Earthly Life and Spirit World #2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4 The Relationship Between Ourselves and Spirit People [Part 2]

Section 2. Relationship Between People on Earth and Spirits

1. People on Earth and Spirits

This world is the world of devils. We must restore it. You don't know when you will die, right? Everybody dies. The heavenly kingdom on earth will not be established unless we prepare a foundation on the earth through which we can move between physical and spirit worlds, beyond the limitation of death. Without the heavenly kingdom on earth, there will be no heavenly kingdom in spirit world. You should arrange things in such a way that after you go to spirit world, you can come back to earth at will. Only then can we live in the heavenly kingdom on earth, and create the heavenly kingdom in heaven.

After you go to spirit world, you should be able freely to come back. Without establishing the heavenly kingdom on earth, you cannot freely come back, however. This is not a vain thought. It just happens this way, okay? We should work on it even until eternity. Ancestors, when they went to spirit world, were found guilty. Unable to find their way in spirit world, they come to earth and pay indemnity again. But you should not follow the same steps. If the Divine Principle is true, you are all blameworthy. What would you do? (146-223)

There is a high wall blocking the path of religion and way of the world. How can unbelievers harmonize themselves with the faithful, and how can believers find harmony among themselves in the Last Days? Without resolving this problem, humankind will be divided in two and fail to reach a new unified world. If the divided parts reach a unified world, this is not acceptable for the absolute God. So they cannot arrive at God's ideal world, which must be one. For this reason, the problem is not the complicated world affairs, but how I can find the self that can unify the mind and body and leap towards the goal. This problem remains, do you understand?

Considering that the unification of religion and world must come from myself, the question is what the Unification Church is trying to do today. The Unification Church is not just working for religion. The Unification Church should achieve solidarity with the world, finding ways in which the religious foundation can cooperate with the social foundation, and also ways in which the world can seek the religious path, thereby bringing the two into oneness. There is a big wall here, though, blocking bringing religion and society together. The wall stands blocking individual, family, nation, country, world, and even spirit world. You should know this.

So how can we demolish this wall? Where did the trouble start? Not from the world, but from the individual. What happened as a result of the individual going out of order? Mind and body came apart and pursued their own separate purposes. Then what is the problem here? It is how to converge different purposes into one, and then how to bring mind and body into one.

God and Satan are at work. God is leading the providence of salvation for humankind, and Satan is working in opposition to God. God, on the side of goodness, is advancing daily towards the purpose of the ideal world, and Satan is opposing it and trying to turn it back. At each border line and wall, God says, "Turn to the right," and Satan says, "Turn to the left." This is how we are divided. On the worldwide level, the rightward pursuit resulted in the right wing, and leftward movement the left wing. Now we are faced with the historical age of the Last Days for the right wing and left wing. Right and left wings represent the struggle of mind and body.

The question is how to bring this into one. Is it through the unity of world, country, tribe, and family that the individual is united? The beginning should be made from an individual. So putting aside the world for a while, we should make a movement for unity within individuals. With religion and reality connected, we should discover the self that neither of them can deny.

The problem here, however, is that evil spirits are dominating the body. Evil spirits are rooted in my body, and good spirits are rooted in my mind. This way the division of materialism and idealism comes. As the time comes, sinners should confess their sins. Unity among people on earth is influenced by the confrontation of good and evil spirits. Good and evil spirits are fighting on the worldwide level, although we do not feel that we are a part of it.

2. The Position of Spirit People in the Spirit World

Today, there are four billion people living on earth, and yet in the spirit world there are hundreds of billions of souls. So the question is how this world and the spirit world are connected. Are they connected through that which we consider valuable on earth, such as material, power structure, or knowledge? It cannot be so. It is because the other world transcends material and knowledge. It transcends time and space so that yesterday's joy can be that of today, and today's joy can be that of tomorrow.

Hence, we can see that the other world is not moved by what we need and the value of the world of earth. What is the center of value in the spirit world? This is important. Each of the spirit people belongs to a society of the spirit world. As on earth, spirit world also has families, tribes, countries, and world. Everyone, no matter who he is, will go to and live in the spirit world. Think about it. All kinds of people who have lived in human history are there, primitive or civilized.

