Earthly Life and Spirit World #2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4 The Relationship Between Ourselves and Spirit People [Part 3]

Section 5. Returning Resurrection and Assistance of Spirits

1. Position of People in the Spirit World

The one who experiences in his life the heart of God, who is leading the providence with historical sorrow, will be unable to look at God without tears wherever he goes. When he understands God's Will and struggles to become His child, and when he finds collaborators of the same heart, God will come and shed tears. Then, where does God's sorrow lie? It lies in this nation and world, and in all things, as well as in each of us. We should eradicate this and restore God's joy. The center of our life is the self who can experience God's sorrow.

Then the question is whether I am able to move spirits to testify. The spirit world also requests this. Since spirit world knows God's heart, if such a person makes such an appeal, spirit people are mobilized to help in order to realize the ideal of the heavenly kingdom. Why can't spirit people come down to earth? It is because earth has become the wall of lamentation. (4-?0)

The place where you are standing is not where Adam fell. It is beyond that hill. In other words, now is the time when Adam can communicate directly and go straight towards one purpose. From this point of view, the histories before and after the third seven-year course will be radically different. Through the third seven-year course, evil force will go down and good force will go up; thus, this course is the time when spiritual and physical worlds cross. You should know this.

In the spirit world, there are good, neutral, and evil spirits. In the three-stage development, after the third seven-year course, good spirits will become able to communicate with earth. It is inevitable. Formation and growth stages are under satanic dominion, and thus evil spirits have led the way and evil people have controlled the world. From now, however, good spirits come down. So far, good and evil kept rising and falling, intermingling with each other, but now we enter the age in which good and evil are separated completely. (75-193)

When you go to the spirit world, you will find that some great figure in the New Testament, who was martyred, respected, and supposed to be in a lofty place, is actually in the most miserable place. Those who die with a thought that their death will bring them to the Kingdom of Heaven cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The attitude of such people is like a madman who killed himself for the Kingdom of Heaven. But those who suffered and sacrificed, even if not martyred, in order to send others to the Kingdom of Heaven, turn out to be the ones in the Kingdom of Heaven. We should fix the fundamental root of faith. Christianity caused much disaster because of wrong beliefs. Unification ideology is to remove this disaster. Even if we do not destroy it, it is destined to perish. Then, why do we have to destroy it quickly? It is because we must destroy it and rescue it before it perishes on its own and becomes deserted by God. (64-110)

Among your ancestors, there are many who went to hell. We should liberate them all. Since this is the way of Parents, you must follow it; it is your destiny to follow it all the way to the end. Then spirit world will help us through individual, familial, tribal, and national levels, thereby bringing unification. You should know this. 1f we unify the world, we can unify the spirit world automatically. Evil spirits have been coming down before good spirits. This is why there is the phenomenon of neurosis among people on earth. You don't know this, but now evil spirits are all down on earth, attacking the human world.

With the coming of the age of ideological confusion centering on democracy and Communism, evil spirits come down and cause chaos of body and spirit. When good spirits come down to earth, however, they expand and start occupying the evil spirits' areas on earth. When good spirits occupy the earth, there is no place for evil spirits to go, and they will have to surrender. When Satan comes to the earth and surrenders, evil spirits also surrender. So in the Last Days, we should restore even Satan. (54-228)

2. Mobilization of the Spirit World and Spiritual Assistance

In witnessing, you should witness even when it does not go well. Again and again. It is like throwing stones in the sea. You keep doing it until the stones fill the seas and form a mountain. What happens, then? You grow in shimjung. Although the body does net change, shimjung grows. You get up early in the morning and pray in tears for the village for which you are responsible. This is. the way of shimjung and touching the spirit world. You feel that when God looks upon this village, He cannot help shedding tears because they are all destined to, hell, and you shed tears for God.

When, you create a powerful resonance by shedding; tears for God the entire spirit world will be mobilized. You should be able to inspire God with your tears so that He thanks you and considers you better than Adam and Eve, otherwise you cannot touch the spirit world. Only when God says in tears, "'As betrayers' descendants, how can you be so good!" will the spirit world come to your assistance? That is the, point where spirit world starts to open; anything below that standard absolutely will not work. This is the Principle. (96-262)

Everyone, do you like going to the spirit world? Between your desire to go to the spirit world and the desire off spirit people to return to earth, which should be stronger? [Spirits'] From the standpoint of the Principle, which should be stronger? The spirit world is the archangelic world and this world is a world of Adam Eve, and children. Should, children be more eager or servants? Are you supposed to help the spirit word or is the spirit world supposed to help you? [Spirit world should help] They are waiting to help, but why are they still waiting? Would they help you in building the heavenly kingdom on earth or in trying to live comfortably? [To build the heavenly kingdom] (161-227)

