to make the right preparations; during the practice period, we should do our best to put the preparations into practice. And during the fulfillment era, we should fulfill our responsibility with all of our heart and mind. Only then will the interior design be done right. Whoever sees the interior design should compliment its quality and the effort and details of it.

For this, when a preparation era has arrived, you should not be in a position where you fail to fulfill your responsibility after you were appointed to make preparations. The next period will be followed by an era where you put it into practice. When that time comes, you should work hard day and night. Next, a fulfillment era will arrive, which is the time of hope. (32-71)

3. Triple-Subjects Thought and Registration

Let me ask you a question. When you think of your mind and body, how pitiful is your mind? Your deep mind is in place of God. Your mind represents your ancestors, your teachers, and the king of your nation. Nevertheless, how much was your mind despised and held in contempt? As the center of the universe, the mind is in the position of True Parents, the subject of true love. How long and much did it toil in order to save you on this earth?

Although the mind has been dragged in contempt, and we thought that it was already killed, if we come to have a bad idea of stealing something in the early morning, it comes alive and admonishes us: "Hey, you, how can you?" The mind is in the place of parents, teachers, and the master. In the world of mind, no trial is necessary. You know yourself better than anyone else. No third person or witness is necessary.

When seeing your own parents, you should repent that you are not proud of yourself; when seeing your teachers, you should repent that you are not proud of yourself. When seeing the king of the nation, you should repent that you are not proud of yourself. And when seeing God, you should again repent that you are not proud of yourself. In order to go to the original land, we should repent. In the original land, we should attend God as the King. God is the King of the universe, the nation, the tribe, and the family. Also, God is the teacher of the universe, the nation, the tribe, and the family. God is also the master of the universe, the nation, the tribe, and the family. This is the triple-subjects idea. Since this has the essence of the love that lives for others and then forgets about it, this triple-subjects idea represents Heaven.

If we can possess the triple-subjects idea, it is the most ideal. But even if we did not, if we stand in the position of true parents, teachers will stand on the right side, and master, on the left side. Whether you become true parents, teacher, or master, if you can stand on one of those positions, there will be no problem with your being registered in the Kingdom of Heaven. Are you in such a position? (209-154)

4. The Registration of Divine Spirits

What is the Fall? It is to be separated from the word, the substance, and heart. Therefore, you should first learn the word and live substantiating it. In order to substantiate it, we should have a parental heart. As I told you previously, only those who went through substantial actions for the resolution of aggrievement, for restoration through indemnity, can give blessings. It should not be only words. Then, you become a life spirit.

As was told today, there are form spirits, life spirits, and divine spirits, in the spirit world. Then, what level are we in there? We are like divine spirits, and the course of restoration is to find our own position after being registered on that level. Therefore, from now on, you should be registered.

Once you are registered, no matter how many mistakes you make or how many times you commit misdeeds, you cannot be governed by the law established in the satanic world. Is it not the case in the secular world? Can Americans be governed by Korean laws? They cannot because their nationality is different.

If you go into such a realm, only the laws there will be applied to you. Therefore, once you transcend the laws in the satanic world, it cannot have control over you no matter what. Since the laws in the satanic world cannot be made applicable to you, earthly laws cannot affect you. For this to be done, you should form appropriate indemnity conditions. Then you do not need to go to hell.

As Unification Church members, if there is anyone who is confident in not dying in the future, please raise your hand. Then, is everyone thinking that we should eventually go to spirit world someday? Go ahead and answer me. Everyone should die once, right? [Yes.] Once we are born, we must eventually die. That is a formula. Then after death, where do we go? All of the Unification Church members know that we have a spirit self, right? [Yes.] Then, the spirit self should grow.

In the future, the problem that you will be faced with is that when a right time arrives, everyone should write a biography. A time will come for recording what you have done since joining the Unification Church. What is it? If you worked at a company as an employee, such a record will not be helpful at all as a right condition. On the contrary, it is a shame in the church. Such a time will arrive.

Everyone here, in the future, all of you should be registered. When North and South Korea are united, you must be registered. The word "tribal messiah" is not so important compared to the content. All the content will become indemnity conditions for you to go to your own eternal path of life. When you go to the other world, what matters is how much effort you made to go such a path and, even more so, how much substantial result you brought.

Everyone here, the path to salvation cannot be obtained through the ordinary, customary life that you have been leading so far.

It can be obtained only through a course of indemnity. The providence for salvation is the providence for restoration. And the providence for restoration is the providence for re-creation. For this reason, in order to be recreated, you should return to the position of zero, the original position.

In that place, there are no rituals nor habits nor your own family name, such as Kim or Lee. You must enter such a state of zero. When you think of the original standard of God's creation, all of the created things start from zero.