Since human history has not been a history of peace, happiness, and the ideal, what will happen when they go to the spirit world? This is curious. How are they to be treated? One cannot change his life-style so quickly in the other world. There is a saying that the habit of a three-year old continues until he turns eighty. Inborn personality is also hard to change. So, are spirit people very different from the way we live? It cannot be so. The life-style on earth is transferred to the other world. After all, those living in the spirit world used to be souls of living individuals. So spirit world is not so different from this world where we live. (141-268)

There are many kinds of histories in the spirit world. But spirit people cannot come here and work just as they wish. They are blocked from it. Unless a bridge is built through religion, only a few special people can return to earth. Suppose that factions are created in Judaism, and the point of connection moves here and there, creating a confusion. Spirit people are trying to come down from the spirit world, but the connecting line is not straight; when different factions of Judaism make their own spiritual conditions, the line of connection moves here and there. From the spirit world, only those who are connected through a straight line can come down for returning resurrection. One who is on earth will go to the spirit world after one century. If he wants to come down, he has to follow the same principle, and yet only few special ones can come down.

This way, walls become more and more numerous in the spirit world, and it becomes more and more complicated. Afterwards, the entire generation goes to the spirit world, and walls become bigger and bigger.

Now is a global age. Imagine how complicated it must be. Think how many times you must turn around and around in order to find this. So when the time comes, the walls must be brought down. In the spirit world let us create the main road through which spirit people can came down.. Those who went this way cannot come here. Do you understand? So this is what the Unification Church will do. (102-29)

Those who went to the spirit world are all divided ... In the spirit world there is no horizontal communication, but only certain vertical communication. (218-125)

3. Spirit People Are More Numerous Than People on Earth

Everyone, do you know how big the spirit world is? Have you ever imagined what the population of the spirit world would be? According to the spiritualist, there are about 3320 spirits for each living person. (laughter) If this number is all on our side, will we win or lose the fight against the world? Do those spirits fear bombs or cannons? (They do not.)

Likewise if you do not fear bullets or atomic bombs, you will never lose. (Laughter) You will surely win. You have to transcend it. If you oppose this I will let you go. I will jump all the way to the back, and after you all go away, I will lock the door and claim the ownership. (Laughter) After everyone leaves, I will lock the door. You should know that I have been fighting having such a thought.

4. Wandering Spirits

Those who are more pitiful than starving people are those who deny God. This is because those who are starving are still not beyond the standard and will be granted a certain level in the other world, while atheists have no standing because they deny spirit world. They wander around in the spirit world like clouds. They become wandering spirits. Just as clouds gather up and produce rain, they get together and create evil influence. They all go to hell and inflict pain in hell. Although I know all this clearly, I have to save them, and this is why I am doing this.

Next those who die are a problem. Now sixty thousand people in one day and twenty million people in one year die of hunger in the world. When the parents, brothers and sisters, and children of the dying see them, their hearts are torn with pain and filled with tears. If so-called True Parents do not sympathize with them and prepare for their rescue, thee will be accused by their contemporaries.

So with these thoughts in mind, I am trying to pave the way for solving the problem of world hunger through fish and ocean businesses. Although we have to suffer over and over, the Unification Church wants to stay closest to the problem and find the way, and for this purpose we are making worldwide advertisements. This is why we made a TV center in Washington, D.C. We will also do fundraising for this.

Considering that people do not live longer than one hundred years, out of five billion people, fifty million go to the spirit world each year even to hell. What can we do about this? God wants to harvest to His side what Satan has sown, but the longer it takes... So far, during the last forty years, how many have gone to hell? Maybe a billion. This is serious. If I go to the spirit world, and they say, "When you were alive on earth, you did not do your responsibility for us, did you?" then how am I supposed to reply to them? We should at least do it in thought. When I talk to the members at least in thought, and move on with the determination to take the responsibility for the future, they will say, "You are an amazing person. You had concern for us." (213-355)

5. Discrimination of Spirits Is Done By the Mind

Let me tell you one thing. No ordinary people in the world would know the taste of water which you drink after working with sweat with a serious heart. How is the taste? It cannot be even compared with cola or honey water. It has a different taste every time you drink it. Do you understand me? You should be able to discover such things; otherwise, you cannot develop spiritual sensitivity. If you can feel such things, your ears will become very sensitive and be able to hear what is being said from far away. You will be able to analyze things. Even with closed eyes, you will be able to perceive who is passing by and whether he is a good or bad person. Spiritual sense will come to you.

