The Words of the Heung Jin Moon

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Heung Jin Moon - The Value of the Gift We Have Been Given

Study hard so that you can get better grades than your older brother and sister - Letter to Heung-jin Moon (December 24, 1972 pdf)

The second annual Blessed Children's 21-Day Workshop at Belvedere (Summer 1981 pdf)

Heung Jin Moon Has A Car Accident That Leads To His Death (December 22, 1983 pdf)

Report On Heung Jin Moon's Accident (February 1984)

The Holy Wedding Of Heung Jin Moon and Hoon Sook Pak and the Holy Wedding of Jin Sung Pak and In Jin Moon (February 20, 1984)

The Blessing of Heung Jin Moon and Hoon Sook (Pak) Moon (Nancy Neiland Barton - February 20, 1984 pdf)

In Heung Jin Moon's Room (May 1984)

Happy Birthday Heung Jin Nim! (November 15, 1984)

Heung Jin Moon - Repentance (Attributed to Heung Jin Moon (being channeled) - June 1 and 2, 1987)

My first encounters with Heung Jin Moon (Richard Bach - December 2011)

Heung Jin Moon (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - April 21, 2018 pdf)

Photos of the car that Heung Jin Moon was killed while driving (Frank Kaufmann, photographer - August 3, 2023 pdf)

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