As I say, spirit world must be mobilized. Otherwise, how can we create the heavenly kingdom? [We cannot] The heavenly kingdom is supposed to start from True Parents and not from fallen descendants. As the angelic world assisted at the time of Adam, spirit world should return to earth and assist with re-creation. Isn't this the Principle of Resurrection? It will be considered true when it is realized in reality. (162-115)

Am I driving you into suffering because I hate you or because I want to save you? You should know that it for the sake of saving you. Understand that your suffering is for your own salvation, you should be grateful. Then the new world of heavenly shimjung will unfold before you. This is the right order. So once you possess heartistic ties, you can fly anywhere and day and night according to heavenly commands. If you are determined to take responsibility and lead the world like a locomotive, then the spirit world will help you. If you think this way, the spirit world will surely help. (96-279)

When you undertake the responsibility for the nation, you should be able to say things such as the following: "In carrying out the individual, familial, ethnic and national mission in the Unification Church, I will faithfully stick with the fortunes of this church. I am a branch of the Unification Church that is growing with the power of the church. Therefore, the word of the Unification Church is my word, the personality of the Unification Church is my personality, and the shimjung of the Unification Church is my shimjung." Then, you will develop wherever you are as the Unification Church does. If you keep up the pace with the Unification Church through such a standard, good spirits and ancestors who used to move along with the national fortune will work for you.

Your physical appearance may be ugly, but spirit world sees you as princes. Especially, your ancestors within ten generations are anxious, for the history of restoration is realized centering on ten generations. But when an evil descendant appears, ancestors within ten generations judge him lest he ruin them. For this reason, if someone here has good ancestors, he will be actively supported by them. When you fight and win every battle, spirit world will rejoice. Then you will scare away evil spirit people. Your ancestors will serve you as king. You should be able to feel such things. We should prepare our foundation with the heart that refuses to defile heavenly tradition and with dignity. You should pray as to what kind of condition you will establish. Now is a blessed time. (34-20)

3. Spirit World and Ancestors

When I see someone's face, I can usually tell if he has good or bad ancestors. Some people have good ancestors and receive blessings, whereas others have bad ancestors and suffer all the time. Such people will only suffer when they do witnessing in their mission places. (37-144)

When your personality has a certain shortcoming, then listen to the kind of testimony that can supplement your personality. Listen to many experiences. When you hear them, do not criticize, for criticizing means deciding between the heavenly side and Satan's side. Do you understand? Criticizing is like a cancer in your development. Once you are on Satan's side, you cannot just come to God's side, and once you are on God's side, you cannot go to Satan's side. In our life, we cannot just go on a straight line but on a zigzag path. I inherit elements from both good and evil ancestors, and these elements influence my actions. So criticism is dangerous. This is the reason why criticism is prohibited. (date unknown)

If you possess true love, you can join God's party any time. You can see thousands of ancestors and spirits because you can transcend time and space. Only those who have the heart of true love can manage and transcend all this. The only way to inherit everything from God as God's equal is through love. If a man of true love just passes by, slightly touching me, I will be very happy. Everyone will welcome him. The other world is like this, so you should be trained here, do you understand?

Why am I teaching this? It is to create a person who can breathe in the heavenly world and follow its beats. You should be able to dance to the beat. I am eventually going to spirit world, right? Satan cannot follow me in the spirit world. (147-?)

We should be one by receiving true spirit from God. In order to achieve a complete unity, we should start with the original subject and then through this become able to move the body; otherwise, unity is not complete. For Unification members, spirit world is a living reality because when they go astray on their own, for example, spirit world stops them and helps them put things in order. This is an amazing thing. A Unification member is connected to his good ancestors through mind and body; they prevent the body from going in the evil direction and push it in the good direction. (162-104)

If there were True Parents who governed everything -- true family, true society, true country, and true world -- how wonderful this world would be. But this is not such a world. Why has this world become like this? Because of the Fall, right? From the standpoint of the Principle, it started with a wrong motivation and has continued thus. The simplest way, then, would be to say, "I can simply get by, and what is the need for a regret? Then I don't need to have any kind of high purpose. It has been like this so far, and I should accept the way things are and live on. How long can I live, anyway? I may live for 70 or 80 years, and that will be it for me. So what's the need for painful worries and toils?" If your life just ended in this world, how simple it would be. If this life was all there is, then I also should have packed my bag and left. But man lives eternally. You don't have so much spiritual experience, but you can meet all the ancestors, including Adam, in the spirit world. You, elder man, do you want to live long? [Why so long?] Do you want to live long or die quickly? [I want to die soon) Do you want to die soon? [Yes] Then if I strike you with a sword, would you say, "Oh, thank you"? (laughter) [How can we die like this?] But you need this if you want to die quickly, don't you? [But I should die according to my destiny] Elder woman, you would run away instantly if a car drove at you on the road, right? (laughter) We have a protective instinct, which makes us act even without a thought.