Without understanding this, you cannot discriminate between good and evil spirits. You should know this. You know not by seeing but through the mind. The mind's eyes are at a higher level than your physical eyes. Do you understand?

Why am I telling you this? It is because you have a long way ahead. You should know this. Do not be over-confident. This is why it says in the Bible, "Blessed are those whose hearts are poor, for they will receive all." It is the same principle; it all connects together. (96-170)

6. Value of Life On the Earth

We know that for thousands of years, countless people have been accusing Adam and Eve. Now you are becoming new ancestors. Will you be ancestors who will be accused by your descendants or ancestors of Blessing, who will be glorified? You are standing at the crossroads of the two. Adam and Eve are accused because they failed to stand in the public position; surely, they would be free from accusation today if they had followed a sacrificial and more public path. You should know that you are standing in such a place. You should always be thinking that you are representing three eras.

For this reason, you should know that the spirit world is in your hand and that your ancestors are at your mercy. When you follow, this happens. (Father writes on the board.) If we gather everything that is hanging here, put the two together, and lead it, they will come running. We should do the mission of past, present, and future. This is not just words, but reality. So everything is in your hands; spirit world, relatives, country, and even the task of setting the right tradition for your descendants. You should always keep this in mind. Whether you do it well or not will determine whether your ancestors and relatives will he liberated and whether your descendants can be decided as chosen people of liberation. (56-76)

God had been trying to hit the target for 6,000 years, and yet without success; after trying for tens of thousands of years, He finally hit the target. (applause) The time of the strike was when God was most tired and exhausted. At that moment, however, would God doze off or stay powerless? When God was so exhausted and sleepy, He perked up and shot again with a clear mind. After the shooting, would He fall down with fatigue? [He will be happy.] Forgetting about keeping up His reputation, God would exclaim "Wow" with joy. (cheering applause)

How amazed would spirit world be? How amazed the angelic world would be, saying, "Gee, the archangel's mistake put God in trouble, and now..." Spirit world had for tens of thousands of years been wishing for the target to be hit, and when this target was actually struck, wouldn't they say, "Wow"? Think about it. If there is a wonderful place, would people all over the world try to come in or not, even if the entrance fee may be ten thousand dollars? [They would.] Suppose all kinds of people have been coming in there without being able to see the moment of the strike, and finally a beggar comes in with begged and borrowed money and witnesses God striking the target. What would the beggar do? Would he start dancing there or not? [He would dance.]

Then, God would be excited and become proud. Wouldn't He say, "Oh, it is hit, it is hit. Is there anyone around?" When God sees this beggar then, would He say, "You, damn beggar," or dance around with him? So after the day of meeting, how would God walk? This way? (Father demonstrates and laughs) Would he say, "Why is this Fifth Avenue so narrow?" or "Oh, the road is quite wide"? Think about it. Would things happen like this or not? [They would.]

Section 3 Ancestors and Ourselves

1. Ancestors Are Looking Upon Us

When you go to the spirit world, would your ancestors come to you or not? [They would.] They will say, "Wow, our descendants joined Unification Church and met Reverend Moon." There, the palace and royal

Family of Heaven will start. There has been no palace in heaven so far. Between the descendants who simple-mindedly do what I say and the descendants who try to be smart and evade me like eels, whom would they praise? Would they praise those descendants who act like turtles or like rabbits? [Those who act like turtles.] They would praise those who act like turtles. Rabbits sleep on the way, saying, "Oh, I am already here." Rabbits urinate often. [Laughter] I don't know about turtles. I have not seen them urinate. Rabbits urinate on the way after a short while and again after a short while. Why? In order to mark their own territories so that others cannot come in.

So we should be like turtles. Those who do what then are told to do and who move on day and night and regardless of seasons will be welcomed everywhere. The ancestors in the other world are looking at your life. There is no, place to hide. Your ancestors are all watching. When, you go to the spirit world, you can see through walls and even the entire earth. We should live in such a world eternally. We are created as God's objects of love, so as long as God is eternal, the object of love should also be eternal. So we are eternal as God is. Without being an object of love, there is no eternal life. You should know this clearly. Go and sere if it is so or not.

