The Words of Ariana Shin-Sun Moon (Park – daughter of In Jin Moon)

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Leadership Is Most Effective When It's Not Seen (Ariana Shin-Sun Moon - September 12, 2010)

Ariana Moon Sermon Notes, January 2, 2011

With Starbursts in Their Eyes, Young Unificationists Celebrate a Memorable Independence Day (July 8, 2011 pdf)

Abduction Victims Finally Given the Stage against Faithbreakers (July 12, 2011 pdf)

Lovin' Life Gets Cookin' with Insider Recipes from Around the World (July 12, 2011)

Young Unificationist Volunteers To Do Relief Work In Japan (July 20 2011)

Tongil Group To Welcome International Winter Olympics in 2018 (July 25, 2011 pdf)

Camp Lovin’ Life Praised by First-Time Participants (July 26, 2011 pdf)

Legal Scholar Confirms Facts Reported by Unificationists about Deprogramming in Japan (August 4, 2011 pdf)

Sunday BBQ Gives Education a ‘Boost’ at Los Angeles Unification Church (August 9, 2011 pdf)

Women’s Assembly Gets Rave Reviews by Participants (Ariana Moon and Julie Randolph - August 10, 2011 pdf)

Unificationist Youth Meet, Greet, and Compete at Four-Day Sports- and Culture Fest (Ariana Moon and Michael La Hogue - August 17. 2011 pdf)

CARP's "Mr. The Fish" Swims to New Campuses in 2011 (September 12, 2011 pdf)

Generation Peace Academy (Formerly STF) Charges Ahead with Record Number of Trainees (September 23, 2011 pdf)

Texas Couple John and Joy Theriot Take the Helm of Lovin’ Life Congregation in the Big Apple (October 7, 2011 pdf)

Church Growth Preached at Whistle-Stop Tour across Eurasian Land Mass (Doug Burton and Ariana Moon - October 11, 2011 pdf)

Unificationists Tackle Porn Habits With Unprecedented Vigor (October 27, 2011)

This-I-Believe Website Features Lovin’ Life Project (November 2, 2011 pdf)

"Snapshot" Brochure Breaks New Ground in Unificationist Outreach (November 3, 2011 pdf)

CARP Winter Ball To Rock the Manhattan Center (November 15, 2011 pdf)

Grants Awarded to Unificationist Schools at Educators Conference (Ariana Moon and Robert Beebe - November 17, 2011 pdf)

Young Unificationists Give Back Though Overseas Service Projects (November 22, 2011 pdf)

What Generation Peace Activists Are Thankful For at Thanksgiving (November 23, 2011 pdf)

President of Guyana Coaches Young Unificationists on Leadership (November 28, 2011 pdf)

Lovin’ Life’s Winter High-School Workshop Opens Its Doors to Kids Across the Nation (December 5, 2011 pdf)

Creating a Culture of Heart (December 11, 2011)

Kim Jong Il’s Death Prompts Unificationists To Sound Notes of Caution (Doug Burton and Ariana Moon - December 19, 2011 pdf)

Banquet for True-Family Values Calls forth Heavenly Winds in Chicago (December 20, 2011 pdf)

An Evening With Royalty: CARP Winter Ball Surpasses Expectations (January 3, 2012 pdf)

Music, Media and New Ministry Helped Unificationists Break Barriers in 2011 (Ariana Moon and Douglas Burton - January 5, 2012 pdf)

Unificationists to Rally in Korea for the Heavenly Blessings Festival (Yoshie Manaka and Ariana Moon - January 18, 2012)

At God’s Day 2012 a Day was as a Week (January 26, 2012 pdf)

True Parents Award First Prize to Generation Peace Academy at Choir Competition (January 27, 2012 pdf)

Unificationist Youth Leaders Urged to Learn from Generation Peace Academy (Ariana Moon and V. Roomet - February 1, 2012 pdf)

Little Angels Korean Folk Ballet Honors Korean War Veterans in Las Vegas (February 13, 2012 pdf)

Lovin’ Life Ministries Launches First National Website (February 15, 2012 pdf)

Generation Peace Academy Reports Good Will Tour in Japan’s Quake Zone (February 22, 2012 pdf)

Track Record of Unificationist Marriages Discussed at Press Event (March 13, 2012 pdf)

Unification Church USA Undertakes Unprecedented Media Outreach Campaign (March 15, 2012 pdf)

2,500 Couples Pronounce Vows Heard Round the World (March 27, 2012 pdf)

University of Pennsylvania Alumi Respond to Insult in Daily Pennsylvanian (April 9, 2012 pdf)

Penn Students and Staff Decry False Portrait of Lovin’ Life in Student Newspaper (April 10, 2012 pdf)

How Boston Lovin’ Life Breaks Barriers with Team Building (April 20, 2012 pdf)

Japanese TV Features Unificationist Economic Engagement with Pyongyang (April 26, 2012 pdf)

Refugee Activists Urge More Underground Economy for North Korea (S. Kawachi, Marina Stana, Ariana Moon, and William Nguyen - April 26, 2012 pdf)

Lovin’ Life in Las Vegas Creates Innovative Approaches to Witnessing (May 1, 2012 pdf)

Happy 58th Anniversary of the Founding of the Unification Church! (May 1, 2012 pdf)

Senior Pastor In Jin Moon Urges Flock to Re-Imagine Ministry, Build Relationships and Love Life (May 13, 2012 pdf)

Generation Peace Academy Wows the New York World of Ballroom Dance (Ariana Moon, Yoshie Manaka, S. Kawachi and Ami Stair - May 15, 2012 pdf)

Miyeong Caroline Mendonca Wins Filipino Pageant with Brains, Beauty and Ballroom Dance (May 17, 2012 pdf)

Unificationist Band in Maryland Rumbles Its Way to Recognition (Ariana Moon - May 29, 2012 pdf)

Princeton Small Group Strives for Unification of Science and Religion (June 11, 2012 pdf)

Blessing-Anniversary Celebration of those Blessed in 1992 and 1995 (August 22, 2012 pdf)

Generation Peace Academy Tours Korea to Honor Unification Church Founder (October 1, 2012 pdf)

Unification Church 2012 Year in Review (January 4, 2013 pdf)

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