Does mind get old or not? [Mind does not get old] How about the body? [The body gets old] Why does the body age when the mind does not? When you are treated like an old man, you are not happy. If you are not treated as the same generation, how disappointed you must be? (159-277)

When you go to the spirit world, you will meet countless saints and ancestors and talk with them. They will ask you where you came from and how you lived, just as friends share their life stories. When your great ancestors ask you, "Hey, you, where did you come from?" then would you protest them for using rough language? Or, are they entitled to use such language because they are your great-grandfathers? Christians bow down and pray until they hurt their forehead, just to meet Jesus. Even when Jesus appears, however, would they be happy if Jesus keeps using rough language to them? (148-321)

4. Hope of Spirit People

When our Unification Church members have a sincere, loving heart to make Parents happy at least once in their life, they can resonate with the other world. You all want to love me, right? How long have I been speaking? For almost four hours. But has anyone at least prepared any bread for my lunch? Is there anyone who tries to offer at least spiritual bread, or one who prepared bread with a thought that he will be grateful even if I throw it away to birds without eating it?

What would spirit people think? Would they want to bring something to me every day and see me eat something from it? Who would be more eager, you or spirit people? Would spirit people be more eager? [Yes] That is true. You do not know, but spirit people know. They know what will happen in the future. You don't know anything, but the other world knows clearly. So they know how they can serve me. All the five senses feel stimulating power from me. You have not been able to feel this so far, but now you will be able to feel this when you are connected with me. (207-98)

5. Returning Resurrection and Rebirth

1) Returning Resurrection

Just as spirits of good ancestors at the time of Jesus could rise from the form-spirit level to the life-spirit-level spirit world, your ancestors have a special privilege to return through you. Do you understand this? When you understand this and become victorious branches, then your ancestors will help you. This way, you should be a foundation through which your ancestors of thousands of generations can return. In the time of Jesus, spirit world helped conditionally for the sake of life-spirit-level resurrection, but now they help unconditionally for the sake of divine-spirit-level resurrection. So now is a time of great blessing. Do you understand it? In other words, spirit world is helping. (14-21)

Our present church is too large. At the time of the Chung-pa Dong old headquarters church, when I kicked someone out through one door, he would enter through another door, hiding behind a chair until I went upstairs, and when I disappeared he would come out and pray through the whole night. We have this kind of history, rights After this, he would come here like this to see my face before he left. It .is surely crazy, right? Both you and I. Isn't this why we are famous in the world? [We are crazy together] No, I am not crazy, you rascals. (laughter) If both of us are crazy, then who can take out the feces and urine? What if both of us urinate? (laughter) You are crazy, but I am not. If I were crazy like you, then the Unification Church would not have survived.

In such a chaos, I have been able to steer the way. How much did the world try to kill me and uproot the Unification Church ? It was because I was not crazy that we could steer our way through all this. I have tied a rope high up with God according to the way of the Heaven. Petty folks, however, try to hook it within a narrow range, in vain. This created wars between churches and countries, bringing countries to ruin. The Unification Church victoriously overcame its war with Christian churches, political parties, democratic and Communist worlds. How? From far away. When the rope is hanging from high up, they could not undo it with their own strength. Can they cut off the Unification Church? Whether it is philosophy, religion, or spirit world, no one can be our match.

In America, there is a spiritualist association, and its head is Arthur Ford. He heard about Reverend Moon from Asia. Our missionaries do not visit person by person. They bring Divine Principle books to people who have spiritual communication and tell them, "Please check what kind of book this is. I will come back in a week." When the missionaries go back in a week, people say, "Oh, master, please come." (208-195)

We should offer sacrifices to God with a theory and practical foundation that is enough to subjugate the spirit world. This ceremony of sacrifice was today's pledge service (Nov. 17, 1990), do you understand it? At Han-nam Dong house, I prayed that since the time has come, the current that has been flowing in reverse through heaven and earth now flows in the right way. Since Heaven has restored the eldersonship, all the existing second sons and the second sons to be born in the future are under God's rule. So, after the restoration of the eldersonship, the era of the second son comes, and heavenly law cannot allow the devil to have a performing stage. This is a logical conclusion. Do you understand this?