In the other world, who goes to the highest place? Those who wish it were possible to be born again tens of thousand of years, serving humanity as God does and, consoling God, go nearest to God -- those who cry to use for humanity whatever good things they have. Isn't it so? When grandparents come close to the time of death they pass on all the good things to their children, don't they? In our life, we should say that we will leave something precious behind for humanity, just, as grandparents give over to their descendants all they have worked on. (2I3-I96)

2. We Should Be Better Than Our Ancestors

In this house, where your ancestors have lived and where your grandparents and you were born, if you leave behind here love that is even greater than that of your great-grandparents, it produces the luster of love for heaven. Hundreds of millions of voltage of light will shine forth. This light goes to the hometown. It goes up through the ancestors, and to the spirit world centering on God. This heaven is the original home, with God; as the original gather.

Adam and Eve are God's incarnation. Adam arid Eve are horizontal parents, and God vertical parents; hence, people, where their discarded their horizontal body and vertically reached Heaven, were to attend Adam and Eve as eternal monarchs. Who is the king? If Adam and Eve had not Fallen, they would have perfected themselves as God's incarnation and connected with love the direct and indirect dominions on earth, thereby becoming monarchs of love. Then God would live in Adam's mind, and Adam's spirit would embody God; they would be one. They would share God's love and human love eternally and breathe it together. Thus, we should receive God's love, and try to come close to the original love of the ancestors Adam and Eve; this is the eternal spiritual path leading to the other world. (213-190)

3. We Should Our Visit Ancestors' Graves

Are your grandparents alive? [They are deceased.] Then, you should visit their graves and serve them as if God were buried in the grave. Korean people cry out loud in times of death. This is to repent for not having served the grandparents well when alive and to resolve the sorrow. When you follow me and realize the great Principle of Heaven, you will understand these things. We should make the serving efforts until we are recognized by God, and our grandfather sends a message that it is now enough, okay?

At the time of harvest, you should not forget about your grandparents. You should visit and serve them earnestly in each of the four seasons. So try it. Then people will say that although you seemed to have became a monster after joining Unification Church, you have actually become a royal child.

You should serve your parents better than any king serving his parents. Don't you wish that your parents are kings? Your hearts desire that your parents are higher than kings. All this is allowed. You should keep the royal norms and serve your parents so that they are happier than any kings in the world; then you will qualify as royal children. Then, your parents will praise you whenever they open their mouths. Ancestors and descendants will all praise, so the realm of unification will be realized centering on parents. Unification will occur centering on parents, centering on grandparents, and then for all grandchildren, children, parents, and the whole world. This becomes the foundation to thoroughly spread the seed of unification. It will be as if we were dreaming. (220-350)

Now Cain has been subjugated and the eldersonship restored with regard to the three generations -- grandparents, parents, and elder brother; hence, a grandchild will be attended as an ancestor at the levels of eldersonship, parentship, and kingship. As this great upheaval and 180 degree turn occurs, in which the child is attended as parent and the younger brother is attended as elder brother, hell also turns around to the heavenly direction. You should know this.

So, you should go to your hometowns and gain the 160 families. From your hometowns, bring them to speeches and have them sign the membership form. When an eldest descendant, who is the root of the lineage, recommends it, then all other descendants should follow. So gather all the 160 families and hold a party where you can proclaim the Unification Church. They should pledge to absolutely follow the royal children's command and inaugurate them at the ancestors' grave. You should say,

"Through the True Parents we have become ancestors to inherit a new lineage, and a tribe of liberation and blessing. Our tribe will be eternally unchanging descendants of God." Then, you will be eternally separated from Satan.

So, the Unification Church allows honoring ancestors. Do you understand? [Yes] Does Christianity allow this? [No] The Unification Church has to establish this tradition. This is not a secular tradition. This brings about a royal land where we can eternally attend heavenly ancestors, clan, and tribal messiahs in the mainstream of the providence. It will be a land where we can attend the king and sing songs of peace eternally. Do you understand it? You and your tribe can go to the Kingdom of Heaven only after having lived in such a country. (220-222)

4. Ancestors We Can Meet

You should know what your house is like. Your house is exemplary for all the houses where people live in their life on earth. Furthermore, it is exemplary for the spirit world. Those who have lived in such a house can naturally go to the original homeland. There will be no conflict when meeting grandparents or anyone else. They will all say, "Hey, you came!" In that place, your ancestors of thousands of generations are all there. Will there be ancestors in hell or not? They are staying at different levels. Those who lived for the sake of others go to the Kingdom of Heaven. So family harmony starts from you. If you serve and serve in the family, and if you can do this at least three times, grandparents will be able to realize their own shortcomings.