However, due to the human Fall, today human society is filled with things that are against the heavenly way. We should shake them off. We should sever them. It cannot be done with words alone. Since this world is full of different habits and customs intermingled with each other, centered on Satan's love in the relationships of Satan's life and blood lineage, with each person walking a different path centered on his or her own historical and cultural background, these things cannot be removed automatically.

That is why the Bible states: "Those who want to die will live, and those who want to live will die." Such a paradoxical theory can be logical. Only when you are willing to die, you shall live. For this, you must invest all of your life. By so doing, you should launder everything. In other words, everything should be restored through indemnity. Such a process is absolutely required. Otherwise, the habitual and sinful natures possessed in the fallen world will remain, and as long as they continue you cannot establish a full relationship with God. (213-97)

5. Registration That Must Be Done

When you go to spirit world, if you had not completed a 7-day fasting for Heaven, you cannot be registered in the other world. Why? Since God has been toiling during the course of the 6,000-year history of restoration, you must fast, thinking of it. That is why the Unification Church has a tradition of doing a 7-day fast. It is not to give you a hard time, but to give you the chance in front of heaven to make the condition of having stricken your own physical body.

How should we live? The method is as follows: An individual should live for his or her family, a family for its tribe, a tribe for its people, a people for its nation, a nation for the world, the world for heaven and earth, and the heaven and earth for God and His love. This is what we should live and die for. We are different from others. We have a clear tradition to follow.

Why? If this is not done, you cannot be registered in the other world. Since the other world is organized in such a way, unless you are meeting their requirements, you cannot be registered, and you cannot find your own space. You should enter there as an original person prior to the Fall. Otherwise, you cannot enter there. This is a view from the Principle. (131-153)

You must be registered in the Kingdom of Heaven. Abraham offered himself and the creation as a sacrificial offering in order to go near God. Since the creation was lost, he used it for the condition for restoration. Since humans are lost, they stand in the position of Cain, placing the creation in the position of Abel, and as Cain, establishing a condition for God. When it is done that way, God can finally accept the offering. (15-153)

Prior to your being registered, in order to be born as an absolute human what are we supposed to do? Without understanding this clearly, we can never reach the place before heaven where we can claim our subject position, an eternal place where I should belong as an absolutely perfect being, after overcoming everything. We humans were born centered on God. The motivation of our birth is the Creator. We are made by the Creator; but according to what attribute of that Creator are we made out of? This is the question. Did the Creator create us because He wanted to let us hold diamonds since He likes them? Or did He create us because he wants to bequeath His power? Or because He likes knowledge? Does He want us to inherit His knowledge? What is the origin of the beginning, the start? This is the question.

Then, what is the origin of my birth? What is it? What is the most important thing? It is life, right? What is the origin of birth? It is life. Then, can life alone be the motivation of birth? The motivation of my birth is my father and mother. I was born due to the lives of my father and mother who were bonded. But it did not take only their own lives for me to inherit the characteristics of both people. Beforehand, there was a fundamental action that brought these two lives to be connected to each other. The motivation of this action is love. Do you understand? [Yes.] When we think of what is more important between life and love, from the perspective of my own birth life is in the secondary position. Love is in the first position.

In order to be registered, where should you go? [The original land.] It is not simple to go back to the homeland. You must pass all the procedures. Whichever country you go to, there is a window where they approve your entrance. Whether it is Korea or another country, whoever is seated at that window, they should be able to stamp your passport. Do you want to know about it or not? [We would like to know.] (177-306)

6. The Person Who Can Be A Chief in the Spirit World

Once you are united with God as one, you should love Cain. If you are standing in the position where you receive the love of God, just as with all of your life, heart, and soul you love God, you should love your tribe, people, and nation. This is the first commandment on earth. This is not a commandment of the Kingdom in Heaven, but is a commandment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The commandment of the Kingdom in Heaven is: "Love your Lord, God, with all of your heart, mind, and life (Matt. 22:37), but the first commandment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is to love your country and people with all of your heart, mind, and life.

For this reason, the question is how to multiply God's love and how can we relate to God's authority and show reverence in the heavenly kingdom. In order to do so, you should have a vast, horizontal stage that can relate to you. Such a person will become a chief or a chief priest who can inherit God's authority for eternity in the spirit world. (34-70)

7. Unification and the Era of Registration

In the future, centering on God's Kingdom, an era of registration will arrive. People will try to be part of the 12 tribes and 144,000 group of people. Do you know what the 144,00 group of people is? An era of registration is coming. Centered on the unification of North Korea and South Korea, in order to go towards the registration era, your own tribe should stand in the position of a homeland in the heavenly kingdom. Then your tribe can be registered at the era of the heavenly kingdom's registration. It cannot be done as an individual.