All the spirits have abused Abel on earth, just as the first elder son murdered and victimized the second son; however, now that we have the eldersonship, we can control even the spirit world. Now they must help us, in order to receive the Blessing. The more they oppose, the deeper they fall into a pit. Heavenly fortune is changing rapidly. Wait and see in the future. I do not like saying such things, but it is inevitable. Those who communicate with petty spirits spoke against going to the Unification Church. But now Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, and Mohamed must teach people to go to the Unification Church; otherwise, they would be judged by heavenly law. Why? It is because Reverend Moon's religion is the parents' religion. (208-154)

2) Questions and Answers about Principle of Rebirth

(Father answers questions: March 26, 1972, Essen church, Germany)

Question: Through what foundation did the Principle of Rebirth come into being in Asia?

The theory that is prevalent in Asia is not the Principle of Rebirth but the theory of reincarnation. Reincarnation is a Buddhist doctrine. Spirit people desire that they receive privilege through people on earth. This is the request of the spirit people. The valve of human beings before the Fall was such that they can dominate the angelic world and cosmos. They fell down because of the Fall, and so they must go back up to the original level. In going up, however, they cannot go all at once but through stages; through the stages, they must now restore individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos.

Originally, human beings should go to this world (Father points to what he wrote on the board). But there is no one-step, road to this world; you must pioneer each stage and proceed through the stages of individual, family, tribe, and nation. (Father writes on the board) From this point of view, in God's providence those who died before the Old Testament Age, which is a providential age for saving individuals, desire to enter this age and receive the privilege. Going through each stage inevitably requires indemnity. Here, indemnity must he paid, as in the case of Cain and Abel.

In other words, suppose a spirit person A has been helping through different Ages up to now. In order to go to the next stage, however, he still cannot pass over freely, but only by establishing a condition for indemnity. It cannot be done in a day or two, and requires some Principled number, for instance, 7 years, 40 years, 70 years, or a few centuries. Thus, since this spirit person, who has been helping, here (Father prints to what he wrote on the board), cannot continue to go up before the period of indemnity is over, he goes back to the spirit world. This spirit hopes that the first man on earth he is working with can complete the foundation, but if that one fails to complete the indemnity condition within the period and dies, the spirit person chooses another man and tries to return to him.

For instance, if the spirit person is Paul, in an attempt to go up through each stage, if the first man he returns to fails to complete the indemnity condition within the given period and dies, he returns to another man and helps him. Indemnity is necessary. According, to the Principle, indemnity

is not completed in a short time. For this reason, if the second man does not fulfill the indemnity, a third man is chosen for returning resurrection. So eventually, Paul returns to the third man. The second man will say that he is working with Paul's assistance. Likewise, the third man in the next age will also say that he is working with Paul's assistance and even that he is himself Paul. This way, it looks as if Paul's spirit appeared in the second man and again in the third man. Looking at such a phenomenon, people come up with the theory of reincarnation; it is because they do not see the whole. This is the same in this age until the age of the world and universe. (Father writes on the board)

Original man comes to live under God's direct dominion, apart from Satan's rule, and yet even he lives in the fallen realm due to the Fall. In order to get away from it, he must pay individual indemnity, family indemnity... Without this he cannot come out. Spirit people appear in each age through the rule of returning resurrection, and so each stage looks like a phenomenon of reincarnation.

The same applies to you. If you have faith but die before marriage, you have to go through the stages of family, tribe, people, nation, and world. For this reason, you cannot tell how many hundreds of millions of years it might take. It could be almost infinity. Jesus could not go beyond the limits of nation, and so he has to come back and help at the stage of the nation; only through this can he go to the Kingdom of Heaven. He is now in Paradise, and the rule applies even to him.

When Jesus comes to someone and guides him, the person claims that he is Jesus. From this, it seems that Jesus is born again, which gives rise to the theory of reincarnation. Do you understand this? (Yes) You should understand spirit world clearly. Human beings, who are supposed to live in God's dominion of goodness, are living in the fallen realm, and they must come away from it. This is why such things happen. Jesus did it spiritually. Christianity has been doing it spiritually also, do you understand? Is there a question about this?