How many times did Moses try to serve in Egypt? Seven, eight, even more than twelve times he tried to serve. When you try to serve and yet they do not receive you, then God will guide you. He brings to fruition in other places what you have invested in one place through serving. So those who live a serving life like God's, although they may be persecuted and opposed on earth, will live in the original land of God, just as the Israelites entered Canaan after the wilderness.

So, have you served grandmothers with white hair? God is white. Snow gathers in high mountains, right? God is clean. So the head knows this. Also, did the grandmother serve her own parents-in-law? She should serve her parents-in-law in such a way that when they die, they will say, "I will prepare to receive you in the other world just as you have served me." (213-182)

Section 4. The Coming of the Spiritual New Age

1. Coming of Age of Extrasensory Perception

The age of extrasensory perception is coming, and then there will be no one who cannot communicate with the spirit world. The time when people attack people is over, and spirits will be attacking the earth. Now Satan and evil spirits are attacking; but there will be a time when good spirits will attack also. I am doing this in order to pave the way for that. When we think about parents' attitude towards children, it is so wonderful to have parents who can serve children with loving hearts.

Everyone, we have come this far now. This path cannot be avoided no matter what kind of opposition we face. What if you have to walk the way alone? Where would you go when you are lost in the desolate spirit world? Do you have a nationality? Where do people without nationality go? Do you have a house? Where do you go? The world becomes most fearful. There will be Satan and good angels, yet when you are standing on Satan's side, good angels will not come.

So when you wake up after death, you will find out that there is a spirit world; but what if Satan drags you away? There will be a great commotion, people pushing others to go first. So if you think about this, can you get any sleep? It is an inevitable course. Reverend Moon is serious about such things. What will happen after death? When I go to the spirit world, such and such people will come to me. I have made all the arrangements. Do you understand? I know the secrets of Confucius, Buddha, and Jesus. Understanding the miserable heart of Jesus, I say to him, "Didn't you die because of such and such?" and he says, "Surely. How do you, Reverend Moon of the Unification Church, know it?" This is why I can be a friend of Jesus.

You or Christians may call Jesus, "Lord, Lord," but I don't; we are friends. They call me a heretic because I say this kind of thing. But wait and see who is a heretic. You should make the preparation before you go, do you understand? I am doing this because I know very well that when I go to the spirit world, there will be a big commotion. If you cannot believe this, pray and find out yourself. This is why I am following this path, although it is hard. How about you? Where will you go? Are you ready? If you say to me at the time of death, "Alas, I ask for your favor, for I am now going to the spirit world," then it is too late. Preparation cannot be made then, but only while you are on earth. (61-327)

2. We Entered A New Age Through the Declaration of the Day of the Victory of Heaven

Centering on Jesus, Jesus is formation, twelve disciples is growth, and seventy-two elders is completion, three stages. If you cannot do this, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Originally, you can receive the Blessing only after doing this. Then Jesus can be married. When your entire family joins our church, with grandparents, parents, and grandchildren competing to come along, even running on top of one another, then the three stages will be completed; namely, eighty-four people.

Once your ancestors of tens of thousands of generations... The age is coming when spirit world can return to the earth. The organization on earth can structure the organization in the spirit world, and they become one. Such an amazing phenomenon happens. Imagine how overjoyed the spirit world will be. Hence, now the age of victory of religion and of spirit world has come. (96-251, Jan. 22, 78)

Now please pray and your command will be honored: "In accordance with Father's words, on this Day of Heavenly Victory, October 4th, you good spirits please come and lead the evil spirits on earth to Heaven through your virtuous embrace." Such an age is coming. Why? We live in the age of Adam, and spirits live in the realm of angels, and they have to move because by the Principle angels are to assist Adam. (89-113)

The spiritual and mental world is very much a realm of unification. If you say, "I miss so and so," and wait for twenty-four hours, this person comes. This is realized. When you focus, he appears. This is like sending electric waves. Then, because he has the mind that works like a receiver, for no reason he becomes curious about you and feels the desire to come.