The time for individual salvation is gone. In the future, if a president of a country is sworn in after joining the Unification Church, he will also belong to the dominion of the heavenly kingdom. And if only he goes through a ceremony officiated by the church, he will no longer be governed by the satanic world. So, had Christianity accepted Father and attended him in 1945, the unification of the Catholic Church and Protestantism could have been surely brought about by no later than 1952. Since then, 43 years have gone by. It was prolonged by forty years. That is until 1992. That is why we are in the position to restore this by 1992. That is why Communism fell, Kim Il Sung fell, and even Christianity declined.

Now, Christian women will first follow Reverend Moon. The deacons represent the formation stage, the elders represent the growth stage, and the ministers represent the completion stage. A Korean word, "mok sa," which means a minister in Chinese characters, consists of a character "mok" that signifies "eye" and another "sa" which means "death."

Therefore, they are suitable to go to hell. Where does Reverend Moon belong? He belongs to "myung," which means brightness. Is my name not Sun Myung Moon? "Sun" in Chinese characters also means that it is clear and bright. What is so? Truth is.

Is it not the Unification Church Principle? The Unification Church Principle means clear and bright. That is the teaching of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, True Parents, True Teacher, and True Master. Centered on this triple-subject idea, we are trying to restore what had been already lost, and I pray that you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven with a royal badge! Through this, the unification of the world will be possible today. (219-100)

An important question that we should always think of is how to unite mind and body and how to unite spouses and the whole family. If an individual is in the position of formation stage, husband and wife are in the position of the growth stage, and the tribe is in the position of the completion stage. That is why you must make one centered on your tribe. Do you understand what I am saying?

So, from the time when you know that I can reach my hometown, for 10 years, or rather for less than 10 years, until both North and South Korea are united. Once there is unification between North Korea and South Korea, there will be registration. As Jesus was born on the way to registration, a registration will take place.

You should be able to participate in that era so that you would not be ashamed of yourself. Then, what you would need to do is to write down all of your own personal history since you have joined the Unification Church. If this goes wrong, you will be in trouble. When you reveal everything in detail, as to your own personal history, and go over all of this, all of it should not stop you. Only when you go over all of this, after writing it down so that you are not violated by the necessary conditions, you can finally enter the era of registration. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.] Thus, you should be prepared for this from now on. (213-2??)

8. True Parents' Pictures and Registration

During the process of restoring the kingship of Israel, the Israelites died with Moses while wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. Understanding this, whether it is a hundred people or a thousand people, everyone should be totally united in mind and body, and should walk the same path to the place where God wants, towards the same direction that True Parents are walking, making sure that there will be no difference by even one inch.

The way of the Principle is what you need to follow. You should not go your own way as you please. In order for your ancestors to help you and pray to God for you on your behalf, you should be united as one in front of the picture of the True Parents. By so doing, only when you have the authority of becoming a citizen of the heavenly kingdom, passing through the gate of parents, will they cooperate with you. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.] You should remain alert. If you are not serious, it will not work. In the future, the entire world should be registered. (212-59)

In the future, all Unification Church members should always carry True Parents' picture with them. Now a time has come when all Korean people would desire to hang True Parents' picture. That is the way the world is supposed to be. Such people should be trained for several years.

In the heavenly kingdom, a registration will take place. Until now, no such thing took place. No nation was founded in the heavenly kingdom. There was no family, no nation. You should know this. When people went to spirit world, the family members from the physical world were divided into different directions. However, from now on, such will not be the case.

If there had not been a Fall, father and mother and all other family members were to enter the kingdom together. Centering on love, from grandparent to father and mother, your own couple, and your sons and daughters, by becoming one, if they again become one with the loving God and possess true love, even God would absolutely obey them. (210-366)

Not so long ago, the best photographer from Moscow, who took pictures of Gorbachev, was given the responsibility to prepare a special report after President Roh visited Russia. But he wanted to interview me, insisting that I am the one who should open the door, not President Roh. After the interview, I asked him: "You came again after you had come not so long ago. Why?" Then, he asked me: "Do you know what privilege I have?" I asked him, "What is it?" He answered me: "It is a secret." I insisted he answer. Then he took out a picture of Rev. and Mrs. Moon from his wallet. Then he said that without keeping it in his wallet, he cannot sleep in peace. Even many American university students are carrying a picture of True Parents. Everyone here, what about you? Do you also carry a picture of the True Parents? [Yes.] Really? Let me see. Well, you are lying and cheating people while you are carrying that picture with you. Mother is not there in the picture. [I am always attending her in my heart.] If you are carrying a picture of Father alone, he is lonely. Mother is more precious. I respect mother. (laughter)