From this point of view, the Unification Principle of Resurrection conforms exactly to the spiritual facts. In other words, the Principle of Resurrection teaches you the spiritual formula. So far, countless religious people have experienced such things but have not understood it clearly. When you hear this Principle, however, do not just learn it as a theory, but you must practice it in your own life and achieve victory; otherwise, I will not teach you this.

In other words, instead of stopping at learning about Noah's family, Abraham's family, Jacob's family, Moses, John the Baptist, and Jesus, we should try to pay indemnity for all these figures and establish a victorious foundation. I will teach you when such a foundation is established. In other words, we cannot carry out God's Will unless we turn our defeat by Satan into victory. The providential figures such as Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and Moses did not know this.

The coming Christ, however, must indemnify the failures at the levels of individual, family, tribe, people, and nation. He is the representative who knows this all and can put it into effect until the ideal world is found. You should know that without his doing this, we cannot realize it. What will happen if you meet the Messiah and follow him? When you meet him at the time he is perfected through the ages of individual, family, tribe, people, and nation, you will also receive the benefits of the ages of individual, family, tribe, and people and continue up to the national level. When someone at the individual age wants to go up to the family age through the Messiah, he has to pay indemnity on earth, just as spirit people do. Also, in order to go from the family age to the tribe age, he has to pay indemnity. This means that the longer one has stayed in Unification Church, the more indemnity he has paid; the longer he has been here, the closer he is to me.

The way up to the age of nation is a vertical path, and the national system should be determined here. If you do not continue to go up in this process, however, you can fall away. It is because spiritual phenomena are such that no matter how high you go up, the same phenomenon occurs because of indemnity. Indemnity blocks your way. This is why it is easy to fall away. When you fail here, you will lose everything. Although the nation of Israel and Judaism waited for the Messiah for 2,000 years, all the foundation collapsed as Jesus died without completing his mission. (Father writes on the board) For this reason, you should know that many people have made sacrifices in the up-and-down fluctuation.

This happens to the mainstream of God's providence, and yet it also happens to many nations around the world as side-streams. Through this, indemnity is paid throughout the world. In other words, as it goes up as the mainstream like this, other people around the world take either conforming positions or opposing positions and pay indemnity. (Father writes on the board) Things are organized through such indemnity. You should know that for this reason many religions have made sacrifices in following the providential course.

How do spirit people and religious people on earth go beyond this level, which has been the highest goodness? In other words, the question is how the national level can be transcended. This is the Messiah; Messiah seeks after this. (Father writes on the board) Since Messiah knows the method for indemnity, when people unite with him, their indemnity period will be short. When a nation is established and settled with the Messiah, all the individuals will belong there. If a nation paid indemnity, family, tribe, people, and nation will go up to the world level. Considering this, you should think how fast world restoration will be if one nation is found.

We can go beyond Paradise only when we establish a nation. Paradise is like a waiting room before going to the Kingdom of Heaven. If errors still remain that were committed by Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Jacob as they followed the course of restoration, they must all be indemnified.

Without indemnity, horizontal development cannot happen. From this point of view, we can see how important a nation is. If we have a nation, we do not fall away. For instance, how much are foreigners cared for by the German government? If they do something wrong, they are kicked out. When they have no nationality, however, where can they go. When such people are killed, they still have no place to appeal.

In a satanic nation, we are people's enemies. Believers of God are their enemies, so how much do they hate and persecute us in their nation? Furthermore, even if they kick us out or kill us, we have no place to appeal our case. Thus, since the nation is important, God comes looking for a nation..

For this reason, in finding a nation, you should pay indemnity for individual, family, tribe, people, and nation. You should follow the individual, familial, tribal, and national indemnity courses. Otherwise there is no road to the world. Since the nation is the center, each nation must go through the central nation. If you die without restoring a nation, you can only return to the earth to support individuals and families, unable to work with proud authority. You are not qualified as a fighter for occupying the satanic world.

Thus, you can enter in only with a nation. Have you entered in? Although you have entered into the Unification Church, you have not entered in God's unified nation. Can you be a people without a nation? No. Do you understand this. [Yes] Hence, all the spirit people hope to assist people of this nation. If only you are in this nation, returning resurrection will occur horizontally. Since it occurs horizontally, the foundation you work for will remain for you.

But before finding this nation, however much indemnity you pay, you will lose it all if you make a mistake. You may build up from the bottom, and yet if you slip off on the way everything will crumble down to nothing. When this is being done on a horizontal level, however, what you have worked for will remain eternally. In other words during restoration, you will lose your investment through indemnity; when a nation is found and we work horizontally, however, your efforts will remain as your accomplishment, rather than disappearing as indemnity. (54-227)

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