3. Unification Ceremony and Spiritual Assistance

What is the significance of True Parents' birthday? On February 1st in the lunar calendar, I did the so-called Unification Ceremony. You or ordinary believers may not know what this ceremony is. Look. In the course of restoration, you should perfect the individual, family, tribe, and nation, and they must be connected vertically. Do you understand this? I made accomplishments on earth at the levels of individual, family, tribe, people and nation, but it was not yet connected to the spirit world. Nor was it connected to the families of the Unification Church. Although the road was paved, this road must be connected with the spirit world and then to the physical world. Only then could the Unification Ceremony start.

When could the Unification Ceremony start? Since Christianity is global, and has been developing mainly through democratic countries, unification is possible only when there is worldwide foundation; without such a foundation, the unification at one level cannot be connected to other levels. Until now, we could only aim at the global level from the national level, but we could not determine it and fix it. Do you understand what I say? But now, through the foundation I made in America, we can make the connection. Now is the time when nation and world are connected. And the global level is linked to the level of spirit world.

In the spirit world, Korean and Japanese spirits were not connected, for instance. Spirits with different nationalities were connected only to their own countries, and thus we could not mobilize the whole as a unified force. Do you understand this? Until there is resolution on earth, spirit world must he in disorder. Furthermore, in the spirit world, enemies would fight and create troubles, Koreans and Japanese, and Japanese and Chinese, for instance. So we were trying to reconcile them.

For this reason, we have done a Ceremony for Entire Liberation on March 1st, 1975, a ceremony to forgive and liberate the whole. This opens the way to forgive even Satan. Do you understand this? Through this ceremony, enemies cannot treat each other as enemies but must forgive them. For me, Satan is my enemy, and after forgiving Satan, there its a no more enemy, for God does not consider him the enemy, either. Now is the time when this is unified. What will happen if the physical world and spirit world become one?

What is the Fall? It is a separation between the physical and spirit worlds and between God, on the one hand, and Adam and Eve, on the other. It its a breach of heart between Adam and, Eve. Hence, with the spiritual and physical worlds unified, if the supranational structure of the Unification Church develops centering on family, tribe, people, nation, and world, this can form the worldwide realm of unification. Do your understand, this? [Yes]

Now it is not possible to do this in America. Korea is tire central country; in Korea, through establishing foundations of individual, family, tribe, people, and nation, we advanced towards the world. This is why I came to Korea in such a hurry. So; after the Unification Ceremony, I realize that my birthday this year is historic. Do you understand? [Yes] Why historic? Those spirits had never had a chance to attend the True Parents' Birthday, nor did they have a qualification to, celebrate it. Also, all the people on earth were without the privilege to celebrate it. It was because the spiritual and physical foundations were not joined.

Now, however, with such privilege being provided spiritually and physically, spirit world moves to restore descendants. From the Principle's standpoint, ancestors are in the archangel's position and descendants are Adam's position. As the archangel assisted in the creation of Adam, spirits are united and assist in the re-creation of Adam on earth. The time of ancestral intervention is coming. Your should understand the Principle. To these who hear this for the first time, it may sound like a dream.

For this reason, this day, when the True Parents come to, Korea to celebrate their birthday, is a day of opening another historic epoch. In other words, countless spirits in the other world come with the privilege to participate in the creation. So we did the ceremony in headquarters, okay? [Yes] Through this, we move to the era in which ancestor as archangels can re-create as Adam their descendants who do not know the Unification Church yet, just as God created Adam with archangel's assistance. Thus, people all over the world can receive the privilege to celebrate the True Parents' birthday. Do you understand? [Yes]

4. Ceremony of One Heart and Assistance of Ancestors

I have become the head of the Moon clan, not through coercion but through their own desire to attend me. I met this organization -- Association for Finding the Family Root -- for the first time. Through this meeting, heads of clans got together and presented me as a parent of Korea. In order to do such a thing, this ceremony is inevitable.

The position of True Parents is not just for Koreans but for the whole of humanity and all the ancestors. They should have gone to the spirit world as descendants of True Parents, but could not because of the Fall. The earth is in Abel's position, and so by following Abels, as the Abels worked to restore the eldersonship, spirit world could receive liberation. Since the world on earth has restored the eldersonship, spirit world has to support us. So be strong and courageous, for the way of Heaven is before us. So through the Ceremony of One Heart we determine this clearly and announce it. Do you understand?

You don't know spiritual things, right? This way, your good ancestors can help us through heads of the tribes. This is connected to the earth. This world and spirit world have had different points of view, and throughout fallen history, they have taken opposite courses. But how can this be overcome? Through true love. (190-314)

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