You should carry a picture of True Parents together. What is this? If you carry only a picture of Reverend Moon, he is like a widower. (laughter). Then, that picture will cry. Since Mother is a woman, women must dislike another woman, Mother. [We like her.] If so, why do you carry only Father's picture? You are carrying only a man's picture. Such are women. (210-353)

Section 4. The Spirit World and Ourselves

1. Our Attitude In Front of Spirit World

To those of us who are in the pioneering age, a Korean robe is rather uncomfortable to put on. For that reason, at times you might worship God, wearing only underwear. Isn't this right? In the battlefield, it is all right, even if you are wearing a panty. When you are fighting in the battlefield, in the midst of fighting with a gun, would you care about wearing a uniform? Especially, if you are in the most fierce battle. If you might have to die, will it be necessary for you to wear many layers of clothes? What? When you are fighting, are you only wearing a panty? At least, it will keep you cool. (laughter) Will it be a crime? They might say that it violates military rules. But they cannot say no from the strategic viewpoint. (31-204)

We'd better try until death. Let us be willing to die. When we die, we should die well. Then, after death, we come back to life. But dying well is our responsibility and reviving us is God's. If God breaks His promise to revive us, God will be the one who did not execute His own word.

When I die, if God does not keep His promise to revive me, would He leave me alone, abandoned? No. He would have to pay me back some other way several hundreds times better. Such is the formula, isn't that right? If I was asked to die, and I did so because He promised me that He would resurrect me, and He did not keep his own word, He would have to pay me back with even a better value because of it. In such a case, for the price of my own death as an individual, I could say, "Save my own country." Or I could ask for the salvation of the world. For that purpose, God could tell me a lie and drive me to the way of death. (44-255)

When you are faced with death, you should not try to escape from it. If you are willing to transcend the death of an individual, fighting a historical death, even if you die you will be able to be resurrected at the time of historical resurrection. For this reason, a wise person is the one who fights desperately at the risk of his or her life when faced with death. The wise person is willing to fiercely fight back and stick out his or her neck.

If an individual is willing to go a path of indemnity at the risk of his or her own life, and a family is doing the same, that family will come to possess a palace of the world. Do you understand what I mean? (31-171)

2. Father and Us

As I am trying to make you a son or a daughter with the qualification of going to the free world without walls or barriers when you go to spirit world, how grateful you should be for it. It is possible if you live according to my words. Since there is no boundary in the spirit world, the territory of the spirit world is endless. Yet wherever you go, all the spirit people whom you come to meet would say, "When you were a leader of such and such place, I cooperated with you." They are all your friends. They become your comrades in the same era. (162-114)

If you go to the spirit world, such things will take place. Whether you like it or not, such things will take place between you and me. Would it not be so? There can be many incidents where you could not resolve certain matters for this or for that reason, and thus you are accused for a certain condition, without being able to go over a borderline where Father could go. (122-19)

What is one thing that Father is concerned about? Among you, after I die how many who love God will be willing to love Unification Church members before Father, who desired to love God so much, but who had to leave, not being able to love Him enough? How many people will be able to weep with the same heart of Father?

If all of you can do it, after I die, as you are climbing up the mountains and passing through rivers, your passion for the love of God will be able to turn upside down the origin of history, change the current of history, and magnificently expand God's territory, despite the evil environment. Then even if I become a handful of dirt in the mountains and rivers, I will praise God in joy and pray for the glory and victories of God forever. (22-108)

When you go to spirit world, even if you see me and say, "Father, didn't I see you at Chung Pa Dong church?" I will see you only with the glasses of the Principle. Do you understand? Father will see you with the glasses of the Principle with which he had been walking in his course of life. By so doing, if you are fit to that standard, you will be admitted, but if not, you will not be. (23-203)

Father is now famous. Father accomplished a lot and is now standing on the glorious foundation, but he desires to leave after bequeathing to you all of the foundation, all who were brought to me in the relationships of love. He wants to bequeath to you as yours what belongs to him. With true love he wants to leave everything to the people who inherited the foundation that he loved all humanity, parents, and heaven and who resemble him. It is an inheritance for one hundred percent.

Well, when they come to spirit world, who will they look for at once? They will look for the True Parents. Then I will bequeath all of my possessions to them as I did on the earthly plane. How amazing it is! Due to true love, since everything could be inherited from God, you must understand that with true love, the True Parents want to bequeath everything

to their children. It is the same for me. Centered on true love, Father was given everything, including spirit world, but He also desires to bequeath everything to his children centered on true love. Do you understand? [Yes.] Even in the spirit world, I intend to bequeath such a glorious position to you one hundred percent. Eventually, you must pass through this world at once. You must be prepared for this. (147-48)

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